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CAMERON MCROBIE I’ve always preferred Semester B. Contrary to popular belief, this has nothing to do with being on the downhill side of the year, closer to summer, graduation and getting the fuck out, and more to do with a white powdery substance I’d like to hit every weekend and day of the week while I still can. Snow, obviously. Nothing beats the euphoria of an empty bluebird day cutting lines on the slopes – this is probably what I can attribute to at least one paper being more of a B sem write-off than that mate who thinks they can build a full 18 wizard staff of 7% Wild Moose. Any snow-junkie student is pulling ya leg if they reckon they haven’t skipped a day or two of class every fortnight to get amongst the good stuff. 22

There are two distinct species of snow-mosapiens: skiers and snowboarders. It’s probably easier to think of the modern-day skier as an entitled, highfalutin two-planker – sporting kneelength jackets and often some severe attitude to boot. Snowboarders are a typically more reclusive breed, associated with pure filth, dart-punching and lunchtime DoBros. It can be noted, however, regardless of whether said skier or tray rider is a park rat (frothing for another chance to redeem their failed backy off the rainbow rail), or a simple snow grom (just hangin’ out to advance a level from the magic carpet to the bigkid lifts), mountain-goers typically fit into one of four stereotypes.

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Nexus 2018 Issue 16  

Nexus 2018 Issue 16  

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