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The Bay of Plentiful Developments LYAM BUCHANAN After accepting that Tauranga students do, in fact, exist and aren’t just a range of online bots built to spam the WSU Facebook page with comments like “what about Tauranga??”, it was about time to get up to date with their upcoming fancy new campus. We caught up with someone we assume to be an expert on all things Mount Maunganui adjacent, Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor Alister Jones, to get the lowdown on recent developments. NEXUS: Can you give us a quick rundown of everything happening with the construction of the new campus? AJ: The building is progressing really well—it will be open for the first semester in 2019—most of the external structure is now in place, and they’re starting the internal 6

work. We’re currently looking at timetabling and supporting the general infrastructure for students. All the new programs have been approved, and we’re looking at transferring staff and students from the other campuses, and getting ready to take new students into whole degree programs starting next year. NEXUS: What compromises are being made to ensure the quality of teaching is equal across both campuses? AJ: This new building will be a state-of-the-art learning facility, along with strong social learning spaces. It’ll be more innovative than what we’ve got on the Hamilton campus. The teaching technologies will be of the highest standard, along with the learning environments, the types of lecture

theatres, social learning spaces— Now that we’ll have our own campus, we’ll be able to do things to benefit our own students, so I don’t think we’ll be compromising at all. Obviously, if lectures are being streamed, they’ll be of much higher quality; they’ll be our own network, not a shared network. We’ll be taking responsibility of the delivery of the programs there. NEXUS: Hypothetically, if a student was taking a paper in Waikato, and someone was taking the same in Tauranga, would they be getting the exact same experience? AJ: One will have a smaller class, obviously in Tauranga, but it’ll be the same lecturer where possible, and they may be getting it video-streamed, but they’ll be getting tutorials and those things

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Nexus 2018 Issue 16  

Nexus 2018 Issue 16  

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