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Issue 11, 14th - 18th May 2018 Editor: Lyam Buchanan Design: Vincent Owen Managing Editor: James Raffan Deputy Editor: Grace Mitchell News Editor: Alexander Nebesky Sub Editor: Jennie-Louise Kendrick Reviews Editor: Archie Porter

Contributors: Emily Reid, Paora Manuel, Jamie Wololo, Kim Sare, Kaitlin Stewart, Nicola Smith, Conor Maxwell, CJ Lee, Cameron McRobie, Troy Anderson, Peter Dornauf, Jordan Gowan, and the tenants of Hogwarts Cover Illustration: Vincent Owen Online: Centrefold: Karnn Bhullar Instagram: @karnnbhullar Online: Horoscope Illustrations: Josh Nelson Instagram: @joshprobably Twitter: @joshDrawbably Design Interns: Patrick Knights, Ray Puri Video Interns: Isaac Wohlers, Madison MacInnes Podcast Editor: Caleb Bird

Nexus 2018 Issue 11  
Nexus 2018 Issue 11