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Tax me Harder, Papi I’m all for the improvement of public transport, along with further development of more renewable methods of it. Most people are; it’s fairly standard. What I’m not overly sold on is the idea that our current means of transport is becoming less accessible—in favour of eventually improving Auckland’s congestion. Get fucked. Surely there’s a better way of fixing transport in the glorious Supercity without making it harder for those who rely on fuel to make their living. For context, the Government is currently looking to increase the current fuel tax by 9 to 10 cents per litre nationwide. On top of this, there are also proposals for an additional regional fuel tax in both the Waikato and Auckland of another 9 to 10 cents per litre. A 20 cent increase in the price of fuel is relatively substantial, it’s not enough to push drivers off the road, but it’s enough to rile the majority of us who feel physically pained every time we have to fill our cars. Green Party MP Julie Anne Genter recently stated in Parliament that this increase would cost “...less than one cup a coffee a week for the average household…” Though how the fuck do you define an average household in Auckland? What does it matter if this change will only cost the “average” inner-city suburban household less than $5? They aren’t the ones at a detriment from this change. What effect will this have on those who can’t afford to live in central Auckland and spend 4 hours each day stuck in a commute? What impact will this have on taxi drivers, Ubers, couriers, truckies, and everyone else who heavily relies on fuel? While it’s great to increase the Regional Transport fund and build a fancy new light rail system for Aucklanders, there’s been minimal chat about the knock-on effect this will have on the price of produce, goods, and general living expenses as the overall price of transport jumps. I’m not David Bennett’s fanboy, nor am I part of some wanky youth wing of a political party; I’m just yet to be convinced that this is the best use of public money. Feel free to persuade me otherwise, or just simply send through a strongly worded email proclaiming how wrong my opinions are. Have at it, editor@nexusmag. Otherwise, check out page six to satiate your need for tax-related news.

– Lyam 1

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