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I Green Fleet Management

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ffective carbon management now sits alongside cost control and fleet safety as a top tier agenda item for an international corporate fleet manager. It wasn’t always like this. Governments have driven carbon consciousness into the centre ground and developed taxation regimes that favour emissions efficient vehicles. And more is being demanded by policy makers in the quest for a sustainable economy and an energy efficient transport network. Manufacturers’ have been pressed to improve vehicle efficiency and bring new powertrains to market. Consumers have been encouraged to change their behaviours and adopt lower carbon lifestyles. The days when the internal combustion engine (ICE) was the only option are now in the past. The hybrid car has been vying with the ICE for some time, and now we have electric and hydrogen powered vehicles as part of the equation. The move towards zero emission mobility is now on. With each successful step towards emission reduction government suffers a fall in its tax take. With public finances under strain you can be sure that the taxation regimes will be quick to change as efficiency improvements feed through the system. We can also take it as given that new taxation measures will be directed towards corporates first.

Anticipating taxation changes and taking action will save euros and emissions.


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Keeping ahead of the game and taking action for the future is what differentiates excellence from good practice in fleet management. In this issue we focus in on the green agenda, and the technologies and techniques that can be used by fleet managers to effectively manage fleets today, and predict the fleet needs of tomorrow. ■ Steven Schoefs



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