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BUSINESS I International Fleet Industry Award

Mobileye takes top spot The car fleet and automotive industry, at all levels, continue to develop new products and services to meet the needs of fleet customers. These may be in a variety of domains, as the 2013 International Fleet Industry Award podium showed again.


obileye, an Israël-based company which exports its Advanced Driver Assistance Systems around the world, picked up first prize with its Mobileye 5 Series + Enhancement Box. The Mobileye 5-Series assists the driver, by identifying dangerous situations on the roads and providing audio-visual warnings to prevent or mitigate a collision. These newly developed advanced driver assistance systems enable the driver to visualize these critical real-time warnings for the first time on a Smartphone. The Mobileye 5-Series features a number of safety and convenience functions: it reads and displays traffic signs (Mobileye TSR), automatically turns high beams on or off (Mobileye IHC), activates lane departure warning (Mobileye LDW), forward collision warning (Mobileye FCW), headway monitoring (Mobileye HMW) and pedestrian and bicycle collision warning (Mobileye PCW) – all of these are provided in one unit. The Mobileye 5 Series + Enhancement Box has taken the technology of Mobileye to the next level with additional features such as, Adaptive Lane Departure Warning, Deactiva-

tion of cruise control during Headway Monitoring Warning and Tailgating, warning/ hazard light activation during activation of Headway Monitoring Warning and Forward Collision Warning. In addition, Mobileye has recently developed cooperation agreements with various leading FMS/Telematics companies, in order to be able to provide Fleets with a turnkey solution. This solution includes all the in-vehicle safety aspects of Mobileye, together with the capabilities to be able to provide the fleet manager with practical and precise information on driver behavior and risk driving by fleets drivers. Electric Avenue The second spot in the International Fleet Industry Award went to a company well-known for its developments in the field of mobility and green fleets – Alphabet. The Munich-based company has recently introduced another element to its service offerings: AlphaElectric. As the name suggests, this product is centred on electric cars, and in particular on making it possible for fleets to introduce them. AlphaElectric is designed to be a customer-oriented product to seamlessly introduce eMobility into (existing) business fleets solutions. Being customer focused, it analyses the potential to convert combustion engine equipped fleets into EV’s, supporting the fleet manager in the selection of appropriate vehicles to adopt the car fleet based on TCO

Mobileye, an ongoing process Iain Levy, Director of Business Development at Mobileye, confirms that winning the award is not the end of the story: “We are constantly innovating and developing the products for increased capabilities and to make people on the road safer, to make companies and their employees safer and to make sure they get home at the end of the day safely. For us it’s a constantly ongoing process, striving to improve capabilities and accuracy even further to save people’s lives”.



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