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The reduction in CO2 emissions across the whole fleet is from 155 grams in 2009 to 127 grams now.

Taking the program forward Asked how Luxottica intended to capitalise on her awards success and move on even further, Laura Gobbis said: “We will improve safety for drivers with training and newsletters. We will also increase the level of safety options in the cars. Where mobility is concerned, car-sharing programs will be launched and we will be looking at electric vehicles”. And her top tips for fleet managers: “Be passionate and innovative, ensure the involvement and endorsement of the top managers, and build strong partnerships with suppliers”.

The car policy of Luxottica is encapsulated in car policy grids known as ‘Green & safe’ and ‘Super Green’.

the department dedicated to Zero Waste. All of the programme comes within the context of Luxottica’s corporate social responsibility policy. The mobility project is also instigated using a ‘top down’ approach. Corporate has been the first part of the company to bring the policy into action, and all subsidiaries are following suit. All of Luxottica’s offices are equipped with video-conferencing facilities in order to reduce travel even further, and Skype is provided on request. The entire travel and mobility policy is the responsibility of Luxottica’s ‘Shared Services’. Moving forwards, the view of Luxottica is that ‘electric cars are the future’. However, there is a more muted opinion where hybrids are concerned: these are considered not to be suitable for high mileage fleets. The company is ready to integrate range extended electric vehicles into the fleet, and to operate pure Tim Harrup electric vehicles for urban use. ■

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Dossier Green Fleet Management 2014