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What the award means, and the next steps

recommendations to help shape EMEA fleet strategy and country policies, and in monitoring their implementation. The Fleet 2017 program is set to ensure that progress made so far continues: it is designed to create a more seamless and continuous strategic approach to fleet management with a balance of centralised and decentralised decision making. Fleet 2017 will also implement invoice audit processes at fleet management partners to optimise efficiency in the invoicing procedures and to ensure invoices are based on agreed terms and conditions with appropriate supporting third party documentation. In cases of conflict between the local and central operations, Johnson & Johnson has a pragmatic and realistic approach: the local car policy always prevails as it is aligned with local laws, regulations and HR policies. The local company car policies are maintained and enforced by line‐managers, in which compliance with the policy has become an integral part of the company’s Performance and Development Program. Green and safety However pioneering and inspirational a company’s fleet management processes may be, it is inconceivable that its leader could be named ‘International Fleet Manager of the Year’ without a substantial focus on the safety of its drivers and on the environment. The global SAFE Fleet vision is set out as follows: ‘drivers around the world return home safely at the end of each day’. The global SAFE Fleet mission is also designed ‘to partner with operating companies to implement SAFE Fleet through management support, training, communication, and awareness’. The basic reasoning is in line with a company philosophy which Johnson & Johnson calls ‘Our Credo’. Within this framework is the following statement: ‘The safety and wellbeing of our employees is embodied in Our Credo and sets out the company’s responsibili-



Asked whether he believed there was one particular aspect of his fleet strategy that stood out for the judges, and what the focus would be in the future , Luc Dendievel said, “I think it was the overall approach of the program, not one particular issue that stands out. In the years to come, J&J will concentrate on fuel management with a target of 99gr/km CO2 by the end of 2017, introduce decreasing CO2 caps per vehicle segment, and introduce eco-driving. We will also continue the completion of our self funding and self insurance model. Receiving the title of International Fleet Manager of the Year is not something entirely dependent on one person or one year’s work. Luc Dendievel recognises this: “It is a great pleasure to have won, and all my colleagues and I are very proud of the award. It means receiving recognition for many years of hard work and innovative ideas, balancing cost with employee motivation, and the environment”.

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