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We’re going nowhere unless it’s green Don’t take me the wrong way. The Incredible Hulk is not in town. Shrek is not going to appear from around the next corner. But we are now seeing that a green attitude can have a transformative effect on fleet performance.

the Forum and Awards such a resounding success. We are already planning to see how we can support the fleet industry in its quest to optimise performance in 2014. With the new Fleet Europe website complementing our bi-monthly magazine and our dedicated face to face fleet management events, we’ll bring you the latest insights in a variety of engaging ways.

The winners of the 2013 Fleet Europe Awards are all green enthusiasts. We are increasingly finding that fleet managers are busy measuring and managing CO2 emissions, monitoring and mitigating fuel consumption, and exploring the viability of new powertrains in their quest to become sustainable fleet managers. Green is now part of the DNA of best practice fleet management – and it is here to stay. In this issue we hear how three Fleet Europe Award winners are driving behavioural change and making their fleets sustainable. Luc Dendievel (Johnson & Johnson), Laura Gobbis (Luxottica), and Andrzej Sacha (Nestlé) share best practice tips whilst explaining how they make their fleets tick.

One exciting announcement before I go. We are delighted to announce that the Global Fleet Conference 2014 will take place in Brussels, Belgium, from the 16 – 18 June 2014. If you are a fleet manager or supplier with global coverage, interests or ambitions this conference is for you. Mark your calendar and find out more on and and on page 59.

Whilst I am writing about the Fleet Europe Awards, I must mention the recent Fleet Europe Forum in Prague that attracted a record number of delegates. I want to thank all the delegates, speakers, and sponsors, who made the both

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