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EARLY YEARS Talking Tubes™ Children can position themselves in different rooms, in and out of a play house or den or outside in any play environment and hold discussions with a partner they cannot see. The voice comes through the tubing beautifully and has a real feeling of ‘telephone sound to it’. A must for indoor or outdoor use. Can be used in the description of a ‘mystery item’ when the receiver cannot see it, great for garden/playground use and the tubing can be buried underground or in sand for added effect. Handsets can be used alone to help children to hear themselves and can be removed from the tubing for easy cleaning. A fantastic tool to develop language and communication skills as well as encourage social interaction.

Talking Tubes™ Set • Including 2 colour-coded realistic telephone handsets • 3 metres of hollow flexible tubing. 73952


Talking Tubes™ Telephone Exchange • Extends conversation using the Telephone Extension Set to permit up to 8 children to join a conversation at once. • Includes 8 hand sets (4 red, 4 blue) • 3 x 3 Metre Tubing 12 x 1 Metre Tubing • 6 x in-line pieces (green) & 6 x Y pieces ( purple). 73956

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Talking Tubes™ Extension Set • Extend conversation using the Telephone Extension Set. • Includes 2 x 3 metre lengths of tubing • 2 x in-line Connectors to permit conversations over 9 metres. 73954




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