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NEXUS NUMBER BEADS Number Beads incorporate a brightly coloured set of beads with laces. The set will help children to understand the basic principals of numeracy. The beads are numbered 0 – 10 and also combine the plus, minus, multiplication, division and equals symbols so that calculations are easy to put together on a string. One of the great features of this product is that the beads are only marked on one side. This enables the teacher to hide the symbol or number and allows the child to identify the missing part of the calculation. A fun and colourful learning tool that helps tackle a potentially difficult subject - this is an excellent addition to the maths classroom.

Nexus Number Beads • • • •

3 x 0 to 10 beads one of each colour Yellow/Blue/Green 4 x set of +, -, /, x in red 9 x = sign in red Total of 58 Beads & 6 Laces 116100

58 beads & 6 laces


Nexus Number Beads - Value Pack • • • •

30 x 0 to 10 beads one of each colour Yellow/Blue/Green 40 x set of +, -, /, x in red 90 x = sign in red Total of 580 Beads & 60 Laces 116100S

580 beads & 60 laces

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Nexus guarantees high quality and value for money. We design uniqueproducts in partnership with educational consultants who consider all sor...

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