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EARLY YEARS Message Mirrors • Laser cut into the mirror surface is a message so that the user is prompted to consider a thought. • Provided with double-sided sticky pads for easy fixing to a wall. ‘How I feel today’, ‘Who am I’, ‘Today’s special person’ and ‘Look at me’ Message Mirrors can be used to prompt a response, as a conversation piece, to discuss feelings and to encourage a positive self image. • Size: 200mm diameter 72234

Look At Me


Who Am I

£5.49 £5.49


How I Feel Today



Today’s Special Person


Wash Hands Mirror • Washing your hands is the most effective way of preventing the spread of germs and infections in an early years setting. • This wall mirror is designed to be positioned at child height above the wash hand basin and provides a great way of reinforcing the important hand washing message.


Size: 200mm diameter.


How Tall Am I Mirror • Simply by looking at their own reflection and cm scale etched onto the surface of the mirror, children can see how tall they are. • The scale from 70cm to 130cm is ideal for children up to 7. • Comes with 8 sticky pads for fixing to the wall. 72423 Size: H900 x W300 x D3mm.t


Easy Hold Convex/Concave Mirror • Hardwood frame with easy grip handles enclosing a concave and convex mirror. • These produce fascinating reflections - upside down, larger and smaller reflections depending on which side you look in. Bring the concave mirror up really close and it acts as a wonderful magnifying mirror. • Size of easy hold frame 185 x 120mm. 73365

Mirror diameter: 80mm.

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