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may 8, 2013

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daytime The Bold and the Beautiful

Cover Story


loses baby! the


CONCERNED Hope (Kimberly Matula) tries to stop her stepsister from getting on the bike.


jun 5-june 19, 2013

newlywed bliss is about to be shattered in the most horrible way, on tear-jerking upcoming eps of The Bold and the Beautiful. Oblivious to the tragedy that’s about to strike her love rival, Hope’s (Kimberly Matula) heart is breaking over the fact that she has lost the man of her dreams. Even though Hope knows that she did the right thing by letting Liam (Scott Clifton) go to be with a pregnant Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood), the young blonde can’t help spiralling into a deep depression. In an attempt to shake her blues, Oliver (Zack Conroy) and Thomas (Adam Gregory) invite Hope and some other friends over for an afternoon of surfing the ocean waves. Since Taylor (Hunter Tylo) moved in with Eric (John McCook), Thomas has taken over his mum’s house on the Malibu shore, and he’s only too happy to throw open his doors for an impromptu party. A morose Hope arrives but despite her passion for surfing, she has no desire to hit the waves on this occasion. Oliver and Thomas nobly try to convince Hope to join in on the festivities but she ends up sitting in a hapless heap on the sofa. Having noticed a motorcycle on her way in, Hope asks if

Thomas bought himself a new ride. Thomas explains that the bike is Steffy’s and he’s just letting her park it at his place for the time being. The mere mention of her rival’s name seems to make Hope even sadder. Meanwhile, Steffy and Liam are at their own home, choosing colours to paint the nursery in preparation for their baby’s arrival. The newlyweds are deliriously happy and Liam suggests that he use their barbeque to grill up a special meal. Steffy agrees but says that she wants to pay Thomas a quick visit to see how he’s settling into his new place. Steffy drives over to the beach house, where she finds Thomas heading out to surf.

Words by Devin Owens in Los Angeles

Tragedy strikes when the expectant mother is involved in a shocking motorcycle smash teffy and Liam’s

daytime The Bold and the Beautiful

Taylor issues Hope with a fierce warning not to destroy Steffy’s happiness with Liam


ith Steffy pregnant and engaged to Liam, Taylor has been feeling on top of the world, on The Bold and the Beautiful. She shares her extreme happiness with Eric and affirms that moving into his house was the best decision she’s made in a very long time. Eric (John McCook) is pleased to hear that his girlfriend is so content. Taylor (Hunter Tylo) then shares that it would mean so much to her if they could host Steffy and Liam’s wedding at the Forrester mansion. Eric readily agrees and Taylor excitedly summons her

Back off... or else!

TAKING CHARGE Taylor (Hunter Tylo) won’t stand for Hope’s (Kimberly Matula, right) interference.

daughter to the house. When Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) and Liam (Scott Clifton) arrive, Taylor announces that she and Eric have a special invitation to extend. Eric then offers his home for the site of his granddaughter’s upcoming nuptials. Steffy is overwhelmed by the proposal and happily accepts. The prospective bride can’t help but laugh when Taylor also reveals that she has already decided on the wedding planner, flowers, and even the deejay. Eric then promises to design a gorgeous wedding gown which will have the kind of modern sensibility that Steffy likes. A giddy Steffy turns to Liam and squeals that their wedding is going to be epic! The lovers decide they want to have an outdoor ceremony, so Steffy suggests they explore the grounds for

the perfect location. After Steffy and Liam leave, Taylor is perturbed when she looks out the window and spies Hope (Kimberly Matula) in the courtyard. Taylor slips outside to confront Hope and asks why the young lady is on the grounds. Hope explains that she was visiting Rick (Jacob Young) at the guesthouse and was urged by her brother to relax by the pool for a bit. Taylor forbids it and reveals that Steffy and Liam are strolling the property as they plan their wedding. Hope is momentarily affected by this news but eventually says she’s glad that with a baby on the way, the soonto-be parents are not wasting any time in getting to the altar. Taylor points out that Steffy and Liam are not marrying just because of the baby but because they love each other. It’s time Hope understands that and moves on with her life, Taylor curtly advises. Hope is put off by the attitude and comments that Taylor should be more sympathetic about losing the love of one’s life since that’s exactly what happened to her. Taylor can’t help pointing out that she lost Ridge because of Brooke’s interference, but vows that Steffy is going to marry Liam, and Hope needs to accept that. TVS

daytime Days of Our Lives

Days may have left our screens for now, but TV SOAP is keeping you up to date with all the action you’ll be missing!


No son of mine

Life as EJ knows it is set to change forever, as it emerges that he’s not really a DiMera


he strong father-son bond between Stefano and EJ has seen them take on the world together, but it’s a bond that’s about to be torn apart in the worst possible way. In emotional upcoming eps of Days of Our Lives, the DiMera family is about to crumble right before Stefano’s (Joseph Mascolo) eyes. In recent times, EJ (James Scott) has started to notice Stefano acting strangely towards him. Keeping secrets from EJ and even betraying him, Stefano has been strangely cold and distant towards his son. And when EJ discovers that Stefano has fired Kate (Lauren Koslow) and given Sami (Alison Sweeney) control of Countess Wilhelmina without consulting him, EJ has had enough. “This is the latest in a long line of insults my father has thrown at me, and I’m gonna find out where they’re coming from,” he vows. Confronting Stefano, EJ demands answers about stealing the money they had

“You’re right, Elvis. I’m not like a father to you because, to my everlasting sorrow, you are not my son,” Stefano mutters

PATERNITY SHOCK EJ (James Scott) is not the man he thought he was.


jun 19-jul 3, 2013

already taken from the Basic Black pension funds, about the leadership change at Countess Wilhelmina, and about Stefano being responsible for John (Drake Hogestyn) being released from prison. “Fun time is over, Father,” EJ insists, but Stefano seems unaffected by his son’s allegations. EJ demands to know why his father keeps undermining him, but Stefano points out that EJ has done the same thing to him several times, including failing to mention that he was trying to ruin John’s life. EJ claims he was merely trying to prove his readiness to take over the family business, but Stefano’s response rocks him to his very core: “You failed, because I know that you will never, ever lead this family.” Instead, Stefano says he plans to hand the business over to Chad (Casey Deidrick). Sick of being mistreated, EJ demands to know what is eating his father. “You bray at me about the importance of family, and then you treat me like a stranger. Fine. You know what? You don’t feel like a father to me – not anymore,” EJ spits, before storming out of the DiMera mansion. With EJ gone, an emotional Stefano unlocks a desk drawer and retrieves Alice’s envelope, which we know contains a terrible secret about the DiMera family that has been hidden for years. With tears in his eyes, Stefano begins murmuring to himself. “You’re right, Elvis. I’m not like a father to you because, to my everlasting sorrow, you are not my son,” Stefano mutters, as a tear rolls down his cheek. This father-son bond is about to be broken. TVS

daytime The Young and the Restless

Fiery revenge FOOLISH ACT Sharon (Sharon Case) places her own life in danger.

Sharon’s desperate effort to get back at the Newmans could ultimately cost her life


haron’s got a score to settle with the entire Newman family, but her inexplicable act of revenge will send shockwaves through Genoa City. In fiery upcoming eps of The Young and the Restless, a drunken Sharon (Sharon Case) burns down the Newman ranch. After marrying Victor (Eric Braeden) and then promptly being abandoned by her new husband, Sharon vowed revenge. Taking the reins of Newman Enterprises, Sharon set about driving the company into the ground and systematically torturing Nick (Joshua Morrow), Victoria (Amelia Heinle) and Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) in the process. But when Victor made his shock return to Genoa City, Sharon was promptly turfed out on her rear end, 10

may 8-may 22, 2013

having made life-long enemies of virtually the entire Newman family. Running into Nick at the coffeehouse, Sharon is taken aback by his cold attitude towards her. And when Noah (Robert Adamson), fed up with his mother’s self-destructive behaviour, moves out of her place, Sharon begins to feel depressed. The only member of the Newman family willing to give Sharon the time of day is Adam (Michael Muhney). Familiar with being a pariah himself and still obviously feeling some sort

In a fit of rage, a crazed Sharon pours liquor on the curtains and sets them on fire

of connection to Sharon, Adam does his best to pull his ex out of her funk. But his efforts are futile, as a lonely Sharon turns to booze to try and block out some painful memories. Throwing back drinks, Sharon flashes back to all the hostility and mistreatment she has received from the Newmans. But rather than sitting around feeling sorry for herself, Sharon decides to take action. After heading to the deserted Newman house and letting herself in, Sharon begins hallucinating and hearing voices in her head. She unwittingly calls Adam, who is immediately concerned by Sharon’s incoherent babbling. Sharon asks Adam to help her and tells him she is at the Newman house, but after hanging up the phone Sharon begins violently

trashing the living room. Then, in a fit of rage, a crazed Sharon pours liquor on the curtains and sets them on fire. As the flames quickly take hold and begin to engulf the room, a dazed Sharon stares around vacantly and then passes out. Sharon has finally found a way to get her revenge against the Newmans, but it could be about to cost her life. TVS ONLY HOPE Will Adam (Michael Muhney) find Sharon in time?

B&B interview

It’s only taken 26 years, but B&B’s

Katherine Kelly Lang is finally getting the credit she deserves as soap’s biggest icon

By the time you’re reading this, The Bold and the Beautiful legend Katherine Kelly Lang could have a shiny Emmy statuette sitting on her mantelpiece. But win or lose, Lang is just thrilled to have been nominated for a Daytime Emmy for the very first time in her 26-year career as B&B leading lady, Brooke Logan. Prior to the awards show, which was held on June 16, the soap industry itself, and fans worldwide, were going crazy with joy and excitement over the fact that the world’s most recognisable soap star had finally received a muchdeserved nomination! TV SOAP spoke with Lang prior to the ceremony to get her thoughts on being a Daytime Emmy nominee newbie, and the touching scenes she chose to submit to the judging panel. She also chats about Brooke’s current pregnancy storyline, and how she feels about her character’s return to her scheming, home-wrecking ways.


jun 19-jul 3, 2013

Words by Michael Fairman in Hollywood


primetime Home and Away SUCCESSFUL PLAN An innocent Casey (Lincoln Younes) is arrested as part of Adam’s wicked plot against Brax (Steve Peacocke, left).

Adam snatches Tamara and Ricky when they attempt to intervene in the madman’s revenge plot against Brax

! g n i p p a n d i k Double A

dam’s dastardly plot to get revenge on Brax is gathering steam, but when the plan starts to fall apart Adam takes drastic action: in terrifying upcoming eps of Home and Away, Adam kidnaps both Tamara and Ricky. Believing Adam (Martin Lynes) to be no longer a member of the living, Brax (Steve Peacocke) recently struck up a romance with Adam’s younger sister, Ricky (Bonnie Sveen). Little did Brax know, however, that Adam is still alive and has been using his little sister to destroy Brax’s life. After successfully planting seeds of distrust between Brax and Heath (Dan Ewing), Ricky manages to plant $50,000 and a gun in Casey’s (Lincoln Younes) possession to frame him for robbery. Watching Casey being led off in handcuffs, Tamara (Kelly Paterniti) smells a rat and believes he is being set up – the only problem is, Tamara suspects Kyle (Nic


MAY 22-jun 5, 2013

Westaway) of framing Casey. But when Kyle hears about the gun and the cash, he realises Casey’s arrest must have something to do with the special jobs he’s been doing for Ricky. And when Kyle confronts Ricky, she doesn’t deny what she’s done. Instead, she explains she is being ordered to do things anonymously and that Brax’s life is in danger. Teaming up with Heath, Kyle presses Ricky for more information and she admits she has played a part in everything that is going wrong with the Braxton family, but she’s only doing it to save Brax’s life. Brax is hurt and furious that Ricky has kept this secret

Adam has his heart set on revenge, and when Ricky threatens to tell Brax everything, Adam has his own sister taken prisoner

from him, but he orders her to stay with him and try and sort the entire mess out. Taking action, Kyle and Heath warn Tamara what is going on, while Brax visits Casey in jail to explain their predicament. Worried that Tamara will get herself caught up in the Braxton family drama, Casey calls her and begs her to visit him in prison. Tamara is thrilled to be able to have contact with Casey, but on her way to visit him she is terrified when she is kidnapped by Adam’s men. Ricky, meanwhile, struggling to control her guilt at deceiving Brax, begs Adam to call off his plan. But Adam has his heart set on revenge, and when Ricky threatens to tell

Brax everything, Adam has his own sister taken prisoner! Adam will stop at nothing to destroy the Braxton family, but will Brax and the others be able to find out what’s going on before it’s too late? TVS

EVIL Adam (Martin Lynes).

How do you stay in shape and generally keep healthy? I exercise really hard every single day. I have great trainers but when I’m not training with trainers, I still exercise every single day. The thing people need to realise is that I don’t train in a gym. I can train in a literal three-foot space that would make my heart rate 160. I can lose this many calories. I’d be sweating the whole time and I’d be in great shape. I think it’s important for people to realise that you don’t need all that stuff. You can do everything at home. You just do a little bit, little bit, little bit and good eating habits and weight loss.

What do you do? I jump rope and I go down and a burpee (squat thrust), do push-ups and I jump up to my tree and I do high pull-ups and then I go back down and do a burpee and then I do sit-ups.

You also cycle? I was cycling the other day and someone passed me on a hill, I was scrambling to catch up, even up the hill. With cycling, there are so many amazing cyclists, that’s what’s going to happen, so I’m just a very competitive person, got this thing in me that drives me. I like hanging around people that are intense, that are competitive, that drives me to do my best.

What kind of diet do you have? I try not to eat anything out of packages. I shop every day. I am lucky enough to really eat well. I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and I try not to eat too much.

You recently finished filming I Frankenstein in Australia. When is that coming to cinemas? It’s coming out in later this year or in January 2014.

What’s that like this time around? It’s hard-core. It’s a crazy movie about the monster of Frankenstein in modern times looking for his love.


Will it be old-fashioned Frankenstein-monster scary? Oh yeah!

m with...

Words by Diedre Johnson

Aaron Eckhart 58

Jun 19-jul 30, 2013

primetime Packed to the Rafters

Tuesdays 8.30pm on Seven

Julie and Dave’s 30th wedding anniversary celebrations trigger the exposure of a long-held family secret


he past has a way of crashing back into people’s lives and demanding to be dealt with. Sometimes it brings smiles, and other times, it results in tears. In the case of the 30th wedding anniversary of the marriage of Julie (Rebecca Gibney) and Dave (Erik Thomson) in upcoming episodes of Packed to the Rafters, the smiles arrive when their golden sons Nathan (Angus McLaren) and Ben (Hugh Sheridan) make a surprise return home for the celebrations. But a dark cloud is not far behind when a longheld secret from years ago about Ted’s (Michael Caton) marriage to Louise is revealed, and as a result, shatters Julie’s image of her parents’ picture perfect marriage. Everything for the family celebration all seems to start so well. Julie and Dave agree they have plenty to celebrate, having survived last year’s crisis when their marriage was pushed to breaking point after Dave’s dangerous kiss with Frankie (Brooke Satchwell), and Julie’s fiery flirtation with Adam. Now, the pair is stronger than ever and determined to mark the 30 years since they exchanged vows and said “I do” to each other. Julie assumes the celebration will be a small affair, with only closest family and friends, but little does she know there are other plans at work to bring a special surprise to her big day. Waiting next door in the Karandonis house are Ben (Hugh Sheridan) and Nathan (Angus McLaren). The brothers have returned to Australia from London for the occasion, but keeping their presence a surprise in the days leading up to the party will be easier said than done. With Julie ducking in and out of the Karandonis residence to pick up various items for the party, her sons have to constantly duck out of sight to keep the surprise in check until party time. Ted, meanwhile, is well aware that his memory is failing and has little chance of improving any time soon. In order to preserve the memories he has now, he begins making a collection of videos so that baby Ruby will have a visual reminder of the


apr 10-apr 24, 2013

Blast from the


The Guide week 1 The Bold and The Beautiful








Weekdays 4.30pm on ten



Also airing

Also airing

Also airing




Rick and Thomas are arguing about the Brooke’s Bedroom line when Caroline suddenly interrupts and strips to her undies to seduce a shocked Rick.

● Taylor attacks Brooke’s decision to restart her lingerie line. ● Katie tells Donna that she trusts Bill with Brooke.

Taylor warns Katie about the sexual chemistry on display between Brooke and Bill, and Katie is outraged to find them rolling around on a bed at work.

Also airing

● Rick ignores Caroline’s attempts to seduce him. ● Dayzee forbids Maya from having further contact with Rick.

MUST see!


Horrified to find Bill and Brooke cavorting on a bed at Forrester, Katie blasts Bill for playing around with her underwear-clad sister. Brooke and Bill can’t quiet Katie who accuses Brooke of stealing her man and demands that Bill tell Brooke that he doesn’t want her.



Weeknights 6.30pm on Eleven




Weekdays Midday on arena

While Hope urges Rick to romantically pursue Maya, Dayzee accidentally reveals Rick’s interest in Maya to Caroline who plots to keep them apart.

Also airing

As Jack seizes control of Newman Enterprises and fires the family, a stunned Victor suddenly collapses and is rushed to the hospital.

● Phyllis is angry to see Nick and Avery together. ● Victoria urges Billy to accept Jack’s job offer so he can spy on him for her family.

Cane is devastated when his family’s stalker finally reveals that Genevieve hired her to harass him about the past.

● A drunken Sharon sets the Newman ranch house on fire. ● As Victor is diagnosed with a concussion, Nick blames Jack for his father’s health woes.



Also airing

Adam rescues Sharon from the burning living room at the Newman ranch, and after carrying her to safety, he realises that she started the fire to get revenge on the family. Adam vows to do damage control to save Sharon from prosecution and lies to Chelsea about his actions.

● Chris is forced to sabotage Georgia’s plans to reunite with Kyle.

Also airing

Also airing


38 jun 5-jun 19, 2013

Also airing


Nikki finds Victor mourning the loss of their home and is stunned when he proposes that she remarry him one last time after they’ve rebuilt the house.


● Rick is stunned to see Maya on Carter’s arm for a dinner party at the Forrester mansion.

Unable to accept Rani’s kiss with Bailey, Callum quits the play. However, he’s touched by her pleas for forgiveness when she rewrites a vital scene of the play to convince him that she wants him.


● Bill confides in Brooke that he feels as though he’s married to the wrong Logan sister.

Also airing

● Amber is embarrassed by her crush on Joshua. ● Joshua upsets Brad by ignoring his advice about his swimming training.

Lou is surprised to hear from his long-lost daughter Ling Mai who invites him to visit her in Cambodia. As the neighbours hold a farewell barbeque, the kids give an unwitting Lou the impression that Sheila is romantically interested in him and he promises to return to pursue her.

● Genevieve theorises that Colin is out to destroy her. ● Summer’s latest manipulations prompt Nick to ask Phyllis for a divorce.

Donna questions Brooke’s betrayal of Katie with Bill, and when Brooke expresses her anger with Katie, Donna senses that Brooke would take Bill if he were available.

As Kate and Kyle drown their sorrows over their ailing relationships with Mason and Georgia, their candid chat leads to a kiss and a night of wild but mistaken sex.

Upset over Phyllis’ affair with Ronan, Summer learns that Ronan has a son named Jamie and plots to use him to hurt Ronan.

Also airing

● Nikki and Victor announce their engagement. ● Jack appoints Neil as the CEO of Jabot.

MUST see!

Paul is slapped with a sexual harassment lawsuit when he comforts Caroline over Terese’s threat to sack her.

● Callum forgives Rani on the condition that she ignores Bailey. ● Matt and Lauren buy Harold’s Store, much to Paul’s dismay.


Feeling invisible to her parents, Imogen schemes to provoke controversy by kissing Mason in front of Terese, and is further upset when her mother is too distracted to react.

Also airing

● Brad makes amends with Joshua. ● Paul reasons that he can stop Caroline’s lawsuit.

Celebrity Insider


s much as you like to think that you can get away with messy, justcame-from-the-beach style hair, there’s no denying that winter is practically upon us. However this is not a time to run to the Bahamas shaking your thongs above your head! Rather, it is a time to rejoice in darker hues, bold embellishments and layers to hide any overindulging you might do during this cooler period.

A favourite, guilt-free beauty treat for winter is lipstick. Not only can it make a major statement, but a good lipstick adds invaluable moisture to dry winter lips. From moody burgundies of Jennifer Lopez to barelythere nudes of Jennifer Aniston, this winter it is all about talking the talk with a lip colour that lasts a few hours instead of a few minutes. Here’s how to get the most out of your lip colour... Jennifer Lopez

If you know what you’re doing, cold weather and healthy, luscious lips can go hand in hand

Winterproof Four steps to luscious lips 1. Start by gently exfoliating

your lips with NVEY ECO’s Forte Hydrating Exfoliant ($46.95). As the skin on our lips is incredibly thin and prone to dryness, it’s important that you gently exfoliate the skin before applying a thin layer of lip-prepping balm for a smooth and colour-ready base.

2. The next part is the fun

bit. Depending on your mood will you be busting through winter’s clouds with colour, or keeping it au natural with hues of the fallen leaves?

Natural – If you fancy the look of Jennifer Aniston’s pout, which rarely strays from a soft natural colour, start with NVEY ECO Advanced Care Lip Colour in Viva ($29.95). This warm, subdued shade adds a light kick of colour to your kissers without treading into bold territory. Gently smooth the lip colour across your kissers making sure there are no streaks and the colour is evenly covered on the lips. Finish the look


may 8-may 22, 2013

by setting some shimmer with NVEY ECO Hydrating Lip Lustre in Cristal ($29.95). Now blot away!

Bold – For a statement pout like the almighty J.Lo, be prepared for lashings of colour and attention. Start by lining the pout with Vani-T Mineral Lip Definer in Lolitte ($25.95), following along the natural curves of your lips in an even, medium-thin line. Once you add the colour,

Celebrity Insider


ome to pristine white beaches and the deep blue waters of the Indian Ocean, Kenya is the biggest economy on the African continent and a place you can’t afford to miss. The popular safari country is home to around 44 million people and Africa’s second biggest mountain, Mt Kenya. The capital of Nairobi is popularly known as ‘Green City

Combining breathtaking wildlife with five-star luxu in the Sun’ and is the centre of Kenya’s economic and business hub. The city offers visitors the best of international cuisine and the country’s best insights into religion, museums, parks, nightlife, and wildlife. Danny DeVito once described his trip to Kenya as a “once-ina-lifetime thing”, so isn’t it about time you discovered what all the fuss is about? TVS

go wild in Kenya stay

Lewa House Follow in Prince William’s footsteps and visit Lewa House. Putting you up close and personal with Kenya’s wildlife, the cottages provide you with a perfect snapshot of what life is like in the fast-paced savannah plains. In fact, staff members insist guests use accommodation only for sleeping so no action is missed! What’s more, the property is completely sun powered and water

Angelina Jolie


apr 24-may 8, 2013

is sourced directly from a local spring. Info: www. Alfajiri Villas Named among the most luxurious villas in the world by Condé Nast Traveler magazine, there is no wonder Angelina Jolie frequents this address. All villas are elevated to allow maximum privacy and the primest views out to the ocean and over the unspoilt white sands of Diani Beach. Fabulous features

include daily fresh seafood meals, an infinity pool, and meticulously manicured gardens. Info: www. Lion in the Sun Take a tip from Naomi Campbell and book the whole resort out for your next family holiday. Just two hours north of Diani, you will find yourself at Lion in the Sun resort in Malindi. The resort offers a mix of Italian, Japanese and

Celebrity Insider

Swimsuit sensations We’ve unearthed some of the most memorable swimsuit moments of all time

Raquel Welch

Welch played Loana in the 1966 film, One Million Years B.C. The movie made the prehistoric swimsuitwearing actress a major sex symbol and the poster from the film became the best-selling pin-up poster of the era.

Phoebe Cates

Teenage boys’ jaws dropped in theatres across the world as Cates gracefully climbed out of her backyard pool in the 1982 teen comedy, Fast Times at Ridgemont High. The film was Cates’ breakout role and her sexy scene was so notorious it made her famous.

Farrah Fawcett

In 1976, a feather-haired Fawcett and her bright red one-piece swimsuit became immortalised in a popular poster that came to symbolise 1970s’ pop culture. The image, taken before Fawcett’s most notable role in Charlie’s Angels, has been featured in countless films and TV shows. In fact, the iconic red swimsuit has been donated to the Smithsonian National Museum of American History, along with an original copy of the poster.

Angelina Jolie

Before she became a globetrotting mother of six, Jolie donned a sexy black bikini and jet-skied her way into the hearts of teenage boys everywhere in Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life.

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jun 5-jun 19, 2013

Will she stay or will she

go? Rumours continue to swirl that Hunter Tylo (right) is leaving The Bold and the Beautiful hot on the heels of her departing screen daughter played by Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy). Tylo, who has played the part of Dr Taylor Hayes Forrester on and off since 1990, posted a rather grim-sounding message on her website: “I am getting bombarded with questions to quell rumors, and here, in my Forum I will clarify that Jackie and I are (coincidentally) off our contracts. I have been very successful outside of B&B and I have no doubt she will too – and more so, because she is free and single to travel all over the world. For me, contract talks ended 4 weeks ago. I am moving forward and opening back up to the thousands of acting roles available, writing and pursuing my skin care line. My friends and B&B fans will be sorely missed. But don’t worry! I’ll keep you posted of my every new adventure!” Aussie soap fans will also remember Tylo from her stint on Days of Our Lives where she played Marina Toscano.

The Secret is out

Anthony Hayes, Diana Glenn, Martin Henderson and Adrienne Pickering.

Ex Days star joins B&B

Former Salemite Darin Brooks (above) has joined the cast of B&B as hottie Wyatt Fuller, a possible love interest for Hope. And his debut on the sudser is literally a shower scene! Brooks was last seen on our screens as Days’ Max Brady, a role for which he won a Daytime Emmy in 2009. Joining Brooks onscreen is ex-General Hospital darling Rena Sofer who comes on board as Wyatt’s mum, Quinn.

Another Underbelly in the works

Underbelly: Squizzy is only a matter of weeks away, but Nine is reportedly already planning for the next Underbelly tale, which is said to revolve around underworld figure Tony Mokbel. Whether Robert Mammone (above) who recently left Home and Away, will reprise his role from the original Underbelly, is yet to be confirmed. Martin Henderson, who left our shores years ago to work in the US, is about to make his return to Aussie screens in the new Network Ten series, Secrets and Lies, starring alongside recent Logie winner Anthony Hayes (Devil’s Dust, The Slap) and Killing Time’s Diana Glenn. The new six-part series is being filmed in Brisbane and follows the experiences of Ben Gundelach, a family man who finds his world turned upside down when he discovers the body of a young boy and then becomes the prime murder suspect. With no hope of proving his innocence, Ben finds himself with no choice but to try to find the real killer. Henderson has just finished filming Devil’s Knot in the US, alongside Oscar winners Colin Firth and Reese Witherspoon. Jun 5-jun 19, 2013


Tvs July sneek peek  

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