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MORE PANDAMONIUM! Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness!

Adventure Time AMAZING Puzzle! WOMBAT FACTS!

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Issue 143 February 2014





Let’s Communicate!


A gang of baboons were caught

HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR! The Chinese Lunar New Year starts on January 31 and 2014 is the Year of the Horse. Celebrations go for about two weeks and can include dragon dances, fireworks and yummy food stalls. Check your local papers to see what’s happening in your area!




COLOR ME RAD! Color Me Rad is a fun 5km event where blasts of colour cover you from head to toe! Get your parents to sign the waiver and make it a family adventure. It hits Sydney this month, but there are events happening around Australia in the next few months!



D’SCO February is filled

UNEARTHLY DELIGHTS! Expect the unexpected at The Garden of Unearthly Delights at Rundle Park, East Terrace in Adelaide. This outdoors evening arts festival has food and market stalls and cool shows from around the world including the Amazing Drumming Monkeys, Erth’s Dinosaur Zoo and Pants Down Circus! 8


13 MAR


breaking into a flat in Cape Town, South Africa!’

PLAY BALL! Batter up, DMAGers! The Australian Baseball League Championship is here and we can’t wait to see who’ll take home the trophy for the 2013/2014 season. Can Canberra Cavalry hold onto it or will another team like the Sydney Blue Sox become the new champions?

Amazing ART! Head to The Foreshore at Surfers Paradise, QLD and see Australia’s best sand sculptors create masterpieces in the third annual Australian Sand Sculpting Championships. This year’s theme is ‘Myths, Legends and Fairy Tales’. While you’re there, take part in sand sculpting workshops and sand bottle making!








with fantastic fun!

The Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular is hitting Melbourne, Brisbane and Wellington (NZ). A talented orchestra plays iconic music as you watch scenes featuring the Eleventh Doctor. Also be on the lookout for Doctor Who creatures roaming the aisles during the performances like Cybermen and Daleks!


31 FEB


© Sydney Opera House/BBC World wide



! m o d n a r How It takes half a hectare of forest to soak up the carbon dioxide pumped into the air by an average car in one year.

Trepanning (drilling a hole in the head) is an ancient form of surgery to relive pressure on injured brains!

Your middle fingernail grows fastest while your thumbnail grows the slowest!


Scabs start to form less than 10 seconds after you cut yourself!

Venus is so light, that if you could find a bath to fit it in it would actually float!

The box jellyfish’s venom could kill you in 30 seconds. Roller skates were invented in 1760 by London inventor Joseph Merlin!

The coldest town in the world is Verkhoyansk in Siberia where the temperature has been known to drop to -68 degrees Celsius.

Dust storms on Mars can be so big they can sometimes cover the entire planet.

There must be a toilet around here!

In space an astronaut’s poo needs to be freeze-dried and bagged to stop it floating around the spacecraft. 19

a the

m u e s m



What is it? Step into the ultimate gaming world, DMAGers! From displays on ‘Arcade Heroes’ from the 1970s and 1980s, to ‘game changers’ like the Nintendo games, to the ‘Indies’ and the crews behind Angry Birds and Minecraft, this interactive exhibition has it all. You can also get your game on with retro arcade games and a dance challenge!

What is it? Travel back 290 million years ago to before dinosaurs even existed! Back then, Earth had one super continent known as Pangaea that was inhabited by giant creatures, including the huge sabre-toothed gorgonopsid predator, Inostrancevia. Encounter these mysterious Permian Monsters with fossilised skeletons and fullsize models. Aspiring paleontologists can also unearth monsters in the dig pits!

Where? Powerhouse Museum, NSW

Where? South Australian Museum

When? Now until May 25

When? Now until March 10

For more info, go to:


THE ROYAL COUPLE What is it? Grab your cameras, DMAGers and brush shoulders with royalty! Figures of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, William and Catherine, have touched down in Sydney and are visiting for a limited time. Don’t miss the opportunity for a royal meeting and while you’re there, you can also check out Her Majesty, the Queen! Where? Madame Tussauds Sydney When? Now until March 23

SCIENCE FICTION, SCIENCE FUTURE What is it? Teleportation, holograms, invisibility and mind control aren’t just effects you see in the movies. With modern technology, these things are possible! In this exhibit, strap on an augmented reality wristband and see what it reveals, move objects with your mind, learn about wormholes through space and be mimicked by a life-like robot. Amazing!

For more info, go to:

You are all very kind.

Where? Sciencentre at Queensland Museum South Bank When? Now until July 13 For more info, go to:


Madame Tussauds Madame Tussauds

We’ve got two family passes to Madame Tussauds Sydney to give away! For your chance to win, draw a pic of yourself as an important royal! DMAG 143 Send your entries to: AT THE MUSEUM

This comp closes February 17! Please check page 71 for Terms and Conditions.

Locked Bag 5555 St Leonards NSW 1590



Whether it be rampaging Dinobots, volcanoes accidentally brought to life, or floating lobsters, Rescue Bots never hesitate to roll to the rescue! Thirteen human counterparts will snag a triple Transformers Rescue Bots DVD pack including Hot Shots, Cody on Patrol and Return of the Dino Bot.


Want some goodies to kickstart your school year? 10 lucky DMAGers will get the $70 Toyworld gift card they need to get themselves an awesome back-toschool stash! Games, toys, puzzles and activities – It’s all there!


DARK FORCES BEWARE! Six gaming masters will bag a Skylanders prize! It includes the new and improved Skylanders SWAP Force Dark Edition starter pack, hat and pencil case so now you can wear your favourite game on your head as well as play the coolest game in town! PICK YOUR PLATFORM: XBOX, PS3 OR WII! 32


Four keen bean winners will feed their brains fun stuff and bring the world to life with this huge LeapReader prize pack including a LeapReader, interactive World Map, Write It! Engineering A Win, and Reading Book!



Are you ready for the toughest and smoothest ride of your life? 3 amazing riders will win a genuine Crisp Inception scooter and a Code helmet so even when they’re cruising at top speed, their noggins will be safe and sound!

Sound the police alarm! The tow truck has yanked the jail window clean off with the chain and is helping the prisoner escape! 5 policing experts will score a sweet LEGO Police Station that includes 7 mini-figures with assorted accessories! TO ENTER ...

T PAGU R N T I ( P R E TO C K IZ 7 3 ET E )


active zone active zone active zone active zone active zonE active zone


tralian for the Aus re a prep ips We Championsh ue g a e L ll a Baseb ayer, Blue Sox pl with Sydney ssian! James Philibo

PLAYER PROFILE Name: James Philibossian Nickname: Casey, Philo Age: 17 Hometown: Loftus, NSW Favourite Food: Cold Rock Ice Cream Baseball Hero: Glenn Williams

James is signed to the Detroit Tiger s in the USA’s Major League Baseball!

DMAG: Team position? JP: “Catcher. We call the games - the pitcher throws to me and we work together to get hitters out.”


Catcher: Me First Base: Miguel Cabrera (Detroit Tigers) Second Base: Ian Kinsler (Detroit Tigers) Third Base: Zach Shepherd (Sydney Blue Sox) Shortstop: Cal Ripken (former Baltimore Orioles player) Left Fielder: Josh Hamilton (Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim) Centre Fielder: Ken Griffey Jr (former Seattle Mariners and Cincinnati Reds player) Right Fielder: Mike Trout (Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim)

DMAG: How often do you train? JP: “Blue Sox train every Tuesday and Thursday night. We work on team plays, fielding, catching the ball and hitting. Also, I do extra hitting and go to the gym three times a week.”


“Be ready and in a good position to hit.”

“When you swing, swing hard.” “See the ball all the way into your glove.”

keep “When throwing,target.” e your eye on th

One lucky DMAGer will win a hat, shirt, ball and trading cards for the team of their choice! For your chance to win, tell us which ABL players you’d have on your dream team DMAG 143 and why! Send your answer ABL along with your name, age, Locked Bag 5555 St Leonards NSW 1590 address and choice team to:


DMAG: Any rituals or superstitions? JP: “I always step into the batter’s box with my left foot first.” DMAG: Most memorable match? JP: “Beating USA in the Under 19’s Worlds. They were the defending champions and it was a huge upset for Australia to beat USA.” DMAG: What is the Blue Sox’s game plan to win this season? JP: “We have a young team and still a way to go, but we’re best when we play with energy and life. Our strengths are hustling and playing the game hard. We also have experienced players like Craig Anderson and Mitch Dening, who are team leaders and in the top five players in the league.” 51

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