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AIRSHOW 992-2009 Avalon Victoria

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A massive eight hours of race day coverage from the famous Ford 1-2 at Bathurst. It remains the day that still shakes Holden fans to their core: the day that Allan Moffat and Colin Bond scored a 1-2 form finish in the 1977 Hardie-Ferodo 1000 at Bathurst.For the first time,eight hours of unseen-since-aired coverage from this momentous day in Bathurst 1000 history - a must for Ford fans to have in their collection. You’ll see material that didn’t even go to air on race day. Cat No. 112794 Price: A$35 DVD



Celebrating the 40th anniversary of the King’s first win in the mighty XU-1 Torana. Peter Brock is part of Bathurst folklore and his first win in The Great Race in 1972 remains one of the most popular stories in Australian touring car racing history. This DVD features a 30 minutes telecast of rarely seen highlights from Network Seven direct when Brock and the XU-1 Torana conquered Allan Moffat and his works Falcon.As a special bonus, witness another 30 minutes of rarely seen vision of the 1973 Hardie Ferodo 1000 as Brock came perilously close to back-to-back victories. Both are in black and white but fully capture rare and previously unreleased vision of two of the Mountain’s most famous races. Cat No. 112788 Price: A$35 DVD



Now for the very first time, previously-unreleased highlights of the 1969 Hardie-Ferodo 500 and the 1974 Hardie-Ferodo 1000 direct from the Seven telecasts of the day. Both races are covered in 30-minute highlights taken from the original broadcast as it went to air around Australia. The 1969 race featured the debut of both Peter Brock and Allan Moffat and victory by the Holden Dealer Team Monaro of Colin Bond and Tony Roberts, while the 1974 rain-marred race saw victory for John Goss and Kevin Bartlett. Cat No. 112795 Price: A$35 DVD



For the first time from Seven Network a DVD compiled featuring the single-lap dash for pole position at Bathurst from the Group C years of 1978 through to 1984. Dubbed ‘Hardies Heroes’, the annual shootout resulted in some of the most memorable moments in Bathurst history.All of the big Bathurst names of the 70s and 80s are featured: Brock, Johnson, Moffat, Walkinshaw, Grice, Richards, Perkins, Bond and Morris - and their cars as well.Take a trip back down memory lane as Bathurst’s iconic drivers throw their iconic cars around the Moutain with prizemoney and pride on the line. Cat No. 112793 Price: A$35 DVD 3

• ANNUAL BATHURST 1000 HIGHLIGHTS Price: A$40 each 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007 Bathurst 1000 Highlights Price: A$40.00 each. DVD only. 2002 and 2001: Price A$35.00 each. DVD only. 2001 2002 2007 2008

2009 2010 2011

Cat No. 103096 Cat No. 103648 Cat No. VEGD505 Cat No. VEGD565

Cat No. VEGD632 Cat No. VEGD757 Cat No. VEG 824

• THE GREAT RACE COMPILATION SERIES There are now six compilation DVDs covering the highlights of The Great Race. Vol. 1: 1960 - 66 Vol. 2: 1967 - 74 Vol. 3: 1975 - 85 Vol. 4: 1986 - 92

Cat No. 82307 Cat No. 82308 Cat No. 82309 Cat No. 82501

was $140

NOW $60 Can be boug ht separately A$30 each

Vol. 5: 1993 - 96 Vol. 6: 1997 - 2001

Cat No. 82737 Cat No. 103221

Cat No. 103312 Price: A$60 ea Rating: G Duration: 1-2 hours ea



Celebrating 50 Years of Bathurst – 2012 marks 50 Years since an endurance race for standard production cars was first run at Bathurst in 1963, laying the foundation for what would soon become the icon event of the Australian motor racing calendar. Come with us as we take a nostalgic look at the track, the cars, the stars and the characters. As we look at the 50 most exciting and important moments that have ever happen at The Great Race. Cat No. 112828 Price: A$35 DVD


Since 1985, an annual program has been produced on Australia’s motorsport icon, the Bathurst 1000. Now available for the first time on DVD.

Titles are: Bathurst 85,86,87 Cat No. 106127 Bathurst 88,89,90 Cat No. 106128 Bathurst 91,92 Cat No. 106129

Price: A$35 DVD Each 4

Bathurst 93,94 Cat No. 106130 Bathurst 95,96 Cat No. 106131 Bathurst 97,98 Cat No. 106132 Bathurst 99,2000 Cat No. 106133

Duration: Approx. 4 hours ea

MOTOR RACING - DVDs • 21 YEARS OF COMMODORE AT BATHURST From the car’s first motor sport event, the 1979 Repco Round Australia Trial, to its successes of 2000, this video celebrates the extraordinary 21 years of the Commodore in Australian motor racing. Cat No. 103091 Price: A$35 DVD Rating: G Duration: 120 mins

• HIGHLIGHTS 2012 ARMOUR ALL BATHURST 12 HOUR RACE Audi’s “international” entry splashed to a second-straight ArmorAll Bathurst 12 Hour victory with 2011 winners Christopher Meis ans Darryl O’Young joined by Christer Joens, the R8 LMS drivers dominated the race, after rain set in during the early stages. The local Audi of Craig Lowndes, Warren Luff and Mark Eddy had an early shower too, after Eddy crashed mid race. So sit back and enjoy all the highlights of 12 hours around the punishing 6.2 km Mount Panoramathat’s about as tough as it gets in the world of motor racing. 2012 Cat No. 112730 Price: A$35 DVD Duration: 130 mins

Also available NEW RELEASE

- Highlights 2009 WPS Bathurst 12 Hour race Cat No. 109131 Price: A$35 Duration: 90min - Highlights 2010 Armor All Bathurst 12 Hour Race Cat No. 110210 Price: A$35 Duration: 90 min - Highlights 2011 Armor All Bathurst 12 Hour Race Cat No. 111812 Price: A$35 Duration: 90 min


Relive the great moments of these two great touring car championships. 2007 Cat No. VEGD513 2009 Cat No. VEGD641 2008 Cat No. VEGD569 2010 Cat No. VEGD761 DVD only Price: A$45 DVD each

• 6 INDIVIDUAL DVDS OF THE AUSTRALIAN TOURING CAR CHAMPIONSHIP Whatever the era, whatever the official category of the time, these annual programs capture the very best highlight packages of Australia’s Touring Car Championship series. Titles Are 1990 and 1993 1994 and 1996 1997

Cat No. 106134 Cat No. 106135 Cat No. 106136

1998 1999 2000

Cat No. 106137 Cat No. 106138 Cat No. 106139

Price: A$35 DVD each Duration: Approx 4 hours 5

• SKAIFEY – THE MARK SKAIFE STORY Mark Skaife is an all-time Australian motor racing legend. He has dominated the V8 Supercar landscape over the past two decades. He is a five-time Australian Touring Car/V8 Supercar champion, and in 2007 he eclipsed the greater Peter Brock’s record for the most number of championship round wins. Cat No. 109595 Price: A$35 DVD Rating: E Duration: 72 mins

• THE FOX – THE HARRY FIRTH STORY Harry Firth was perhaps best known as the first manager of the legendary Holden Dealer Team and mentor to the great Peter Brock. Harry Firth’s story is unique and one of determination, rare cunning and motor sport intuition. Cat No. 109136 Price: A$35 DVD Rating: E Duration: 72 mins

• DICK JOHNSON – 35 Years at Bathurst COLLECTOR’S EDITION - 2 disc set For over 30 years, Dick Johnson built a career in motorsport - you could say “on solid rock”. This is Johnson’s story, with his trademark dry humour, in colourful detail, combining archival and contemporary footage with exclusive interviews and fast-paced action. Cat No. 108325 Price: A$35 DVD Rating: G Duration: 90 mins

• LARRY PERKINS – THE ENDURANCE MAN Six-time Bathurst 1000 winner, Larry Perkins has established himself as one of the greats in Australian motorsport. With interviews from fellow drivers, race footage from his triumphs and commentary from Larry himself, this is an essential presentation for any motorsport fan. Cat No. 102758 Price: A$35 DVD Rating: G Duration: 90 mins


2 DVD Set Disc 1 - Peter Brock The Legend This is a visual feast of Australia’s greatest racing car driver. So sit back to witness a true Australian legend in action. Disc 2 - Peter Brock The Legend - Interview Disc Special bonus disc which brings Peter’s career totally up to date, covering the years 1998 to 2004. Featuring his win at the Bathurst 24 Hour Race in 2003. It’s all here. Cat No. 104703 Price: A$35 DVD Rating: PG Duration: 110 mins


MOTOR RACING - DVDs • MONARO Monaro, the original Holden performance car, the first Holden V8, the first Holden Bathurst winner and the first Holden to win the Australian Touring Car Championship. It was also the car that lit the fuse to ignite the now famous Holden-vs-Ford war that has been such a defining factor in Australian Motorsport for the past three decades. This DVD celebrates this iconic Holden. Cat No. 108110 Price: A$35 DVD Rating: E Duration: 120 mins

• THE HOLDEN DEALER TEAM In the late sixties, a remarkable story in Australian motorsport began. What followed became an Australian motorsport legend. From the team’s first drivers, rising young stars Colin Bond and Peter Brock, in the Monaro GTS 350, through the Torana-dominated seventies and the Commodoredominated early eighties. In this DVD, we relive all the glorious moments. Cat No. 105442 Price: A$35 DVD Rating: E Duration: 90 mins

• 25 YEARS OF HDT SPECIAL VEHICLES This documentry celebrates the 25th Anniversary of HDT SPECIAL VEHICLES by taking an in-depth look at the period in history when some of Australia’s most famous muscle cars were born. Special and exclusive commentary by Peter and Lewis Brock, John Harvey and more tells the story of HDT SV from the initial prototype VC HDT, through all models VH, VK, VL of the Brock HDT vehicles. Cat No. 106356 Price: A$35 DVD Duration: 116 mins


HOSTED BY PETER BROCK AND JOHN HARVEY, TWO OF HOLDEN’S LEGENDS This Holden archival program recounts the early years of Commodore at Bathurst: it’s debut win in 1980, and the follow up Brock/HDT triumphs in ‘82 and ‘83. These first three Bathurst wins were where the legend of Commodore was forged. Cat No. 104961 Price: A$35 DVD Rating: E Duration: 105 mins



Cat No. 82660 Price: A$35 DVD Rating: G Duration: 66 mins

Cat No. 82597 Price: A$30 DVD Rating: G Duration: 120 mins 7

• PETER BROCK - NINE TIMES A CHAMPION Peter Brock, King of the Mountain, is gone but will live on in the hearts of many thousands of fans. A champion, legend, a true Australian icon. Brock was a rare driving talent, but his skills were never more apparent than at Bathurst each year. Nine Great Race wins between 1972 and 1987 is a record probably no driver will ever match. This DVD celebrates all of Brock’s massive success at Bathurst 1000. This is the very first time that highlights of all of Peter’s Bathurst 1000 wins appear on the same DVD. Cat No. 106777 Price: A$35 DVD Rating: E

• 21 YEARS OF THE HOLDEN RACING TEAM - 2 disc set Disc One (Duration 70min) This DVD was orginial released in 2004, and examines the origins of the HRT with Tom Walkinshaw Racing. You will meet the drivers who brought the team so much success, recapture the great moments in the Championship and at Bathurst, along with the people behind the team. Disc Two (Duration 60min) This DVD is a very special tribute to the founder of HRT, Tom Walkinshaw, who passed away in December 2010.On this DVD hosted by Will Hagon, we look at Tom’s first visit to Bathurst in 1984, and then his triumphant return the following year. Cat No. 111965 Price: A$35 DVD Rating: E

• PETER BROCK - ROAD TO GLORY Many things have been written about Peter and his achievements. This documentry covers parts of Peter’s life that are little known. We travel back to his childhood, talk to his family and some old friends, from the old tractor on his uncle’s farm to the Austin A 30, then interview some of his more famous racing opponents, culminating with his first Bathurst win in 1972. Including interviews with Firth, Bond, Janson, Jane, Tuckey and Tate. This is a fascinating journey, with never before seen stills and family home movies, together with classic Bathurst footage from 1969, 70, 71 and 1972. Cat No.111146 Price: A$35 DVD Rating: G Duration: 90 mins

• 20 YEARS OF VN COMMODORE VN was significant race car: it is the last true high performance homologation special ever made by Holden, the last true production-based Holden racer before the advent of V8 Supercars. This DVD recalls this short but critical piece of Holden motorsport history.


Cat No. 112298 Price: A$35 DVD

MOTOR RACING - DVDs • TORANA SL/R 5000 Holden’s SLR 5000, known as L34 in its Bathurst-winning race spec, was the V8 successor to the nimble Torana XU-1, and debuted by Peter Brock as he won the final two races of his first touring car championship title in 1974. But it was Colin Bond who was the star of Harry Firth’s Holden Dealer Team in the five-race manufacturer’s championship. HDT pipped the Falcon contingent of Moffat, Goss and Carter with a final victory at Phillip Island. Cat No. 103761 Price: A$35 DVD Rating: G Duration: 90 mins

• TORANA XU-1 - WHEN YOU’RE HOT, YOU’RE HOT Holden made a surprising move of dumping the V8s and unleashing a smaller, more nimble, but amazingly potent six-cylinder car. The Torana XU-1 went on to become one of Australia’s legendary muscle cars. It provided Peter Brock with his first win against the might of the Phase 3 GTHO and it dominated early ‘70s Australian rallies. Cat No. 103612 Price: A$35 DVD Rating: G Duration: 70 mins

• TORANA A9X This is the last program of the fantastic Torana competition trilogy, and what a fitting ending. In the late seventies, Holden’s fabulous Torana A9X Hatchback won two Australian Touring Car Championships in the hands of Brock (1978) and Bob Morris (1979), while Brock and Jim Richards ‘owned’ Bathurst in no uncertain terms both years. The A9X scored four of the top 10 placings at Bathurst in 1977, six of the top 10 in 1978, and eight of the 10 in 1979. Cat No. 104372 Price: A$35 DVD Rating: G Duration: 100 mins



These three DVDs feature classic cinema films representing Aussie motor racing - seventies style. In a much different scenario to today’s high-tech Supercars, we revisit the days of long hair, flared jeans and leisurely pit stops.


Cat No. 104373 Price: A$35 DVD Rating: G



Cat No. 103041 Price: A$35 DVD Rating: G Duration: 70mins

Cat No. 103222 Price: A$35 DVD Rating: G Duration: 60mins 9

• FORD AT THE GREAT RACE, 1960 - 97 Throughout this DVD, Ford followers will relive the times of Ford in The Great Race from its first victories at Phillip Island, through the glory years and the heartbreak years – and get to know all over again the champions and the characters who did so much to make it happen. Cat No. 83607 Price: A$35 DVD Rating: G Duration: 150 mins

• CELEBRATING 40 YEARS OF THE GT-HO PHASE 3 Ford boasts a rich heritage both in Australain motor racing and in the performance road car and muscle car scene. This single DVD contains three classic documentaries that showcase this Australian automotive icon, the Falcon GT. - The Racing History of the Australian Falcon GT-HO. (80 mins) - 30 years of the Falcon GT The Legend. (60 mins) - Ford Australia 75 Years.(75 mins) These three landmark documentaries are a must for all Ford fans three great Ford documentaries for the price of one! Cat No. 111966 Price: A$35 DVD Rating: E

• THE RACING HISTORY OF THE AUSTRALIAN FORD MUSTANG When Ford launched the Mustang in the USA back in 1964, it had no idea of the impact the “Pony” car would have. Initial expectations were that they would produce 75,000 cars a year, but just over a year later, they had sold nearly ten times that many. The Mustang legend had begun. In this DVD, we retrace those halcyon days of Australian motorsport with rare race footage featuring Geoghegan, Beechey, Jane and Moffat racing door handle to door handle in brutish machines that were all about the power slide, skinny tyres and no brakes. Cat No. 106358 Price: A$35 DVD Rating: E


The mid seventies will always be remembered as the golden days for Ford. The company radically changed its design mould, introducing a new shape known as the Falcon Hardtop. What followed was Australian motorsport legend. From the earliest days of the Falcon XA, to the great win at Bathurst by Goss and Bartlett against the big factory teams, to the tough days when Murray Carter was the only one battling against Holden, as well as the dominance of Moffat’s very professional team, its all here. Cat No. 108326 Price: A$35 DVD Rating: E


MOTOR RACING - DVDs • THE RACING HISTORY OF THE AUSTRALIAN FORD FALCON XD/ XE In the late seventies, after a golden period in Australian motorsport, Ford released a new square look Falcon to combat the country’s best selling car, the Holden Commodore. A new era began with the emergence of a young driver, Queenslander Dick Johnson. On this DVD we trace the history of the XD/ XE, it’s successes through the Touring Car Championships and Bathurst. Cat No. 110656 Price: A$35 DVD Rating: E

• THE RACING HISTORY OF THE AUSTRALIAN FORD BOX SET This Special Limited Edition box set contains the following four DVDs: - The Racing History of the Australian Ford Falcon XD/XE - The Racing History of the Australian Ford Falcon HardTop - The Racing History of the Australian Ford Falcon GT-HO - The Racing History of the Australian Ford Mustang Cat No. 111035 Price: A$60 DVD Rating: E



A feast for muscle car fans, this special DVD presentation features more than two and a half hours of highlights from the 2012 Australian Muscle Car Masters at Sydney’s Motorsport Park. Relive some of the best racing action from the nation’s premier annual muscle car event, as we celebrate over 50 years of Australian Touring cars with the Touring Car Masters, a smorgasbord tin-top action including N (1959-1972), Group C (1973-1984) and Group A (1985-1992). And there’s some special anniversary celebrations such as 40 years since Brocky’s First Bathurst win and the mighty XU1, Allan Moffat’s 1, 2 finish 35 years ago just to mention a few. Our Kiwi friends will be there in force with the return of NZ Central Muscle Cars but the big highlight were the banger Formula 5000s, returning to the track for the first time since the 70s. See interviews with famous drivers, a parade of former Bathurst winners, the Master Blasts and Heritage Hot Lap track demonstrations, Ultimate Race Replicas and much more. Cat No. 112787 Price: A$35 DVD Rating: E

•AUSTRALIAN MUSCLE CAR MASTERS 2005 AMC Masters (105484) 2006 AMC Masters (106525) 2007 AMC Masters (107921) 2008 AMC Masters (108599)

2009 AMC Masters (109588) 2010 AMC Masters (111034) 2011 AMC Masters (112300)

Price: A$35 DVD Each Rating: E 11


Over two hours of highlights from the Australian Muscle Car Masters held at the Eastern Creek Raceway. A best of compilation of some of the greatest moments from the nation’s premier annual muscle car event, including the first reunion since 1971 of ‘The Fantastic Five’, plus many great interviews Cat No. 110654 Price: A$35 DVD Rating: E Duration: 120 mins

• CLASSIC AUSTRALIAN FORMULA 5000 This DVD presentation includes highlights of the 1972 Tasman Cup, a 1975 episode of the ABC Sportsnight programme that featured the dramatic final round of that year’s Tasman Cup, the 1978 Australian Grand Prix at Sandown Park and the final round of the Rothmans International Series from Adelaide in 1979.


Cat No. 112791 Price: A$35 DVD Rating: E Duration: 60 mins

• CLASSIC AUSTRALIAN OPEN WHEELER RACING In the late ‘50’s & early ‘60’s, open wheelers were the pinnacle of Australian motor racing. This was the era which saw a complete revolution on open wheeler racing design with rear-engined Coopers rendering the traditional front-engine cars obsolete. It’s amazing racing action from a classic era of the sport. All races are black & white. Cat No. 106919 Price: A$35 DVD Duration: 120 mins


The Australian Safari is Australia’s ultimate off-road adventure with competition on two and four wheels tackle the remote, rugged and stunning terrain of Western Australia. Regarded as the ‘Dakar Down Under’ the Safari is widely regarded as the toughest endurance motorsport event in the AsiaPacific region. Cat No. 112456 Price: A$35 DVD Duration: 120 mins



Here’s your chance to obtain the complete set of our Classic Australian Touring Car Races series - 10 DVDs being volume one to ten plus as a special bonus we have included Classic Australian Open Wheeler Racing (races from the late ‘50s and early 60’s) and our latest releases Classic Australian Formula 5000. This is a special limited edition with only 1000 units manufactured. Cat No. 112790 Price: A$110 DVD Duration: 120 mins

MOTOR RACING - DVDs • CLASSIC AUSTRALIAN TOURING CAR RACES VOL.1 Cat No. 106357 Price: A$35 DVD Rating: E Duration: 90 mins


• CLASSIC AUSTRALIAN TOURING CAR RACES VOL.2 Cat No. 107003 Price: A$35 DVD Rating: E Duration: 90 mins


Cat No. 107743 Price: A$35 DVD Rating: E Duration: 90 mins

Cat No. 108194 Price: A$35 DVD Rating: E Duration: 90 mins



Cat No. 108324 Price: A$35 DVD Rating: E Duration: 90 mins

Cat No. 108593 Price: A$35 DVD Rating: E Duration: 90 mins



Cat No. 109589 Price: A$35 DVD Rating: E Duration: 90 mins

Cat No. 110655 Price: A$35 DVD Rating: E Duration: 120 mins



Cat No. 111968 Price: A$35 DVD Rating: E Duration: 90 mins

Cat No. 112299 Price: A$35 DVD Rating: E Duration: 90 mins 13

MOTOR RACING - DVDs • THE OFFICIAL HIGHLIGHTS OF THE 2011 DAKAR RALLY It’s the biggest rally in the world with more than 650 competitors and a TV broadcast in more than 150 countries. It is widely regarded as the highestprofile sporting event with plenty of exciting moments, ensuring one of the great spectacles in the world of motor sport. Featuring some of the most spectacular, and also most inaccessible terrain on the planet. Cat No. 111534 Price: A$35 DVD Rating: E Duration: 60 mins

• 30 YEARS OF STORIES ON THE DAKAR RALLY The Dakar is 30 years old. 30 years of strong emotions, immense joy and terrible tragedy, 30 years of exceptional men and women30 years of an extraordinary human adventure with its personal and major stories. This DVD tells the full story of this incredible adventure and one of the world’s last great frontier motorsport events. Cat No. 108192 Price: A$35 DVD Rating: E

• CLASSIC CARS IN AUSTRALIA Classic Cars in Australia takes us on a journey behind the wheel of the some of most famous and most loved cars in Australia, with their owners. From Australia’s own original Holden 48-215 to some of the world’s most desirable sports and luxury cars, and everything else in between, if you love cars, there’ll be a car you love on this DVD. Cat No. 108221 Price: A$35 DVD


Some were little more than taps, others little more than scrapes – then there were the big, bad, ugly, noisy sons of mothers that caused mayhem, tears, dollars and dreams to go right down the gurgler. Enjoy! Cat No. 103218 Price: A$35 DVD Rating: G Duration: 60 mins


Volume 1 (1993 – 1996) Cat No. 103647 Volume 2 (1985 – 1992) Cat No. 103948 Price: A$35 DVD each Rating: G Duration: 60 mins each 14

SPECIAL INTEREST DVDs • GREAT LAYOUTS - FIVE MONSTER TRAIN LAYOUTS This very exciting series takes us on a trip around the world as we look at classic train layouts. The great layout series are shot on digital video to guarantee the highest quality visuals and audio and feature in-depth interviews with the layout builders where they demonstrate their techniques and tricks. So lets get on board and full steam ahead. Cat No. 111342 Price: A$55 DVD Rating: G 3 DVD set

• THE STORY OF NED KELLY The story of Ned Kelly is a vivid and authentic account of the 25-year-life that generated Australia’s most enduring legend. The man hidden by the iconic mask is revealed in an exciting journey through events of Ned Kelly’s life and the country that shaped it. Each phase of the story, is enriched by an exploration of the sites as they are today. Join Ian Jones at Stringybark Creek, Glenrowan, Beechworth, Woolshed Valley, the Police Caves and many other places that still echo the turbulent Kelly years ….. the journey of a lifetime. Cat No. 108112 Price: A$35 DVD Rating: E

• JAMES CRAIG SAILS AGAIN - THE STORY OF A RESTORATION In early 1972 a young Sydney-based maritime museum, in search of a tall ship, located the derelict century-old rusting iron hull of the barque James Craig aground in a remote bay in southern Tasmania. For almost 30 years, a small group of dedicated Volunteers carefully restored the ship to fully operational sailing condition. Today, as a proud member of the Sydney Heritage Fleet, the magnificent James Craig sails again, a tribute to all who played such a vital part in an incredible restoration project. This film tells the story of that restoration. Cat No. 109137 Price: A$35 DVD Rating: E Duration: 92 mins

• PHAR LAP Just as Phar Lap was not just another race horse, this is not simply just another racing video – within lie the secrets of a genuine Australian hero, featuring footage previously unseen by the public of this great thoroughbred. All this coupled with the amazing story of Bart Cummings. Cat No. 83646 Price: A$35 DVD Rating: G Duration: 90 mins

• SLAMFEST It’s here Slam Fest and here’s your chance to recapture all the get action from the hugely successful inaugural events at Mildura’s Sunraysia Raceway and Melbourne’s Calder Park , the Slamfest style of eighth mile Top Doorslammer drag racing is now set to explode across the nation. Cat No. 112297 Price: A$35 DVD Rating: G Duration: 90 mins 15

• 50 YEARS OF THE AUSTRALIAN TOURING CAR CHAMPIONSHIP 50 years of the Australian Touring Car Championship is a detailed history of the Australian Touring Car Championship and the V8 Supercar Championship Series. This huge 500-plus page book is the definitive history of our touring car racing, tracking the development of the championship from its humble amateur beginnings to today’s multi-million dollar industry that is V8 Supercars. A must-have reference book for fans of Australian touring car racing. Amazing value at just $99. Cat No. ATCC50 Price: A$99

PRE-ORDER YOUR COPY NOW • THE GREAT RACE. BATHURST 50 YEARS Australia’s Greatest Motor Race 50 Years at Bathurst. This book is the fourth historical compilation being the 20,30 and 40 year books which all sold out very quickly to an enthusiastic and appreciative market. This new book of over 500 pages details the 50 year History of the running of The Great Race at Bathurst. This huge book is the definitive history and a collectors must. Now only $99 order now.




MOTOR RACING - BOOKS • THE GREAT RACE NO 31 2011 SUPERCHEAP BATHURST 1000 The annual book of the 1000km touring car enduro at Bathurst is 256 pages, all in full colour. As well as providing a Great Read on the Great Race, the book is crammed with statistics, driver bios, car race histories, lap chart of the race, driver change points, fastest laps and full details on practice, qualifying and race days.

Cat No. TGR31 Price: A$98 If you have been collecting, or have just started your collection of “The Great Race” annuals, we MAY be able to fill some missing editions. Current stocks at the time of printing were: • The Great Race 1998 - Book 18 (AMP 2-litre) (A$66) • The Great Race 2001 - Book 21 (Supercar 1000) (A$66) • The Great Race 2002 - Book 22 (Supercar 1000) (A$77) • The Great Race 2004 - Book 24 (Bob Jane 1000) (A$77) • The Great Race 2005 - Book 25 (Supercheap 1000) (A$88) • The Great Race 2006 - Book 26 (Supercheap 1000) (A$88) • The Great Race 2007 - Book 27 (Supercheap 1000) (A$88) • The Great Race 2008 – Book 28 (Supercheap 1000) (A$98) • The Great Race 2009 – Book 29 (Supercheap 1000) (A$98) • The Great Race 2010 – Book 30 (Supercheap 1000) (A$98) Overseas orders, only, incur postage - see coupon at back.

Cat No. Cat No. Cat No. Cat No. Cat No. Cat No. Cat No. Cat No. Cat No. Cat No.


• ALMOST UNKNOWN THE STORY OF SQUADRON LEADER TONY GAZE - AUSTRALIAN SPITFIRE ACE & RACE DRIVER It reads like one of those ‘Boy’s Own’ adventure stories of days gone by, but the story of this remarkable Australian is fact, not fiction. Tony Gaze has a litany of remarkable achievements to his credit resulting from his two careers: as a fighter pilot with the Royal Air Force during World War II and as a racing driver afterwards. Then there’s Tony Gaze’s motor racing career after the war: the first Australian to compete in World Championship Grand Prix motor racing. Tony Gaze’s life has been an extraordinary one and his list of achievements remarkable. Cat No. TONYGAZE Price: A$65 17

MOTORCYCLE - DVDs • LEGACY - A PERSONAL HISTORY OF BARRY SHEENE This is the definitive account of the life and times of one of the UK’s best loved sporting icons. A hero and inspiration to millions the world over, Barry Sheene rocketed to fame in the mid 1970’s winning back to back 500cc World Championships in 1976 and 1977 on his Suzuki bike. Breaking numerous bones and winning countless hearts along the way he reached the pinnacle of his sport. Cat No. 3880519 Price: A$35 DVD

• THE LAST HURRAH - FROM BEIJING TO ARNHEM Des Molloy and Dick Huurdeman look like the sort of guys who should be sedately steering a sleigh in a Santa Parade, not riding old single-banner British bikes half way across the world through some of the most difficult and remote terrain imaginable. Cat No. 108646 Price: A$35 DVD


Narrated by Ewan McGregor. Troy’s Story is the inspirational documentary about Australian motorcycle sensation Troy Bayliss. The charismatic, laconic family man who risked it all in his quest to become World Champion. From humble beginning, all Troy wanted to do was make a living from racing bikes. Troy’s riding style is breathtaking and his bin-it-or-win-it attitude has made him a superstar in Europe and across the globe. Cat No. 108372 Price: A$35 DVD


Around 1901, two unknown riders on little more than bicycles with engines slung on them, decided to see who was the fastest. From early origins to modern time, motorcycles and their daredevil riders have formed an integral part of Australian culture. Journey with us as each chapter of this exciting story is told through rare film footage and photographs, enriched by commentary from experts. Cat No. 107742 Price: A$35 DVD

• 2011 FX-Superbike Championship Cat no 112296 Here's your chance to relive all the rounds of the Australian FX-Superbike Series. Almost 4 hours of non stop motor bike racing. Australian super bike action has always been seen at home and overseas as among the very best in the world. Cat No. 112296 Price: A$35 DVD 18

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• CLASSIC AIRSHOW DISPLAYS Volumes 1 and 2 of this series contain the WW1 and WW2 displays from the four biennial Classic Fighters Airshows (held at Omaka Aerodrome New Zealand), fom 2001 to 2007. This DVD completes the set by featuring over TWO hours of the “Best of the Rest”, fom 1930’s wing-walking biplanes to high speed post-war military jets. Cat No. 111967 Price: A$35 DVD Duration 127 mins

• FROM THE OUTBACK TO THE WORLD 90 YEARS OF QANTAS INNOVATION The Avro 504K, The Short Brothers’ Model C Flying Boat, The Lockheed Super Constellation, The Boeing 707 Jet Airliner, The Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet, The Airbus A380 Super Jumbo. Each of these six innovative planes marked a turning point in aviation history and connected Australia through flight to a modern world. With unprecedented access to the Qantas film archives dating back to the 1920’s & digitally restored footage, this is the true story of 90 years of Qantas innovation. Cat No. 111384 Price: A$35 DVD Rating: G Duration: 60 mins

• THE AIR SHOW In 2009 Edwards Air Force Base in California threw open its doors for a special show marking the fiftieth anniversary of the flight of the North American X 15. At the Planes of Fame Muesum we look at a flyable Mitsubishi Zero and Glacial Girl, the P38 Lightning recovered from Greenland where it was buried in the ice. In France we visit the at La Ferte Alais featuring French types then onto England and the Shuttleworth Collection. SPECIAL COLLECTORS’ EDITION OFFICIAL AVALON 2011 DVD

Cat No. 111033 Price: A$35 DVD Rating: E Duration: 43 mins

• FEEL THE POWER 2011 OFFICIAL AVALON AIRSHOW DVD Throughout it’s history, Avalon has produced one of the world’s great flying displays with everything from light aircraft to warbirds, airliners and the latest high technology military jets in the air. Avalon 2011 also marked the 75th anniversary of the first flight for the Supermarine Spitfire. Get your piece of history today.

Feel the



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ternational Airshow nk all the hosts, oduction teams 09 that have helped of this very special n.







1992-2009 Avalon Victoria

Cat No. 111535 Price: A$35 DVD Rating: E Duration: 120 mins

• CELEBRATING THE AUSTRALIAN INTERNATIONAL AIRSHOW 1992-2009 Every two years a very special thing happens in the skies over Geelong in Victoria. It is the Australian International Airshow, regarded as one of the world’s greatest aviation events. This special celebration DVD looks at the best flying displays at Avalon over two decades, so sit back and buckle up for the best seat in the house. Cat No. 111341 Price: A$35 DVD Rating: E Duration: 120 mins 19

• LAST PLANE OUT OF BERLIN A story of intrigue set in the last days of peace before the outbreak of World War Two. Sidney Cotton, the Australian secret agent hired by the British spy network MI-6, who tried to change the course of history. A gripping documentary drama about the debonair businessman who took the Nazis for a ride, and his escape from Berlin only hours before the outbreak of World War Two. Cat No. 106192 Price: A$35 DVD Rating: G

• THE SHAPE OF THINGS TO COME Some new shapes are appearing in Australian skies... from the 560 tonne Airbus A 380 to the Global Hawk unmanned spyplane. Jeff Watson looks at the Super Jumbo and its rival, the Boeing 787; mini jets like the Braziliam Embraer E-170, the Boeing Super Hornet, the Wedgetail AWACs aircraft, the Boeing C 17 Globemaster and the Joint Strike Fighter -- Lockheed Martin F 35 Lightning II. Cat No. 108328 Price: A$35 DVD Rating: E

• THE BONEYARD The Davis Monthan air force base in Tucson Arizona is the home of AMARG the 309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group more commonly known as The Boneyard. Jeff Watson takes us on a tour of this melancholy place and meets some of the characters who haunt the boneyard. He also visits the Pima Air and Space Museum. For the aviation enthusiast, it’s pure heaven! Cat No. 108327 Price: A$35 DVD Rating: E

• SPITFIRE OVER AUSTRALIA When Colin Pay acquired the Spitfire in 1982 it had no engine. The film shows how he laboriously rebuilt the aircraft from a corroded hulk into a superbly restored flying machine. The film has some of the best air to air colour footage ever shot of a Spitfire in Australia. Also rare archive film showing Spitfires at Darwin in 1943. The ideal video for aviation enthusiasts. Listen to the roar of the Rolls-Royce Merlin in stereo sound! Includes BONUS DVD “Ghost Squadron” Cat No. 105938 Price: A$35 DVD Rating: G Duration: 60 mins 20

AVIATION - DVDs • CURTISS KITTYHAWK The Curtiss P-40 series of fighters, the Tomahawk & Kittyhawk are the subject of this video from Jeff Watson. “Damned by words, but flown to glory” was the description given by one American General to the P-40. Although it was obsolete even at the beginning of WWII and outclassed by British, German and Japanese fighters it did the job asked of it. Includes BONUS DVD “Ghost Squadron” Cat No. 104939 Price: A$35 DVD Rating: G Duration: 62 mins

• THE SPITFIRE & THE LANCASTER A tribute to the Spitfire and the Lancaster, the greatest fighters and the best heavy bomber of World War II. This documentary features both flying and on flying examples of the Spitfire including the two airworthy Spitfires operated by the Temora Aviation Museum and the two seater owned and flown by the Australian aviatrix Carolyn Grace. Also twelve Spitfires in the air at once at the Flying Legends show at Duxford England! Cat No. 109598 Price: A$35 DVD Rating: E

• THE GREAT PLANES The Great Planes looks at some of the most important aircraft collections in the world. More than thrity aircraft types are featured; from great piston engined bombers like the Wellington and Halifax to obscure research aircraft like the Bistol 188, theNorth American X-15 and the Fairey Delta II. Also a look inside the hangar at Paine Field Seattle and the replica Messerschmitt 262s now flying in both the USA and Germany. Cat No. 109591 Price: A$35 DVD Rating:E

• THE SHIPS THAT FLEW This Film Australia cinematic gem, once lost, has now been recovered as it examines the last days of the Sandringham Flyingboat Service which ran from Sydney to Lord Howe Island ending in 1974. This documentary, with its use of historic film, traces the history and importance of the flying boats during World War II and in the 50’s. This DVD is a reminder of how great this era was and how much the landscape of time has changed. Cat No. 109951 Price: A$35 DVD Rating: E Duration: 60 mins.

• CLASSIC WORLD WAR 1 FIGHTERS – The Best of Classic Fighters 2001 – 2007

• CLASSIC WORLD WAR 2 FIGHTERS – The Best of Classic Fighters 2001 – 2007

Cat No. 109894 Price: A$35 DVD Rating: E

Cat No. 109895 Price: A$35 DVD Rating: E 21

AVIATION - DVDs • AUSTRALIAN INTERNATIONAL AIRSHOW 2009 HIGHLIGHTS The Australian International Airshow 2009 is one of the world’s top aviation events. For several days over Avalon in Victoria, the skies come alive with some of the greatest aerial displays on the planet. From the latest combat jets to World War II warplanes, from the aerobatics of the world’s best stunt pilots to the more genteel displays by historic aircraft and new commercial aircraft, the Airshow offers something for every enthusiast. Cat No. 108988 Price: A$35 DVD Rating: E

• AUSTRALIAN INTERNATIONAL AIRSHOW 2007 Buckle up for the high-octane ride of your life. Feel the thunder of the mighty F-15 Eagles and the F-16 Falcons. Witness the awesome F-111 and the potent F/A-18 Hornet as they strut their powerful stuff at Australia’s biggest aviation and aerospace event. Cat No. 107215 Price: A$35 DVD Rating: E Duration: 120 mins

• THE ANSETT STORY - 70 YEARS COLLECTORS EDITION Very few airlines throughout the world bear the name of their founder. Ansett Australia is one exception. This documentary is the story of Reginald Myles Ansett – one of Australia’s great aviation pioneers – and the airline which bears his name. A collectors must. Cat No. 106191 Price: A$35 DVD Rating: G Duration: 43 mins

• SOUTHEND TO LONGREACH THE RETURN OF THE 707 This is a story about a great aeroplane and the dedication of the people who made her fly again. The Boeing 707-138 VHEBA first flew in 1959 and had ended it’s days in England where it was to be scrapped. After the most complex restoration of a classic airliner ever undertaken, in December 2006 Qantas’ very first jet airliner flew into Sydney after a 14,382 nautical mile flight from Southend, England. Cat No. 107745 Price: A$35 DVD Rating: G Duration: 45 minutes

• CLASSIC AEROPLANES IN AUSTRALIA Australia has one of the most varied collections of classic aeroplanes in the world. There are representative types of most of the great piston-engined fighter aircraft of World War Two, as well as jets from the former Warsaw Pact countries and a good selection of pre-war civilian types. Australia’s Warbird movement is dedicated to keeping them flying. In this film, Jeff Watson looks at a selection of warbirds, either flying or preserved in a static condition. Cat No. 106523 Price: A$35 DVD Rating: G Duration: 52 minutes 22



Learn how to improve your golf swing from the instructor who taught Rory McIlroy and helped him become the biggest sensation in world golf. The Six Step Golf Lesson is designed for all ages and abilities and this easy-tofollow DVD shows Michael working with aspiring young international Victoria Bradshaw putting his techniques to good effect out on the golf course. “If you follow the instructions for 10 minutes each day over a six week period you will develop a solid golf swing with great fundamentals which will stay with you for life,” says Michael. Cat No. 112789 Price: A$35



DENIS PUGH is one of the leading golf instructors in the world. He is probably best known as a golf analyst on Sky Sport’s Golf Night. A former tour player he has coached more than 150 Tour Pros including Colin Montgomerie and the Molinari brothers. He is also the club professional at the prestigious Wisley Golf Club in Surrey. With these three programmes, he is now able to pass on his wealth of teaching experience and has collected together 100 of his greatest tips to help players of all ages and standards improve their game. Cat No. 112792 Price: A$45

• BUTCH HARMON’S ULTIMATE GOLF Through exclusive interviews, footage and photos, Butch reveals the golf instruction, life-lessons and inspiration that helped mold him into one of golf’s greatest instructors. In this unique instruction series, Butch displays the same methods and distinct personality that have led professional golfers to major championship titles and amateurs to lower scores. Cat No. 105503 Price: A$45

Rating:G Duration 120 mins

• BEN HOGAN – IN PURSUIT OF PERFECTION Here’s a collector’s item for every Ben Hogan enthusiast, and a training film for any golfer intent on deciphering the swing of the greatest golfer of all time. In Pursuit of Perfection . Cat No. 103288 Price: A$35

Rating:G Duration 30 mins


• DAVID LEADBETTER’S –THE SHORT GAME A lesson with Leadbetter will teach you how to practice the right way – the way of leading tour players like Faldo, Simpson, Tway and Price. You will learn the variety of shots that can be played on and around the greens, and develop the touch necessary for a great short game.

Cat No. 82638 Price: A$35 DVD Rating: G Duration: 100 mins

• DAVID LEADBETTER’S –FAULTS AND FIXES The world’s number one coach, and golf’s finest ball striker, bring you a unique perspective on mastering the game of golf. David Leadbetter and Nick Price help you iron out the everyday errors that creep into your game, how to identify faults and fix them.

Cat No. 82640 Price: A$35 DVD Rating: G Duration: 100 mins

• DAVID LEADBETTER’S – PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT The surest and quickest way to improve your game is to practice, and the aim of this video is to get you to play better golf by making your practise time more productive. In this video David has selected his top 25 drills which are simple, easy to understand and carry out.

Cat No. 82703 Price: A$35 DVD Rating: G Duration: 65 mins

• DAVID LEADBETTER’S – GREATEST TIPS Since the eighties, David Leadbetter has worked with some of the world’s top players, as well as many amateurs. This video includes all the tips that have proved successful in helping players reduce their scores over the years. People change over time – the game of golf hasn’t.

Cat No. 82746 Price: A$35 DVD Rating: G Duration: 60 mins

DAVID LEADBETTER’S – THE SWING Take the place of one of David Leadbetter’s pupils and enjoy the benefits of personal tuition from the most sought after golf instructor today. In 90 minutes of world class golf instruction, David will take you through every aspect of the golf swing – to improve yours!

Cat No. 82637 Price: A$35 DVD Rating: G Duration: 90 mins 24

GOLF - DVDs • DAVID LEADBETTER’S – THE COURSE “There’s more to shooting good scores than just hitting good shots,” says David Leadbetter. Watch as he coaches his pupil around the course, advising him how to think and play his way to a better score. You, too, can manage the shots to take on even the toughest of courses.

Cat No. 82639 Price: A$35 DVD Rating: G Duration: 90 mins

• DAVID LEADBETTER’S – SIMPLE SECRETS “Simple Secrets” consists of 25 remedies that are varied, short, and simple to follow, helping you discover the elusive elements that will allow you to play great golf. Try one remedy at a time, keep it simple, keep working at it – any one of these solutions could do wonders for you.

Cat No. 82667 Price: A$35 DVD Rating: G Duration: 90 mins

• DAVID LEADBETTER’S – BEGINNER TO WINNER This tape is about the simple basics of the game. You are not alone… the majority of players around the world are novices, weekend players and golfers whose game needs a refresher. Leadbetter has worked with Faldo, Norman, Price and Els and can improve a novices game.

Cat No. 82741 Price: A$35 DVD Rating: G Duration: 95 mins

• A LESSON WITH DAVID LEADBETTER Special Limited Edition Box Set with the world’s number 1 golf coach, David Leadbetter. Containing:

- The Swing, - The Short Game

Cat No. 104370

- Taking It To The Course, - Greatest Tips.

Specially priced at A$100.00 – Save $40


POSTERS • TORANA THE GREAT – AUTOGRAPHED LIMITED EDITION NUMBERED POSTER If you’re a Holden fan, mad about Toranas, or just crazy about Bathurst history; a new series of ultra-high quality, limited edition, signed posters from the Chevron Photographic Library are a MUST for your collection. Special limited edition, numbered and personally signed by Harry Firth and Colin Bond with Peter Brock’s Signature being a reproduction.


Only A$64.00 (tube packaging and postage)


• XR-XY FORD FALCON GT – AUTOGRAPHED LIMITED EDITION NUMBERED POSTER To celebrate 30 Years of the Falcon GT Chevron are proud to release this limited edition XR-XY Ford Falcon GT signature poster. Signed by six of the best Bill Brown, Harry Firth, John French, Leo Geoghegan, John Goss and Fred Gibson. Each poster is also numbered and a collectors must.


Only A$100.00 (tube packaging and postage)


• MAGAZINE BINDERS Readers of Chevron Publishing Group’s magazines can now protect their growing collections with our new purpose-designed high-quality magazine binders. The design allows the binder to hold 12 copies (with wires). Clearly mark which magazine you collect, AMC, Aero or Old Bike. Cat No. AMCBNDER - for AMC magazine Cat No. AEROBNDER - for Aero magazine Price: A$27.50 Cat No. OBBNDER - for Old Bike magazine


• OLD BIKE AUSTRALASIA Almost everyone you meet these days, men or women, have ridden on a motorcycle at one stage of their life or another. This is a must for the enthusiast. This magazine is published bimonthly. At newsagents, or a one year (6 issues) subscription by post is A$52 or two year (12 issues) for A$99.95 plus BONUS DVD. A$11.95 for back issues.

• JAPNESSE CLASSICS Japanese Classics is packed with information on how to find, restore and enjoy an historic Japanese bike, from the early rare ‘fifties models to the superbikes of the ‘eighties. Enjoy hundreds of photos on all sorts of makes and models. Comprehensive list of essential services and clubs. Cat no JAP0112

Priced A$11.95 posted in Australia

• OLD BIKE AUSTRALASIA CAPS Just in time for the rally season, the very latest old bike australasia cap is now available. In tasteful royal blue with the oba logo and gold trim, a must-have item. Cat No. OBACAP Price: A$25 posted in Australia

• V8 SUPERCARS TV GUIDE MAGAZINE Published early in the season, the TV Guide is for the armchair enthusiasts in Australia and New Zealand who can’t get to a round of the V8 Supercar Series. Packed with driver and team bios, track info, series statistics, previews and feature stories on the teams and their machines – plus a full TV listing for the year. This is the magazine to have beside the telly for the V8 Supercar season. At newsagents for A$7.95 From Chevron for A$12.95 Cat No. TVGUI12 28

MAGAZINES • AUSTRALIAN MUSCLE CAR This proudly Australian publication is dedicated to preserving the legend of our unique “Australian made” muscle car heritage. From 1960s classic Bathurst muscle to the sophisticated Falcon and Commodore performance cars of the new millennium - and everything in between At newsagents, or a one year (6 issues) subscription by post is A$49 or two year(12 issues) for A$99.95 plus BONUS DVD. A$11.50 for back issues.



The Australian Muscle Car ID Handbook provides a comprehensive means by which enthusiasts, buyers and owners can identify classic Australian muscle cars manufactured between 1967 and 1982. The scope of the Australian Muscle Car ID Handbook extends to the complete verification of identification numbers and codes found on a vehicle’s body identification plates. Cat No. BTN Price: A$15 posted in Australia

• BROCK AND I The never-before-told inside story of the early days of the career of Bathurst legend Peter Brock – through the eyes of Harry Firth (the man who discovered him and helped launch his career) – a compelling insight into an Australian champion and a must for all followers of Australian motorsport.

Cat No. B&I Price: A$16.95 posted in Australia

• MUSCLEMANIA Musclemania recalls the wild, wonderful and wacky moments from Australia Muscle Cars rich past. A collection of 100 famous and infamous events and stunts that have amazed and entertained. This outstanding publication details long forgotten exploits that in some cases have never been in a magazine before.

Cat No. AMCMM12 Price: A$14.95 posted in Australia 29

• AERO AUSTRALIA MAGAZINE AERO Australia is a magazine that not only tells the full story of the latest developments in aviation but also looks back on the many pioneers of the skies. From that first flight in 1903 to today, and everything in between in military, commercial and general aviation, this is a magazine for anyone who loves flying. At newsagents, or a one year (4 issues) subscription by post is A$31.95 or two year (8 issues) for A$69.95, plus BONUS DVD. A$11.95 for back issues.

• THE ROYAL AUST AIR FORCE IN WORLD WAR 11 A comprehensive reference to the RAAF’s outstanding contribution to the Allied victory in the glogal conflict of 1939-45. A tribute to the RAAF and its people who served Australia with distinction and pride. Cat No. WW11 Price: A$16.95 posted in Australia

• RAAF 90 YEARS The RAAF is celebrating its 90th birthday in 2011, and to mark the occasion we are proud to announce a special edition magazine. Editor Stewart Wilson heads a team of writers who will take you through the history of the RAAF in war and peace. Cat No. RAAF Price: A$17.95 posted in Australia

• F-111 The story of one of the finest strike aircraft in aviation history, which has provided Australia with a powerful”big stick” deterent capabilty unmatched in our region. It been a great asset and will be missed enormously. A must for everyone. Cat No. F111 Price: A$17.95 posted in Australia


MAGAZINES • WARBIRDS OF AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND 2011 Welcome to Warbirds of Australia & New Zealand, an AERO Australia Special Edition. A good variety of articles covering the history of warbird operations in both countries over the last three decades, along with various features highlighting aircraft, people and warbird operations.

Cat No. WARB01

Cat No. WARB02

Cat No. WARB03

Cat No. WARB04

Price:A$14.95 posted in Australia











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