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THE INTERGRITY OF A WOMAN Biography by: Darrin Carter/ Art by: Next Level Images

She sits in her room surrounded by medals and accomplishments ranging from Beauty Pageants to Marksman awards. While playing with her vibrant shih tzu (Khia) she wonders what her next move will be now that she is home again. ennifer Smith is a woman of integrity and self-motivation. Her will to succeed is unmatched by her ability to overcome odds that many will normally crumble under. She is a proud soldier of the U.S. Army National Guard. She has been in the military six years. The defining moment came for her when she was called to active duty early 2009.

Journey overseas This would be her second tour away from home. She was 19 years old when, she went to Germany. She was selected for Operation Iraqi Freedom at age 21. Once she arrived it took a while for her to adjust to the things that were going on. “Life over there was very scary” she says. It was very hard to adapt to, but she held on to her faith and spiritual balance to get her through the hard times.

Although she did not know how long it would be before she would get a chance to see her family again, she passed her time by working out with her fellow soldiers. Thanks to technology she was able to keep communication open with her family through (Skype Calling). A few days prior to her return in home, she suffered an injury to her back that could have been fatal, but she says that, “God was truly watching over me”. She was in a coma for 4 days, and when she awoke her body was in great pain. She was told how everything happened, and how she and her fellow soldiers survived a very terrifying ordeal.

The return Home May 2010 could not come soon enough for Jennifer. Although she was wounded from her accident she completed her tour and returned home. Many things changed when she arrived home. Maturity set in for her while she was gone, and she realized that many of her morals and values changed. Now she is looking forward to this new chapter of her life, and isn’t looking back. Next Level’s First Lady

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Jsu Vs. tsu afterparty

Studio 231 This party was one of the many that students and locals got to enjoy. Fraternities & Sororities such as: Omega Psi Phi & Delta Sigma Theta were on location for the celebration in Jacksonville State’s win over Tennessee State University.

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Adjusting To College Life a student’s mind. However, apartments tend to go quickly, so it’s best to always prepare to be in a dorm the first year. Dorm life isn’t so bad, this allows students to get to know many others that are in the same position as them, as well as build friendships that can possibly last a lifetime.

The Beginning College is the beginning of a new chapter for many people. The start of what some say is the foundation for the rest of our lives. Much of these things are true, and take some time to get used to. The greatest challenge for most is being away from home for the first time. Then there is registering for your classes and finding the best instructors to take before classes fill up. Now that students have figured out what to take for their first semester they can relax a little bit… Not quite, they have to have a place to live. Dorm-rooms are the

Dorm Selections Include: Sparkman Hall Crow Hall Patterson Hall Curtiss Hall Logan Hall Fitzpatrick Hall Dagette Hall Apartment Selections Include: The Reserve The Grove Campus Inn Park Place I, II, & III Ladiga Trails

The middle Classes are set; students have a place to live what next? Taking a tour of the campus helps to learn the best routes to take to get around faster. The University also provides transportation with the Gamecock Express. The transportation is in place, now it’s time for some

entertainment. There is plenty to go around at Jacksonville State ranging from athletic events to club events. There really shouldn’t be a dull moment throughout these college years.

The end Students should have no problem adjusting to the college life so long as they prioritize their lives correctly. This all may seem very hard at first, but eventually it becomes routine. Students will eventually be on their way out with a degree in some field that will allow the next person to come along and have an even better experience than them.

first thing on their parents mind, but a house or apartment is the first thing on

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6 step business plan The Idea All great business did not start overnight, it took one key thing and that is an idea. This can be something as simple as providing someone with water during an event, or just as complex as producing your own vitamin water. Either way the Idea is the foundation for your business.

Market research The very first thing you should ask yourself is who needs what I’m providing? Does the market give enough space for you to indorse your product and be successful? Who are the customers you are targeting? These questions are vital to taking the first step to starting a business.

Capital Determine how much you have, and how much you will need. A business plan is a great asset to show a company what you have to offer. This could give them the incentive to invest in your business. Loans are also a good option so long as your business plan can show you gaining profit.

Name your company Now that you have established the type of business you’ll produce, naming it is just as important as the idea. Names are what sell in today’s world and many companies are very wealthy based on their brand. Think of something that will be eye catching, something you can place on a business card and people are extracted to immediately. Make sure you search the web for conflicting names.

Marketing All your resources are in place, you have your name, now it’s time advertise your business. Today there are multiple ways to advertise other than going door to door. Social networking sites are very good. Facebook and Twitter are among the many that allow people to stay connected. Business cards are just as helpful. Marketing can be the difference in a average company and a multi-billion dollar company.

Persistence The final step is determination, perseverance, and motivation. Persistence is all of these words in one. Regardless of failure, maintain the same drive and you will be successful.

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Contender To defender

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Definition of a man Clifford Adrian Whitely was known by many for his lovable personality and knack for making anyone laugh. Although he may have struggled at times with an issue or problem, no one would know because he always had a smile on his face or had a joke to brighten up your day.


Clifford (aka Cliff) was born in Bessemer, Alabama on April 3, 1989. He was very outgoing from the start. He played multiple sports for Pleasant Grove High (Baseball & Football). Clifford later attended Jacksonville State University where I had the pleasure of playing alongside him for a couple of years. He was always enthusiastic about getting on the field and proving himself. His Best friend Shannon Shelby and he always kept the locker room laughing about long practice hours and early morning workouts. Off the field Clifford majored in Biology. He was well-known throughout his hometown and around the university for his great personality. He seemed to have a way of bringing a smile out of everyone. A gift I feel is very unique. Tragically his life was taken November 2010; he is survived by his 8month old son, Mother, & Sister. Our Thoughts and Prayers go out to his family. Clifford will forever be remembered for the warm presence he gave to those that had the pleasure of being graced with his presence.

1989- 2010

Thank you, my friend for truly showing me what it means to never take life for granted, but to always approach it with a smile. You truly will be missed but never forgotten.

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Under the helmet

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