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Massage Chairs and Services

NextGen Massage Chairs NextGen is your number one source for the very best massage chairs with a focus on customer service, quality and great prices. Founded by Natalie Bourgoin and Sasha Syed, NextGen was created with a shared passion for health and wellness. It is our goal to continuously promote self-care and stress management through a combination of both muscular and skeletal maintenance.

Our chairs bring your chronic pains at a minimum.


Problem + Solution Chronic muscle pain can slowly ruin your life. Getting professional massages every week can add up quickly.

At NextGen, we offer top-of-the-line massage chairs and services at a fraction of the cost other brands charge You can save money on weekly massages with a proper, lifetime investment. We have cut out the middlemen, poor customer service and unreliable warranties so that you can reap all the luxury and comfort you need without the extra costs and stress.


Benefits of Massage Extensive research has proven there are three main principles to massage therapy




Raise endorphin levels

Increase lymphatic and blood flow

Promote flexibility while reducing tension


Promotes detoxification

Relieves pain

Eases Controls Helps manage anxiety medication blood Relieves stress dependence Boosts immunity

Prevents sports-related injuries Relieves stiffness

Promotes joint flexibility


Promotes endorphins

Reduces post-surgery adhesions

Circulates of oxygen and nutrients Aids in Cancer treatment Relieves migraines Exercises atrophied muscles





Massage therapists or weekly massages are not cheap, potentially amounting to thousands of dollars a year. By investing in a massage chair, you can enjoy unlimited sessions for years to come.

Muscle pain and tension can hit at the most inconvenient times, regardless of your schedule or plans. A massage chair at home means you can relieve your body of the pain any time you need it. That level of accessibility is priceless!


Massage Techniques Our chairs offer a suite of massages:

Full Body Relaxation Swedish Massage

Chronic Pain Relief Deep Tissue Massage

Deeper Relaxation Reflexology

Injury Prevention Sports Massage

Stress & Nausea Relief Shiatsu Massage

Spine Stimulation Tapping Massage

Tension & Soreness Relief Kneading Massage

Nerve Relief Vibration Massage

Lymphatic Stimulation Air Compensation Massage

Back Relaxation Rolling Massage


Customized to Fit You

Body Scan Technology People very from all shapes and sizes, our body scan technology detects the position of your body in the massage chair. The shape of your spine, as well as the areas of tension, are detected and the massage chair positions its rollers accordingly to customize the massage. Most of our chairs also allows the footrest to extend up to an additional 20 cm for tall users.


Chair Features Zero Gravity

Zero Gravity is a deep 128-degree recline position that raises your feet above your heart It increases the body’s state of relaxation, lung function and circulation while reducing stress on the spine.


Chair Features Air Compression Massage

Air bags add pressure to certain areas of the body Squeezing and releasing to increase circulation. The air bags are in the chair seat, ottoman, backrest and, in some cases, the headrest and armrests.


Chair Features Space Saving Technology To ensure space is fully maximized, our chairs are designed to slide forward when it comes into a reclined position. Less than 5 cm of space is required when laying back!


Chair Features Bluetooth Technology Listen to your favorite songs and answer calls on high quality speakers located on the headrest. The sound is localized and directed so that all unwanted noise is blocked out.


Chair Features SL Tracks

Our massage chairs are ergonomically designed to contour a variety of spine shapes The S-track system allows the roller heads to run down from the neck to the lower spine with consistent pressure and comfortable support.


Warranty & Returns

All massage chairs will require maintenance at some point We provide every customer with peace-of-mind, through our comprehensive 2-year manufacturer warranty coverage. Additionally, we provide affordable extended warranty plans with 0 deductibles.


Financing & Shipping

Payment Options We accept certified checks, cash, credit cards and PayPal in partial and split payments.

It’s important for us to offer financing options for your ease and convenience. At our prices, monthly payments can amount to less than the cost of two professional massages.

Free Shipping We provide free shipping & curbside delivery on all models with express shipping and in-home delivery and set up as an additional charge.

Our Referral Program You can earn $500 for every referral turned sale. Our program has no cap, so you can refer our chairs to as many friends and family members as you want! Over time this referral program could pay for your entire chair!


Contact + CTA

Don’t let extravagant prices get in the way of your health Contact us today and get the chair that best fits your life!


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