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Dear Supporter of NextGenerationHOPE I have just returned from Calcutta and from visiting the HOPE projects and meeting the children whom HOPE continues to support. The support which HOPE is in a position to be able to offer is increasing day by day and it is only thanks to you that we are in such a fortunate position. While I was out there I was lucky enough to meet with some of you who have been fundraising throughout the year and continue to do so- the hard work which you undertake is magnificent and only by your support can we hope to support the thousands of children who live on the streets. Meeting the children reminded me of how fortunate I am here in Ireland, how fortunate I was growing up with a family, an education, friends and living in a safe environment. The 250,000 street children in Calcutta are unfortunately not as privileged as we are and I think if we remind ourselves how we can make changes in children’s lives by continuing to support HOPE, we will make a huge difference in the world. I am looking forward to seeing you all again soon and discussing the work of HOPE, the experiences which we all shared in Calcutta and planning for the year ahead as we unite to “be the change we want to see in the world”. If you would like to discuss any ideas which you might have about NextGenerationHOPE or share your own experiences of Calcutta, get in touch with us here in the office through Facebook or Twitter or email me Thank you all again for all your hard work and your dedication to the children of Calcutta. Talk to you soon, Best Regards JP

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