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Author : Jim Keogh Pages : 304 pages Publisher : McGraw-Hill Education / Medical Language : eng ISBN-10 : 0071849343 ISBN-13 : 9780071849340

Description The Cure for Your Reimbursement Blues - Now Updated!Curios about how physicians and hospitals get paid? On track to become a medical insurance specialist? You don't need an advanced degree or a genius IQ - just this book. Medical Billing and Coding

DeMYSTiFieD take you inside the complex, often daunting world of medical billing and reimbursement to show you how it really works. In a clear, jargon-free style, this handy guide uncovers the practices used by clinics, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities to encode medical services and receive payment from government agencies and insurance companies.It's all here - everything you need to succeed in this challenging field, from an overview of the ethical and legal aspects of medical billing, to must-know medical terminology, to guidance on navigating insurance plans and the insurance claims cycle. Now thoroughly revised, this one-stop sourcebook also comes with chapter-ending quizzes and a final exam to gauge your knowledge. Get ready to simplify medical billing and coding - and keep the reimbursements flowing! This up-to-date, self-paced guide offers •Detailed coverage of sweeping changes in healthcare administration, including transition to ICD-10 coding and the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act•An easy way to understand how to code medical bills for payment•A sure-fire blueprint for avoiding errors that an cause the delay or denial claims•A step-wise approach toward the learning style of medical insurance specialists, starting with basics and progressing to everyday techniques Simple enough for a beginner, but rigorous enough for an advanced student, Medical Billing and Coding DeMYSTiFieD, Second Edition, is your shortcut to stepping into the role of medical insurance specialist and solving problems from the get-go!

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FREE DOWNLOAD Medical Billing & Coding Demystified ONLINE  

FREE DOWNLOAD Medical Billing & Coding Demystified ONLINE