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Author : William Kent Krueger Pages : pages Publisher : Recorded Books on Brilliance Audio Language : ISBN-10 : 1501260278 ISBN-13 : 9781501260 278

Ordinary Grace Aw ard win nin g aut hor Will iam Ken t Kru ege r has gai ned an

im me nse rea der shi p for his Cor k O’C onn or seri es. In Ord inar y Gra ce, Kru ege r loo ks bac k to 196 1 to tell the stor y of Fra nk Dru m, a boy on

the cus p of ma nho od. A typi cal 13yea rold wit ha stro ng, lovi ng fam ily, Fra nk is dev ast ate d wh en a tra ged y forc es him to fac e the unt

hin kab le— and to tak e on a mat urit y bey ond his yea rs. Ordinary Grace

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Ordinary Grace  

Ordinary Grace