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Author : Richard A. Posner Pages : 1056 pages Publisher : Aspen Publishers Language : eng ISBN-10 : 1454833882 ISBN-13 : 9781454833888

Description Many great features make this text an ideal option for your classroom: - maintains its

standing as the preeminent work in the field, covering the legal-economic perspective on all key areas, from common law to the Constitution- presents the expertise of a highly distinguished author, pioneer in law and economics analysis- offers accessible, lucid, and user-friendly writing and organization: i. non-quantitative approach does not assume or require prior knowledge of economics or mathematicsii. part and chapter organization based on legal, not economic concepts- includes end-of-chapter sections to reinforce and extend learning through problems and suggested further readingsThis edition highlights a variety of new information, keeping it timely and topical: - the corporations chapter is revised and updated significantly in light of Enron and other corporate scandals; and Congress response in the Sarbanes-Oxley Act- an exciting new field of economics -- organizational economics -- is now included, with particular reference not only to corporations but also to nonprofits, law firms, and the judiciary- the rapidly expanding interest in the legal regulation of national security and foreign affairs (torture issues, executive power, the USA Patriot Act, etc.) requires the addition of the interesting economic issues presented by such regulation- expanded coverage of foreign law, of which there is increased interest, both substantive and institutional, and both national and supranational (e.g., European Union) is included throughout the book- new insights in the chapter on contracts are drawn from the author's recent scholarly work on contractlaw- since intellectual property is perhaps the hottest field in law today, the author incorporates some ideas from a book he recently coauthored with William Landes on the economic structure of intellectual property law- the chapter on finance is revised and updated to reflect the growing importance of behavioral finance.- novel legal-economic issues relating to the Internet are added to several chapters

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PDF Download ( 13) Economic Analysis of Law  

PDF Download ( 13) Economic Analysis of Law