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n the first meetings with Bountiful Mazda, it was clear that the owners were searching for a way to change, a way to connect more closely with the popular Mazda brand. They knew a lot already about

the typical Mazda buyer. They were high school to college age men and women who were well educated and had disposable income, but were still price conscious. They also knew that most of their buyers had researched the car they wanted online before they ever set foot on their lot. With this important information in mind, Next Door conducted additional research through past-buyer surveys and secret shopper audits of both Bountiful Mazda and its competitors. The Bountiful Mazda logo was outdated, predictable and had lost its connection to the sporty, sexy and sleek Mazda brand. In order to bring Bountiful Mazda in alignment with the overall Mazda brand Next Door mined for the true essence of Bountiful Mazda which reflected a shorter bMazda mark that was unique, memorable, and bold.

In the competitive evaluations, we looked at dealer tag lines, key advertising messaging, of their advertising, brand attributes and brand promises. This helped us narrow down Bountiful Mazda’s unique selling proposition. In the past-buyer surveys, we learned a lot about the demographics of the typical Bountiful Mazda buyer. We looked at sex, age, education, how they found Bountiful Mazda, what influenced their purchase, radio and TV shows they listen to and watch, how they get their news, other dealers they visited, what would determine their next purchase and their likelihood to purchase from Bountiful Mazda again. As a result of the research, Next Door made a recommendations that would help shape the look and tone of the new bMazda brand and campaign. Because the core Bountiful Mazda customer leans 60% towards a younger female audience, a conscious effort would be made to give a modern face-lift to the company logo, signage and advertising that emphasized the difference buying from Bountiful Mazda makes in your ability to “b” whatever you want to be.


Because the younger Mazda demographic is so connected to the Internet for researching big purchases like a car, Next Door re-designed the website to reinforce the new colors, style and look of the bMazda campaign. Social networking, email marketing and blogging campaigns were added later to reach the ever-moving target of the youth demographic.

Billboards Outdoor campaigns near the freeway exits of Bountiful Mazda were exceptionally popular. Leveraging co-op dollars

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helped maximize year-round exposure. The ads reflected the “b” whatever you want brand promise.

2 In late 2009, Orem Mazda was purchased and added to the bMazda family. Next Door made the transition by calling the new company “bMazda of Orem.” Now the two locations were able to share the same strong brand, maximize advertising dollars and have more market share and reach.


The overall environmental design of the Bountiful and Orem stores needed an overhaul. Next Door produced bMazda -branded posters, window stickers, employee uniforms, license plates and collateral pieces that tied the marketing and advertising to the in-store experience.

“The strength of bMazda’s new brand is in the ability that the internal staff has to back-up the brand messaging. Next Door unearthed the bMazda brand from the core values and systems that were already working at Bountiful Mazda. We didn’t invent anything new; we just dressed up the brand to better reflect who Bountiful Mazda really is and make it more congruent with the overall Mazda brand. That is the secret to making brands that work. Because you can’t fake it. Eventually, the true brand comes through and we take pride that we were able to shine the best light on a truly great, unique brand such as bMazda.” Tim White Principal Partner, Next Door

“Next Door has incorporated all aspects of our customers and found the right ingredients to brand our business in a positive and energetic way.�

Michael J. MacDonald General Manager, Bountiful Mazda

Next Door | 801.462.2359 |

bMazda Case Study  

The Bountiful Mazda logo was outdated, predictable and had lost its connection to the sporty, sexy and sleek Mazda brand. In order to bring...

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