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Best B2B Marketing Campaigns December 01, 2016

HOW TO DEVELOP AND EMPLOY B2B MARKETING PLANS? You will get thousands of ideas to develop and employ marketing plans, but most of them will prove to be fairly useless. When comes the talk of ​B2B marketing plans​, you need to be much more careful with the plan you chose as it would be trending enough to change as per the changing conditions of the business. Do you genuinely want to know the reason that why your adversary’s business is touching sky and you are not even able to pull in new clients? Try not to stress! B2B Marketing plans thoughts and systems help you achieve your targets in much faster and cheaper way than ever suspected. The best approach to drive your business lies just in single word: ​USER

ACQUISITION. The primary concern that matters in rousing the business is the speed with which we can attract new clients. Before we learn about how to develop and employ B2B Marketing Plans, let us first understand about what B2B marketing is? There lies not much difference between B2B advertising procedures and ​B2C marketing

strategies, except for the process of execution. B2B marketing policies are executed extraordinarily in a way that B2B clients settle on choices on cost and benefit potential.

2 Whereas, this is reverse in case of customer marketing where customers select items based on fame, status, and other passionate triggers.

In the favor of digital marketing, B2B marketing plans have become the need of an hour for every business to grow. Finding better approaches to encourage connections through online networking is as of now an intriguing issue in the B2B advertising world. Online networking stages have opened up two path discussions between organizations. Use of ​social media has been in the rage ​these days. With many B2B organizations find four to five times increase in

their revenue through online networking approach in bolstering their good fortune. It is critical for B2B advertisers to comprehend their clients’ needs before executing any promoting or publicizing strategy. FOUR Key factors to keep in mind in B2B marketing strategies ●

Since B2B showcasing is a lot more particular, there involves huge risk of estranging particular forthcoming competitors for marketers.

3 ●

B2B marketers should maintain proper list of dealers and companies who utilize their products and services.

They should have keen focus on government agencies, which are considered as biggest target and consumer of B2B marketing.

Setting up offerings as per the needs of the clients and that too in an energizing way can prove out to be the best for B2B marketers in putting their business into the right hands.

Important Points to structure B2B Marketing Plans The accomplishment of ​B2B Loyalty Programs lies in its structure. Presently, in the event that

you are a proprietor of independent company firm and wants to dispatch B2B marketing projects to improve your business-GROWTH, then you should look for into thought a portion of the accompanying key focuses. ●

Offer worthy rewards to your client: Your B2B Marketing plans alone can’t help you accomplish the objectives, you need to think about the deals incent as well. Forget that your clients will be the piece of your B2B marketing plan achievement, if the honors and the referrals you are putting forth to your dealers are not worth.

Indulge more and more of clients: If you think essentially beginning with B2B Loyalty program will drive your business to next level, then you are in big misconception. Making mindfulness and connecting with more of clients, dealers, IT Department individuals and different groups to be the piece of it will prove worth for your business.

Know who your Adversary is: Knowing about your rival is the principal thing you ought to remember while beginning up with ​B2B advertising plans​. You ought to be totally

mindful of what marketing plans are being followed by your competitors, what methodologies they are actualizing and so on. ●

Focus on Sales and Business Channels: Before propelling any new B2B marketing plan, you ought to know that the marketing strategies you are implementing is to

4 elevate old items or to make the clients mindful of the advantages of the new line items and administrations. What does Employing B2B Marketing Plans means? The B2B market is the biggest of the considerable number of business sectors, and surpasses the shopper showcase in dollar esteem. B2B marketing plans include building profitable connections to ensure clients that can give business to the firm till eternity. Citing an example of one of the top most MNC brand: IBM, spends an expected amount of $60 million a day on products that bolster the operation of its business. B2B marketing plans are considered as the best creative arrangements in taking the business to statures, particularly in the period of intense rivalry. They have been demonstrated extremely helpful in brand promotion exercises, the reason behind why it has been trusted and received by numerous business firms. Large business firms rely on B2B systems for producing new business drives, which includes drawing in of more business partners, merchants, representatives, clients and accomplices. This reliance is not constrained in securing more business clients; instead it includes sharing different exercises like sending referrals in social life as well. The Takeaway: It’s fundamental for every business to win customer constancy. Besides, most perfect way to deal with assurance that is accepting B2B Loyalty Programs. The procedure that go far in keeping up sweeping business customers for lead time by offering rich, fiscally smart and adaptable component for any size attempt. B2B Marketing Plans,​ ​Paramount to Boost your Business Considering some of the below listed points would help business analyzers to develop and employ best B2B marketing plans. ●

Create Customer Persona: The first thing to note before developing marketing plan is to find out who your audience is? Who are the clients you want to include in your plan?

5 ●

Set Brand Persona: Define a brand name to your business firm. What you do, Who you are and What you stand for are the three vital features that need to focus on before employing B2B marketing plan.

The item or administration: People are attracted to items as a result of how they affect them. In case of B2B clients, the purchasers are prepared experts who think about the nature of items, their cost-saving and additionally income delivering benefits.

The objective market: B2B marketers should require an additional abnormal state of information outside of marketing pros. Focusing marketing strategies to limited specialized areas won’t work well in driving off your business.

Evaluating: ​Businesses are normally more worried with cost, esteem, and income potential than purchasers. Be that as it may, they can likewise be all the more promptly persuaded to pay as much as possible.

Advancement: ​B2B marketers should be specialists of promoting and publicizing, as well as specialists inside their fields. When this happens, they will take in the most

ideal approaches to market to this field, whether it is through sites, diaries, tradeshows or informal. Indeed, even a decent marketing plan could end up being an act of futility when not taken in the right direction. So, do you want all your dreams and efforts to go in vain? Obviously not! B2B marketing plan advancements help increase new clients, as well as accomplish new brand prompts to build business income.



What according to you would be considered as Good Conversion Rate? Or, what are the ways to increase conversion rates of the website in short span of time? These are some of the basic questions that are frequently asked by marketers, and yet are complex to answer. Can you guess some of the factors that can help improve conversion rate of your website? Okay,

7 cool down! The conversion rate generally depends on the way of measurement, and also the type of industry. For any website, conversion rate depends upon the ​quality of the content​. Client acquisition through online referral promoting has turned into a fleeting trend each business needs to join,

particularly private ventures. Asking a current client to welcome their companions to your site in return of something compensating has truly functioned admirable in the support of the digital marketing. One of the keys to a flourishing business is ​ROI centered changes from a skilled, talented and well organized sales team.

But, what would happen if the more leads you get to an offer do not convert well? What does that mean then? Are the products offered by your brand are not attractive enough to convince clients. Or, are the products and services offered are not as per the needs of the users? Don’t Fret! Below are some of the crucial points then help​ improve conversion rates. It takes a great deal to take your business off the ground. A ton of time, cash, research and administration is required to achieve particular height, disregard soaring development for your business in this wild world, where rivalry has dependably been relentless. Also, contingent upon your closing ratio, you may need to produce 2 to 10 prompts to make a deal. One approach to significantly enhance your benefits and incomes, without burning through one more dime of promoting cost is to enhance your closing ratio. As per the statistical analysis, typical closing ratios for referral business is between 50-80%. The go for warm bring in leads is between 30-70%. Moreover, the closing ratios for very qualified chilly leads goes between 20-35%. Finally the normal for semi-qualified frosty leads goes around 10%. SEVEN Cost-Effective Tricks that help Improve Conversion Rates at much Faster Way ●

Keep an Eye on Actions: ​Any business owner cannot simply measure the actions and results of its salespeople. For example, how many new clients they bring in or how much income it generates. Instead, there is vital need to track those things in order to

8 enhance the conversion rate of your business. There is need to watch out for things like lifetime esteem per client, productivity of a normal exchange, prompts to clients, number of day by day discussions, deals process duration, and discussions expected to close a client. Analyzing the simple fact: You can’t enhance what you don’t quantify, will have a tremendous effect, on deals as well as the whole business. ●

Develop Metrics for EVERYTHING: Invest some energy understanding your own particular deals handle and create measurements for EVERYTHING. Someone rightly said, the straightforward demonstration of following the right things will help in boosting outcomes without doing whatever else.

Follow Smart ​B2B Content Marketing Strategy​: ​Many researches conducted in the past have shown tremendous growth in business firms following the B2B marketing

approach. Lead generation is given more significance than the brand mindfulness. Making high caliber and enormous volume of leads is transforming into a prime target of the B2B advertisers. Entrepreneurs, small businesses and large businesses firms depend on high quality content writing to boost traffic, promotion of products and services, lead generation and income. ●

Maintain Proper Sales Channel: ​Sales channel poses significant impact in driving off the business. Requesting a current client to welcome their companions to your site in

return of something compensating has become bandwagon these days in advancing business. Clients have confidence in their own particular and they generally find out the item first and try to judge the appropriateness of the item alone. ●

Make consumers’ ​shopping a Funnier task​: Simply, texting or emailing your clients to

follow marketing plans, strategies and reward programs won’t work in increasing conversion rates. You need to think differently. Set up the ways to make shopping a funnier task for your clients so that they enjoy taking part in the loyalty programs and strategies and thus improving conversion rates. ●

Follow multi-channel approach: ​If you give a look at some of the successful business firms, you will get to know that 90% of them have followed ​multi-channel strategies​.

9 With the advancement in the field of science and technology, more than half of the world’s population own smartphones. So, whether or not your business is capable enough to implement multi-channel strategies, the world is here. ●

Make your site SMART and Personalized: ​Attractive and easy to use ecommerce site adds value to your business. It makes it easy for clients to search for products and

services thereby distracting them from searching other sites. Effective lead transformation starts with a responsive site that can be explored from any gadget, and with Google’s new calculation redesign, portable well disposed outline is no more drawn out discretionary. Personalizing the website helps clients have more relevant experience with increased revenue. There is not an end to the tricks that help enhance conversion rate of your business, but it becomes your choice to find out which idea will help you generate more revenue for your business. The key factor that plays vital role in acquiring high quality leads and then converting them into fixed loyal clients is the purity of the content. As per survey conducted in 2011, lead management has not yet been followed by 65% of the business firms, an essential step in improving conversion rates. Expanding B2B lead conversion rates starts with pulling in qualified leads from the beginning. For small and medium enterprises, these approaches offers a best chance to process right from the starting, thus making a strong foundation for the success. ​B2B marketing campaign plays a substantial role in boosting up the performance of the business.


Nextbee’s Digital Marketing Advice: An Excellent Guide to Successful Digital B2B Marketing Campaign

11 Have you ever thought that what extra you can do to create brilliant sustainable B2B marketing, in the era of cut-throat competition? At present, there are numerous digital marketing tactics that are being followed by business experts like SEO, responsive design, marketing automation, PPC, web-based social networking, landing page creation and email promoting connected to a CRM marketing automation or a basic email autoresponse framework. But, are these marketing tricks helping the business firms generating worth revenue as they used to be? No, actually not! All marketing strategies and programs are worthless if followed without a planned integrated inbound​ ​marketing approach​. Why there is need of Excellent​ ​Digital B2B Marketing​ Guide? Numerous B2B organizations are as of now effectively utilizing computerized marketing in areas like monetary and expert administrations, IT and programming, assembling, designing or science. However, for business markets, there is a constrained measure of good quality, specific guidance and best practice accessible to draw upon for the exceptional difficulties and openings accessible from digital media. In fact, there are shockingly few books or aides which address the remarkable difficulties of advancing business items and administrations on the web, whether these are for organizations which don’t offer online who are centered around lead era and client interchanges or online B2B retailers. Why Content Marketing is as essential for B2B Digital Marketing? With no doubt, the only way to have successful and sustainable B2B digital marketing is have more and more of clients, thereby offering them with valuable, applicable content. This will help them enhance their own particular business’ income and execution and positions yours as a specialist to depend upon. Here are few reasons that will you know why content marketing strategy is essential for B2B organizations. ●

Quality Content adds value to your Brand: Being a B2B marketer, you must have heard of the phrase: ‘Content is King’, thousands of times. But, have you ever paid attention

12 to what it actually means? Talking every now and again and in insight about specific content makes credibility, which prompts to you being trusted, which is an initial step on the way to exchange. ●

Content Improves ​Conversion Rates​: ​How content can help enhance conversion rates of your business? Finding out the issues and offering approaches to comprehend them, minimize their effect and interruption and really expel them from the condition is an intense approach to drive trust and exchange of the clients.

Social media and increased interaction of clients​: ​Requesting an existing client to welcome their friends and peers to visit your site in return of something special has

truly functioned well in the support of digital marketing. This process of user acquisition in the world of digital marketing has something has become bandwagon these days. Online networking has adjusted the playing field and made an outlet for estranged clients. While extraordinary viral analysis can make a business, one terrible experience can annihilate it as let-down clients acknowledge they are not the only one. Best to be open and straightforward from the beginning. ●

Enhance visibility of your content: A new pattern of reusing and revamping already distributed data to amplify timeframe of realistic usability and enhance visibility, called Upcycling, has been in all the rage these days. Upcycling includes republishing the old content on social website, creating slideshares or making of the videos to make the content look attractive.

Have clear visualization of your scenarios: ​The virtuoso of computerized promoting is that you can start to coax out client knowledge utilizing the instruments you have. Since your online nearness is quantifiable, you can gather a lot of knowledge from the battles or other effort endeavors you are now running.

What does NextBee’s Digital Marketing Guide Embrace? E Book by Nextbee offers wide range of features that help Improve conversion rates, B2B marketing in your organization.

13 ●

How to develop and employ B2B Marketing Plan

Smart Ways of Increasing B2B Conversions

Guide to Successful Digital B2B Marketing Campaign

Poor planning of​ ​B2B lead generation campaign

Detailed approach on how to create impressive digital strategy

How B2B Loyalty Programs help gain Success

Impressive B2B Marketing programs and Strategies

Paramount Questions for B2B Site Numerous questions come in the mind of clients when they visit your website. Some of them are listed below: ●

Is your site trustworthy?

Is the site Credible?

Does the site capable enough to handle large clients?

Does the site look Impressive?

Is the site entertaining and welcomes you?

What makes your Site Effective? One of the major factors that plays vital role in driving off your business is the effectiveness of the website. In order to make site impressive, you need to follow below steps: ●

Follow B2B Personas

Enhance Client’s journey

Maintain Google Analytics Goals

Setup Funnels and event tracking

Build Customer-centric website

How will NextBee’s B2B Digital Marketing Guide help?

14 The best B2B advertisers comprehend deals procedures and know how to not simply upgrade lead stream, but rather enable Sales to get it done with much better arrangements. It’s anything but difficult to see why there are such a variety of web journals offering key experiences to advertisers. Basically, advertisers read online assets since we need to. Whether your emphasis is on email, lead era, marking, content showcasing or advertising, it’s vital to be up on all the most recent patterns and advances that can make you more fruitful. In today’s world of digital marketing, the impact of digital revolution has become truly challenging for small business firms in the field of marketing and sales. Before starting your new business, you must have invested a lot in time, money and research to take your business of the ground. But, have you ever thought that what next can be done to make your business, found, seen and known online, especially in this cruel world of tough competition? Don’t Fret! Bringing to light NextBee’s guide on B2B Digital marketing that assures you always stay ahead of your competitors. B2B Digital marketing strategies by NextBee’s guide not just give your business the genuinely necessary support, additionally make mark esteem and hold steadfast clients.

Forget about Burgeoning Growth of your Business with Poor Planning of B2B Lead Generation Campaign


When comes the talk of lead generation campaigns, we all consider it like a piece of cake for us to do. But, do you really think that it is as easy as it appears to be? Conducting lead generation campaign could be an easy task, but it is equally hard to ​generate B2B leads​. Lead

administration is vital part for every ​B2B marketing association​. With the advancement in the field of digital marketing, a lot of updations have been made in the buying pattern. Rather than

discovering clients with mass publicizing and email impacts, advertisers should now

16 concentrate on being found and figure out how to assemble persistent associations with purchasers. There are a few stages and parts of B2B lead generation process. Different endeavors are placed into produce drives, cultivate them, and change over them, thereby gaining success in deals and marketing. These endeavors incorporate different techniques that are worked upon on the web and disconnected. Be that as it may, certain downsides in the elements of the association may influence the lead generation process in an unfavorable way. Some of these downsides are listed below: ●

Loopholes in Decision-making​: Having team of unskilled co-workers can prove devastating to your business. To cite an example, if some of the team members are

not completely aware of the business flow or the process then this would create bottlenecks in the process. A superior option is employing individuals with an expertise in particular task, and additionally clear in the objective. This will surely help ●

accelerate the lead generation campaign​.

Overwhelm your fear to Grow: There is no denying the fact that having feared for something is human nature. But, one should not overpower his/her fear over one’s job. Dread can be a crippling condition in business, one that can influence your judgment, and also make you miss on circumstances that you could have taken. Superior choice is to take a deep breath and dive in to a better objective.

Time Management: ​In a B2B marketing campaign, from planning to execution, one should be specific about the time allotment that is being arranged and ought to see that it is watched. This is a critical approach that is required for each expert assignment. Each part of lead administration is not an individual errand but rather it is a group undertaking. It is in this manner crucial that the group is told about the conceivable ramifications and techniques identified with the campaign in order to chip away at the risk evaluation.

17 ●

Inadequate Information​: Information administration is the base of each promoting effort. On the off chance that incorrect information is viewed as destructive, so is

fragmented information. This data could be the data identified with client contacts, correspondence, and item or administration data etc. One ought to approve that the information is finished in every aspect. ●

Lead Quality​: The biggest challenge being faced by marketers, especially in today’s world of tough competition, is in lead quality. As per the recent study conducted, 61%

of advertisers reported that creating amazing leads was risky for their business. A similar concentrate additionally reported that the best hindrance to section to quality lead era is absence of assets in staffing, planning, or time, and absence of top notch information to drive crusades. ●

Work Closely as team: A B2B lead generation campaign is reliant on the skilled treatment of your ​advertising group​. You have to arrange well, select the right

individuals, focus on the right market, and pick the best possible specialized apparatuses that can amplify your effect on potential deals leads. ●

Avoid overflowing of B2B leads​: Though, everyone wants to have increased number of clients and sales in their business. But, this could also prove worse in some cases.

Further adding, you need to know exactly where to quit tolerating orders, before you get to be unable convey to all of them. It would be truly humiliating on the off chance that you neglect to convey what you guarantee your prospects. Awful quality information impacts B2B quality leads since it not just undermines your organization’s quality substance endeavors, by not appropriately getting them to the most noteworthy quality leads, however it can likewise prompt to low reaction and active clicking factor, implying that you’re promoting spending plans may endure. Bad quality information can prompt to awful business choices, off base deals forecasting, and low quality client benefit. Information hygiene must be a piece of the procedure used to bolster your promoting foundation. Fundamentally, with terrible information you’re leaving cash on the table.


Want Success in Business! Nextbee’s B2B Marketing Campaign help you Rock in 2016

When comes the talk of marketing campaigns, many B2B companies have faced a major setback, which seems completely mysterious. On the other hand, many imaginative marketers have succeeded with regards to making inspiring marketing content for their brands. How will

19 you feel when you get to know that your competitor’s business is touching heights despite of the fact that the products and services offered by you are much better than theirs? That said, the success of any B2B business revolves around single word- ​MARKETING CAMPAIGN​. You all must have heard the phrase: “Content is King” everywhere, if you’ve been working in B2B showcasing for some span of time. So, what does that mean? Content, nowadays is available on every dusty corner of the web. The biggest challenge for business experts is to explore the meaningful digital content that can help them snatch their client’s consideration, thereby improving conversion rate. Gaining the client’s attention will therefore let marketers to give something profitable to their clients. This will not only create enthusiasm for your content, but also for products and services offered. Why should you Choose Nextbee for​ ​B2B Marketing Campaign​? The way toward getting clients through online referrals is snatching imperativeness nowadays. Different business firms, especially small ones are making use of B2B Marketing campaigns to reinforce the execution of their business. Another important factor that enhances performance of your business is building a solid relationship with your client. Do you know what genuinely makes Loyalty? ‘​Continuous Purchase and Positive Word of Mouth​‘, is the main component that helps you retain your existing client and is offered by Nextbee

Loyalty Programs. Obviously! Customer’s fulfillment is the most outrageous need in today’s era of tough competition. Client satisfaction is a matter of paramount importance, which is guaranteed with​ ​Nextbee’s Marketing programs​. Let’s see what Numbers say? That said, many business firms reported five times increase in revenue when the products are being offered by their present customer to its companions or peers than being advanced by the affiliation. When seen in terms of both cash and time, Nextbee’s B2B marketing programs end up being the most ideal route in picking up the faithfulness of the customer. ‘Online B2B Marketing campaigns’ by Nextbee are significantly more powerful than routine ones and

20 offers phenomenal experience to their merchants in a sensational situation. One of the contextual investigation demonstrated that Nextbee’s B2B Marketing campaigns expand ‘Steadfastness Base’ by 150%. An overview by the Pepperdine University Graziadio Business Review demonstrated that Online B2B marketing projects could hold 92% of the customers. Insights demonstrate that a referred client has 16% higher lifetime esteem contrasted with clients gained through other referral modes. Numerous business firms asserted to have four times increment in offers of their items and administrations while being referred by a companion. Around 71% of the organizations reported higher transformation rates with B2B marketing campaigns. An announcement by Edelman Trust Barometer demonstrated that 84% of B2B organizations develop by means of executing ​B2B marketing strategie​s.

Nowadays, web-based social networking has additionally ended up being an extraordinary stage that influences your business, considering the basic myth ‘Upgrade your business with web-based social networking’. A measurable report spilled by the B2B review demonstrated reliance of 75% of business customers via web-based networking media. Following is the rundown of a portion of the key components offered by the Nextbee’s Online B2B marketing strategies: ●

Buzz Marketing

Social Fan Program

Influencer Marketing

Custom Facebook Apps

Viral Marketing

Word of Mouth Marketing

Partner Enablement Solution

Franchise Marketing

SIX Key Points that add value to your B2B Marketing Programs

21 After setting up the base, the next step for you is to add interactivity to your content. Here are the five key points that will help you have interactive content for B2B marketing programs. ●

Know your Client​: Knowing the preferences and aversions of your customer and after that offering reward programs according to his needs could turn out be the best showcasing methodology in thriving your business.

Give Brand name to your Business​: Franchising your business, in this manner permitting your associates to be the piece of your business could end up being the

most ideal path in growing your business. Diversifying your business, consequently permitting your companions to be the piece of your business could end up being the most ideal route in extending your business. ●

Use Social Media, a new platform to enhance business​: Offering the referrals through

calling or messaging your customers don’t bode well. Considering the regular saying, ‘Improve your business through online networking’, crusading of B2B marketing programs by means of web-based social networking could turn out to be best Idea in developing the business. A recent overview demonstrated that 75% of business customers rely on upon online networking. ●

Have a look into what is working​: A very intuitive ordeal that is worked to catch

viewer’s engagement can help you pick up knowledge into what’s working inside your substance and so forth. It additionally gives you the capacity to improve your substance on the fly as you track who’s doing what. ●

Set up a Referral Lead-to-Revenue Process: Recognizing the ​best and faithful client​, mapping out the computerization needs and building up a referral prompt to income

process could demonstrate as best B2B marketing campaign in prospering your business. ●

Nextbee’s Word to Mouth Marketing campaign: ​Word to mouth showcasing goes about as a most intense channel and a commendable speculation too in prospering

22 your business. Numerous organizations reported 16% higher lifetime esteem with 71% expanded transformation rates with Nextbee’s B2B marketing programs.

CASE STUDY: Here are some of the experiences shared by the existing clients who followed Nextbee’s Marketing programs​:●

Strong relationship with existing clients

Improved conversion rates

Improved credibility and importance of the communications.

Nextbee’s B2B Marketing strategies has given many businesses firms a completely new look in building solid cooperation with end-clients and merchants.

The Takeaway​: If you want to avail these benefits, Nextbee Marketing Campaigns should be your first choice. Nextbee has created as the pioneer in referral program showcase. Nextbee B2B Marketing Programs and strategies help in accomplishing new business leads, guaranteeing brand advancement exercises, drawing in new business firms, partners, merchants, representatives, clients and accomplices. This is the real purpose for the achievement and extraordinary development of numerous business firms. Nextbee’s Marketing campaigns and strategies scavenge out issues and settle them in most clear way that could be accessible. So, if you too are having dreams to become an entrepreneur and wants to take your business to completely next stage then quit thinking much and take after the routes as outlined previously. This will surely help you out, Trust us!


About Next Bee Next Bee was founded by Ashish Mohole to serve as a word-of-mouth marketing platform. It started as a learning experiment and soon turned out to be more than that. Next Bee was born from the belief that the best business was business that came from a current customer telling a salesperson about people they knew who would benefit from your product or service. Our founding team has years of marketing, enterprise and consumer products, experience. Next Bee’s leadership team is driving the vision of becoming the leader in successful campaign promotions for every big and small company. Next Bee continues to innovate and expand the scope and user-friendliness of our modules for the business needs of our clients with features that drive referrals from their customer and partner networks. As a bootstrapped and profitable company with relentless focus on organic growth, we have never sponsored a conference or run a jazzy ad campaign. Instead, we’ve single-mindedly focused on one thing, and only one thing: the results that we deliver to our customers. Today Next Bee is the leading marketing promotions platform for businesses with a social-media-savvy audience and the effort is driven by an ever-growing core product development group in Folsom, CA, a sales team in Colorado Springs, CO, and a dedicated account set-up and maintenance team in Kolkata, India. We intend to continually provide the best services and grow into one of the most successful customer engagement solutions for businesses of all sizes.


Contact Next Bee We’d love to hear from you! Contact us anytime for help, or to learn more about Next Bee, or to schedule a free demo, or to join our rapidly growing team, or for general enquiry. Our team of experts will get back to you as soon as possible. Contact us at 1-800-547-1618 or email us at​ .

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