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Gina Duckworth – Editor in Chief

Gina Duckworth, Director of Next Artists. The agency’s roster includes: hairstylists, makeup artists, fashion stylists, prop stylists, manicurists, photographers, film directors, tailors and art directors. In September, 2013 Gina launched the Next Artists Fashion Week Beauty Lounge and “The Lounge” magazine. She divides her time between NYC and Litchfield, CT with her husband, Alexander, and their children Henry, Charlotte, Aubrey, and Sebastian.

Brad Triffitt – Photographer

Brad Triffit is an Australian fashion photographer. He began his career in fashion as a design student at the highly regarded Australian Fashion Design Studio in Sydney. “It was flicking through the pages of Vogue in class that I discovered the art of fashion photography and decided that maybe this was the direction I wanted to go in.” After graduating from the Fashion Design Studio in 2006, Brad moved into the photography world assisting some of Australia’s top fashion photographers before moving to New York in 2010 to shoot professionally. Brad’s love for photography and his trained eye in fashion together have made him one of the top young photographers working in the industry today.

Kristy W. – Hair Stylist

Hailing from the great state of Philadelphia, Kristi transplanted to NYC in 2012. At 28, Kristi uses her age to her advantage, by bringing a new and hip point of view to every job! She is experienced in all textures of hair and loves to bring out anyone’s natural beauty. Her clients include: Ralph Lauren, American Eagle and Urban Outfitters.

Stoj Bulic – Makeup Artist

Hailing from Australia, Stoj started her career in Sydney in 2002. She quickly collected a celebrity clientele including: Cate Blanchett and Hugh Jackman. She consistently worked with Australia’s top editorial magazines and eventually landed major advertising campaigns. In 2009, Stoj started working with the legendary Pat McGrath. It was at this time she started traveling with Pat for fashion week in Milan, Paris, and New York. In 2010, she made the move to New York City and has never looked back. Her celebrity clients include: Naomi Campbell, Nigel Barker, Chris Hemsworth, and Valentino.

David Lopez – Hair Stylist

David Lopez is a rising session and celebrity hair stylist based out of New York City. He was trained in the French Technique of hair cutting and was educated by Aveda, Goldwell, Redken and Wella brands. He gained industry experience working as a hairstylist in New York City’s top salons opening the way for work at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and today’s top magazine publications. Equally comfortable in front of the camera as he is behind the scenes, David is sought after by a variety of media publications seeking commentary on today’s hottest styles and dishes out style secrets to a variety of outlets from national television to web series. Now as a full time session stylist, David is known on set as being creative, always enthusiastic, with an infectious passion for his craft. He is represented by the Artist Division of NEXT Management in NYC And FORD Artists in Miami.

Damien Neva – Social Media

The Fall / Winter 2015 ready-to-wear season will be Damien’s third season at Next since joining the agency in October of 2013 where he handles social media company wide. Damien has nearly 15 years experience working in fashion during which time he has worked for Calvin Klein, Ford, and Wilhelmina. He holds a bachelor of arts in English literature from the University of Detroit Mercy and a master of arts in humanities and social thought from New York University. Damien lives with his wife and daughter in Brooklyn.

Savion James-Marcelle – Creative Director / Art Director

At 19 years old, Savion received his bachelors degree in Digital Arts & Design from Full Sail University. Being one of the three chosen to present his academic work at Full Sail’s Graduate Showcase, a major accomplishment for any Full Sail student graduating from the DAD program, came with another achievement as Full Sail announced Savion to be its June 28th 2013 valedictorian of the DAD graduating class. Once an intern, turned employee, he now works for Next Model Management dealing with some of the company’s in house design work. Outside of Next Model Management, Savion has been working on his personal branding Savi Designs, along with taking on a few freelance projects.













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They are an ‘essential’ in my handbag. I travel frequently and I now have a ritual on airplanes: I wipe Herban Essentials Lavender over my seat and tray table and then ah… clean and smelling spalike!

They are an ‘essential’ in my handbag. I travel frequently and I now have a ritual on airplanes: I wipe Herban Essentials Lavender over my seat and tray table and then ah… clean and smelling spalike!

– Kendall Farr, Stylist and author of The Pocket Stylist (Gotham/ Penguin Group)

– Kendall Farr, Stylist and author of The Pocket Stylist (Gotham/ Penguin Group)

– Kendall Farr, Stylist and author of The Pocket Stylist (Gotham/Penguin Group)

- The Lounge, Lifestyle Editor





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- Kristi Wilczopolski, Hair Stylist

- The Lounge, Beauty Editor

-Shannon Grey Williams, Makeup Artist

-Shannon Grey Williams, Makeup Artist

Here’s A Sneak Peak At What Beauty Lounge Guests Will Be Taking Home With Them This Season.





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- Andrea Wilson, Hair Stylist

- Naheed Hadjisoffi, Fashion Stylist

- The Lounge, Beauty Editor

- Michelle Coursey, Makeup Artist





I love using this cleaning system on the models after a long day on set. The cleansing oil gently dissolves their makeup and the iconic black soap really makes the skin super clean and fresh.

I love using this cleaning system on the models after a long day on set. The cleansing oil gently dissolves their makeup and the iconic black soap really makes the skin super clean and fresh. – Donna Fumoso, Makeup Artist

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- Donna Fumoso, Makeup Artist

- The Lounge, Lifestyle Editor

- The Lounge, Lifestyle Editor


NEXT ARTISTS BEAUTY LOUNGE SPRING / SUMMER 2016 — HIGHLIGHTS — Next Artists celebrates their 3rd annual Beauty Lounge event at Dune Studios. Special Thanks to all of our sponsors.


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NEXT ARTISTS BEAUTY LOUNGE SPRING / SUMMER 2016 — HIGHLIGHTS — Next Artists celebrates their 3rd annual Beauty Lounge event at Dune Studios. Special Thanks to all of our sponsors.

Anna Cleveland | Models. com MDX September 2015

Take a moment, Anna Cleveland and will not disappoint with this latest MDX feature by photographer Ben Hassett. “I had so many doors shut in my face and I always thought, ‘I need to give it another shot,’” recalls Anna speaking with interviewer Irene Ojo-Felix. “You have to find the strength within yourself, when you really want something and you really think you’re born to do something, it’s important to not give up.” Considering her current campaigns for Bottega Veneta and Vionnet, not to mention cover for Vogue Italia and evocative editorials for LOVE, W, British Vogue, and more, the mere notion of Anna facing any sort of adversity or doubt simply beggars belief. Daughter of legendary Pat Cleveland, Anna has been steeped in the culture of high fashion since birth, but at the same time she has never taken her place in it for granted and worked tremendously hard to find her own way. “I want to be remembered as being appreciative of this business. I think a lot of people think it’s not important. To me, fashion is everything and I’m so grateful to be a model. I think it’s a job that I want to carry with dignity.” Please visit to read interview and see story in full.

Lili Sumner | POP Magazine Autumn / Winter 2015 When Lili Sumner spoke in her Next Questions interview back in May, she mentioned a memorable fashion shoot for POP Magazine she had just completed in Barcelona. “That was one of the best shoots I have done, such a good experience,� confessed Lili speaking with characteristic understatement. Lili could be forgiven from shouting it out loud, but her effortless cool is such that her every action will always speak louder than words. This much is true in the sprawling story by photographer Oliver Hadlee Pearch and stylist Charlotte Collet in the Autumn / Winter 2015 issue of POP. Lili for her part pulls no punches on the fashion and beauty fronts by layering myriad textures, patterns, colors, not to mention the occasional application of body paint by makeup artist Jos Brands. Suffice it to say there is a lot happening with every look in this story and that they are all worn by Lili Sumner makes them truly POP.

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GINA GUERCIA – Hair Stylists / Oscar Blondi Spokesperson – What is your current favorite hair trend? I love Braids in any shape and form. It’s the new alternative to the ponytail. They are a great option for red carpet, editorial & everyday! As a hairstylist I love having so many style options to choose from! I also love empowering woman to style their own hair.

What is a current hair trend that you are not a fan of ? I am NOT a fan of over styled hair. There was a season where the more the better but now it’s really all about less being more. Undone Fullness is sometimes harder to achieve but always the better option.

What is the one Oscar Blandi product that you personally could not live without? Dry Shampoo all day everyday. We have 3 different versions and each of them serve a unique purpose. Dry Shampoo not only cleans hair without water but prolongs the life of your style and is a natural volumizer! What more could you as for as a hairstylist!

Do you have a favorite celebrity that you like working with? I’ve recently worked with Anna Gunn from Breaking Bad in her upcoming movie Equity and it was amazing to get to see her in action behind the scenes. I have such a new appreciation for the art of acting. It was also an honor to work with Jessica Stam for the Many Hopes Gala, she is such a supermodel and I love how she has dedicated her life to help 60

people in need. I would love to work with Blake Lively one day, she has always been my style icon and seems like such a beautiful person inside and out!

DAVID LOPEZ – Celebrity Hair Stylist / QVC Spokesperson for T3 – Were you nervous the first time you were live on QVC for T3?! I was not nervous about the millions of people watching, but more nervous that I could follow the live cue’s in my ear telling me which camera to look at and which way to turn the models. It takes practice to be able to hold a conversation with someone talking in your ear the entire team. haha.

Do you watch the number of items being sold as you are on air? There isn’t a live tally in front of you but as soon as you’re off the air usually the whole team goes back to the communal monitors that show live sales and how much you sold during your segment. It’s fun to see what people respond to.

Has anyone ever called in with a question or comment that threw you while on air? I’m good at going with the flow but I think the craziest experience has viewers finding me on social media and emailing me all kinds of questions. I made the mistake of still having my personal number on my website and got a very sweet, albeit slightly disturbing voicemail. It all comes from a good place though so you go with it.

Have you ever said anything on air that you wish you could take back? I wouldn’t still be on air if I said anything I wish I could take back! Haha. I have been a little too animated sometimes I feel when I watch back my airings. I get REALLY excited talking about hair.

Have you ever bumped into another QVC celebrity in the green room? Tons! Joan Rivers and Trisha Yearwood I think were my two favorites to meet.

What is the QVC studio like? QVC is in Westchester Pennsylvania literally in the middle nowhere. There are QVC’s in countries all around the world and it’s so fun to go walk around their massive lobby and watch them live as they’re happening in all the different languages. There’s a QVC store that I’ve spent way too much money in and a beautiful cafe with a ton of food options. Sometime’s I’m there for hours so it’s nice to have places to go and relax. After over a year of airings it’s a good feeling to walk into the studio and have the desk and crew know me by name. There’s also a salon at QVC where we prep our models and private stations for the hosts and guest hosts to get their hair and makeup done. Their in-house hair and makeup squad are a blast, sitting in the makeup chair before an airing is usually one of my favorite experiences.

Has anyone ever recognized you on the street from appearing on QVC? Weirdly enough, yes! It happens more in the midwest when I’m traveling. My mom lives in a small town in Texas and people have seen a picture of me on her desk at work and commented they know me from my airings. It’s hilarious. 61

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Briley Jones | 10 Autumn / Winter 2015

Students of cinema will no doubt recognize the title of this inviting story appearing in the Autumn / Winter 2015 issue of 10 featuring Briley Jones because it is borrowed from a 1966 anti-drug film. Without diving too deep into the dusty plot from decades ago, Danger Grows Wild as it was called in the United Kingdom (The Poppy Is also a Flower in the U.S.) focuses on a pair of American undercover agents sent to Tehran to investigate the murder of a fellow agent and to stop a ruthless drug ring’s smuggling activity. Cloak and dagger stuff to be sure and the very sort of high-stakes action that is at most lurking at the margins of this high fashion story by photographer Tierney Gearon and fashion editor Sophia Neophitou. “Danger Grows Wild” the editorial is more about the overwhelming natural beauty of California as well as the fiery red head who only a few months ago was just beginning her modeling career. Briley has come a long way since making her runway debut for Bottega Veneta and later Miu Miu and over the course of more than a dozen pages makes good on the promise she has all along shown. The poppy might also be a flower, but Briley Jones ought to have readers fiending something awful.

In The Bedroom Photogrophy: Brad Triffitt Hair: David Lopez Makeup: Stoj Bulic Producer: Jill Press at Next Artists Model: Daniel Braga at Next Management Location: Dune Studios NYC

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@sohoxshakii @leximartone



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Grace Hartzel | Vogue Japan October 2015

The novelty of Vogue Japan releasing stories with publication dates that are so far ahead in the future they would make even H.G. Wells rethink the entire premise of his 1895 novella will never diminish. The October 2015 (yes, October) issue of Vogue Japan serves up an eight-page story by Patrick Demarchelier featuring Grace Hartzel. Titled “Saying Grace,� this Giovanna Battaglia-styled story is less a prayer to the Almighty, than it is a chapter and verse recitation of all that is great and good in the world of monochromes and romantic embellishments for Fall 2015. Photographed with stunning mastery, this is a Patrick Demarchelier story through and through and all the more so with Grace Hartzel as its subject.

Binx | W September 2015

Without going down the poststructural rabbit hole that is gender performativity theory, suffice it to say that what we understand by the concept of gender is informed by repeated and sustained acts. Think the wearing of clothes, think the patterns of speech, and so on. The sum total of the acts form the basis of what is accepted as gender. This conversation about gender underlies what is a great story by photographer Willy Vanderperre in the September 2015 issue of W featuring amongst others Binx. “Fall into the gender gap,” begins the story, which Binx opens with a double spread (pictured) in which she wears a Fendi coat and top on one side and an Alexander McQueen gown on the other. Nominally rough and refined, then, but even that distinction is ultimately secondary to the androgynous middle ground promised by the story’s title “Boy Meets Girl.” Bit of column A, column B, but really Binx through and through, the shape of Fall 2015 to come.



Abraham Sprinkle Hair Stylist

Andrea Wilson Hair Stylist

Angie Barton Makeup Artist

Brad Triffitt Photographer

Brand Ambassadors Special Category

Christopher Twele Art Director

David Lopez Hair Stylist

Desiree Konian Fashion Stylist

Donna Fumoso Makeup / Swim Artist

Drew Reilly Video Director

Eri Narita Manicurist

Francisca Saavedra Hair / Makeup Artist

Gardiner & Keller Photographer

Gina Guercia Hair Stylist

Greg Griner Hair Stylist


Jada Fitzgerald Fashion / Men Stylist

Jessica Agullo Still Life Stylist

Jessica Durrant Illustrator

Men’s Grooming / Hair Stylist

Joshua Barrett

Julien Farel Hair Stylist

Kendall Farr Fashion Stylist

Kristi Wilczopolski Hair Stylist / Kids Grooming

Lea Siegel Makeup Artist

Leah Bennett Makeup Artist

Marina Barlage Art Director

Marysol Ortiz Fashion Stylist

Matt Tuttle Prop & Set Stylist

Matthew Sky Men’s Grooming / Makeup Artist

Michelle Coursey Makeup Artist

Naheed Hadjisoffi Fashion Stylist 83

Pepper Pastor Hair Stylist

Men’s Grooming / Makeup Artist

Hair Stylist / Makeup Artist

Shannon Grey Williams Makeup Artist

Tailors Special Category

Tracy Crystal Makeup Artist

Nevio Ragazzini Hair Stylist / Makeup Artist

Sacha Harford


Piret Aava

Ryan B. Anthony Hair Stylist

Kids Grooming / Hair Stylist

Makeup Artist / Kids Grooming

Stella Brandt Fashion Stylist

Stoj Bulic Makeup Artist

Vassilis Kokkinidis

Renee Games

Men’s Grooming / Hair Stylist


Sheri Terry

Sabrina Rowe


The Lounge Issue #4  
The Lounge Issue #4