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The Prizes granted by the Romanian Cultural Institute represent, as does the almost two years old tradition of the “Film Evening at the RCI”, an acknowledgement and an encouragement of the outstanding work of young film-makers.

Catrinel Pleșu Romanian Cultural Institute Program Director

NexT International Short and Medium Length Film Festival

The name of NexT International Short and Medium Length Film Festival is a hopeful one as it suggests a continuation of the creative act. NexT is a new beginning and a new life for the two filmmakers – Cristian Nemescu and Andrei Toncu – who continue to exist not only through their achievements, but also through what they inspired to the organisers of this festival. The Romanian Film Centre is next to those who had the generous idea of initiating a project that encourages young filmmakers. The originality of their initiative, the amplitude that they intend to give to the festival through the impressive display of forces involved in its organisation and promotion, the authority that the presence of such highly-regarded guests offers are just as many recommendations for both the organisers and their supporters, among whom The Romanian Film Centre stands. A fresh and dynamic festival, that succeeds in remaining well-balanced, impartial and connected to tradition by joining screenings and seminars, the American and the European cinema, emerging talent and trendsetters in the art of cinema. NexT is a festival that has all it takes to gain recognition, honouring thus the memory of those who inspired it. We wish it success and tradition!

Ada Solomon festival director

Losing Cristian and Andrei meant for us - their friends – also losing that spirit of solidarity, innovation & independence that brought us together. And then we realized that we don’t want to lose that. Therefore, we took the challenge to launch a platform of innovative cinema designed for a wide audience. We decided that it is our duty to continue what our friends started and help young talent to make their work seen & heard. We will focus on Central and East European films, but focus will come through confrontation with European & American voices. What is new, what is different here or there and why, what brings European filmmaking close to American independent cinema and vice-versa? Is the struggle between the two a creative one? We need to be able to spread our ideas around the world and also to get to know the voices of others. We strongly believe that this kind of opening - as wide as possible - is beneficial for all of us in the end. Starting from here we will be able to better explore cultures, identities, aims of personalities and get to put a drop in the process of developing filmmaking. We intend to create a melting pot of young filmmakers of today, definitely the powerful and meaningful filmmakers of tomorrow. Our get-together for the festival will be an informal one and we will stick to this concept over the years - aiming at having filmmakers around us, creating bridges and exchanging ideas without using our resources on glamour and emptiness. Finally, our goal is to make the point that cinema is to be seen in cinemas and has to bring viewers back in cinemas. Be with us, enjoy with us, film with us!

NexT International Short and Medium Length Film Festival

Things film can do

Andrei Gorzo artistic director

Any selection of films, shorts or features, should aspire to be a revelation of the richness of cinema: the various uses it can be put to, the range of pleasures it can provide. I don’t mean to suggest that, in choosing the films for the first edition of NexT Film Festival, I specifically set myself the task of celebrating the possibilities of the medium, or anything grand like that. I simply followed my sense of pleasure, trusting it was well-trained enough and wide-ranging enough. I had precious few other rules and criteria: the selection didn’t have to address this important theme or that important issue; it didn’t have to be big (after seeing more than 400 films, I chose 28); it had to confine itself to films made after 2004; and it had to observe a couple of basic cinematic orthodoxies like the telling of a made-up story and the use of human actors. Not even these last two rules were strictly observed. One film is made up entirely from clips of Hollywood blockbusters, edited together to a new and shocking effect. There are a few (exquisitely) animated films, one of which features a man with the head of a donkey. For good measure, there is also a (live-action) film in which everyone walks around in a rabbit suit. And another one (which must be one of the sickest jokes ever put on film), featuring what is probably the longest and bloodiest death scene ever played by a cat. Other arresting sights and sounds include: a man stopping a bullet with his teeth; a deliriously lyrical take on the Tinman of Oz and his heart problem; the definitive image of happiness and the definitive image of unhappiness; and a Hitchcockian masterclass in suspense, dream logic, kinky eroticism and contagious fetishism – in other words, pure cinema – which actually takes off where Hitchcock left and rises to a singing-and-dancing climax which is surely one of the most haunting musical sequences ever filmed. All these, and much else (including a lot of good storytelling – that simplest and rarest of cinematic commodities), in just under eight hours of screening time. At a time when most feature films seem to go on for more than eight hours, while barely tapping the resources of the medium, the big hope behind this small selection of short films was to fill every minute with cinematic grace, wit and magic, to inspire young filmmakers and remind film lovers why they fell in love in the first place.

Cristian Nemescu

March 31 1979 – August 25 2006

As a student at Bucharest’s National University of Drama and Film, Cristian Nemescu directed a series of short films which were funny, sexy, brazenly lyrical, technically audacious and visually alive in a way that signalled the presence of a serious talent. „Mihai and Cristina” (2001) won „Best International Debut” at the International Film Festival „Message-to-Man” in Sankt-Petersburg, as well as audience awards at the Milano Film Festival and at the Young European Cinema Festival in Torun, Poland. „C Block Story” (2002) was nominated for Best Short at the European Academy Awards; it also won the Grand Prize at the New York University International Student Film Festival and it went on collecting awards and invitations in more than 20 film festivals from all over the world. Nemescu’s first independently-made film, the ambitious, 45-minute long „Marilena from P7”, had its premiere at the 2006 Cannes Film Festival; its festival itinerary included Edinburgh, Telluride and Cottbus. An accomplished technician by the age of 25, Nemescu also won recognition as a director of commercial and music videos. By the time of his death (27), he had just finished shooting his first feature film, the eagerly awaited „California Dreaming” (2007).


NexT International Short and Medium Length Film Festival

Andrei Toncu

April 8, 1978 – August 25, 2006

Upon graduation from the National University of Drama and Film “I. L. Caragiale” (2000), Andrei Toncu worked extensively as a sound designer and sound editor in Romania and in the US, in film, television and advertising. As a perfectionist and a fervent believer in the creative use of sound, he was depressed by the predominant shabbiness and lifelessness of the soundscape of Romanian cinema, and was determined to change it. His goal, in his own words, was “to establish a standard for sound design in the Romanian film community”. He found a good, receptive ear in director Cristian Nemescu, and he designed the sound for two of Nemescu’s successful and technically daring short films: “Mihai and Cristina” (2001) and “Marilena from P7” (2006). He worked on Nemescu’s debut feature, “California Dreaming”, up to the night of the car crash which killed them both. His last finished film was Radu Jude’s “The Tube with a Hat”, which went on to win (among many other prizes) the award for Best Short at the 2007 Sundance Film Festival. A few days before his death, he had been contacted by Francis Ford Coppola with a proposition to work on the sound effects of his new film, “Youth Without Youth”.


NexT International Short and Medium Length Film Festival Team

Ada Solomon / festival director Andrei Gorzo / artistic director Yvonne Irimescu / project coordinator Matei Branea / art director & illustrator Carmen Gociu & Raymond Bobar / graphic designers Ozana Oancea / international relations manager Adriana Răcășan / volunteers coordinator Oana Răsuceanu / PR manager Gabriela Cristea / after hours event coordinator Valentino Rudolf / technical director Dobrică Lospa / technical supervisor Ioana Drăghici / traffic coordinator Cristina Ivan / office manager, accounting Adrian Pavelescu / production



NexT International Short and Medium Length Film Festival

Bernard Payen

Rik Vermeulen

Born in 1972, he studied modern literature and cinema. He created the fanzine «Travelling Avant» (1992-99) and worked at the Centre Pompidou (1996-98). He is now in charge of the publications of the Cinémathèque Française and has been a member of the selection committee (for short films) for the Semaine Internationale de la Critique at the Cannes Film Festival (since 1995). He directed several short films shot on DV and a pocket film (“Réminiscence”) shot on a cell phone.

He studied engineering and film in Amsterdam and Stockholm, produced a number of short films, and has worked for the Rotterdam International Film Festival since 1998, coordinating the festival’s Film Office, a mediator between filmmakers, distributors, sales agents and press. He has been involved in the Transilvania International Film Festival since its beginnings (in 2002), spending several months a year in both Bucharest and Cluj. Rik is also CineLink Industry Office coordinator for the Sarajevo Film Festival, and coordinator of the CentEast – Warsaw Screenings, a film market for newly finished films from Central and Eastern Europe.

Dimitris Kerkinos He became interested in cinema while researching his doctoral thesis in social anthropology in the film archives of Havana, Cuba. He went on to study film. He began working for the Thessalonikki International Film Festival in 1999. Since 2001, he has been curating the successful out-of-competion Balkan Survey section of the festival.

Nae Caranfil One of the best-loved Romanian directors, Nae Caranfil first grabbed critical attention with a series of short films: Venice in September (1983), Thirty Years of Insomnia (1984) and Backstage (1988). He made his feature film debut with the tender, funny, semi-autobiographical E Pericoloso Sporgersi (1993) and continued with the road comedy Asfalt tango (1996) (starring Charlotte Rampling) and with the French-Italian coproduction Dolce far niente (1998). Filantropica (2002) was a huge critical and commercial hit. His new film, The Rest Is Silence, is the most eagerly awaited Romanian film of the year and one of the most ambitious Romanian films ever.

Corneliu Porumboiu His international success as a film director began in 2004, when he won the Second Prize in the Cinefondation section for his short film A Trip to the City. In 2006 he won “Caméra d’Or” at Cannes Film Festival for his first feature film 12:08, East of Bucharest. The film was nominated for Independent Spirit Awards & participated in over 50 other festivals. 13

Awards NexT Trophy 4000 Euro (offered by the Romanian Cultural Institute) + 4 reels 35 mm Vision2 500 T film + post-production services offered by Kodak Cinelabs Romania

Best Directing 2000 Euro (offered by the Romanian Cultural Institute)

Best Soundtrack 1000 Euro (offered by Cultural Society NexT) + Avid Xpress Pro software (1580 Euro) offered by Marcotec Romania

audience award a box of Belgian beer + a box of Romanian beer


Festival Agenda

NexT International Short and Medium Length Film Festival

THURSDAY – March 29th



“They were NexT Generation too” – special screenings

SEMAINE DE LA CRITIQUE (programme 2), presented


Networking in La Scena (55 Călărași Avenue) with live music by Summerset Purple Band, featuring Nae Caranfil


Competition Films (programme 4)


by Bernard Payen – OFF COMPETITION

Eforie Cinema (2 Eforie St.) 11:00-12:00



„Murch”, documentary, presented by David Bleiman Ichioka – OFF COMPETITION

16:00 -18:30

Competition Films (programme 1)


Competition Films (programme 2)


SEMAINE DE LA CRITIQUE (programme 1), presented

Orange concept store (41 Victoria Avenue) 10:00-14:00

Eforie Cinema (2 Eforie St.)

by Bernard Payen – OFF COMPETITION 22:30

Networking in BackStage (14 Gabroveni St.) with live


Competition Films (programme 3)

music – special guest stars Paraziții


Competition Films (programme 4)


FESTIVAL FRIENDS - special screenings OFF



COMPETITION 19:00-21:00 21:00-22:15

Seminar on film directing

Competition Films (programme 1)


Competition Films (programme 2)


„Murch”, documentary, presented by David Bleiman

Closing Networking Party in B’52 The Club (4 Popa Tatu St.) with live music – AB 4

Ichioka – OFF COMPETITION 16:00-18:30

AWARDS CEREMONY and screening of awardwinning films


Eforie Cinema (2 Eforie St.) 10:00-12:00

Films by Cristian Nemescu and Andrei Toncu – OFF COMPETITION

Orange concept store (41 Victoria Avenue) 10:00-14:00

Seminar on sound design

Competition Films (programme 3) 15


A DROP OF WATER / BIR DAMLA SU France / Turkey, 2006, 19’, 35 mm, color

Deniz Gamze Ergüven Director Born in Ankara in 1978, Deniz Gamze Ergüven grew up in Paris, living by period in Turkey and South Africa. After studies in Literature and African History, she integrated La fémis film school in Paris in 2002 as a student director where she finished her studies in June 2006.

Emmanuel Bonnat

It should have been a joyful evening. It became the night Lale disappeared.

Sound designer

A man tells the story of this young Turkish woman he loved. She had grown up in France and had a surprising way of dealing with the contradictions of her two cultures. He thought he knew everything about her. He discovered Lale had become a stranger everywhere and to all.

Graduated from La Fémis (16th promotion). He worked in the sound department also for: Opération de la derniere chance, Cache ta joie, A bras le corps, Les mondes clos, Chorus, Charlotte quelque part.

Selected for: International Film Festival Rotterdam, 2007, Cannes Film Festival, Official Selection 2006, New York Film Festival 2006, Stockholm International Film Festival 2006, Montpellier Film Festival 2006, Golden Orange for Best Short Film - Antalya Golden Orange International Film Festival 2006. Production: La fémis | | + 33 1 53 41 21 00


NexT International Short and Medium Length Film Festival

A WARM BED / DORMIR AU CHAUD Belgium, 2006, 27’, 35 mm, color

Pierre Duculot Director He graduated in Communication Sciences (University of Liege), and works as a professor at Haute Ecole Provinciale de Charleroi, collaborating at the same time with a number of specialized publications (including EuroFilmFest – – an organization which tries to reunite al European film festivals).

Carine Zimmerlin

Sad and freezing, a girl is searching for a warm place to rest for a while.

Sound designer

A young girl arrives in a small village in midwinter. She’s looking for a place to rest where she can stay without too many questions asked. It seems she found what she was searching for: an old lady who has been living alone for a long time offers her shelter.

She participated as sound designer at the making of several short-films and was part of the production team for a number of feature-films (including “Indigenes” 2005, “Ordinary man” 2003).

Best Short-film and Best actress (Christelle Cornil) at “Le Court en dit long”, Festival, Paris. Short-listed for Rotterdam International Film Festival, Namur International Festival of French-speaking Films, Amiens Film Festival, Clermont-Ferrand Short-Film Festival. Production: Ambiances / PBC Pictures | +32 81 73 97 20 |



ALONG CAME THE RAIN / LO QUE TRAE LA LLUVIA Chile, 2006, 14’, 35 mm, color

Alejándro Fernandez Alméndras Director Born in Chillán, Chile in 1971. He studied until 1991, subsequently working as a film critic, photographer and journalist. In 1998 he moved to New York and he studied film at the New School University and the School of Visual Arts. His first feature-film project, “Huacho”, was selected as a finalist for the 2006 Sundance/NHK Award and is supported by the Arts Development Fund of the Chilean Government.

A day in the country. Time seems to have stood still. The old farmer cleans out the mud in the stream while his wife makes cheese to sell on the side of the road. Time seems to have stood still – until their grandson pays a visit to their remote farm. Suddenly there are Coke, biscuits and TV. Atmospheric impressions of a life of struggle that may not exist for much longer …

Pablo Pinochet Sound designer

Official Selection International Film Festival Rotterdam 2007, Berlin International Film Festival 2007. Production: Fernandez Film | Buen Augurio Producciones |


NexT International Short and Medium Length Film Festival

BITCH USA, 2006, 15’, 35mm, b&w

Lilah Vandenburgh Director She grew up in Long Beach, California and attended high-school in Dallas, Texas. She was a vocalist in several bands, and founder and artistic director of Mr. Toad’s Theatre Circle. She has a BS in Film and Television from Boston University and an MFA in Film Directing from Columbia University. In addition to directing, Vandenburgh works as a film editor. “Bitch” is her thesis film, from Columbia University.

Love at first sneer. Love is for losers, and PDA couples make “Bitch” want to puke razor blades. That is until she meets a guy as antisocial as she is. Can they regulate the poseurs of the world together? Only if she can win him, but she may have to kick his ass first. It’s a classic love story, rendered in a style so cynical, so blithely ultra-violent, and joyously scabrous as to be almost unrecognizable.

Timothy Den Composer He grew up in Ecuador and Miami, Florida, worked on a mainstream music magazine (“Lollipop”) and now he runs – together with a group of friends – He is a self-proclaimed “music freak” (he sings it, writes it, writes about it and, of course, listens to it).

Official Selection: Sundance Film Festival, Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival, Cinequest Film Festival, AFI Dallas, Florida Film Festival, Twentieth Century Fox/Farrelly Brothers Oustanding Achievement in Comedy, IFP Audience Choice Award – Columbia Film Festival 2006. Production: Tica Productions |



BORDER / GRENZE Germany, 2005, 10’, 16 mm, b&w

Christiane Schmidt Director Studies of Political Science and Science of Art/ Visual Media at HerzogErnst Gymnasium, Uelzen, Germany in 1997, Studies of Documentary Film/ Camera at HFF Munich.

Carsten Rojahn Sound designer He is a freelance sound designer/composer with an international career. “Sound is one of the most significant elements of movies, but unfortunately many directors do not appreciate sound as an important element of moving a story forward.”

A group of people is waiting to cross a border. They have to go through a number of absurd tests. But the rules never remain the same. The idea for the film came to Christiane Schmidt on a journey from Romania back to Germany, when everybody had to get off the bus and queue up for control in the January snow, at the check point between Romania and Hungary. People with a European passport could pass directly. The Non-Europeans had to wait in the cold night for one hour to be controlled. Selected for: Oldenburger Studentenfilmfest „Zwergwerk“ 2005, Straubinger Kurzfilmfesival 2005, Exils, Cinéma Nova, Bruxelles 2006, Filmfestival contravision, Berlin 2006. Audience Award - New Collection, Bremen 2005. Production: Hochschule für Film und Fernsehen, (HFF), Munich | Tina Janker 0049 (0) 89 689 75 448


NexT International Short and Medium Length Film Festival

BRICOSTORY Romania, 2007, 21’, 35 mm, color

Andreea Păduraru Director Born in Craiova, Romania, in 1972, Andreea Păduraru has graduated from the Physics College in 1995 and then went on to graduate from the Romanian Film School in 1999. Since then she has been very prolific directing music videos and commercials for major brands. She co-directed with Cristi Puiu in 1998 Asylum, a documentary.

Cristi Ștefănescu

Ana and Paul, a young couple, use their lunch break to go shopping in a home decoration store. While in the store, Ana befriends Robert, a store employee, in an attempt to make Paul jealous.

Composer Also known as Electric Brother, he is a very active Romanian musician. His career as a composer for film sound-track includes Furia (directing: Radu Muntean), Marfa și banii (Cristi Puiu) and Hârtia va fi albastră (Radu Muntean)

Production: Mandragora | 004 021 316 7432 |




Romania, 2006, 9’, 35 mm, b&w

Miruna Boruzescu Director She competed in the CineMAiubit Nomination Student Film Festival, Bucharest Romania, 2004, with her 16mm short “12:03”. She competed in the Dakino International Film Festival , Bucharest Romania, 2005, with her short documentary “Steaua”. Selected for the Berlinale Talent Campus in 2006. In 2005 she worked as an assistant director on Lucian Pintilie’s “Tertium non datur”. Now she is in her final year at the National University of Theatre and Film “I.L.Caragiale” Bucharest.

A man, a bathroom, a morning which seems to be ordinary but turns into something else.

Mircea Kiraly Sound designer Presently a member of both the Romanian Composers’ Union and of Romanian Cinema Union, he was the artistic director of Yamaha Music Romania (1993-1996) and is one of the founding members of Act Theatre in Bucharest. His career as a composer ranges from music for theatre shows to film soundtracks (Hidden Camera, starring Rutger Hauer).

Best Experimental Film and winner of Paul Calinescu Award at the CineMAiubit International Student Film Festival, Bucharest, Romania, 2006. Production: UNATC - National University Of Drama and Film “I.L.Caragiale”, Bucharest | 0040 21 252 81 08 |


NexT International Short and Medium Length Film Festival

DAYDREAM UK, 2007, 29’, 35 mm, color

Christine Molloy& Joe Lawlor Director They are the founders of the film production company Desperate Optimists. “Daydream” continues the series of short-films made under the brand “desperate optimists”, films (shot in 7 different locations, over a three-year period) which have as common goal the exploitation of human relation in the contemporary West-European society. Both Christine and Joe hail from Ireland, and are now based in Great Britain, London, where they produce films for different types of media (cinema, internet, galleries, etc). Their first 35mm project, “Who killed Brown Owl”, was awarded the Best British short-film at the Edinburgh Film Festival.

150 people. 10 scenes. The emotions of a changing city. The film presents a moment in the life of a city – Liverpool – seen through the eyes of a number of its inhabitants, showing a special interest in their inward feelings and in the way the city’s transformation is reflected in the psychological world of its inhabitants. Highly unconventional, the film has no interest in pleasing, but rather in revealing, in catching the life of the city by using the thoughts and emotions of those living in that space.

Martin Beresford Sound Designer He’s based in Leeds, Yorkshire, and works as a freelancer, covering the entire range of sound production and post-production (TV, short-films, advertising, video, 35mm, etc).

Shortlisted for the Rotterdam Film Festival in 2007. Production: Desperate Optimists | +44 (0) 2072750144 |



DEATH TO THE TINMAN USA, 2006, 12’, 16 mm, b&w

Ray Tintori Director He was born in a cinema-related family (his mother, Mary Cybulski, is a script supervisor – Lady in the Water, Syriana, Kinsey – and his father, John Tintori, is an editor and professor at the New York University). Even before graduating he had the opportunity to work in the art department of movies such as: “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” (2004), or “Aeon Flux” (2005). “Death to the Tinman” represents his thesis film (Wesleyan University, Middletown, Connecticut). Currently he’s working (together with Benh Zeitlin) at a new film called “Glory at Sea”.

The brave Tinman loses his limbs, and thus his entire life goes to pieces. After turning into a strange creature, he tries to reconquer his lover. An adaptation of the original story of the Tinwoodman of Oz, based on a later novel by L. Frank Baum. Depicts the mostly unknown, dark and romantic story of how the Tinwoodman lost his limbs, his heart, his lover – and how he fought to get his life back.

Dan Romer Sound designer He is the leader of the Indie/Pop/Rock band “Fire Flies” ( whose portfolio comprises the 2005 album Baobabs in the Basement, and he is also a member of the Drawing Number One Productions in Brooklyn, New York.

Shortlisted for Sundance Film Festival in 2007. Special Jury Prize at Sundance Film Festival 2007. Production: Wesleyan University | (860) 685-2000 | (800) 922-0008


NexT International Short and Medium Length Film Festival

DER OSTWIND USA, 2006, 11’, 35 mm, color

Kohl Glass Director Kohl Glass grew up in Colorado and lived for a few years in Japan. While studying at Brigham Young University, he made the short-films “The Promethean” (which won international awards) and “Der Ostwind” – a complex CGI (Computer-Generated Imagery) production on which he spent almost five years.

Angus McKay

While trying to find a worthy opponent, a German pilot accepts the challenge of a mysterious American rival.


During the First World War, one of the best pilots of the German army takes down all his enemies, one by one. However, with each victory he only becomes sadder. When he has the opportunity to fight a worthy opponent – an American pilot who’s apparently invincible – he immediately starts on his tracks, risking his life in order to see, for one instant, the true face of glory.

He started studying the piano when he was extremely young, and as a teenager he developed a passion for guitar (and for Paul Simon’s music). He is currently working with his friend, the director Kohl Glass, signing the music soundtrack for his films (“The Promethean” and “Der Ostwind”).

Best Action/Adventure at Philadelphia Film Festival 2006, Best Action Adventure Film at Comic-Con Festival 2006. Short-listed for Florida Film Festival, Bermuda Film Festival, WonderCon 2007, Cinequest, Sundance Film Festival, Angelus Student Film Festival. Production: Brigham Young University | | Eventide Creative (801) 377-1703 |



EUTHANASIA USA, 2006, 17’, 16 mm, color

Adrian Grenier Director Although he is more widely known as an actor (he starred in movies like Artificial Intelligence: AI, Anything Else and The Devil Wears Prada), Adrian Grenier also attracted the attention of the audience by directing the documentary “Shot in the Dark” (2002), and especially through his bold short-film “Euthanasia”. He plays the piano, guitar and drums, and he is the founder of the Reckless Productions company.

Two teenage girls run away in a car trip, but an accident forces them to take a terrible decision.

Marque Dewinter

Sam has just got her driver’s license and, together with her friend Becky, ventures on a car trip outside of their native town. The two teenagers fully enjoy the feeling of freedom this trip offers them, but not for long: a dreadful accident compels them to grow up too quickly. They are now forced to come up with a solution for a lifeand-death situation.

Sound designer He owns a small film production company (sound and lights) and has a vast experience in this field (cinema, television, advertising, video clip, etc).

Short-listed for Rhode Island Film Festival, 2007, Rotterdam Film festival, 2007 and Holly Shorts Film Festivals, 2007. Production: |


NexT International Short and Medium Length Film Festival

EXAM / EXAMEN Romania, 2006, 12’, 35 mm, b&w

Paul Negoescu Director He is currently still in his college final year, at the National University Of Drama and Film “I.L.Caragiale”, Bucharest. He also directed: Alina (2004), Circul Foamei (2005) – documentary, Examen (2006), Acasă (2007).

Valeriu Căliman Sound Designer

A young man comes at his girlfriend’s apartment for her to help him writing a paper for one of his exams.

Presently he is studying video and sound editing at the National University Of Drama and Film “I.L.Caragiale”, Bucharest. He contributed to all of Neogoescu’s films, as video and sound editor, and has also signed the script for their first film together – “Alina”.

Selected for Gopo Awards 2007–Best Short Film, Best Director and Best Actor at CineMaiubit International Student Film Festival, Bucharest, Romania, 2006, Best Romanian Film at „Where is the love?” Film Festival 2006. Production: UNATC - National University Of Film and Drama “I.L.Caragiale”, Bucharest, Romania | 004 021 252 81 08 |



FAMILY REUNION / GÓDIR GESTIR Iceland, 2006, 21’, 16 mm, color

Isold Uggadottir Director Born and raised in Reykjavik, Isold Uggadottir came to New York City in 2001 to pursue a master’s degree in Interactive Telecommunications at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. From NYU her fascination with visual media lead her to the Emmy Award winning Partisan Pictures where she has been editing documentary films for the past few years. Isold was awarded Iceland’s Landsbanki grant for studies during her time at NYU. She additionally produced the 16mm short “Nylon”, which screened at a number of film festivals. “Family Reunion” is Isold’s directorial debut.

A New York lesbian, Katrin, struggles to come out to her relatives back in Iceland, but the revelations at a family reunion challenge all her assumptions Katrín is returning to her native Iceland for her grandfather’s 70th birthday. Her family in Reykjavik unwittingly engages her in discussions about marriage, children and her future – while she sneaks in phone calls to her girlfriend in New York. As she struggles with coming out, events reveal that other family members have secrets of their own.

Gunnar Árnason Sound designer Gunnar Árnason is an established sound designer in Iceland, with countless film and television productions to his name. Most recently he completed “Thicker than Blood”, which was selected for the Toronto International Film Festival in 2006.

Selected for Sundance Film Festival 2007, Outfest Film Festival 2006, Frameline San Francisco Film Festival 2006. Nominated for best short film - Edda Awards - The Icelandic Academy Awards 2006. Production: No 9 Productions Inc | | 1.917.669.6240


NexT International Short and Medium Length Film Festival

FRIDAY AROUND 11 / VINERI ÎN JUR DE 11 Romania, 2006, 18’, 35 mm, color

Iulia Rugină Director She is a graduate from the National University of Drama and Film “I.L. Caragiale” Bucharest – film directing. Her previous short “Hi Cristina! Bye Cristina!” (2005) won Best Script at Cinemaiubit 2005 and Best Student Film at 7 Arte Calarasi 2006. Besides that, the film participated in Munich International Festival of Film Schools and Panorama Romania in Cottbus Film Festival 2006.

Violence that leads to indifference, indifference that leads to violence.

Laura Lăzărescu

Friday night around eleven. A punch in the face. A stolen bag. And the morning after. A story about the violence, the indifference and the absurd of modern society.

Sound Designer She has a musical background, as she has studied piano and flute. She is in the 3rd year at the National University of Drama and Film “I.L. Caragiale” and was the video and sound editor for several short films, that won various festival prizes.

Special Jury Prize, Best Actress, Best Poster at CineMaiubit International Student Film Festival, Bucharest, Romania, 2006; Nominee for 2007 Romanian Gopo Prizes Production: UNATC - National University Of Film and Drama “I.L.Caragiale”, Bucharest, Romania | 004 021 252 81 08 |



GOOD LUCK NEDIM / SRETAN PUT NEDIME Slovenia, 2006, 13’, 16 mm, color

Marko Šantić Director In 2002 he started studying at the Theatre, Radio, Film and Television Academy in Ljubljana, Slovenia. His first film was a documentary called “Rememberance Home” (2004). “Good Luck Nedim” (2006) is his first fiction short-film.

Julij Zornik Sound designer

Bureaucracy cannot distinguish the nuances in life and death problems.

His attraction for the musical world started while working as a technician in radio and television. Now he has his own sound post-production company (called “100”), having in his portfolio a large number of projects for films, television, theatre, etc.

On their way home, two Bosnian brothers returning from Germany are stopped at the border between Austria and Slovenia. Nedim, one of the brothers, has terminal cancer and wants to die at home, in Bosnia. However, the customs officer refuses to let them cross the frontier because Nadim doesn’t have an entry visa for Slovenia.

Selected for Milan International Short-film Festival. UIP Award at the Sarajevo Film Festival, 2006. Production: Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television, Slovenia | | 386 (0) 1 251 0412


NexT International Short and Medium Length Film Festival

HAPPINESS USA, 2006, 11’, 35 mm, color

SOPHIE BARTHES Writer / Director Born in France, Sophie Barthes grew up in the Middle East and South America. In 2000, she moved to New York to attend Columbia University Graduate School of International & Public Affairs for a curriculum in international affairs and film. She recently wrote and directed the award-winning short Happiness, which screened at the 2007 Sundance Film Festival.

Is happiness for sale?


One evening, after work, Iwona buys a box of happiness in a strange discount store and has to decide what to do with it. A straight-faced comedy with Polish-american screen legend Elzbieta Czyzewska shot in Boston and New York City. Elzbieta has acted in more than 40 feature films directed by Polish distinguished directors as Andrzej Wajda, Wojciech Has, Jerzy Skolimowski and Janusz Nasfeter.

Sound designer As founder, chief engineer, and president of Dig It Audio, Inc. in NYC, Tom brings more than 15 years of professional audio experience to the table. He has Supervising Sound Editor and Re-Recording Mixer credits on over 50 feature films. Tom also has extensive experience with television and advertising sound design and mixing.

Selected in 2006 for Palm Springs ShortFest (won Best Live Action Short under 15 min.), Molodist IFF (Ukraine), In 2007: San Francisco Independent FF, Santa Barbara IFF, Florida FF and Sundance 2007. Production: Aden Film | | +1.917.679.7971



JUST LIKE THE MOVIES Austria, 2006, 21’, DV, color

MICHAL KOSAKOWSKI Director Born in Poland, Michael studied film production at the Austrian Film Academy. Works as an independent artist and runs projects together with artists such as Oliviero Toscani and Marco Müller. He is the author of many experimental shorts (Ghostakademie - Uli Aigner 2005, Wait A Minute 2004, Movimento 2003.


Confronted with a far too cruel reality, the human mind takes cover in fiction.

Sound designer

The images that were shot during the attack that took place on September 11 2001 seem as if they were part of a Hollywood blockbuster. “It was just like the movies”, said most of the people who witnessed the disaster. Anyone who saw the collapse of the Two Towers experienced the same feeling of déjà vu.

He perfected himself in the study of the piano (interpretation and composition) and is a member of the British Liszt Society of London and of the Liszt Institute in Bologna. He has an intense collaboration with a group of artists which includes the writer and poet Joseph Denize, director Michal Kosakowsky and the authors Goran Mimica and Gianni D’Elia. He teaches a course on Sound Design at the Accademia de Belle Arte din Urbino, Italy.

Selected for: Rotterdam Film Festival, Silent Movies and Music Festival in Berlin, The Short Film Festival In Sopot, Poland and “Where is the Love?” Film Festival, Bucharest, Romania. Awards: Best Experimental Film at Santiago International Film Festival, Chile and Special Award of the Jury at Bolzano Film Festival, Italy. Production: Michal Kosakowski | +43-664-160 67 52 |


NexT International Short and Medium Length Film Festival

MILAN Germany / Serbia, 2007, 23’, 16 mm, color

Michaela Kezele Director She was born in Munich and was raised by her grandparents in Dubrovnik. When the war started, she came back to Munich. After graduating high-school, she studied music (for two years) and then acting. After graduation, she worked in Germany and Croatia as an actress. She is now a student at the Film and Television Academy in Munich. “Milan” is her third film.

Yugoslavia during the 1999 NATO air-raids. An intimate story in the anonymity and obscurity of wartime

Martina Eisenreich Sound designer

Two brothers make plans to go and play “hide and seek” in the forest. But, as Milan gets to the meeting point, his brother is fighting for life in a hospital. As Milan is looking for him in the forest, he finds someone else.

She studied at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater of München and at the Filmakademie Baden–Württemberg in Ludwigsburg. A prize-winning violonist, Martina also composes film music.

Production: Target Film GbR and Bayerischer Rundfunk, University of Television and Film Munich | +49(0)89 – 28 77 91 94 |



MOMENT OF GLORY / moment de gloire Belgium, 2006, 8’, 35 mm, color

Hendrik Moonen Director He has a master degree in audiovisual arts (medium: film) and he’s richly experienced in media production. He can do almost anything on a film set, but his favorite fields are direction, set dressing and pre-production.

Pedro van Der Eecken Sound designer

A man has a plan: to attain immortality.

His intensive professional activity in the field of sound post-processing (in film, TV, advertising and music production) is closely entwined with his teaching at the Brussells Film School. He’s often invited to lecture at other film schools or to participate in film workshops.

Carefully, methodically, with surgical precision, a man prepares his big entrance into mankind’s collective memory. Everything seems to go according to his plan (which nobody else can grasp). 3, 2, 1... The gun goes off. It’s time for the whole world to gasp in wonder.

Frederik Van de Moortel Sound designer He has been in love with music since childhood and although now he is involved in many projects (recordings, TV shows, theatre, concerts) Frederik hasn’t given up his passion for music, and considers it his second nature.

Selected for Ghent International Film Festival, 2006 Production: Dreams in Motion | +32 9 240 10 00 |


NexT International Short and Medium Length Film Festival

ONE RAT SHORT SUA, 2006, 10’, CGI, color

Alex Weil Director Winner of an Emmy, 1985 (for the graphic design and the intro for the show “Saturday Night Live”). Alex Weil has influenced through his creation - advertising and music videos - the world of computer animation (the music video for “You Might Think” for the The Cars received the MTV Award for Best Video). He is the founder of CHARLEX Production Studio in New York, where he continues to experiment in the art of computer animation.

A rat that lives in the basements of New York City ends up by mistake in a laboratory where rats are being experimented on.

Paul Hsu

A bag which has some leftover chips in it makes a rat in the New York subway go crazy. Chasing the bag which is carried away by the wind, the hungry rat ends up in a sophisticated medical laboratory where many of his brothers wait their turn to be injected and tested. Here, the stray intruder will find love and become a hero.

Sound designer He is one of the most respected sounddesigners in New York . His career counts more than 70 films, among which “The Hulk” (director: Ang Lee), “Angels in America “(director: Mike Nichols) or “Ladykillers” (directors: Ethan & Joel Coen).

Awards: Best Short BAFTA Award, Mill Valley Film Festival 2006, Best of Show, SIGGRAPH Computer Animation Festival 2006, First Prize in Animation Rhode Island International Film Festival 2006, Future Filmmaker Award Palm Springs International Short Film Festival 2006, Jury Prize in Animation One Reel Film Festival 2006. Production: Charlex Films | 212 719 4600 |



PEACE TALK / I FRED Sweden, 2006, 14’, HD, color

Jenifer Malmqvist Director After graduating, she directed a few short movies and documentaries. She leads an amateur theatre company and attends The National Film School in Lodz, Poland. She made her debut in television with a small documentary called “Angel Schmangel” (Ängel Bängel) about her grandmother.

Andreas Lilja

The magical game of childhood is brutally interrupted by grownups’ absurd prejudices.

Sound designer He is 29 years old, lives in Malmoe, Sweden and has studied practical media-production for 2 years. Hi is currently working in Denmark as photographer/editor/producer at a small TV-production company.

Jonna and her friend Emilie are playing soldiers. Soldiers fight, they get hurt and take care of one another. Soon, the two little girls begin to experiment, bashfully and demurely, a new kind of touch, a new kind of kiss. But Jonna’s mother doesn’t agree with this new side of the girls’ little game.

Best Movie, Best Script and Best Director at Skone Video Film Festival “Pixel” 2004, Helsingborg, Sweden. Best Short Film at NewFest, New York 2006. Honorable Mention of the Jury at Pink Apple Festival in Zurich, Switzerland 2006. Audience Award at the Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, Hamburg, Germany 2005. Selected for Sundance Film Festival, INTERFILM Film Festival, Berlin, 2005. Production: Skurups Folkhögskola | 0411-5589 00 |


NexT International Short and Medium Length Film Festival

SECURITY Germany, 2006, 14’, 16 mm, color

Lars Henning Director Worked as Script Supervisor from 1997, as Assistant Director from 2001, now studying Film at Academy for Media Arts Cologne.

Flemming Lombard Sound designer

A supermarket security officer has a moment of vulnerability and trips up. A security officer catches a young female thief on his daily rounds at the supermarket. He gives her a warning and lets her go, obviously affected by her. Then he sees her stealing again. This time he goes up to her and asks her out. Her answer changes everything.

Selected for: Rotterdam International Film Festival, Virginia Film Festival, Manhattan Short Film Festival, Blue Sea Film Festival, Internationales KurzFilmFestival Hamburg, Los Angeles International Short Film Festival, Manhattan Short Film Festival Best Screenplay and Best Film for TV, San Gio’ Video Festival Verona Production: Wrong Directions Filmproduktion | +49 (0) 221 473 00 81



TANGHI ARGENTINI Belgium, 2006, 14’, 35 mm, color

Guido Thys Director He has a vast experience in television, shows and programmes for numerous Belgian and Dutch channels. In 2001 he won the „Prix de jeunesse” Award at the Vendome Film Festival (France) with the short movie „Mon”

Frederik Van de Moortel Sound designer

A clumsy clerk has only a few days to transform himself into a tango dancing master.

He has been in love with music since childhood and although now he is involved in many projects (recordings, TV shows, theatre, concerts) Frederik hasn’t given up his passion for music, and considers it his second nature.

In spite of the cold and impersonal office environment where he spends 8 hours daily, a small clerk tries to make his colleagues happy. Actually, in order not to disappoint a woman he met on the net, he must try and learn to tango in only a few days time. And because he has nobody to practice with, he prepares a strange surprise for his colleagues.

Pedro van Der Eecken Sound designer His intensive professional activity in the field of sound post-processing (in film, TV, advertising and music production) is closely entwined with his teaching at the Brussells Film School. He’s often invited to lecture at other film schools or to participate in film workshops.

Selected for The International Short Film Festival in Leuven. Awards : Best Short Movie Award at Ghent Festival 2006, Audience Award, “Prix des Médiatheques” and “Prix du Rire” at The International Short Film Festival in Clermont- Ferrand 2007. Production: Flanders Image | +32 2 226 06 30 |


NexT International Short and Medium Length Film Festival

THE PATTERNS TRILOGY Canada, 2006, 41’– 9’/13’/19’–mini DV/ DVC ProHD, color

Jamie Travis Director Combining surrealistic elements (Jan Svankmajer-like) with motifs specific to the Japanese horror, Jamie Travis manages to prove that he masters a redoubtable technique, bringing together in the three chapters of Patterns a series of personal obsessions which can also be developed into ample projects.

Kevin Hamilton

A captivating thriller (Patterns), a love story (Patterns 2) and a vibrant musical ending (Patterns 3).

Sound designer

The „Patterns” trilogy tells the story of a couple – Michael and Pauline – seen in three different stages. In the first part of the trilogy, Pauline receives some mysterious phone calls. In „Patterns 2” Michael tries to find the person who left a food package in front of his door. Could it be Pauline? In the last part of the trilogy, the two lovers put their enigmatic and bizarre love story into song.

His professional activity comprises almost all aspects of sound post-production: for movie – from sound-editing to mixing – or for music – he can be a composer or he can be in charge of the musical arrangement. Since 2002, Kevin has his own studio called “Fresh Air Audio”, and part of his work here was rewarded with a Leo Award (2005).

Selected for: Calgary International Film Festival, San Francisco Independent Film Festival, Florida Film Festival, Utah Arts Festival and nominated for Best Sound at Golden Sheaf Awards, Yorkton, 2006. Awards: Best Sound Montage at Leo Awards, Vancouver, 2006 and Best Western Canadian Short Film Director Award at the International Film Festival in Vancouver, 2005. Production: Et Cetera Productions | (604) 323-3320 |



THE SADDEST BOY IN THE WORLD Canada, 2006, 13’30”, 35 mm, color

Jamie Travis Director Known best for his celebrated short film Why the Anderson Children Didn’t Come to Dinner (2003), Jamie Travis has built a strong reputation in the Canadian independent film scene as a director of precise vision. He won prestigious awards and comparisons have ranged from David Lynch to Peter Greenaway to Alfred Hitchcock. Based in Vancouver, BC, Jamie is currently writing his first feature script.

Timothy Higgins, the saddest boy in the world, prepares to hang himself at his ninth birthday party.

Miguel Nunes

Timothy Higgins, picked last from the team, is the saddest boy in the world. Friendlessness, suburban complacency and prescription drugs have conspired against the youngster to make this his worst year yet. Musical Chairs and birthday cake can’t save him now – at his ninth birthday party. Timothy prepares for a show-stopping suicide.

Sound designer He won a Gemini Award in 2003 for the CBC series Da Vinci’s Inquest, has won 3 Leo Awards in sound editing and overall sound. Other recent credits include An American Haunting, starring Donald Sutherland and Sissy Spacek. Recently he ventured back to his roots, composing music and sound designing an Air Jordan commercial for Nike.

Best Canadian Short - 2006, Calgary International Film Festival (AB) Honourable Mention, Best Canadian Short – 2006 Atlantic Film festival (Halifax, NS) Production: Modern Family Productions | | (001) 604 323 3320


NexT International Short and Medium Length Film Festival

THE SUBSTITUTE / IL SUPPLENTE Italy, 2006, 15’, 35 mm, color

Andrea Jublin Director He has a degree in political science, and has studied acting too (giving the proof of his skills on the stage of the Theater in Genoa). In 2006 Andrea Jublin won a contest organized by SKY Cinema (obtaining thus financing for “Il Suplente” and a scholarship - directing and film production - at UCLA, in the U.S.). Until now he has directed three short films - the other two being “Coraggio. Coraggio. Coraggio” (2003) and „Grazie al cielo” (2004), and a feature film called “Ginestra” (2002).

A substitute teacher enters a classroom and starts behaving strangely. Trying to bring back his teenage memories, a businessman storms into a classroom and, by pretending to be a substitute teacher, he manages to create confusion among the teenagers through his strange and challenging behaviour. Due to its fast dialogue and by poking fun at a number of universally known stereotypes, the movie represents, by way of idea and realization, a true manifesto against apathy.

Claudio Bresciani Sound designer He has been working for over 20 years in the field of advertising, becoming an expert in sound design and mixing. In this period he passes from an analog way of working to a digital one, using from the beginning tools such as AudioFrame and Protools. He has worked on many short movies that have been presented to festivals: Venice, Sundance, Rome, Tribeca, Berlin.

Canal + Award, International Short Film Festival Clermont-Ferrand 2007, Official Selection Sundance Film Festival 2007. Production: SKY Cinema / Frame By Frame | | +39 3495396293



THE TRAGIC STORY OF NLING Canada, 2006, 15’, HD, b&w

Jeffrey St. Jules Director A graduate of Concordia University (film production), Jeffrey made a number of short films, the most important of which being „The Sadness of Johnson Joe Jangles”(2004). In 2005 he was selected for the Cannes Festival Residence, where he developed The Long Autumn project. He is also currently working at a musical called „Bang Bang Baby”, having the support of the National Screen Institute and Telefilm Canada.

In Nling, the garbage land, a drunken bum and his friend Ass make a plan.

Dale Lennon

The omnipresent garbage risks to suffocate the small setting of Capillia. In order to remove the chaos and the dirt, a fortress is built to deposit there the garbage. In Nling, the outcast land, tramps drink their bitterness. But someday, in the homeless community the garbage stops arriving and there is no drop of alcohol to be found.

Sound designer Dale is a graduate of Fanshawe College ‘s “Music Industry Arts” and “Digital Applications” programs. After experiencing both the music industry and the motion picture industry, there was no question that for Dale, the movies is where it’s at. He aims on working his way up to the “mixing” chair where he can play a bigger part of the process.

Selected for Toronto International Festival 2006, at Victoria Independent Film and Video Film Festival, 2006 and at Sundance Film Festival 2007. Production: Intrepid Film Arts | (416) 894-0679 |


NexT International Short and Medium Length Film Festival

TOWER BLOCK / HOCHHAUS Germany, 2006, 38’, 35 mm, color

Nikias Chryssos Director Between 1999 and 2001 he had several jobs and internships in film and TV production companies in Munich (Naumann Film, ProSieben, Lounge Entertainment, NeosFilm). In 2001-2002 he studied film and video production in England. Since 2002, he attends the Filmakademie Baden-Wurttemberg in Germany. His short film “Down” (2003) was screened at over 60 festivals around the world. He participated at the 2005 Berlinale Talent Campus and attended a Masterclass Program at the UCLA in Los Angeles.

A raw, tough and poetic story of a little boy who has to grow up too early, in a world that doesn’t seem to have a place for him. Daniel (12) and his brother Patrick (17) live together in a tower block, in a world without parents. Patrick forces Daniel to go around collecting money for the “hungry children in Africa” and plays sadistic games with him. Daniel escapes into fantasy worlds and believes to have found a friend in Bernd, a heroin junkie from the area.

Oliver Achatz Sound designer In 1995 he founded a rock band – “Disco Volante”. Many experiments combining video materials and live music.

Best Soundtrack Creation Award at the International Short Film Festival ClermontFerrand 2007, Best Art Direction at the International Festival of Film Schools in Munich 2007, 1st place in the Narrative Category and the Screenwriting Award at the Nextframe Film Festival, Centaur Prize at the Message to Man International Film Festival in St. Petersburg, Berlin International Film Festival 2006. Production: Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg | +49 7141 969 0 |


Off Competition / They were NexT generation too Guests must be honored Invitaţii trebuie onoraţi

Solo for Sax Solo pentru sax

Romania, 1978, 20’, 35 mm, b&w

Romania, 1983, 18’, 35 mm, color

By Adrian Sârbu DOP Vlad Păunescu

By Radu Nicoară DOP Relu Moraru

Under all the etiquette and good manners lies a deep family crisis.

What’s the use of being on top, if no one needs you? Or at least no one needs you now, maybe later, so... hit the road and take along a friend – if possible.

The Art of Individual Defense Arta apărării indviduale

September in Venice Frumos e în septembrie la Veneţia

Romania, 1980, 20’, 35 mm, color

By Ovidiu Bose Paștină DOP Mircea Bunescu

Romania, 1986, 20’, 35 mm, b&w

By Nae Caranfil DOP Cristian Comeagă

What happens if you take a man from the street and turn him into an actor? Just a big desillusion.

Teodor Mazilu’s world seen through the lens of Alain Resnais’ classic cinematic essay.


Romania, 1980, 20’, 35 mm, color

By Laurențiu Damian DOP Sorin Dumitrescu & Dragoș Pârvulescu When asking “Are people happy?”, a news reporter must note that. People have to be happy.


Off Competition / Festival Friends

NexT International Short and Medium Length Film Festival


IN THE MORNING / DIMINEAȚA Romania, 2007, 21’, 35 mm, color

Romania, 2006, 28’, HD, color

By Constantin Popescu

By Radu Jude

In July 1944, on a remote battlefield in Northern Romania, between two trenches facing each other, one sheltering the Romanian soldiers, the other the Russian soldiers, there is a fountain. The soldiers are dying of thirst. As a result of a cease fire that lasts for a few minutes, from each trench at a time one soldier goes to fetch water.

Early in the morning, a young taxi driver must drive a 40 year old woman from Jilava to Bucharest.

Wasp UK, 2003 26’, 35 mm, color

By Andrea Arnold


Zoë is a single mother who lives with her four children in Dartford. She is poor and can’t afford to buy food. One day her exboyfriend drives by and asks her to go on a date with him. Scared that he doesn’t want to go out with her, she lies and tells him that she is just babysitting the kids. This will be her first date in years.

Romania, 2007, 13’30”, 16 mm, color

By Paul Negoescu

On New Year’s Eve, a taxi driver takes home a man returning from working abroad.

Are You Feeling Lonely? USA/ Peru, 2003, 14’, 16 mm, color

By Rosario Garcia Montero Massively affected by the big city, Baddi, a janitor in the morgue, makes phone calls to the yet-to-be-informed widows in an attempt to meet the one that will fulfill his fantasy of love, wealth and social status.


Off Competition / Cristian Nemescu and Andrei Toncu films Flathouse People Are Dying for Music La bloc oamenii mor după muzică

C Block Story / Poveste la Scara C Romania, 2002, 15’, 35 mm, colour

by: Cristian Nemescu

Romania, 1999, 12’, 16 mm, b&w

by: Cristian Nemescu

Elevator love stories in the outskirts of Bucharest

Not all white things are good and not all black things are bad.

Marilena from P7 / Marilena de la P7

Kitsch Witches.2 FM / Kitschitoarele.2 FM

Romania, 2006, 45’, 35 mm, color

by: Cristian Nemescu sound design: Andrei Toncu

Romania, 2000, 17’, Beta, colour

by: Cristian Nemescu

Things you do for love… A film dedicated to the bad taste and naivety everywhere.

The Tube with a Hat / Lampa cu căciulă

Mihai and Cristina / Mihai Și Cristina

Romania, 2006, 23’, 16 mm, color

by: Radu Jude sound design: Andrei Toncu

Romania, 2001, 15’, 35 mm, b/w

by: Cristian Nemescu sound design: Andrei Toncu

A short road-movie about the importance of the small things in life.

There’s more than one way to embark upon an initiation journey…

AlinuȚa Romania, 2006, 1’, animation

by: Matei Branea sound design: Andrei Toncu Alinuța, a sweet innocent little girl is the star of the most sadistic and pointless Romanian jokes. 46

Off Competition / Semaine de la Critique

NexT International Short and Medium Length Film Festival



Taiwan, 2005, 15’, 35 mm, color

Japan, 2005, 15’, 35 mm, color

When a girl begins to cough, she realizes she will soon die and sets off for one final day with the boy she loves...

This short film deals with the troubled mind of an eccentric guy suffering from a peculiar ironing obsession. As the story unravels his blood-smeared past, audience may feel an inexplicable sympathy towards this strange guy who’s too naive to adjust himself to reality, having IRONING as the only way to express himself.

By Wi Ding Ho

By Hiroyuki Nakano

GET THE RABBIT BACK Bulgaria, 2005, 7’, 35 mm, color


By Dimitar Mitovski and Kamen Kalev Men, women, gathered in a room, standing, petrified, staring… Unable to move, they seem to be frozen by something dreadful! Would it ever set them free & for how long?!

India, 2006, animation, 15’, 35 mm, color

By Gitanjali Rao

A matchbox collection unites a lonely woman and her cat. A story about the dreariness of urban life and the escape into an imagined world of curiosity and color.



Sweden, 2006, 4’, 35 mm, color

By: Ola Simonsson and Johannes Stjärne Nilsson

Brazil, 2006, 15’, 35 mm, color

A woman is sitting by a gramophone, listening. She is eating a piece of cake. A record is turning under the pick up. When the record ends she decides to play something different.

Caio and Mari, two teenagers, go out for a great night of fun in the streets of Sao Paulo. They dance, they laugh, they play, they learn...

By Esmir Filho

L’ÉCLUSE France, 2006, 19’, 35 mm, color

By Olivier Ciechelski

A house, some children and a canal. The lock keeper is working. The children are playing. The water is drifting by. Daddy, there’s something in the water!



March 30th, Orange Concept Store (41 Victoria avenue) 10:00-12:00


The transition from short to full length feature film. The implications of having made a successful short: benefits and disadvantages…

The importance of networking for the success of a film: festivals, sales agents, distributors.



Cătălin Mitulescu / director

Renate Roginas / Pre Media Support

Corneliu Porumboiu / director

Bernard Payen / Semaine de la Critique, Cannes IFF

Cristian Mungiu / director

Rik Vermeulen / Rotterdam IFF, Cinelink Sarajevo IFF, CentEast-Warsaw Screenings Dimitris Kerkinos / Thessaloniki IFF

Hanno Hoeffer / director Radu Jude / director

Alexandru Solomon / director


Workshop on SOUND DESIGN

NexT International Short and Medium Length Film Festival

March 31th, Orange Concept Store (41 Victoria avenue) 10:00-10:30


Screening of video message from Mr. F.F. Coppola: what the collaboration of the director with editor & sound designer means to him and how it is reflected in his films.

Discussion about the relationship between director & editor/



sound designer/ composer/ post production crew.

Anton Sanko / composer David Ichioka / filmmaker Nae Caranfil / director Marius Mihalache / composer Tudor Giurgiu / director Vlaicu Golcea / composer

Guest of Honor: Walter Murch

The documentary “Murch� by David Bleiman Ichioka and Edie Ichioka will be screened, in presence of the attending author, prior to the workshop, on Thursday, March 29th, at 14h and on Friday, 30th, at 14h , at the festival cinema, Eforie


Networking saturday, March 31st

Every evening, after the screenings, all the guests of NexT International Short and Medium Length Film Festival are welcome to listen to some live Romanian music and enjoy some time together in a club.

AB4 AB4 is a rock band whose style is inspired from grunge, cross-over, alternative rock. The band was born in 2000 when the members started rehearsals for their first album called Toxic. Besides working on their albums, they also composed sound-tracks for short-reel films. In 2003 they won “Best Romanian Act” award at “MTV European Music Awards” for their song Cold, whose video was directed by Cristian Nemescu (this video also brought Cristian a nomination as “Best video director” at MTV Romanian Music Awards in 2004). The present structure of the band is: Doru – guitar & voice, Radu – bass, Adrian – guitar and Daniel – drums. B52 The Club (4 Popa Tatu St.)

Thursday, March 29th Paraziţii In March ’94 Cheloo put together the rap band called Paraziţii, two months later Ombladon joined the band and in ’95 they released their 1st album Poetries for the walls, which was the 2nd independent album in Romania. In ‘99 Paraziţii became the first copyright reimbursed band appearing on the sound-track of a movie (Nordrand). One of their many awards is “Best Hip-Hop” award at the MTV Romania Awards. The latest album of Cheloo-Ombladon-Freakadadisk aka Paraziţii is called Comfort 3. BackStage (14 Gabroveni St.)

Friday, March 30th Summerset Purple Band Summerset Purple Band plays soft jazz, smooth jazz, funk blues and it brings together Anca Sigartău (voice), Marius Gâlea (saxophone), Călin Grigoriu (guitar), Gabriel Spahiu (bass) and Fernando (drums). Most of the members are actually actors (Anca Sigartău, Marius Gâlea, Gabriel Spahiu – the latter starring Cristian Nemescu’s Marilena from P7, Radu Jude’s The Tube with a Hat and Paul Negoescu’s Home that can be seen in our Festival) La Scena (55 Călărași Avenue)


NexT International Short and Medium Length Film Festival

Mălina Ionescu Simina Ioniţescu Amalia Kalinca Ionuţ Kivu Cristina Lascu Iulia Lazăr Iulia Macavei Oana Marin Adrian Marineci Claudiu Mitcu Paul Negoescu Victor Popa Alexandra Popescu Tudor Popescu Cezara Popovici Anca Rășcuţoi Andrada Romagno Diana Roșca Iulia Rugină Elena Stanciu Magdalena Stanciu Florina Stoian Ioana Șchiau Cristina Ștefănescu Alisa Tarciniu Ana-Maria Tatu Mihai Trancă Roxana Trofin Bogdan Zdrenţu

Special thanks to the contributors: Renate Roginas Ionuţ Chirilă Diana Filoti Radu Jude

Thanks for volunteering and hosting to the following: Sofia Alexe Mara Ambrosie Roxana Anghel Bogdan Atanase Edith Brașoveanu Loredana Bratu Mihaela Brebenel Marius Bulai Smaranda Caragea Iustina Chiliment Cătălin Cristuţiu Mădălina Dănilă Sorina Diaconu Sorin Dincea Andrei Dobrin Alexandra Găman Mădălina Ghișescu Andrei Goagă Sorin Goagă Mihaela Greșiță


NexT International Short and Medium Length Film Festival is an initiative of NexT Cultural Society. NexT Cultural Society was created in order to keep alive the memory of film director Cristian Nemescu and sound-designer Andrei Toncu, aiming to promote their works by all means and through all channels, and, at the same time, to support, educate, encourage and stimulate young filmmakers, to protect their rights, to keep them informed on the opportunities and the legislation in the field. The main objectives of NexT Cultural Society are as follows: to continue screening the movies made by the two filmmakers, to produce materials concerning the two of them, to bring out CD’s, DVD’s, and other media materials; - to contribute to young filmmakers’ films by financial involvement and know-how, to help promoting their films (covering expenses for festivals attendance, festival copy, promotional materials etc.); - to organize specialized training sessions, workshops, meetings, - to invite experts in the field of filmmaking to lecture etc.; - to grant individual scholarships to young filmmakers for the specialization in a specific field, in internationally prestigious schools, in areas which are relevant for the purpose of NexT Cultural Society; - to initiate both national and worldwide educational and civicrelevant projects, in various cultural areas; - to develop cooperation and association relations, as well as joint-programs with various governmental or non-governmental, profit or non-profit companies & institutions in Romania or abroad, which have converging interests with the purpose of our Society.

For now, some of the initiatives of NexT Cultural Society are: NexT CineClub – a monthly event that will offer, each edition, a particular film to the audience; the screening will be followed by a dialogue between the audience and the special guest – a personality of Romanian cinema. NexT Grants – annually, NexT will offer two grants to young Romanian filmmakers: one of 5,000 Euro (cash and/or specialized services) for the production of a short or medium length film and one of 4,000 Euro (cash and/or specialized services) for the international promotion of a short or medium length film already finished. NexT will stay open for any kind of help, support or just exchange of ideas requested by filmmakers from around the world. NexT welcomes new members from all around the world.

Contact: NexT Cultural Society 179 Traian St., 024043 Bucharest, Romania Phone / Fax: + 40 21 252 48 66

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