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MC 2 Realty’s Marie-Charlotte Piro Sells Jade Ocean Penthouse at record breaking $1,020 SqperFt The Highest MLS-recorde Ever d per sq. ft. for a price ho in Sunny

t it is In This Marke your t essential tha broker has the ctions proper conne ed to find a qualifi luxury buyer for your home. nd MC 2 Realty a e Piro Marie-Charlott t are the perfec combination to t. do exactly tha • Direct 305.495.6539

Marie-Charlotte Piro


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31 Snowy Owl Terrace, Hawks Landing, Plantation, FL • 3,000 sq. ft. 4 Bedroom 3 Bath with Pool Presented by MC² Realty • Offered at $1,350,000 • Contact Marie-Charlotte Piro: 305.495.6539



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Limitless Home Health Care, LLC



Home Health Care, LLC

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Leaf @ $1,000 = $ Recognition P laque: Recognition Plaque: @ $2,500 = $ Four F our lines, 25 characters racters per line.


CONTACT CONT TACT ME. I would like like add aadditional dditional nal information on naming ng opportunities opportun un n nities for Outdoor Outdoor G Gazebos, azebos, Patient Patien nt Rooms, Room ms, Chapels, C apels, or Hospice Hospice Buildings. Buildings.

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So that So at we we can fur further ther enhance our ur patients patients’’ enj enjoyment e jo j yment yment of the h he outdo ors, w ul w walkway kway at each h off our ur Hospice H spice ce outdoors, wee hav havee built a beautiful H ousees and eloquentt T ree ee of Life displays displays di spl plays p l att our offices. fficces ffi c Houses Tree engraved Thee w wa wayys ar walkways aaree constructed constructed ct of commemorative coommemorativ memooorr e engrav aved d bricks i ks h ring honoring ring patients, i n families, friends nds an and nd d staff. st ff F or a one-time me gift gifft f of o For $ 50 or $250 or $500, $5 yyou ou may purchase purchasee a brick brriiickk in memor e n ne memoryy of someone speciall who yyou sp ou lo ve or hold dear c eeate a lasting impr ession for love dear,, too cr create impression yyears ears to come. The T ree of Life allo ws yyou ou to engrav aave yyour our lo ved one na Tree allows engrave loved one’s’s name on solid copper leaf for $1,000, or $2,500 500 00 for a rrecognition e nition ecognition n plaque. p

Spe Special Tributes Trributes A gift in honor of someon someone ne provides provides yyou ou a meaning meaningful ful ooppor opportunity tunity to recognize recogniz g e a loved loved one,, friend,, or a milestone occas sion such as occasion birthday, wedding, anniversary, professional a bir thdayy, w edding, aanniv ersary, rretirement, etirement, or pr ofessional achiev ement. It It may be used u to shar achievement. sharee a special thoughtt or message about someone in yyour our life. l Gifts such as these have have significant Gifts impact on Cornerstone H ospice’s ability to car Hospice’s caree for allll those who need and seek our ser vicees. M oreover, they allo w other rs to rreceive eceive services. Moreover, allow others the same quality end-of-li ife care care as yyour our oown wn lo ved on e. end-of-life loved one.

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“Mom’s brick is truly symbolic of her

STRENGTH and CHARACTER; it is a perfect way to HONOR her life.”

Honoring g Those Who Help The soothing ng smiles, gentle voices, voices, and d warm hearts hearts of our Cornerstone Hospice Hospice care care team members memberrs and volunteers volunteers create create wheree life triumphs over special moments ments wher over illness for patients, love familyy members, bers,, and those who lo ve them. m. Purchasing commemorative Purchasing commemorative bricks to recognize recogniz e ze emplo employees m yeess and aan nd vvolunteers olunteers for foor their compassion and kindness ness is a meaningful meaningfull and nd generous Team gener ous wayy to say “thank “thank you.” you.” T eam members and vvolunteers olunteers l often shar th hat there there is no better recognition recognition tion than the support suppor p t off ppor sharee that havee cared. those for whom om they hav cared.

It’s ALL about


For more than 25 years, Cornerstone Hospice has made a difference to countless families, bringing compassion and reassurance into people’s lives in times of great need. Cornerstone Hospice has served the community as the leading provider of hospice and palliative care, never losing sight of our commitment to provide services to all those who turn to us for help -- regardless of ability to pay. With the generosity of our donors, over the last several years we have expanded our facilities and services, introduced a wider range of innovative programs, and continued to recruit the best healthcare professionals, staff and volunteers.



The Cornerstone Hospice Foundation is the philanthropic link in providing and assuring the stewardship of the resources to support Hospice care for all seriously ill persons facing end of life and their families in Lake, Sumter, Orange, Osceola, Polk, Hardee, and Highlands Counties. Cornerstone Hospice makes its services available to all terminally ill persons and their families without regard to age, gender, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, diagnosis, cost of therapy, ability to pay, or life circumstances. We do not impose any value or belief system on our patients or their families, and respect the value and belief systems of our patients and their families. For more information about ways to support the important mission of the Cornerstone Hospice Foundation, please call (352) 742-6800.

Help Us

continue our mission of

Give the Gift of


Cornerstone Hospice & Palliative Care is exempt from federal income tax under section 501 (c) 3 of the IRS code. A COPY OF THE OFFICIAL REGISTRATION AND FINANCIAL INFORMATION MAY BE OBTAINED FROM THE DIVISION OF CONSUMER SERVICES BY CALLING TOLL-FREE 1-800-HELP-FLA WITHIN THE STATE. Registration does not imply endorsement, approval or recommendation by the State. CH-581


2445 Lane Park Road Tavares, FL 32778 (352) 343-1341 (888)728-6234 Florida License 5019096

HOSPICE BRICK/TR REE OF LIFE BRICK/TREE O rder F For orm Order Form E nclosed is myy contribution of $ Enclosed Check Cash Visa Visa Discover D iscover American E Express xpress Card Card #:

Mastercard M asstercarrd Exp.: E xp.:

SSignature: ignature: Donor D onor N Name: ame: Address: A ddress: City: SState/ZIP: tate/ZIP: /ZIP Phone: P hone: Email: E mail: This is a Memorial M emorial Gift Gift H Honoring: onoring:

Tribute T ribute G Gift ift ft Relationship: R elationship: onship:

Please P lease notify the follo following wing person(s) of this gift: Name(s): N ame(s): Address: A ddress: City: SState/ZIP: tate/ZIP: Please place at: Frank F rank & Helen Helen DiScipio DiScipio H Hospice ospicee H House, ouse, T Tavares avares Mike M ike Conley Hospice Hospice House, House, Clermont ermont Lane P Purcell urcell H Hospice ospice H House, ouse, Sumterville Sum mterville The Villages Villages Hospice Hospice House House Orange/Osceola O range/Osceola Cornerstone H Hospice o ospice Office, Orlando Orlando Polk P olk Corner Cornertsone tsone H Hospice ospice Office, Offi Officee, Winter Winter H Haven aven Please P lease see other side to select yyour our brick or tr tree ree ee item and to write Please yyour our message. P lease send yyour our contribution bution and this card card in envelope the attached env elope to Cornerstonee Hospice. Hospice. If If you you have have questions, quest uestions, stttions, ons, call (352) 343-1341, (888)728-6234, 88)728-6234, or email ne

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distribution Local area schools, medical offices, high traffic retail locations, gas stations, grocery stores and restaurants.


The Taste of Liquor Without the License How We Do It... Our products are crafted with a blend of citrus based alcohol and other natural flavors so although very similar in taste and flavor, DrYnx is not your typical hard liquor. This allows stores, restaurants and bars can now have a complete and traditional bar setup without the expense of liquor or the license.

We offer all of your favorite premium spirits and cocktails for the lowest price on the top shelf!

The Details: Spirits • 17% Alcohol • 1L Bottles Preferred Stock W (Whiskey) Preferred Stock T (Tequila) Preferred Stock G (Gin) Preferred Stock R (Rum) Preferred Stock V (Vodka) Ready-To-Drink • 13% - 17% Alcohol Green Margarita Peach Daiquiri Strawberry Daiquiri Pina Colada Blue Hawaiian

Spiced Rum & Cola Tea Totaled Root Beer You'll Swear It's Schnapps... 17% Alcohol Amaretto Butterscotch Blue Curacao (NEW label soon) Georgia Peach One Mean Bean (coffee) Pomegranate Raspberry Triple Sec (NEW label soon) Very Vanilla Wild Whipped Cream

For More Information, Please Contact:

Clay Dudley Regional Sales Rep. 407-928-1539

DrYnx, Inc. @Clay_Dudley



A L A G THE Saturday, February 25, 2006 at 6:30PM $350 per person Chaired by Mr. and Mrs. Webb Tanner Black Tie. Reservations required.

The last two Galas have sold out well before the official invitation was mailed. RESERVE YOUR TICKETS NOW! Call 863-688-7743 ext. 226

On the cover RIVERVIEW

• Short Sale Offered at • 4BR/2.5BA/2GAR $125,000 • Approx. 1927 S.F. • Lots of Cabinets w/ Huge Island • Large Fenced Backyard

FABULOUS 3BR/2BA Fully Furnished Home on 9th Fairway of Beautiful Lake Wales Golf & Country Club. Home Features Wood Burning Fireplace, Fully Equipped Kitchen w/ Stainless Steel Appliances, Master Suite, Lg Glassed in Balcony, Outdoor Deck, & Panoramic Golf Course Views! $184,900 MLS#P4620394 - TEXT T544834 to 85377 For additional Information see page 15 or contact:

Eileen Belanger Century 21, At Your Service Realty 836.221.0229

See See m ore o hat yyou’re ou’re llooking ooking ffor or aatt more off w what Print,Online,Direct Mail, S Social, & Mobile RealE m - Updated d daily

For advertising information in the rreal eal estate book of Polk and Highlands County,, County contact:

- Multiple Photos

nfo - Map-based ased sear ch - Neighborhood info search - Detailed d Maps

- Social Media Links nks

- Interior Photos

Web orr M Mobile - We bo obile

Search fo for or homes on the go with your mobile ph phone hone with our MOBILE SITE..


Offered at • Short Sale • 3BR/2.5BA/2GAR $169,900 • Approx. 2575 S.F. • Oversized Cul-de-sac Lot • Great Location • Jacuzzi Tub


• 3BR/2BA/2GAR Offered at • Pool Home $150,000 • Approx 1710 S.F. • Warm Colors • Family Room/Kitchen Combo


• Great Views Offered at • Waterfront Home $400,000 • 3BR/3BA/2GAR • Approx 1922 S.F. • Upgraded Kitchen • Gas Fireplace • Wood Floors


• 1BR/1BA • Approx. 834 S.F. • Enclosed Florida Room • Needs a little TLC. • 55+ Community


Offered at • Bank Owned • 4BR/4BA/2GAR $247,000 • 2789 S.F./3+ acres • Custom Built Home • Wood Burning Fʼplc • Florida Room

Offered at $34,000



Offered at • Short Sale • 6BR/4BA/3GAR $575,000 • Custom Built Pool Home • 4231 S.F. • Crown Molding/Cherry Cabs • Upgraded Appliances

• Short Sale Offered at • 2BR/2BA $75,000 • 1248 S.F. • Great Condition • Lg Screened Lanai • Fenced Backyard



• 3BR/2BA/2GAR Offered at • 1,722 S.F. $150,000 • Diagaonal Tile Throughout • Huge Master W/Garden Tub • Window Seat in Den • Backs to Green Space

• 4BR/2BA/2GAR + Office Offered at • Large Fenced Yard $109,900 • Conveniently located to I-75 • Open Floor Plan • Large Master and Family Room



• Custom Built Offered at • 4BR/3.5BA/2GAR $525,000 • Approx. 3476 S.F. • Waterfront Pool Home • Hard Wood Flooring • Gas Fireplace

• WOW! Offered at • 4BR/2BA/2GAR $182,000 • 2367 S.F. • Pond View • Screened Patio • Gated Community

Specializing in Bank Owned Properties, Short Sales and Luxury Properties.


8 1 3. 76 0 .7 1 90

No t AL L R E A L T O R S A r e C r e a t e d E q u a l . Office: Of fice: 863.937.7665 7.7665 Cell: 770.365.7570 7570 Email:

Circulation Cir culation of The Real Estate Book is independently Audited by BP A BPA

Display Displays ys on any mobile phone, with orr without app download.

“All real real estate advertised herein herein is subject to the Federal Fair Housing Act which makes it illegal to advertise any preference, preference, limitations, or discrimination discrim mination based on race, color, color, religion, religion, sex, handicap, ap, familial status, or national origin, or intention to make any such pr eferences, limitation, or discrimination. on. preferences, We will not knowingly accept any advertising for real real est tate which is in violation of the law. law. All persons are are hereby hereby e We estate in nformed that all dwellings advertised are n equal opportunity basis.” informed are available on an

ww w .T e a m B r u mb a c h .co m

ALL STAR 15023 Gulf. Blvd.

Madeira Beach, FL33708

Each Office Independently Owned & Operated


Celebrating 35 Years of Service to the Suncoast! Over 2200 Families!

(727 ) 360-4900 1-800-652-2963

w w w. b a i r d r e a l t y g r o u p . c o m 6695 Gulf Blvd., St. Pete Beach, FL 33706

HISTORIC JUNGLE PRADA TOWNHOMES New Construction 4 Bedroom, 4 Bath Townhomes on Boca Ciega Bay. Superior concrete construction, gorgeous interior finishes, hurricane impact resistant windows & doors. Private elevators, 4-car garage, secured entrance. 50 FT BOAT SLIP INCLUDED! $795,000









NG MAGNIFICENT HOME IN GATED COMMUNITY! Refreshing pool/spa & plenty of dock room for water toys! Media room for sports/movie watching. Kitchen with cooking island, wet bar. Formal dining room for entertaining. Expansive glass for ample natural light & beautiful water views! Golf, Tennis, Social Club. $1,700,000 CALL ERIC BAIRD 727-455-1096 INCREDIBLE VIEWS!

WALK TO BEACH Awesome Custom home on open water!! 3 bedroom, 3 bath with too many upgrades to mention. Private Beach, swimming pool and spa, dock w/boat slip. Decks on every level. Absolutely gorgeous...don’t miss this opportunity to have it all! $895,000.

JUNGLE SHORES NEIGHBORHOOD Beautiful 4br/3ba home perfect for large family. Gourmet kitchen, granite countertops, custom cabinetry, formal dining room. Spacious great room w/fireplace opens onto screened lanai that is perfect for entertaining. Luxurious Master Suite and Bath. Over sized 4-car garage with tons of storage. $479,900




R E S O R T S T Y L E B E A C H LI V IN G ! Spacious 2 bedroom, 2 bath with 1255 sq ft. Enjoy fabulous sunsets & gorgeous Gulf views from your balcony. Split plan, open eat-in kitchen, private one car garage. Heated pools, spas, tennis, putting green & more! Live in paradise! $ 4 6 5 , 00 0 CALL TA NYA BAIRD-REPKA 727-458-7103 NEAR BEACHES & COLLEGE!

SEMINOLE Established Commercial Retail Strip Center located on busy Seminole Blvd. 8 units with great lease history. Property also consists of twelve storage rental units behind the property. C2 Zoning /Commercial Retail allows restaurants, office, personal light services. $799,000.

NEAR ST. PETE COLLEGE Triplex located within walking distance to SPC Gibbs Campus. Investment opportunity with great rental history. New windows, a/c and fresh paint. $214,500.

O U T D O O R P A R A D I S E ! Sparkling, waterfront pool, boat dock & ample patio’s/porches for enjoying Florida weather at it’s best! Unique, cantilevered deck offers great waterfront views! This 5 bedroom, 3 1/2 bath home is ready for your family & only 2 blocks to the beach. $ 87 9 ,0 00 C A LL E R IC B A IR D 7 27 -4 55 -1 09 6 E ric @B air dR e alt yG ro up .c om

L I V E IN A C H A R M IN G H O M E & O F F S E T E X P E N S E S ! 2 Bedroom/1 Bath Main home + 1 bedroom/1 bath legal apartment over 2 car garage. Great rental history for investors! Large corner lot, hardwood floors, Spanish tile. Walking distance to park, elementary school. O N LY $ 20 9, 90 0 ! CALL ERIC BAIRD TODAY! 727-455-1096 NEAR STETSON!

UNIQUE FLORIDA HOME! Just a short distance to Eckerd College, beaches and I275. Walk to shopping & transportation. This comfortable home with garage includes a cozy fireplace, open kitchen, fenced yard & tropical landscaping. 2nd home, college student or first time home buyer- this is the place for you! $149,000 CALL ERIC BAIRD 727-455-1096 WATERFRONT MULTI-UNIT!

S P A C IO U S ME D IT E R R A N E A N S T Y L E ! 3 bedroom townhome with 2 car garage! Located in a great gated community with pool/spa/fitness center. Near Stetson Law School. With over 2,000 htd sq ft, you get the comforts of a house with the conveniences of a community. Yes, it’s easy living here and your large dog is welcome too! $ 2 9 6 , 0 0 0 CALL ERIC BAIRD 727-455-1096 WIDE OPEN VIEWS!

Do you have questions about Short Sales or Foreclosures?

Call Julie Schwind at 727-692-2268 View all MLS listings at

PRIME SUNSET BEACH LOCATION! Waterfront property has four units in two bldgs. Situated on deep water on Blind Pass, with no bridges to the Gulf. Walk 200 yds. to Sunset’s white sand beaches. Opportunity to let rental units subsidize a relaxed Florida lifestyle. $555,000 CALL TANYA BAIRD-REPKA 727-458-7103

FA NTA STIC VIEW! On Pass-a-Grille channel. The terrific location lets you enjoy the wide bay view & be within walking distance of Pass-a-Grille beach with it’s restaurants & quaint shops. Access to I275 is just minutes away with an easy commute to downtown St. Petersburg, Tampa & Airports. $599,000 CALL ERIC BAIRD 727-455-1096

Search Tampa Bay Area Listings at:

The key to a streamlined

When you’re interested in buying or selling a home, you want a professional that’s able to walk you through each step. That’s what you’ll get with MIDFLORIDA Real Estate Sales, LLC. Our Realtors offer unparalleled service combined with area expertise to make the purchase or sales process as seamless as possible. Plus, you’ll enjoy the simplicity of the entire experience – from listing to closing – all under the same roof.*

» Give us a call today to get started! East Polk (863) 299-9988 West Polk (863) 667-2160 North Highlands (863) 385-7411 South Highlands (863) 699-0404 Toll Free (800) 277-1154 55 5th St. NW, Winter Haven 3004 S. Florida Ave., Lakeland 5805 U.S. Hwy. 27 N., Sebring 15 N. Main Ave., Lake Placid

A subsidiary of MIDFLORIDA

BROKER OF RECORD: Carol S. Edwards

• Real Estate Sales

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Federally insured by NCUA.

• Homeowners Insurance

*Real estate services are offered through MIDFLORIDA Real Estate Services, LLC, a subsidiary of MIDFLORIDA. Homeowners insurance is offered through a partnership with Heacock Insurance. Title services are offered through MIDFLORIDA Title Professionals, an affiliate of MIDFLORIDA. MIDFLORIDA Credit Union is an equal housing lender. A $5 minimum savings account is required for access to MIDFLORIDA Credit Union products and services. Credit approval is required for a mortgage.



HOME. Your dream home should start with a dream mortgage. Let the professionals at MIDFLORIDA Mortgage Center find the loan that’s right for you. With low closing costs, competitive rates and convenient, local services, we have the right combination to make your home-owning dreams come true.

North Lakeland | 7301 U.S. Hwy. 98 N. | (863) 937-9900

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Federally insured by NCUA. A $5 minimum savings account is required for membership with MIDFLORIDA and to apply for a MIDFLORIDA mortgage. Credit approval is required. MIDFLORIDA is an equal housing lender.


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