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Author : Coleen Barger Pages : 656 pages Publisher : Wolters Kluwer Law &Business Language : eng ISBN-10 : 1454828757 ISBN-13 : 9781454828754

ALWD Guide to Legal Citation The ALWD Guide to Legal Citation is a consistent and flexible system of citation for legal materials, designed to be easy for students, professors, practitioners, and judges to understand and use. Filled with numerous examples of proper citation formats for the many types of source materials cited in legal documents, the Guide includes extensive explanations to assist students in choosing the correct form. The Fifth Edition is combined with a powerful new website to create a comprehensive, easy-to-use teaching package that addresses citation in all forms of legal writing.One of the Guide’s fundamental goals is to be a restatement of the rules of citation based on how experts actually do citation. It is a book prepared by professionals for professionals. As a result of this approach, citation using the ALWD format will be instantly familiar to practitioners and scholars alike, regardless of which edition of the Bluebook they have learned. The Guide contrasts the formats used in practice-based documents with those used in academic footnotes, but in a single set of rules that novice and experienced legal writers can easily consult.Features of the Fifth EditionA great teaching book just got better. The Fifth Edition . . .- Provides step-by-step guidance for citing primary sources of law and a variety of secondary sources- Expands its appendices, with more abbreviations for more kinds of sources- Explains and illustrates modifications needed for citations in scholarly writing, letting students easily contrast the formats side by side in the same rule- Increases usability by covering the most important aspects of legal citation in just 40 rules- Continues and expands its user-friendly features, including:- Fast Formats that preview and refresh understanding of essential components for full and short citations of primary and secondary sources- Snapshots of frequently cited sources that teach students where to find essential components for building citations- Sidebars that help students understand the “why” of legal citations and steer them away from common errors- Templates that diagram essential components and dozens of new examplesSelf-stick tabs for flagging frequently referenced pages ALWD Guide to Legal Citation

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ALWD Guide to Legal Citation  

ALWD Guide to Legal Citation