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Author : Larry Siegel Pages : 528 pages Publisher : Wadsworth Publishing 2016-01-26 Language : English ISBN-10 : 130564283X ISBN-13 : 9781305642836

Description Concise, current, and affordable, CRIMINOLOGY: THE CORE, Sixth Edition, delivers cutting-edge coverage in a succinct, easy-reading paperback. Author Larry Siegel guides you through the fast-paced field of criminology, its most current research, and fascinating examples that help you truly understand criminological theory. The text

details the crimes of real-life people to illustrate specific criminology theories., Highlighting the interdisciplinary nature of the field, it also offers unbiased coverage of even the most controversial issues -- enabling you to form your own opinions. This edition includes the latest insights into political crime; terrorism (e.g. ISIS, lone wolves); white-collar, blue-collar, and green-collar crime; cyber crime; transnational crime (e.g., sex trafficking); and many other topics. In addition, the text is packed with resources like "Thinking Like a Criminologist" role-plays and "Connections" to the big picture to help you maximize your course success.

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Read Criminology: The Core Online  

Read Criminology: The Core Online