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IT’S AWESOME!!! a g o Y r a g n e y I L featuring

Our New fully equipped 1300 sq. ft. Mind Body Studio featuring Iyengar Yoga with over 36 feet of yoga wall along with state of the art brackets, straps, slings and bars along with bolsters, yoga straps, blocks, blankets and chairs to offer each individual the ability to achieve their potential. Our Yoga Instructors are all Iyengar trained with each instructor having between 300-500 hours of instruction and apprenticeship.

HEAD INSTRUCTOR: D’Arcy Blacklock, Christine Bateman, Dave Palibroda, Carl Lane They are all members in the Iyengar Yoga Association of Canada.

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YOU DONT HAVE TO BE A MEMBER TO JOIN! ...also featuring Pilates Mat Classes

Pilates is a form of exercise, which emphasizes the balanced development of the body through core strength, flexibility, and awareness in order to support efficient, graceful movement. It is one of the most popular exercise systems in the world. One of the best things about the Pilates method is that it works so well for a wide range of people. Athletes and dancers love it, as do seniors, women rebounding from pregnancy, and people who are at various stages of physical rehabilitation. HEAD INSTRUCTOR: Alyssa Deacon and Diana Hein

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Grip The Kettlebell Revolution!

If you're looking for a workout that incorporates strength training, muscle conditioning, and aerobic exercise simultaneously, then Iron Core's Kettlebell Training Program is perfect for you!

• Build strength • Slash and burn fat quickly • Increase flexibility, agility, mobility, and improve athletic performance • Add tone and definition to the body Boost energy levels • Reduce stress and tension • Get results fast for optimum fitness.

you’ve heard of it and it’s awesome!!

now come and join us for an eight week session that will take you to the next level of training

8 WEEK SESSON STARTING FEB. 22 (45 MINUTES) Members $20 + GST / No-Members $40 + GST



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