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How colours can influence a room Red - increases circulation and muscular activity Orange - signifies optimism and enthusiasm Yellow - represents creativity and joy Green - symbolizes balance and nature Blue - represents inspiration and truth Violet - suggests humility and spirituality White - signifies purity and innocence Black - suggests strength and restores energy


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The graphics are really nummy. (Yes, I used a thesaurus for that one.) They are by no means realistic. It seems to me that in all these games from people who have worked at Capcom, the characters all tend to look alike. They appear large on the screen. Literally like you are looking at someone that could be twenty feet tall if it were not for the environment around them. They also tend to act larger than life.

Rating: 4 Zombies out of 5


o there I was...

Just there... Going straight into it this time.

at any time. The combos are definitely button-masher friendly. There is a ‘witch time’ procedure that slows down time to allow you to really beat the tar out of enemies. It’s triggered by dodging an attack immediately before contact. There are enough items to buy and spells to concoct that you have to play through more than once to get most of them. You can even buy new moves from the hades shop. From what I have been reading on the internet about concerns about the game, the PS3 version is slightly less than perfect. The graphics are not as sharp and there is a farcical amount of slowdown. How about some horrendous load times as well? Every item you pick up and pretty much anything that you do initiates a ‘loading...’ message.

The story, I’ll be honest, is difficult to decipher. To bring balance to the universe, there have to be two opposing forces, good and evil. Sounds reasonable. There are Lumen, the light side, and Umbra, the dark side. You are Bayonetta, an Umbran witch, but you never really feel like she is evil per se. She is just a memory-less soul searching for the truth, although she does have to fight through the ‘light’ enemies to get to that realization. So, essentially you are fighting angelic monsters. An interesting twist, but it never challenges religion or anything like that. So you fans of the J-man out there, just tread softly.

As for how the game actually feels, it is best compared to Devil May Cry. Since the dude who worked on that game helped bring this one to life, it only makes sense that they would be quite similar. The game is FULL of ACTION. You start off with a gun in each hand and for extra finesse on the dance floor, one attached to each ankle. Apparently it is possible. I mean I tried it myself but I couldn’t do it.

There are crazy cut scenes full of action and gratuitous shots of beautiful women in dangerously scandalous poses. Apparently when you have those two prerequisites, you don’t need much of a story anymore. Who knew?

Luckily for XBOX360 owners, none of this is an issue. But be warned, if anyone watches you play this game it feels like getting caught playing Dead or Alive Beach Volleyball.

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Later on you get swords and even skates which can be swapped with other weapons

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Sending muSic to the Olympics Water for health Gamer review Renos & renews


Sending muSic to the Olympics Water for health Gamer review Renos & renews