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The reality is you have to stay busy. It’s good for the mind and soul and also for the wallet (laughing). Being Canadian, you have to do as much as you can. It keeps you fresh, fresh ears and new approach and keeps it all fun and exciting.” “Any other interesting projects?” I asked. “My wife and I are working on a children’s book series together. It’s not out yet, but will be titled Not Another, as in ‘not another trip to the dentist’ or ‘not another guitar lesson’. “What kind of music do you listen to?” “I’m all over the map. Radio keeps a pulse on what’s happening. Then I listen to Rosanne Cash, Kings of Leon, Them Crooked Vultures, Coldplay, Daftpunk. I like the new Miranda Lambert record, Lady Antebellum, and I’m a Keith Urban fan. Always Prince. I need to buy something weekly to inspire me.

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“You can approach each thing with enthusiasm if you’re a little bit all over the place. That’s my life!”

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I asked him what else he was working on. “I play in sessions with lots of different people, especially emerging artists.” he said. “One of note recently was Michelle Branch. That was really cool. Another is Jaida Dreyer. She’s the new buzz girl around Nashville. She was born in Thunder Bay but raised in the southern U.S. so she’s got the thickest twang you can imagine, but a cool charm. I’ve been writing a lot, and just finished the music for a documentary about Cindy Klassen, the Canadian speed skater who won five medals in the last Olympics. She’s from Manitoba too. Probably my favourite project was writing and recording the music for “The K-Tel Story” for CTV. It was about the rise and fall of K-Tel and all the crazy shenanigans they were involved in. It was really fun. It involved music from all eras, disco, polkas and all that crazy stuff. Bev Dubois is City Councillor for City Council Ward 10. She can be contacted at 652-2576, by fax at 477-4168, by cell at 260-2360, or through e-mail at You can also visit or www.


City driving conditions The snow finally came and the city was able to test its new snow and ice maintenance program. It is clear that there is still some work to do on it but I can assure you that it is happening. Winter road maintenance crews and hired contractors were working in twelve-hour shifts with all available equipment to clear Saskatoon roadways according to the Priority System. We are reminded that residential streets are not included in the Priority System, and will only be cleared under extraordinary circumstances. The public is encouraged to report roads that are blocked by drifts of snow by calling Public Works Dispatch at 975-2491. Crews will clear the blockage on streets with higher traffic counts first, and will eventually get to all reported streets. Residents are also reminded that when you clear snow from your sidewalks and driveways, the cleared snow should be placed on your own property, not on the roadway. Throwing or shoveling snow onto the roadway makes driving unsafe, and is in violation of City of Saskatoon bylaws. Residents are also reminded to please exercise caution and care when shoveling, especially during very cold weather.

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“How has technology changed music?” “I’m able to sit in my music room in my home in Nashville and write and record music for a documentary for a Canadian company, without ever seeing them. It’s just bizarre. Ten years ago, we didn’t do that. They send me the video in about three minutes. I can send them the music in a matter of seconds. It’s unbelievable. Recently I played on a track for a guy from England who wanted my guitar on his track....all from my downstairs music room. On the downside, music isn’t made the way it used to be. It’s becoming rare for five people to get together in a room, and really good music needs that interaction.” Listen for Murray Pulver’s guitar and vocal stylings with Doc Walker and many other up-and-coming country music artists. You can stay current with his work through myspace.

Volunteers appreciated Kudos to our Emergency Measures Coordinator with the Saskatoon Fire and Protective Services, who mobilized a group of 14 volunteers to patrol bus routes that Saskatoon Transit was unable to fully service at the time of the heavy snow fall and subsequently due to the difficult driving conditions. Six teams of volunteers from Saskatoon Ground Search and Rescue and local 4 x 4 Clubs were available to help persons who might need information regarding transit service. Each volunteer was equipped with a letter authenticating their role. Thank you very much to Ray and all of his volunteers. Plans for new fire halls City Council recently approved in principle the proposed Fire and Protective Services Growth Plan to adequately service existing and planned new neighbourhoods. The plan is subject to available funding, and proposes a fire station in the Northwest Sector (Hampton Village) to be completed and staffed by 2012; in the CN Industrial area (Stonebridge and Willows) to be completed and staffed by 2014; and in the Northeast Development Area (Evergreen/University Heights) to be completed and staffed by 2018. The fire hall currently under construction in the Southeast Sector (Briarwood and Rosewood) is tentatively scheduled to open in June 2010. As always, please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions, concerns or comments. I like to hear from you! Remember that if any email messages are not answered within a reasonable amount of time please call me as it means I did not receive it. Thank you! Have a great month. Mon.-Fri. 7:30 am to 5 pm

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• The city with the most Rolls Royce’s per capita: Hong Kong • Men can read smaller print than women: women can hear better. • The amount American Airlines saved in 1987 by eliminating one olive from each salad served in first class - $40,000. • State in United States with the highest percentage of people who walk to work: Alaska. • Percentage of Africa that is wilderness: 28% • The cost of raising a medium size dog to the age of eleven: $6,400.

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1. How long did the Hundred Years War last? 2. What is a camel’s hairbrush made of? 3. What colour is a Purple Finch? 4. Where are Chinese gooseberries from?

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Answers: 1. 116 years 2. Squirrel fur 3. Crimson 4. New Zealand


quick Google search will tell you Murray Pulver plays lead guitar and sings with JUNO-winning countryrock trio, Doc Walker. A further search reveals a hardworking, Canadian, omnipresent musician with the type of career and attitude that inspires. Prior to joining Doc Walker, he started in music as a guitar teacher, then toured the world playing with the Crash Test Dummies. Pulver has earned every accolade he’s received in the music industry. He was awarded ‘Guitar Player of The Year’ at the CCMA All Star Band Awards. He also took home ‘Producer of the Year’ for his contribution on Tara Oram’s album Chasing The Sun. He’s a busy man so I was fortunate to have the opportunity to talk to him recently while his family was driving to hockey practice. “I’ve got two kids, three cats, a puppy, and of course my wife, who is unbelievable through it all. I tour with a Canadian country band and I live in Nashville! Obviously I like chaos. I like to mix it all up. You can approach each thing with enthusiasm if you’re a little bit all over the place. That’s my life!” Doc Walker’s current single ‘If I Fall’ is extraordinarily beautiful in terms of sound and lyrics. Fans think so too, as the single and video sit in the top 10 in Canada as of the date of this interview. The first single from the album Comin’ Home was a hit too. The video was shot near Regina. He’s hitting the road to the east coast in a few weeks, then playing at the Olympics on Feb. 26, then off to Australia for a short tour that includes Jack Ingram.


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