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askatchewan claimed a winning attitude in recent years, as its economy, and profile in the world, soared. In the same period the Roughriders also advanced, though they agonizingly fell short at the end of last season. There is a correlation and it speaks to our current challenge. A winning attitude begins with self-concept, in essence, the way you see yourself. It can include other terms like self-image, self-esteem and self-worth. One of the interesting things about self-concept is that there is evidence to suggest it determines your performance; that, in fact, there is a 1:1 ratio to how you see yourself and how you perform. If you see yourself as pretty good at math, you are. If you see yourself as a golfer who shoots about 90, you do. If you see yourself as successful, you succeed. As a leadership coach, improving your performance through enhancing self-concept is one of the things I coach people on. Increasing your self-concept not only improves your own performance, it can build the self-image, self-esteem and self-worth of your whole team, your employees, your family or your friends. It has been interesting for me to watch the evolution of self-concept in Saskatchewan. For a number of years, I asked people if they believed provinces had self-concepts. Alberta was my example. I would ask, ‘how big is Alberta’s self-concept? How big is their performance?’ The answer was easy: Alberta’s self-concept is big and their performance is big. So I would ask, ‘what is Saskatchewan’s self-concept, big or small?’ Again, the answer

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came easily to most people: Saskatchewan’s self-concept was small. About 2003-04, the answer started to change. Saskatchewan’s self-concept began to grow. I would argue that at the same time, our overall performance improved. Oddly enough, it seems like the self-concept of the Roughriders increased as well. Many people jokingly suggest there is a connection. I agree. And I think the link is that the Roughrider successes have spilled over into our overall self-concept as a province, and vice versa.

He defines efficacy as a person’s belief that they have the ability to CAUSE, BRING ABOUT or MAKE HAPPEN. Now, given our result at this year’s Grey Cup you could say our self-concept took a hit. This might be true. There is a term I use in leadership coaching: efficacy. Albert Bandura, a great Canadian-born psychologist, has done profound research on the role of efficacy in leadership. He defines efficacy as a person’s belief that they have the ability to CAUSE, BRING ABOUT or MAKE HAPPEN. There is a direct link between efficacy and self-concept. People and groups with high efficacy also have a high self-concept. It has been my observation that the Roughriders not only have a high self-concept, they have great leadership with high efficacy. I am confident

that even though they were knocked down at the Grey Cup, they won’t stay down. I hope the same is true for our province. I believe our self-concept has grown over the last several years, and that our efficacy has grown with it. So the setback of the economic downturn is just that, a setback. Like the Riders, we’ve taken a hit and we’ve been knocked down – but let’s not stay down. Let’s continue building our high self-concept and our high efficacy.

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Don’t you just love being from Saskatchewan, and don’t you just love the Riders?!

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Sending muSic to the Olympics Water for health Gamer review Renos & renews