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The healing power of water


f your hair now lacks luster and your skin is grey and dull, there is one word for you: Water! Water is an age-old therapy with the power to purify, balance, and restore health. Steam baths with eucalyptus can help maintain the health of the lungs and combat colds while the steam detoxifies and helps the body regain its natural moisture balance. You can achieve similar benefits for your face by steaming over a bowl of hot, eucalyptus–infused water. How? Hydrating at-home steam: • Fill a serving-sized bowl with steaming water • Add several drops of pure essential oil • Place your face over the bowl and use a thin dish towel over your head, draped around the bowl to retain the steam • Breathe the steam in for 3-5 minutes, allowing your skin to become wet with steam and sweat

• Drink a glass of cool water to further benefit from its hydrating rewards For a quick hydrating fix, carry a spray bottle of water and spritz your face and skin several times daily with a thin mist Winter weather Winter can be tough on your body, skin and hair. Runners know how tough it is to brave the cold and get outside for a run. But worry not, here is a tip to help overcome winter’s chilly clutch! A simple at-home cure can combat the winter blues--and create your own mini-spa! Using items you already have at home you can create a relaxing experience with very little effort. At-home mini-spa recipe: • Fill your tub with hot water • Add a cup of Epsom Salt (magnesium sulfate has been shown to exfoliate and soften skin, ease stress and increase energy) • Add a few drops of your favourite essential

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By Dr. Michele Kralkay

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oil, such as mandarin, lavender, sandalwood or marjoram • Soak for 15-20 minutes as the salt and essential oil loosens your muscles • While soaking, mix remaining salt with a handful of sugar and olive oil (nutrient-rich and naturally moisturizing), then use this scrub to exfoliate your skin and give yourself a natural body polish • After soaking, apply your favorite natural body lotion, chill out to a relaxing CD, and let your stress become a distant memory. Hair Are your tresses looking particularly dull and lifeless this frigid season? To heal the damage done and protect from future trauma, tend to them with easy at-home treatments. For instant hair relief, try moisture masks to help restore your hair’s natural strength, lock in moisture and slow the effects of aging. Brunette hair: avocado hair moisture masque: • Mash up 1 or 2 very ripe avocados depending on the length and density of your hair • Shampoo and lightly towel dry • Apply avocado masque to hair and massage into scalp, then wrap hair with a warm towel • Let sit for 15-20 minutes • Shampoo and condition as usual

Blonde hair: banana hair moisture masque: Follow the same directions as with the Avocado Masque but choose bananas for blondes. Why? Avocados are green and possibly can stain blonde hair. Bananas are naturally extremely moisturizing. Winter’s dry and cold weather can cause hair to split and break. And don’t forget the hair on your face! It’s time to take eyelash breakage seriously, as winter’s wrath can wreak havoc on lash elasticity, breaking into short, sparse lashes. Skin Basic Eyelash/Eyebrow Repair Treatment: • Use a clean mascara brush dipped in pure almond oil and saturate your lashes each night. The almond oil is known to repair dry hair and return it to its healthy, supple state. Sage lash conditioner: • 1 cup filtered water • 1 tsp. extra-virgin olive oil • 2 cups fresh sage leaves or 1 cup dried sage • Boil 1 cup filtered water with 1 cup dried sage (or 2 cups fresh sage leaves), simmer for 15 minutes • Cool and strain the water into a sterile jar • Pour the room temperature sage-infused water into a pretty jar with a top • Add 1 teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil • Dip a clean mascara brush into the mix and brush your lashes. Save the rest for daily use. Dr. Michele Kralkay, DNM RHN is a complementary medical practitioner, health consultant, lecturer and author. She is certified in many healing modalities. Contact her at or call 477-4480.


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