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his is the time of the year when we return from the furniture shows with exciting new ideas in home décor and the product to back it up. There was very little that was “must-have” interesting. Refinement and “reworked” was the common thread throughout the show. There was more attention paid to function, style and scale this year. For the first day or two of the show you get so caught up in the “What’s new?” mode, it takes a while to think about the sales people saying “Nothing really, but we are so excited about…”

good art choice; they are easily removed and repositioned. They come in many designs and colours, and are cost effective. Homegrown Canadian-made products are in big demand. The inexpensive Asian market product (of four to five years ago) was plagued with drying, cracking, warping and peeling issues in our climate. They are slowly addressing these issues but there is a cost factored into it that puts Canadian furniture manufacturers on a more level playing field with the Asian market. Given a choice, you’ll see more “Made in Canada” stickers on products.

Colour is the rock star of trends this year and not the actual design of furniture. The majority of the large furniture pieces stay neutral while the accent chairs, art, and accessories are in bold, vibrant colours with not a pastel in sight. The yellows are YELLOW, the oranges are ORANGE, the blues are BLUE; there is no other way to describe it. Purple was everywhere; this is truly THE spotlight colour of 2010! Most of the furniture pieces presented in purple are done with longevity in mind. Very dusty violets with strong undertones of black, grey or brown prevailed. Purple is both elegant and soothing, and limiting it to smaller pieces of furniture will ensure no decorating faux-pas. Bright, vibrant purple appeared strong in area carpets, lamps, vases, art, accent cushions and accessories. Tip: dabble in purple but do it in inexpensive, easy-to-change pieces. Dining and accent chairs in the correct shade of purple will not get tiresome and, with a strong undertone of another colour, will be easy to decorate around in future years. Art is getting larger and more vibrant. We saw a lot of bold, brilliant reds, kiwis, oranges, yellows and blues. Blue is the comeback colour of 2010 (for those afraid of purple). There was a swing toward more trees in the art this spring, whether they were

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his makeover issue is being applied well beyond beauty and fashion and expresses the universal desire for renewal, especially as the warm weather approaches. The annual home shows and garden shows coming up play to that. So it’s time for us to break out of the winter greys and get ready for spring. Those warm, sunny days are not quite here yet, but we’re thinking ahead and getting ready. This is an issue worth reading cover to cover. To go along with our lead story on home renovation, we sent our writers out on a hunt for stories on makeover. The response

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The majority of the large furniture pieces stay neutral while the accent chairs, art, and accessories are in bold, vibrant colours with not a pastel in sight. abstract or realistic. People like trees. Metal art is still in huge demand, it is simple and the chameleon of art really, and it can withstand almost all decorating changes. For the more subdued decorator; there are from our wonderful diverse group of local writers was more than we asked for: we have articles on renovation of the inner world and the outer world. In this issue we learn about painting, interior design, fashion, and image, but also your attitude, soul, spirit, the inner creative self. Dr. Bill Brooks lays out for us a series of steps in creativity. Margaret Bremner, an artist, nudges us with interesting suggestions to let loose your creativity. Barb Maduck explains the stages of change and creativity. “You can’t step in the same river twice.” goes the saying. The charm of the saying is that although life may seem the same in many ways, change is inevitable. “Allow me

earthy wood tones and flowers. The reinvented flowers are exceptionally gorgeous. They say horse art is bigger than ever. We saw it everywhere and it is something a person could put in their home even if they aren’t “into” horses. Huge wall stencils are a very


Bev Dawson, Editor-in-chief Bruce Filson, Managing Editor

We have had an overwhelming response to the two contests we ran in last month’s issue. Thank you to everyone who submitted an entry. The winners of the “Walking with the Dinosaurs” contest are: Michael McDonald, Nicole LindsayHawlerns, and Calvin Yury. The Sawyer Brown contest winners are yet to be chosen and will be announced in next month’s issue. Also, check out page 8B in this issue for our newest contest.

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In conclusion, there is about equal demand between wood and glass coffee tables, with dining tables preferred in wood. Leather has a slight edge over fabric-upholstered furniture. Customized wall entertainment systems are popping up all over. Glass television stands are giving way to more finished, furniturelooking pieces.

to accept the things I cannot change,” goes the wise saying “and grant me the courage to change what I can.” Be proactive is the buzz word of the day. To be proactive is to make the changes you want. This issue is full of suggestions and ways you can make changes to your life. Sometimes the littlest changes go a long way. It’s amazing what a paint job will do, or a few moments of relaxation. But we all need a little help doing something we don’t normally do. That’s where our great writers come in.


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by Jennifer Lucky

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