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Caring for your pets Helpful hints for the handy homeowner


tonebridge Veterinary Hospital (SVH): A new pet care hospital in the neighbourhood!!! Did you know that caring for your “pet kids” or “furry friends” has never been made easier than now in Stonebridge? Stonebridge Veterinary Hospital opened its doors wide early in January to the residents of Stonebridge and beyond including the country towns and villages south of Saskatoon. Stonebridge Veterinary Hospital boasts a Stonebridge resident veterinarian and two veterinary technicians having over 32 years of experience in veterinary activities among them. There is a plan to add 2 more veterinarians and more supporting staff to its team. The SVH team derives its strength from serving you and compassionately and affectionately caring for your pet kids and furry friends. Services offered include but are not limited to the following: Wellness Exams, Vaccinations suited to individual lifestyles, surgeries, in-house laboratory diagnostics, digital x-rays, dental care, specialty diets, international travel certificates, toys that promote weight reduction and active lifestyle, low calorie and hypoallergenic treats, house calls, integrated system with digital medical records, SPCA exams, emergency services and others. Just pay a visit to the facility; a lot of goodies await your pet kids and furry friends. Contact: 5-215 Stonebridge Blvd. Phone: 306 244 2815. Fax: 306 244 2817.

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omeowners everywhere are loading up their tool belts and taking on home improvement projects on their own. Here are some hints to help you make your home better while keeping your expenses down.

Rejuvenate Cabinets

Instead of replacing your kitchen cabinets, stain them for a fresh, new look. • Wash cabinets with mild detergent. Let dry, then scrape off loose paint. • Sand all surfaces. (Try Black & Decker’s all-new Complete Sanding Kit with Smart Selecta Technology.) Then wipe away sanding dust and prime all bare wood with sealer. • Paint cabinet interiors back walls first, then tops, sides and bottoms. Paint bottoms, tops, and edges of shelves last. • Paint both sides of doors, beginning with inner surfaces. With panel doors, paint in this order: 1) recessed panels, 2) horizontal rails, 3) vertical stiles.

Assemble Furniture Yourself

Adding even one new piece of furniture, like a bookshelf, can help transform a room. To help eliminate some of the frustration that can come with following assembly instructions, follow these tips: • Set aside a work area that’s big enough for unpacking and maneuvering the preassembled pieces. • Spread out all the furniture pieces and hardware. Compare what you have with what’s listed in the instruction manual. Make sure you have everything before you start. • Be ready with the basic tools. Some furniture is simple enough that no tools are required, but more complex pieces will probably call for a hammer, screwdrivers, wrenches and maybe even a power drill.

• Wellness Exams • Vaccinations Suited To individual Lifestyles • Surgeries • In-House Laboratory Diagnostics • Digital X-rays • Dental Care • Specialty Diets • International Travel Cerificates • Toys that promote Weight Reduction and Active Lifestyle • Low Calorie and Hypoallergenic Treats • House Calls • Integrated System with Digital Medical Records • SPCA Exams


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Install New Blinds

New blinds can help change the look of a room in no time. They also add privacy and can be an added form of insulation in the cooler months. • Take accurate measurements before you buy. Inside and outside mounted blinds are measured differently. You can find measuring guides online to help you get just the right fit. • Open the package carefully. Don’t use a razor blade or knife to open the boxes because you could accidently cut a cord. • Predrill pilot holes for screws to avoid splitting the work piece. Use a slower speed and moderate pressure. A steady and patient approach works best with wood, to avoid slipping and misaligning holes.

Add a Chair Rail

It’s the perfect way to create a new look in any room without the pain of painting the entire space. To determine how high the chair rail should be, divide the height of the ceiling by three. The general rule is that the chair rail should be about 1/3 of the way up from the floor (between 32 and 36 inches for an 8-foot ceiling). Following a cutline with a saw can be difficult, especially in poorly lit work areas. One tool that can make the job easier is a jigsaw. Using a jigsaw can be tricky when you first start out. Practice on a piece of scrap wood to avoid costly mistakes on the actual project and get you acquainted with using the saw and what to expect.

Cosmetic surgery in Saskatoon


he Stonebridge Medical & Cosmetic Centre opened its doors in July, 2009. The clinic offers laser hair removal (for receding and thinning hair for both men and women), scalp hair rejuvenation, laser skin rejuvenation, chemical peels, botox and fillers as well as skin care products for Acne, Rosacea and skin tightening. It also offers treatment for varicose and spider veins with both laser and sclerotherapy. With the highest quality lasers on the market they ensure the best results, and the most comfortable and pain-free experience for our clients. The doctors are knowledgeable and experienced, with all cosmetic techniques and are continually updating their skills. Consultation with the doctor is free. Schedules are flexible: they can work around your convenience for having any procedure done. Hours are from 9:00 to 7:30 Monday to Friday and 9:00 to 5:00 on Saturday. Gift Certificates for Cosmetic procedures are also available. Check at the front desk.


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