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Issue  5/2012 In this issue: penny’s visit down south    waikato volunteers win awards    new zealand red cross ready to shakeout

dunedin red cross choir marks 70 years Otago area manager Karen Clements. So much so, that Otago’s nomination for New Zealand Red Cross volunteer of the year award was the choir.

¡ The Dunedin Red Cross Choir performing.

It has been 70 years since the Dunedin Red Cross Choir gave its first performance. Established in 1942, it is one of only three Red Cross Choirs in the world. The choir is made up of a group of dedicated people who do more than entertain; they are described as the backbone of the Dunedin branch by

The volunteers in this choir dedicate hundreds of hours each year to delight rest home residents and attendees at functions. Each year they put on a concert and raise funds for New Zealand Red Cross programmes. They are a group of modest hard working volunteers Otago area manager Karen Clements says. “We know they don’t like a fuss, but after 70 years we in Otago think they deserve one. They are just fantastic.” This group truly exemplifies all that Red Cross at the grassroots represents.

TRINITY TARGETS NUCLEAR WEAPONS Warren Maxwell of Trinity Roots is backing New Zealand Red Cross’ awareness campaign to make nuclear weapons the target. In an interview in July, Warren was quick to tell us why he is passionate about supporting the banning of nuclear weapons.

¡ Warren Maxwell talks about nuclear weapons.

“It is important to remind ourselves that nuclear weapons are still being stockpiled, they are still out there, a danger, a threat.” He also spoke of the bigger picture, “it’s not about us essentially. It is about our kids, our grandkids and our great grandkids”.

The campaign was officially launched 30 August at parliament hosted by National MP for Hunuia Dr Paul Hutchinson. The campaign is centred around a website asking people to vote whether they think nuclear weapons should be banned. The social explosion will ignite when our social reach exceeds 150,000; the estimated combined force of the 20,000 nuclear weapons held globally.

Message from Penny One of the very pleasant aspects of my job as President of Red Cross is meeting up with members from all parts of the country. As in all the 188 countries of the world where there is a Red Cross or Red Crescent Society, New Zealand Red Cross is owned and governed by the members. It is the members who provide the leadership and set the direction of the organisation. We must never forget the important and valuable role that members play in Red Cross. They, along with all the volunteers are our life blood, and the passion and commitment of present and past members never ceases to amaze me. In November the National Council (Annual General Meeting) will be held in Auckland. At this important meeting this year there will be elections for a new President, the National Youth Representative, and the six elected positions on the National Board. These people will be in place for the next few years and like all members, they will exemplify the fourth Principle and provide their time and expertise voluntarily “not prompted in any manner by desire for gain”. It is the duty of us all to give thought to who we elect and to then provide our support to those who are successful.

Penny Mason

National President


¡ Jason Sebastian with his award.

New Zealand Red Cross volunteers Jason Sebastian and the Hamilton meals on wheels team have won at the annual Waikato Volunteer Excellence Awards.

Each year Volunteering Waikato holds an awards evening to recognise the efforts of volunteers throughout the community. Jason Sebastian won the youth award. He was nominated by the Waikato branch because of his role in supporting the start-up of their youth action programme in Hamilton. The Waikato Red Cross branch say they value the time and energy he gives to New Zealand Red Cross as they are well aware he is also busy studying, working part time and volunteering at other not for profit organisations. Red Cross programme coordinator Julie Elmer describes Jason as a fantastic communicator and leader who is committed to Red Cross and encourages other young people to get involved. A second award was given to the Hamilton meals on wheels team who was nominated for the team award and won a commendation for their efforts. “Meals on wheels is such a fantastic community service, they deliver hot nutritious meals and provide a friendly face which is much appreciated by its recipients, especially by those living alone” explains Julie. She said the award was particularly enjoyed by the group’s longest serving volunteer at the moment, Ida Scott, who has been volunteering for 46 years.

¡ The Hamilton meals on wheels team with their award.

KEY DATES september


queens service medal Adriana Gunder, chair of the Auckland South/ Central East Area Council was awarded the Queen’s Service Medal for community work last June. Adriana has been involved with Red Cross for 30 years (first with the British Red Cross now New Zealand Red Cross). ¡ Adriana Gunder.

She has organised Red Cross volunteers at Auckland Hospital for 10 years, served on the Northern Region Board for six years and been involved in many fundraising activities in Auckland. Her community involvement includes being a volunteer for Victim Support, the CAB and the local resident’s association. She is very honoured to have been awarded the QSM and is proud of her community involvement.


¡ A Bosnian Muslim woman next to the coffin of her relative. Photo: AP/Marko Drobnjakovic.

The Responsibility to Protect (R2P) is a principle aimed at the protection of the world’s most vulnerable populations from the most heinous international crimes. On 26 July New Zealand Red Cross held a public event at Victoria University examining different approaches to this principle. Leading R2P expert Phoebe Wynn-Pope discussed areas of commonality and points of difference between International Humanitarian Law and R2P and how they both have a role to play in the protection of vulnerable populations. Colin Keating, former New Zealand Permanent Representative to the United Nations and former head of the New York based NGO the Security Council Report discussed the development of R2P from a political perspective.

language line New Zealand Red Cross pledged at the 2011 International Conference to do more to support migrants in vulnerable situations. One way in which this support is being provided is to ensure those who speak little or no English can access New Zealand Red Cross services. New Zealand Red Cross is in partnership with the Department of Internal Affairs, meaning we now have access to the Office of Ethnic Affairs run Language Line telephone interpreting service. Access to this service will help ensure New Zealand Red Cross is able to provide appropriate and efficient customer service for clients needing language support. The 43 languages offered, operating hours and other information are available at NTERNATIONAL DAY 15 IOF DEMOCRACY

As a country, that encourages immigration for employment, tourism and study, and with a number of humanitarian quota categories, the need for language support in our communities is evident. Our team of outreach volunteers underwent training with language line on the 23 July. Outreach and community support coordinator Jolie Wills believes it is critically important that language is not a barrier in the recovery journey. “Our volunteers are generous, approachable people, devoted to connecting with people in the community. To do this communication is key. It is very exciting to have the use of Language Line to enhance the support we can provide to members of culturally and linguistically diverse communities”. NTERNATIONAL DAY FOR 16 ITHE PRESERVATION OF THE OZONE LAYER

who am i? Do you want to nominate someone you think we should all know about? Please send us a picture and a contact number so we can show them off around the New Zealand Red Cross. Email us at Who am I? Rob High, programmes coordinator, Auckland Service Centre.

Who am I? Bruce McGregor, national human resources and volunteer support manager. How long have you been with Red Cross? Since late June 2012, so very much ‘the new kid on the block’! What do you do? I want to work across New Zealand Red Cross to ensure every aspect of people management is such that all employees, members and volunteers have the opportunity to reach their full potential. What is your favourite rainy day activity? Tramping with Sally and our two Labradors. Why New Zealand Red Cross? A few years ago during my military career, whilst clearing land mines in Cambodia I decided that someday I would work in such an organisation in one capacity or another. Biggest Indulgence? Being an aviation addict, and holding a pilots licence. Spending as much time as possible, and money, flying small aeroplanes.

How long have you been with Red Cross? Just over four months as a staff member (but I have been volunteering since November 2011). What do you do? I look after all the local and national programmes and services in the Auckland area. I am also involved in a bit of fundraising too. What is your favourite rainy day activity? I wouldn’t say it was my favourite activity… but probably doing all the household chores that I didn’t want to do when the sun was out. Why New Zealand Red Cross? Because I agree with the Principles – and am constantly inspired by my colleagues and our volunteers who put them into meaningful action every day. Biggest Indulgence? Travel and cake. Thankfully not a difficult combination.

new zealand red cross ready to shakeout All sectors of New Zealand Red Cross including first aid, retail shops and office buildings will Drop, Cover and Hold on 26 September at 9.26am as part of exercise ShakeOut. In preparation, New Zealand Red Cross emergency management officers are conducting trainings and presentations to ensure everyone is up to date with emergency procedures. Trainings and preparedness presentations will incorporate the



newly refurbished emergency kits throughout New Zealand Red Cross giving all staff a better knowledge of what equipment and supplies are on hand should an earthquake occur. Emergency management officer Graeme Brown has had positive feedback. “It is integral for people to know what to expect and how to react wherever they may be. We want people to have this knowledge prior to the emergency so they can act instinctively in the right way.” Look out for photos in December Link.


The International Federation of Red Cross (IFRC) has adopted the New Zealand Red Cross designed “global roaming” portable VHF repeater as a standard. The necessity of VHF repeaters is known to many Red Cross workers throughout the world; however, the functionality has always proved difficult needing weeks of travel time to arrive and the equivalent of a laboratory bench to set up for use in a specific country. New Zealand Red Cross decided the problem of taking a VHF Repeater between countries needed to be made easier and set out to find one that overcome the issues. A solution could not be found as a ready-made product so the knowledge of the IT and telecommunications emergency response unit was used to figure out what was needed and persuade IFRC that this was a necessity. Tait Communications was enlisted to create the device, and now we have a VHF repeater capable of being taken as personal baggage on an airplane, just 30kgs and tuned within an hour, using no more than what comes in the box. This development will ensure that there will no longer be the issue we had in Tunisia where a Red Cross worker arrived three weeks before the device.





Penny recently travelled down South to visit and recognise members for their services to Red Cross. Inevitably this involved a variety of awards being given to deserving Red Cross volunteers. Here are some photos of these moments with the dedicated members. Before the Otago Area Council meeting Penny presented Jim Wilson (above) with his service award.

Following the Southland Area Council meeting Penny awarded Dave Devenport (above) his volunteer of the year award. “Dave has worked tirelessly in his time with Red Cross to ensure the community transport runs smoothly” says Invercargill area manager Sally Wast. She goes on to describes Dave as the face of the Eastern Southland Rural Transport service, “his determination has seen it grow, a testament to what one mans belief, hard work and community can achieve”. On top of his Red Cross commitment Dave is a former Grey Power president, supports IHC and acts as chair, president and committee member for three bowls clubs.

eoc kits Balclutha branch members with Otago area manager Karen Clements (above) were awarded Life Memberships by Penny.

Waitahuna branch members with their president Elaine Slack (above) received a variety of awards from Penny ranging from 20 to 50 years service awards.


Aid workers in the field

Rosemary Fenton has begun a monitoring aid working role in the Pacific. Graham Zinsli is about to depart to Syria as a health aid worker. Graham Duggan has started his mission as a health aid worker in Kabul.

Peter Winthrop Pacific Louise Humphreys Afghanistan Judy Owen Syria Chelsea Giles-Hansen Malaysia Bernice Chiam India Carl Burr China Amanda Scothern Pakistan Joshua Herron Senegal Felicity Gapes Somalia Melanie Ogle Kenya Louise Akayi Iraq Sue Chamberlain Timor Leste

Aid workers arriving back Glenys Ewans is back in New Zealand for a short break before returning to Democratic Republic of North Korea for the second part of her mission.  ORLD TEACHERS DAY 05 W

One year on from when Red Cross aid worker Andrew Cameron received his Florence Nightingale award Governor General Lieutenant General the Right Honorable Sir Jerry Mateparae hosted him at Government House to congratulate him.

New Zealand Red Cross has established three portable emergency operations centre (EOC) kits which are located in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. The kits have been designed to enable a cascade setup with each stage providing more comprehensive equipment including computers, printers, phones, satellite equipment, generator, lighting, catering, and administration supplies. Recent training of staff and volunteers from across New Zealand has been conducted and an incident management team has been established to manage the local authority and emergency services requests to support communities. Tasks may include outreach, establishment of welfare centres, reconnaissance, rescue and relief items distribution. The new kits in conjunction with the training will ensure New Zealand Red Cross provides an efficient and effective managed response.




40 YEARS ON WHEEL AND NOT STOPPING immediately saw it as a situation where she could really help whilst also helping herself.

¡ Des and Dianne Murphy

Red Cross Volunteer Dianne Murphy was recently mentioned in her local paper, Manukau Courier for her 40 years of service to meals on wheels. Dianne told reporter Adrian Evans about how rewarding she found volunteering, “it’s nice to have a little chat with them. For some of them it’s the only contact with the outside world”. Diane began volunteering as a way to get out of the house and deal with her agoraphobia. When she saw an ad asking for more drivers she

Meals on wheels Manukau coordinator, Andrea Sutton told the Manukau Courier that it is hard to find people like Dianne so willing to give up their time. “The commitment to meals on wheels from drivers such as Dianne is extremely outstanding and truly appreciated”. Dianne can recall the early days where she would set out to deliver with a friend and their young toddlers, back when the meals were in aluminium cans. Now she heads out with her husband Des. With Des as navigator the couple deliver meals across Papatoetoe once a month.

student, red cross volunteer, scholar New Zealand Red Cross volunteer Shankhamoy (Raj) Maiti has been awarded the Ciba Vision Scholarship. ¡ Shankhamoy (Raj) Maiti.

Raj is a postgraduate student studying Optometry at Auckland University. His passion for eyesight motivated him to become an eye care professional to improve people’s quality of life. “Vision is such a significant part of our life and being a future optometrist, to have such an impact on this aspect of life is hugely gratifying.” On top of his postgraduate studies Raj finds time to give back to his community. Raj is one of New Zealand Red Cross’ emergency and welfare response volunteers and part of the national disaster response team. He has been deployed in Christchurch during the earthquakes and Auckland airport after the Samoan tsunami.

It’s been another big year in fundraising! We have managed to recruit over 10,000 new monthly project partners for the past financial year, taking our overall number to more than 26,000, bringing in nearly $550,000 a month to help strengthen and extend the work of New Zealand Red Cross. We have also launched a telephone-based reactivation campaign, where we will attempt to bring cancelled Project Partners back on board. This has been a great success so far with 12 per cent signing up again. We have also conducted surveys of our Project Partners and direct mail donors, with a fantastic response of more than 3,500, providing us with invaluable information for future planning for our donor communications.

Having personally experienced a 7.6 magnitude earthquake as a child in India he was quick to lend a hand in Christchurch and although it brought back memories of his childhood experience he was happy to be able to make a difference in the relief effort.

On the community fundraising front, we have finalised our review of Annual Appeal 2012 and have commenced planning for 2013. We are keen to take it to a new level, and have proposed a date change for the campaign.

Raj’s New Zealand Red Cross volunteer efforts stretch to include hospital volunteering, organising and fundraising with his local Red Cross in their annual appeal effort as well as the annual book fair and transporting donated goods from doorsteps to Red Cross shops.

Our corporate branding options have also been finalised. Healthpost has come on board as a Community Partner and we will continue with updates on Sharepoint.

The Ciba Vision Scholarship is awarded to a student who has shown excellence in academics and an area beyond the books, an all-round achiever. Raj has demonstrated both throughout his five years at university maintaining a 6.7 grade point average and collecting accolades for reports and poster designs whilst continuing his community work. Raj is excited at what the Ciba Vision Scholarship may help him achieve and is using the award to fund work experience in Melbourne for three weeks.

internal challenge Did you know we have a facebook page and twitter account dedicated to telling your stories to the public? We are putting out a challenge to get Red Cross people to like our facebook page, follow our tweets and get one friend to like us as well! Will you? FIND US ON FACEBOOK: FOLLOW US ON TWITTER:


area round-up


east coast

The East Coast area branches put on a retro and fashion market, complete with fashion show in July. The event gave people the opportunity to not only relax and watch a show, but fill their wardrobes at the same time. The market went well with a steady stream of people trying on clothes all day.

Rob High, programmes coordinator for the Auckland area looks forward to the continued interest and support of GE Money volunteers, who have been such a great help to the Auckland area.


Plimmerton Red Cross has had a display stand at their local Pataka Museum helping spread the word about all the great things New Zealand Red Cross does. The stall was set up for the opening day of the exhibition “Plimmerton: A colourful history”.

The main event was the fashion show made up of eight models showcasing a total of 14 outfits. The fashion show took place in a local gallery/cafe providing the perfect atmosphere for a retro fashion show with not a spare seat in sight.

Earlier this year the Auckland service centre, with the help of GE Money corporate volunteers (pictured above and below), packed a colossal 1000 refugee welcome bags! The welcome bags contain toiletry and personal items and are provided to all arrivals at the Mangere refugee Centre. New Zealand accepts up to 750 Quota refugees each year, so this masspack day means that Auckland service centre is fully stocked well into 2013.

The stall was manned by two long serving members of the Plimmerton branch Jennifer Dickinson (left) and Mary Casey (right).

And once the bags had been filled, some very determined volunteers proceeded to clean our collection buckets of their many old stickers. Rob says “come Annual Appeal 2013, we’ll have the best looking buckets on the street!” “This is just another great involvement from GE Money, who already provide corporate volunteers for the retail processing centre in New Lynn and admin support for our Manukau office. Their help is so valuable”. National Office PO Box 12-140, Wellington 69 Molesworth Street, Thorndon Wellington This edition written by Olivia Cramond.

¡ Red Cross volunteers enjoying themselves at the show.

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