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Make your NZBA Membership Pay for Itself Your NZBA membership can save you money. Aside from great insurance rates which in some cases, more than covers the membership fee cost, we have a range of commercial benefits. Here are some examples of recent savings that our members have experienced: “I recently had to buy new computer cables to fit with different monitors and docks. I also regularly lose my cell headphones. At Noel Leeming I get great prices on accessories such as a $68 cable which was reduced to around $35, a set of headphones reduced from $35 to $22 and a four port USB dock which was originally priced at $25 but I paid $15.78. I also bought a soda stream maker which was on sale but was still cheaper using the NZBA member deal – I needn’t have waited for the sale!” “I saved a lot by buying my wallboard from Carter’s using the NZBA app. I didn’t need that much but it still gave me $110 worth of savings. I also had to do a lot of painting and I bought my paint through Dulux using the app. I saved 40% on the retail price.” “I always use the app for renting cars when I go away. I check out all the options but one of the things I like best is that it allows me to have zero excess as well as a good daily rate. But it does pay to shop between the options.”

Executive Director, Melissa Perkin often hears stories from members of how they have saved through using the app: “I once got a call from a member telling me he had just gained benefits potentially worth thousands of dollars from the Mercedes Benz Corporate Programme. The BMW Corporate Advantage offer is also excellent,” she says. Ms Perkin uses the app herself wherever possible: “The discounts differ according to the supplier, so it is worth checking them out. I know someone who saved quite a bit of money at Guthrie Bowron. Another person was renovating a bathroom and got a very good deal through Mico Plumbing.” We also have offers that will support members in their practice. Our member benefit offering for LexisNexis is excellent and we have had significant uptake. But we also have a range of other services that can make a big change to your practice. For example, using DragonDictate voice recognition software will revolutionise the way that you work, and after you have used it for a while, you will wonder why you didn’t buy it earlier. Whether you’re interested in qualifying for corporate rates for Koru, 25 % off travel insurance through Allianz or just want to send someone flowers, check out the options on our member benefits app or on our website. For information on how to access the app, please email Lisa Mills at

Got your NZBA App?

Download the NZBA app onto your smart device from the Google Play/App Store to take advantage of member benefits from around 50 suppliers. Contact for more information.


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