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New York Wedding Videography I work with my assistant and second shooter Dong Fu to make sure to capture the best possible quality footage, and then we edit it into something artistic, cinematic, and entertaining to watch. Our goal is to capture your wedding discreetly and edit it into a video that looks like a feature film.

Hey, I'm Martin Bentsen, and next to me is Dong Fu, my awesome assistant. We'd absolutely love to shoot your wedding! I'm the guy who's going to make your wedding video so memorable that you'll want to watch it again and again. The day of, I'll be making sure your wedding runs as smoothly as possible on the video end. My assistant Dong and I will be working tirelessly getting you some amazing footage while staying in the background so your guests don't get annoyed. There's nothing worse than videographers or photographers blocking people's views and distracting them from the most important part, which is obviously you, the bride (maybe the groom too... ;-) We work smoothly with the photographers, DJs, Officiant, and everyone else involved in the process because we are there to document the day, not control it. Our goal is to document it in such a way that the final edited film is done artistically and cinematically, so that when you watch it, you'll feel like you're watching a feature film. Remember, although we are funny and fun to work with, we take our work very seriously and will do everything possible to make sure you love everything about the final video and the whole experience of working with us. I've shot hundreds of wedding videos since 2006 when I started in high school. I graduated from NYU a few years ago with a degree in Film, and am currently in post-production on my second feature-length film called "Dakota" and in pre-production on my third. When not doing wedding films and directing movies, you'll find me working as a headshot photographer downtown at my

Wall Street photography studio called City Headshots ( I guess I'll finish up by saying that some of my photography work has been featured in magazines and my films have played in film festivals around the country. I have authored a book called "Wedding Videography Through the Eyes of a Filmmaker," which is almost finalized. You may be interested in checking it out if you're into video production. Dong and I look forward to working with you and capturing your special day!

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New york wedding videography