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York and a former chancellor of the The Black Stars News 2015 Annual After four days of routinewill hearings by the New American in November, Awards Dinner honor MayorJudiciary Committee has recognized racial and ethnic minority Americans York people public schools system. which began on Sept. 4, and one day and done before, an FBI investigation or other historically marginalized 2018, after all the allegations have David Dinkins, Rep. Charles Pioneering producers Stephen of an extraordinary Sept. of the incident should be the first people. been resolved by trained, nonRangel, Rep.hearing Yvetteon Clarke, Byrd and Alia Jones, 27, President Trump’s nomination The NAACP continues to strongly partisan individuals and after through every their R. Donahue Peebles, Barbara step in addressing her allegations. A company Front Row Production, of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to serve oppose Judge Kavanaugh’s Senator has had adequate time to Arnwine, Inez Barron, Sabrina full investigation by law enforcement brought a Hotrecords; Tin Roof” as an Associate Justice on the U.S. officials will ensure that the crucial nomination. By most estimates, fully review all of“Cat the on relevant Lamb, Dr. Rudy Crew, Stephen and116 “AthStreetcar Desire” Supreme Court was sent to the floor facts and witnesses in this matter Judge Kavanaugh’s vetting by the after the CongressNamed is seated Byrd, Alia Jones, and the Central with2019. a multi-ethnic cast to of the full Senate with a positive are thoroughly assessed in a nonSenate Judiciary Committee included in January The American Park Five survivors of gross injustice 2016 they bring recommendation. partisan manner, and that the less than 10% of the documents from peopleBroadway. are owed theIncomplete and on December 18 from 6:00pm – “Eclipsed” with Oscar Winner unvarnished truth. The motion to send the nomination 10:00pm at MIST Harlem, 46 West Lupita Nyong ’O misconduct to Broadway. was approved by a party-line vote of The allegations of sexual 116th Street. the so-called Central 11 yeas to 10 nays, but a caveat at againstHonorees, Judge Kavanaugh should be “Each honoree chosen for Park 5, areand collectively the last minute authored by Senator fully investigated resolvedand by a recognition demonstrated individually heroes. They are Jeff Flake (AZ) andhas Senator Chris non-partisan authority such as the exceptional leadership and vision in Coons (DE) directed that the final FBI, and a thorough and complete survivors of one of the ugliest David Dinkins Charles Rangel his respective profession vote onher theornomination on the floor or vettingmiscarriage of his character and beliefs of justice in New York’s endeavor some significant of the full Senateand be in delayed by one should be conducted after the 116th history; having been railroaded majority. She now leads The was a member of the New York measure has contributed towards week, so that an FBI investigation sworn in before any and isunjustly convicted for a crime Transformative Justice Coalition. Congress City Council, representing the creating aofmore justmisconduct society in this th into allegations sexual votes on his confirmation take place. they did not commit and for which Arnwine was for 26 years executive 40 council district in Brooklyn, says be Black Star News by the country,” nominee can conducted As the Judiciary Committee they served long prison sentences director of the Lawyers’ Committee succeeding her mother, Una S. founder and publisher Milton and completed. have already made it clear, ranging from seven years to 13 years for Civil Rights Under the Law. hearings T. Clarke. In the current 114th Allimadi. “Obviously much work a number of questions regarding before being exonerated when the Congress Clarke serves on The NAACP graveand Inez Barron, honoree, formerly aJudge Kavanaugh’s beliefs and his needshas to expressed be done here actual rapist confessed. They are: the Energy and Commerce concerns aboutthe thisworld.” nomination and State Assembly member, is nowjudicial temperament are still unclear around Yusef Abdus Salaam; Raymond Committee, responsible for about the unnecessary and reckless a New York City council memberand incomplete. The gala starts at 6:00pm with a Santana Jr., Antron McCray, Kevin consumer protection, food rush to confirmation. This nomination and a champion of education for cocktail hour to be followed by the Richardson, and Kharey Wise. safety, energy development, public is too important to rush. The country The hearings did demonstrate, our youth. dinner and awards ceremonies. There health, communications, the desperately needs a fair-minded and however, Brett Thethat Black StarKavanaugh News, which focuses Honoree Imhotep Gary Byrd is does not empathize with the crucial will be jurist musical environment, and interstate and independent on entertainment the Supreme by on investigative journalism, has a legendary radio talk show host needs of working middle-class opera singer Cassandra Douglas Court whose honesty and integrity international commerce. been featured as a result of some if and executive producer, radio DJ,Americans or the unique concerns and from harmonica are unquestionable. We do phenomenon not need its news scoops, on CNN, The New Committee is fully informed before his legal and administrative carrier R. Donahue Peebles, honoree, is poet, songwriter, music recordingof racial and ethnic minorities, the William Galison. David a divisive, untrustworthy, biasedDinkins is conducting any hearing or making in the White House and the federal York Daily News, The New York a leading developer and founder of artist and producer, rapper, writerLGBT community, women, or others honored Lifetime Achievement ideologue with afor demonstrated any decisions.” government. This is a huge disservice Post, The Village Voice, and Brill’s The Peebles Co., the nation’s largest and community activist. He began he waswomen, New York animus—against whoCity’s will first who comprise diverse nation. to the American people. As a judge, Contentour magazine. African American-owned real his career as a radio DJ in BuffaloHis record shows a willingness to American mayor and alsoIn addition to the new allegations, furtherAfrican shake the American people’s actions are bound estate firm with $3.5 billion worthMr. Kavanaugh’s Past Black Star News honorees at age 15. For Supreme over 30 years, Nelson faith inwelcomed our nation’s justiceMandela system. to thewe do not yet have a full accounting by precedents of the Court.he’s allow law enforcement to use the of properties under development of the nominee’s complete policy haveand included: Gil Noble (Like It been a talk show at WBLS and afterwomen his release 1990. At leastcity three haveinalleged repugnant counter-productive Supreme Courthost Justices orand management —accusations he was one However, beliefs, there remain Is), Rep. Maxine Waters, Soledad WLIB radio inthose Newprecedents York City. Hetactic of “racial profiling,” that Judge illegally tried an open are able to overturn Rep.Kavanaugh Charles Rangel, also honored of the pioneering developerswho of perjury before the US Senate O’Brien (CNN), Ms. Camille alsotheir has aown Friday night radio of talk hostility to the Affordable Care Cosby, to forceforhimself on them. interpretations Lifetime Achievement, has Judiciary helped turn around andyears revitalize and apply Committee thirteen Voza Rivers show on WBAI. Act and access to (New healthHeritage care for Theatre), the Constitution. served in Congress since is when Until these allegations are 1971. He ago the he once-blighted Anacostia was being vetted Errol Louis (NY1 News), Amel all Americans, as well as sensible Sabrina Lamb, a recipient of The Bronze Washington, D.C. thoroughly investigated and medal for for his neighborhood current positioninon the US CrucialHonoree information continues to foundermeasures Larrieux (Entertainer), Dr. William to protect Americans from of World Money,Court is a champion helping soldiers behind enemyCourt of A champion of African-American Appeals. Thus, we are left be withheld on aof Supreme resolved by asave non-partisan Pollard (Medgar Evers College), of financial literacy forSenate youth-- shethe growing crisis of gun violence. line during thethe Korean is with a economic candidate empowerment of questionablePeebles’ nominee from review by the authority such as FBI, War. the Herm Edwards (NY Jets), Nayaba teaches knowledge handlingThis nomination is too important to a possible moralscontemplating whose incomplete recordrun for NYC Judiciary Committee, the about full Senate Rep. Clarke should is a Democratic Arinde (Amsterdam News), La-Verna vote on theYvette nomination money, budgeting and planning. rush. The country desperately needs mayor in 2017. demonstrates him to be an extremist and the American people. This member of the US House of Fountain (Columbia University), be suspended. a fair- minded and independent jurist with noHonoree empathy Barbara for the very real nomination, and the US Supreme Dr. Rudy Crew, honoree, is one of Representatives from New Lillian Roberts (DC37), Desiree Dancy Arnwine, civil on the Supreme Court, not a divisive th concerns andlawyer, needs isofamost working Court,the arenation’s too important. should He’s leadingWe educators. whose district (Newideologue York Times), Floyd (Local As the York attorneys for9one of thecovers rights champion of and biased whoGreg will further middle-class Americans or for the not rush. The nomination should only much of central Brooklyn. Before 237), Rev. Al Sharpton (National president of Medgar Evers College alleged victims wrote, “As the protecting voting rights of ethnic shake the American people’s faith in challenges and — concerns of be considered by the Senate elected entering Congress in 2007, she uniqueminority Actionjustice Network), and many others. of The City University of New our nation’s groups the emerging system.



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December 17, 2015 - December 23, 2015

October 4, 2018 - October 10, 2018



NE WS AFRICA-AMERICA INSTITUTE AWA R D S G A L A H E L D  By President Derrick Johnson, NAACP In January of this year, we announced a partnership with the Africa-America Institute to help work with our members in the African-American community along with the African Diaspora to share a curriculum of Africa’s great civilizations and to further awareness and understanding of African history. It is an honor to be here today with honorable leadership from Mozambique, South Africa, with tonight’s honorees and with all of the distinguished guests gathered here today. I would be remiss if I did not recognize three individuals – The Chairman of our National Board of Directors, Mr. Leon W. Russell if you would please stand. The Vice-Chair of our National Board of Directors, Ms. Karen Boykin-Towns,

please stand. And a legend in the Civil Rights struggle, Rev. Dr. Jessie Louis Jackson, would you please stand. Next year will mark the 110th anniversary of the NAACP. It will also mark the 50th anniversary of the Image Awards. The Image Awards was created now 49 years ago to ensure that images that were portrayed in the entertainment industry of individuals of African descent would be positive images to show our humanity and to show that we can achieve against all odds. To mark this milestone, we intend to celebrate the 50th anniversary for the entirety of 2019. It is our goal to do so by identifying a place on the continent where we can share in the celebration of promoting positive images of the African Diaspora.

We look forward to extending such partnership, brotherhood, and

sisterhood throughout the continent of Africa and the African Diaspora.

NABOB Annual

Fa l l C o n f e r e n c e S e t The National Association Of Black Owned Broadcasters (Nabob) will hold the 41St Annual Fall Broadcast Management Conference in partnership with Kizart Media Partners' annual Power Of Urban Radio Forum. The two-day event will be held October 11Th-12Th at The Washington Marriott Georgetown Hotel, 1221 22nd Street, N. W. NABOB is the only trade association representing the interests of 200 Blackowned commercial radio stations and four commercial television stations around the country.  WED. OCTOBER 11th  •1-2p: Programming In 2017 -- "Audio and Video, Competing in a Converging Marketplace” • 2-3p: Media sales Tips you can use Today and Tomorrow • 3-4p: “Financing Acquisitions and station Improvements -- New Approaches, New Players” • 4-5p: Washington Update: "Dealing with the new Washington Regulatory Climate” • 5-7p: Opening Reception

Sunday, 10/28/2018 • 11 am-2 pm • 285 Jay Street, Brooklyn NY 11201


2 | NewYorkTrendnyc

 Thurs. October 12Th • 8-9a: Breakfast • 9-10:30a: Nielsen -- New Products, New Insights • 10:30-12p: Major Group Executives Discuss The Future of Broadcasting Tegna, Inc. CEO David Lougee Beasley Media Group CEO Caroline Beasley

October 4, 2018 - October 10, 2018

Urban One CEO Alfred Liggins 17th Power Of Urban Radio Forum • Noon-2p: Luncheon Keynote Speaker: Major General Christopher P. Hughes, Commanding General of US Army Cadet Command and Fort Knox. • 2-3p: African-American Agency CEO Panel Carol H. Williams Advertising CEO Carol Williams Uniworld Group Advertising CEO Monique Wilson Burrell Communications Group CoCEO Mcghee Williams-Osse Grow Now CEO Bob Mcneil Fuse Advertising CEO Cliff Franklin • 3-4p: Hearts and Science Presentation -- African-American Media Doing Business With Major Advertisers: P&G Dir./Total Market/Hearts and Science Jose Bello Professional Partnering Solutions, Inc. Managing Partner/EVP Media Services Mark A. Prince, Jr. • 4p-5p: National Marketers Panel AARP Multicultural Marketing SVP Edna Kane Williams Regions Bank Urban Affairs SVP David Christian Toyota Multicultural & Crossline Marketing Strategy National Manager Mia Phillips The Army Marketing And Research Group Active Duty Brand Manager James J. Cox • 5p-8p: NABOB Conference Closing Reception

P O L I T I C A L C O M M E N TA R Y BRETT KAVANAUGH POSES A SEVERE THREAT TO CIVIL RIGHTS: THE SENATE MUST REJECT HIS NOMINATION By Derrick Johnson NAACP President and CEO NAACP President and CEO Derrick Johnson issued the following statement on the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh: “This Senate hearing on Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination should not go forward. The President is in personal legal jeopardy and only a fraction of Kavanaugh’s record has been produced. To proceed now threatens the legitimacy of the Senate’s constitutional review and the Supreme Court itself.

What we do know of Judge Kavanaugh’s civil rights record is deeply troubling. His views on voting rights, affirmative action, equal employment, fair housing, and criminal justice could shut the courthouse door on justice for a generation. Senators need to fight this nomination with everything they have. There is simply too much at stake.”


On June 27, 2018, Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement from the Supreme Court. The NAACP issued a statement: “Justice Kennedy played a pivotal role on the Supreme Court for thirty years. He was the deciding vote in many close cases involving civil rights and civil liberties. The stakes for nomination a replacement could not be higher at any moment in our history. The NAACP and its members are committed to protecting the gains won through the sacrifices of our ancestors and to protecting civil rights for generations to come.” Immediately thereafter, the NAACP joined several civil rights organizations in demanding that the vote to confirm Justice Kennedy’s successor be delayed until a new Senate is seated. “This is an extraordinary time in American history, which calls for extraordinary measures. The Senate is divided by a single vote. The need for a strong system of checks and balances has seldom been greater. During this


time of escalating crises, citizens must have the opportunity to decide who will advise and consent to the nominee of a deeply divisive Chief Executive.” The day after Justice Kennedy’s announcement, the NAACP held a TeleTownhall with over 1000 participants to discuss the high stakes involved in replacing Justice Kennedy on the Court. While Justice Kennedy was reliably conservative, his vote was always in play. He voted to uphold consideration of race in college admissions. He wrote the opinion allowing housing discrimination to be challenged using the disparate impact method. He made a difference in criminal justice cases. He provided a

critical fifth vote in cases securing equal treatment for the LGBTQ community. Without him, the courthouse door could close on justice for a generation.


On July 9, Donald Trump nominated Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. The NAACP is very familiar with Brett Kavanaugh because we opposed his nomination to the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals 12 years ago. His terrible record as an appellate court judge has proven us correct. He has been a consistent voice for the wealthy and powerful and has ruled against civil rights, workers’ rights, consumer rights, and women’s rights. In our statement on the nomination, we warned that Judge Kavanaugh was a “dangerous ideologue, whose extreme views would solidify a far-right majority on the Supreme Court” and “remake the Court in President Trump’s own image.” We said that “the NAACP is ready to lead the fight of a generation.” We told each and every Senator: “This is THE civil rights vote of your career.” On July 17, the NAACP joined over 100 civil rights and social justice organizations in strongly opposing the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. We wrote that he would “provide the fifth and decisive vote to undermine many of our core rights and legal protections.” We noted that, as an appellate judge, “he has served

as a conservative ideologue who lacks the impartiality and independence necessary to sit on the highest court in the land.” On July 23, the NAACP joined national civil rights organization to express collective concern regarding the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to fill the Supreme Court vacancy. President Derrick Johnson stated: “With the Kavanaugh nomination, our democracy hangs in the balance. There is simply too much at stake to allow this dangerous nomination to move forward when the presidency itself is under investigation and the American people have not yet elected the Senate that must rigorously review this pivotal nomination. The vote on Kavanaugh is truly the civil rights vote of a generation; that is how long its impact will last.” On August 16, NAACP joined several civil rights organizations to issue this statement. After Donald Trump was identified as an unindicted co-conspirator in Michael Cohen’s guilty plea on August 21, President Derrick Johnson called upon the Senate to halt the Kavanaugh confirmation process: “The Senate owes it to the American people to see how these legal proceedings play out before even considering whether to confirm a SCOTUS nominee selected by a President linked to federal crimes. This is especially true with a nominee like Brett Kavanaugh who believes that the President is immune from federal investigation.”


#STOPKAVANAUGH NAACP national, state and local leadership are engaging members and allies across the country to stop the Kavanaugh nomination. We have sponsored and/or appeared in multiple forums around the nation, highlighting the stakes involved in the Kavanaugh nomination and generating the opposition needed to defeat the nomination in the Senate. At the NAACP’s 109th Annual Convention in San Antonio, Texas from July 12 through 18, the Supreme Court confirmation battle was front and center. President Derrick Johnson’s remarks at the opening plenary session addressed the Kavanaugh nomination. At the Federal Legislative and Public Policy Workshop, VP for Advocacy Hilary Shelton discussed strategy and tactics for defeating the Kavanaugh nomination. President Derrick Johnson addressed the Kavanaugh confirmation fight during keynote remarks he delivered at the Southern Fair Courts convening in North Carolina on July 24. Vice President for Advocacy Hilary

October 4, 2018 - October 10, 2018

Shelton participated in a Netroots Convention panel on the Kavanaugh nomination in New Orleans on August 3. Judicial Nominations Advisor Leslie Proll participated on a Supreme Court nomination panel in Northern California on August 4, which included Equal Justice Society, Equal Rights Advocates, NARAL, and Indivisible. On August 6—the 53th anniversary of the Voting Rights Act—the Alabama NAACP sponsored a forum on “Voting Rights, Midterm Elections and SCOTUS Nominee Brett Kavanaugh: What’s At Stake.” The event was held at St. Paul’s United Methodist Church across from the Civil Rights Institute in Birmingham, Alabama and was attended by over 100 persons. The event was hosted by Alabama NAACP President Bernard Simelton. Participating on the panel were former U.S. District Judge U.W. Clemon, former U.S. Magistrate Judge Vanzetta McPherson, Human Rights Campaign Alabama State Director Eva Kendrick, Alabama Coalition for Immigrant Justice Executive Director Sarai Portillo, Social Justice Activist T. Marie King, and Student Activist Damion White. The Anchorage, Alaska NAACP sponsored a Voting Rights Act anniversary event on August 6, “Celebrate the Voting Rights Act and Learn What’s at Stake in the Supreme Court Nomination.” It was well attended, was hosted by Anchorage NAACP President Kevin McGee, and featured the following speakers: Heather Kendall-Miller, Native American Rights Fund; Polly Carr, Executive Director, The Alaska Center; Elizabeth Medicine Crow, President, First Alaskans Institute; Jessica Cler, Public Affairs Manager, Planned Parenthood Vote Northwest; Casey Reynolds, Communications Director, ACLU of Alaska; Rev. Dr. Jill F. Bradway, Pastor, First American Baptist Church; Jasmine Smith, Small Business Owner; Marvin Jones, President, UNITE HERE, Local 878; Gordon Glaser, Member of Alaska Commission on Aging; and Vince Beltrami, President of Alaska AFL-CIO.


On June 28, after Justice Kennedy announced his retirement, President Derrick Johnson appeared on MSNBC’s Velshi & Ruhle on “President Trump’s Supreme Court and Your Rights.” On July 1, President Johnson appeared on Weekends with Alex Witt on July 1, “Anthony Kennedy’s Departure Could Potentially Affect Voting Rights.”

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Immediately after Donald Trump nominated Brett Kavanaugh, the NAACP was quoted in an Newsone article, “Twitter Reacts to the Horror of Trump’s Supreme Court Pick Brett Kavanaugh.” On July 11, the NAACP was quoted by the Washington Post in “Civil Rights Organizations Are Worried About Brett Kavanaugh’s Potential Impact on Racial Issues.” The Tennessee Tribune interviewed Derrick Johnson about the Supreme Court on July 12, in “Kavanaugh Threatens Civil Rights, Protects Trump from Mueller Investigation.” Derrick Johnson appeared on Al Sharpton’s Politics Nation on July 22, to discuss how civil rights leaders are galvanizing to defeat the Kavanaugh nomination, “Supreme Fight.” On August 4, Derrick Johnson published an op-ed for InsideSources. com about the threat posed by Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination to affirmative action, “Now is Not the Time to Do Away with Affirmative Action.” On August 9, President Johnson was interviewed by Rolling Stone about a number of issues, including the Supreme Court confirmation battle, “NAACP President Derrick Johnson Opens Up About Charlottesville and What’s Next.” As the nation celebrated the 53rd anniversary of the Voting Rights Act in August, President Derrick Johnson authored an op-ed in The Hill, “On Voting Rights, We have Much More to Lose with Brett Kavanaugh.” On July 10, NAACP Senior Advisor on Judicial Nominations Leslie Proll joined LeGaL, the Alliance for Justice,

the Human Rights Campaign, and the National Center on Lesbian Rights for a call about the civil rights stakes of the Kavanaugh nomination. On July 12, NAACP Senior Advisor on Judicial Nominations Leslie Proll appeared on the radio show “The Critical Hour” to discuss to the civil rights implications of the Kavanaugh nomination. The NAACP is encouraging state conferences and chapters around the country to use media to convey opposition to the Kavanaugh nomination. For example, Anchorage NAACP President Kevin McGee published a letter to the editor in the Anchorage Daily News, “Kavanaugh Nomination Threatens Alaskans Rights.” On Twitter, follow @NAACP and @DerrickNAACP for breaking news and all important information on the campaign to #StopKavanaugh.


The NAACP has initiated a 50-state strategy to defeat the nomination of Judge Kavanaugh. Everyone, everywhere should contact their Senators at 202-224-3121 and urge them to vote NO. It doesn’t matter whether you live in a red or blue state. Every single Senator needs to hear from his or her constituents on the battle of a lifetime. Our civil rights for a generation are at stake. The NAACP has issued several Action Alerts urging NAACP members to oppose the Kavanaugh nomination and to postpone the Senate’s consideration of the nomination.

NAAC P P R ESID EN T ENC OU RAG E S BL ACK VOTERS NAACP President and CEO Derrick Johnson provided the following commentary at a Congressional Black Caucus panel on the status of minority voting rights in the nation:

“As we look forward, we need to offer an opportunity to control the narrative and stop talking from a deficit. We understand very clearly that social justice is not a competition but a collaborative effort whether through age or knowledge. We as Black voters must stop conceding our profitability to the majority class. This is a game of interest and we need to turn out the vote. We have 2,200 local branches nationwide. We need to lean into where we are so that every community can organize to its fullest. There is too much at stake for the elections in November, and the decisions that we make now

will have a five-year effect that will possibly change the entire face of our Congress. We each have the power, not just vote, but also to empower others to make our voices heard at the ballot box.” President Derrick Johnson joined panelists Former US Attorney General Eric Holder, President & Director-Counsel NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Inc., Sherrilyn Ifill and Former Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, during the A. Leon Higginbotham Memorial Voting Rights Braintrust to examine the status of voting rights for communities of color in the nation after the Supreme Court case Shelby County vs. Holder, which stripped vital protections under the Voting Rights Act of 1965. The panel, led by Congresswoman Marcia Fudge’s (D-OH), also highlighted findings from the recent report: An Assessment of Minority Voting Rights Access in the United States.

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October 4, 2018 - October 10, 2018

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October 4, 2018 - October 10, 2018

9/10/2018 2:03:04 PM | 5

E VENT S “Harry Potter: A History of Magic” O p en s Harry Potter: A History of Magic, the British Library’s most successful exhibition, opens at the NewYork Historical Society on Friday, October 5. Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the U.S. publication of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, the New York exhibition explores the traditions of folklore and magic at the heart of the Harry Potter stories and showcases a new selection of objects that are on view to the public for the very first time. Harry Potter: A History of Magic features centuries-old treasures, including rare books, manuscripts, and magical objects from the collections of the British Library, the New-York Historical Society, and other museums, as well as original material from publisher Scholastic and J.K. Rowling’s own archives. The exhibition is accompanied by a special audio tour featuring the voice of actress Natalie Dormer—available to ticketholders as a free Audible download—providing in-depth content on the objects on view. New-York Historical will present a wide variety of exhibition-related events for grown-up Harry Potter fans throughout the run of the exhibition, including trivia nights, art workshops, creative writing classes, social meet-ups, open mics, book clubs, and engaging courses that explore the Hogwarts curriculum. Programs include an onstage conversation with illustrators Mary GrandPré and Brian Selznick, and a special evening with actor Jim Dale, known for his narration of all seven Harry Potter U.S. audiobooks. Family activities feature History of Magic family days with handson activities and crafts, a Harry Potter family book club, historical Hallowe’en celebration, and trivia for families. Additional programming information is available at  EXHIBITION HIGHLIGHTS Unique to the New York presentation of the British Library’s Harry Potter: A History of Magic exhibition—and on public view for the first time—are Mary GrandPré’s pastel illustrations for the cover artwork of Scholastic’s original editions of the novels; Brian Selznick’s newly created artwork for the covers of the 20th anniversary edition of the Harry Potter series published by Scholastic; cover art by Kazu Kibuishi featured in Scholastic’s 15th anniversary box set; and the enormous steamer trunk used to transport a signed copy of Harry Potter and the HalfBlood Prince on the Queen Mary to

6 | NewYorkTrendnyc

the U.S. The exhibition also includes costumes and set models from the award-winning play Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

Harry Potter: A History of Magic is organized around the subjects studied at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Also on display for the first time in the U.S. are Rowling’s handwritten first drafts of The Philosopher’s Stone and Deathly Hallows, her hand-drawn sketch of the Hogwarts grounds, and portraits and sketches of some of the Hogwarts’s professors and magical creatures created by British illustrator Jim Kay. John James Audubon’s watercolor of Snowy Owls, a 1693 publication defending the Salem witch trials, a study of the Woolworth Building—the landmark New York location featured in the film Fantastic Beasts—and other artifacts from New-York Historical’s collection round out the original offerings. Harry Potter: A History of Magic is organized around the subjects studied at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, including:  Potions and Alchemy, showcasing a bezoar stone that reputedly provided a powerful antidote to poison, the tombstone of Nicolas Flamel— the medieval Parisian rumored to be an alchemist who inspired a character in Rowling’s Harry Potter

and the Sorcerer’s Stone—and Yale University’s Ripley Scroll depicting symbolic references to the philosopher’s stone;  Herbology, featuring illustrated herbals (directories of plants and their powers), such as Giovanni Cadamosto’s 15th-century manuscript showing the harvesting of a mandrake plant with a root that resembles the human form, and an example of an 18th century-pressed plant from the New York Botanical Garden Library: the Adonis Vernalis, or fake Hellebore;  Divination, with ancient oracle bone fragments on loan from the Metropolitan Museum of Art; a black moon crystal ball used by “Smelly Nelly,” a 20th-century British witch who used strong perfume to attract the spirits she believed helped her to see the future; and a 19th century fortune-telling doll from New-York Historical’s collection;  Charms, which includes the first written record of the incantation ‘abracadabra,’ dating from the 13th century, and a 1693 edition of The Wonders of the Invisible World, written by Cotton Mather, a Congregational minister in Boston, as his justification for the Salem witchcraft trials;  Astronomy, featuring a 1699 celestial globe by famed cartographer Vincenzo Coronelli, pages from a notebook compiled by the artist and inventor Leonardo da Vinci that show the sun and moon revolving round the Earth, and a 13th century astrolabe thought to be one of the oldest geared instruments still extant, from the American Museum of Natural History Library;

October 4, 2018 - October 10, 2018

 Defense Against the Dark Arts, featuring a magic staff (1998) carved from timber and Mary GrandPré’s original jacket artwork for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows; and  Care of Magical Creatures, including a 13th-century bestiary manuscript depicting a phoenix rising from the ashes, a narwhal tusk, and John James Audubon’s watercolor of snowy owls. The original exhibition was organized by British Library curators Julian Harrison, Tanya Kirk, Alexander Lock, and Joanna Norledge. In New York, the exhibition is overseen by Margi Hofer, New-York Historical’s vice president and museum director, and Cristian Petru Panaite, assistant curator of exhibitions. Harry Potter: A History of Magic is proudly sponsored by Audible. Exhibitions at New-York Historical are made possible by Dr. Agnes Hsu-Tang and Oscar Tang, the Saunders Trust for American History, the Seymour Neuman Endowed Fund, the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council, and the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature. WNET is the media sponsor. Harry Potter: A History of Magic will be open to the public from October 5, 2018 – January 27, 2019.Please check our calendar for occasional gallery closures and special open days. Visit harrypotter.nyhistory. org to purchase exhibition and programming tickets.

TRAVEL Traveler’s Remiss

AirHelp, the world’s leading air

passenger rights company, today revealed the results of a survey showing that more than 87 percent of U.S. travelers do not file claims following an issue with lost, damaged or delayed luggage at the airport. Under the Montreal Convention and U.S. national law, passengers may be entitled to claim between $1,525 and $3,500 in compensation from the airline at fault. One of the most comprehensive pieces of research on air passenger rights, AirHelp surveyed more than 2,000 people across the United States to understand how travelers are exercising their rights when travel plans go awry. AirHelp’s survey results show that the three main reasons passengers did not file a claim for compensation due to luggage issues included: they did not think they would be entitled to compensation (41%), they were not aware of their rights (31%), and they did not know how to file a claim (29%). These results prove that the implementation of the Montreal Convention and U.S. national law is not widespread enough, and travelers are leaving money owed in the hands of the airlines. “Airlines must do better to educate

air travelers on their rights. We found that 87 percent of U.S. travelers have not filed a claim, although they were entitled to compensation following issues with their luggage. Many U.S. travelers are unaware of their rights under the Montreal Convention, which was ratified by more than 120 countries. It protects passengers when their luggage is delayed, damaged or lost while in the care of the airlines,” comments Henrik Zillmer, CEO of AirHelp. “Our survey shows that travelers have a lot to learn when it comes to their rights, and that airlines and policymakers have much work to do, in order to better serve travelers. I created AirHelp more than five years ago to educate and support passengers, and we continue to work hard to help travelers get the compensation that is rightfully theirs.”


Luggage Claims

to successfully get the compensation that they are entitled to, a passenger must file a claim before leaving the airport. Travelers should fill out a Property Irregularity Report (PIR) claim for misplaced luggage, including the case number of their bags. The more detailed the claim, the better off that passenger will be, including an itemized list of the contents of their luggage, including the value of each item. If you have valuable luggage that is

worth more than 1,131 SDR (Special Drawing Rights), which is equivalent to approximately $1,580, you should notify the airline before checking your luggage. In these cases, you may be able to get higher compensation if your luggage is lost, but these terms vary based on the airline you are flying. Travelers carrying valuable luggage should check the policies of each airline, as well as the travel insurance policies for U.S. insurance companies to make sure they are prepared.

Whether a traveler is flying within the U.S. or to one of the other 120 countries that ratified the Montreal Convention, if that person experiences luggage issues while traveling, they may be entitled to compensation. Under air passenger rights laws, including U.S. national law and the Montreal Convention, the maximum compensation from an airline for checked luggage that is either lost or damaged is $1,525 – $3,500. In order

Come on down to be the next player of The Price Is Right® Scratch-Off Game, where you could win up to a million bucks!

PLEASE PLAY RESPONSIBLY. For help with problem gambling, call 877-8-HOPE-NY or text HOPENY (467369). ©2018 New York Lottery. You must be 18 years or older to purchase a lottery ticket.

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The Price Is Right: ®/© FremantleMedia Operations BV. 2018. All Rights Reserved.

October 4, 2018 - October 10, 2018

9/4/18 3:43 PM | 7

ENTER TAINMENT S ta r -St udde d L ine up

f or OWN'S

N e w Ly r i c a l D r a m a

OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network

has announced the addition of five new cast members to the ensemble of its upcoming lyrical drama "David Makes Man," the television debut from Academy Award winner Tarell Alvin McCraney ("Moonlight"). Additionally, four directors have been tapped to helm episodes of the premiere season of the series which is produced by Warner Horizon Scripted Television. Alana Arenas will join the cast in a series regular role, while Gillian Williams, Ruben Santiago-Hudson, Elvis Nolasco and Randy Gonzalez will appear as recurring guest stars. The roster of talented directors joining the one-hour drama include Michael Francis Williams, Kiel Adrian Scott, Daina Reid and Cheryl Dunye. McCraney serves as executive producer of the series alongside Dee Harris-Lawrence ("Shots Fired," "Unsolved: The Murders of Tupac and the Notorious B.I.G.,") who serves as showrunner. Mike Kelley and Melissa Loy ("Revenge,") under their Page Fright production banner, Michael B. Jordan ("Creed") via his Outlier Society Productions and Oprah Winfrey are also executive producers. "David Makes Man" centers on a 14-year-old prodigy from the projects who is haunted by the death of his

closest friend and relied on by his hardworking mother to find a way out of poverty. He must choose between the streets that raised him or the higher education that may offer him a way out. Set in South Florida, the series, inspired by events in McCraney's own life, explores the inherent trauma sustained in the fight for survival. The series is produced by Page Fright and Outlier Society Productions in association with Warner Horizon Scripted Television. It is currently in production in Orlando, Florida and set for a 2019 premiere on OWN. OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network is the first and only network named for, and inspired by, a single iconic leader. Oprah Winfrey's heart and creative instincts inform the brand

8 | NewYorkTrendnyc

Alana Arenas and the magnetism of the channel. OWN is a leading destination for premium scripted and unscripted programming from today's most innovative storytellers. OWN's original scripted series include popular dramas "Queen Sugar," "Greenleaf," "The Have and Have Nots, "If Loving You is Wrong," hit sitcom "The Paynes," new romantic drama "Love Is __" and upcoming dramas "David

Makes Man" and "Ambitions." OWN's Saturday night unscripted programming lineup includes "Iyanla: Fix My Life," "Book of John Gray," "Black Love" and recently announced "Ready to Love." OWN connects with its audience wherever they are, inspiring conversation among a global community of like-minded viewers on social media and beyond. Launched on January 1, 2011, OWN is a joint venture between Harpo, Inc. and Discovery Communications. The venture also includes the awardwinning digital platform Access OWN anytime, anywhere on or across mobile devices and connected TVs. For more information, please visit www.oprah. com/own and https://press.discovery. com/us/own/.

Ruben Santiago-Hudson

B LA C K HI S T ORY E XPRE S S App s L au n ch e d

motivational, and reflective author quotes for readers to explore, share and enjoy.


Hugh Smith, President of Quikthinking Software, has announced the launch of two new Android apps, Black History Express and Black History Quotes Express. Both apps gather together factual information and thought provoking anecdotes that offer a time slice into our culture. “Getting history right is the most important thing an informed citizen can do,” says Smith. He adds that these two apps are a way to “memorialize and acknowledge the past.” Black History Express presents engaging stories about African Americans within 26 chapters ranging from art to theater and everything in between. Several hundred people are featured. A quiz game is included with the app for fun. Black History Quotes Express offers several thousand inspiring,

October 4, 2018 - October 10, 2018

Quikthinking Software ( is an entertainment company featuring apps, teaching tools, quizzes, and casual games with a multicultural touch. After creating Windows apps and video DVDs in the early 1990s the company embraced the app revolution in 2011 by creating Android and IOS apps that have resulted in over a quarter of a million downloads from the various app stores. 2018 marks the 20th Anniversary of Black History app creation for the company. Two of their apps have been featured in articles in Black Enterprise. Kingsley Hugh Smith (software programmer, engineer, producer, and announcer) began his professional career as a successful radio program director and announcer working at WBLS FM in New York City, WHYY FM in Philadelphia, and NPR in Washington, DC. He founded Quikthinking Software in 1989 and is a graduate of Rutgers University.



 Carla Hall, Chef Carla Hall is an Emmy-winning cohost of ABC’s Emmy Award-winning popular lifestyle series “The Chew,” seated alongside restaurateur and “Iron Chef America” star Michael Symon, as well as entertaining expert Clinton Kelly.

Carla Hall is best known as a competitor on Bravo’s “Top Chef” and “Top Chef: All Stars” where she won over audiences with her fun catch phrase, “Hootie hoo,” and her philosophy to always cook with love. Carla’s approach to cooking blends her classic French training and Southern upbringing for a twist on traditional favorites. She is committed to health and balance in everyday living. Her cookbooks are “Carla’s Comfort Food: Favorite Dishes from Around the World” and “Cooking with Love: Comfort Food That Hugs You.” She is a true believer that, “If you’re not in a good mood, the only thing you should make is a reservation.” A native of Nashville, Hall received a degree in Accounting from Howard University, but traveling through Europe awakened her passion for food and inspired a new career

path. She attended L’Academie de Cuisine in Maryland where she completed her culinary training, going on to work as a Sous Chef at the Henley Park Hotel in Washington, D.C. She also served as executive chef at both The State Plaza Hotel and The Washington Club, and has taught classes at CulinAerie, Sur la Table and her alma mater, L’Academie de Cuisine. Carla is also active with a number of charities and not-for-profit organizations that reflect her passion for causes close to her heart. She serves as a Board Member for the Pajama Program and GenYouth. Carla also actively works with Chef Jose Andres’ World Central Kitchen Chef Network, DC Central Kitchen, The USO, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Feeding America, WCR (Women Chefs and Restaurateurs), and she serves on the advisory boards for the Edible Academy for the New York Botanical Gardens and for the Food and Finance School in New York City. When she is not in NY filming “The Chew,” she lives in Washington, D.C., with her husband, Matthew Lyons, and stepson Noah. Source:

RAENA WHITE To Make Broadway Debut As M a t r o n " M a m a" M o r t o n i n C H I C A G O The Broadway company of the Tony Award-winning, record-breaking hit musical Chicago, will welcome Raena White as "Matron "Mama" Morton" in her Broadway debut starting Monday, September 10, 2018 at the Ambassador Theatre (219 W. 49th St.). Raena White's theatrical credits include the national tour of The Lion King, Off-Broadway's Sistas the musical and regional productions of Dreamgirls (Jeff award nominee for her portrayal of Effie), Ain't Misbehavin', Ragtime and Jesus Christ Superstar Gospel. BA, University of Michigan.

Raena White as Effie in Dreamgirls


As of September 10, 2018, Chicago stars Michelle DeJean as Roxie Hart, Amra-Faye Wright as Velma Kelly, John O'Hurley as Billy Flynn, Evan Harrington as Amos Hart, Raena White as Matron "Mama" Morton and R. Lowe as Mary Sunshine. As previously announced, Israeli Recording Artist Shiri

Maimon will star as Roxie Hart beginning September 21, and Oscar winner Cuba Gooding Jr. will star as Billy Flynn beginning October 6. With a legendary book by Fred Ebb and Bob Fosse, music by John Kander and lyrics by Fred Ebb, Chicago is now the #1 longestrunning American musical in Broadway history. Produced by Barry and Fran Weissler, Chicago is the winner of six 1997 Tony Awards including Best Musical Revival and the Grammy Award for Best Musical Cast Recording. Directed by Tony Award winner Walter Bobbie and choreographed by Tony Award winner Ann Reinking, Chicago features set design by John Lee Beatty, costume design by Tony Award winner William Ivey Long, lighting design by Tony Award winner Ken Billington, sound design by Scott Lehrer and casting by Stewart/Whitley.

October 4, 2018 - October 10, 2018

Set amidst the razzle-dazzle decadence of the 1920s, Chicago is the story of Roxie Hart, a housewife and nightclub dancer who murders her on-the-side lover after he threatens to walk out on her. Desperate to avoid conviction, she dupes the public, the media and her rival cellmate, Velma Kelly, by hiring Chicago's slickest criminal lawyer to transform her malicious crime into a barrage of sensational headlines, the likes of which might just as easily be ripped from today's tabloids. Tickets for Chicago are available through, by calling 212-239-6200, and in-person at the Ambassador Theatre (219 W. 49th St.; New York, NY) box office. Regular box office hours are 10 am to 8 pm Monday through Saturday, and Noon to 7:00 pm Sunday. Visit www. for more information. | 9


BOARD OF HEALTH EXPANDS SERVICES FOR PSYCHOSIS EPISODES The New York City Board of Health has approved an amendment to the Health Code to lower the age to 16 when hospitals are required to report a patient admitted with first-episode psychosis to the Health Department. Psychosis includes schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders where a person has lost touch with reality. Approximately 2,000 new cases of psychosis develop each year in New York City, and the Health Department estimates that 6 percent of first-episode admissions, or approximately 120 cases, occur among persons between ages 16 and 17 years. The Health Code previously required hospitals to report people between ages 18 and 30. After admission to the hospital, patients can join the Health Department’s free NYC Supportive Transition and Recovery Team (NYC START) program, which connects patients to trained social workers, peer specialists and recovery services for three months. Since NYC START launched in 2014, 1,206 eligible patients (73 percent) accepted care services, and this year 86 percent of program participants attended mental health appointments within 30 days of leaving the hospital.

care and connected to critical mental health services,” said Acting Health Commissioner Dr. Oxiris Barbot. “New Yorkers experiencing a first episode of psychosis qualify for three months of linkages to mental health services, and today’s amendment will help us connect more of them to care.”

“The first episode of psychosis is a critical time for intervention. We know that when we engage New Yorkers at their first episode we are more likely to get them into

Launched in 2014, NYC START is a free program offered by the NYC Health Department for young adults who are hospitalized for a first episode of psychosis. All New York

Proposed Changes:

City hospitals must report admission to the Health Department within 24 hours of diagnosis. Participation in NYC START is voluntary. During hospitalization and for the first three months after hospital discharge, trained social workers and peer specialists work to connect patients to recovery services and support their transition back to the

community. To date, NYC START has received 1,896 reports of firstepisode psychosis. The program has steadily improved on the rate of connection to community-based services – overall, 80 percent of program participants have attended an outpatient mental health appointment within 30 days of hospital discharge.

 Require hospitals to report admissions of 16- and 17-year-olds admitted for their first episode of psychosis.  Include the name and contact information for parents or guardians as part of the reportable information for a minor.  Require hospitals to report adults who were first admitted as 16- or 17-year-olds, who otherwise would not have been reported.  Broaden the confidentiality provisions to further clarify that identifying information will be kept confidential.  Address racial inequity among first-episode psychosis referrals from inpatient psychiatric care.  Extend the length of outreach beyond the first 30 days for people who have been unreachable or not ready to connect to these services earlier.

CONGRESSIONAL BLACK CAUCUS 2018 Highlights Healthcare Disparities Acessa Health Inc., developer of the Acessa System®, announced today it is continuing its collaboration with The White Dress Project, a nonprofit group that promotes fibroid awareness and advocacy, to present a session at this year’s Congressional Black Caucus Annual Legislative Conference. Earlier this year, both organizations announced the launch of the Goodbye Fibroids initiative which aims to unite women, physicians and leaders to raise awareness and elevate the standard of care for uterine fibroids. “We are focused on ensuring that women have access to all available treatment options for their uterine fibroids. Unfortunately, there is a wellestablished racial barrier to women receiving less invasive alternatives to hysterectomy and this joint session aims to elevate

10 | NewYorkTrendnyc

the discussion among civil leaders surrounding this disparity,” said Acessa Health President and CEO Kim Rodriguez. The current racial disparities impacting uterine fibroids are significant and well established in medical literature. As an example, among women who underwent hysterectomy for benign indications, African American women were less likely to receive a minimally invasive hysterectomy compared to white women. They were also 40% more likely to develop complications, nearly three times as likely to have a long hospital stay, and three times as likely to die, even though African American women were younger on average. Tanika Gray Valbrun, founder of The White Dress Project, noted, “As a community we need to begin to address and

change the clear, systematic and structural defect within the US healthcare system that disproportionately pushes women of color toward the most invasive option, which is hysterectomy.” This session will bring together leaders such as Adrianna Hopkins, host of Good Morning Washington and fibroids patient; Dr. Alicia Christy, Deputy Director of Reproductive Health at the Veterans Administration; Dr. Nicole Williams from The Gynecology Institute of Chicago; and Patient Ambassadors from The White Dress Project, Rashetta Fairnot and Jennifer Branison.

Williams, Founder and CEO of The Gynecology Institute of Chicago. “I am honored to be included in this panel and I believe that in order to effect change we need to open discussions about what is contributing to the overuse of hysterectomy to treat fibroids.”

“This multi-stakeholder panel brings together the perspectives of patients, physicians and policy makers to begin tackling this complex topic,” said Dr. Nicole

October 4, 2018 - October 10, 2018


Having spent the past twenty years as a psychology of communication and language expert working in industries including sport, education, high-risk industry, healthcare, hypnotherapy and local government, Dr Kate BeavenMarks knows that most people crave the skills to communicate more effectively. However, it’s a

desire that’s so often swept under the rug, which, if acted upon, could highly benefit those individuals that want to improve all aspects of their communication skills and their lives. In her new book, Dr Kate answers this calling with gusto. ‘How to Communicate More Effectively’ has a simple yet powerful mandate

– to help any reader better communicate with anyone, in any situation.

Synopsis: Communication expert, Dr Kate Beaven-Marks offers insight into how we communicate, both with others and with ourselves. This book shows you how to engage with a range of ‘real-world’ spoken and non-verbal strategies and personal skills, to elevate the effectiveness of your communication beyond just simple words. By gaining a better understanding of how to communicate more effectively, you will quickly learn how language can positively influence all aspects of your life. Whether you want to enjoy better relationships with friends or family, or learn to positively influence others in your workplace, this book will give you the tools to transform both your communication

skills and the way you think about yourself as a communicator.

“Every concept and strategy in this book is accessible to any reader, whether they’re looking to improve professional communication, personal communication or even that important internal dialogue we all have with ourselves,” explains the author. “Each chapter explains the strategies and then works alongside readers to help them seamlessly integrate what they have learned into their own lives.” Continuing, “And it’s so much more than just a book. The accompanying ‘Communicate with Confidence’ hypnotherapy MP3 (offered as a free download) includes a number of key suggestions and strategies to enhance what is explored in the book. It’s like having me right alongside them, as their personal hypnotherapist!”

NEW RELEASE by Eric Garner’s Mother

‘This Stops Today” After the death of her son, Eric Garner, at the hands of New York City police officers on Staten Island went viral, Gwen Carr’s life changed forever. The illegal chokehold that took Garner’s life has been seared into the public consciousness forever as the large black man struggled to breathe while a white policeman held him down on a hot concrete sidewalk. His death set the tone for a new normal where young black men and women now automatically document police interactions with their cell phones for fear of brutality and even death. As one of the Mothers of the Movement, Gwen Carr, a NewYorkTrendnyc

retired transit train operator, now dedicates her time to fighting for racial equality, especially the way law enforcement treats blacks in the United States. In This Stops Today, Carr shares the tragedies she’s faced, recalls her son’s life and death, and recounts her newfound role as an activist in the fight for racial equality. More than the story of a single moment, her book recounts a life of family, community, and of a woman who now speaks for those who no longer can. She has to do it for her firstborn. She has to do it for Eric. October 4, 2018 - October 10, 2018 | 11



Even a small donation can make a big difference

12 | NewYorkTrendnyc

October 4, 2018 - October 10, 2018

New York Trend NYC: October 4 - 10, 2018  
New York Trend NYC: October 4 - 10, 2018