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Manhattan Rates


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Fixed Rate (30 Yr) Fixed Rate (15 Yr) Five Yr (5/1) ARM Seven Yr (7/1) ARM Ten Yr (10/1) ARM

4.875% 4.250% 3.625% 4.125% 4.375%

4.980% 4.437% 3.317% 3.472% 3.661%

4.875%** 4.250%** 3.875%** 4.500%** **FHA Mortgage

5.240% 4.687% 3.142% 3.391%




FHA Fixed 30 Yr FHA Fixed 15 Yr FHA Five Yr (5/1) ARM

4.750% 5.125% 4.250% 4.703% 3.875% 3.150%

Manhattan New York Mortgage Refinance and Purchase and Mortgages Rates for Wednesday January 21, 2010. This mortgage is for residents of New York who desire a lower interest rate and payments on their current mortgage or for those buying a home/COOP. Call 1-888-577-8338 and lock in your low rates today.

Manhattan Mortgage and Refinance Rates Scott Pasinski, Director of Business Development Equal Housing Lender. *Rates can vary by location. Select the closest city or enter the ZIP code for where you're looking to get a mortgage. * Rates are not guaranteed until lender locks in your mortgage. * Rates are subject to change with the market. * To get an estimated payment enter the approximate amount you plan to borrow. Rates are quoted on expectation of either a 5% or 20% down payment. *If you are seeking a mortgage in excess of $417,000, recent legislation may enable lenders in certain locations to provide rates that are different from those shown in the table below. We recommend that you call 1-888-577-8338 to determine what rates may be available to you and your specific situation.

New York Mortgage Refinance 328 8th Avenue New York, NY 10001 Phone 917-668-9472

01-21-2010 Manhattan Mortgage Interest Rates  

Manhattan New York Mortgage Refinance. This program is for residents of New York who want to decrease their rates and mortgage payments on t...

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