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NYMC faculty, in collaboration with the Office of Public Relations, created the body of work presented in Pandemic Perspectives while we were still in the darkest hours of this global crisis. Through these various viewpoints, NYMC created a bigger picture that helped to move us forward during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic. This collection provides a historic view, a snap shot in time, during which we, as a health sciences community, were trying to make sense of the emergence of this new viral respiratory pathogen—the likes of which we’d never seen in our lifetime. A virus which has disrupted the world order as we knew it. When we are finally on the other side, when we have contained the threat, editorials like these will provide us with a record of the past with clarity that is only possible with hindsight. We will see how facing a novel viral pandemic, academics helped shape the conversation and inform the public. Pandemic Perspectives will also serve as a roadmap and a guide, should we ever face a similar outbreak in the future. We will see how we took this harrowing time and looked for ways to control the outbreak, and in the end, came out stronger.