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New York Medical College

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A Two-Year Report to the Community, 2011–2012 and 2012–2013

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ON THE COVER (clockwise from upper left): President Alan Kadish, M.D., and Chancellor and CEO Edward C. Halperin, M.D., M.A., at their inauguration ceremony; the College’s new building at 19 Skyline Drive; students learning about the scourge of smallpox on a field trip to the New-York Historical Society; the College’s building on Dana Road, future site of a biomedical education and research hub, prior to demolition.

An enterprising spirit of progress is in the air. Nowhere is this vibrant energy more p ­ alpable than in the sight of construction crews hard at work. Advances in the College’s real estate holdings are poised to position the institution as a leader in research, education, and job-creation. Perhaps the most eagerly anticipated event has been the start of construction that will transform a vacant building on Dana Road into a multimillion-dollar clinical skills laboratory, disaster medicine center, and biotechnology incubator. Phase 1, which is nearing completion, will result in an innovative teaching hub where medical students practice vital skills using human body simulators and specially trained actors. The next phase will yield a new training facility for the College’s Center for Disaster Medicine, which collaboratively supports disaster preparedness with federal, state and local agencies. The biotech incubator, strategically planned in partnership with New York State, will allow start-up firms to discover candidate drugs and vaccines for development and commercialization. IN THE PICTURE: William Angus Steadman II, vice president for strategic planning, confers with Randi D. Schwartz, M.B.A., associate dean for academic administration, and Michael Shallo, director of facilities management, as a transformation takes place around them.

Two-Year Report to the Community: 2011-2013 •• 1

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It’s an exciting time for New York Medical College as a more vibrant learning environment begins to take shape. New construction, repurposing and redesigning old structures, even some “sprucing up” of buildings and grounds to offer a more cheerful and welcoming atmosphere—all herald a crisp new energy that suffuses the atmosphere. Projects aimed at boosting awareness of the beauty and history of the verdant Valhalla campus signal an emerging institutional “pride of place.” Next time you visit the Administration Building on campus, look up: you’ll see the restored rabbit statue over the entrance, a nod to its honorable past as a children’s hospital. And that’s just the beginning: a comprehensive plan is underway to create an elegant, distinctive focal point for the campus, including a main gate, paved and lighted walkways, and a fountain nestled in a medicinal herb garden.

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Other exciting plans for improvement and expansion are afoot. In April 2013, the College, in partnership with Touro, acquired a 248,000-square-foot, five-story building located adjacent to campus at 19 Skyline Drive in Hawthorne, N.Y. The acquisition offers creative and effective solutions to various needs and challenges, such as expanding programs and providing new office space for occupants of the aging Munger Pavilion, an important campus building that has deteriorated beyond repair. Planning and preparations are well underway, and occupancy of the new NYMC holding known as “Skyline Drive” will soon commence. IN THE PICTURE: The renovation of key research labs in the Department of Pharmacology is of keen interest to Michal L. Schwartzman, Ph.D., department chair, who confers with Padraic Reynolds, finance director, and Sarah Cottet, director of environmental health and safety.

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Academics As technology continues to play a greater role in health care, the need to reinforce a patient-centered approach increases. New courses, enriched by educational field trips for students in all three schools, offer early evidence of a strengthened commitment to curricular innovation. With greater exposure to the humanities—including history, anthropology and art history—comes a better understanding of the human experience in different cultures, thereby improving communication and critical thinking skills. The College continues to prepare students to solve pressing health-related issues, in part through the exchange of ideas—essential in the biomedical ­sciences, and achieved in part through symposia

addressing such topics as asthma, HIV/AIDS, health policy and occupational health. A wide array of graduate programs continues to open doors to careers in the health professions for many, and our student research programs remain active and relevant. The future holds great promise for the expansion and development of new programs in partnership with Touro. IN THE PICTURE: David E. Asprinio, M.D., professor and chairman of the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, teaches students, residents and fellows in two classical ways: by demonstrating skill and technique in the OR, and by reinforcing the lesson in classroom lectures.

Two-Year Report to the Community: 2011-2013 •• 3

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Research Scientific inquiry is the cornerstone of progress at this institution, and with more than $25 million in research funding awarded last year, our researchers are making advances that will aid in the understand­ ing of human health and make inroads into the ­diagnosis and treatment of disease. Recent studies published in peer-reviewed journals such as The New England Journal of Medicine, Journal of the American Medical Association, Academic Medicine and Science Translational Medicine are among the faculty’s contributions to the biomedical scientific and medical education literature. These accomplishments continue to place New York Medical College among the foremost institutions investigating Lyme disease, fertility preservation for cancer patients, and brain impairment sustained by blast-exposed military personnel. The College continues to play a major

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role in flu vaccine development, contributing to the making of two out of three of the high growth seeds used for the most recent flu season vaccine. IN THE PICTURE: Physician-researchers in the Divi­ sion of Newborn Medicine conducted a “bedsideto-bench” study of extremely low-birth-weightinfants. They focused on the genetic foundations of certain conditions such as bronchopulmonary dysplasia (BPD), the most common chronic lung disease of infancy. Inset: In the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), Johanna Calo, M.D., gently swabs a sample of DNA from inside the cheek of a tiny preemie as his mother cuddles him on her chest, “kangaroo” style. Later in the lab, Umesh Paudel, M.D. (above), prepares DNA samples for automatic extraction prior to real-time PCR analysis of genetic polymorphisms.

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Philanthropy The College’s development efforts have enjoyed a dramatic boost of new vigor and motivation. The appointment of 20 new trustees in 2011 has inspired an infusion of fresh ideas shared by committees, leadership and faculty. After a national search, a seasoned medical education fundraiser was recruited to head the Office of Development. A host of new initiatives immediately got underway, including a multi-city speaking tour by the new chancellor and CEO, Edward C. Halperin, M.D., M.A. These gatherings have offered alumni and other supporters a chance to engage in a dialog with leadership and to participate in the exciting possibilities that lie ahead.

While the College continued its traditional and wellreceived Alumni Reunion Banquets and Founder’s Dinner—which served not only to honor our many successful alumni and supporters, but also to introduce them to the new chancellor—support of the College is entering a new era marked by energy, expansion and new ideas. IN THE PICTURE: Showing solidarity as they form a sturdy circle of support, this cross section of the NYMC community—members of the faculty, student body, administration and alumni—share the work and the rewards of their commitment to the College.

Two-Year Report to the Community: 2011-2013 •• 5

A Message from the Leadership You’ve been hearing this often, and you will hear it again: great things are happening at New York Medical College! Exciting initiatives launched or planned during the period covered by this two-year Annual Report— which parallels the first two years of our affiliation with the Touro College and University System—have infused the campus with renewed energy.

Great Things on Campus In the months to come, we will devote much attention to the development of our expanding property holdings —the five-story building on Skyline Drive, with its extraordinary potential for office and meeting space configurations, and the Dana Road facility, slated to become a state-of-the-art biotechnology incubator and clinical skills simulation center. Great Things in Academics In support of our academic mission, we have entered into partnerships to provide a range of clinical rotations for medical students, new opportunities for clinical training for health sciences students from Touro, and an array of graduate medical education programs. In addition, the groundwork has been laid for addressing two priorities for the coming year with regard to our clinical enterprise: a modern academic affiliation agreement with Westchester Medical Center, and the design and implementation of a comprehensive faculty practice plan. These initiatives are led by faculty committees that will issue regular reports in the future. Also ahead is the creation of a world-class program in medical humanities education. Great Things in Research Recent high-profile publications in The New England Journal of Medicine, JAMA, and Academic Medicine are among the faculty’s many contributions to the ­biomedical, public health and medical education literature. A five-year program project grant worth approximately $11.2 million was awarded to the College as well, allowing us to continue studies in hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases. For the long term, a faculty committee was appointed and charged with developing a comprehensive research strategic plan that will focus on new educational and research initiatives. Our objective is to devise ways of strengthening the efforts of existing faculty as well as greater collaboration between researchers at NYMC and Touro, which will advance our competitiveness as a research institution of merit. Great Things in Philanthropy NYMC’s leadership has been fortified by the recruitment of new trustees, administrators, department chairs and faculty, and our fundraising efforts have

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reached a watershed: in recent years, the College has raised between $2.7 million and $4.1 million per year. Last year, the number of funds raised rose to $ 8.9 million—an increase of 178 percent over the previous year. In fact, we have so much good news to share that we have gathered it all in one place: our “Great Things” page (pages 16-17) will apprise you of nationally recognized research, major developments in campus expansion, and appearances in the media by NYMC leadership, faculty, staff and students. Be sure to spend time reading the reports from the three schools— the School of Medicine, the Graduate School of Basic Medical Sciences, and the School of Health Sciences and Practice—to learn the full impact of how this revitalized spirit has had a positive impact on our mission. A renewed sense of purpose and cooperation has allowed New York Medical College to set a firm foundation for many exciting initiatives to come. We are grateful to our trustees, administrators, faculty, staff, students and alumni, along with our many supporters, for their faith in our vision. Thanks to all of you, great things are happening here!

Alan H. Kadish, M.D. President

Dr. Mark Hasten Chairman, Board of Trustees

Edward C. Halperin, M.D., M.A. Chancellor and Chief Executive Officer

Alan H. Kadish, M.D. President

Dr. Mark Hasten Chairman, Board of Trustees

Edward C. Halperin, M.D., M.A. Chancellor and Chief Executive Officer

Two-Year Report to the Community: 2011-2013 •• 7

School of Medicine During the two-year period covered by this report, we have made great strides to refine the undergraduate curriculum, expand clinical training programs, recruit high-quality faculty and expand the scope of research. New leaders were appointed, key accreditation reviews were completed with flying colors, and both students and faculty garnered prestigious awards and scholarly opportunities, some of which addressed the College’s growing diversity initiative. Exploring Humanities and Medicine More and more medical schools are incorporating the study of the humanities—a constellation of subjects such as literature, philosophy, ethics, history, social ­sciences and the arts—into the standard curriculum, adding a new dimension to medical education and practice. Proponents believe that these topics offer insight into the human condition and the historical roots of medical practice, thus broadening perspective and improving empathic and communication skills. A new initiative to strengthen the College’s emphasis on the humanities was launched, championed by Chancellor and Chief Executive Officer Edward C. Halperin, M.D., M.A., a medical historian and prolific author who has written extensively on the history of racial, religious, and gender discrimination in higher education and health care. The School of Medicine has taken the lead by providing a variety of opportunities to expose students and faculty in all three schools to the humanities through panel discussions, film screenings and excursions to local museums and historical venues. As a noteworthy example, a group of students and faculty, led by Chancellor Halperin and Montgomery Douglas, M.D., chairman of the Department of Family and Community Medicine and associate dean for diversity and inclusion, visited the New York Academy of Medicine for a presentation called “Black War Soldiers: Disparities in Wartime Medicine.” The lecture, ­co-presented by two prominent experts on the period, offered an informative and critical discussion of the experiences of black soldiers during and after the Civil War, and their treatment by medical and government institutions. Other events have included visits to the Cushing-Whitney Medical Library at Yale University and to a smallpox exhibit at the New-York Historical Society. A new Medical Education Grand Rounds series featured a screening of the 1931 film Arrowsmith, which deals with the ethics of clinical research, along with commentary by a panel of faculty and other experts.

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Raising the Bar with Innovation Applications for admission to the M.D. program reached a record high in 2011 and continued in 2012, resulting in a mention on U.S. News and World Report’s Short List, “Ten Medical Schools That Receive the Most Applications” (April 23, 2013). During the 2012–13 inter­ view season, the College launched a new admissions interview format for medical school applicants known as the Multiple Mini-Interview (MMI). Designed to evaluate essential competencies for a future physician —such as empathy, critical thinking, ethical grounding, collaborative ability, and interpersonal skills—the MMI has been shown to be a reliable and valid tool to predict success in medical school in areas that were previously difficult to quantify. During its first year of implemen­ tation at NYMC, the method’s successes include the engagement of more faculty, alumni, allied health professionals and other members of the community as interviewers, thereby increasing their involvement in the College’s mission. Results are eagerly awaited as the second year of implementation gets underway. Reaching a New Pinnacle The process of becoming accredited and re-accredited by the Accreditation Council on Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) is an arduous task required of all teaching hospitals and academic medical centers, and critical for the vital funding from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. It can mean the ­difference between survival of a GME program or its demise. In May 2013, the College was rewarded for its efforts when it was granted continued full accreditation of its GME programs for five years—the maximum period allowable for an institutional sponsor of residency and fellowship programs. Two months later, there came a surprising announcement with even better news: on July 1, the ACGME introduced a new competencybased accreditation, resulting in the extension of our accreditation to the year 2025—an unprecedented 12-year span of time before the next review is required.

Students will benefit from curriculum enhancements that will allow for the greater integration of the humanities into the medical education program. Two-Year Report to the Community: 2011-2013 •• 9

School of Medicine Expanding Clinical Opportunities The College annually trains approximately 1,000 residents and fellows in 90 programs and fellowships— making it the second largest GME consortium of teach­ing hospitals in the country. In July 2011, the College launched the NYMC/Phelps Family Medicine Residency Program, which comprises a unique collaboration between the College and two affiliated partners: the 238-bed community-based Phelps Memorial Hospital, and Open Door Family Medical Centers, a federally qualified community health center touted for its innovative use of health information technology. The residency program completed its second year in June 2013. Other new GME programs under the College’s purview include a fellowship in pediatric hematology/oncology at Westchester Medical Center, programs in dental medicine and oral-maxillofacial ­surgery, and a general surgery residency program at Metropolitan Hospital Center. A grant from the New York State Department of Health will allow scores of medical students to receive training in family medicine in a variety of settings that will enhance their skills and cultural sensitivity. The grant, which provides $743,040 over three years, was one of 17 awards totaling more than $10.6 million given by NYSDOH for clinical training of medical residents and medical students at freestanding ambulatory care sites through the “Doctors Across New York” program. Also during the period, the College’s roster of clinical program sites was expanded through a new affiliation agreement with St. Joseph’s Health Care System, signed in August 2011 at the hospital’s 651-bed facility in Paterson, N.J. Third- and fourth-year medical students are currently performing clinical rotations in pediatrics, OB/GYN, neurology, family medicine, surgery, medicine and psychiatry there. The College also signed an agreement with Lenox Hill Hospital, a 652-bed acute

care hospital located on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, with clerkships in medicine, surgery, OB/GYN and some fourth-year electives. Fostering Leadership Four newly appointed department chairs joined the ranks during the two-year period covered by this report. •E  duardo Lopez, M.D., Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Metropolitan Hospital Center •M  ichal L. Schwartzman, Ph.D., Department of Pharmacology • Edward J. Shin, M.D., Department of Otolaryngology at The New York Eye and Ear Infirmary •P  aul A. Sidoti, M.D., Department of Ophthalmology at The New York Eye and Ear Infirmary The caliber of our students continues to impress. Four medical students from the Class of 2013, Jason Redman, William Berg, Vasu Tumati and Catherina Pinnaro, garnered pres­tigious Doris Duke Research Fellowships last year. While studying for her M.D./Ph.D. degree, Christine LeRoy (M.S. ’13) won a Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award. Medical student Nathaniel Lepp, Class of 2014, was selected as a representative to the American College of Physicians, one of only 14 in the U.S. to be so honored. Medical student Navid Shams, M.P.H., Class of 2014, recently returned from studying acute lung injury in Lima, Peru, with funding from a Fulbright-Fogarty Award, which supports public health and clinical research in resourcelimited settings. Finally, Frinny Polanco, Class of 2014, received the prestigious Aetna Foundation/National Medical Fellowships (NMF) Scholarship Award, which recognizes minority medical students who have demonstrated leadership and a commitment to serving medically underserved communities.


Fall 2012 (Class of 2016)

Students Enrolled



Applications Received



Applicants Interviewed




55% male 45% female

52% male 48% female

Average Age




Class of 2013

Number of Fourth-Years in the Match



Top Three Specialties

Internal Medicine (35) Pediatrics (25) Radiology-Diagnostic (21)

Internal Medicine (38) Pediatrics (31) Emergency Medicine (22)

Top Three States Where Graduates Were Placed

New York (86) California (32) Connecticut (19)

New York (88) California (28) Connecticut (22)

10 •• New York Medical College

Four medical students garnered prestigious Doris Duke Research Fellowships, and an M.D./ Ph.D. student won a Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award. Two-Year Report to the Community: 2011-2013 •• 11

School of Health Sciences & Practice Last year, the School of Health Sciences and Practice (SHSP) actively engaged in promoting and improving the health of individuals and communities by participating in dialogue at the local, regional and international levels, appointing experienced leaders to shape programs and develop strategy, and encouraging students to have a voice in the health care conversation. Advancing Leadership Following a nationwide search, Ben C. Watson, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, founding chair of the Department of SpeechLanguage Pathology, was appointed vice dean of the School in September 2012. Joining the school’s cadre of departmental chairs was Kathleen (Kate) Franklin, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, who took the helm of the Department of Speech-Language Pathology in April 2013. Several faculty members joined or moved up the ranks with new appointments or promotions: David Moskowitz, Ph.D., and Maureen Kennedy, Dr.P.H. (Epidemiology and Community Health); Kathleen Kaiser, M.S., and Luis Riquelme, Ph.D., (Speech-Language Pathology). Deborah Viola, Ph.D., was appointed director of the Dr.P.H. program. Supporting National Health Priorities Each April, the School marks National Public Health Week, organized by members of the Student Healthcare Executives Club. Supporting the national theme for 2013, “Public Health is ROI: Save Lives, Save Money,” campus events demonstrated the College’s commitment to the value of prevention and the importance of well-supported public health systems in preventing ­disease, saving lives and curbing health care spending. A highlight of the week was a keynote address given by Nirav R. Shah, M.D., M.P.H., New York State Com­mis­ sioner of Health, who presented “Building the Healthcare Ecosystem.” A nationally recognized thought leader in patient safety and quality, comparative effectiveness,

The School hosted a forum to address critical issues arising out of changes in the financing and delivery of HIV/AIDS services in the tri-county region.

12 •• New York Medical College

and the methods needed to transition to lower-cost, patient-centered health care, Dr. Shah shared his vision on how to ensure the smooth operation, resiliency, and survival of a health care system that is patient-centered, cost-effective, and integrates data and evidence into practice. As director of one of the nation’s leading ­public health agencies with a budget of more than $50 billion, Dr. Shah administers the state’s public health insurance programs, which cover 5 million New Yorkers. His presence on campus cemented relations and boosted the College’s regional profile. Off campus, Robert W. Amler, M.D., dean of the School of Health Sciences and Practice and vice president for government affairs, and members of the SHSP faculty joined national and local public health and ­mental health experts, civic leaders, educators, clergy, community leaders and public safety professionals at a community forum to share ideas and strategies for improving violence prevention efforts throughout Westchester County. Expanding Influence Several faculty members were recognized internationally for their expertise. Dr. Amler gave the opening keynote address at the Sixth International Conference on Children’s Health and the Environment, held in Lodz, Poland in 2012. And in honor of her efforts to promote women’s health and human rights, Padmini Murthy, M.D., M.P.H., M.S., global health program director, was

Health care administrators and policy makers gathered to discuss goals such as health care disparities, health care needs and care-giving across the life span.

invited to deliver the 16th Memorial Marie Catchatoor Oration at the Association of Medical Women in India’s (AMWI) annual conference, held in Calcutta in December 2012. Dean Amler also was appointed to the Board of Directors of the Hudson Valley Economic Development Corporation. In the fall of 2011, the Center for Long Term Care Research and Policy (CLTCRP), a Center of Excellence in the School’s Institute of Public Health, held its inaugural colloquium on long term care. Among the speakers was Hon. Richard N. Gottfried, chair of the New York State Assembly Health Committee, and James R. Knickman, Ph.D., president and chief executive officer of the New York State Health Foundation. Faculty and Student Accolades Several students and faculty members achieved well deserved recognition from state and regional professional associations last year. Among the highlights was a New York State Speech-Language Hearing Associa­tion’s 2012 Distinguished Achievement Award presented to Vice Dean Ben C. Watson, Ph.D., CCC-SLP. Before graduating, student Tirzah Davis (D.P.T. ’13) was recognized as a Minority Student Future Leader from the

New York State Physical Therapy Association (NYPTA), and Wendyliza Gonzalez (M.S. ’13) received the Regional Association Presidents Scholarship at the New York State Speech-Language Hearing Association (NYSSLHA). A total of 17 students from the program in Speech-Language Pathology presented at professional meetings sponsored by the NYSSLHA and 11 students from the public health programs presented at the annual meeting of the American Public Health Association (APHA). Each year, students in the Doctor of Physical Therapy (D.P.T.) program coordinate a certified 5K and 10K run/ walk, known as the Race for Rehab, to raise awareness and funds for Achilles International, a worldwide organization that encourages people with physical ­challenges to participate in athletic competition. In 2012, the students raised more than $12,000 when 195 athletes of all levels of age, speed and ability competed in the 14th annual event, marking an all-time record of participation.

Two-Year Report to the Community: 2011-2013 •• 13

Graduate School of Basic Medical Sciences In this report, two of the Graduate School’s major educational initiatives warrant special recognition—the Ph.D. program and the constellation of programs aimed at helping transition students into careers in the health professions. Student research and enhancements to the College’s diversity initiative also added to the Graduate School’s roster of achievements during the period. Fast-tracking for Success In the highly competitive and selective program known as the Accelerated Master’s Program (AMP), students take four major first-year medical school classes alongside students in the School of Medicine. As of June 2013, 97 percent of the students who completed the didactic portion of the program and applied for admission to medical school have been successful and are now embarked on their medical training. Students from this program have gone into medical school programs, including 61 admissions into U.S. allopathic medical schools (New York Medical College among them), 4 to U.S. osteopathic medical schools, and 4 to non-U.S. medical schools. The traditional Master’s program in the basic medical sciences continued to attract large numbers of students. Since the program’s redesign in 2004, 105 students have completed its didactic requirements, including 81 who have earned M.S. degrees. Many of these have already entered a career in the biomedical, health or other related professional fields. The Graduate School celebrated what may be its two largest and strongest cohorts of Ph.D. graduates in the school’s history. In this 2-year span, 28 Ph.D. degrees were awarded, including 17 to students from the Integrated Ph.D. Program, 6 from the M.D./Ph.D. program and 5 from the sequential Master’s/Ph.D. track. These young scientists’ dissertation projects represented an impressive array of scientific exploration and achievement, with studies on the microbial pathogenesis of Lyme Disease, the vascular and cellular bases of pulmonary hypertension, and many other topics.

A Commitment to Diversity Within the Master’s program are special opportunities for a limited number of qualified minority students who may be eligible for early admission into medical school after completion of the second year of the Master’s program. They may also be eligible for scholarship support from the Associated Medical Schools of New York (AMSNY). Now in its fifth year, the AMSNY program has helped place seven students in medical school, with eight more in the “pipeline” phase. The Graduate School supports a variety of student research forums each year, highlighted by the annual school-wide Graduate Student Research Forum (GSRF) held in the spring. In 2012, 31 students participated, while another 30 participated in 2013. This latter forum marked the 25th consecutive year this event was held. Each year, the students’ inspiring effort is capped by a keynote address given by a renowned scientist invited for his or her accomplishments and interest in graduate education. In 2012, the speaker was Stephen F. Vatner, M.D., professor of cell biology and molecular medicine and director of the Cardiovascular Research Institute at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, who spoke on cardiac and vascular regulation. In 2013, the keynote address was given by Peter Canoll, M.D., Ph.D., a renowned neuropathologist and glioblastoma researcher from Columbia University. Departmental forums also were held in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, and Microbiology and Immunology. These forums annually provide students with additional opportunities to sharpen their ability to present, artic­ ulate and defend their research results. In the fall of 2012, the Pharmacology Department introduced “Pharmacology Research Day,” an opportunity for post-doctoral fellows and junior faculty to present short talks along with graduate students. Giving the keynote address for this event was David Fulton, Ph.D. ’96, ­professor of pharmacology and interim director of the Vascular Biology Center at the Georgia Health Sciences University. In 2012, the Graduate School signed an articulation agreement with Dominican College of Orangeburg, N.Y. Under this agreement, qualified undergraduates who wish to pursue a graduate degree in one of the basic medical sciences can, in effect, gain early admission to the Graduate School following their junior year at Dominican. The program allows students to earn both a B.S. and M.S. in as little as five years.

14 •• New York Medical College

Student research forums held throughout the year provide budding scientists with opportunities to sharpen their presentation skills as they articulate and defend their research results.

Outreach For many years, during the summer the Graduate School has hosted in its laboratories a variety of volunteers who wish to experience the excitement of science firsthand—high school students new to laboratory experience, college undergraduates wanting to explore the world of biomedical research before deciding upon a career path, and middle and high school teachers wishing to more effectively convey the excitement and process of science to their young students. In 2012, the Graduate School began hosting as many as 50 such research “interns” each year through what is now known as the Summer Trainees in Academic Research (STAR) Program. Under the direction of Mary Petzke, Ph.D., assisted by Frances Hannan, Ph.D., and Joseph M. Wu, Ph.D., applicants are screened and matched with a suitable faculty sponsor/mentor. During the summer, each STAR trainee is taught basic lab skills, works alongside graduate students and postdoctoral fellows, and is regularly guided and advised by his or her assigned mentor. In August 2012, the first annual STAR forum featured a dozen student presentations and a keynote address on the history of DNA research by Shalom Z. Hirschman, M.D., a founding member of Touro College. One STAR participant, Sheida Takmil, who worked in

the laboratory of Esther L. Sabban, Ph.D., was ranked among the top 10 of 350 participants in the 2013 Westchester Science and Engineering Fair, thus earning the Ossining High School senior a place as an Intel Science Talent Search Semifinalist. New Core Laboratories Two new core facilities came on line this past year, both under the direction of John T. Fallon III, M.D., Ph.D., professor and chairman of pathology and director of laboratories at Westchester Medical Center. The Core Histology Laboratory opened in March 2012, providing basic tissue processing services that will soon include immunohistochemistry and a wider variety of special stains. The Genomics Core Laboratory, unveiled in January 2013, provides College’s investigators access to genomic sequencing, whole-transcriptome analysis, analysis of small RNA, miRNA and non-coding RNA patterns and analysis of transcription factor binding and epigenetic modifications at specific genetic loci. Interest in the GSBMS’s programs, as measured by the size and quality of our applicant pool, remains high. This has allowed us to maintain a strong selectivity, particularly in our competitive Ph.D. and Accelerated Master’s programs, while enjoying a comfortable yield of enrollees from the accepted pool.

Two-Year Report to the Community: 2011-2013 •• 15

Great New York Medical College has a proud history, one that has expanded and become more dynamic since 2011, the year it entered into its historical ­a ffiliation with Touro. The College also has an exciting future—never more evident than in the achievements of the past two years. The Inauguration of New Leaders December 9, 2012, marked a milestone for New York Medical College with the inauguration of Alan Kadish, M.D., as president, and Edward C. Halperin, M.D., M.A., as chancellor and chief executive officer. More than 500 guests came to witness the colorful proceedings and congratulate the new leaders. Delegates from the nation’s colleges and universities, business and community leaders, and representatives from the College’s affiliated hospitals offered their greetings. New York State Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins touted the College as “a place where opportunity and initiative are taken and progress is made.” Raising Our Profile Early in 2012, the announcement that Edward C. Halperin, M.D., M.A., had been recruited as the College’s new chancellor and chief executive officer resulted in widespread news coverage in The New York Times, the Chronicle of Higher Education, and Crain’s Health Pulse, along with an in-depth feature in The Journal News and other local press coverage in Westchester and Louisville, Ky. In late 2012, the College held a press conference with the Mid-Hudson Regional Economic Development Council to announce the formal launch of construction of the proposed biotechnology incubator and simulation center located at the College’s Dana Road facility. And in the spring of 2013, to highlight across-the-board federal budget cuts that went into effect in January, and the impact on biomedical research in Westchester and Rockland Counties, Congresswoman Nita Lowey (D-Westchester/Rockland) spoke before an audience of community leaders, College researchers and members of the media, sharing the podium with President Alan Kadish, M.D.

The chancellor continued to make appearances and was frequently quoted or published in print and televised media. Herewith are a few highlights: • Dr. Halperin was invited to participate, along with three other medical school deans, in a panel discussion about the future of medical education on The Stoler Report, a half-hour television program aimed at the business community. •T  he chancellor met with the editorial board of The Journal News, the lower Hudson Valley’s daily newspaper of record, to discuss medical ethics, seques­ tration budget cuts, and the role of New York Medical College in mapping the future of biotechnology in the Lower Hudson Valley. The interview was broadcast live on The Journal News website. • Dr. Halperin spoke about his paper, “Lessons from a Slave Doctor of 1841,” and discussed the relevance of those findings for the physicians of today, as an invited guest on Our Lives, a half-hour local program that focuses on topics of interest to people of color. Numerous faculty experts and researchers were called upon to discuss their work in print and broadcast news during the reporting period, including: •G  ary P. Wormser, M.D., professor of medicine and director of the Division of Infectious Diseases and the Lyme Disease Diagnostic Center, frequently in demand for his unparalleled expertise and world-renowned research on tick-borne infections, was featured in a documentary about Lyme disease produced for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. He has been interviewed for NBC News, the Huffington Post, The New York Times, Fox Television, and the Seven Network, Australia’s national public radio, among many others.

Proud History, 16 •• New York Medical College

Things! •D  oris Bucher, Ph.D., associate professor of microbiology and immunology, is much in demand during influenza season, and with good reason: the CDC annually taps her lab to provide strains of seasonal flu virus that go into the development of the vaccine that will be distributed around the world. A New York Post story about “flu sorbet,” a concoction aimed at delivering flu vaccine in an edible form, found Dr. Bucher’s video interview appearing all over the internet for a few days last winter. She was interviewed by National Public Radio’s WNYC channel, which led to a spot on the program “All Things Considered,” and she was interviewed on the SiriusXM radio channel “Doctor Radio” and for Newsday. •K  utluk Oktay, M.D., a physician-researcher in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, has earned an international reputation as a leading authority in preserving the fertility of female cancer patients. Early in 2013, Dr. Oktay revealed the discovery of factors that decrease female fertility as a woman ages. The breakthrough was reported by The Washington Post, Bloomberg Business Week, Medscape, Cure Today, and NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams among many other outlets. Numerous real estate and business publications buzzed with the news of the College’s purchase of 19 Skyline Drive in Hawthorne, N.Y. Crain’s Health Pulse, The Journal News and The Westchester/Fairfield County Business Journals were among the mainstream publications that also ran the story. Some 48 physicians appeared in Westchester Magazine’s annual “Top Doctors” issue. The magazine also ran a special feature on “2012’s People to Watch,” which highlighted physician-researcher Mitchell S. Cairo, M.D., and then-student Jennifer Minieri Arroyo, Ph.D. ’13. Subsequent coverage called attention to “Westchester’s Wunderkinds: The County’s Most Successful Business Professionals Under the Age of 30,” featuring finance director Padraic Reynolds, and “The County’s Top Health Leaders” spotlighted faculty members Amy Ansehl, D.N.P., and Allen Dozor, M.D.

Research and Publication Highlights During a year in which the National Institutes of Health’s award rate dipped below 20 percent, a team of researchers in the Department of Pharmacology, led by Michal L. Schwartzman, Ph.D., professor and department chair, was awarded a five-year Program Project Grant, worth approximately $11.2 million, to continue studies in hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases. New York Medical College was named as the lead institution in the Childhood and Adolescent Lymphoma Cell Therapy Consortium. Mitchell S. Cairo, M.D., was tapped to head the two-year consortium grant totaling $998,000 from the St. Baldrick’s Foundation, a nonprofit organization that supports childhood cancer research. The College’s reputation as a leader in Lyme disease research and diagnosis received national attention when Robert B. Nadelman, M.D., professor of medicine in NYMC’s Division of Infectious Diseases, reported findings which concluded that recurrences of Lyme ­disease are the result of reinfection and not a relapse of the original infection. The study was published as the lead paper in the November 15, 2012 issue of The New England Journal of Medicine, accompanied by an editorial. In another NEJM study, published on January 17, 2013, Gary P. Wormser, M.D., chief of the Division of Infectious Diseases and vice chairman of the Depart­ ment of Medicine, played a key role in discovering a new tick-borne infection caused by the Borrelia ­miyamotoi pathogen. Faculty members in the Department of Pediatrics have been featured in The Journal of Pediatrics’ prestigious section for the Association of Medical School Pediatric Department Chairs (AMSPDC). An article on “Children’s Environmental Health,” co-written by Robert W. Amler, M.D., dean of the School of Health Sciences and Practice, and Allen Dozor, M.D., director of the Children’s Environmental Health Center of the Hudson Valley, was published during the period, and a future article addressing the treatment of children with high risk sickle cell disease has been solicited from Mitchell S. Cairo, M.D.

Exciting Future. Two-Year Report to the Community: 2011-2013 •• 17

Donor Profile

“I Never Left the Fold” Lee Dieck, M.D. ‘86

Eileen (Lee) M. Dieck, M.D. ’86, is one of those people who seem to know just about everyone in the New York Medical College community. Her involvement spans nearly 30 years, beginning as a medical student in 1982 and encompassing her years of participation in student government and organization, a faculty appointment, and a long and active history with the Alumni Association and its Board of Governors.

It’s a long-term relationship, and she revels in it. In fact, Lee Dieck, M.D. ’86, describes herself as someone who has “never left the fold.” Her contributions, whether financial or in the form of active participation, are heartfelt and generous. They comprise a series of steady, incremental gestures that add up to a substantial and meaningful tradition of support. Dr. Dieck and her husband, ophthalmologist William B. Dieck, M.D. ’83, live in Mount Kisco, N.Y., where they raised their three children—Caitlin, 27, Cameron, 25, and Chelsea, 22. She and Bill met as students at St. Lawrence University in Canton, N.Y., where she graduated magna cum laude, and they married in 1980. After receiving her degree in 1986 and completing her residency in internal medicine, Dr. Dieck was appointed to the faculty in 1989, and is currently clinical assistant professor of medicine. In addition to her years in private practice (she is now retired), she worked for a time in the corporate sector, first at AT&T (helping to put Bill through medical school) and later in Occupational Health at IBM. In 1990, she joined the Alumni Association’s Board of Governors, serving as its president from 2008 to 2012. During her years as a medical student, Lee Dieck ­witnessed the steady growth of reputation and rigor of the medical school. She cites the appointment of new leadership, including Karl P. Adler, M.D., as dean of the medical school, and Susan A. Kline, M.D., recruited to oversee academic and student affairs, as well as talented administrators like Anthony M. Sozzo, M.A., M.S.Ed., director of student financial aid, as signs of a reinvigorated mission and focus. They and numerous other dedicated individuals comprised an energetic new vanguard charged with plotting a future course for the 125-year-old institution. In the

18 •• New York Medical College

process, a new sense of identity began to emerge among the students and faculty. And within a few years of the College’s 1979 relocation from its New York City base to the Westchester County suburbs, all indicators of excellence—match results, accreditations, student scores on MCATs and USMLE exams—began to improve. During those years, new ­campus housing was built, the Student Senate became more active and engaged with administration and alumni, numerous student organizations were founded, and students began volunteering in the community. “When I started medical school in the early 1980s, I was surrounded by others who were determined to effect ­positive change,” she says. “We didn’t have anything else to compare it to. Our attitude was, let’s take what’s good and make it even better. I think that attitude has grown tremendously over the years. Today’s students are deeply involved in caring for the community. It has exploded!” One of the first ripple effects of this new attitude was Student Physician Awareness Day (SPAD), still an annual tradition organized entirely by medical students. The first conference was held in 1985, with Lee Dieck serving as chair. The idea was to create an educational conference for medical students that would allow them to explore topics they considered relevant to their futures as practicing physicians, but which were not typically found in the standard curriculum. “When I agreed to run the first SPAD, I modeled it after corporate conferences at AT&T, using break-out s­ essions and a keynote speaker. I think it helps students to think of themselves as future professionals who will eventually have responsibility for the world beyond the classroom,” she says.

“Each step in my life is an opportunity to make a small difference, and small differences add up to big differences.”

This kind of selfless service fits Lee Dieck to a T. It offers evidence of the kind of person she has always been, the kind of man she married and the guiding principle with which she and Bill have raised their children. “I grew up believing that wherever life puts you, you should do what you can to make it a little better,” she says. “Our children have seen us become very involved in service to many different parts of our community—serving on boards of local hospitals, as PTA presidents, as preceptors—doing whatever we can to improve the world around us.” Dr. Dieck certainly practices what she preaches to her children. In addition to her exemplary service in numerous roles at the College, she and her husband have also been steady donors, beginning the year after she graduated. “Even if it was a small amount of money, I wanted to maintain my commitment to the school. There were a few years when it was very difficult to make ends meet, but when I couldn’t give any money, I gave my time.” Dr. Dieck’s collaborative, optimistic leadership style was called into service during another period of change in the College’s history. In 2008, when she was elected to serve as president of the Alumni Association’s Board of Governors, the College was actively seeking a new sponsor to replace the Archdiocese of New York. Of that period she says, “It can be hard to inspire people to become more involved when no one really knows what

the future holds. But I have to say that, to a person, they gave their unequivocal support.” Dr. Dieck served two terms as Alumni Association president, and when the College confirmed its intention to partner with the Touro College and University System, her wisdom and experience were called upon again— this time as a member of the Transition Advisory Group, a committee of representatives from both institutions charged with ensuring that the needs of all constituencies would be addressed. The result was a smooth and successful joining of the two institutions in May 2011. These days Lee Dieck is taking a breather from her customary intense involvement. Although she is still active— attending alumni events and volunteering at the College’s tetanus vaccine clinic for first responders after Hurricane Sandy—now her pace is more measured. She maintains an avid interest in the affairs of the Alumni Association, devoted as she is to “the incredible legacy of the alumni.” She muses: “The alumni are the face of New York Medical College in the communities where they live and work. New York Med alumni are remarkable physicians, teachers, scientists and health professionals. They are among the College’s most loyal supporters.” Coming from someone who has never ceased being a loyal supporter, this is high praise indeed.

Two-Year Report to the Community: 2011-2013 •• 19

FY2012–2013 Financial Information Statement of Financial Position (Dollars in Thousands)

Assets Cash











Assets equipment, net



Intangible and other assets



 eneficial interest in B perpetual trusts





Deposits with trustee


Land, buildings and


Revenues & Other Support

Revenues & Other Support

 ayables & P other liabilities Deferred revenues

Liabilities & Assets

Short-term debt







Postretirement & Assets Liabilities benefit obligation Long-term debt Net assets Total









Liabilities & Assets

20 •• New York Medical College


Financial Report Assets

Change in Unrestricted Net Assets (Dollars in Thousands)

Revenues & Other Support Affiliation contracts

Revenues & Other Support



Faculty practice



Tuition, net



grants and gifts







Revenues & Other Support Research and other Other Total

Liabilities & Assets

Liabilities & Assets

Affiliation contracts

Expenditures & Decreases



Faculty practice



Instruction and research



Support activities 29,131 20.2% Expenditures & Increases Subtotal Increase in unrestricted net assets Total







Expenditures & Increases

Two-Year Report to the Community: 2011-2013 •• 21

Development and Fundraising During the two-year period covered in this report, several groundbreaking events transpired for New York Medical College, including the transition to partnership with Touro College and University System and the inauguration of a new president and a new chancellor and chief executive officer—a dynamic leadership team that has already made history. Our advocates play a pivotal role in bringing to fruition our dedication to prepare men and women to provide the best primary and specialized medical care, health care education and biomedical research. Indeed, it was the successful collaboration among NYMC’s many supporters that helped create a record year in fundraising and alumni activities. The committed involvement of our trustees, alumni and friends has truly signified that something very important is happening here. Today, thanks to our dedicated supporters, we have raised a record $8.9 million and increased fundraising by 178 percent, compared to last year. Philanthropy is one of the engines that will drive New York Medical College forward toward a bright future. New funds have created faculty endowed positions, increased student scholarships and enabled the College to better serve its students. During the period covered in this report, the College has initiated an aggressive outreach effort, sending our finest “ambassadors” throughout the U.S. to call upon friends and alumni. At large and small group meetings,

the chancellor, ably assisted by members of the College’s Development and University Alumni Relations team, has been visiting alumni and friends from California to New York and south to Florida, sharing the vision of a revitalized leadership and a powerful new vision. Among the “whistle-stops” were Los Angeles, Calif., Miami and Boca Raton, Fla., Englewood, N.J., New York City, Washington, D.C., Boston, Mass., Philadelphia, Pa., and Atlanta, Ga. The recruitment of new leadership and key staff members during the period has generated a dynamic new energy in the Office of Development and Alumni Relations. Larissa Reece, M.A., was appointed vice president for development and alumni affairs, and in short order recruited Diane Krusko, M.B.A., as director of university alumni relations; Steven Mark, M.S.W., as major gifts officer, and Allison Reklaitis, M.S., as corporate and foundation grant writer. In 2013, three additional trustees—Moshe Lichtenstein, Henry Saphier, M.D. ’61, and Joseph Schwartz, M.D.— joined the ranks of the new board that took the helm after the College joined with Touro in mid-2011.




5/25/11 Kadish

5/1/12 Halperin




Fiscal Year 2009–2010

22 •• New York Medical College


Fiscal Year 2010–2011

Fiscal Year 2011–2012

Fiscal Year 2012–2013

New York Medical College Honor Roll of Donors Covering the Two-Year Period from July 1, 2011 through June 30, 2013

CHANCELLOR’S CIRCLE The Chancellor’s Circle honors those who make gifts or commitments of $2,500 or more within a single year. In this Circle, there are three Societies distinguished by the nature and size of contributions to the College.

BRYANT SOCIETY This Society recognizes those whose generosity and leadership emulate the lasting contributions of the College’s founder, William Cullen Bryant, and whose gifts or commitments equal $25,000 or more. The Jack and Mimi Amsterdam Foundation* Mr. Gary Barnett Howard M. Baruch, M.D. Ben Chouake, M.D. Estate of R. Margarita De Santis, M.D. ‘59 Estate of Margot Ammann Durrer, M.D. ‘49 The Sidney E. Frank Foundation* Gary S. Gettenberg, M.D. ‘83 William J. Gralnick, M.D. ‘70 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Hales The Irving A. Hansen Memorial Foundation B. H. Homan, Jr. Charitable Trust* Drs. Gabor+ and Harriette Kaley Mr. Michael Karfunkel Jamieson D. Kennedy, M.D. ‘59 The Bernard and Dorothy Layton Foundation* Joseph Levine, M.D. Ms. Shifra Lichtenstein The George Link, Jr. Foundation, Inc. Lundbeck Research USA Inc. Dr. Meryl Mark and Mr. Joseph Mark Estate of Charles D. McCullough, M.D. ‘58 Naurex, Inc. New York Community Trust Leonard J. Newman, M.D. ‘70 and Randi Newman Reva and Martin Oliner Mr. Stephen Rosenberg The Louis and Rachel Rudin Foundation, Inc.* Estate of Elaine L. Schulman, M.D. ‘65 Estate of Helen W. and Sander V. Smith, M.D. ‘35 St. Joseph’s Healthcare System Estate of Theodore R. Struhl, M.D. ‘42 Sarah Upham Trust* Robert A. Welke Cancer Research Foundation, Inc.* The Westchester Community Foundation Renal Research Fund

1860 SOCIETY This Society celebrates the year of the College’s founding and includes donors whose gifts or commitments are $10,000 to $24,999. Dr. and Mrs. Karl P. Adler Advanced Billing Services, Inc. Alumni Association of New York Medical College David E. Asprinio, M.D. Children’s Surgery of Westchester, P.C. Raymond J. Dattwyler, M.D. Estate of Miguel A. Figueroa, M.D. ‘48 Dr. Michael and Mrs. Judy Gewitz* Amrith Jamoona, M.D. Martin S. Katzenstein, M.D. ‘78 Kelley Drye & Warren LLP

Camille Mallouh, M.D.* Mutual of America Dr. and Mrs. Ralph A. O’Connell Barry Pomerantz, M.D. ‘63 QIBQ Foundation Henry I. Saphier, M.D. ‘61* Seize the Ribbon Roy Gene Smith, M.D. ‘61 Revocable Living Trust Sound Shore Health System Gustavo Stringel, M.D. Estate of Ruth Struhl Edward W. Weigers, M.D. ‘54 Westchester Medical Center Kerri L. Wilks, M.D. ‘85* Anonymous

PRESIDENT’S SOCIETY This Society is comprised of donors whose gifts and commitments are $2,500 to $9,999. Johan K. Ahn, M.D. ‘95 Robert W. Amler, M.D. and Sherlita Amler, M.D.* Lee M. Angioletti, Jr., M.D. ‘89* ArchCare Archdiocese of New York Stephan Ariyan, M.D. ‘66 Gladys M. Ayala, M.D.* Hooman Azmi-Ghadimi, M.D. ‘99 Bank of America Merrill Lynch Patricia A. Barry, M.D. ‘83 and John M. Cosgrove, M.D. ‘83, F.A.C.S.* Doris Bate, M.D. ‘50* Augusta H. Belmonte, M.D.* Gregory Belok, D.D.S., M.P.H. Lennart C. Belok, M.D. ‘73 Steele S. Belok, M.D. ‘71 Frank Berkowitz, M.D. ‘83* Marcelle Bernard, M.D. ‘44* Bleakley Platt & Schmidt, LLP Mr. and Mrs. John D. Bottomley Breath for Life Robert D. Broderick, M.D. ‘77 Thomas A. Caleca, M.D. ‘81 Calvary Fund, Inc. Michael Campion, M.D. ‘82 Catherine G. Caronia, M.D. ‘88 and Ronald M. Caronia, M.D. ‘88* Eric I. Choe, M.D. ‘88 Estate of William P. Coats, M.D. ‘53 Waldemar A. Comas, Esq.* Michael B. Corbett, M.D. ‘61* Mr. Richard Curran Mr. Michel David-Weill Lawrence J. DeLorenzo, M.D. ‘76* Eileen M. Dieck, M.D. ‘86 and William B. Dieck, M.D. ‘83* Allen J. Dozor, M.D. Joseph F. Dursi, M.D. ‘59* Eileen Fisher, Inc. Elmhurst Ave Medical Associates Empire BlueCross BlueShield Joseph T. English, M.D.* Charles W. Episalla, M.D. ‘88, M.S. ‘87 John M. Feder, M.D. ‘87* Kathleen M. Finzel, M.D. ‘87* Dr. and Mrs. Henry E. Fourcade* Nancy J. Freeman, M.D. ‘81* John M. Garofalo, M.D. ‘79 Renee Garrick, M.D. Lucille P. Taverna Giardina, M.D. ‘71 Dr. Mark Glassman Cathy and David Goldenberg, M.D. ‘82

*Indicates those who have made gifts to the College for five or more consecutive fiscal years. + Indicates those who are deceased.

Robert H. Goslin, M.D. ‘74 Jill A. Gradner, M.D. ‘94 and Mokarram H. Jafri, M.D. ‘94* Elaine M. Grammer-Pacicco, M.D. ‘85 and Thomas J. Pacicco, M.D. ‘85* Gerhard J. Haas, Ph.D.*+ Edward C. Halperin, M.D., M.A. Dr. Mark Hasten Hi-Link Computer Corporation CAPT Deborah Ann Hinkley, USN, M.D. ‘89* Peter Hoffmann, M.D. ‘83* Dr. and Mrs. John W. Hon The Hope for Change Foundation Albert L. Huber, M.D. ‘57 Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies* Jean F. Jones, M.D. ‘51* Norman R. Kaplan, M.D. ‘77 John J. Kearney, M.D. ‘63* Harry D. Kerr, M.D. ‘75 Mr. and Mrs. Richard I. Kissen Andrea Kovacs-Loomis, M.D. ‘78* Orest J. Kozicky, M.D. ‘81* KPMG LLP Stanley R. Lane, M.D. ‘66* Jay Y. Lee, M.D. ‘86* Norman N. Lee, M.D. ‘86 Zvi and Arlene Lefkovitz Robert G. Lerner, M.D.* Dr. and Mrs. Lewis M. Levin ‘71* Norman Levine, Ph.D.* Jocelyn A. Luongo, M.D. ‘06* Heather Lurie-Perla, M.D. and Elliott N. Perla, M.D. ‘74* George W. Lutz, M.D. ‘61* Peter P. Ly, M.D. ‘96* Frederick MacDowell, Jr., M.D. ‘53 William W. MacLaughlin, M.D. ‘81* Christopher T. Maloney, M.D. ‘63* Edmund D. Marinucci, M.D. ‘44* Gabrielle S. Marshall-Salomon, M.D. ‘83* Hussein M. Matari, M.D. Kathryn E. McGoldrick, M.D. and Jonathan Mardirossian, M.D.* Joseph McNelis, M.D. ‘87 Abraham Mittelman, M.D. Neal Mittman, M.D. ‘77* Steven I. Neibart, M.D. ‘81* Neurology Associates of Westchester, PLLC The New York Eye and Ear Infirmary* NYMC Department of Medicine NYMC Department of Neurosurgery* NYMC Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences* NYMC School of Health Sciences and Practice A. Mark Novitch, M.D. ‘58 Daniel J. O’Dea, M.D. ‘83 Michael T. Oliver, M.D. ‘76* Robert M. Oliverio, Jr., M.D. ‘63* Johanna A. Pallotta, M.D. ‘62 Dr. and Mrs. Bruce W. Peek ‘82* Alan E. Peters, M.D. ‘79* Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Piccolo, Jr.* George P. Pillari, M.D. ‘66* Mitchell Pincus, M.D. ‘53* Raymond M. Planell, Esq. Mr. and Mrs. Ronald F. Poe Ms. Larissa F. Reece John T. Repke, M.D. ‘78* Beverly L. Richman, M.D. ‘64 Rockefeller Group International, Inc. Richard E. Rohr, M.D. ‘80* Maureen and Joe Roxe, The Roxe Foundation

Two-Year Report to the Community: 2011-2013 •• 23

Donor Listing


Sandra L. Sacks, M.D. ‘97 and Harry G. Sacks, D.D.S., J.D. Bijan Safai, M.D., D.Sc. Phelps Memorial Hospital Center Saint Joseph’s Medical Center, Yonkers Sidney A. Sass Associates, Inc.* John A. Savino, M.D. Sharon Scherl, M.D. ‘88 and Eric H. Morgenstern, M.D. ‘88 Ellen J. Scherl-Harbus, M.D. ‘77 and Dr. Fredric Harbus Dr. Lester J. Schultz Memorial Fund* The William and Sylvia Silberstein Foundation* Stephen G. Silver, M.D. ‘94 and Melissa Silver William F. Spence, M.D. ‘53 John R. Stabile, M.D. ‘76* Richard K. Stone, M.D. ‘68* Richard A. Stram, M.D. ‘78 Janice Sufrin, Ph.D. Foster H. Taft, Jr., M.D. ‘57* Estate of Ciro S. Tarta, M.D. ‘43 This Close for Cancer Research, Inc. University Orthopaedics, P.C. Vincent J. Vigorita, M.D. ‘76* Mr. Gerard Villucci Kathleen A. Wallace, M.D. ‘88 Mr. and Mrs. Stanley T. Wang Naomi Chaim Watman, M.D. ‘86* Scott S. Weiss, M.D. ‘88 David Werdegar, M.D. ‘56* David H. Young, M.D. ‘72 Anonymous (2)*

GENEROUS FRIENDS $100 to $2,499 Charles J. Abate, M.D. ‘85* Thomas J. Abbamont, M.D. ‘85* Nader G. Abraham, Ph.D. Henry J. Abrams, M.D. ‘62 Linus S. Abrams, M.D. ‘88 Acute Medical, P.C. Lori H. Adcock, M.D. ‘85* Mr. Julius N. Ade, M.P.H. ‘06 Mark K. Adler, M.D. Mark G. Adsit, M.D. ‘83 and Sylvia J. Adsit Adult Neurology Center, P.C.* Advanced Obstetrics & Gynecology, LLC Mr. and Mrs. Iqbal Ahmed Dr. and Mrs. David J. Aicher Augustine Akalonu, M.D. Barbara S. Akresh, M.D. ‘75* Mr. and Mrs. Christopher M. Aland Eric L. Albin, M.D. ‘70 Joan Albin, M.D. ‘67 Michael N. Alekshun, Ph.D. ‘96 Ann Alexander, M.D. ‘78

24 •• New York Medical College

Michael S. Alexander, M.D. ‘78* Ms. Tara Alfano* Mr. and Mrs. Mohammad Ali* Mrs. Daphine M. Allen* AllianceBernstein L.P.* Dr. Paterno A. Almendral Gregory L. Almond, M.D., M.P.H. ‘00, M.S. ‘00 Carmen M. Alonso, M.D. ‘76 Alperson Party Rentals Richard E. Alpert, M.D. ‘59* Alan R. Altman, M.D. ‘71 Stewart E. Altman, M.D. ‘64 Ms. Barbara C. Alvarado Herman A. Ambris, M.D. ‘82 Amertex Textile Rental Services, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Ammon Mark F. Anapoell, M.D. ‘57 Carl A. Anderson, M.D. ‘59 David G. Anderson, M.D. ‘91 Mark B. Anderson, M.D. ‘88 Nancy H. Anderson, M.D. ‘82 and Stephen M. Berman, M.D. ‘82, Ph.D. David R. Andrews, M.D. ‘78* Elaine M. Angelides-Kopp, M.D. ‘85 Alexander Angerman, M.D. ‘74 Iyad Annabi, M.D. Mr. David Y. Anokye, M.P.H. ‘08 Robert and Amy Ansehl Michael A. Antonelle, M.D. ‘62* Joseph C. Antonio, M.D. ‘94 Andrew N. Antoszyk, M.D. ‘83* James H. Antoszyk, M.D. ‘79 Mrs. Darlene Anzel Shera M. Aranoff, M.D. ‘73 Herbert M. Archer, M.D. ‘69 George M. Arcieri, M.D. ‘64* Anthony J. Arciola, M.D. ‘80 Matthew J. Arduino, Dr.P.H., M.S. ‘81 Ronald L. Arenson, M.D. ‘70 Philip M. Aries, M.D. ‘67 Ms. Ingrid C. Armstrong, M.S. ‘01 Sara B. Arnaud, M.D. ‘56 Peter Arno, Ph.D. Daniel Z. Aronzon, M.D. ‘73* Arthur H. Rabinowitz, M.D. Asbestos Corporation of America Denis C. Astarita, M.D. ‘74 Attain Consulting Richard H. Aubry, M.D. ‘58, M.P.H.* Dr. and Mrs. Viruppamattam M. Augustine Duane F. Austin, M.D. ‘84 Mark R. Axelrod, M.D. ‘79 Howard A. Babus, M.D. ‘75 Mr. and Mrs. Anastacio Baez Raymond J. Bagg, M.D. ‘58 Gerald S. Bahr, M.D. ‘72 Dallas E. Bailes, M.D. Dennis M. Baiser, M.D. ‘78 and Madelyn Baiser Albert J. Bajohr, Jr., M.D. ‘67 Mr. and Mrs. Achal A. Bakeri Dr. and Mrs. Saleem Bakhtiar Jonathan L. Ballon, M.D. ‘80 Mr. and Mrs. Florante M. Baluyot Joseph J. Bander, M.D. ‘73 Kenneth S. Bannerman, M.D. ‘75* Kanti L. Bansal, M.D. Bard, Rao + Athanas Consulting Engineers, LLC Robert A. Barish, M.D. ‘79 Barnes Ventures, L.L.C. Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Barrows William E. Barry, M.D. ‘54 Robert S. Bartolomeo, M.D. ‘71* Mark A. Bartolozzi, M.D. ‘87 Mrs. Elizabeth A. Bass

Mr. and Mrs. + Kenneth C. Bassmann* Paul G. Battaglia, M.D. ‘84 Amy Batterman-Ditchek, M.D. ‘83 Hans H. Bauer, Jr., M.D. ‘89 Ms. Judith Bauer Alan J. Bauman, M.D. ‘95 Ms. Sara A. Baumann ‘14 Kathleen Kicsak Baumgartner, M.D. ‘91* Benjamin G. M. Bautista, M.D. Harold C. Bautista, M.D. ‘86 Bay State Emergency Medical, Inc. Christine H. Beck, M.D. ‘77* Richard Beerman, M.D. ‘80* Dennis G. Begos, M.D. ‘90 Mrs. Joan Behman William J. Behrje, M.D. ‘65 Duncan J. Belcher, M.D. ‘91* Michael I. Belenko, M.D. ‘79* Howard T. Bellin, M.D. ‘62 Mr. and Mrs. George A. Bellini Francis L. Belloni, Ph.D. and Margaret Ciarcia-Belloni Robert J. Belsole, M.D. ‘69 Robert A. Bennett, M.D. ‘62* Saverio S. Bentivegna, M.D. ‘50, F.A.C.S.* Marc A. Berezin, M.D. ‘85 Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence A. Berg Robert S. Berger, M.D. ‘80 Alan S. Berkeley, M.D. ‘73 David A. Berkowitz, M.D. ‘63 Philip L. Berman, M.D. ‘82 Dr. and Mrs. Robert Bernot* Daniel Berson, M.D. ‘69 Sarah Bertram-Elbaum, M.D. ‘82 Robert Bethje, M.D. ‘49* Shrikant S. Bhamre, M.D. ‘92 Charles C. Bianco, M.D. ‘64 James M. Bianco, M.D. ‘75 Werner R. Bierfreund, M.D. ‘58 Bruce M. Bilder, M.D. ‘67* William Biles, M.D. ‘93* Andrew T. Billingsley, M.D. ‘93 Col. Roman O. Bilynsky, M.D. ‘90 Binghamton Ophthalmology Associates, PC Biopeptides Corp. Patrick T. Birrer, M.D. ‘88* Ms. Rima A. Bishar, SOM ‘14 Jeffrey S. Bisker, M.D. ‘76 Rajesh Bisnauth, M.D. ‘96 Richard E. Blake, M.D. ‘75 Robert V. Blake, M.D. ‘75* William J. Blake, M.D. ‘47+ Howard A. Blanchette, M.D. Robert J. Blankfein, M.D. ‘58 Kenneth S. Blatt, M.D. ‘75 Edward J. Bloch, M.D. ‘69* The Bloomgarden Family Michael S. Bloomstein, M.D. ‘73 Lewis C. Blowers, M.D. ‘57* Kenneth I. Blumberg, M.D. ‘86 Viorel I. Boborodea, M.D. ‘88 Devon E. Bock, M.D. ‘86* Richard P. Bodony, M.D. ‘88 Peter N. Bogdan, M.D. ‘64 Lisa C. Bogdonoff, M.D. ‘88 Dr. and Mrs. James C. Bolz Michael I. Bonder, M.D. ‘70* Nicholas G. Bonvicino, M.D. ‘79* Mr. and Mrs. William Booth Louis Borgatta, M.D. ‘86 Stephen E. Borkow, M.D. ‘63 Niel J. Borrelli, M.D. ‘68* Edgar Borrero, M.D. ‘81 Jose N. Boyer, M.D. Donald F. Bradley, Jr., M.D. ‘57* Mr. Mark Bradshaw Dale E. Braithwaite, M.D. ‘78*

Michael D. Brandler, M.D. ‘98 Mr. and Mrs. James Branigan Arnold J. Brender, M.D. ‘81 Joel I. Brenner, M.D. ‘70* Stephen M. Brenner, M.D. ‘62 The Breslin Family Timothy F. Brewer, M.D. ‘85 Richard A. Brezing, M.D. ‘75 Ms. Alice J. Brody and Mr. Ronald S. Ross Michael Brody, M.D. ‘66 Michael J. Bronson, M.D. ‘76 Jack Brook, M.D. ‘53* William J. Brosnan, M.D. ‘65 Seymour Bross, M.D. ‘58* William H. Brown, M.D. ‘57 Tonya M. Brown-Price, M.D. ‘90* David J. Broza, M.D. ‘89 Doris J. Bucher, Ph.D. Stephanie Buck-Haskin, M.D. ‘81 Joseph J. Buckley, M.D. ‘46* Earl A. Bueno, M.D. ‘00* Dr. Peter M. Buffa Bui Law Group, PC Ms. Estelle Burke* Jerome M. Burke, M.D. ‘84 Jennifer L. Burns, M.D. ‘00* Allen S. Burris, M.D. ‘81 Andrew S. Burstiner, M.D. ‘89 Liboria Buscemi, M.D. ‘96 Howard S. Bush, M.D. ‘82 David M. Butler, M.D. ‘79 Philip A. Butler, M.D. ‘80 Alfred N. Butner, M.D. ‘65 Mr. and Mrs. Jerry M. Buysse Douglas A. Byrnes, M.D. ‘77* Jean M. Cacciabaudo, M.D. ‘90 and William A. Maiorino, M.D. ‘89 Norman A. Cagin, M.D. ‘67* Mitchell Cairo, M.D. Joseph J. Calandra, M.D. ‘82* Dr. and Mrs. Ronald Caldwell* Arthur Calick, M.D. ‘65* California Clinics Inc. Joseph A. Camilleri, Jr., M.D. ‘85 Dr. Avril Campbell Canon Business Solutions, Inc. Cantigny Research Foundation, Inc. Alan R. Cantwell, Jr., M.D. ‘59* Howard D. Cantwell, M.D. ‘65* Deborah J. Millington Capilupi, M.D. ‘89 and Thomas Capilupi, M.D. ‘87* Ms. Francene M. Capone Edmund F. Caporaso, M.D.* Phillip Capozzi, Jr., M.D. ‘96 Maria F. Capparelli, M.D. ‘07 CapTrust Advisors, LLC Scott R. Capustin, M.D. ‘84 Dr. Jose Carbajal Dora L. Cardenas, M.D. ‘88 Joseph G. Cardinale, M.D. ‘80* Robert J. Carey, M.D. ‘68* James O. Carleo, M.D. ‘66 Claire J. Carlo, M.D. ‘85* Robert A. Carnevale, M.D. ‘75* Maria M. Torroella Carney, M.D. ‘92* Dr. and Mrs. Stephen F. Carolan ‘84 Mrs. Alfred J. Caron Robert A. Carrellas, M.D. ‘89 John W. Carrier, M.D. ‘51* Lyda E. Rojas Carroll, M.D. ‘88 Edward W. Carsky, M.D. ‘55 James E. Carter, M.D. ‘55* Paul S. Carton, M.D. ‘63 Anthony J. Casella, M.D. ‘70 Paul R. Casner, M.D. ‘80, Ph.D. ‘75 Lauren S. Cassell, M.D. ‘77 and Jacques Blinbaum Mrs. Irene Cassuto Joseph P. Castellano, M.D. ‘75 and Heather C. McKee, M.D.* Benedict S. Caterinicchio, M.D. ‘58 Alice B. Cavanagh-Gallant, M.D. ‘84 Charles P. Cavaretta, M.D. ‘61* Center for Comprehensive Health Practice Joseph E. Cerbone, M.D. ‘82

Joseph S. Cervia, M.D. ‘84 and Denise L. Blumberg, M.D. Dr. and Mrs. Maxwell Chait Mary E. Chamberland, M.D. ‘79 Dr. Christopher Chan Margaret Y. Chang, M.D. ‘98 Christopher T. Channon, M.D. ‘76* Paul B. Chaplin, M.D. ‘79* A. Roger Chappelka, M.D., F.A.C.P., F.A.C.O.E.M. Charles County Dermatology Associates, LLC Michael T. Charney, M.D. ‘66* Burawit B. Charuworn, M.D. ‘99 Michael Chavez Chase, M.D. ‘72* Cynthia Chazotte, M.D. ‘81 Mr. and Mrs. Kuo Tang Chen Mr. and Mrs. Minyeong Chen Stephen H. Chen, M.D. ‘00 Hee-Joo Cheon-Schingo, M.D. ‘92 and Victor A. Schingo, M.D. ‘92, F.A.C.S. William J. Chernack, M.D. ‘70* Chevron Humankind Matching Gift Program Edward Chew, M.D. ‘03 Mr. and Mrs. Henry Chew* Qwie T. Chew, M.D. ‘65* Ms. Carolyn J. Chiarieri, M.S. ‘98 Karlene M. Chin, M.D. ‘81 Robert L. Chironna, M.D. ‘77 Roger Chirurgi, M.D. Joonun Choi, M.D. ‘01 Ms. Annette Choolfaian, R.N. Frances S. Choper, M.D. ‘59* Neil T. Choplin, M.D. ‘76* Shafi K. Choudhury, M.D. and Muhammad S. Choudhury, M.D. Ena Chow-Bell, M.D. ‘94 and Gregory D. Bell, M.D. ‘93 Geeta Chowdhary, M.D., M.P.H. ‘99 John Z. Chrabuszcz, M.D. ‘93 Stephen G. Chrzanowski, M.D. ‘95 Mr. and Mrs. Peter P. Chu Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Chu* Micky J. Chun, M.D. ‘98 Yun S. Chun, M.D. ‘99* Alfonso P. Ciarlo, M.D. ‘65 Dr. Jacque D. Ciarlo Mr. Arturo Cisneros Lucy A. Civitello, M.D. ‘80 and Howard J. Cohen, M.D. ‘81 Albina A. Claps, M.D. ‘51* Richard J. Claps, M.D. ‘68 Elizabeth M. Clark, M.D. ‘85 Elwyn Clark, M.D. Jason R. Clark, M.D. ‘97 Mr. and Mrs. Kevin D. Clark William M. Clifford, M.D. ‘47, F.A.C.S. Coastal Medical Richard J. Cobb, M.D. ‘57* Mr. and Mrs. Flavio Coceani Costanza Cocilovo, M.D. ‘96 Kenneth J. Cody, M.D. Gary S. Cohen, M.D. ‘84 Jeffrey P. Cohen, M.D. ‘89 Jerome D. Cohen, M.D. ‘78 Linda M. Cohen, M.D. ‘75* Morris Cohen, M.D. ‘66 Tony Cohen, M.D. ‘66 Kenneth Cohn, M.D. ‘68* Donald L. Cohen, M.D. ‘78 Herbert L. Cole, M.D. ‘54* Lewis S. Coleman, M.D. ‘74 Dr. and Mrs. Wayne A. Colizza Michael B. Collins, M.D. ‘75 Robert S. Collins, M.D. ‘78 Ms. Rosalie P. Comizio Commencement Photos, Inc. Aris Comninellis, M.D. ‘87 Dominick Conca, M.D. ‘70 Lionel A. Cone, M.D. ‘74 Paul V. Conescu, M.D. ‘69 Ms. Sheila J. Conklin, M.P.H. ‘00 Mrs. Mabel I. Conner John J. Connolly, Ed.D. Joseph F. Connolly, M.D. ‘59*

*Indicates those who have made gifts to the College for five or more consecutive fiscal years. + Indicates those who are deceased.

Morton Connor, M.D. ‘48 Alan J. Conrad, M.D. ‘81, M.M.M., C.P.E, F.A.C.H.E.* Eugene Conrad, Ph.D., M.P.H. ‘89, M.S.* Roy H. Constantine, M.P.H. ‘94, Ph.D.* Mr. Alan F. Cooper, M.P.H. ‘91* Arthur J. Cooper, Ph.D.* David J. Cooper, M.D. ‘83 Harvey E. Cooper, M.D. ‘60 Howard Cooperman, M.D. ‘63 Dr. and Mrs. Constantin Cope ‘51 Alan B. Copperman, M.D. ‘89 Cornelius J. Cornell, M.D. ‘66* Eduardo Correa, M.D. Clay and Terry Corwin Paul F. Cotter, M.D. ‘61 Bruce M. Cotugno, M.D. ‘88* John H. Coughlin, M.D. ‘48 William F. Courter, Jr., M.D. ‘74* Michel-Alexis R. Courtines, M.D. ‘98 John A. Coyne, M.D. ‘80* Elizabeth M. Craven, M.D. ‘61 and Wales Craven, M.D. ‘63* James E. Cremins, M.D. ‘87 Victoria T. Crescenzi, M.D. ‘89 George J. Criares, M.D. ‘52 Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Crootof ‘70 Robert R. Cross, M.D. ‘83 Mr. and Mrs. Dale A. Crowley Maria Elena Cruz, M.D. ‘80 M. E. Csuka, M.D. ‘77* CulinArt Inc. Alfred T. Culliford, M.D. ‘69 Ms. Diana J. Cunningham, M.L.S., M.P.H. ‘00 Girolamo G. Cuppari, M.D. Curran & Connors, Inc. Alton L. Curtis, M.D. ‘69* Gabriel G. Curtis, M.D. ‘62 Frederick N. Cushmore, M.D. ‘56 Custom Staffing of Westchester Scott B. Cutler, M.D. ‘77 Diane M. Cymerman, M.D. ‘82 Rachel Cyrlak, M.D. ‘81 Arthur S. Cytryn, M.D. ‘77 Brian G. Daggett, M.D. ‘80* Wei Dai, Ph.D. Wilfred J. Daily, Jr., M.D. ‘61 Lewis A. Dalburg, Jr., M.D. ‘58 Michael R. Dallos, M.D. ‘86 Robert J. Dalton, M.D. ‘70 Ms. Christina M. Damo, M.S. ‘10 Marc D. Danziger, M.D. ‘92 Alan D. Dauer, M.D. ‘62* Elliot Davidoff, M.D. ‘71 Ms. Novella V. Davila and Dr. Luis A. Rondon Kenneth J. Davis, M.D. ‘62 LeRoy T. Davis, M.D. ‘61 Robert A. Davis, M.D. ‘74* Karen L. Davis-Bruno, Ph.D. ‘91 Robert V. Dawe, M.D. ‘75 Lara J. De Nonno, M.D. William J. Dean, M.D. ‘64* John DeAngelis, M.D. ‘57* Timothy B. Deering, M.D. ‘72 Paul S. Degenfelder, M.D. ‘99* Thomas J. Degnan, M.D. ‘56 Ms. Susan Q. DeJoy, M.S. ‘94 Donald W. Delahanty, M.D. ‘51* Kevin C. Delahanty, M.D. ‘84 Patricia A. Delamora, M.D. ‘99 Dell Inc. Joseph Dello Russo, M.D. ‘62 Robert V. DeMartini, M.D. ‘87 Deborah D. Demicco, M.D. ‘78 Peter Demir, M.D. ‘59* Ms. Dee Demling* Mr. and Mrs. Andrew P. DeNatale Department of Medicine at North Shore LIJ/ Lennox Hill Hospital Dr. Mehdi F. Derambakhsh + Nicholas E. DeRobertis, M.D. John H. Derry, M.D. ‘60 Armand N. DeSanctis, M.D. ‘77 M. Sheila Desmond, M.D. ‘75*

Two-Year Report to the Community: 2011-2013 •• 25

Donor Listing


Roger G. Desroches, D.D.S. Daniel M. DeStefano, M.D.* James A. Deutsch, M.D. ‘84 Lawrence S. Deutsch, M.D. ‘71, M.S. ‘66 Mr. Frank C. Di Giovanni, M.P.H. ‘00 Morris A. Diamant, M.D. ‘78* John N. DiBella, M.D.* Harriet E. Dickenson, M.D. ‘82 Jane Dickerman, M.D. ‘75 Janet B. Dickinson, M.D. Dominick F. DiFabio, M.D. ‘71* Enzo V. DiGiacomo, M.D. ‘65 Louis A. DiGiovanni, M.D. ‘79 Elaine V. Digrande-Fernandes, M.D. ‘67* Hope Dillon, M.D. ‘75* Beatrice DiMarco, M.D. ‘43 Janis DiPietro, M.D. ‘79 Vincent DiPippo, Ph.D. Earl M. DiPirro, M.D. ‘61 Ms. Frances DiQuattro Sarina J. DiStefano-Lynch, M.D. ‘80* Anthony V. Ditaranto, M.D. ‘72 Divine Plastic Surgery, Inc. Doctors Medical Center Surgical Associates, P.C. Eugene A. Doherty, M.D. ‘59 Jayne M. Doherty, M.D. ‘86* Bram A. Dolcourt, M.D. ‘04* Floyd J. Donahue, M.D. ‘60* Gary R. Donshik, M.D. ‘66 James E. Doran, M.D. ‘75 Dr. Augustin Dordai and Mrs. Josette Dordai Charles E. Dorfman, M.D. Mrs. Patricia B. Doscher, R.N. ‘57 and Crile Doscher, M.D. ‘60 Montgomery B. Douglas, M.D. Sherry A. Downie, Ph.D. ‘94 George G. Doykos, M.D. ‘74 Sergio D. Dragone, M.D. Anna B. Drakontides, Ph.D. Wilmot S. Draper, M.D. ‘60* Shannon M. Drew, M.D. ‘03 Malcolm E. Drezner, M.D. ‘61 Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Drugge John A. Dryfuss, Jr., M.D. ‘66 Dr. Yvonne T. D’Souza and ­ Mr. Ralph D’Souza Stuart M. DuBoff, M.D. ‘69 Ms. Carol Dudnick John F. Duff, M.D. ‘54 Andrew P. Duffy, M.D. ‘87 Martin B. Duke, M.D. ‘63 Roger C. Duvoisin, M.D. ‘54 Thomas J. Early, M.D. ‘73 William A. Eddy, M.D. ‘52* Phyllis B. Edelheit, M.D. ‘91 Sears E. Edwards, M.D. ‘52 Michael Ehrenman, M.D. ‘79 Clifford L. Ehrlich, M.D. ‘81 Susan J. Eisenberg, M.D. ‘87 Lauren N. Elliston, M.D. ‘08 Elie M. Elmann, M.D. ‘87 Mr. and Mrs. John E. Elmer Andrea Charbonneau Ely, M.D. ‘97 Charles H. Emich, M.D. ‘55 + Christopher E. Emond, M.D. ‘03 Enfield Dermatology Martin S. Engelstein, M.D. ‘74 Charles H. Enzer, M.D. ‘64 Steven M. Erlanger, M.D. ‘68 Frank M. Esemplare, M.D. ‘58 Herbert M. Eskwitt, M.D. ‘47* Ms. Vera Esposito William J. Esposito, M.D. ‘54 John S. Ettenson, M.D. ‘83 Victor G. Ettinger, M.D. ‘67

26 •• New York Medical College

Andrew J. Faber, M.D. ‘83 Robert E. Fabricant, M.D. ‘60 Faculty Dental Associates, PC Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Faircloth* J.R. Falck, Ph.D. Dr. and Mrs. John T. Fallon, III Family Practice and Urgent Care Association Fanwood-Westfield Cardiology LLC* Dr. Devin J. Faragasso Matthew E. Farber, M.D. ‘79 William J. Farr, M.D. Mrs. Dorothy Faux Joseph J. Fay, M.D. ‘68 Ms. Theresa Fehn Lawrence H. Fein, M.D. ‘82 Seymour H. Fein, M.D. ‘74* Steven A. Fein, M.D. ‘76* Kalmen A. Feinberg, M.D. ‘64* Theodore S. Feinson, M.D. ‘78 Michael J. Feinstein, M.D. ‘64* Randi Salzman Feldman, M.D. ‘86* Virginia E. Feldman, M.D. ‘91 and Robert P. Feldman, M.D. ‘91 Female Medicine LLC Fenimore Asset Management, Inc. William N. Fenney, M.D. Craig Allen Fenton, M.D. ‘68 Dr. Roger R. Feo Lillian S. Ferdinands, M.D. ‘93 Noreen F. B. Ferrante, M.D. ‘84 Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Ferrarone Robert S. Ferretti, M.D. ‘65 Gerald G. Fette, M.D., J.D. Thaddeus A. Figlock, M.D. ‘60* Ilona W. Figura, M.D. ‘83* Stanley P. Filewicz, M.D. ‘59* Burton M. Fink, M.D. ‘71* James J. Finnerty, M.D. ‘55* Michael A. Fiori, M.D. ‘81 Joel M. Fischer, M.D. ‘85 Joel G. Fischgrund, M.D. ‘78* Jonathan H. Fish, M.D. ‘67 Mr. Richard C. Fish Michael A. Fitzgerald, M.D. ‘69 John T. Fitzpatrick, M.D. ‘84* Raymond H. Fitz-Randolph, M.D. ‘58 Robert R. Flanagan, M.D. ‘75* William K. Flannery, M.D. ‘93 Peter B. Flemister, M.D. ‘89 Ms. Kenna Flicker Martin H. Floch, M.D. ‘56* Nathan Fluegelman Memorial Fund, Inc. Eric C. Fok, M.D. ‘93* Foley Graphics, Inc. Follett Higher Education Group Po C. Fong, M.D. ‘95 Ms. Cynthia L. Fontaine-St. Clair Arlene A. Forastiere, M.D. ‘75 Fortier Public Relations LLC Ms. Lisa Renee Fost Edward F. Fox, M.D. ‘58 + John T. Fox, M.D. ‘89 Mr. and Mrs. William Francis Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Francois, Jr.* Denis J. Frank, M.D. ‘71* Matthew C. Frankel, M.D. ‘78 William C. Frederick, M.D. ‘54 Michael Fredericson, M.D. ‘88 Robert W. Fredrickson, M.D. ‘51* Deborah Fried, M.D. ‘83 Ruthellen Fried, M.D. ‘76 and Lawrence M. Boxt, M.D. ‘74 Sylvia K. Fried, M.D. ‘47 Richard A. Frieden, M.D. ‘84 Mr. Alan J. Friedman and Ms. Julie E. Friedman

Bruce I. Friedman, M.D. ‘79 Dr. and Mrs. Bruce J. Friedman ‘76* Deborah Friedman, M.D. Edward B. Friedman, M.D. ‘75 Mark J. Friedman, M.D. ‘71* Steven I. Friedman, M.D. ‘76 Jay P. Friehling, M.D. ‘80 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Frisch* Dr. William and Mrs. Esther Frishman* Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fruggiero Paul D. Fuchs, M.D. ‘51 David J. Fulton, Ph.D. ‘96 Robert J. Furey, M.D. ‘62 Marie Ferrante Gade, M.D. ‘69 and Ronald Gade, M.D. ‘69 Francis S. Gagliardi, M.D. ‘70 Joseph A. Gagliardi, M.D. ‘86 Raymond A. Gagnon, M.D. ‘66 Ian A. Gale, M.D. ‘70 Frank M. Galioto, Jr., M.D. ‘68* Donna M. Gallagher, M.D. ‘89 Gary A. Gallo, M.D. ‘63* Stephen J. Gallo, M.D. ‘92 Patricia A. Galvin-Parton, M.D. ‘80 and Lance A. Parton, M.D. ‘80 Carol A. Garbarino, M.D. ‘79 Garrison Mechanical Specialties Ltd. Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas M. Garruto, Jr. Michael R. Gatto, M.D. ‘76 Jonathan B. Gavras, M.D. ‘86 Dr. Farhad M. Gazi Anna K. Gazumyan, Ph.D. ‘01 GE Foundation Robert T. Geertman, M.D. ‘96, Ph.D. ‘96, M.S. ‘89 Robert I. Gelb, M.D. ‘80* Jan Geliebter, Ph.D. Michael H. Geller, M.D. ‘63 Kenneth M. Gelman, M.D. ‘82 General Re Corporation Margaret M. Gennaro, M.D. ‘87* Gerard J. Lawrence M.D. ‘63 Elliot M. Gerber, M.D. ‘80 Eric W. Gerber, M.D. ‘00 Mrs. Marilyn Gerber* Ms. Manmohan Ghale-Mudan and Mr. Sukhbir S. Mudan Dr. Sultana Ghuznavi Theodore Giannaris, M.D.* Elsa-Grace V. Giardina, M.D. ‘65 Kenneth C. Giardina, M.D. ‘80 Mr. Darryl S. Gibson Gidvani and Tanwani Family Kendra G. Gil, M.D. ‘04 and Eric A. Gil, M.D. ‘03* Mr. David J. Gilbart Ms. Lucy A. Gilbart Mr. Thomas E. Gilbart and Mrs. Jennifer V. Gilbart Mark E. Gilder, M.D. ‘87 Mina A. Gillers, M.D. ‘73 and Bruce J. Gillers, M.D. ‘73 Ronald M. Gilman, M.D. ‘73 Shelley A. Gilroy, M.D. Arthur Ginsburg, M.D. ‘58* Jeffrey B. Ginsburg, M.D. ‘92* Marvin L. Ginsburg, M.D. ‘64 Rodolfo G. Giraldi, M.D. Rita F. Girolamo, M.D. ‘51+ David J. Glass, M.D. ‘85 J. Peter Glass, M.D. ‘72 Scott A. Glasser, M.D. ‘86 Irving Glassman, M.D. ‘51* Cary D. Glastein, M.D. ‘79 Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Glauber* Edward H. Glenn, M.D. ‘64

Ana B. Glick, M.D. ‘63 Ira D. Glick, M.D. ‘61* George T. Goffas, M.D. ‘92 Gold Coast Bank The Arnold P. Gold Foundation Albert C. Goldberg, M.D. ‘63* Robert F. Goldberg, M.D. ‘48* Kenneth H. Goldblatt, M.D. ‘72* David A. Goldenberg, M.D. ‘74 David T. Goldman, M.D. ‘81 Jay P. Goldsmith, D.M.D. Barry I. Goldstein, M.D. ‘73 Laurence D. Goldstein, M.D. ‘84* Michael S. Goldstein, M.D. ‘72 Paul Goldstein, M.D. ‘71* Robert S. Goldstein, M.D. ‘62* Edward Golembe, M.D. ‘73 Michael S. Goligorsky, M.D., Ph.D. Sergio G. Golombek, M.D., M.P.H. ‘04* Mr. and Mrs. Lai H. Gong Angela E. Gonzalez, M.D. ‘94 Carlos Gonzalez, M.D., M.S. ‘98 Leticia R. Gonzalez, M.D. Arnold P. Good, M.D. ‘85* Bradley J. Gordon, M.D. Lawrence A. Gordon, M.D. ‘84 Grace Gorham, M.D. ‘74 Eric F. Gould, M.D. ‘70 Mr. Richard S. Grabarz, M.S. ‘04 Thomas B. Graboys, M.D. ‘70* Michael S. Graham, M.D. ‘07 Victor R. Grann, M.D. ‘62 Ms. Ilene P. Grant Kelly K. Grant, M.D. ‘03 Laurie Grant, M.D. ‘83* Michael Grasso III, M.D. Richard W. Gratian, M.D. ‘74 Gina M. Greco-Tartaglia, M.D. ‘91 Alan R. Green, M.D. ‘71 Ms. Beth Zaro Green Henry J. Green, M.D. ‘75 Michael Green, M.D. ‘50*+ Robert D. Green, M.D. ‘61* Stuart A. Green, M.D. ‘67 Stephan M. Greenberg, M.D. ‘66 William J. Greenberg, M.D. ‘87 Jesse S. Greenblum, M.D. ‘80 David N. Greenman, D.D.S., M.P.H. ‘07* Joel G. Greenspan, M.D. ‘74 J. C. Greenwald, M.D. ‘45* Richard H. Greif, M.D. ‘75* Herbert F. Gretz, M.D. ‘86 Karen E. Grimmell, M.D. ‘61* David J. Gross, M.D. ‘84 and Maria Gross* Martin A. Gross, M.D. ‘81 Anita Grover, M.D. ‘78* Peter J. Gruber, M.D. ‘88 Robert P. Gruninger, M.D. ‘57 Hui Guan, Ph.D. ‘96 Mr. Klaus C. Guenther and Dr. Elyse W. Glaser Rosemarie Cantor Guercia, M.D. ‘50* Francisco J. Guerra, M.D. Mrs. Janet Guggenheim Carl Guillaume, M.D. ‘92 Ashbel G. Gulliver, Jr., M.D. ‘59* Austin Guo, Ph.D. Aharon Gutterman, M.D. ‘03 Marlane C. Guttmann, M.D. ‘83* H.T. Lyons Ms. Joanne M. Hack and Mr. Denis J. O’Meara Daniel S. Haddad, M.D. ‘83 Dr. Ronald J. and Mrs. Maria Hagadus* Thomas R. Haher, M.D. ‘75 Itzhak C. Haimovic, M.D. ‘75 Jerome C. Hall, M.D. ‘90 Michael J. Halperin, M.D. ‘86 Estate of Seymour Halpern, M.D. Jennifer J. Halstead-Kenny, M.D. ‘03 and John M. Kenny, M.D. ‘01* Naomi R. Ham, M.D. ‘84 and Elmer C. Agustin, M.D.* Irwin Hametz, M.D. ‘73* Dr. Walid M. F. M. Hammad Eleanor Bellucci Handler, M.D. ‘82

Jacob Handszer, M.D. ‘91 Henry W. Hanff, M.D. ‘69* Ms. Karen Hannani Nora M. Hansen, M.D. ‘88 Alan M. Harawitz, M.D. ‘72 Eastlyn E. Harding-Marin, M.D. George T. Hare, M.D. ‘56 Harris Foundation* Dr. Mariel Harris and Dr. Daniel R. Cooperman Gehrig L. Harris, M.D. Howard D. Harrison, M.D. ‘61* Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hart Mr. Robert Hart William L. Hart, M.D. ‘56 Lawrence D. Harter, M.D. ‘64* Dr. and Mrs. Steven L. Hartford Ronald H. Hartman, M.D. ‘60 Gregory P. Harvey, M.D. ‘83 Kevin M.J. Harvey, M.D. Robert A. Harwood, M.D. ‘62* Walter H. Hasbrouck, M.D. ‘55* John J. Hassett, M.D. ‘94 Bruce Hauptman, M.D. ‘63* F. W. Hays, M.D. ‘60 Health Advances LLC John J. Healy, M.D. ‘63* William A. Healy, Jr., M.D. ‘61* William A. Healy III, M.D. ‘91 Mr. and Mrs. Ronald D. Heaphy Alan L. Heck, M.D. ‘59* Diane E. Heck, Ph.D. Edward L. Hedaya, M.D. ‘81 Kathleen A. Heffernan, M.D. ‘81* Edward R. Heilman, M.D. ‘74 Craig R. Heim, M.D. ‘70* Leo A. Heitlinger, M.D. ‘78 Paul B. Heller, M.D. ‘68* Mrs. Joanne C. Hennessey Walter J. Henry, M.D. ‘52* The Herbert Kania Pediatric Group C.W.P.W., LLP Robert M. Herenstein, M.D. ‘85* L. S. Herman, M.D. ‘74 Mr. Antonio Hernandez Jason P. Herrick, M.D. ‘08 Sheldon P. Hersh, M.D. ‘78 Hilary I. Hertan, M.D. ‘82 Stanley M. Hertz, M.D. ‘75 Shoshana J. Herzig, M.D. ‘04* Robert A. Herzlinger, M.D. ‘69* Bennet J. Hess, M.D. ‘59 William H. Hewes, M.D. ‘41 Annabelle J. Hidalgo-Tenreiro, M.D. ‘85 Emile M. Hiesiger, M.D. ‘78 Patrick J. Hines, M.D. ‘87 Hinman Straub, P.C. Thomas H. Hintze, Ph.D. ‘80, M.S. ‘78 Robert D. Hirsch, M.D. ‘61 Richard N. Hirsh, M.D. ‘69* Barbara M. Hisler, M.D. ‘83* Ms. Nancy Ho Thuy T. Hoang, M.D. ‘92 Mr. and Mrs. Walter T. Hobbie Martin N. Hochberg, M.D. ‘63 Sarah E. Hochman, M.D. ‘03 Sharon Hochweiss, M.D. ‘76 and Gary M. Horbar, M.D. ‘76 Morton M. Hodas, M.D. ‘61 John F. Hoell, M.D. ‘60* Christopher S. Holland, M.D. ‘79, M.P.H. Robert C. Holland, M.D. ‘84* Joseph F. Hollinger, M.D. ‘62 Charles M. Holzner, M.D. ‘80 Tamara J. Hoover, M.D. ‘90 Jeffrey S. Horowitz, M.D. Rivka S. Horowitz, M.D., Ph.D. ‘78* Catherine H. Horwitz, M.D. Stephen K. Hoverman, M.D. ‘78 Ned M. Howard, M.D. ‘92* Justin N. Howland, M.D. ‘59 Anna Hsieh, M.D. ‘00* Ms. Alice F. Hsu and Mr. Shenq-Huey Wang Eric L. Hsu, M.D. ‘97 Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Hu Eric Chaoko Hu, M.D.

*Indicates those who have made gifts to the College for five or more consecutive fiscal years. + Indicates those who are deceased.

David C. Huang, M.D. ‘75 Xuan Huang, M.D., Ph.D. ‘06 Mr. and Mrs. Bruce E. Hudkins Hudson Valley Economic Development Corporation George R. Hughes, M.D. ‘63 John T. Hughes, M.D. ‘82 Peter W. Hughes, M.D. ‘72 Magdalen E. Hull, M.D. ‘79, M.P.H.* Frederick L. Humeston, M.D. ‘61 Roger C. Husted, Jr., M.D. ‘97 Ms. Nicole Huttenhoff Lois + and Joel Hutzler Michael J. Hutzler, M.D. ‘97 Edward P. Huynh, M.D. ‘02 Hyperbaric Medical Technologies, Inc. Michael J. Iatropoulos, M.D., Ph.D. IBM Corporation Matching Grants Program* Katherine C. Ill, M.D. ‘54 and Martin F. Ill, M.D. ‘55 Robert Impastato, M.D. ‘85 Roger A. Imperial of Arthur J. Gallagher and Co. of New York, Inc.

Mario A. Inchiosa, Jr., Ph.D. Robert A. Insalata, M.D. ‘62 Joseph A. Intile, M.D. ‘57 Norman J. Isaacs, M.D. ‘54 Frank D. Iuliano, M.D.* Ives & Associates Jabez Investments, Inc. Parvin M. Jacobs, M.D. ‘55 Mumtaz Jahan, M.D. Francis M. James, M.D. ‘58* William W. Janes, M.D. ‘88 Gregory T. Jarrin, M.D. ‘89* Robert A. Jason, M.D. ‘82 Jaspan Schlesinger LLP Harold L. Jellinek, M.D. ‘39* Mr. John M. Jennings Houli Jiang, M.D. Dr. and Mrs. Yves M. Jodesty Amballur D. John, M.D. ‘90 Heather D. Johnson, M.D. ‘02 and John P. Magnan, M.D. ‘02 Cathie Tingey Jones, M.D. ‘03* Corliss L. Jones, M.D. ‘84 Curtis T. Jones, M.D. ‘75* Donald C. Jones, M.D. ‘51 Erica C. Jones, M.D. ‘92* Edward F. Jordan, M.D. ‘72 Frank T. Jordan, M.D. ‘71* Steven A. Josephson, M.D. ‘90 Ms. Marie E. Josma Kenneth B. Juechter, M.D. ‘68* Lance U. Jung, M.D. ‘90, F.A.C.S. J. C. Jurgensen, M.D. ‘66 Fern R. Juster, M.D. Christopher J. Kaczmarski, M.D. ‘80 Sheldon Kafer, M.D. Steven P. Kahn, M.D. ‘67 Samuel D. Kahnowitz, M.D. ‘76 Alan L. Kalischer, M.D. ‘77* Lawrence S. Kaminsky, M.D. ‘78 Sari Kaminsky, M.D. and Eric C. Rackow, M.D. Gary J. Kaml, M.D. ‘96* Francis J. Kane, M.D. ‘53

Two-Year Report to the Community: 2011-2013 •• 27

Donor Listing


Robert J. Kane, M.D. ‘65 Alan Kaplan, M.D. ‘63 Donald H. Kaplan, M.D. ‘55 Harvey S. Kaplan, M.D. ‘63 Kenneth R. Kaplan, M.D. ‘87 Robert A. Kaplan, M.D. ‘71 Beth Kalman Karon, M.D. ‘82 and Barry L. Karon, M.D. ‘82 Herbert R. Kasnetz, M.D. ‘60 Elizabeth M. Kass, M.D. ‘88 Gerald H. Kass, M.D. ‘51 Kenneth G. Kasses, Ph.D. ‘74 Stuart D. Katchis, M.D. ‘86 Ernest Katz, M.D. ‘78 Jerald W. Katz, M.D. ‘84 Grace Calef Kay, M.D. ‘39 George D. Keckeisen, M.D. ‘81 Paul F. Keith, M.D. ‘60 Irwin A. Keller, M.D. ‘80 Sara Kellermann, M.D. F. R. Kellogg, M.D. ‘74 Raymond K. Kelly, M.D. ‘53 Robert J. Keltner, M.D. ‘75 Daniel Kenigsberg, M.D. ‘78* James F. Kenny, M.D. ‘84 The Kensico Cemetery Barry R. Kent, M.D. ‘67 Robert Kerrigan, M.D. ‘62 John G. Ketterer, Jr., M.D. ‘61

Ronald and Alix Kettleson Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Keyes, Jr.* Mr. and Mrs. Sung-Hyun Kim Joseph A. King, M.D. ‘47* Lambert N. King, M.D., Ph.D. Ronald G. Kipp, M.D. Jonathan L. Kirsch, M.D. ‘08 Mitchell G. Kirsch, M.D. ‘81* Lawrence P. Kirschenbaum, M.D. ‘82* Stephen D. Kirschner, M.D. ‘74 Thor E. Klang, M.D. ‘88 Evan M. Klass, M.D. ‘76 Klassique Travels, Inc. Christine M. Koropecky Kleeman, M.D. ‘83 and Barry C. Kleeman, M.D. ‘83 Jack J. Kleid, M.D. ‘65 Alan M. Klein, M.D. ‘71 Lonnie T. Klein, M.D. ‘92 Susan A. Klein, M.D. ‘83 Anna L. Kleinhaus, Ph.D. Ms. Karen F. Klimisch Howard J. Kline, M.D. ‘58, F.A.C.C.* Susan A. Kline, M.D. Jeffrey Kluger, M.D. ‘71* Gary G. Knackmuhs, M.D. ‘76* Richard B. Knapp, M.D. ‘59 Peter A. Knight, M.D. ‘80 Howard R. Knohl, M.D. ‘64

28 •• New York Medical College

Mrs. Susan K. Knox, M.P.H. ‘88 Richard A. Knutson, M.D. ‘70 Lawrence W. Koch, M.D. ‘63 Mrs. Mary M. Kogut Behnam Kohanim, M.D. ‘90 Drs. Phillip Kohanski ‘87 and Renee Kohanski ‘90 Danton T. Kono, M.D. ‘00 Richard S. Koplin, M.D. ‘69 Francis E. Korn, M.D. ‘50* Rosemary Kraemer, Ph.D. ‘90 Monika Kraft, M.D. ‘96 Mitchell S. Kramer, M.D. ‘85* Tyrone J. Krause, M.D. ‘85 Howard R. Krauss, M.D. ‘77 Evelyn S. Kraut, M.D. ‘78 and Lawrence Kraut, M.D. ‘78 Herbert M. Kravitz, M.D. ‘55, F.A.C.S. Leonard B. Krich, M.D. ‘65* Mark A. Krich, M.D. ‘97* Abbott J. Krieger, M.D. ‘63 Paul E. Krochmal, M.D. ‘75 Linda S. Krook, M.D. ‘78 Dr. Martin Krsak Gary M. Krulik, M.D. ‘68 Richard A. Krull, M.D. ‘65 Kenneth A. Krutt, M.D. ‘84* Mrs. Julie A. Kubaska Dr. and Mrs. Cheng Kuo Joanne Kurtzberg, M.D. ‘76 Neil A. Kurtzman, M.D. ‘61 Michael V. Kurzawa, M.D. ‘85* Kenneth D. Kushner, M.D. ‘81* Jonathan S. Kusnitz, M.D. ‘84 Annette E. Kussmaul, M.D. ‘93* Mr. Dorian P. Kusznir, M.P.H. ‘12 Theodore Kutzy, M.D. ‘01 Gina S. Kwak-Rabin, M.D. ‘90 and Glenn E. Rabin, M.D. ‘90* Mr. and Mrs. Kent Y. Kwang Kok-Min Kyan, M.D. ‘93 Catherine C. Labiak-Maher, M.D. ‘82 and James O. Maher, III, M.D. ‘82 Vincent S. LaDelia, M.D. ‘82 Edmund F. La Gamma, M.D. ‘76* Annie P. Lai, M.D. ‘96 Dr. Nga Q. Lai Mrs. Frances Lamer* Agnes McNamara Lamon, M.D. ‘11 Brian D. Lamon, Ph.D. ‘07 Harold S. Landa, M.D. ‘82 Stuart W. Landau, M.D. ‘81 Dr. Marjory E. Langer Michal Laniado-Schwartzman, Ph.D. Elissa M. Lapide, M.D. ‘07 Michael L. Lapkin, M.D. ‘65 Nicholas F. LaRusso, M.D. ‘69 Laser Eye Practice of New York, PLLC Jeffrey M. Laskoff, M.D. ‘68* Michael G. Lasser, M.D. ‘77 Nechama Lasser-Ross, Ph.D. George E. Laubach, M.D. ‘63 Mr. and Mrs. Guy Laurent Ferdinand LaVenuta, M.D. ‘63* Linda F. Lazar, M.D. and Rande H. Lazar, M.D. Phuong Thuy Le, M.D. James B. Leach, M.D. ‘56* Murray D. Lebowitz, M.D. ‘79 Bok Y. Lee, M.D. Ernest Y. C. Lee, Ph.D. Gorton Lee, M.D. ‘99 Mr. and Mrs. Hyan J. Lee Paul J. Lee, M.D. ‘89 Sharon R. Lee, M.D. ‘89 Simon X. Lee, M.D. Richard S. Leeds, M.D. ‘81

Sheryl L. Leff, M.D. ‘85 Louis H. Lefkowitz, M.D. ‘64, F.A.C.O.G., F.A.C.S.* Mark W. Leitman, M.D. ‘71* Susan E. Lelko, M.D. ‘98 Peter M. Lemis, M.D. ‘77 David M. Lemonick, M.D. ‘81 Christopher S. Leonard, Ph.D. Armand F. Leone, Sr., M.D. ‘47 Alan M. Lesselroth, M.D. ‘70 Stuart D. Lestch, M.D. ‘66 Oya Levendoglu-Tugal, M.D. Mark J. Levenson, M.D. ‘72 Irwin T. Leventhal, M.D. ‘76 Mrs. Diane L. Levere Scott M. Levere, M.D. ‘87 Mark Levey, M.D. ‘62 Robin K. Levin, M.D. ‘81 Elliot M. Levine, M.D. ‘91 Jerry I. Levine, M.D. ‘77* Drs. Jesse B. Levine and Lynn Silverstein Debra A. Levinsky, M.D. ‘76 William M. Levinson, M.D. Peter D. Levit, M.D. ‘76* Robert H. Leviton, M.D., M.P.H. Mr. Randall J. Levitt Mr. and Mrs. Walter Lewandowski John A. Lewis, M.D. ‘93 Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. Lewis* Walter M. Lewis, M.D. ‘91 Georgina Leylegian, M.D. ‘86 and Robert D. Sackstein, M.D. ‘86 Jin Li, M.D., Ph.D. ‘01 and Gary Guo, M.D., Ph.D.* Naixi Li, M.D., Ph.D. ‘98 and Xin Quan, M.D.* Mr. and Mrs. Sheon Sang Liao Harold M. Libatter, M.D. ‘80 Liberty Mutual Insurance Leslie LiDonnici, M.D. ‘78* Gary J. Lieberman, M.D. ‘73 Robert C. Lieberman, M.D. ‘62 Roy H. Lieberman, M.D. ‘63 Scott M. Lieberman, M.D. ‘87 Mr. Michael Liebeskind Kenneth B. Liegner, M.D. ‘76 Barry J. Lifson, M.D. ‘90 Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Lilleness Mrs. Anchen Lin Richard W. Lindsay, M.D. ‘60 Janet C. Lin-Torre, M.D. ‘85 Joel S. Lippman, M.D. ‘79, M.P.H.* Mr. Neal Lipschutz Bryan C. Lipsen, M.D. William Lipsky, M.D. ‘70 Dr. and Mrs. Donald Liss Mr. and Mrs. Roger K. Litman Dr. Rachel Liu Xiaoping Liu, M.D., Ph.D. ‘08, M.S. ‘02 Mr. Lawrence Liu LM Electric, Inc. The Lobel Firm, LLP Joseph K. Lobl, M.D. ‘82* Lloyd M. Loft, M.D. ‘86 Charles Lomanto, M.D. ‘63 Eduardo Lopez, M.D. Rene I. Lopez, Jr., M.D.* Milton L. Lorig, M.D. ‘77* Peter S. Lorman, M.D. ‘65 Lothrop Associates LLP Jacquelyn S. Loughlin, M.D. ‘75 Marian Louis, M.D. ‘78 Dr. and Mrs. Marc Lowen, M.D. ‘67 Mary A. Lowen, M.D. ‘77 Dr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Lowry George Lowy, M.D. ‘64 Thomas Lu, M.D. ‘96

Peter J. Lucas, M.D. ‘72* Robert Ludemann, M.D., Ph.D.* Gordon Lui, M.D. ‘88 Frank P. Lunati, M.D. ‘63 Carl B. Lundborg, M.D. ‘67* Maja L. Lundborg-Gray, M.D. ‘95 and Daniel S. Gray, M.D. ‘91* Luzato Medical Group, P.C. Mr. Shun Lv, M.S. ‘09 John J. Lynch, M.D. ‘58* Mr. Patrick Lynch George D. Lyons, M.D. ‘92* M/E Engineering, P.C. Richard J. Macchia, M.D. ‘69 Robert F. Mackey, M.D. ‘77 Barbara G. Mackintosh, M.D. ‘81 Stuart F. Mackler, M.D. ‘63 Francis P. MacMillan, M.D. ‘64 Joseph J. Macy, M.D. ‘56 Anthony V. Maddalo, M.D. ‘81 Mrs. Kiely Madhavan Diane J. Madlon-Kay, M.D. ‘79 and Richard C. Madlon-Kay, M.D. ‘79* Roger S. Madris, M.D. ‘79 Alice E. Madwed, M.D. ‘51* Basil Maghak, M.D. ‘90 Gregory H. Mahairas, M.D. ‘59 Richard J. Mahler, M.D. ‘59* Ms. Allison M. Maidman Dr. and Mrs. Patrick Maidman ‘89 William S. Maistrellis, M.D. ‘63 Andrea G. Maitlin-Katz, M.D. ‘88 Michael J. Majsak, P.T., Ed.D. Anthony L. Malanga, M.D. ‘77 Charlotte Malasky, M.D. ‘77* Malcolm & Cisneros, A.L.C. K.U. Malik, M.D. Bella Mikhailova Malits, M.D. ‘90* Randolph D. Maloney, M.D. ‘67, F.A.C.S. Jeffrey Malumed, M.D. ‘83* John V. Mangieri, M.D. ‘63 Robert S. Manogue, M.D. ‘54 Manor Medical Center Carl M. Marchetti, M.D. ‘60 Richard A. Marcucci, M.D. ‘72 Rebecca P. Marcus, M.D. ‘06 Albert J. Mariani, M.D. ‘75 Ada M. Marin, M.D. ‘83, M.P.H. Craig W. Markert, M.D. ‘73* Daisy Mae Markley, M.D. ‘97 Alan B. Marks, M.D. ‘78* Jon O. Marks, M.D. ‘76 Norman L. Maron, M.D. ‘70* James P. Marro, M.D. ‘88 Clifford L. Marshall, M.D. ‘77 David L. Marshall, M.D. ‘53 Carolyn A. Martin, M.D. ‘77 Robert E. Martin, M.D. ‘57* Lydia O. Martynec, M.D. Lawrence R. Marwill, M.D. ‘63 Jeffrey S. Mason, M.D. ‘75* Harvey G. Masor, M.D. ‘65* Michelle Bellomo Master, M.D. ‘11, M.S. ‘06 and Steven I. Master, M.D. ‘08 Raymond J. Mastrovito, M.D. ‘74 Ms. Monica Maye James T. Mazzara, M.D. ‘63 James K. McAleer, M.D. ‘63 Rebecca A. McAteer, M.D. ‘08 Richard G. McCarrick, M.D. Edward J. McCartin, Jr., M.D. ‘63 Alan D. McClelland, M.D. ‘79 Scott J. McCorkell, M.D. ‘76 Mrs. Marylou McCoy William F. McCully Jr., M.D. ‘57* Margaret H. McGall, M.D. ‘58 Benson R. McGann, M.D. ‘51 and Nancy McGann William A. McGann, M.D. ‘77 Christine Yap McGarry, M.D. ‘05 Thomas J. McGarry, M.D. ‘05 Sarah M. McGee, M.D. ‘83 and William T. McGee, M.D. ‘83 Dennis L. McGill, M.D. ‘84 Robert W. McGrath, M.D. ‘54, F.A.C.S.

Thomas H. McGreen, M.D. M. Joseph McGreevy, M.D. ‘66, F.A.C.C.* James F. McGroarty, M.D. ‘68* Charles W. McGuire, M.D. ‘61 Robert L. McGuire, M.D. ‘61 James F. McHale, M.D. ‘80 Eileen McInerney, M.D. ‘85* Alfred L. McKee Jr., M.D. ‘82* Peter P. McKellar, M.D. ‘70 George R. McKendall, M.D. ‘84 Timothy P. McNair, M.D. ‘03 Robert J. McNamee, M.D. ‘75 Carl A. Mealie, M.D. ‘74 Medicor Cardiology, P.A. Michael J. Medvecky, M.D. ‘95 John F. Meehan, M.D. ‘70 Arthur D. Mehlman, M.D. ‘79 Ariz R. Mehta, M.D. ‘03 Barry A. Meisel, M.D. ‘70 Carlos M. Meletiche, M.D. ‘92 Martin K. Melman, M.D. ‘74 Lorna S. Melo, M.D. ‘05 Abraham Meltzer, M.D. ‘62 Barry S. Meltzer, M.D. ‘62, F.A.C.O.G.* Morton Meltzer, M.D. ‘65 Richard E. Memoli, M.D. ‘69 Ana T. Menendez-Tuckman, Ph.D. ‘96, M.S. ‘93 John H. Mensher, M.D. ‘67 Howard T. Meny, M.D. ‘81 Robert K. Merchant, M.D. ‘83 Merck Partnership for Giving Anthony R. Mercurio, Ph.D. ‘73 Rose E. Merino, M.D. ‘49 Joseph P. Merlino, M.D. ‘78, M.P.A. Harold Mermelstein, M.D. ‘75 Joel D. Meshulam, M.D. ‘86 Keith P. Meslin, M.D. ‘99 Edward J. Messina, Ph.D. ‘73 Mr. James Z. Metalios* Harold Michlewitz, M.D. ‘71* Mid-Ohio Valley Medical Group, Inc. Midtown Reproductive Medicine, P.C. Paul A. Mieyal, Ph.D. ‘00 Anthony J. Migliaccio, M.D. ‘59 Biagio V. Mignone, M.D. ‘75 Philip A. Miles, M.D. ‘64* Samuel I. Miles, M.D. ‘74 Steven J. Milim, M.D. ‘78 Bruce A. Miller, M.D. ‘67* David Miller, M.D. ‘59 William Edward Miller, M.D. ‘76 Konstantin Millerman, M.D., M.P.H. ‘07 James L. Mills, M.D. ‘73* Steven D. Mills, M.D. ‘99 Jeffrey H. Minassian, M.D. ‘79* Helen M. Higgins Minetti, M.D. ‘70 J. G. Minniti, M.D. ‘93 Fredric J. Mintz, M.D. ‘79* Michael A. Miranda, M.D. ‘92* Gudrun E. Mirick, M.D. ‘06 Brandon D. Mirochnik, M.D. ‘09 Mark H. Mishkin, M.D. ‘76 Yale B. Mitchel, M.D. ‘79* Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Mock Parvaneh Modaber, M.D. ‘62 Stephen T. Moffitt, M.D. ‘88 Mogul Contracting, Inc. Dr. Arunima Mohanty, M.P.H. ‘13 Mr. and Mrs. Dudley Molina Yoko Momoyama, M.D. ‘96 George R. Monahan, M.D. ‘57* Roy Christopher Monsour, M.D. Montefiore Medical Center, North Division James P. Mooney, M.D. ‘56* Carver L. Moosman, M.D. ‘51 Mr. Charles M. Morales Simone E. Mordas, M.D. ‘91 Jay More, M.D. ‘87 Alan H. Morelli, M.D. ‘82 Linda J. Moreno, M.D. ‘83 Dan K. Morhaim, M.D. ‘75 Ms. Donna E. Moriarty, M.P.H. ‘04* Louis J. Morledge, M.D. ‘90 Muriel A. Gold Morris, M.D. ‘66

*Indicates those who have made gifts to the College for five or more consecutive fiscal years. + Indicates those who are deceased.

Edward N. Moss, M.D. ‘76 Michael M. Moss, M.D. ‘64 Randy J. Mound, M.D. ‘74 Henry M. Mueller, M.D. ‘64 Anne R. Mullin, M.D. ‘87 Michelle A. Multz, M.D. ‘87* Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell A. Mund* Ms. Peggyann Munnick Ms. Francisca A. Munoz Dr. Charlene Y. Muranaka and Dr. Edwin T. Muranaka James J. Murdocco, M.D. ‘65 Andrew M. Murphy, M.D. ‘78* + Joseph L. Murphy, M.D. ‘54 Richard E. Murphy, M.D. ‘61* Mr. and Mrs. Lukman Murti Peter Muscarella, M.D. ‘93 Dr. Hussein Mustafa William J. Muster, Jr., M.D. ‘70 Eric Mustonen, M.D. ‘75 Paula M. Muto-Gordon, M.D. ‘89 and Jonathan K. Gordon, M.D. ‘89 Fred F. Naraghi, M.D. ‘91 Lorraine Nardi-Gross, M.D. ‘79 and Alan H. Gross, M.D. ‘79 Adelaide G. Nardone, M.D. ‘83* Norman Nash, M.D. ‘48 Frank I. Navetta, M.D. ‘84 Mr. and Mrs. Yehezkel Neches Jack Needleman, M.D. ‘74* Martin S. Neff, M.D. ‘63* Harold E. Nelson, M.D. ‘49 Kathleen G. Nelson, M.D. ‘71* Mr. and Mrs. Glen Nesheim Mr. Michael W. Nessen Aron Neuhaus, M.D. ‘71 Ellen G. Neuhaus, M.D. ‘75 and David Neuhaus, M.D. ‘75 Charles Neustein, M.D. ‘47* New Jersey Eye Center New Life MD Antiaging Clinic NYMC Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology NYMC Department of Cell Biology and Anatomy NYMC Department of Physiology Newark Beth Israel Medical Center Gordon H. Newman, M.D. ‘63 Ilene Newman, M.D. ‘81 Mrs. Jane Newman Edward S. Nicholls, M.D. ‘58* Mrs. Mildred M. Niehaus George A. Nikias, M.D. ‘89 John D. Nisbet, M.D. ‘83 Mrs. Mary Norton Rocco F. Noto, M.D.* John J. Novello, M.D. ‘76 Toni G. Novick, M.D. ‘56 Mr. and Mrs. Gerry Nowak Stacy Nunberg, M.D. ‘86 Nkemdilim N. Nwosa, M.D. ‘99 OB GYN Associates James J. O’Brien, Ph.D. John D. O’Brien, M.D. ‘60* John P. O’Brien, M.D. ‘61 Susan M. O’Brien, M.D. ‘83* Stephen A. Obstbaum, M.D. ‘67* M. K. O’Connor, M.D. ‘68 O’Dea Lynch Abbattista Consulting Engineers, PC Sophia G. O’Donnell, M.D. ‘08 and Seth W. O’Donnell, M.D. ‘08 Mary A. O’Dowd, M.D. ‘76* Yetunde O. Odusanya-Olowe, M.D. ‘88, Ph.D. ‘88 Uchenna A. Okoronkwo II, M.D. Janice Oldshein, M.D. ‘86 and Mitchell R. Oldshein, M.D. Efren Olivo, M.D. ‘62 Mason W. Oltman, M.D. ‘02 Dr. Jim O. Omatseye, Jr. Omega Environmental Services Open Systems Metro NY, Inc. Nancy L. Oplinger, M.D. ‘91 Deirdre A. O’Reilly, M.D. ‘95

Two-Year Report to the Community: 2011-2013 •• 29

Donor Listing


John P. O’Reilly, M.D. ‘61 Edward Orff, Ph.D. ‘99 Mr. Kevin F.X. O’Rourke, M.S. ‘02 Richard P. Orphanos, M.D. ‘59 Orthopaedic Care of Long Island, P.C. Mr. and Mrs. Peter R. Osinoff Paul D. Ostrovsky, M.D. ‘78 Alan J. Ostrowe, M.D. ‘66 Ephraim M. Ovitsh, M.D. ‘92 Bella F. Pace, M.D. Douglas E. Padgett, M.D. ‘82* Patrick J. Pagano, Ph.D. ‘91 Anthony L. Paglia, M.D. ‘91 Kerri L. Palamara, M.D. ‘06 Palm Institute, Inc. Kenneth G. Paltrow, M.D. ‘58* Deanna Palumbo, M.D. ‘82 Edwin Pan, M.D. ‘91 John J. Panagotacos, M.D. ‘03 Robert D. Pane, M.D. ‘74 Sijo J. Parekattil, M.D. ‘98 Debra M. Parisi, M.D. ‘98 Mr. Samuel J. Parler James F. Passarelli, M.D. ‘89 Richard S. Pataki, M.D. ‘62* Ravi Pattamandu Randyll A. Pavia, M.D. ‘89 Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Pavlovitch* Arthur S. Pawgan, M.D. ‘65 Edwin J. Pear, M.D. ‘53 Richard A. Pechter, M.D. ‘80 Pedicare Walter Pegoli, Jr., M.D. ‘84 Kevin L. Pehr, M.D. ‘81 Felicia H. Figa Pehrson, M.D. ‘87 Robert A. Peinert, M.D. ‘70 Thomas E. Pellechi, M.D. ‘96 John J. Pellettieri, M.D. ‘63 Mr. Gary Pemberton Raymond E. Pennie, M.D. ‘48*+ Howard L. Pennington, M.D.* Myles L. Pensak, M.D. ‘78* Dr. Anthony and Diane Pepe Robert C. Pepperman, M.D. ‘88 Mark A. Perazella, M.D. ‘88 Robert N. Perelman, M.D. ‘82 Richard D. Perera, M.D. ‘58* Pasquale E. Perillie, M.D. ‘55 + Wayne A. Perkins, M.D. ‘63 Rachel A. Perla, M.D. ‘95 Estate of Richard A. Perry, M.D. ‘60 John R. Person, M.D. ‘73* Andrew J. Peters, M.D. ‘60 Nancy C. Castellucci Peters, M.D. ‘93 Mr. Michael Petersen Elizabeth M. Peters-Kaiser, M.D. ‘91 and Richard C. Kaiser, M.D. ‘91 Mrs. Priscilla Pfeifer* Mitch Pfeiffer, M.D. ‘85 Philips Research North America Lee J. Phillips, M.D. ‘85* V. Rachel Phillips, M.D. ‘79* Phy-Care Solutions, Inc. Robert L. Pierce, M.D. ‘52* Albert A. Pineda, M.D. ‘63 Arthur V. Pinski, M.D. ‘55 Alexandra Pinz, M.D. ‘90, M.B.A. Frank J. Piper, M.D. ‘58 + Joseph O. Piscetta, M.D. ‘46 Francis J. Pizzi, M.D. ‘69* Joseph W. Placer, M.D. ‘64 Plastic Surgery Services of Fredericksburg Anna M. Plichta, M.D. Pneuma Foundation* John C. Polito, M.D. ‘52 Joan F. Poll, M.D. ‘76 Mitchell C. Pollack, M.D. ‘77*

30 •• New York Medical College

Michael H. Popkin, M.D. ‘74 Martin S. Posner, M.D. ‘63 Suryanarayana M. Pothula, M.D. Bernard J. Powers, M.D. ‘76* John M. Powers, M.D. ‘77* R. N. Pratt, M.D. ‘75 Premier Urological Care, P.C. Glenn M. Preminger, M.D. ‘77* Joseph C. Preston, M.D. ‘93 Helene E. Price, M.D. ‘85* Charles A. Primiano, M.D. ‘76 Princeton Premier Medicine, LLC Louise M. Priolo-Grecco, M.D. ‘87 Angelo J. Procaccino, M.D. ‘79 Michael S. Provenghi, M.D. ‘02 John L. Prue, M.D. ‘74* Elliot M. Puritz, M.D. ‘65 Ms. Janet R. Putko, M.S. ‘00* Ms. Karen J. Putt Shuja Qadir, M.D. Rosemary Quinlan, M.D. ‘87 David and Leah Raab Arthur H. Rabinowitz, M.D. Barry Raff, M.D. ‘77, F.A.C.C. Joseph P. Rafferty, Jr., M.D. ‘87 Mr. and Mrs. Eugene C. Rainis Srinivas Rajamahanty, M.D. Sudhamani R. Rao, M.D. and Sateesh C. Babu, M.D. Steven M. Rapaport, M.D. ‘82 Russell C. Raphaely, M.D. ‘63 Ms. Kimberly A. Rasch, M.S. ‘00, M.P.H. ‘01 Gladys F. Raskin, M.D. ‘46* Douglas A. Rayner, M.D. ‘61* Raytheon Company Matching Gifts for Education Program* John S. Reach, M.D. ‘50 Harvey A. Reback, M.D. ‘61* Regintex Enterprise, Inc. Laura M. Reich, M.D. Harold Reikes, M.D. ‘57* Margaret A. Reilly-Antalec, Ph.D. ‘81, M.S. ‘78 Steven C. Reiner, M.D. ‘73 Robert P. Reisman, M.D. ‘78* Alegria Bahia Reitberg, M.D. Mr. Robert M. Rene Michaela E. Renich, M.D. ‘95 Randye S. Resnick-Bernot, M.D. ‘92 and Michael D. Bernot, M.D. ‘93* Robert D. Restuccia, M.D. ‘72* Mary Ellen V. Revenis, M.D. ‘81 Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Reyes Miraflor T. Reyes-Ganzon, M.D. ‘91 Andrew Ricci, Jr., M.D. ‘77* Ralph E. Ricciardi, Jr., M.D. ‘71 Charles R. Rich, M.D. ‘74* Alfonso Richards, M.D. ‘56, F.A.C.S. Elisabeth J. Wilder Richards, M.D. ‘91 Rodney T. Riedel, M.D. ‘01 Christopher F. X. Riegler, M.D. ‘88 Robert J. Rienzo, M.D. ‘75 Philip J. Riggio, M.D. ‘63 Rimortwo, Inc. Albert W. Ritter, M.D. ‘92 Adnan Z. Rizvi, M.D. ‘00 RK Psychology Associates, LLC James P. Roach, M.D. ‘58 Barry S. Robbins, M.D. ‘73* Janine Omines Robertson, M.D. ‘49* Mr. and Mrs. James D. Robinson Theodore Y. Rodgers, M.D. ‘52* Neil M. Rofsky, M.D. ‘85 James E. Rogers, M.D. Reuben D. Rohn, M.D. ‘71* Lewis H. Roht, M.D. ‘64* Mr. Joseph G. Romandetto, M.S. ‘01

Corey E. Romesser, M.D. ‘03 Diane P. Romsaitong, M.D. ‘95 and Panus Romsaitong, M.D. ‘94 Ellen M. Rooney, M.D. ‘83 James J. Rooney, M.D. ‘74 Alan L. Rose, M.D. ‘70 Kenneth M. Rose, M.D. ‘88 Nancy C. Rose, M.D. ‘84 and G. Marc Jackson, M.D.* Howard D. Rosenberg, M.D. ‘76 Charles Rosenblatt, M.D. William B. Rosenblatt, M.D. ‘73 Steven I. Rosenfeld, M.D. ‘84 James E. Rosenthal, M.D. ‘74* Harvey Rosner, M.D. ‘63 Marc K. Ross, M.D. ‘89 William N. Ross, Ph.D. and Nechama Lasser-Ross, Ph.D. Katha Rossein, M.D. ‘78 and Ronald M. Razzore, M.D. ‘78* Thomas V. Rossi, M.D. ‘66* Andrew Roth, M.D. ‘64 Andrew J. Roth, M.D. ‘88* Barbara K. Roth, M.D. ‘75 Daniel Roth, M.D. ‘43 Marvin A. Roth, M.D. ‘62 Kenneth L. Rothman, M.D. ‘73 Stephen N. Rous, M.D. ‘56 Mr. and Mrs. Mark D. Routen Sandra K. Rowan, M.D. ‘60 Jack M. Rubenstein, M.D. ‘76 Adam D. Rubin, M.D. ‘00 James M. Rubin, M.D. ‘60 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Rubin* Mr. and Mrs. Mark S. Rubin Philip S. Rubin, M.D. ‘87 Audrey and Samuel H. Rubin, M.D. Stephen L. Rubin, M.D. ‘70 Alan L. Rubinstein, M.D. ‘62 Donald Rudikoff, M.D. ‘73 Ronald B. Rudlin, M.D. ‘64 Mr. and Mrs. Dennis M. Rudnick Jeffrey M. Rusheen, M.D. William M. Russell, M.D. ‘77 Charles D. Russo, M.D. ‘81 Raffaella Russo, M.D. Mrs. Kathryn X. Ryan William Rymer, M.D. ‘72* Ramzi W. Saad, M.D. ‘86 Peter B. Saadeh, M.D. Tabassum Saba, M.D., M.S. ‘94* Esther L. Sabban, Ph.D. Virginia A. Sadock, M.D. ‘70 and Benjamin J. Sadock, M.D. ‘59 Jerome E. Sag, M.D. ‘72 Saint Vincent’s Urology, PLLC Nicholas G. Sakellariou, M.D. ‘94* Paul Sakiewicz, M.D. Stanley R. Sakowitz, M.D. ‘62 Mr. James V. Salerno Lori B. Saltzman-Gabelman, M.D. ‘86 Shirley U. Salvatore, M.D. ‘87 and James A. Salvatore, M.D. ‘87 Emanuel Salzman, M.D. ‘43* San Diego Heart & Medical Clinic, Inc. Mr. David E. Sanchez Betty Sanchez-Catanese, M.D. ‘83 and Anthony J. Catanese, M.D. ‘83* Mr. and Mrs. Alex Sandoval Claudio Sandoval, M.D. ‘87 Sanford Medical Corporation Michael A. Sanford, M.D. ‘94* Robert S. Sanford, M.D. ‘64 Sani-Pro Disposal Services, Inc. Sanofi* Ms. Dianna Santillanes Albert L. Saphier, M.D. ‘65

Douglas J. Saphier, M.D. ‘10 Saratoga Ear & Sinus Surgery PC Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas F. Sarcona Dr. Michael N. Sarezky and Dr. Virginia A. Smith Albert K. Sassoon, M.D. ‘81, M.P.H.* Donald E. Sawyer, M.D. ‘70* Dr. Steven A. Sawyer Amit Saxena, M.D. ‘06 Nayel J. Sayegh, M.D. Meri Schachter, M.D. ‘69 Mark A. Schaeffer, M.D. ‘84 Sanford L. Schatz, M.D. ‘67 Lawrence S. Schechter, M.D. ‘66 Justin Scheer, M.D. ‘50* Kenneth P. Scheffels, M.D. ‘69 Neil R. Scheier, M.D. ‘85 Natasha R. Schimmoeller, M.D. ‘12, M.P.H. ‘12 Michael A. Schirripa, M.D. Carl D. Schmigelski, M.D. ‘89 Edward K. Schneider, M.D. ‘76 Robert Schneider, M.D. ‘69 William L. Schneiderman, M.D. ‘74 Janet A. Schneller, M.D. ‘79* Kenneth B. Schnide, M.D. ‘82 Michael B. Schoenwald, M.D. ‘69* Jeffrey A. Schor, M.D. ‘91, M.P.H., M.B.A. Henry G. Schriever, M.D. ‘60* Suzie E. Schuder, M.D. ‘86 Eric H. Schultheis, M.D. ‘88 Schultz Eye Clinic Gerald R. Schultz, M.D. ‘63 Richard D. Schultz, M.D. ‘88 Schulz Electric Company Frank F. Schuster, M.D. ‘55* Joel G. Schwab, M.D. ‘71*+ M. D. Schwalb, M.D. ‘84 Aaron M. Schwartz, M.D. ‘50 Ira S. Schwartz, Ph.D. Jeffrey M. Schwartz, M.D. ‘72 Jerold Schwartz, M.D. ‘56* Marvin Schwartz, M.D. ‘91 Lee S. Schwartzberg, M.D. ‘80 David F. Sciortino, M.D.* Joseph J. Sciortino, M.D. Patrick J. Sciortino, M.D. Michael A. Sclafani, M.D. ‘88 Louis N. Scotti, M.D. ‘58 William H. Scragg, M.D. ‘57 Maria G. Scunziano-Singh, M.D. ‘93 Sebring Urology Center Eric H. Seem, M.D. ‘94, M.P.H. ‘94 Mr. Justin M. Segraves ‘14 Roy Stern Seidenberg, M.D. ‘91 Michael K. Seidenstein, M.D. ‘70 David A. Seidman, M.D. ‘86 Laurence A. Seidman, M.D. ‘86 Stuart A. Seigal, M.D. ‘62 Lawrence A. Seigel, M.D. ‘75 Eugene I. Senal, M.D. ‘62 Roberta D. Sengelmann-Keshen, M.D. ‘93 and Tamir H. Keshen, M.D. ‘93 Denise B. Sepe, M.D. ‘83 and Carl J. Koenigsmann, M.D. ‘84* Paul A. Sergi, M.D. ‘68* Mario M. Sertich, M.D. ‘76 William C. Sessa, Jr., Ph.D. ‘90 Renee W. Seto, M.D. ‘99 Russell A. Settipane, M.D. ‘84* John H. Seward, M.D. ‘61* Mr. and Mrs. Navin R. Shah Dr. and Mrs. Vijay R. Shah Mr. Mohammad Shams and Ms. Shamsi Moussavi Steven Shankman, M.D. ‘81 Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Shannon Deborah A. Shapiro, M.D. ‘89 and Alan R. Plumer, M.D. ‘88 George C. Shapiro, M.D. ‘88, F.A.C.C. Jeffrey F. Shapiro, M.D. ‘77 Jerome R. Shapiro, M.D. ‘61* Michael B. Shapiro, M.D. ‘76 Moira Shea, M.D. ‘79 and William J. Wittman, M.D. ‘79* John P. Sheehy, M.D. ‘75*

Shelter Rock Strategies, LLC Bruce H. Shelton, M.D. ‘71 Win Shen, M.D. ‘83 Felix E. Shepard, M.D. ‘93 Bruce E. Sherling, M.D. ‘73* Sanford Sherman, M.D. ‘56* Stuart A. Sherman, M.D. ‘87 Mr. and Mrs. Mark Shipman Sheridan W. Shirley, M.D. ‘53 Dr. Sandra Shivers and Mr. Jed M. Shivers Eric A. Shoenfeld, M.D. Tighe P. Shomer, M.D. ‘77* Shore Orthopaedic Group, LLC Joanna F. Shulman, M.D. ‘80 Mr. Leonard M. Shulman Anita Shvarts, M.D. ‘07 and Marc J. Veneziano, M.D. ‘03 Mr. and Mrs. James A. Siano* Kelly A. Siano, M.D. ‘11 Mrs. Elise Siegel Jeff S. Silber, M.D. ‘95* SilberPhysician P.C.* Mark D. Siletchnik, M.D. ‘75* R. Candyce Silver, M.D. ‘79* Sarah S. Silver, M.D. ‘97* Amy Silverman, M.D. William I. Silvernail, M.D. ‘51* Laura J. Silverstein, M.D. ‘81 James R. Simcoe, M.D. ‘84 Michael F. Simms, M.D. ‘79 Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Simon David B. Simons, M.D. ‘77 Athos Simotas, M.D. ‘58 Angela M. Simpson, M.D. ‘97 Mr. and Mrs. John T. Simpson Gregg L. Singer, M.D. ‘87 Jeffrey A. Singer, M.D. ‘76 Tej-Preet Singh, M.D. ‘01 The Single Step Foundation, Inc. Robert J. Siragusa, M.D. ‘68 Roul R. Sircar, M.D. ‘90 Edward P. Sirois, M.D. ‘59 Skillman Cardiothoracic Surgery LLC Phyllis Skolnik, M.D. ‘72 John M. Skrzypczak, M.D. ‘75 Skyline Restoration, Inc. Victor S. Sloan, M.D. ‘89 and Sandra Gong Daniel J. Smeester, M.D. Arthur H. Smith, M.D. David L. Smith, M.D. ‘61* Ernest H. Smith, M.D. ‘55 Joel Franklin Smith, M.D. ‘63 Miss Meghan Smith Theresa A. Smith, M.D. ‘56 Edward L. Snyder, M.D. ‘73* Gary M. Snyder, M.D. ‘79 Michael T. Snyder, M.D. ‘89 R. Scott Snyder, M.D. Maggie J. So, M.D. ‘06 Richard M. Sobel, M.D. ‘80 John L. Soelling, M.D. ‘46* Brian K. Solow, M.D. ‘82 Mrs. Shirley W. Somers William H. Somers, M.D. ‘50 + Jonathan E. Sonne, M.D. ‘98 Mark A. Sonnenshein, M.D. ‘74 Ms. Betty Soto Carol A. O’Hagan Sotsky, M.D. ‘82 South Bay Medical Care, P.C. Michael R. Spaulding, M.D. ‘91+ Faye E. Spector, M.D. ‘79 Mr. Steven M. Speier Carl L. Speizer, M.D. ‘83 Lawrence M. Spergel, M.D. ‘71 Mr. and Mrs. C. Edward Spiegel Regina M. Spinazzola-Kinney, M.D. ‘80* Dr. and Mrs. Eric Spokas Margaret M. Squillace, M.D., M.P.H. ‘96 Martin B. Stahl, M.D. ‘53* Ms. Elisabeth Stamm The Standard Employee Giving Program* Joshua A. Stanton, M.D. ‘10 State Street Foundation, Inc. Staten Island Rehabilitation Medicine, P.C. David J. States, M.D. ‘53* Mr. William A. Steadman, II, M.A.

*Indicates those who have made gifts to the College for five or more consecutive fiscal years. + Indicates those who are deceased.

Paul Stefek, M.D. ‘81* David I. Stein, M.D. ‘56 Frederick Steinberg, M.D. ‘58* Harold Steinberg, M.D. ‘54 Laura S. Stemmle, M.D. ‘72 and Donald W. Stemmle, M.D. ‘72 Leonard Stern, M.D. ‘75 Robert A. Stern, M.D. ‘76 J. C. Stevens, M.D. ‘76 Mr. and Mrs. Roger H. Stiefel* Mr. and Mrs. Pieter Stienstra Charles T. Stier, Jr., Ph.D. Stanley D. Stier, M.D. ‘61* John T. Stinson, M.D. ‘75 Robert A. Stoltz, M.D. ‘ 97, Ph.D. ‘97, M.S. ‘93 Sharon A. Stotsky-Hilman, M.D. ‘81 Rev. Ruth H. Strang, M.D. ‘49 Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Strickland* Jay I. Stylman, M.D. ‘83 Dr. William W. Su and Ms. Ju-Hsun Chuang Suburban Carting Corporation Joyce M. Sudeall-Blackwood, M.D. ‘74 Marla L. Sukoff, M.D. ‘88 and Frank G. Shechtman, M.D. ‘84 Mr. and Mrs. Jeophrey G. Sulit* James D. Sullivan, M.D. ‘87 Khalid M. Sultan, M.D. ‘88 Mrs. Betty Sumner Martin L. Sumner, M.D. ‘47+ Dr. E.V. Sunderrajan and Dr. Sobha Sunderrajan Kap-Jae Sung, M.D., F.A.C.S. Elizabeth L. Supra-Johnson, M.D. ‘88 and Joseph A. Johnson, M.D. ‘88 Howard L. Sussman, M.D. ‘84 Svigals + Partners, LLP Paul J. Svigals, M.D. ‘81* Eugene W. Sweeney, M.D. ‘60* Mara K. Sweeney, M.D. ‘02 Edward T. Swibinski, M.D. ‘75 Suzanne Haynes Sword, M.D. ‘56 Taconic Farms, Inc. Ross H. Taff, M.D. ‘74 Michael G. Tager, M.D. ‘58* Dr. and Mrs. John W. Tam Ms. Sharon R. Tamani Frank M. Tamarin, M.D. Lindsay S. Tan, M.D. ‘82* Aimee T. Tang, M.D. ‘12 Alf M. Tannenberg, M.D. Adam S. Tanzer, M.D. ‘96*

Dr. and Mrs. Jason Tanzer Nancy S. Tarlin, M.D. ‘86 Joseph J. Tartaglia, M.D. Jay D. Tartell, M.D. ‘82 Linda S. Tartell, M.D. ‘73 David B. Tashjian, M.D. ‘96* Philip G. Taylor, M.D. ‘64* Louis M. Tedone, M.D. ‘47* Catherine M. Tegtmeier, M.P.H. ‘10 Ronald F. Teichman, M.D. ‘83, M.P.H. Loretta A. Terranova, M.D. ‘80 William P. Teubl, M.D. ‘82 Kristine J. Thayer, M.D. ‘90 The Doctors In

Two-Year Report to the Community: 2011-2013 •• 31

Donor Listing Robert P. Thiel, M.D. ‘84 Laura B. Thomas, M.D. ‘96 Bruce R. Thompson, M.D. ‘80 Mark T. Thompson, M.D. ‘71* Mark T. Thorne, M.D. ‘83 Paul C. Thur, M.D. ‘99* Raymond L. Tipton, M.D. Anna L. Tirado, M.D. ‘84 Raj K. Tiwari, Ph.D. Janet M. Tobin, M.D. ‘88 Keith S. Tobin, M.D. ‘85* Seymour Tobin, M.D. ‘52 Patricia McCarthy Tomassi John R. Tomec, M.D. ‘60* D. A. Tompkins, M.D. ‘04 Dr. and Mrs. Der-Long Tong Dr. and Mrs. Charn Toochinda Judith Fiedler Topilow, M.D. ‘67 and Arthur A. Topilow, M.D. ‘67 Christopher A. Tormey, M.D. ‘04 Michael Touger, M.D. ‘80 Edward J. Tracey, M.D. ‘58 James P. Tracey, M.D. ‘89* Frank N. Traganos, Ph.D.* Jonathan J. Trambert, M.D. ‘77 Mr. Michael Trentalange William C. Trier, M.D. ‘47* Jeffrey S. Trilling, M.D. ‘73 James N. Trone, M.D. ‘55* Alfred J. Trufelli, Jr., M.D. ‘77* Mr. Neil M. Trushin, M.S. ‘00* Charlotte Tsai, M.D. ‘01 and Danny W. Hsia, M.D. ‘01 George V. Tsimoyianis, M.D. ‘82* Arnold I. Turtz, M.D. ‘48* Salvatore R. Tuzzo, M.D. ‘66 James C. Tyson, M.D. ‘86 Roy J. Ulin, M.D. ‘87 Joel C. Ullman, M.D. ‘63 Bryan R. Updegraff, M.D. ‘70 Urological Faculty Associates, P.C. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence L. Vaccari Antonio Valentin, M.D. ‘01 Edward S. Valentine, M.D. ‘78* John N. Van Dam, M.D. ‘72 Lisa T. Vasak, M.D. ‘92* Anthony Vasilas, M.D. ‘48 Pierre A. Vauthy, M.D. ‘72 Joseph A. Veneziano, M.D. ‘67* Joseph S. Vetrano, M.D. ‘70* Diodato Villamena, M.D. ‘71 Deborah Viola, Ph.D. Mrs. Anne B. Visconti, M.P.H. ‘04* Lidia F. Vitale, M.D. ‘90 Jack H. Vitenson, M.D. ‘65* Jane Vlodov, M.D. ‘95* Susan L. Vogel, M.D. ‘76* Lorraine V. Volpe, M.D. ‘86 Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. VonDerHaar

32 •• New York Medical College


Mr. and Mrs. Henry Vong James W. Voskovitch, M.D. ‘59 Lynne Voutsinas, M.D. ‘83 Mr. Thuc V. Vu and Ms. Kim Y. Nguyen Gilbert C. Wager, M.D. ‘83 James A. Walker, M.D. ‘61* Ilisa D. Wallach, M.D. ‘87 and Meir Salama, M.D. ‘87* John J. Walsh, M.D. ‘53 Pamela J. Walsh, M.D. ‘12 William J. Walsh, Jr., M.D. ‘64 Walsworth Property Management, Inc. Steven M. Wanderman, M.D. ‘80 Ai-Lan Wang, M.D. ‘85, Ph.D. Dairong Wang, Ph.D. ‘01 Mong-Heng Wang, Ph.D. Wenhui Wang, M.D. Daniel E. Wapner, M.D. ‘82 Anna M. Ward, M.D. ‘85* Peter Q. Warinner, M.D. ‘97 Lesley M. Warshaw, Sr., M.D. ‘46 Thelma G. Warshaw, M.D. ‘47, F.A.A.D.* Linda C. Wase, M.D. ‘80* Eric M. Wassermann, M.D. ‘85 Mr. and Mrs. Louis J. Wassong Watchung Pediatrics Kelly A. Waters, M.D. ‘09 Ben C. Watson, Ph.D. Joseph R. Wax, M.D. ‘86 Thomas G. Webber, M.D. ‘73 Ian S. Wedmore, M.D. ‘90 John G. Weg, M.D. ‘59* Jeffrey B. Weinberg, M.D. ‘80, M.B.A. Ms. Meryl Weinberg, M.A., R.N. Mr. John Weiner Dr. and Mrs. William A. Weiner Allan B. Weingold, M.D. ‘55 Dr. and Mrs. David J. Weinreich Bernard I. Weinstein, Ph.D. Dr. and Mrs. Harel Weinstein Leslie H. Weinstein, M.D. ‘76 Stuart M. Weinstein, M.D. ‘83 Steven Weinstock, M.D. ‘74* William H. Weir, Jr., M.D. ‘60 Jerry Weisfogel, M.D. ‘57 Tedd L. Weisman, M.D. ‘84 Wayne M. Weisner, M.D. ‘48* Bernard Weiss, M.D. ‘51 B. Allen Weiss, M.D. ‘55 Mark S. Weiss, M.D. ‘78 Steven M. Weissberg, M.D. ‘66 Gary S. Weissman, M.D. ‘76 William R. Weissman, M.D. ‘65* Mark L. Welch, M.D. ‘86 Princess Wells, D.P.T. ‘10 Mark A. Werner, M.D. ‘01 Alan C. Weseley, M.D. ‘56 Westchester Family Medical Practice, P.C. Westchester Ophthalmology, P.C. Eric D. Weston, M.D. ‘71, F.A.C.G. Ms. Heather M. Weston Ms. Lisa Wetzel Mrs. Carolyn Whalen Joseph R. Whelan, M.D. ‘50* Mr. and Mrs. James O. White Sanford F. White, M.D. ‘78 Graham F. Whitfield, M.D. ‘76, Ph.D. William A. Whyland, M.D. ‘49* David N. Wicoff, M.D. ‘54 + Harry J. Wilbur, Jr., M.D. ‘74 Gregory T. Williams, M.D. ‘86 Willis of New York, Inc. Ms. Mary B. Willmore, R.D., M.S. ‘86 Mrs. Edith W. Wiltsee, M.P.H. ‘00 Felix Wimpfheimer, M.D. ‘45* Mark A. Winik, M.D. ‘88

Richard A. Winters, M.D. ‘72 Myra Wise, Ph.D. and Burton L. Wise, M.D. ‘47 Barry R. Witt, M.D. ‘84 Karin L. Witt, M.D. ‘99 and Michael T. Witt, M.D. ‘99, M.P.H. ‘99 Margaret E. Wolke, M.D. ‘54* James J. Y. Wong, M.D. ‘76* Douglas A. Woodburn, M.D. ‘83 Ramona B. Woodriffe, M.D. ‘77 Ms. Lisa D. Woods Mr. and Mrs. Rick A. Wray John C. Wright II, M.D. ‘55 Mrs. Cassandra Wry Joseph M. Wu, Ph.D. Richard B. Wu, M.D. ‘05 Dr. Wen Xiong, M.S. ‘01* Y & W Construction Robert M. Yacynych, M.D. ‘88* Dr. and Mrs. Vincent J. Yakavonis ‘77* Mr. and Mrs. Stanley S. Yang Burt J. Yankiver, M.D. ‘78 Charles S. Yanofsky, M.D. ‘77 Mr. and Mrs. Timothy H. Yau* Dr. Selamawit Yemane-Merriwether Mr. and Mrs. Kim H. Yong Mr. Douglas L. York, M.P.H. ‘91 Cecelia A. Young, M.D. ‘59* Mr. and Mrs. Dean W. Young Thomas R. Young, M.D. ‘88 Susanna Yuk Kai Yung Kenneth H. Yuska, M.D. ‘71 Jeffrey M. Zale, M.D. ‘75 Howard N. Zaleznak, M.D. ‘79 Francis X. Zambetti, M.D. ‘77 Judith W. Zander, M.D. ‘80 Geoffrey J. Zann, M.D. ‘82 Shelley A. Zara, M.D. ‘73 and Harvey D. Zara, M.D. ‘73* Mr. and Mrs. George Zbeda Robert C. Zeller, M.D. ‘71* Fan Zhang, M.D., Ph.D. Ms. Roni Q. Zilinski, M.S. ‘10 Barry M. Zisholtz, M.D. ‘83 Meyer Zodikoff, M.D. ‘38* Robert C. Zoller, M.D. ‘77* Irving H. Zucker, Ph.D. ‘72 Dianne S. Zullow, M.D. ‘82 and Scott S. Gordon, M.D. ‘82 Anonymous (5)* Anonymous (28)

Traditions Society The Traditions Society honors donors who have made annual contributions for twenty consecutive years or more. Doris Bate, M.D. ‘50 Robert A. Bennett, M.D. ‘62 Marcelle Bernard, M.D. ‘44 Dr. and Mrs. Robert Bernot Edward J. Bloch, M.D. ‘69 Ms. Estelle Burke Douglas A. Byrnes, M.D. ‘77 John W. Carrier, M.D. ‘51 Qwie T. Chew, M.D. ‘65 Frances S. Choper, M.D. ‘59 Neil T. Choplin, M.D. ‘76 Richard J. Cobb, M.D. ‘57 Herbert L. Cole, M.D. ‘54 Michael B. Corbett, M.D. ‘61 William J. Dean, M.D. ‘64 John DeAngelis, M.D. ‘57 Lawrence J. DeLorenzo, M.D. ‘76 Peter Demir, M.D. ‘59 Joseph F. Dursi, M.D. ‘59 Michael J. Feinstein, M.D. ‘64 Burton M. Fink, M.D. ‘71 Robert R. Flanagan, M.D. ‘75 Robert W. Fredrickson, M.D. ‘51 Leon D. Freedman, M.D. ‘72 Mark J. Friedman, M.D. ‘71 Robert S. Goldstein, M.D. ‘62 Gerhard J. Haas, Ph.D.+ Irwin Hametz, M.D. ‘73 Howard D. Harrison, M.D. ‘61 Lawrence D. Harter, M.D. ‘64 Bruce Hauptman, M.D. ‘63 Robert M. Herenstein, M.D. ‘85 Richard N. Hirsh, M.D. ‘69 Peter Hoffmann, M.D. ‘83 B. H. Homan, Jr. Charitable Trust Rivka S. Horowitz, M.D. ‘78 Francis M. James, M.D. ‘58

*Indicates those who have made gifts to the College for five or more consecutive fiscal years. + Indicates those who are deceased.

Jean F. Jones, M.D. ‘51 Curtis T. Jones, M.D. ‘75 Alan L. Kalischer, M.D. ‘77 Daniel Kenigsberg, M.D. ‘78 Lawrence P. Kirschenbaum, M.D. ‘82 Leonard B. Krich, M.D. ‘65 Jeffrey M. Laskoff, M.D. ‘68 Joseph K. Lobl, M.D. ‘82 Heather Lurie-Perla, M.D. and Elliott N. Perla, M.D. Camille Mallouh, M.D. James F. McGroarty, M.D. ‘68 Alfred L. McKee, Jr., M.D. ‘82 Jeffrey H. Minassian, M.D. ‘79 Martin S. Neff, M.D. ‘63 Mary A. O’Dowd, M.D. ‘76 Richard S. Pataki, M.D. ‘62 Richard D. Perera, M.D. ‘58 Heather Lurie-Perla, M.D. and Elliott N. Perla, M.D. ‘74 Mitchell Pincus, M.D. ‘53 Harvey A. Reback, M.D. ‘61 Richard E. Rohr, M.D. ‘80 Thomas V. Rossi, M.D. ‘66 Janet A. Schneller, M.D. ‘79 Joel G. Schwab, M.D. ‘71+ John H. Seward, M.D. ‘61 Jerome R. Shapiro, M.D. ‘61 Bruce E. Sherling, M.D. ‘73 Charles W. Shlimbaum, M.D. ‘44 Richard K. Stone, M.D. ‘68 Ross H. Taff, M.D. ‘74 Foster H. Taft, Jr., M.D. ‘57 Arnold I. Turtz, M.D. ‘48 Joseph A. Veneziano, M.D. ‘67 Susan L. Vogel, M.D. ‘76 Meyer Zodikoff, M.D. ‘38 Anonymous (2)

Two-Year Report to the Community: 2011-2013 •• 33

Legacy Society The Legacy Society recognizes donors who have made provisions for the College in their wills or through other planned gifts. Michael S. Alexander, M.D. ‘78 Doris Bate, M.D. ‘50 Augusta H. Belmonte, M.D. Douglas M. Berger, M.D. ‘85 Marcelle Bernard, M.D. ‘44 Robert V. Blake, M.D. ‘75 Mrs. Dale Block Marshall B. Block, M.D. ‘68 William P. Coats, M.D. ‘53 Wendy E. Joseph Cohen, M.D. ‘70 Mabelle A. Cremer, M.D. ‘53 and Martin E. Silverstein, M.D. ‘48 + Lewis A. Dalburg, Jr., M.D. ‘58 Alan D. Dauer, M.D. ‘62 Morris A. Diamant, M.D. ‘78 Harriet E. Dickenson, M.D. ‘82 Theodore Diktaban, M.D. ‘76 Emalie and John Feerick Stanley P. Filewicz, M.D. ‘59 Robert W. Fredrickson, M.D. ‘51 Francis J. Geary, M.D. ‘64 Arthur Ginsburg, M.D. ‘58 Gerhard J. Haas, Ph.D.+ Dr. Ronald and Mrs. Maria Hagadus Howard D. Harrison, M.D. ‘61 Owen E. Heninger, M.D. ‘57

34 •• New York Medical College

Kirk K. Kazarian, M.D., ‘61 John F. Hoell, M.D. ‘60 Dr.+ and Mrs. Henry V. Kogut ‘43 Bradley S. and Ruth Friedman Kuhn Judith F. Kupersmith, M.D. ‘69 and Joel Kupersmith, M.D. ‘64 Mrs. Diane L. Levere S. R. Mackay, M.D. ‘57 Camille Mallouh, M.D. Carl M. Marchetti, M.D. ‘60 Ariz R. Mehta, M.D. ‘03 Mrs. Dorothy Mehta James J. Murdocco, M.D. ‘65 Mary A. O’Dowd, M.D. ‘76 Guy R. Orangio, M.D. ‘79 and Mrs. Patricia Orangio Christopher J. Pappas, Ph.D. ’11, M.S. ‘06 Lee J. Phillips, M.D. ‘85 William D. Ryan, M.D. ‘53+ Neil S. Silber, M.D. ‘75 Theresa A. Smith, M.D. ‘56 Rev. Ruth H. Strang, M.D. ‘49 Jay H. Stubenhaus, M.D. ‘47 Joyce M. Sudeall-Blackwood, M.D. ‘74 Jeannette R. Wise Percy C. Zanger, M.D. ‘49+ Anonymous (3)

Tributes & Memorials In celebration of 20th year reunion Ephraim M. Ovitsh, M.D. ‘92 In celebration of 25th year reunion Michelle A. Multz, M.D. ‘87 In celebration of 30th wedding anniversary Beth Kalman Karon, M.D. ‘82 and Barry L. Karon, M.D. ‘82 In celebration of 53 years of practice John C. Duffy, M.D. ‘60 In celebration of birth of second daughter Peter P. Ly, M.D. ‘96 In celebration of Brian & Cameron’s Wedding Truffles for a Cause In celebration of marriage equality in Maryland D. A. Tompkins, M.D. ‘04 In celebration of marriage equality in New York D. A. Tompkins, M.D. ‘04 In celebration of my recognition by the NYMC Iota Chapter of Alpha Omega Alpha Alan B. Copperman, M.D. ‘89 In celebration of my retirement Peter Demir, M.D. ‘59 In honor of Karl P. Adler, M.D. Betty Sanchez Catanese, M.D. ‘83 and Anthony J. Catanese, M.D. ‘83 Eric D. Weston, M.D. ‘71, F.A.C.G. In honor of Hannah G. Ahn Johan K. Ahn, M.D. ‘95 In memory of James P. Angiulo, M.D. ‘72 Robert D. Restuccia, M.D. ‘72 In memory of David Annunziato, M.D. Gary J. Lieberman, M.D. ‘73 In memory of Michael A. Antonelle III Dr. and Mrs. Henry I. Saphier ‘61 In memory of Nicholas Antoszyk, M.D. ‘48 James H. Antoszyk, M.D. ‘79 In memory of Sanford H. Anzel, M.D. ‘54 Mrs. Darlene Anzel In memory of Herbert and Ann Archer Herbert M. Archer, M.D. ‘69 In honor of Adriane L. Argenio, M.D. ‘13 Mrs. Virginia Q. Argenio In memory of Tamara Askerova Bella Mikhailova Malits, M.D. ‘90 In honor of Dayal S. Aswani Arroyo Oaks Medical Associates, Inc. In memory of Maxine and Leon Babus Howard A. Babus, M.D. ‘75 In celebration of Gertie Bacal’s 100th Birthday Eric L. Albin, M.D. ‘70 In honor of Courtney E. Barrows, M.D. ‘12 Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Barrows In memory of Richard R. Bass, M.D. ‘49 Mrs. Elizabeth A. Bass In memory of Vivian W. Bassmann Mr. Kenneth C. Bassmann In memory of Robin Beerman Richard Beerman, M.D. ‘80 In honor of Saverio S. Bentivegna, M.D. ‘50, F.A.C.S. Dr. Arunima Mohanty, M.P.H. ‘13 In honor of Elizabeth A. Nofi Berg, M.D. ‘13 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Nofi In honor of William T. Berg, M.D. ‘13 Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence A. Berg In memory of Dirk M. Berger, M.D. Duncan Cheng, M.D. ‘13 In memory of Ida Berger Jeffrey P. Cohen, M.D. ‘89 In memory of Judy Blatt Kenneth S. Blatt, M.D. ‘75

*Indicates those who have made gifts to the College for five or more consecutive fiscal years. + Indicates those who are deceased.

In honor of Noah A. Bloomgarden, M.D. ‘10 The Bloomgarden Family In memory of Libby E. Bogel, M.D. ‘78 David R. Andrews, M.D. ‘78 Andrew M. Murphy, M.D. ‘78 In memory of Joyce Bonder Michael I. Bonder, M.D. ‘70 In honor of Wini Borg Lisa Borg, M.D. ‘80 In memory of Brooke L. Brennan, M.D. ‘01 Zachary M. Campbell, M.D. ‘01 In honor of Aaron Bromberg David J. Bromberg, M.D. ‘13 In memory of William Henry Brown, M.D. ‘48 Ms. Erin Brown Tonya M. Brown Price, M.D. ‘90 Ms. Sharon P. Cote Dr. Augustin Dordai and Mrs. Josette Dordai Fenimore Asset Management, Inc. Fortier Public Relations LLC Ms. Wendy McCormick and Mr. Kevin Fleming Mr. and Mrs. Laddie l. Stahl In memory of John Joseph Broza David J. Broza, M.D. ‘89 In honor of David J. Burke, M.D. ‘86 Ms. Estelle Burke In honor of Gordon M. Burke, M.D. ‘11 Ms. Estelle Burke In memory of Judy Burrows and Frank Jason Robert A. Jason, M.D. ‘82 In memory of Carmine D. Carbone Mr. Donald Carbone and Ms. Josephine M. Sitter In memory of Francis S. Cardinale, D.D.S. Joseph G. Cardinale, M.D. ‘80 In memory of Alfred J. Caron Mrs. Alfred J. Caron In honor of Anthony Thomas Carrellas, M.D. ‘49 Robert A. Carrellas, M.D. ‘89 In memory of Mildred and Milton Cassell Lauren S. Cassell, M.D. ‘77 and Jacques Blinbaum In memory of Harvey Cassuto Mrs. Irene Cassuto In memory of Margaret and Giuseppe T. Cervia Joseph S. Cervia, M.D. ‘84 and Denise L. Blumberg, M.D. In honor of Alanna R. Chait, M.D. ‘13 Dr. and Mrs. Maxwell Chait In honor of Penelope Chew Qwie T. Chew, M.D. ‘65 In honor of Scarlett Chew Qwie T. Chew, M.D. ‘65 In honor of Annette Choolfaian, R.N. Joseph McNelis, M.D. ‘87 In honor of Gloria B. Chu, M.D. ‘09 Mr. and Mrs. Peter P. Chu In memory of Archie Cohn, M.D. ‘27 Kenneth Cohn, M.D. ‘68 In memory of Nereida Comas Waldemar A. Comas, Esq. In memory of Anthony and Frances Conca Dominick Conca, M.D. ‘70 In memory of Lawrence A. Cone, M.D. Lionel A. Cone, M.D. ‘74 In memory of Herbert A. Conner, M.D. ‘43 Mrs. Mabel I. Conner In honor of Elizabeth Ann Connor Morton Connor, M.D. ‘48 In memory of Ana M. Cordero Mr. and Mrs. Anastacio Baez In memory of Joseph Corey Stephen L. Rubin, M.D. ‘70

Two-Year Report to the Community: 2011-2013 •• 35

Tributes & Memorials


In memory of Maurice H. Cowen, M.D. ‘64 Michael J. Feinstein, M.D. ‘64 In memory of Harold P. Curran, M.D. ‘52 Mr. Richard Curran In memory of John B. Curtis, M.D. Alton L. Curtis, M.D. ‘69 In memory of Robert “Bob” Curtis Alton L. Curtis, M.D. ‘69 In memory of Margaret R. Cushmore Frederick N. Cushmore, M.D. ‘56 In memory of Marie A. Dawe Robert V. Dawe, M.D. ‘75 In memory of Louis R.M. Del Guercio, M.D. Mrs. Diane L. Levere In honor of Donald W. Delahanty, M.D. ‘51 Kevin C. Delahanty, M.D. ‘84 In memory of Joseph and Catherine Devlin Mrs. Edmund D. Grammer In memory of Matthew DiBiase, M.D. George M. Arcieri, M.D. ‘64 In memory of Joseph DiQuattro The DiQuattro Family In celebration of the joyous arrival of Savannah Jaylin Dvora Alan R. Green, M.D. ‘71 In memory of Samuel J. Eallonardo III, M.D. ‘93 Annette E. Kussmaul, M.D. ‘93 In honor of Justin and Barbara Ehrlich Clifford L. Ehrlich, M.D. ‘81 In honor of Mark W. Elmer, M.D. ‘12 Mr. and Mrs. John E. Elmer In memory of Michael R. Ettenson, M.D. ‘44 John S. Ettenson, M.D. ‘83 In memory of Muriel K. Ettenson John S. Ettenson, M.D. ‘83 In memory of Robert G. Faux, M.D. ‘53 Mrs. Dorothy Faux In honor of John R. Ferrarone, M.D. ‘12 Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Ferrarone In memory of Robert B. Flemister Peter B. Flemister, M.D. ‘89 In honor of Shana R. Flicker, SOM ‘15 Ms. Kenna Flicker In memory of William Flynn, M.D. ‘54 William C. Frederick, M.D. ‘54 In memory of Sheniqua C. Fontaine Ms. Cynthia L. Fontaine St. Clair In honor of Marie D. Pulda Fox, M.D. ‘51 John T. Fox, M.D. ‘89 In memory of Martin J. Frank, M.D. ‘70 Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Crootof ‘70 In honor of Judith Fried Deborah Fried, M.D. ‘83 In honor of Sylvia K. Fried, M.D. ‘47 Ruthellen Fried, M.D. ‘76 and Lawrence M. Boxt, M.D. ‘74 In memory of Steven James Frisch Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Frisch In memory of Donald H. Gemson, M.D. ‘78 Anita Grover, M.D. ‘78 In memory of Viola and Peter George William Cristo, M.D. ‘71 In memory of Melvin Gerber, M.D. ‘64 Eric W. Gerber, M.D. ‘00 Mrs. Marilyn Gerber In memory of Anthony S. Giannotto, M.D. ‘44 Beverly A. Pattillo, M.D. ‘89 In honor of Vinita K. Gidvani, M.D. ‘12 Gidvani and Tanwani Family In memory of Sidney S. Glass, M.D. ‘31 J. Peter Glass, M.D. ‘72

36 •• New York Medical College

In memory of Dr. Lynn Glasser Tony Cohen, M.D. ‘66 In memory of Vasilici Goffas George T. Goffas, M.D. ‘92 In memory of Marion Goldberg Diane M. Cymerman, M.D. ‘82 In memory of Shep Goldberg Albert C. Goldberg, M.D. ‘63 In memory of Dr. A. Allen Goldbloom Lewis H. Roht, M.D. ‘64 In memory of Shirley Goldman David T. Goldman, M.D. ‘81 In memory of Robert Goldstein, M.D. Edward L. Snyder, M.D. ‘73 In honor of Jun Gong, M.D. ‘12 Mr. and Mrs. Lai H. Gong In honor of the Graduate School of Basic Medical Sciences Ms. Roni Q. Zilinski, M.S. ‘10 In honor of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Greco Gina M. Greco Tartaglia, M.D. ‘91 In honor of Amanda B. Green, M.D. ‘12 Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell A. Mund In honor of Ella Correl Greenberg Stephan M. Greenberg, M.D. ‘66 In memory of Jacob Leonard Greif, M.D. ‘39 Richard H. Greif, M.D. ‘75 In honor of Shana R. Greif, SOM ‘15 Ms. Tamar Small Greif In honor of Kelly Ann Kettleson Griffin ‘12 Ronald and Alix Kettleson In memory of Eugene M. Grossman, M.D. V. Rachel Phillips, M.D. ‘79 In honor of Lauren Guenther, SOM ‘15 Mr. Klaus C. Guenther and Dr. Elyse W. Glaser In memory of Rainer V. Guggenheim, M.D. ‘58 Mrs. Janet Guggenheim In memory of Johanna P. Hagedoorn, Ph.D. Lisa C. Bogdonoff, M.D. ‘88 Harry D. Kerr, M.D. ‘75 Victor S. Sloan, M.D. ‘89 and Sandra Gong In honor of Scott A. Hahm, M.D. ‘11 Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Hahm In honor of Edward C. Halperin, M.D., M.A. Dr. and Mrs. Henry E. Fourcade Ms. Larissa F. Reece In memory of Isaac H. Halperin, M.D. ‘28 and Fannie H. Halperin Edward N. Halperin, M.D. ‘64 In memory of Nan Halpern Leslie R. Halpern Sebold, M.D. ‘93 In memory of Christopher Hansen Nora M. Hansen, M.D. ‘88 In memory of Suzanne Hansen Spencer K. Hansen, M.D. ‘13 In memory of Audrey and Donovan Harding Eastlyn E. Harding Marin, M.D. In memory of Leigh J. Harris, M.D. ‘77 Edward S. Valentine, M.D. ‘78 In memory of Muriel I. Harter Lawrence D. Harter, M.D. ‘64 In memory of Catherine Haugh Ms. Jeanne L. Haugh In memory of Hyman A. Hauptman, M.D. ‘30 Bruce Hauptman, M.D. ‘63 In memory of Mary Ellen Hawkins McAteer, M.D. ‘75 Rebecca A. McAteer, M.D. ‘08 In honor of Gregory S. Heaphy, M.D. ‘13 Mr. and Mrs. Ronald D. Heaphy In memory of Elaine Hedaya Edward L. Hedaya, M.D. ‘81

In memory of Dr. and Mrs. Abraham R. Heller Paul B. Heller, M.D. ‘68 In memory of William E. Hennessey, M.D. ‘70 Mrs. Joanne C. Hennessey In honor of Laura and Erin Hines Patrick J. Hines, M.D. ‘87 In memory of Jeannette Acacia Ho Eileen Fisher, Inc. Ms. Theresa Fehn Mr. David J. Gilbart Ms. Lucy A. Gilbart Mr. Thomas E. Gilbart and Mrs. Jennifer V. Gilbart Mr. Antonio Hernandez Ms. Nancy Ho Mrs. Kerrie Kennedy Ms. Peggyann Munnick In memory of Donna Marie Holland Christopher S. Holland, M.D. ‘79, M.P.H. In honor of Jane Date Hon, M.D. ‘12 Dr. and Mrs. John W. Hon In honor of Jessica Hu, M.D. ‘09 Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Hu In celebration of the inauguration of Alan Kadish, M.D., and Edward C. Halperin, M.D., M.A Mr. and Mrs. James Branigan Ms. Annette Choolfaian, R.N. Ms. Dee Demling Ms. Ilene P. Grant Richard G. McCarrick, M.D. Sonny and Mark Shipman Deborah Viola, Ph.D. In memory of Theodore Jacobs, M.D. ‘55 Parvin M. Jacobs, M.D. ‘55 In memory of David Jacobson Amy Silverman, M.D. In honor of Jonathan R. Jagid, M.D. ‘94 Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Jagid In honor of Yves M. Jodesty, M.S. ‘12 Dr. and Mrs. Yves M. Jodesty In memory of Loise Pickett Kaasch Ms. Shirley Martischewsky In honor of Alan Kadish, M.D. Harold S. Landa, M.D. ‘82 In honor of Ilana A. Kafer, M.D. ‘12 Sheldon Kafer, M.D. In memory of Gabor Kaley, Ph.D. Anna B. Drakontides, Ph.D. Ms. Carol Dudnick Dr. Willa Cobert and Dr. Irwin Hirsch Christopher S. Leonard, Ph.D. Norman Levine, Ph.D. Edward J. Messina, Ph.D. ‘73 MRA Physicians Dr. and Mrs. Harel Weinstein Leslie H. Weinstein, M.D. ‘76 Sandra H. Wulach, M.D. ‘75 Dr. and Mrs. Irving H. Zucker, Ph.D. ‘72 In memory of Dr. Nathan Kalischer Alan L. Kalischer, M.D. ‘77 In memory of Joseph Kasnetz, M.D. ‘21 Herbert R. Kasnetz, M.D. ‘60 In honor of Jerald W. Katz, M.D. ‘84 Mrs. Doris Katz In memory of Saul Kay, M.D. ‘39 Grace Calef Kay, M.D. ‘39 In honor of Shari Keller Irwin A. Keller, M.D. ‘80 In honor of Andrew L. Kelly, M.D. ‘13 Ms. Francene M. Capone In memory of Judith Frank Ketterer, M.D. ‘61 John G. Ketterer, Jr., M.D. ‘61 In memory of Jenny Irene Keyes Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Keyes, Jr. In memory of Solomon and Sophie Kluger Jeffrey Kluger, M.D. ‘71 In memory of Henry V. Kogut, M.D. ‘43 Mrs. Mary M. Kogut In honor of Harry Kosovsky, M.D. ‘43 Ruthellen Fried, M.D. ‘76 and Lawrence M. Boxt, M.D. ‘74

*Indicates those who have made gifts to the College for five or more consecutive fiscal years. + Indicates those who are deceased.

In honor of Mark W. Kozicky, M.D. ‘12, M.S. ‘08 Orest J. Kozicky, M.D. ‘81 In honor of Julie A. Kubaska Dr. and Mrs. Henry E. Fourcade In honor of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Kussmaul Annette E. Kussmaul, M.D. ‘93 In memory of Rabbi Dr. Bernard Lander Richard A. Stram, M.D. ‘78 In memory of Yolanda Lange Mrs. Kathryn T. Egan Mrs. Joan M. Seiter In honor of Elissa M. Lapide, M.D. ‘07 Sara Kellermann, M.D. In memory of David Lehr, M.D. Muriel A. Gold Morris, M.D. ‘66 In memory of Melissa Lequire Steven C. Reiner, M.D. ‘73 In memory of Dr. Levin Daniel J. Smeester, M.D. In memory of Philip A. Levin, M.D. Gary J. Lieberman, M.D. ‘73 In memory of Robert Levy Mr. and Mrs. David S. Waldman In memory of Susan M. Liebeskind, M.D. ‘90 Mr. Michael Liebeskind In honor of Joan P. Liman, M.D. ‘83, M.P.H. ‘93 Ilona W. Figura, M.D. ‘83 Laurie Grant, M.D. ‘83 In honor of Yaakov Liss, M.D. ‘11 Dr. and Mrs. Donald Liss In honor of Trude Lorch David J. Bromberg, M.D. ‘13 In celebration of the marriage of Becky X. Lou, M.D. ‘13 and Samuel Parler Ms. Rachel Eve Ginter Dr. Stephanie Kim LeSage In memory of Isabel Gormley Lynch John J. Lynch, M.D. ‘58 In memory of Filomena Maffucci COL Joseph J. Centofanti Ms. Jill McManus Philips Research North America In memory of Alex F. Marin Ada M. Marin, M.D. ‘83, M.P.H. In memory of Joseph and Theresa Marino AnnMarie DelliPizzi Citardi, Ph.D. ‘97 In memory of Augusta and Max Maron Norman L. Maron, M.D. ‘70 In memory of Pauline P. Matusow, M.D. Mr. Klaus C. Guenther and Dr. Elyse W. Glaser In honor of Debra H. Etelson Mayblum, M.D. ‘95 Barry Pomerantz, M.D. ‘63 In memory of Don W. McCoy, M.D. ‘51 Mrs. Marylou McCoy In memory of Kathleen McGarrey Kristine J. Thayer, M.D. ‘90 In honor of Brian H. McGreen Thomas H. McGreen, M.D. In honor of Hugh McGuire Charles W. McGuire, M.D. ‘61 In honor of Marian McInerney Eileen McInerney, M.D. ‘85 In memory of Katerina McNelis and Professor Edward McNelis Joseph McNelis, M.D. ‘87 In memory of Rita Medoff Alan S. Medoff, M.D. ‘48 In memory of Marion F. Metalios Mr. James Z. Metalios In memory of Dr. Harold Michal-Smith Evan M. Klass, M.D. ‘76 In memory of James T. Miglietta, M.D. ‘81 Kenneth D. Kushner, M.D. ‘81 In memory of Richard Nevin Mignone Biagio V. Mignone, M.D. ‘75 In memory of Beverly Milim Steven J. Milim, M.D. ‘78

Two-Year Report to the Community: 2011-2013 •• 37

Tributes & Memorials


In memory of Sydell D. Miller, M.D. ‘48 Mr. and Mrs. Peter R. Osinoff In memory of Robert D. Miningham Roy Christopher Monsour, M.D. In honor of Aaron D. Mishkin, M.D. ‘12 Mark H. Mishkin, M.D. ‘76 In honor of Victoria A. Mock, SOM ‘15 Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Mock In memory of Dora More Jay More, M.D. ‘87 In honor of Ross A. Mund, M.D. ‘12 Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell A. Mund In honor of Lucia A. Munoz, SOM ‘15 Ms. Francisca A. Munoz In memory of Angela Murdocco James J. Murdocco, M.D. ‘65 In honor of Nina and Frank Navetta Frank I. Navetta, M.D. ‘84 In honor of Elana Neches, M.D. ‘12 Mr. and Mrs. Yehezkel Neches In memory of Sheila and Emil Neibart Steven I. Neibart, M.D. ‘81 In honor of New York Medical College Denis C. Astarita, M.D. ‘74 In honor of NYMC Emergency Medicine Residency Program Benjamin G. M. Bautista, M.D. Dr. Jacque D. Ciarlo Lara J. De Nonno, M.D. Dr. Farhad M. Gazi Robert H. Leviton, M.D., M.P.H. Dr. Rachel Liu Dr. Jim O. Omatseye, Jr. Dr. Steven A. Sawyer In honor of NYMC students Robert G. Lerner, M.D. In celebration of NYMC’s affiliation with Touro College Burt J. Yankiver, M.D. ‘78 In celebration of NYMC’s Sesquicentennial Herbert M. Kravitz, M.D. ‘55, F.A.C.S. In honor of Leonard J. Newman, M.D. ‘70 Mark and Wendy Glassman In memory of Robert P. Newman, M.D. ‘70 Mrs. Jane Newman Donald E. Sawyer, M.D. ‘70 In memory of Robert W. Niehaus, M.D. ‘50 Mrs. Mildred M. Niehaus In memory of Lawrence A. Norton, M.D. ‘56 Mrs. Mary Norton In memory of Thomas F. Oliver Michael T. Oliver, M.D. ‘76 In memory of Camilia Orlando Mauro Dr. Peter M. Buffa In memory of Dr. Daniel Oster Harvey Weisslitz, M.D. ‘65 In honor of my parents Carlos M. Meletiche, M.D. ‘92 In memory of Nadia Marie Peinert Robert A. Peinert, M.D. ‘70 In memory of Charlotte Perelman Robert N. Perelman, M.D. ‘82 In honor of Jack Popkin Michael H. Popkin, M.D. ‘74 In memory of Frank Primiano Charles A. Primiano, M.D. ‘76 In memory of Sylvia Reback Harvey A. Reback, M.D. ‘61 In memory of Bruce M. Reitberg, M.D. ‘66 Alegria Bahia Reitberg, M.D. In honor of Daniel G. Rene, M.D. ‘13 Mr. Robert M. Rene

38 •• New York Medical College

In memory of Dr. and Mrs. Ralph E. Ricciardi, Sr. ‘37 Ralph E. Ricciardi, Jr., M.D. ‘71 In honor of John Ross Rizzo, M.D. ‘08 Mr. and Mrs. Ross J. Rizzo In honor of Lacey B. Robinson, M.D. ‘13 Mr. and Mrs. James D. Robinson In memory of Dr. Paul Roht Lewis H. Roht, M.D. ‘64 In honor of Kaylah C. Rondon, M.D. ‘12 Ms. Novella V. Davila and Dr. Luis A. Rondon In honor of Martin E. Rose, M.D. ‘56 Nancy C. Rose, M.D. ‘84 and G. Marc Jackson, M.D. In memory of Jacob S. Rothman, M.D. ‘33 Kenneth L. Rothman, M.D. ‘73 In honor of Adam D. Rubin, M.D. ‘00 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Rubin In memory of Adrian D. Rubin, M.D. ‘30 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Rubin In honor of Samuel Rubin, M.D.’s 90th birthday Adam D. Rubin, M.D. ‘00 In memory of Irving N. Rubinstein, M.D. ‘53 Alan L. Rubinstein, M.D. ‘62 In honor of Melanie J. Rudnick, M.D. ‘13 Mr. and Mrs. Dennis M. Rudnick In memory of Vernon Rusheen Jeffrey M. Rusheen, M.D. In memory of William D. Ryan, M.D. ‘53 Mrs. Kathryn X. Ryan In memory of Arlene Rymer William Rymer, M.D. ‘72 In memory of Sam Rymer William Rymer, M.D. ‘72 In memory of Marcelle and David Sag Richard M. Sag, M.D. ‘75 In honor of Gabriela E. Sanchez, SOM ‘14 Mr. David E. Sanchez In memory of the Sandy Hook victims Earl A. Bueno, M.D. ‘00 In honor of Henry I. Saphier, M.D. ‘61 Albert L. Saphier, M.D. ‘65 and the entire Saphier Family Douglas J. Saphier, M.D. ‘10 In honor of Henry I. Saphier, M.D. ‘61 and Marieanna Saphier, R.N. ‘60 Robert D. Green, M.D. ‘61 In honor of Alexander Sassoon Albert K. Sassoon, M.D. ‘81, M.P.H. In honor of Anne R. Sawyer Donald E. Sawyer, M.D. ‘70 In memory of Michael N. Sayegh Nayel J. Sayegh, M.D. In memory of Siegfried Scherl, M.D. ‘44 Ellen J. Scherl Harbus, M.D. ‘77 and Dr. Fredric Harbus State Street Foundation, Inc. In honor of Rebecca E. Schickman, M.D. ‘12 Sarah Bertram Elbaum, M.D. ‘82 In memory of Pearl Schneiderman William L. Schneiderman, M.D. ‘74 In memory of Guy A. Settipane, M.D. ‘57 Russell A. Settipane, M.D. ‘84 In memory of Fred D. Sheftell, M.D. ‘66 Michael Brody, M.D. ‘66 In memory of Richard M. Siegel, M.D. ‘48 Mrs. Elise Siegel In celebration of Bret Silber’s bar mitzvah Jeff S. Silber, M.D. ‘95 In honor of Nicole M. Silva Alan E. Peters, M.D. ‘79 In honor of Eli Wyatt Silverman Frederick W. Silverman, M.D. ‘69, J.D.

In honor of Taylor E. Smith, SOM ‘14 Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Faircloth In memory of Warener M. Soelling, M.D. ‘48 John L. Soelling, M.D. ‘46 In honor of the SOM Class of 1960 Carl M. Marchetti, M.D. ‘60 In honor of the SOM Class of 1972 Leon D. Freedman, M.D. ‘72 In honor of the SOM Class of 1981 David M. Lemonick, M.D. ‘81 In honor of the SOM Class of 1988 Andrew J. Roth, M.D. ‘88 In honor of the SOM Class of 1991 Elizabeth M. Peters Kaiser, M.D. ‘91 and Richard C. Kaiser, M.D. ‘91 In honor of the SOM Class of 2000 Earl A. Bueno, M.D. ‘00 In honor of the SOM Class of 2013 Jill M. Allenbaugh, M.D. ‘13 Linda R. DeMello, M.D. ‘13 In honor of the SOM Class of 2015 Mr. and Mrs. Walter Lewandowski In memory of Regina and Solomon Sperber Steven I. Neibart, M.D. ‘81 In memory of Pincus A. Stahl, M.D. ‘21 Martin B. Stahl, M.D. ‘53 In memory of Dr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Stavola ‘87 Shirley U. Salvatore, M.D. ‘87 and James A. Salvatore, M.D. ‘87 In celebration of the birth of Jacob Stember Harvey G. Masor, M.D. ‘65 In memory of Edwin S. Stempler, M.D. ‘61 Robert D. Green, M.D. ‘61 In honor of Jeffrey M. Stern, M.D. ‘13 Leonard Stern, M.D. ‘75 In honor of Marc A. Stiefel, M.D. ‘01 Mr. and Mrs. Roger H. Stiefel In memory of Martin L. Stone, M.D. ‘44 Allan B. Weingold, M.D. ‘55 In honor of Michelle and Alyssa Stram Richard A. Stram, M.D. ‘78 In memory of Robert J. Strobos, M.D. Eugene Conrad, Ph.D., M.P.H. ‘89, M.S. In memory of Martin L. Sumner, M.D. ‘47 Mrs. Betty Sumner In memory of Nicole J. Sumner Martin L. Sumner, M.D. ‘47 In memory of Robert J. Suozzo, M.D. ‘48 Mrs. Dolores A. Suozzo In memory of Louis A. Susca, M.D. ‘55 John DeAngelis, M.D. ‘57 In honor of Adam S. Tanzer, M.D. ‘96 Dr. and Mrs. Jason Tanzer In honor of Jay D. Tartell, M.D. ‘82 Mr. Paul J. Gould Mrs. Ada Rosen In memory of Paul Tartell, M.D. ‘52 Jay D. Tartell, M.D. ‘82 In celebration of Jonathan Teitelbaum’s graduation Jacob L. Brener, M.D. In memory of Laurie Thomas The DiQuattro Family In memory of Hyman Tobin Seymour Tobin, M.D. ‘52

In honor of Michelle P. Tomassi, M.D. and Marco J. Tomassi, M.D. ‘03 Patricia McCarthy Tomassi In honor of Angela Tong, M.D. ‘12 Dr. and Mrs. Der Long Tong In honor of Touro College Aharon Gutterman, M.D. ‘03 In honor of Christie M. Tsimoyianis, M.D. ‘12 George V. Tsimoyianis, M.D. ‘82 In memory of Vasilios G. Tsimoyianis George V. Tsimoyianis, M.D. ‘82 In memory of Carmen Ugliano Catherina T. Pinnaro, M.D. ‘13 In memory of Alice G. Vlasak Mr. and Mrs. John T. Simpson In memory of William Vlodov Jane Vlodov, M.D. ‘95 In honor of Jonathan N. VonDerHaar, M.D. ‘13 Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. VonDerHaar In honor of Thomas K. Vu, M.D. ‘13 Mr. Thuc V. Vu and Ms. Kim Y. Nguyen In honor of Pamela J. Walsh, M.D. ‘12 James J. Walsh, M.D. ‘80 In memory of Carman Wase Linda C. Wase, M.D. ‘80 In memory of Dr. Felix and Hannah Wassermann Eric M. Wassermann, M.D. ‘85 In honor of Carolyn M. Wassong, M.D. ‘08, M.P.H. ’08 Mr. and Mrs. Louis J. Wassong In honor of Tin Tin Way Dr. Aung Gyi and Dr. Nwe Oo In honor of Allan B. Weingold, M.D. ‘55 Jonathan H. Fish, M.D. ‘67 In honor of Michael A. Weinreich, M.D. ‘13, M.P.H. ‘13 Dr. and Mrs. David J. Weinreich In memory of Sidney and Lilyan Weissberg Steven M. Weissberg, M.D. ‘66 In memory of David N. Wicoff, M.D. ‘54 Ms. Karen J. Putt In memory of Norman Wikler, M.D. Jeffrey P. Cohen, M.D. ‘89 In memory of Albert Willner, M.D. ‘43 The Bloomgarden Family In memory of Carol L. Manberg Wininger, M.D. ‘70 Robert A. Peinert, M.D. ‘70 In memory of Ivy Wohl John M. Feder, M.D. ‘87 In memory of Paul S. Wolfish, M.D. ‘73 Donald Rudikoff, M.D. ‘73 In memory of Orlin V. Wry, M.D. ‘58 Mrs. Cassandra Wry In honor of Troy J. Young, SOM ‘15 Mr. and Mrs. Dean W. Young In honor of Robert M. Zbeda, SOM ‘15 Mr. and Mrs. George Zbeda In memory of Dr. Philip A. Zoller Robert C. Zoller, M.D. ‘77

We have made every effort to provide a complete and accurate list of all donors to New York Medical College during the two-year period from July 1, 2011 through June 30, 2013. We apologize for any errors or omissions that may have been made inadvertently. If you discover something that needs correcting, please contact the Office of Development and Alumni Relations at (914) 594-4550 or email us at

*Indicates those who have made gifts to the College for five or more consecutive fiscal years. + Indicates those who are deceased.

Two-Year Report to the Community: 2011-2013 •• 39

2013 University Leadership BOARD OF TRUSTEES Dr. Mark Hasten, Chairman of the Board Mr. Gary Barnett Howard Baruch, M.D. Ben Chouake, M.D. Rabbi Menachem Genack Gary Gettenberg, M.D. Michael D. Israel, M.P.H. Alan Kadish, M.D. Mr. Michael Karfunkel Joseph Levine, M.D. Mr. Moshe Lichtenstein Mr. Joseph Mark Martin Oliner, Esq. Raymond M. Planell, Esq. Mr. Ronald F. Poe Mr. Stephen Rosenberg Mrs. Maureen L. Roxe Henry Saphier, M.D. ’61 Joseph Schwartz, M.D.

UNIVERSITY ADMINISTRATION Alan Kadish, M.D. President Edward C. Halperin, M.D., M.A. Chancellor and Chief Executive Officer David Raab Chief of Staff to the President Executive Vice President Touro College and University System Robert W. Amler, M.D. Dean, School of Health Sciences & Practice Vice President of Government Affairs Francis L. Belloni, Ph.D. Dean, Graduate School of Basic Medical Sciences Stephen Piccolo Jr. Senior Vice President for Finance Chief Financial Officer and Vice Provost, Administration Rabbi Moshe D. Krupka Senior Vice President for College Affairs Touro College and University System William Angus Steadman II Senior Associate Dean and Vice Provost for Academic Administration Vice President for Strategic Planning Judith A. Ehren, M.A., J.D. Associate Provost and University Registrar Richard G. McCarrick, M.D. Vice Dean for Graduate Medical Education and Affiliations Ben C. Watson, Ph.D., CCC-SLP Vice Dean, School of Health Sciences and Practice Waldemar A. Comas, J.D. Vice President and General Counsel Renee Garrick, M.D. Vice Dean, New York Medical College Executive Medical Officer, Westchester Medical Center Larissa Reece, M.A. Vice President for Development and Alumni Affairs Sandra E. Shivers, Ph.D. Chief Information Officer Peter M. Brown Associate Vice President for Human Resources Dana H. Lee, J.D., M.P.A. Associate Vice President for Legal Affairs Donna E. Moriarty, M.P.H. ’04 Associate Vice President, Communications George Nestler Associate Vice President and Controller

40 •• New York Medical College

SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Department Chairs Anesthesiology Kathryn E. McGoldrick, M.D. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Ernest Y.C. Lee, Ph.D. Cell Biology and Anatomy Joseph D. Etlinger, Ph.D. Dental Medicine Joseph F. Morales, D.D.S. Dermatology Bijan Safai, M.D. Emergency Medicine Gregory L. Almond, M.D., M.S. ’00, M.P.H. ’00 Family and Community Medicine Montgomery Douglas, M.D. Medicine William H. Frishman, M.D. Microbiology and Immunology Ira Schwartz, Ph.D. Neurology Brij Singh Ahluwalia, M.D. Neurosurgery Raj Murali, M.D. Obstetrics and Gynecology Howard Blanchette, M.D. Ophthalmology Paul A. Sidoti, M.D. Orthopaedic Surgery David E. Asprinio, M.D. Otolaryngology Edward J. Shin, M.D. Pathology John T. Fallon III, M.D., Ph.D. Pediatrics Leonard J. Newman, M.D. ’70 Pharmacology Michal Laniado Schwartzman, Ph.D. Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Eduardo Lopez, M.D. Physiology Thomas H. Hintze, Ph.D. ’80 Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Joseph T. English, M.D. Radiation Medicine Chitti R. Moorthy, M.D. Radiology Zvi Lefkovitz, M.D. Surgery John A. Savino, M.D. Urology Muhammad Choudhury, M.D.

SCHOOL OF HEALTH SCIENCES AND PRACTICE Chairs and Program Directors Amy Ansehl, D.N.P., M.S.N. Director of Public Health Practice Executive Director, The Partnership for a Healthy Population Ansley Bacon, Ph.D. Director, Center on Disability and Health Jennifer Calder, D.V.M., Ph.D. Director of M.P.H. Studies, Epidemiology Lydia V. Cavieux, M.P.A. Director, Distance Education Chia-Ching Chen, Ed.D., C.H.E.S. Director of Health Education Annette Choolfaian, R.N., M.P.A. Chair, Health Policy and Management Kate Franklin, Ph.D. Chair, Speech-Language Pathology Barbara L. Greenberg, Ph.D. Chair, Epidemiology and Community Health Diane E. Heck, Ph.D. Chair, Environmental Health Science Penny Liberatos, Ph.D. Director of M.P.H. Studies, Behavioral Sciences and Health Promotion Michael J. Majsak, P.T., Ed.D. Chair, Physical Therapy Frank Mineo, Ph.D. Director, Emergency Preparedness Padmini Murthy, M.D., M.P.H. Director, Global Health Michael J. Reilly, Dr.P.H. ’10, MRENT-P Director, Center for Disaster Medicine Michael P. Shakarjian, Ph.D. Director of M.P.H. Studies, Environmental Health Science Qiuhu Shi, M.S., Ph.D. Director, Biostatistics Denise Tahara, M.B.A., Ph.D. Director of M.P.H. Studies, Health Policy and Management Deborah Viola, Ph.D. Director of Doctoral Studies, Health Policy and Management, Director, Center for Long Term Care Research and Policy

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GRADUATE SCHOOL OF BASIC MEDICAL SCIENCES Program Directors Francis L. Belloni, Ph.D. Director, Integrated Ph.D. Program Victor A. Fried, Ph.D. Director, Cell Biology Program (M.S. and Ph.D.) Henry P. Godfrey, M.D., Ph.D. Director, Pathology Program (Ph.D.) Kenneth Lerea, Ph.D. Director, Basic Medical Sciences Program (M.S.) Norman Levine, Ph.D. Director, Accelerated Master’s Program Fred Moy, Ph.D. Director, Pathology Program (M.S.) Alberto Nasjletti, M.D. Director, Pharmacology Program (Ph.D.) Charles T. Stier Jr., Ph.D. Director, Pharmacology Program (M.S.) Carl I. Thompson, Ph.D. Director, Physiology Program (M.S. and Ph.D.) Raj K. Tiwari, Ph.D. Director, Microbiology and Immunology Program (M.S. and Ph.D.) Libor Velíšek, M.D., Ph.D. Director, M.D./Ph.D. Program Joseph M. Wu, Ph.D. Director, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Program (M.S.) Zhongtao Zhang, Ph.D. Director, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Program (Ph.D.)

AFFILIATED HOSPITALS Academic Medical Center Westchester Medical Center University Hospital Metropolitan Hospital Center Affiliated Hospitals Benedictine Hospital Calvary Hospital Greenwich Hospital Hoboken University Medical Center Jamaica Hospital Medical Center Keller Army Community Hospital, West Point Lenox Hill Hospital Montefiore Medical Center, North Division Mount Vernon Hospital Northern Westchester Hospital Center Norwalk Hospital Phelps Memorial Hospital Center Richmond University Medical Center Saint Joseph’s Health Care System, Paterson, NJ Saint Joseph’s Medical Center, Yonkers Saint Vincent’s Medical Center, Bridgeport Sound Shore Medical Center of Westchester Terence Cardinal Cooke Health Care Center VA Hudson Valley Health Care System Wyckoff Heights Medical Center Specialty Hospital The New York Eye and Ear Infirmary Ambulatory Care Programs Center for Comprehensive Health Practice Open Door Family Medical Centers Westchester Institute for Human Development

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2011-2013 Two Year Report to the Community  
2011-2013 Two Year Report to the Community  

Great Things Are Happening at New York Medical College... It’s an exciting time for New York Medical College as a more vibrant learning envi...