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Vol. 1 #4 | December 2018

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“My Pet Has A Chip”

Yes, Microchips are a great way to identify your pet, but require a trip to a vet or shelter. They should NEVER be the only identification your pet has. PET TRAKR ID tags are readable by the people that matter most when your pet is found. The people who find them.

Quick Response Geotracking Tags For Your Pet Many Styles Available

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The Year of the Dog is just about over and what a year it’s been! We started Pet Lifestyles with a flourish, celebrating those who dedicate their lives to protecting animals notably our first cover, Beth Stern who comes into play with this issue as she helped our current cover, celebrity chef Katie Lee, rescue her adored Gus. As 2018 ends, we’re looking ahead to a year of rescues and rewards, of continuing our dialog with people dedicated to making a difference for animals. Among them top model turned top advocate, Katie Cleary who works tirelessly to alert us to the sometimes desperate condition of wild and domestic animals all over the world. But we are having fun too, taking a walk on the wild side with Nick Sider, a NYC artist who paints Tigers aka “sexy stalkers.” We turn the spotlight on celebrities in every issue and this time around we’re in the winner’s circle with Ice-T and Coco. Champions for Bulldogs, they host an annual bash to bolster the breed’s chances for finding forever homes. Jill Zarin, one of the Real Housewives of New York City, tells us about her Serbian rescue Pomeranian, Miss Bossi, who is anything but a tough cookie. And from This is Us, Faithe Herman shares her affection for her new puppy Maverick, the first one she’ll hug when she has time off for the Holidays. With this issue, we’re introducing Dr. Brett Shorenstein of Abingdon Square Vets who’ll be joining us frequently to offer his insights into the health and wellbeing of our pets. He’ll help us be more mindful and assure that we nuture our four-legged best friends. What’s ahead in 2019? Well, it’s the Year of the Pig, a forecast for a carefree time full of good fortune, a time to trust and honor those who are sincere and brave. So that means we’ll have more stories of people looking to improve the world animals live in, bravely forging ahead to instigate change. And more fun ideas for how you can enjoy life with the pet that’s the center of your universe. But most importantly of all, we will share messages of comfort and joy, encouraging all to be kind to the creatures who depend on our strength to sustain them.

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Cheers then to a new year and a welcome path forward into a world where we live with animals in a climate of peace and love!

-Lori Zelenko

Editor in Chief



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THE COOK AND THE CANINE CELEBRITY CHEF KATIE LEE AND HER POOCH GUS By Chrysa Smith with Lori Zelenko Photography by Erica Hampton

ife is good these days for Katie Lee. The celebrity chef/TV food star hosts Food Network shows The Kitchen and Beach Bites. She’s written a couple of cookbooks and a novel. Regularly appears on the Today show and Rachael Ray. Add to that a new hubby named Ryan and you might think life couldn’t get any better for this accomplished lady. Well it has. And it came with four legs and a tail. Katie Lee gets cozy with Gus. Opening her heart, he’s ensconsced in her home.



The trip to Italy for the wedding was too much for Gus but he was there in spirit as an image on the pillow for the rings

FINDING LOVE AGAIN “Right now, I am just enjoying life; having fun” says Lee. The fun referring (at least in part) to little Gus. Part ShihTzu, part Chihuahua, this little boy stole her heart when her heart was breaking. “I lost Vanilla, (my pug) two years ago,” Lee laments, “I did not want another dog. I could not replace her. I was so sad, I was just unable to recover.” Lee is hardly alone. Getting through the loss of a pet is long and hard, making you wonder: Will I ever love again? Enter Beth Stern—model, actress and the wife of radio-personality Howard Stern. Apparently Stern, a known animal-advocate, did know the best Rx for a broken heart-learn to love again. Stern advised Lee to take a trip to the North Shore Animal League where they were having an adoption event with 300 dogs. “I saw Gus and fell in love.” Lee adds, “I took him right home. He is such a good boy. He isn’t a replacement for Vanilla. He just helped me open my heart to another little creature.” And open it, it did. “We have a routine every morning,” says Lee. “We get up, he goes out for a little while to do his business, then comes back in and goes to sleep for about a half hour while I have my coffee.” She calls him a creature of habit who loves his crate—where he can dig down deep and snooze away. HOLIDAY EDITION


ABOUT GUS Why call this little guy Gus? Short story: “Ryan and I were on face time. He was in the desert in Chile filming a show and we were just throwing out random names. Gus stuck!” But he may be a bit more than a cute cuddler. He is a well-heeled traveler who is small enough to go along for the ride on trips to favorite destinations like Martha’s Vineyard. And apparently, he’s friendly enough to be the town mayor. “Gus loves to say Hi! to everyone—other dogs and people. You’d think he was running for office!” exclaims Lee. That is a bit different from her beloved Vanilla, who was, as Lee puts it, a bit ornery. But the differences are what make him special and unique. Like his love for salmon and the occasional egg. His swag in the spotlight when he debuted on The Bobby Flay Show and The Today Show. And his part in helping other adoptable dogs when he appeared with Lee and Stern on Clear the Shelters. He’s even done his own spot. Lee says, “He was in the Nulo commercial which was great. He was perfect at the end when he was so tired, he laid down and had this angelic look on his face. People say never work with kids or animals, they will never do what you want them to. But not Gus; he was a pro!” Lee’s recent marriage to Ryan Biegel certainly hasn’t kept Gus down. He loves hubby Ryan. And the feeling seems to be mutual. A pillow was made with Gus’ face, which held the rings at the couple’s wedding. He even trained the couple to be homebodies, giving them ‘the look’ if they’re going out. We all know what that means, so he partakes as any family member would. He’ll bite Lee’s foot when she’s doing leg lifts. He’ll destroy mini-stuffed animals. He even has his own Instagram account (a must for any 21st Century canine).

Gus is turning his parents into homebodies, reluctant to go out when he gives them a soulful look.



OPENING HER HEART So what are they planning this Christmas? “Christmas Eve we are doing a big party with the whole family, “ adds Lee, “My husband loves Christmas. He starts listening to Christmas carols on Sirius (Yes, there is a channel) the day after Halloween (when Gus was embarrassingly dressed up as SpiderDog).” Lee thinks Gus is really looking forward to salmon for Christmas dinner. “On Christmas Day, we will go to my husband’s brother,” Katie Lee shares. I surmise, Gus will be going along for the ride. As for Katie Lee, The Food Network’s show, The Kitchen has been going strong for five years now. “I’m so lucky to be a part of it. I love doing it; we are like a family now.” Lee co-stars with fellow chefs Geoffrey Zakarian, Jeff Mauro and Sunny Anderson. “Three days after I got Gus, I brought him on set. I passed him around so everyone could hold him. It didn’t take long before he got used to the sound of the camera equipment and having lots of people around. He’s a terrific TV dog now.” Lee has to admit, “I love Gus so much but I still miss Vanilla. I think about her every day. I got a Victorian Mourning Ring with a heart on it because Vanilla will always have a piece of my heart.” She has become an advocate for opening hearts and homes to new pets. “You’re helping them as much as you are helping yourself,” says Lee. Gus got lucky. And so did Lee. After all, who could ask for a better combo than an adorable canine and a mom who just happens to be one incredible chef? •

Katie Lee loves her fur kid Gus. His face is so expressive, get the camera out and he’s ready to go.

Katie Lee, her new husband Ryan Biegel, and Gus who’s enjoying having another man around the house.






BC’s “This Is Us” is the biggest hit show to come along in a decade. The precious Faithe Herman is part of the remarkable cast that makes viewers tune in week after week. “This Is Us” chronicles the Pearson family and their lives; Faithe plays Annie, the daughter of Randall Pearson, a role that has earned her numerous accolades including a role that has earned her numerous accolades including a Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series. Other series and ensemble awards include a Critics Choice Award, People›s Choice Award, TCA, AFI and a GLAAD Award in addition to Primetime Emmy and Golden Globe nominations. In addition to being part of the ensemble of this toprated TV series, Faithe will be in the highly anticipated film Shazam! alongside Zachary Levi, opening in 2019. She plays Darla Dudley the youngest of the foster siblings who is very talkative and loves the color purple. MEET MAVERICK THE MALTIPOO

Faithe Herman and her Maltipoo Maverick

Faithe has her own family, of course, including her precious Maltipoo, Maverick, whom she absolutely adores. Maverick is a very intelligent puppy who enjoys learning new tricks. After being away for a long week of filming, Maverick is the first family member to receive a hug from Faithe when she returns home. We spoke to Faithe about Maverick and how he came to be part of her life. Initially, Maverick belonged to Faithe’s older sister, but he needed a little more attention than her sister could give. “She was going to take Maverick with her when she moved out of state but realized Maverick could not be left alone for long hours while she was at work. He was only two months old and he needed more attention, so my mom let us keep him.”

INSTA-NAMING THE PUPPY Faithe has more than 48,000 Instagram followers, and they helped her choose the name. “My older sister came up with the name Maverick,” Faithe shares. “ It was between Maverick & Cosmo. We did an Instagram Poll, and decided on Maverick.” Maverick is Faithe’s first dog, but she handles him like a pro. Faithe says, “We like to play tag with my sister Ceymone, go on walks, go to the park, or sometimes just watch TV. “ She hasn’t brought him to work yet and he hasn’t been on camera yet, but “hopefully one day he’ll be a star!” Since Maverick is only six months old, he is still learning commands and training, so Faithe’s holidays will be filled working with him to get the basics down. Other than that, her plan is just hanging out with family, she says, adding that Maverick has made his Christmas list, “Maverick wants lots of toys. Especially squeaky toys, he loves them!”

MAVERICK’S WISH LIST In the New Year, Faithe will return to “This Is Us” and is looking forward to Shazam! opening on April 5th, 2019. Her New Year’s Resolution is to find down time and play with Maverick (and his new squeaky toys)! As for Maverick’s New Year’s Resolution? “Stop jumping on my mom’s couch,” reveals Faithe. “He is only 6 months old, so he has been learning a lot, but that is a habit she does not like.” Here’s hoping Maverick can get this lesson down - and stick with it! • 10 | PET LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE


Faithe Herman of This is Us




ill Zarin is no ordinary housewife. Although she appeared on The Real Housewives of New York City for four seasons and will return for a few episodes coming up, she is also an author, entrepreneur, mother, and more. Jill co-authored the book Secrets of a Jewish Mother with her sister and mother, helps manage Zarin fabrics, and participates in a foundation named Creaky Joints, in order to raise awareness for arthritis, which her daughter Allyson suffers from. Jill Zarin holds a lot of titles, and with a fluffy Pomeranian called Miss Bossi, you can add Dog Mommy to the list. MEET MISS BOSSI Miss Bossi came from Serbia, by way of Instagram. “Miss Bossi speaks Serbian and English.

She has a foxy face, but she is cute like a teddy bear,” Jill says affectionately. Miss Bossi showed up at a perfect time. “I got her six months ago at three years old - I lost my husband and my Chihuahua Ginger in less than a year, I really needed a dog to love.” Miss Bossi adores being close to Jill. “She is not a big cuddler but she likes to stay near me - she loves to lick my face - a true lap dog.” Jill and Miss Bossi go everywhere together. “She is a great companion. She enjoys going shopping, watching tennis (whether it is the US Open or me playing in the Hamptons), and she has fun chasing balls!” And Miss Bossi’s size is perfect for a New York gal. “I can tote her around in a travel bag, unzipped even! When we get home she stays in until I convince her to come out. She likes to be cozy and she loves to be carried.” Pomeranians are notoriously nippy and can be shrill, but not Miss Bossi. “Although Poms have a reputation for being snappy and yappy Bossi is not,” Jill reports. “She is very well trained. She has some personality though! But she is never aggressive.” In fact, this Dog Mom says, “She is always sleeping somewhere.” Miss Bossi’s not ridiculously pampered, no doubt she has an array of fancy beds and blankets, but what does she prefer? “She usually tries to find a cool place to sleep like the marble floor.”


When Jill is busy, Miss Bossi gets attention from walkers. “I love apps for taking care of my dog,” she says, “I using Wag right now but I think am going to try Rover next.” As for medical care, she swears by Dr. Cindy Bressler, DVM. “She is wonderful; so caring, so devoted to the wellbeing of the dog.” She adds, “Her bedside manner is unmatched.” The future for Jill and Miss Bossi may include helping others. “I want to get Miss Bossi certified to be a true therapy dog, I know she’d bring great comfort.” She knows the value that therapy dogs can have, having seen it first hand. “Ginger visited my husband in the hospital. Having a dog to hold when illness takes hold is important, the love a dog can give sustains us all.” It sounds like the adorable Miss Bossi is already a therapy dog for Jill Zarin, so she is halfway there. • HOLIDAY EDITION

Jill Zarin and Miss Bossi Inseparable Companions




s city pets stroll the boulevards of Sutton Place popping into their favorite pet emporium, Reme’s Oggi Pets, and snow-coated country pets play with their owners outdoors, it’s time for dogs to dress for wintry weather. Snow and ice replace autumn leaves as pets and owners face the chill. A cold snap however shouldn’t mean a fashion sacrifice, from lumberjack plaids to leopard prints and pretty pastels much less performance gear there’s a practical seasonable choice that’s sure to fit your four-legged best friend.

DJANGO suits up. Reversible and red, what better way to ward off winter? Love this dachshund-friendly brand for cool, comfortable and chic looks suitable for hot dogs.

KRUUSE BUSTER SNOWJACKET Crafted with sleek Danish design, the quilted waterproof outer layer protects against water and wind. The inner layer is insulated to keep Fido from getting cold. Reflective piping shows up at night so whether you’re in the mountains or a concrete jungle, you can easily keep an eye on your dog.

REME OGGI PETS ALPACA SWEATER For the pampered pooch whose paws never touch city streets much less snowy trails, there’s a breath of Spring in this pale lilac sweater. Elegant in an icy pastel shade, this sweater will warm any dog mama’s heart. Made in Spain exclusively for this posh grooming and day care destination. 12 | PET LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE

UP COUNTRY COLLAR Perfect for frosty adventures, the snowman ribbon collar with a matching lead or harnesses comes in a wide variety of lengths, and in three widths. The pretty stain and fray resistant ribbon, just one of the festive looks Up Country is known for, is backed with high-tensile strength nylon webbing. The hardware is cast, not welded brass for extra strength, and buckles are Coast Guard approved for high weight hold. Slim enough for a teacup, strong enough for a shepherd.


WALKEE PAWS Waterproof Dog Leggings are a must to keep your canine’s feet clean and dry during snowy, icy, wet, and dirty walks. Waterproof full-length leggings strap on without constricting blood flow, efficiently protecting paws from snow melt, salt and hazardous winter chemicals. Fido can now enjoy a walk down de-iced city streets in comfort and style.

ORVIS FIELD COLLECTION DOG JACKET Inspired by the rugged materials and colors of your own trusted field coat. Durable cotton twill outer protects your dog from the elements. Supersoft fleece lining keeps the pup warm. Antiqued brass shotshell-inspired snaps accent the corduroy collar. A casual look for the outdoor dog who accompanies you on hikes and hunts.

RUFFWEAR Skjoring they say feels like flying, moving in perfect harmony with a pair of Alaskan huskies you can depend on the Omnijor Joring System (love the Orange Poppy, so bright against the snow). The dogs pull and the human skis, skateboards, or bikes. Granted Joring is not something you are likely to do down 5th Avenue after a blizzard but hey, you never know when you’ll need to prep for the winter Olympics with your dog in tow. No worries though, there is a ton of innovative performance gear available from Ruffwear, just take a virtual trip to the snowbound lands on their website for an idea of how to help your dog flourish when the weather turns. REME’S OGGI PETS lets the sunshine in with a warm yellow wool coat accented with shiny silver buttons. Nattily tailored, this exclusive look is terrific for the city pet whose tummy is never covered in slush. Good thing Reme’s offers grooming too, if by some wild chance your dog does get into a wet snowy mess you can have Fido shampooed while the coat is at the dry cleaner.

ROYAL ANIMALS keeps Fido cozy in this fleece-trimmed and lined Lumberjack Plaid coat. As much fun to wear on snow-flaked sidewalks as it is on a romp in the hills. A great transitional item if you’re going from city to country.

LAND’S END allows you to feel proprietary about your pet with their name emblazoned on a warm winter jacket. Sherpa fleece lining and faux fur trim complete the look that’s as suitable for Maine as it is for Manhattan.

SHINESTY suggests a Nordic sweater for your fur kid. Yes, they make them for cats too. Snowflakes and more traditional icons of winter adorn this spin on a classic fair isle hoodie your dog will love to hate. Way too cute to be an ugly Christmas sweater. If you really want to get in the swing of things for the Holidays be classy, says Shinesty, not tacky and wear a matching bright red and navy sweater suit in the same familiar print. It’s sensual, it’s sophisticated, and you can’t find it at J. Crew, they want you to know. Honestly, who doesn’t want to go to Christmas parties in the same outfit as your dog?

UP COUNTRY goes native with a luxe Leopard Faux Fur coat that’s dressy and warm, and comfy too. The lining is smooth and silky plus it’s practical with a harness patch and Velcro closures. Best of all, for a dachshund or a longer dog the coat comes in an added size 15. Sure to make your dog feel like the King (or Queen) of Beasts.





t’s funny, even though I have a bed practically every square foot in my home, my dogs, Annabelle (the shapely ShihTzu) and Bikini (the very royal Pekingese) still like to sleep on the floor or for some reason, in the most awkward spot where I pray I don’t trip over them. But that doesn’t stop me from bed shopping and teasing, tempting them into a new one that I am sure will be the one they really don’t want to climb out of. After all they sleep 14 hours (or more!) a day. With their comfort - and the comfort of their feline friends in mind as well - we road-tested an assortment of pet beds sure to suit the pickiest among our four-legged BFF’s. • Get ready for primetime, let your cat indulge their inner Hauspanther as Primetime Petz dubs their sleek Tripod lounge pod. Angle it so they can keep an eye on the action but it’s low to the floor so they can jump out if they crave a moment of human companionship. Of course, if you cat does get bored with it, use it to store your feline friend’s toys or better yet, grow a catnip garden! primetimepetz. com/tripod • What do New Yorker’s complain about most? Space, rather the lack of it. Chances are you and Fido would love a little more room. Wayfair has a solution: a stylish Murphy bed (dog-sized) easy to fold and hide away, blends in with your furniture too. It’s made of EcoFlex which doesn’t splinter, so that’s one less thing to worry about, plus it doesn’t retain odor or moisture. • Kruuse Buster Cocoon bed is a must for smaller dogs. Practical, washable, cozy, and comfy. Easy to burrow in as winter weather descends upon us. We love the durability and the color story, everything from neutrals to brights. • Shag is trending now in pet beds. And we all know cats like to stay ahead of trends. So what better choice for a fussy kitty than Sentiments home combo bed and cat tree with the added bonus of a built-in toy. Purrfect for the cat who craves comfort - and for the kitten who just wants to have fun. • P.L.A.Y. is the gold standard when it comes to pet beds (not just for dogs, plenty of options for cats too). Of course that’s my opinion based on the fashion-forward look, but they have been Gold Certified by Green America’s Green Business Certification program for their environmental efforts. My dogs think P.L.A.Y. beds are pawsome! And so do I, proud that for every pet bed purchased they donate one to a shelter in need through their Warm Bellies initiative. • Just couldn’t resist these Owl “nests” from Dharma Dog and Karma Cats. So playful the concepts of their beds, full of imagination yes but functional too. Made from Himalayan sheep wool and loaded with lanolin to condition the pet’s paws and help keep their fur healthy and shiny. 50 whimsical choices for dogs and cats. Sustainably handcrafted in Nepal. •

Primetime Petz

Ace ecoFLEX Murphy Pillow Dog


Owl Comp

Buster Bed





ith the Holidays upon us the scents of cookies baking and turkey roasting are what we want to experience. The disruptive odors coming from your cat’s litter box are not what we are looking forward to especially at this time of year. Not matter how much we love our pets and treat them like a member of the family dealing with their waste is never fun. Furever Pet Furniture offers an ingenious way around this challenge for pet parents with a stylish way to store your cat’s litterbox. Given the exclusive odor-blocking technology that all Furever Pet Furniture products have, it’s guaranteed that your home will smell fresh and not like your best felinefriend’s bathroom. This is because all their products are finished with an advanced surface coating spray which breaks down odor, bacteria, and also prevents microbial growth. And that means, yes, no unpleasant scents to distract from the sweet smells of the season. When a Floridian couple had nowhere to hide their cat’s litter box, Furever Pet Furniture tells Pet Lifestyles Magazine came up with a sleek and practical solution. “Furever Pet Furniture came about a result of a husband and wife’s lack of space for a litter box. Why expose the litter box to friends and family when hiding it in a beautiful cabinet that the cat can access easily can be done? From there, the introduction of odor blocking spray, various stains, designs and custom options arose, culminating in thousands of happy customers and the company as it is today!” And what a great solution this sophisticated idea is. Your cat’s bathroom odors are contained and the delights of the Holidays are not disturbed with such unpleasantness. With so many gorgeous colors and design options to choose from, your Furever Pet Furniture will turn the litterbox from being an eyesore into a beautiful and functional piece of furniture in your home. We especially like the standard and double cabinets, as the standard is perfect for tight spaces and bathrooms yet the double is great for fitting two litter boxes. Be sure to pick up your favorite piece of Furever Pet Furniture at their website: or for all you social media buffs out there, check out their Instagram page @fureverpetfurniture. Both you and your cat will thank you long after the Holidays are over! • HOLIDAY EDITION



PAWFECT GIFTS FOR PETS AND PET PARENTS By Adrianne Frost with Lori Zelenko

or sure, you’re a proud Pet Parent. No doubt you’re pondering the Holiday choices for your pet but thinking hey, I want something I am going to groove on too? Look no further. We have everything that’s pawfect for you and your fur kid this holiday season from the traditional to the quirky with the practical thrown in too. So come on, Get Happy! The Holidays are here. Madison and Maude transforms the bare necessities Pairing up with your pooch? Try matching tees from Z Supply. Their Zoo of a collar and leash into something sparkling and Collection has a range of fun options for those mommy and me moments. glamorous.

For the pup who’s willing to indulge you by suiting up as Santa this From The Pet Costume Center, a red and green tutu Holiday, from The Pet Costume for Fifi, a must for glamming-up your favorite kitty. Center.

Swarovski brklz Christmas accessories add a festive touch to your pup’s look, be it a feisty terrier or a thoughtful basset hound. A little bit of glamour goes a long way!

Toys and treats to please even the most hard to please cat all year round; gift Fifi with a subscription to Kitnip Box, definitely an entertaining way to earn your kitty’s love.



Trim the tree with a polished, personalized image of Fido, Remind Santa not to skimp on the dog treats with needlepoint stockings perfect for the whole family from Land’s End. A sporty but from Orvis. Be sure they’re hung by the chimney with care. classic way to celebrate your four-legged BFF.

When your dog is exhausted from opening presents on Christmas Add some fun to the sparkly mix of ornaments on your tree with morning. Smile when you see Fido cuddled with their cute but Royal Animals playful rope toys. sturdy new toy from Steel Dogs.

Power Paws socks are the perfect Holiday gift for any dog on your Every dog needs a bandana so go to Lucy & Co. and add to their Christmas list! Made to provide traction indoors, they also protect wardrobe. There’s a perfect choice for every pup (and pup parent floors and furniture. Offering more Holiday Magic outdoors, they too!), no matter what your style. protect paws from snow, ice, and salt, plus allergens and heat. There is truly a size, color, and durability option for every dog!



Dreaming of a white Christmas? Bring it on home with this hand-crafted bed for your cat from Dharma Dog and Karma Cat. Finally a Holiday tree your pet won’t knock over! Fits small dogs too.

Upcycled clothing for the discerning pooch. Sweaters for the season from A. Frost’s Barky McRufferson collection. BarkyMcRufferson

Shinesty’s take on Christmas is a little bit wacky and a whole lot of fun for the whole family - and the dog too!

Pick your breed! With more than 100 dog breeds to choose from in festive colors, buy one or a dozen of these fun 8” x 10” prints to gift every dog lover in your life. dog-wall-art-8x10 Shaggy Swag because your pet needs a cool and custom monthly delivery of nifty niceties. What pampered pooch couldn’t use a little more swag?

Raised Right delivers peace of mind with every bite. Gently cooked human grade pet food arrives on your doorstep, customized to Fido or Fifi’s stage of life, weight, and activity level. Safely prepared and packed sustainably. Makes every day feel like a holiday for your dog or cat! •


Holiday Edition



was just before Christmas, and all through the house… Felix was certainly stirring—but not because of any mouse! His owner was frantic, holiday prep in full swing. Holiday goodies? Check! Office party? What to bring?! Online shopping? Not so easy, with strict deadlines for timely shipping— Decorated tree? Nearly impossible…kitty’s attacks have got it tipping. Pressure for holiday meals to look like Pinterest spreads, cloth napkins folded just so… And those house chores that have been put off? Visitors = not anymore! To those who feign nonchalance, know that your pet will set you straight— They could care less what you look like in your Christmas card photo…but dinner better not be late! We all know our pets run the show these days, so why not try something new? Why not incorporate your pet into your celebrations? You know you want to… Without further ado, here’s Felix’s list of holiday faves— (Albeit, it’s his first Christmas…but we promise the list isn’t lame!). For the adventurous kitty: get out of the house! There are so many things to see… For the skittish cat: it’s all good…a few holiday must-haves can turn your home into the party. So now, a word to the owners—who pamper and spoil to no end The holidays are a wonderful excuse to dote on kitty, but it doesn’t mean you have to spend. Holiday lights aren’t just for humans—your cat might love the fancy light shows And sitting on Santa’s lap? Pretty adorable…start working on the purrfect pose! Holiday parades are undeniably festive, and some are just for pets! Costume contests are a bonus—it’s time to show your fur-baby off (to someone besides your vet). A ride aboard the Polar Express? It’s just the thing to do. …and if all this sounds crazy and unrealistic for your cat, now we’ll talk to you. Counting down the days ‘til Christmas, isn’t up to you alone— Kitty advent calendars stuffed with treats will liven up your home. Your Christmas card looks better, with your furry friend in frame. Put him in a festive sweater, and you might achieve Instagram fame. Those cozy nights curled up by the fire—jammies on and hot beverage poured— It’s time for kitty to join you…in his own flannel pajamas and cat s’mores. Wrapping presents is Felix’s delight…curling ribbon is far from a bore And if you’re feeling up for it—your cat just might enjoy a trip to the store Now to address the presents—we all know we can’t resist. Here are our favorites for this holiday season, separated by theme of the gift: For pure entertainment value, the cheese cat toy is a home run— Your kitty will paw and dive and warble to no end…timer settings prolong the fun. For those with more than one cat, the rotating laser is just for you: Multiple lasers revolve in unexpected patterns…providing fun for the whole feline crew. To drive your kitty wild, try a Colorado Kitty Pot munchie toy— These catnip-filled creations come in festive models sure to inspire joy. Every feline will adore The Cat Ball…for both lounging and romping around Watch your fur-baby nestle in or roll around inside…possibilities abound. For those who love to cuddle, consider a catnip-infused pillow for your cat… Impressed by presentation? PetCandy toys are engaging AND beautifully wrapped. For peace of mind and logistical ease, treat yourself (and kitty!) to the coolest litter box ever made— You won’t believe how clean, simple, and efficient it is…no maintenance required for dozens of days! Take it one step further with the innovative Pretty Litter, scientifically designed to detect illness— Litter granules change color when your kitty discharges, a graphic indicator that’s impossible to miss. Whatever the holidays bring—and whether you give or get, We hope your feline gets to participate…life is so much better experienced with your pet! Take inspiration from Felix’s adventures, or make new traditions all your own. Merry Christmas to all! And…that’s the end of this poem. • Felix’s Top 5 Must-Haves: 1. PetSafe ScoopFree Ultra Self-Cleaning Litter Box 2. PetSafe Cheese Cat Toy 3. The Cat Ball 4. Kitty Advent Calendar 5. Colorado Kitty Pot toys & munchies






et’s face it. Your particular breed of fur ball holds a place in your heart. In your home. During holidays. New squeak toys and treats for little Poppy, some catnip for Bella. But what about those two-legged pet-lovers on your list? Check out these fun, kitschy and beautiful literary gifts that spread a bit of four-legged cheer, add a beautiful addition to your coffee table and tickle your funny bone. Available, where else? Amazon. Or check your local bookstore. THE DOGS OF CENTRAL PARK PAPER CATS A DOG RUNS THROUGH IT Regal and mutley canines alike frolic, roam and yes, sniff the glorious scents in their 800+ acre playground. In the book, photographer Fran Reisner, who was overcome by canine crowds on a trip to NY, captures all of the four-legged struts and romps of the NY city dog scene in one of the city’s best places to be seen. Stories and beautiful images of a sleek rescue dog, a mixed breed who was once serenaded by Roberta Flack and an entire pack of others who call Central Park home. (Universe)

Allergies? No pets allowed? No problem. Whether it is for the youngsters on your gift list or the young at heart, think paper dolls for felines. A variety of breeds show up on the pages of this Papermade book with scored folds and directions to construct paper cats. Toys and a cat tree are included-in case you feel the need to scratch. (PowerHouse Books)


THE LIFE & LOVE OF CATS This beautifully photographed coffee table book takes readers on a historic journey; from cats of ancient times through those that share your bed each night. It’s both informative and gorgeous as well as a historic romp through the ages. From Louis Blackwell, an internationally recognized writer, photographer and allaround creative guy. (Harry N. Abrams) 20 | PET LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE

A true story of a match made in heaven-or at least in Serenity Park, California; a beautiful sanctuary for both abandoned parrots and their new loves: wounded warriors. The story of Clinical Psychologist and Author Dr. Lorin Linders pioneering the use of animals in healing at the VA Hospital in LA, after her experiences with an unexpected pet parrot and her street experiences with the homeless. The effect the parrots had on PTSD patients was also unexpected; expressing and sharing feelings dormant for far too long. (St. Martin’s Press)


Sometimes nostalgic, other times poignant, this native New Yorker and National Book Award finalist follows the dogs that have not only shared her life, but have turned up in her other works. At times very real, other times existing in the mystery of the stars, author Linda Pasten’s book of canine poetry may bring back a few memories or make you shed a tear. Either way, it will touch your heart. (WW Norton & Co.)

CATS ON CATNIP Break out the laughter, as photographer Andrew Marttila captures the funny, wistful, unusual, and quirky side of cats after a dose of catnip. The substance, long known to have a psych effect on cats is reminiscent of your first beer (no selfies please!). Using something called macro photography, extraordinary detail is captured, showing emotions and body movements that cat lovers so adore. A self-confessed cat lover himself, Marttila’s got the goods on the laidback, scaredy, and ‘give-me-more’ felines. (Running Press)

LUIS AND TABITHA Love apparently knows no species or boundaries, as this feline love story comes to life on the pages of Luis and Tabitha. Made and appropriate for family reading, what happens when an outdoor alley cat meets the indoor love of his life? Ah, class distinction? Fated love? Find out in this adorably-illustrated cat tale by Stephanie Campisi. (Familius)


Faces everyone could love adorn this beautifully photographed book of decorated dogs. In it, Sophie Gamand’s visuals of Pit Bulls lovingly adorned with their finest hand-made bonnets shatter the bad rap of a sweet breed of dog. Often left behind at shelters, Gamand attempts to help clear them by sharing each dog’s story from more than 30 shelters she has visited over the past several years. The stories will tug at your heart; the images will give you a chuckle. (Lantern Books)

NYT Bestselling Author Frans de Waal’s book explores the interesting relationships people have with animals and how we are seen through their eyes. Parrots, dolphins, elephants, chimps, and other species have innate abilities that aren’t necessarily visible to us humans. Perhaps we aren’t quite as special as we might like to believe? Find out what some of nature’s most beautiful creatures do, what skills they have and what they might believe. (WW Norton & Co)

ONCE UPON A POODLE A shameless plug for this writer’s work. Picture book from Author Chrysa Smith with a sibling ‘brotherly’ theme sure to get a few giggles out of your youngster, as a minipoo sets out to find a brother. Feathers fly, nuts are cracked and gardens harvested in this fun tale that teaches kids to never give up-and perhaps, welcome a new sibling to a growing family. (The Well Bred Book)

LIFE ON THE LEASH Dog Trainer and Author Victoria Schade mixes the life of a dedicated dog-walker with a bit of a messy love life in this romantic novel. Drama ensues when an organized woman falls for Mr. Right-or so she thinks. Yet her male friend, who offers her advice might be a little bit more than a friend? The opportunity of her lifetime comes her way and well(Gallery Books, a Simon & Schuster Company)

HOMER AND THE HOLIDAY MIRACLE NYT’s best-selling author Gwen Cooper captures the tales of her ever-loving and surprising blind cat Homer, who defies the odds in this true holiday story about hope, inspiration, and the true meaning of Christmas. Not even illness and burglary can keep this feline from experiencing one last holiday miracle. (BenBella) HOLIDAY EDITION





or several thousand pets and pet lovers from Central and Northern New Jersey, the February Super Pet Expo is the most anticipated event of the season! This year’s pet-extravaganza will take place February 8-10 at the New Jersey Convention and Exposition Center in Edison, NJ. Over 200 exhibitors will be on-site and guests will find three days of shopping, engaging activities, educational talks and of course, lots of furry friends to be made. If you’ve attended the Super Pet Expo before, you know there’s nothing that brings more joy than walking the aisles to meet and greet pets of all kinds. From Newfoundlands with towel-toting owners to sassy kitty cats in sweaters! Take a walk in the Rescue Zone and you might fall in love with a new furry family member.



As has been the case for 19 years running, a variety of pet product mainstays such as collars, leashes, harnesses, toys and beds will be available at the show. But humans will find a little something for themselves as well! Grab a fashionable set of handmade, clip-in ears from Here’s to Ears. Visit SpoiledRottenDogz to peruse the funniest tees and sweatshirts for pet lovers, including breed-specific designs. And if you’re interested in adding some fluffy flavor to your home design, visit with Bright Ideas Arts and Crafts for artwork, prints and table décor.

If you believe a well-exercised dog is a happy dog, you’ll find ways to let them burn calories and have fun at the Super Pet Expo.



Let your dog loose on the Luring 101 track for a high-speed chase of an artificial lure, with varying speeds and a set number of turns and changes in direction. No experience is needed, and any dog in good physical condition is welcome to try luring. Join a Trick Training Workshop with Chrissy Joy and Beasley of Bone-A-Fied Talent Group. Beasley is the current National Stunt Dog Champion, and with a little help from his human, learn the first steps to connecting with your dog via training. Catch a fast-paced and entertaining show with The Marvelous Mutts. Featuring some of the world’s finest canine athletes, this team of Mutts, each adopted from shelters and rescues, thrills crowds across the US with their amazing tricks, stunts, and athleticism. The Marvelous Mutts are generously sponsored by Supreme Source Pet Food.

MAIN STAGE On the Main Stage, you’ll find presentations from pet health and care experts, including popular holistic veterinarian Dr. Judy Morgan examining special care for senior pets and how to help your chubby pet shed some poundslet’s admit it, it’s not all fur. The B est Dressed Pet C ompetition returns as one of the most anticipated moments of the weekend. Pets compete in their best costumes, working the crowd and currying favor with judges. All attendees are eligible to enter and the event b eg ins at 1 : 0 0 pm on Saturday. New in 2019, The “Wow M e” P e t Ta l e n t C ompetition will take place 1:00pm on Sunday.

Shopping is not just for pet parents. Pups can shop too. There is a great selection to be found at the Super Pet Expo this February in Edison, New Jersey.

BECAUSE YOU LOVE ALL ANIMALS Dog lovers aren’t the only ones who will enjoy Super Pet Expo. For those with purring pets at home, Cat Alley will be a must stop, with kitty-centered products and education. In the expanded Repticon area, attendees can purchase reptiles and supplies and get quality advice directly from reptile breeders and experts. On the Main Stage, The New Jersey Birdman will bring feathered friends and laughs. Follow Super Pet Expo on Facebook for the latest event updates and contests. You won’t want to miss a chance to win a year’s supply of premium pet food from Supreme Source®. It’s made in the USA and 100% grain-free. The New Jersey Convention and Exposition Center is located at 97 Sunfield Avenue, Edison, NJ 08837. Save $3 on each ticket purchased when you buy tickets at and use promo code PETS.

Pups can meet and greet at Super Pet Expo coming soon to New Jersey.

Show hours are 3:00 PM to 8:00 PM on Friday; 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM on Saturday; and 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM on Sunday. Admission is $13 for adults, $8 for children ages four to 11, and FREE for kids three and under. Friendly, leashed pets are always welcome, so make sure the whole family comes along for a great day. • HOLIDAY EDITION




urrounded by Nick Sider’s enormous canvases, you have the distinct impression that his subjects are staring at you, actually you could say stalking in the most sexy way. His tigers, hyper-realistic subjects and huge, invite themselves into your life. Their presence is beautifully unsettling…they are an undeniable invite, to paraphrase Lou Reed, to walk on the wild side, an opportunity we all want to explore. OBSESSION BECOMES LIFE In his recent New York exhibition, his obsessions - exotic beasts - do appear to leap off of the canvas-surprising you, surrounding you. “I know as soon as I have the eyes right, everything else falls into place,” reveals this artist who enjoys a quantum of fame for his obsession with the tremendous beauty of tigers. Why tigers? Not many tigers prowl his native Canada or the Pennsylvania of his youth much less the New York of his present, except for those in zoos. But Sider began his obsession and his quest at the age of five, long before his vivid realizations of these majestic beasts began to virtually leap off the canvas. Still, “As a kid, I was obsessed with tigers. Only natural then that tigers became Ground Zero for me as a painter.” “My work creates an opportunity - for myself and the viewer - to be up close to the animals. Before I even begin to paint, I study them very closely, capturing the image as it is in real life is an intuitive process” Nick Sider captures the tigers that have possessed his imagination since the Sider reveals that his goal is always-as a hyper-realist to reveal in age of five. For details on NYC exhibits and studio visits, “more detail than you normally see (think Vermeer) the animal as if it’s ©Geoff Tischman live in front of me - and the person who ultimately owns the artwork.”


Sexy stalkers, tigers, inviting us to take a walk on the wild side, come to life in Nick Sider’s hyper realistic paintings. New York Show in early December, studio visits by appointment after. Email



Sider waxes philosophical about his subjects, “Especially with the tiger paintings, they’re all personal to me: My work symbolizes completing a childhood dream; a time when I drew tigers all the time. Now, to each painting, I give a different name, and every little part of the painting is a different emotion combined with my pursuit of the soul; I just try for that moment when emotion and intellect come together. I want people to experience these animals as if they were present, living among us, instead of just a photo on their cell phones.”

MEET THE ARTIST Studio visits to Sider’s uptown Manhattan location are always welcome post his show in Manhattan, November 30 through December 2, 2018 at 7 East 14th Street, New York, NY 10003. For more information on upcoming shows, studio visits and to contact the artist, •



irst impressions are everything!” says Geoff Tischman who has been photographing pets to help them find forever homes for the past fifteen years. Realizing that most people start their search for a new pet family member online, he feels it’s vital to have a great image of the adoptable pet to capture the attention of potential pet parents. “A wonderful photo compels them to make an appointment and meet the pet face to face. Nothing makes me happier than getting an email saying my photo led them to their newest family member!” HEARTS SPEAK Tischman, motivated by his lifelong love for animals, has volunteered his professional photography skills at shelters for a decade and a half. He takes pride in photographing rescue pets, helping these animals find their way out of shelters and into loving families. He worked extensively with Hearts Speak an organization uniting art and advocacy to increase the visibility of shelter animals. To learn more or to make a donation to this valuable organization, go to Hearts Speak’s global network of photographers and other creative professionals donate their time and services pro-bono to animal shelters and animal welfare organizations across the US to help pets that might otherwise be euthanized. Though his involvement with Hearts Speak no longer includes traveling across the US, Tischman remains committed to the need to rescue pets on a local level. Recently he went to the shelter on 110th Street in Manhattan (where CBS-TV’s Blue Bloods Will Estes found his mini-pit) to work with the staff and as a resident of Rye, New York he frequently shoots for shelters in Westchester and nearby Connecticut (especially AdoptA-Dog in Armonk, SPCA of Westchester in Briarcliff Manor and Pit Stop rescue in Stamford , CT.) Tischman stays focused on Hearts Speak’s mission to transform the world’s perception of pet adoption, supporting their belief that collaboration is key to creating a world where no shelter animal goes unseen. “I’m super-proud to be a member of the Hearts Speak team – working with this group of fabulous, like-minded artists is the most rewarding work I do. They inspire me to give more and to be a better photographer.”

Geoff Tischman with the dogs of Westchester SPCA helping pets find forever homes through Hearts Speak. ©Rebekah Nemethy

STAR POWER Tischman is uniquely able to capture the true spirits of our pets, as well as the special bond between pets and their humans, endearing him to both personal and corporate clients. His portraits of adopted animals and their owners adorn the walls of the ASPCA in New York City. His work with celebrities and their beloved animals, including Georgina Bloomberg, Cheyenne Jackson, Bernadette Peters, Sami Gayle, and Aida Turturro, has established him as one of the country’s premier pet photographers. His pet photographs have appeared in The Journal News, The New York Daily News, The New York Post, People Magazine & Westchester Magazine, among others including Pet Lifestyles Magazine. Best Friends Pet Care, Stop and Shop pet food, ASPCA pet products, and Chicken Soup for the Soul pet products have all used his work commercially. He lives in Rye, NY with his wife and daughter and their rescue pets, an Australian Shepherd dog, Lexy, and cat, Batman.

REACH OUT Aida Tuturro with her dog photographed by Geoff Tischman.

Looking for a family portrait for your Christmas card complete with Fido or Fifi? Reach out to For more information, go to • HOLIDAY EDITION




he Holidays are here and your gift list is already long. You can forget a cousin or two but don’t overlook your four-legged friends. Feeling like your pup or kitty is so spoiled already that nothing is going to please them? Fearful you are out of ideas for making dinnertime or playtime more fun for your furry loved one? Addicted to running your pet’s life through your smartphone? Maybe we’re enabling you but for sure, your pet will be pleased with our smart solutions. PERFECT PORTIONS PetNet PetNet SmartFeeder portion control for your pet, because a healthy pet is a happy pet.

Nutritionists stress portion control for us twolegged creatures, but the same applies to our pets. Of course, without the guidance of a smart feeder, it’s easy to get suckered into over-indulging our furry BFF’s at mealtime; they do know how to manipulate us. Luckily, smart feeders are immune to puppy dog eyes. The PetNet SmartFeeder is the latest in pet feeding automation. It not only feeds your pet for you (beyond useful when you’re out of the house), but it also doles out pre-programmed amounts. Plus, thanks to built-in sensors, the feeder tells you when it needs to be refilled. After all, a healthy pet is a happy pet and feeding your fur kid just the right amount is something to measure.

TAGGING THE FAMILY PET SmartLink Feeder feeds and waters your pet while you’re out…and keeps you up to speed on how Fido is enjoying his dinner break.

SmartLink Feeder

Want a family of smart devices to go with your family of pets? The wizards at OurPets have invented the SmartLink devices, a series of interconnected tools that keep your pet fed and watered while you’re away. Just attach the Bluetooth SmartLink Tag to your pet’s collar, and it will take care of the rest. The tag tells the SmartLink Waterer to start pouring purified water when your pet is nearby. It makes the SmartLink Feeder open its lid and feed your pet the correct amount of food (which is also perfect for pets who love to steal each other’s dinners). And, the tag also communicates with the WiFi Pet Care Connector to keep you appraised of your pet’s eating and drinking habits while you’re away. One size fits all doesn’t only apply to people anymore.

HOME ALONE Furbo is the fun new way to get puppy selfies. Lets you entertain your dog even if you are in the office. Nothing’s harder than leaving your pet alone when you go to work. Even if your dog doesn’t whine, bark, or scratch at the door to come with you, many are bored out of their minds waiting for your return. And, a bored pet can become a destructive one. But, thanks to modern technology, you can keep an eye on your pet even when you’re not at home. The Furbo Dog Camera records your pet doing everything from lounging on the couch to tearing apart your favorite pillows. And, if that’s not enough, you can use the Furbo to toss out a few treats to get their attention and then talk to them with two-way audio. Plus, if you buy the Furbo Dog Nanny, you can receive puppy selfies and alerts regarding any mischievous behavior. Big Brother isn’t watching you, but you’re watching your pet. 26 | PET LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE



DIGITAL DAYCARE PetChatz ends boredom for your stay-at-home pet with this innovative video phone. If just talking to your pet isn’t enough, then give them the greatest invention since Skype: PetChatz. This video phone is a one-two punch. First, it attracts your pets with a treat and a chime. Once they investigate, you can start a (one-sided) conversation with them. And, unlike similar devices, PetChatz features a screen that lets your pet see your face. After all, seeing is believing. But, PetChatz isn’t just a one-way street. With the PetCall accessory, your pet can initiate the conversation or play a game with PetChatz providing treat rewards. PetChatz will make sure your stay-at-home pet is never bored again.




CleverPet exercises the mind, just as valuable as PupPod looks like a Kong but acts like a puzzle, the ultimate learning experience exercising the body. for your pet. Your pets might never be able to play Super Mario Bros., but you can still challenge them to a rousing game of Simon Says, thanks to CleverPet. Buttons flash on the device; your pet presses the buttons; and presto, food pops out as a reward. CleverPet tests your pet’s ability to recognize and remember sequences, and the smartphone app keeps you in the loop on their progress. Plus, the app lets you change the patterns and difficulty for a tougher or easier challenge. Exercising the mind is just as important as exercising the body.

In 1927, Ivan Pavlov demonstrated dogs can associate stimuli with food. In 2015, Erick Eidus ran with that concept to create the PupPod. It looks like a Kong chew toy, but it’s filled with enough electronics and sensors to detect when your pets are nearby, then teach them puzzle-solving skills that revolve around touching the PupPod. Plus, the device was made with inclusivity in mind. If your pet is blind, they will be attracted by the toy’s squeaks, and if your pet is deaf, the PupPod lights up. With the PupPod, your pet will learn pattern recognition in no time.





GoBone Pet parents can’t go Actijoy is a canine Fitbit that helps you monitor your wrong with a toy that plays dog’s lifestyle. A must for the modern pet parent. back.


Have you ever wanted your dog’s favorite bone to be a little more lively? That’s why the GoBone was invented. This tech-smart toy moves around on its own, which is more than enough to entertain most dogs when their owners are busy. Anyone who wants to join in on the fun can remotely control the toy with a smartphone app. You can’t go wrong with a dog toy that plays back.

If you want to keep track of your exercise habits, you wear a Fitbit. But what if you want to monitor your dog’s exercise? The market isn’t exactly overflowing with pet activity trackers, but plenty of companies are hard at work on their own canine Fitbits. One such attempt is Actijoy. This little device attaches to a dog’s collar and keeps track of everything they do. And, thanks to special food and water bowls that connect to the device, Actijoy will note your dog’s caloric intake. Oh, and did I mention Actijoy lights up for nighttime walks/bathroom breaks? Actijoy isn’t ready for distribution just yet, but sign up on the product’s official site ( to be notified when it’s available for pre-ordering in early 2019. •






atie Cleary always knew she wanted to help animals. Ever since she was a little girl, Cleary knew in her heart that helping animals was something she planned to do in life – one way or another, this was her calling. First appearing in the media spotlight on the popular TV show “America`s Next Top Model” Season One, Cleary went on to have a successful career in the entertainment industry. It wasn’t until 2012 that she solidified her animal advocacy career when she founded Peace 4 Animals, a non-profit animal welfare organization, and World Animal News, an animal news network reporting on the latest breaking critical news on animals worldwide - two projects that re-ignited Cleary’s childhood passion for helping animals. Cleary’s mission to protect animals started when she was just one and a half years old, “I was told that my first word was bird when I was about 1 ½ years old, that makes perfect sense, although I was too young to remember that.” She told Pet Lifestyles Magazine, “My first actual memory was rescuing kittens that we found under a bush next door. I remember bottle feeding them until they were old enough for us to find them forever homes. My mom and I would always find animals in our neighborhood who needed help, and we’d rehabilitate them.” This deep-rooted childhood memory undoubtedly shaped Cleary’s passion for animal advocacy for the rest of her life.

PEACE 4 ANIMALS In 2012, following a friend’s suggestion to start her own charity after seeing Cleary raise funds for many other organizations & campaigns, Cleary came up with the idea for Peace 4 Animals. She immediately went to work designing the logo, which signified her passion for big cats, and held the charity’s first official campaign with Born Free: the “Satpuda Landscape Tiger Programme” where they aimed to save Bengal tigers in India. Presently, Peace 4 Animals focuses on many different areas of animal advocacy: animal welfare and rescue, anti-poaching, plant-based campaigns, documentaries, grants to other organizations, and providing rescues with much-needed medical care, just to name a few. “We recently helped an amazing woman named Raabia Hawa fund her first anti-poaching project for Ulinzi Africa Foundation in Kenya to save elephants, rhinos, and many other endangered species from extinction. We are also helping Orangutan Foundation International purchase an important piece of rainforest land in Borneo that will be prime habitat to save orangutans from the destruction of palm oil plantations, thus helping to save their species from extinction in the wild.” Cleary stated.

Katie Cleary is the founder of Peace 4 Animals and World Animal News. An avid animal-lover since childhood, she has always known that saving animals was her calling.

Cleary’s vision for Peace 4 Animals is completely altruistic – her ultimate goal is to grow the animal advocacy organization on an international scale and to make animal welfare mainstream. She also hopes to one day build a sanctuary for the rescue and rehabilitation of endangered species in Africa. 28 | PET LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE


WORLD ANIMAL NEWS Cleary also founded World Animal News ( in 2012 to bring critical animal issues from around the world into the spotlight. The website posts breaking news, exclusive stories, and distributes press releases on critical animal welfare issues. It also aims to highlight the remarkable work being done around the world to save animals. “At the end of the day, our goal is not only to deliver the news in the best way possible, but to get our audience involved in order to create real change for animals worldwide.” Cleary emphasizes.


Katie Cleary founded Peace 4 Animals In 2012. This animal welfare organization is dedicated to saving wild animals through anti-poaching campaigns, documentaries, and grants & medical care to rescues and shelters.

This passion drives not only Cleary’s philanthropic efforts, but also her personal life – Cleary genuinely believes that by living a plantbased lifestyle, one can personally save thousands of animals in a lifetime; something she talks about in her new documentary “We Are One” that she is currently working on. The film will be a dialog with people making a difference in the animal kingdom, ranging from saving rhinos and elephants in Africa from the poaching crisis, to saving the rainforests and the remaining Orangutans from the destruction of palm oil that is destroying their habitat. It will also speak to the polemic topic of factory farming and the suffering that farm animals go through. This hard-hitting documentary is the follow-up to Cleary’s first documentary “Give Me Shelter”, an award-winning film created and produced by Cleary and directed by friend Kristin Rizzo. “Give Me Shelter” focuses on the dedicated people who devote their lives to rescuing domestic and wild animals; the Best Short Film winner also concentrates on those raising awareness for critical animal welfare issues worldwide. “Give Me Shelter” premiered on Netflix in May 2015. Cleary’s own fur-family inspires her and her efforts on animal welfare, “My pets are all rescues, and all have adorable individual personalities. I love them all and they have encouraged me to stress the importance of adopting and spaying and neutering to prevent over-population in shelters.” She speaks from the heart, concerned that “so many animals end up getting put down because the shelters have no space for them. All of my dogs and cats are angels that I believe came into my life for a reason. I don’t know what I would do without them.” It is clear that Cleary’s bond with her pets is special, and is a driving force in her desire to save animals.

ADVOCATING FOR ANIMALS An animal advocate, producer, philanthropist, filmmaker, actress, and model, it seems like there is nothing that Cleary can’t do. Perhaps it’s because of her drive and ambition plus her kindness and not to mention, her beauty inside and out. Always being mission-oriented, she talks about future plans “I would like to continue producing and directing animal welfare documentaries and shows to educate the public on important issues happening around the world, so more positive change can be made in the movement. Also, I hope to one day open a Peace 4 Animals wildlife rescue and rehab for endangered species in Africa.” She also talks about plans to develop an interactive app for World Animal News where animal lovers worldwide can connect and help to raise awareness on saving animals - in hopes of mainstreaming animal welfare on a global scale. Vi s it Pe a c e 4 A n i m a l s at and World Animal News at to see how you can help save animals – they will thank you! •

Katie pictured with Summer, an orphaned baby rhino rescued from the rhino horn trade by Care for Wild sanctuary in South Africa.



Want to Help the Outdoor Cats in Your Neighborhood This Winter? Learn How to Build a Winter Cat Shelter Saturday, January 12, 2019 11:00am–1:00pm Forest Hills, Queens Registration required:

Learn Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) and Become a Certified TNR Caretaker Saturday, January 19, 2019 11:00am–2:00pm Bronx Registration required:

The NYC Feral Cat Initiative, a program of the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals, is dedicated to improving the lives of New York City’s feral and stray “community” cats. The NYCFCI offers a range of free services, including free TNR certification workshops in the five boroughs and online, and free specialty training workshops, such as bottle-feeding, kitten-taming, shelter-building, and neighborhood relations.

Learn more about the NYC Feral Cat Initiative and register for our free workshops at



hile feral and stray community cats consider the great outdoors their home, when temperatures plummet and cold winds blow, an insulated shelter might save their lives if they have no other reliable refuge from the elements. Providing a purpose-built shelter for cats means they will not have to search car engines, neighbors’ crawl spaces, or porches for a warm, dry place to rest. It will keep them safe from the elements, and will help you control their location and deter them from seeking shelter where they are not safe or are not wanted. What makes a good shelter? Three key elements comprise a good shelter: insulation to keep heat in, waterproof exteriors to keep moisture out, and small entrances to keep heat in and other animals out. You can build a good shelter using a variety of materials and designs, from a simple, inexpensive shelter to an elaborate, more costly design. For some easy and affordable ideas, visit If you can’t build your own shelter, email and we will help you find shelters for sale or donation. Design Guidelines The minimum interior size for a shelter is about 12” x 18” x 12” and will fit a single cat. A 24” x 24” x 18” shelter will fit at least three cats and is preferable because cats will benefit from each other’s body heat. Be sure to make one door that’s 5” x 5” wide to let cats in and keep larger critters out. Tips for Shelter Placement Shelters should be raised up off the ground to keep snow from blocking the entrance. This also prevents rain from splashing up into the entrance from the ground. Lightweight shelters should be weighed down. Place rocks, bricks, or wood on top, or place a piece of plywood on top of two shelters facing each other to create a “breezeway” entrance between them. Weight can also be added to the bottom of the shelter by attaching a wooden mini-pallet or pieces of 2×4 lumber. This also raises the shelter off the ground. Make sure the structure stands firm on the ground and doesn’t wobble. The entrance of the shelter should face away from prevailing winds. Place shelters with the entrance facing a wall, fence, or other windbreak. This strategy will also help protect the cats against possible intrusion by other neighborhood animals and give the cats an emergency evacuation route. If your shelter is located where humans might tamper with it, camouflage it using paint and surrounding vegetation. A shelter that stands out from its surroundings could be mistaken for trash or could bring unwanted attention to the cats. Outfitting the Shelter Straw is the best bedding for cat shelters. It repels moisture and provides insulation, making it ideal for keeping cats warm and comfortable all winter long. Be sure to buy straw, which is bedding, and not hay, which is feed. Blankets and towels should never be used as bedding; they do not insulate and can actually steal heat from the cats’ bodies. They also retain moisture and can become moldy. In the autumn, you can find straw from garden suppliers, farmers markets, craft stores, and feed stores. Or contact To learn more about building winter cat shelters, or to register for our upcoming Building Shelters for Outdoor Cats workshop in January, visit • HOLIDAY EDITION




et Lifestyles sat down with Dr. Brett Shorenstein, Partner and Medical Director, Abingdon Square Veterinary Clinic to talk about his philosophy of caring for animals - specifically fear free/gentle handling - and how pet parents can consider critical do’s and don’ts this Holiday. For Dr. Brett Shorenstein, VMD every day as vet is a day doing what he loves, nurturing pets (and pet parents too because they are a critical part of the equation.) Devoted to caring for animals since childhood, he has followed his heart to become one of NYC’s top vets. Interestingly enough, he started out in investment banking, but it took barely a year before he realized veterinary medicine was truly his calling. Presently, an owner at Abingdon Square Veterinary Clinic, Dr. Shorenstein leads a team that is dedicated to compassionate care. Joining forces with Dr. Dianne DeLorenzo was a natural fit, as the esteemed veterinarian has devoted much of her career to stress free handling and gold standard medicine. Dr. Shorenstein’s goal for the practice is to make Abingdon Square even more accessible. An app allowing pet parents to confirm appointments, monitor vaccine reminders, refill medications, and receive an update on Fido or Fifi’s health will be launching by early 2019 exclusively for Abingdon Square.

HOLIDAY DO’S AND DON’TS FOR YOUR PETS Do establish clear expectations for guests and children. Ideally, your pets will not be fed any items without asking your permission first. Guests should avoid leaving food unattended. The trash should always be hard to access!

Dr. Brett Shorenstein of Abingdon Square Vets tells us how to keep our pets safe and healthy this Holiday season.

Don’t feed your pet anything and everything. As a general rule, introducing too many new foods at once creates a higher risk for gastrointestinal upset. Do keep your pet away from the oven and other hot surfaces. Remember that strings, foil, and other packaging items can be harmful if swallowed. Don’t feed your pet raisins or grapes - these have been shown to cause kidney failure in dogs. Don’t let your pet eat Turkey or Ham bones - they can become lodged in your pet’s esophagus and can splinter, leading to perforations of the intestinal tract. Also avoid: Fruit pits (including avocados) - can cause intestinal blockage; some contain cyanide, a potent toxin. Onions or garlic - in large amounts, alliums can cause toxic anemia. Nutmeg - can cause seizures in large amounts. Nuts (especially walnuts and macadamia nuts) - can cause neurological and cardiovascular deficits. Alcohol - pets are highly susceptible to alcohol poisoning. Desserts - even very small amounts of dark, semi-sweet, or baker’s chocolate can be toxic to your pets. Chocolate contains theobromine, a toxic stimulant. Additionally, artificial sweeteners such as xylitol can cause acute hypoglycemia. Do keep decorative plants or flowers out of reach. Remember that countless numbers of plants can be toxic to dogs and cats. Especially lilies, which cause acute kidney failure in cats. Don’t let your pet drink Christmas Tree water - it may contain toxins from pesticides sprayed on the tree itself or bacteria. Abingdon Square Veterinary Clinic is located at 130 West 10th Street, New York City 10014. For appointments, call (212) 242-9169. • 32 | PET LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE



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