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Vol. 1 #1 | June 2015

Ernie Anastos A True New York Icon

Premiere Issue Aquatopia: Fun For All Ages On Top of the World in Switzerland Culinary Adventure In New Orleans Lake Como: Far More Than George Clooney

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From the Editor’s Desk A True New York Icon An Emotional Journey From Tragedy, a Tasteful Fund


29 King Kong Takes On the Jersey Shore 35 Camelback Lodge & Aquatopia Indoor Waterpark 41 Disneyland: The Magic Lives On

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Punta Gorda: the Different Florida See France and Take Your Hotel Room with You Dodge City, still a Gunslinger’s Paradise Hipper than New York? On Top of the World in Switzerland Lake Como, Far More Than George Clooney A Gem in Prague Montreal Jazz Fest City Pass: the Affordable Way to Travel



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Real Estate

79 Galveston Island: High End Vacation Homes


84 White Collar Addiction on the Rise


87 Favorite Eatery for the Famous 88 Culinary Adventure in New Orleans


92 A Giant Day for Loyal Fans 94 Take a Baseball Cruise

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From the Editor’s Desk elcome to the first issue of New York Lifestyles Magazine. We think you’ll be as excited about this publication as we are. We’ve collected some of the best writers in the United States to bring you articles of current import, travel, dining around the world, theater, lifestyles and just about everything that will appeal to the lifestyles of the sophisticated New Yorker. Those who travel know that New York is still arguably the most exciting city in the world. London is great. Paris is... well, it’s Paris. Budapest and Bucharest are exotic destinations. The food, fashion and flavor of those cities are incomparable. Or are they? There isn’t a street in New York that doesn’t offer much the same as any of those international destinations. Greek food, Chinese, Korean, croissants, great pastrami, pirogues, whatever you want. Paris fashion is the ideal for the world... except that New York is arguably as fashion conscious as Paris and as exclusive. All of that being said, New Yorkers are well-traveled and enjoy going to destinations worldwide. The New York “L”ifestyle is upscale without being pretentious. It is an enjoyment of the finer things in life: clothing and fashion, accoutrements, transportation and more. We won’t shy away from subjects frequently thrown under the rug. Our article on The Dunes addresses a serious topic and provides solutions. We’ve thrown in some whimsy as in the article on the first cattle drive through Dodge City in 129 years. But Dodge today is far from the Old West while still retaining its flavor. There is a beautiful upscale casino and resort that draws people from a great distance. They walk the streets next to cowboys and modern gunslingers in total peace and contentment. In this premiere issue we’ve chosen one of the most well-known journalists in New York as our “New York Icon.” Ernie Anastos, a Fox-TV news anchor for decades, has earned a reputation for honesty and integrity while remaining unaffected by the fame he has achieved. His name and face are immediately recognizable throughout the City. The issue is eclectic with stories ranging from a cattle drive in Wild West Dodge City to dining at Le Perigord by TV and radio personality Jon Haggins. Southern Belle Mona Hayden writes about culinary adventures in New Orleans. Checkout Dan Schlossberg’s memorabilia cruise with baseball greats; Stephanie and Jeff Sylva take us to Portland, OR while our Mid-West correspondent, Mira Temkin shows us how to enjoy Switzerland. Her Illinois compatriot Jodie Jacobs visits with our Northern neighbors in Montreal. Dorothy Jordon had a blast in Prague. On a more somber note she writes about a benefit comedy show for the Russell Ferber Foundation aiding local students and those at the Culinary Institute of America. Please send us your comments. I am always pleased to hear what’s on your mind... good, not so good and suggestions. Is there something you’d like us to cover? Let me know. I can be reached at bobn@newyorklifestylesmagazine.com We hope you’ll stay with us for what promises to be an exciting ride.

Bob Nesoff Executive Editor





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N E S O F F Vol. 1 #1 | June 2015 President / Publisher Bill Mason Executive Editor Bob Nesoff Art Director Eric Duncan


Travel Editor Sandy Nesoff Chief Photographer David Handschuh Director of Operations Kurt Nesheim Contributing Writers

Spyder Hole has won unanimous praise from reviewers who have compared it to an Indiana Jones movie and authors Frederick Forsythe and Tom Clancy. The Story He had the information in his hands. Dan Halevi, former American Green Beret, now a colonel in the Israeli Mossad, could have stopped the attack on 9/11 but he never connected the dots and 2,976 people died. Now he has information that the terrorists are planning to set off nuclear weapons in New York and London. This time he won’t let it happen. Bob Nesoff is a gifted and experienced writer who knows his subject. His knowledge of tactics and techniques is phenominal. In reading Spyder Hole the realism of planning black ops and special weapons rang as true as an actual foray into Iraq or Afghanistan. He manages to present technical subjects in an exciting manner without bogging the story down. He keeps the pace moving like and Indiana Jones movie; in fact, if Hollywood is smart, this will be made into a movie.

Thomas E. Neehdham, Maj. Gen. (Ret.), US Army To order a personally signed copy of Spyder Hole, send a check in the amount of $20 (s/h included) made out to Bob Nesoff Spyder Hole, at P.O. Box 104, Oradell, NJ 07649. Bob may be reached at Authorsoncall@aol.com. He is available for speaking engagements and book signings. 8 | NEW YORK LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE | JUNE 2015

Northeast Jon Haggins, Dan Schlossberg, Jeff Sylva Stephanie Sylva, Dorothy Jordon, Ross Warren Ed Curtis, Dale Reynolds, Sandy Roberts Midwest Mira Temkin, Jodie Jacobs South Mona Hayden Northwest Curt Winston New York Sales Office (646) 259-2651

Editorial/Sales Fax (212) 202-4888

For subscriptions, address changes or back issues, call: (646) 259-2651 newyorklifestylesmagazine.com Facebook: New York Lifestyle Magazine Twitter: nylifestylesmag New York Lifestyles Magazine is published 12 times annually. © 2015 New York Lifestyles Magazine All rights reserved. Reproduction of any material from this issue is expressly forbidden without permission of the publisher. Printed in the USA. Cover photo by David Handschuh

OUR RICH HISTORY FROM 1795 UNTIL THE EARLY 20TH CENTURY | Maiden Lane was the center of the jewelry district. Stretching west from the South Street Seaport all the way to the World Trade Center Site,

- Bringing history into the hotel in the modern times


A True New York Icon By Bob Nesoff

ver the years respect for government officials has tumbled from its high point with Washington and Jefferson until today many are considered to be members of the World’s Oldest Profession. Journalists have taken a precipitous tumble as well from the Ivory Tower inhabited by the likes of Ben Franklin and Walter Cronkite and the standards of ethics they set. Today even the venerable Grey Lady-The New York Times and NBC-TV have had scandals in faux reporting that have led many in the public to view members of the Fourth Estate as only slightly elevated from the level of politicians.

There are those, however, who truly believe in what they are doing, in the public’s right to know and treasure the integrity of their reporting. Television is a medium not known for longevity. Reporters are on screen one day and gone the next, replaced by a talking hairdo from another part of the country who will also suddenly disappear. So where does any consistency come in? Check out Fox-TV News and the venerable Ernie Anastos.


Anastos has been a fixture in New York City television for more than 35 years, almost unheard of in this profession. In all that time there has never been a hint of professional or personal impropriety. In a business where egos rage, Ernie Anastos has managed to keep his feet firmly planted on the ground with a mutual respect that he offers to those around him and is returned from co-workers and strangers alike. Sitting in the television studio while Anastos is involved in his broadcast, Chris, the floor manager, ambles over to a pair of guests and nods toward the newscaster. “He really is a nice guy,” Chris offers. “He’s great to work with and knows what he is doing.” Chris then ambles back to cue the 12 | NEW YORK LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE | JUNE 2015

participants in an interview. Finishing his interview Ernie does not walk away from his guests, but stands and chats with them. The entourage accompanying the guests walks to the set and he takes time to pose for every picture request. No rush job; no patronizing; no lofty airs. He’s simply “Ernie.” On a personal side in conversation he refers to his wife and family in loving conversation. He talks about their achievements in school and life and includes his son-in-law as an integral part of the family. This is no humble act. He really is that way. Ernie’s Aunt Eva has a tradition of calling him at the end of every

broadcast and critiquing his tie while imparting her love. He is on the telephone with her when his office door opens and sports anchor Russ Salzberg sticks his head in.

relationship with millions of viewers. Wherever I go there’s a real familiarity in all our great neighborhoods filled with people of all ages and diversity.”

“Aunt Eva?” Salzberg smiles. Anastos nods his head and Salzberg withdraws. It seems everyone knows about Aunt Eva and her ongoing tradition.

Anastos, obviously of Greek heritage, is descended from a prominent lineage. His grandfather was one of the early priests ordained in the faith and was well-known by other clergy, a point of immense pride for him.

“People may not remember what you said nor did,” he muses, “but they’ll remember how you made them feel. I believe this applies to my role as a New York television anchor for more than three decades. “I’m the luckiest guy in the world. What an honor to be on television all these years in the best city with the best people. I cherish my

Anastos offers an anecdote about his religion. In Army basic training a drill sergeant was trying to determine the religious mix of his recruits. He ordered Catholics to stand at one point, Protestants at another and Jews at a third. Anastos and three other young soldiers were left standing by JUNE 2015 | NEW YORK LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE | 13

themselves. When the sergeant asked what their religion was, the three responded “Orthodox.” They were immediately placed with the Jewish soldiers. The sergeant mistook them for Orthodox Jews. “Worked out great,” he says. “I got off from duty for everyone’s holiday.” As a youngster growing up in New England he was involved in many things but he always knew he wanted to be in broadcasting. Young Ernie set up his basement as a broadcast station. At age 16 he stopped in at radio station WOTW and when manager Dick Corbin heard his voice, offered him an on-air position as a “teentalk” host…at minimum wage. “Minimum wage?” Anastos said. “I didn’t care. I was given an 14 | NEW YORK LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE | JUNE 2015

opportunity to do what I loved.” In those days’ ethnic names in broadcasting and entertainment was a major no-no. Anastos became Ernie Andrews. That lasted until he took a post in Providence and decided he wanted truth in broadcasting. Ernie met with the station manager and said he wanted to change his name. The manager responded “I was thinking about that. Suppose we call you Keith Andrews?” After a few seconds of discussion Ernie Anastos became Ernie Anastos and never looked back. He’s run the gamut in New York television but has been happily ensconced at Fox-TV for decades. Always a news journalist first, he

covered some of the top stories in the world. He was there after the World Trade Center collapsed. When Princess Diana was tragically killed as she was chased by paparazzi in Paris, he felt that only an onsite report would suffice and he was off to London where he covered the story by getting the feelings of common, ordinary Londoners and transmitted their grief and heartbreak to New York audiences. With all that hard news reporting, how does he manage to stay upbeat? “I’ve always had a positive attitude due in large part to my family and upbringing. We were always filled with optimism and there was a positive environment. I look at issues and problems that I report on with a sense of finding solutions and a belief that we can make things

better. It’s called ‘hope.’ “I love it that people are at ease to talk freely to me. I think that’s the result of trust and credibility and genuine respect people have for my years of responsible reporting on the different stories that have shaped New York City. People can sense that I care about the nature of the news and about people’s lives. I try to convey a sense of hope when I am reporting tragic news. It is, though, much better when the news is positive. It’s really all about sharing social history together and caring about where and how we live‌and about each other. &SOJF"OBTUPTJTUSVMZ/FX:PSL-JGFTUZMFTÄ•STU/FX:PSL*DPOt JUNE 2015 | NEW YORK LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE | 15

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67AB=@G@3;3;03@32 E]`ZRB`ORS1S\bS`j&5`SS\eWQVAb

An Emotional Journey:

Jaws of Hell to Hope and Peace By Bob and Sandy Nesoff ust the mention of 911 stirs emotions and memories that could easily be compared to the feelings a country felt on December 7, 1941 when a cowardly flotilla of Japanese war planes attacked Pearl Harbor and murdered 2,403 military and civilians. The Muslim terrorists who hit the World Trade Center murdered 2,996 innocent people simply beginning their day at work‌more bodies than were in the Arizona, the other ships and the military bases and airfields across the island combined. Those who were there, for the most part, have suffered a form of 18 | NEW YORK LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE | JUNE 2015

PTSD and vividly remember the concrete dust and paper falling from the sky. But mostly they remember the smell and smoke and knowledge of what it was that was burning besides the buildings. Two years ago a memorial plaza was opened in the footprints of the two giant buildings with a beautifully designed place of peace and contentment for visitors to remember what had taken place. At the end of May the long awaited 911 Museum opened adjacent to the plaza. As with anything else done in this country there was a degree of controversy. But more on that later. Anyone who was on site on September 11, 2001 found the drive to the museum a gut-wrenching experience. The closer you got

the tighter the stomach muscles. The memory of all the empty ambulances sitting at the Javits Center, unused because there were precious few injured to transport; the firemen at Vesey Street rushing to give responders paper masks to filter out the ever present concrete dust; and the Tyvek-suited personnel walking into the hell in a vain hope of finding survivors. Most first responders and recovery personnel forced themselves to visit the museum... because they had to. They had to make the connection and perhaps gain some closure. But the underlying fear of standing where the “pile� lay, 20-stories high and smoking for weeks after the attack, was omnipresent. Parking in the area was a chore, the short walk giving time for

reflection and wonderment as to how it would all be presented. First Responders and recovery workers were given admission to the museum before it was opened to the public and afforded them time to slowly make their way through the exhibits and reflection. The museum in Oklahoma City at the site of the Murrah Federal Building destroyed by a sick domestic terrorist was well done but very intense. Even those who had not lost loved ones could feel the intensity of the exhibits. The 911 Memorial Museum is not Oklahoma City. It is not the Murrah Museum. The New York City 911 Memorial and Museum vividly tells the JUNE 2015 | NEW YORK LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE | 19

story. It leaves nothing out. But it is a place where those most affected by the terror attack can truly come, pay respects and not leave as a bundle of nerves.

melted, from the uniform of a female Port Authority police officer, melted helmets of fire fighters who rushed into the building in an effort to save lives and, instead, lost their own.

Visitors first arrive at a reception desk where they may obtain headsets for a vocal description of each and every display in the museum. Many visitors eventually took the headsets off, opting instead to slowly walk the floors, look at the exhibits and read the descriptive plaques by every item.

There is a piece of a fuselage of one of the planes that crashed into the buildings with a window that a passenger no doubt sat and watched as his fate drew near. There are seatbelts that held passengers snugly as they died a fiery death.

Pictures of the Twin Towers as they stood, majestically, until they were destroyed by evil men following the calling of a religious perversion, adorn the early sections of the museum as you walk down a sloping pathway. There are the remnants of a NYPD patrol car, two burned and crushes fire engines, a section of the huge antenna that sat atop the building. And there were the personal items: a badge, partially 20 | NEW YORK LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE | JUNE 2015

There is a room on which three walls are covered with photos of those who died. They are in alphabetical order making it easy for loved ones to find the photo of the one they lost. A crumbling concrete staircase, known as “The Survivors Staircase� runs alongside a downward escalator. The steps were the path to light and life for many of those evacuating the building before the collapse. It was removed in one huge section and repositioned in the museum. Look closely and you may be able to envision people

orderly scrambling for their lives. As to the controversy about the museum: The fact of the matter is that nothing is ever accomplished without some controversy and dissenters. With all due respect to those who lost loved ones on this horrific day, the museum is low key and very respectful. There is an obvious effort to address the feelings of survivors. There were complaints about the museum store that sells souvenirs. In fact those coming to the museum cannot see the inside of the store unless they enter it. There is a sign at the entrance but to get in you must walk around a curved wall that shields it from public view.Another complaint regarded a VIP cocktail party just before the general opening. The party was to thank major donors without whom the facility could not have been built. The museum receives no public funding and must raise its $60 million operating budget dollar by dollar. The objectors are few in number compared to survivors and families.

Their feelings should be respected but should not be permitted to overrule or overshadow this outstanding memorial. One of those at the Museum Store on a day prior to the public opening was a former New York City fireman, Ron Parker. Ron served at Ground Zero on 911 and many days after. He discussed his book, Chiefs, Pawns & Warriors with another author who had been there on 911 as well. Parkers book is an excellent read and transmits the feelings of those who rushed in and lost friends. Check out his book at www.AuthorRonParker.com You might also be interested in watching a video of the dedication of the Memorial Plaza by 15-year-old. Matt Naimaister. Check out www.youtube.com/watch?v=1cDT_TrDMAw t The author was a first responder on the night of 911 and volunteered at the site many times after. JUNE 2015 | NEW YORK LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE | 21

“Badin Lake House” designed by acclaimed N.C. artist Bob Timberlake. Off the main channel with sandy beach and covered dock with year-round deep water to enjoy.



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From Tragedy, a Tasteful Fund upporting young people in their dream to become a chef is the singular mission of a memorial foundation honoring Russell Ferber. Ferber adored chocolate and loved warm brownies; he baked cakes for neighbors as a child and was an expert at making crème brûlée, eventually channeling his perfectionism into a career as a pastry chef. In 2002, just months shy of his graduation from the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, N.Y., Ferber died in a car accident at the age of 21. His family established the foundation to honor his memory and passion for cooking, which was sealed his third day in a kitchen. “He came home and he said, ‘I could spend the rest of my life in a kitchen. I love it,’” says his mother, Dorothy Jordon. The Russell Ferber Foundation funds a scholarship through C-CAP, Careers through Culinary Arts Program, a nonprofit program that helps underserved high school students pursue careers in the hospitality industry. The program, founded in 1991, operates in seven communities across the country. The Ferber scholarship, awarded every other year, goes to a New York student and provides a full scholarship in the associate’s degree program in baking and pastry arts at the Culinary Institute 24 | NEW YORK LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE | JUNE 2015

of America, a cost of about $26,000 annually. This year’s scholarship will be awarded at a breakfast this month. The scholarship is rewarding for the family, too. “Every time there is a conversation about culinary things that connects to C-CAP or the Culinary Institute of America, it brings up memories of Russell for us, which are wonderful,” says Russell’s father, David. “Now there’s these scholarships that bear his name.” Adds his brother, Jordon, “It creates a way of telling Russell’s story that has a happy ending.” Separately, the Russell Ferber Foundation is endowing a scholarship at the school and currently provides an annual stipend to a student. The foundation also provides funds to Village Community School in Manhattan’s West Village. The family contributes personally, David is an attorney and Dorothy is a writer, and raises money through an annual comedy night and auction fund-raiser held in June. Jordon, a stand-up comic, lines up the comedy acts for the event and Dorothy and David reach out to friends in the hospitality industry for auction items. Previous scholarship recipients have remained in touch and often contribute desserts for the event. t

Jordon Ferber, Dorothy Jordon and David Ferber

jordon ferber presents THE 10th ANNUAL RUSSELL F ERBER F O U N DAT I ON C OMEDY F UN!DRAISER WEDNESDAY, JUNE 24, 2015 DOORS OPEN 6:30PM VILLAGE COMMUNITY SCHOOL THEATER 272 West 10th Street (bet. Washington & Greenwich Sts.) Join us for a joyful evening of laughter featuring: Side-splitting comedy t Super Raffles Amazing Auction t Grandaisy Pizza Hecho en Dumbo goodies t Russell’s Brownies t Wine, Beer, Soda... and more

$50 contribution (No Maximum!) Hope to see you there. Bring your friends, grandparents and people you meet on the street! Comedy show begins at 8pm. RSVP: For reservations, mail a check (payable to FJC/The Russell Ferber Foundation) to: Jordon Ferber, 40 Fifth Ave., Apt. 2A, New York, N.Y. 10011 Questions? Ddjr2@rcn.com Beatniknudnik@yahoo.com 212-254-9034 JUNE 2015 | NEW YORK LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE | 25

beautiful beachfront luxury

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King Kong Takes On the Jersey Shore By Sandy Roberts

ing Kong was born in the early 1930s and became a sympathetic figure after being shot and killed by fighter planes as he clung to the top of the Empire State Building clutching Fay Wray in his hairy mitt.

The truth of the matter is that he lived in North Wildwood at Morey’s Piers from the early 1970s on until 1975 when he was dismantled. But his legend lived on atop the Bonanza Shooting Gallery. He was slated to be returned to the New York workshop that birthed him, but Kong had the last laugh. As he was being moved, he simply disintegrated.

Kong has been resurrected several times in less than great movies, but still his legend lives on. He has returned once again, this time to thrill young and old alike in Wildwood, New Jersey.

“We were looking for a centerpiece for our pier and we wanted something that our guests could walk around,” commented brothers Will and Jack Morey, second generation owners. JUNE 2015 | NEW YORK LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE | 29

Photos by David Howarth

And so King Kong returned. His 60-foot ride will be the centerpiece of the popular pier and it is a circular design offering exactly what Morey wanted, an opportunity for visitors to walk around and see the attraction of a 360˚ angle, taking in all the fun and screams of passengers. “With all the advanced technology we have today, the ride is actually as simple as it can get,” Morey said. “The ride revolves and the cars swing out over the pier giving everyone a thrill.” Smoke pours from Kong’s nostrils and he wears an “I Heart W” teeshirt as a gimme to The Wildwoods. Instead of beautiful Fay Wray in his fist, he has a grip on what looks awfully like a Wildwood tram. The Empire State Building is miles away and has no connection to The Wildwoods, so instead of climbing what at one time was the world’s tallest building, Kong has a grip on a shore icon, a lighthouse. The cars of the ride are airplanes that swirl around Kong and can each hold two people. Kong’s ferocious red eyes are now a soft shade of blue. How terrifying is that and why blue? “They match my wife’s eyes,” Jack Morey said with a chuckle. Adding a modern fit to the ride, each plane will have a fairly 30 | NEW YORK LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE | JUNE 2015

expensive LED set-up that will brighten the night and make it not an easy thing to miss. The lighthouse will have a beam of light rotating and letting everyone know where the ride is. Beneath the ride itself, eleven feet off the ground, is a 3,000-foot retail complex with an area for relaxation as well. The complex, Kong & Co., will be a storehouse of Kong memorabilia: tee shirts, stuffies and much more. There will be phone charging stations, chairs in which visitors can relax, eat munchies and chocolate covered bananas... kudos to the King. Lest you think this is all the Morey’s have to offer, think again. There is Morey’s Mariner’s Pier that also offers the high-flying circular rides. The Wave Swinger is taller than the original and swings some 50 feet over the beach. It has 72 panels of images from historic Wildwood. The Kiddie Swing has also been given an upgrade and features pictures taken by visitors to the piers, chosen from a photo contest the Morey’s held last year. Of some 500 entries on sides of rides are shots of smiling children. Mariner’s Pier is a youngster’s paradise: bumper cars, Tea Cups swirling around, a carousel and giant wheel. If you’re looking for a different setting for a meal, try eating breakfast on the giant wheel where you can enjoy a gourmet, white linen and china breakfast while taking in the spectacular views.

With all that enjoyment the tank can run dry and food stands are ready to fill that need. There is space for a sit-down family meal at Jumbo’s Boardwalk Grille & Eatery serving wraps, seafood sandwiches and Chef Wally J’s Cuban spiced fries. Into Mexican food? The Taco Joint offers a variety of the South of the Border crunchy delicacy. Stubborn Brothers (the Moreys?) Beach Bar & Grille offers adult libations and a menu designed for beach bums. There are fresh veggies combined with local ingredients. The signature dish is the Chicken-N-Waffling Sandwich, fried green tomatoes with chili aioli and Crabby Cake Sandwich. Try any of the bar’s 10 specialty cocktails with tropical ingredients and fresh fruit. Those looking for some excitement and action should check out the Raging Waters Water Park behind Mariner’s Landing. The waters off the Jersey shore are littered with shipwrecks, some famous and others anonymous. The water park exudes the feeling that it has just been washed up on the beach after a mighty storm. But it is ready and waiting for families to take advantage of the kiddie area at Shipwreck Shoals and Camp KidTastrophie. There are also speed slides, Shotgun Falls and an activity pool that’ll challenge the entire family. Raging Waters has two unique areas especially designed for the

little set. There are water canons and at Go Wild you go drop over Shotgun Falls. At the Sky Pond Journey you’ll drift through the unique Wildwood skyline and discover many attractions. The Cliff Dive slide drops five stories in an amazing three seconds, enough to take your breath away. The six-lane WipeOut challenges families to race each other to the finish line and Surfs Up at Bonsai Beach has rope climbs and interactive activities. Tired? Lie back and relax as the Lazy River floats you downstream to the strains of live music overhead. Thirsty? Check out the swimup bar for a cooling and refreshing cocktail There are also cargo nets to climb, water guns and sprays, slides and more in the interactive area. Mariner’s Arcade is one of the largest arcades in Wildwood with a host of games to test your skill. Or go back on the boardwalk and chew on pretzels, fried Oreos and the ever popular variety of ice cream flavors available. Kong may be king, but Morey’s Piers offers families and groups a royal day out. For information check out www.moreyspiers.com t


beautiful beachfront luxury

Check your cares at the front desk and explore the oceanfront Pan American Hotel where our professional crew stands ready to meet your every need. Lovely first class rooms feature private balconies providing sweeping aerial views of the ocean.

Voted 2015 Favorite Hotel by Family Vacation Critic A MOREY RESORT


¥ 508/4*%& 3&"-5034 TOWNSIDE, REALTORS®

1382 Thunderstruck Road

F l o y d , V i r G i n i a 24091 ls# 785820

BlacksBUrG oFFice 540.552.6500 220 Professional Park Drive Blacksburg, VA 24060

roanoke oFFice

540.989.3311 4005 Electric Road, Suite 100 Roanoke, VA 24018

Bill Gearhart aBr, Gri President, PrinciPal Broker 540.989.6980 fax


Ä‘Ĺ? Ĺ? +.!Ĺ?0$*Ĺ?ąĆĀĹ?+"Ĺ?0$!Ĺ?/3!!0!/0Ĺ? /1%0!/Ĺ?5+1Äš2!Ĺ?!2!.Ĺ?/!!* Ä‘Ĺ? $!Ĺ?%##!/0ÄŒĹ?3!00!/0ÄŒĹ?3%( !/0ÄŒĹ? %* ++.Ĺ?30!.,.'Ĺ?%*Ĺ?0$!Ĺ?+.0$!/0 Ä‘Ĺ? +1.)!0Ĺ?.!/01.*0/ÄŒĹ?./ÄŒĹ?* Ĺ?/,/ Ä‘Ĺ? !#ÄĄ. !Ĺ?,'! Ĺ?Ĺ? 3%0$Ĺ?+2!.Ĺ?Ä Ä€Ä€Ĺ?#)!/ Ä‘Ĺ? /!.Ĺ?0#ÄŒĹ?ÄƒÄĄ/0+.5Ĺ?.+,!/Ĺ?+1./!ÄŒĹ?Ĺ? .+'Ĺ?(%)%*#ÄŒĹ?* Ĺ?)+.!Ä“Ĺ?

The only year-round adventure hotel in the Pocono Mountains. With 453 spacious suites to choose from, youll find the perfect option for your family of four, or up to a group of 14. Experience the most gravity defying, heart pounding, smile inducing water rides, swimming pools, FlowRider surfing, and more. Aquatopia is a 125,000 square foot water-topia for year-round waterpark excitement.

193 Resort Drive Tannersville, PA 18372



Camelback Lodge & Aquatopia Indoor Waterpark

Opens in The Pocono Mountains By Bob and Sandy Nesoff he much-anticipated Camelback Lodge & Aquatopia Indoor Waterpark has officially opened, welcoming guests to the biggest indoor waterpark in the Northeast, and the largest and most innovative waterpark hotel ever constructed in the U.S. in a single phase.

snowtubing, ziplining, a treetops obstacle course, mountain coaster and more, Camelback Lodge will serve as the largest ski in/ski out indoor waterpark resort in the U.S. Nestled in the heart of the Pocono Mountains, an area that welcomes 22 million leisure travelers annually from New York, New Jersey and Philadelphia, Camelback Lodge has wide appeal to a broad audience including families and seasonal outdoor enthusiasts.

The $163 million, eight-story Camelback Lodge, located at the base of Camelback Mountain, transforms Camelback Resort into a yearround family and adventure destination. Designed to complement Camelback Resort’s existing seasonal outdoor recreation, including Camelbeach outdoor waterpark, skiing, snowboarding,

“Camelback Resort has been a place for friends and family to gather for more than 50 years,” said Camelback Resort co-owner Arthur Berry III. “With the opening of Camelback Lodge & Aquatopia Indoor Waterpark, we now offer more year-round adventure in one mountain location than anywhere else in the country.” JUNE 2015 | NEW YORK LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE | 35

The Largest Indoor Waterpark in the Northeast Aquatopia Indoor Waterpark sprawls 125,000 square-feet, and is the largest indoor waterpark in the Northeast, boasting seven pools, 13 waterslides and a multitude of thrilling water attractions. Uniquely designed to be unlike any other indoor waterpark in the U.S., Aquatopia is home to several never-before-seen attractions and slides including: Storm Chaser, the longest gravity-defying uphill water coaster to exist in any indoor waterpark in the U.S.; Venus SlydeTrap, a world-premiere attraction that combines three exhilarating waterslide experiences in one; The Lost River, an immersive, theatrical and dark adventure river experience featuring amusement park level theming; and Kartrite’s Quest, the world’s first ‘Next Generation’ fully themed and immersive multilevel exploration AquaPlay structure. Waterpark favorites also abound, including The Great Ka-Na-Gawa Wavepool, Bombora FlowRider surfing simulator, Mystic Springs indoor/outdoor family hot tub and several waterslides that appeal to everyone from brave thrill seekers to timid toddlers. Situated under 1.5 acres of Texlon® transparent roof – the largest install in North America – Aquatopia’s innovative design allows guests to soak up the sun indoors at a comfortable 84-degrees, year-round. More than 120 lifeguards trained and certified through Ellis & Associates, the industry leader in aquatic safety, oversee the safety operations and regulations for Aquatopia Indoor Waterpark. Coastguard certified lifejackets are available for use and lockers are available for rental. First-Class Amenities and Accommodations On the drier side, the 45,000 square-foot Arcadia Family Adventure Center offers two levels of themed activities including: more than 100 video, interactive and ticket redemption games; The Ascent, a vertical rock climbing wall and K2 Klimb overhead ropes courses for adults and kids; Meh-Tah’s (Not So) Mini Golf; Lazer Runner, 36 | NEW YORK LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE | JUNE 2015

black light laser tag; Polka Dot Pots children’s arts and crafts; Oasis Kids Spa offering manicures and pedicures to the youngest of guests; and Kartrite’s Kids Quest, a themed soft play area for the littlest of adventurers. Adults wanting to retreat for a massage, nail treatment or workout can find respite at Serenity Spa and Fitness Centre. Camelback Lodge’s mountain-modern architecture and design extends throughout all 453 guest rooms and suites. Sixteen different suite styles, including loft fireplace suites, balcony suites, family suites with bunk beds, and one- and two-bedroom suites, some with full kitchens, will accommodate a variety of guests from couples to extended family reunions. All guest suites are equipped with TVs, microwaves, mini-refrigerators, ironing boards and safes. Delectable Restaurants, Eateries and Bars Three sit-down restaurants and multiple bars and eateries add to the unique mix of amenities. No matter the season, Trails End Pub & Grille is a conveniently located restaurant for visitors. Guests can ski or board right up in the winter, warm up by the fire and enjoy a bite before heading back to the peak on the Stevenson Chair Lift. The Trails End Pub & Grille menu features an extensive burger selection, cast iron mac and cheese, steak dinners and more. The restaurant also serves specialty drinks and craft beer. Flanking the grand lobby are: Hemispheres, offering a buffet-style family atmosphere that includes live action-cooking stations and many choices for both adults and children; Neptunes, a more intimate venue with a sushi bar, small plates, seafood selections, craft beer and wine, and specialty cocktails with a glass panel panoramic view of Aquatopia Indoor Waterpark; and World Bazaar & Coffee Shop, offering specialty coffee drinks, pastries and snacks.   Located in

the heart of the action of Aquatopia Indoor Waterpark, guests can refuel with burgers, sandwiches, pizza and more at Hungry Camel and Colonial Columns, and indulge in dessert at Sweet Discovery with homemade yogurt, assorted candies, fudge cookies and more. Adult beverages are available in and out of the pool inside Aquatopia at Moroccan Nights and Flyboys, the adults-only swim-up bar. Conference and Meeting Space Meeting and conference space abounds with 20,000 square feet of flexible meeting and entertainment space at the new Camelback Lodge, in addition to the 18,000 square feet of existing space in the base ski lodges. Camelback Resort is an ideal setting for team building events by integrating indoor and outdoor activities including ropes courses, rock climbing and more, as well as a scenic location for meetings and weddings, school and sports team outings, bar and bat mitzvahs, Sweet 16 parties and other celebrations. Grand Opening Specials Camelback Lodge & Aquatopia Indoor Waterpark grand opening specials include a $200 amenity savings booklet with deep discounts in the spa, restaurants, gift shops and more to overnight guests. Camelback Lodge is also offering limited-time Sneak Peek day passes until June 14, 2015 to the normally exclusive Aquatopia Indoor Waterpark. Beginning June 15, 2015, Aquatopia will only be accessible as part of a hotel reservation, and day passes will only be available for Camelback Resort guests when they show proof of purchase from the outdoor Camelbeach Waterpark, Camelback Mountain Adventures or winter lift pass. Rates for guests 48 inches and over are $39.99 and $29.99 for guests under 48 inches. Throughout the 20-month construction process, Camelback developers focused on hiring subcontractors and suppliers locally

and throughout Pennsylvania whenever possible, investing $21 million directly in the region, and employing more than 500 construction jobs. Now open, Camelback Lodge has hired 600 fulland part-time employees in addition to the 1,600 people employed through Camelback Resort’s seasonal operations. In its first year of operation, the new lodge is projected to attract more than 600,000 visitors and according to an Economic Impact Study, it is projected to generate tax revenues in excess of $152 million for the township, county and state over a 10-year period. For more information about Camelback Lodge or to make a reservation, please call at 855-515-1283 or visit Camelback Lodge on the web at www.CamelbackResort.com

The Camelback Lodge & Aquatopia Indoor Waterpark The Camelback Lodge & Aquatopia Indoor Waterpark ownership group is a partnership comprised of Camelback Resort and Camelbeach Waterpark co-owners Arthur Berry III and Ken Ellis, and Stand Rock Hospitality partners Pete Helland Jr., Pat Helland, Tim Lucke and Tim Gantz. Arthur Berry III and Ken Ellis first met on the Saratoga, New York campus of Skidmore College in 1982. Through their friendship and common vision to bring fun to their family and friends, they purchased Camelback Resort in June 2005 with the goal of building an indoor waterpark resort. The resort has seen substantial growth in nine years of ownership with capital improvement to Camelback’s winter operations, snowtubing park, Camelbeach Waterpark and the opening of Camelback Mountain Adventures.




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Live your dreams awake!

378146 OCEANFRONT MASTERPIECE! Situated on approx 280 ft of oceanfront! One of the finest and most gracious homes ever built on the Florida coast! $20,000,000

Private 13,286 sq. ft. Oceanfront Estate! Plus full 3 bedroom guest house & resort style pool! $5,995,000

Immaculate estate home on the 2nd fairway! Frank Lloyd Wright inspired design! 3 bedroom/ 4.5 bath! $1,375,000

SENSATIONAL PROTECTED DEEP WATER - 7â&#x20AC;&#x2122; DRAFT, .83 ACRE CORNER LOT ON THE HARBOR! Ready for you & your architectâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s vision of your dream home! $1,100,000





Situated on the bluest of waters, at the St. Lucie Inlet where the river & Atlantic Ocean merge! $3,895,000


â&#x20AC;&#x153;Estateâ&#x20AC;? golf course home, 5,058 total sq ft! SE Exposure! Spectacular golf & lake views! $999,999

1VO[^W]\aVW^8OQY<WQYZOca ÂżAWU\Obc`SĂ&#x20AC;5]ZT1]c`aSeWbV <=B33B7;3A6]ZSa/Z]\UbVS @WdS`=QSO\ 2`WdW\U>`OQbWQS@O\USa E]`ZR1ZOaa/`[SRASQc`Wbg GOQVb1ZcP ;O`W\O/QQ][[]RObSac^b] # 4]]bGOQVba /eO`REW\\W\U2W\W\U @Sa]`b:WTSabgZS 1][[c\Wbg4SSZeWbV4`WS\RZg <SWUVP]`a 4Wb\Saa1S\bS` :WUVbSRBS\\Wa1]c`ba :WP`O`g 1][^ZW[S\bO`g1]\QWS`US 6SZW^OR ;W\cbSab]>`WdObS/W`^]`b ;WZSa]TC\Q`]eRSRASQc`S 0SOQVSa A^OAOZ]\ >SOQSB`O\_cWZZWbg>`WdOQg


Largest available condominium! Over 2,900 A/C sqft, 3 bed/4 bath corner end unit! $895,000


Ab`OQchhW @3 /:3AB/B3B3 /; >Ob`WQY


EEEAB@/1CHH71=; Ob

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%% "&$%&#$13::

Disneyland The Magic Lives On By Mira Temkin

here is magic in the air in Disneyland. You’ll feel a sense of wonder wherever you go at “The Happiest Place on Earth,” seeing enchantment in the eyes of the young and the young at heart. Opened in 1955, Disneyland continues to be the most visited amusement park in the world, unfolding in eight wonderful lands with more than 60 rides and attractions. Main Street USA welcomes you with its old fashioned charm; bands are playing, balloons are flying and this is about as All-American as it gets.

You’ll watch your kids fly high in the sky with Dumbo or whirl around the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party and you’re immediately transported back to your own childhood. There’s still plenty of excitement around every bend with Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Splash Mountain and Star Tours. Dare you visit the Haunted Mansion? In Mickey’s Toontown, a cartoon come to life, you’ll see where Mickey and Minnie live, plus get their autographs as well as a hug. “It’s a Small World” in Fantasyland continues to delight a whole new generation of children. When the sun goes down, the new Disney new nighttime show, “Fantasm,” explodes into the night, featuring music, color and a few special surprises. JUNE 2015 | NEW YORK LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE | 41

California Adventure Park – Excitement to the Max This park was opened in 2001 and is themed after the history and culture of California. with seven different “districts” and 34 attractions. Toy Story Mania on Santa Monica Pier is the king of the fair. Here you don 3-D glasses, sit in a moving vehicle, and when it stops at several carnival type shooting galleries, you shoot. Do take time out of your day to see the production of Disney’s Aladdin. It’s a spectacular show with amazing costumes, glorious music and a flying carpet. Of course, Elsa and Anna from “Frozen” still reign supreme here and you’ll find everything from a “Frozen” sing-along to a meet and greet. Downtown Disney – Shop, Dine and Enjoy the Game After a day in the park, Downtown Disney is a great place to relax. This lively promenade features unique shopping, dining and entertainment, all without an admission fee. Eat at Rainforest Café, watch the big game from inside an ESPN broadcast studio, or catch live music outdoors. 42 | NEW YORK LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE | JUNE 2015

Celebrate Disney’s Diamond Celebration Disney’s 60th anniversary celebration just kicked off in May with three new dazzling parades and shows. “Paint the Night“ parade showcases Disney’s beloved characters, while the “Disneyland Forever” fireworks spectacular is filled with color, characters and surprises. Once again, an all-new “World of Color” returns to light up the night. You can sure they’ll be celebrating throughout the year. Be a VIP Disney’s VIP Tour Services enable you to experience Disneyland in a carefree way. Imagine discovering all the magic and adventure at both Disneyland Resort theme parks with a VIP Tour Guide as your personal ambassador. Your VIP Tour Guide will customize your visit by arranging special seating for parades and live stage shows and more. The biggest perk of the guide is the special access to the FastPass line and skipping the lines all together. Your guide will escort you on every attraction. $315 [$355 during peak season] per hour/per VIP Tour Guide – 6 hour minimum. Price includes unlimited FastPasses. To reserve, call Disney Special Activities at 714-300-7710.

Stay and play with Disneyland Vacation Packages There are three Disneyland Resort Hotels on the grounds, offering a range of benefits including theme park tickets, early park admission, access to Disney character dining and more. To share the Disneyland adventure with your family, call 714-520-5060 or visit: www.disneyland.com Go with the Anaheim Resort Transportation (ART) The truth be told, you don’t need a car here. The ART system is an excellent way to get around. With almost two dozen routes, ART can get you anywhere from Buena Park (Knott’s Berry Farm) to the Anaheim Canyon Train station to the Packing District. Multipleday passes are also available on the shuttle, visit: www.rideart.org CityPASS – Value to the Max If you’re planning to go to Disneyland for more than one day, the Southern California CityPASS is the easiest and most economical way to visit the parks in the Anaheim/L.A. area. The pass is good for

a three day park hopper in Disneyland and California Adventure Park, plus one day each at Universal Studios in L.A. and Sea World in San Diego. The card is viable for 14 days after the first use, so you have plenty of time to enjoy the benefits. Plus with CityPASS, you avoid the ticket lines at the parks as well. Purchase your Southern California CityPASS online at: www.citypass.com or call 888-3305008. Get savings of $100 or more over individual ticket prices. When to go The slowest times for Disneyland include the first few weeks in December, September through November (excluding Columbus Day weekend) and parts of January and February. But sometimes rides and attractions are down for repairs, so it’s best to check the website to avoid disappointment: www.gocalifornia.about.com/ od/cadisneyland/ss/disneylandbymonth As new rides and attractions take over the park, somehow, Disney magic never grows old. t JUNE 2015 | NEW YORK LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE | 43


Access to exclusive events.

Customized private tours.

One-of-a-kind experiences.

JOIN THE INTREPID MUSEUMâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S ANCHOR SOCIET Y. The Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum is charting a course as a leading educational and cultural institution. Become a member of the Museumâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Anchor Society and help us inspire future generations through science and history. As an Anchor Society member, youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll receive priority access to events and programs, an insiderâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s view of the Museumâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s future plans and exclusive opportunities tailored to your interests. Visit intrepidmuseum.org to learn more. Become an Anchor Society member today!



Eastern Shore

CHOPTANK RIVER WATERFRONT: Exquisite Architect Designed custom brick home with broad views, beach, 50’ pool, octagonal screened


$2,395,000 $2,595,000




HISTORIC WATERFRONT: Situated on Oak Creek with private pier,

private wooded setting with deep water pier and sunset views. $1,995,000




Barbara Watkins, Associate Broker Benson & Mangold Real Estate


C:410-310-2021 O:410-822-1415 Barb.c.watkins@gmail.com www.EasternShoreHomes.com

Punta Gorda, the Different Florida By Ross Warren native Floridian once said that eventually the state government would have to place a sign at the border with Florida that said: “Full, please go home.” Visitors to Miami, Tampa and other major destinations will understand why the locals feel that way. Although tourism is one of the prime factors in the Sunshine State’s income, it can become

frustrating when you can’t find a parking space, the beaches are overcrowded and the sidewalks look like Times Square on New Year’s Eve. Those in the know are aware that there are terrific alternatives to the over-crowded locales that, even today, have the feel of “Old Florida.” Charlotte Harbor and the Gulf Islands are the UnFlorida Florida. JUNE 2015 | NEW YORK LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE | 47

There’s sun and sand, deep sea fishing, palm trees, scads of boutique shops, great dining opportunities and, did we mention sun and sand? On the West Coast Punta Gorda is a short hop from Ft. Meyers Airport, but a world away. Punta Gorda nearly swept out to sea during a 2004 hurricane that devastated the city and much of the surrounding area. But Mother Nature didn’t realize she was dealing with a hardy breed of residents who immediately set about to rebuild their city. They kept what was salvageable, built modern structures and paid tribute to its history in many of the structures that kept the timeless feeling. Some of the city is walkable, but in truth you are better off with some form of transportation. Traffic is generally light, even in what is referred (laughably to New Yorkers) to as the “rush hour” when you may see a dozen or so vehicles coming down the street. One of the sites that should be on any list is Fisherman’s Village. Actually, it’s anything but a village and definitely not a fisherman’s village. It’s more of a long pier jutting out into the water. That being said, there are more than 30 shops, restaurants, a resort and a marina with enough to keep anyone busy for the better part


of the day. Check the schedule at the pier to see when the frequent offerings of entertainment, ranging from concerts to chorale groups, are performing. Seating is on a first come-first served basis. But there is ample seating. Located on the waterside of the pier are the boats of Kingfisher Fleet. For those looking for a relaxing couple of hours or a day on the water, Kingfisher has just the boat for you. There are tours of the canals in the area and the amazing homes that line them. For the more adventurous Kingfisher offers regular daily deep sea fishing to areas about a dozen miles off-shore. The water here teem with a wide variety of fish from grouper to snapper. Most times there is only a second’s hesitation from the time the line hits bottom until a fish hits the line. Fishermen on Kingfisher charters tend to have a pretty good physical workout hauling in catch after catch. Back at the dock the crew will clean and fillet your catch. Scraps are feed to lazy fish that populate pier side and to pelicans who know what to expect. www.kingfisherfleet.com Take a ride back in time with the Crescent B Ranch Buggy Tours. The 90,000 acre ranch is rich in wildlife, some friendly and some

not so much. One stop affords guests the opportunity to go into the brush safely along a wooden boardwalk. At the far end in a large enclosure is a cougar that will sometimes come over and growl at you. Along the route are wild pigs and turkeys, different species of birds, cracker cattle and alligators. In fact it isnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t unusual for the buggy to have to stop and wait until some rather large alligators decide to move off the one-lane bridge to allow passage. But hey, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s their home. www.babcockwilderness.com Another must-see is Rick Treworgyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Muscle Car City, a repository of some of the most carefully cared for cars, motorcycles and trucks in the country. Jay Leno would go green with envy at the collection. Some years ago Rick turned his personal collection of vehicles into a museum and gave the public an opportunity to enjoy vintage transportation. www.musclecarcity.com

The city also has a free loaner bike program for residents and guests to enjoy a pedal around the city. A volunteer organization, TEAM Punta Gorda provides bikes and all a borrower has to do is provide a credit card for security, a driverâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s license and sign a waiver of liability. www.Teampuntagorda.org/bicycleloaner.html There are a variety of restaurants thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll cater to just about any taste and pocket book. One of the better dining spots is the Captainâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Table at the far end of Fishermanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Village. You can try them for any meal, but try to do so at sunset and ask for a table by the windows overlooking the water. Watching the sun go down and reflect off the water is a sight to remember for life. And the food ainâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t bad either. www.thecaptainstable.com For those feeling a bit aged after all the fun and food in Punta Gorda, the original Ponce deLeon Fountain of Youth is located in the heart of the city. At least thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s what the locals claim. In spite of the fact that thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a disclaimer indicating the water has radioactive elements to it, visitors flock to sip from the modern spigot of the ancient stream. Does it work? Well no one has been seen coming UPJUXJUIBXBMLFSBOEMFBWJOHJOBTUSPMMFS4P XIPLOPXT t


GOT A QUESTION? GIVE US A CALL. US+CANADA 877-522-0722 UK 0808.101.7261

Family Escape: Romantic Rendezvous: All-Inclusive Packages: Beachfront Locale, we have it all.

Windjammer Landing Villa Beach Resort | Labrelotte Bay, P.O. Box 1504 Castries St. Lucia 1-877-522-0722 | reservations@windjammer-landing.com | windjammer-landing.com

See France and Take Your Hotel Room with You By Ed Curtis rance has gotten a bad rap over the years with the story that its residents are not only unfriendly, but downright hostile to tourists. That peaks with the feeling that Parisians are in the forefront of the disdain. “Don’t take offense if a Parisian disses you,” commented a travel writer. “They don’t even like other Frenchmen.” The truth of the matter is that, contrary to the above, the French are no different than, say-New Yorkers. For the most part they are friendly and even helpful. They’ll welcome foreigners and many go out of their way to help those with little to no fluency in French. Parisians have even been known to walk over to tourists trying to figure out the maps in the Metro (subway to you Americans) that light up to highlight the route to take and the stop to get off. Are there those who are nasty? Absolutely. But think of New Yorkers walking down Broadway with their eyes to the ground, ignoring all those around them. Or visualize Los Angelinos lost in a world that exists only in their minds and are cold to strangers or those of lesser station. One way to get to know the French is to meet them on their own grounds and their terms. Europeans have developed a unique method of travel, one that is highly popular in France; river cruising. The comfort of a river cruise has to be experienced to be understood.


Art of Cruising Uniworld River Cruises has turned river cruising into an art. The company’s elongated ships have become a familiar sight throughout Europe and Asia with trips ranging from the Danube to the Yangtze. This season they are featuring a series of cruises through France that will bring the visitors face-to-face with both the beautiful French countryside as well as the average Frenchman him/herself. The beautifully appointed ships offer comfort and a wide window or balcony with sliding doors as a portal to the scenery. But even without debarking the mixture of nationalities and cultures aboard ship is exciting. The dining room offers the opportunity to take a meal with people from any number of nations. You’ll come away with an appreciation for others. And in many instances make friendships that could last a lifetime. 52 | NEW YORK LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE | JUNE 2015

An eight day cruise called “Bordeaux, Vineyards & Chateaux sails three rivers, the Gargonne, Dordogne and the Gironde as it moves slowly and comfortably through the countryside. French Wines Port stops permit you to sample the famed French wines in Aquitaine with its delicious reds. You can explore Emilion and Medoc while pedaling a bicycle through the vineyards. While savoring the wines you can also enjoy the history of France such as Emilion’s 12th Century Monolithic Church. The Burgundy & Provence eight-day option aboard the beautiful SS Catherine passes through the wine regions as well as UNESCO Heritage sites such as Avignon where you can enjoy time with the locals at the Lyon Les Halles food market. Provence, once an independent country, retains its unique identity

framed by the Rhone Delta to the Mediterranean coast. There is a Roman amphitheater still in use a millennia after it was built. In Burgundy visit the Maison des Chevaliers-the House of Knightsand spend some time in Beaune, the wine capital of the region. You can explore the unique medieval hospital where wine auctions have taken place for centuries. Paris & Normandy Yet another option is the eight-day Paris & Normandy itinerary that will bring you to the sites of the famed World War II battle that finally put the Nazis on the run. On the River Seine you can marvel at the gargoyles that seem to be flying off Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris and enjoy the cityâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s cafes. Passengers will have the opportunity to visit the square where Joan

of Arc was martyred. Art lovers will revel in Giverny where Money created masterpieces; the beach at beautiful Honfleur where Corbet and Boudin painted on the beach; and at Aver-sur-Oise where Van Gough set his canvas and spent his final days. There are select sailings in summer designed for families bringing the younger set along. Staffs on Uniworldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s ships are native to many of the regions the ships sail through and have a personal and intimate knowledge of the area. And they are both willing and happy to share insights of the route. Early reservations may be able to take advantage of special rates. For information on itineraries and rates, call 1-800-257-2407. Or check out www.uniworld.rivercruise.com t JUNE 2015 | NEW YORK LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE | 53

COCOA BEACH, FLORIDA Newly listed d irect oceanfront l uxury c ondo. This

COCOA VILLAGE, FLORIDA Located directly on the Indian River, Whitley Bay is a beautifully designed and maintained luxury condominium complex. At just the right height in the building to enjoy the view of the ever changing river and Cocoa Village Marina, this surprisingly large and well proportioned condo would make a perfect transition from a single family home. Features include new paint and carpet, a multi-purpose den/study, jetted tub, walk in closets, electric storm shutters, kitchen pantry, separate laundry room, two a/c zones and a private garage under the building. Just steps away from the restaurants, shops and all the charm that Cocoa Village has to offer. Offered at $429,900



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Dodge City, still a Gunslinger’s Paradise By Bob & Sandy Nesoff | Photos by Bob Nesoff odge City! The name alone stirs the emotions of 12-yearold kids... and their fathers and grandfathers. Synonymous with the mystique of the old West and the famous lawmen and outlaws that populate books, movies, television covering both fact and fictions, Dodge City today revels in its history and culture. While much of the area is industrialized, the historic district and the original Boot Hill Cemetery draw people by the thousands. Dodge City Days, running from July 25 to August 3, more than 100,000 people crowded into the iconic town to see recreations of gunfights, saloon gals and, for the first time in 129 years, a cattle drive down the main drag now named Wyatt Earp Boulevard.

Thousands of people lined the streets to watch as a herd of longhorn cattle, preceded by a stagecoach carrying Western entertainment celebrities, ambled along. Professional cowboys took up positions on either side of the herd to keep them in line and avoid the possibility of an onlooker ground under the hooves of a meandering beast with a seven-foot horn span. The irony of it all was lost on the drovers and most of the spectators as the herd passed McDonald’s and Arby’s quick food joints that feature beef on the menu. But that wasn’t a problem 129 years ago. Representatives of the Boot Hill Casino and Resort, major backers of Dodge City Days, also brought in several celebrity actors, inducted them into the Cowboy Hall of Fame and swore them in as Honorary Dodge City Marshals.


The honorees included Johnny Crawford who rose to fame playing Mark McCain, Chuck Connors’ son in the long-running TV show, The Rifleman. John Lehr, star of the popular Hulu.com show, Quick Draw, was sworn in as well. Present to guide them was Buck Taylor, a previous inductee, who played Newly on the famed TV show, Gunsmoke. The three posed for pictures with visitors, signed autographs for literally hundreds of fans and made appearances with Brent Harris, the honorary City Marshal, who in full lawman dress looked more like Wyatt Earp than Wyatt Earp did. But the party was only starting. Just minutes from the Boot Hill Casino and Resort was the home of the Roundup Rodeo with enough excitement and entertainment to make the hair of any PETA activist stand on end. Contrary to some misinformation given out, 56 | NEW YORK LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE | JUNE 2015

the animals in a rodeo are far from being mistreated. This isn’t a Mexican bullfight, but a contest between man and beast... with the beast usually coming out on top. The rodeo isn’t aimed at only entertainment. On the Saturday night of the run, patrons are “strongly” urged to wear pink; even the men. The pink movement is designed to raise awareness of breast cancer and to raise funds for the fight against the disease. Unfortunately the original section of Dodge City burned down years ago, but the recreation is fairly close to the city as it was when Wyatt, his brothers and Bat Masterson walked the streets. In fact, Bat’s brother, Ed, is buried somewhere near or in Boot Hill. When the graves we removed to a higher location, just above the original site, his body “...went a missin’...”

There is more, much more, to do in Dodge City, especially after the festival closes for the year. The casino features slots and table games in a relaxed atmosphere. One of the biggest draws (aside from gunslingers) is the special of prime rib steaks for $9.99. That is the regular, every day price. As tough as the longhorns are, the prime rib is tender and juicy. And at that price, arguably the best bargain in town. Adjacent to the casino is United Wireless Arena, home to arena football, ice shows, productions shows and a popular venue for weddings and other social events. A very short walk from the arena visitors can view longhorn cattle and buffalo in pens adjacent to the walk of fame. Amongst the inductees whose hand and boot prints were just enshrined, including those mentioned above, are famous locals like “Marshal”

Brent Harris and Dr. R.C. Trotter (yup, he’s a real doctor) who is the driving force behind the rodeo. No visit to a historic Western town is complete without a trip to a Western wear store. Out West. Just off Wyatt Earp Boulevard has an amazing collection of clothes, tack, and jewelry, all at very reasonable prices. We purchased a pair of fancy spurs and a great cowboy dress shirt as well as some jewelry. The spurs almost made it through the cattle drive but a real cowperson decided it might be dangerous for an Easterner who might suddenly be riding a horse that thought it was heading for the Camptown races instead of a leisurely ride. For information on Dodge City Days and next year’s dates, check out www.dodgecityroundup.org t



Spectacular layered vistas await you from this lovely home, located on over 1.4 acres with usable yard in the desirable community of Brushy Face. The home features one level living with the living, kitchen, dining, master bedroom with ensuite bath, powder room, and laundry all on the main level. Great room design with lovely kitchen with breakfast bar, living room with stone fireplace opens onto a huge screened porch. Upstairs has 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, plus an office. Lower level has great storage with a kids room, 2 additional sleeping rooms, 2 full baths, and a family room with fireplace. Full propane furnace plus central air, whole house generator and a 2 car garage round out this wonderful opportunity. Offered at $2,150,000.


Main house has 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths. Guest house has 2 bedrooms and 2 baths. Wonderful old Highlands charm with this 1880 Farmhouse located on desirable Bowery Road and sits on over 10 acres of unspoiled nature. Spectacular southerly views! Level, grassy yard for family get togethers. Outdoor BBQ area perfect for cool summer evenings. One car garage. MLS #80904 Offered at $2,400,000

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Hipper than New York? By Stephanie & Jeff Sylva

ipper than NYC? Never. New Yorkers will never admit that any city could possibly be more hip than the Big Apple. But the “city that never sleeps” may be looking over its shoulder at a U.S. city that many people feel has supplanted it as America’s hippest city. “The capital of West Coast urban cool,” as stated by The New York Times, Portland, Oregon, whose unofficial motto, “Keep Portland Weird,” has attracted a populace driven by creativity that thrives on its anythinggoes attitude. This care-free attitude has produced a vibrant arts scene replete with unique bookstores, record shops, music venues, and body art studios and a cutting-edge food and drink environment with a wealth of great restaurants, cafes, microbreweries and brew pubs, wineries and wine bars, coffee roasters, distilleries, and an ever-growing menagerie of food carts. Add to this the fact that Portland is probably one of the most “outdoor” cities in the U.S. With an abundance of green space in its many parks and gardens, beautiful natural landscapes, and nearly year-round temperate weather, Portlanders are an exercise-driven population of bikers, hikers, runners, and kayakers.


Vibrant Neighborhoods It is Portland’s street scene – its vibrant, diverse neighborhoods – that characterize Portland and give it its soul. Sure Portland has wonderful museums like the Portland Art Museum and the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI); a great zoo; lush, green parks like Mt. Tabor, Washington Park, which boasts the beautiful International Rose Test Garden and the Portland Japanese Garden, and the sprawling urban wilderness of Forest Park. But the city’s eclectic and distinctive districts, with their cafes and markets, public art, plazas, myriad shopping venues, and lively night scenes, are the city’s lifeblood. Downtown has the Cultural District and Pioneer Square, also known as “Portland’s living room.” Northwest/Nob Hill is where we strolled along a pair of streets ideal for window-shopping and café-hopping - Northwest 23rd and 21st avenues. Stop at Salt & Straw on 23rd Avenue for an ice cream – their list of flavors reflects the creative culinary spirit of the city. Expect the unexpected with flavors like pear with blue cheese and strawberry with balsamic vinegar and black pepper. Be sure to visit Lan Su Chinese Garden in Old Town/Chinatown. This neighborhood also is home to the renowned Portland Saturday Market (open Sundays, too) and the always quirky Voodoo Doughnuts (famous for its Bacon Maple Bar), where there is often a line of hungry noshers out the door. The Pearl District has emerged from its industrial past to become a trendy dining and shopping zone, and it is home to Powell’s Book Store, the world’s largest – and arguably most famous – independent new-and-used bookstore. Other neighborhoods we spent time exploring were Hawthorne and Belmont. Hawthorne is the long-time hub of Portland’s counter-culturalism, and both areas are teeming with trendy and


quirky places to eat, drink, and shop. The neighborhoods also boast two of Portland’s famed food cart colonies, Cartopia at 12th and Hawthorne and Good Food Here on Belmont at 43rd, where we ate some delicious Thai food for lunch. “World’s best street food” – CNN Portlanders take great pride in the city’s menagerie of nearly 700 food cart eateries which have drawn raves from the likes of Bon Appetit and CNN. Typically anchored at fixed locations (as opposed to mobile food trucks) comprising “pods” or colonies, the food carts dish out innovative cuisine using high-quality ingredients at reasonable prices. Downtown pods, like the one at S.W. Tenth Avenue and Alder St., are some of the city’s largest and longestrunning, attracting lunch crowds from nearby office buildings. Many of the pods on the east side are open for breakfast, dinner, and the late-night bar crowd. For more on the food cart scene check out the online Food Carts Portland guide. Portland’s restaurant scene, many of which are farm-to-table devotees, has a well-deserved reputation for cutting-edge culinary creativity. Food & Wine has named Portland one of the “best places to eat” in North America, and Time.com called Portland “America’s new food Eden.” Wines, bikes and books Two of Portland’s finest hotels are The Hotel Vintage Plaza and the Heathman Hotel, both conveniently located downtown on Broadway. Offering accommodations and service of the highest quality, both hotels also offer some very enjoyable special touches. The Vintage Plaza, for instance, invites its guests to relax in its living-room styled lobby for a complimentary wine and beer social from 5:00 to 6:00 each evening. The hotel also offers guests free use of its bicycles, something that we took full advantage of one

morning as we cruised our way along the Waterfront Bike Park and the Eastbank Esplanade, which offers great views of the Portland skyline, to the Springwater Corridor Bike Path making like true biking Portlanders. The Heathman Hotel also provides a complimentary wine tasting from 5:00 to 7:00 Monday through Thursday, but in a rather interesting venue – the hotel’s library located on the mezzanine level. What makes this social hour so interesting is the fact that the “library” is comprised of a collection of books personally signed by the author. One stipulation for inclusion in this library is that the author must have stayed at The Heathman. We were fascinated by the extensive collection of more than 2,500 books, a veritable Who’s Who of literati including signed editions from Nobel Prize and Pulitzer Prize winners, U.S. Poet Laureates, and two United States Presidents. We enjoyed sipping a glass of a regional pinot noir while paging through the books to read the authors’ inscriptions, and were amazed when the librarian informed us that hotel guests are actually permitted to borrow any of the books during their stay at the hotel. Liquid assets Another of Portland’s many nicknames is Beervana, so named because of the city’s numerous microbreweries. With 51 microbreweries within city limits, more than any other city in the world, Portland is arguably the new craft brewery capital of the world. Explore them on your own or take a guided tour with Pubs of Portland Tours or the Beervana Tour with Portland Walking Tours. Or for a more Portland-style tour, hop on the 15-passenger, pedal-powered “bikes” operated by Brewcycle and Pedalounge.

Portlanders’ desire for artisan drink doesn’t end with the fine wine and craft beer scenes. There are now ten craft distilleries in Portland creating cutting-edge and critically acclaimed spirits reflecting the same passion for quality and dedication to local ingredients as the many fine microbrewers do. A good place to begin exploring the distillery movement is Distillery Row, a collection of five producers in the Central Eastside neighborhood. And still another of Portland’s nicknames, Stumptown (originating from indiscriminate mid-nineteenth century logging in the area), lends its name to one of the city’s other liquid assets – coffee. Stumptown Coffee Roasters, which now has satellites in Brooklyn and Seattle, is the city’s most vaunted roaster. The city’s appreciation for exceptional coffee fits with its support of fine brewers, distillers, and vinters, as a wide selection of artisan roasters and coffeehouses can be found throughout Portland. So, whether it be some great food at one of the city’s fine restaurants or funky food carts, coupled with some fine local wine or hearty brew, topped off with a perfect cup of coffee, enjoy a taste of Portland – a taste that screams “hip”. If You Go: - For a wealth of information about everything Portland, visit the website for Travel Portland – they’re pretty hip, too. www.travelportland.com www.foodcartsportland.com t


MEDITERRANEAN MASTERPIECE | 12025 NW 78TH PL | PARkLAND, fL 33076 | $560,000



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On Top of the World in Switzerland

By Mira Temkin

or those with a real sense of bravado, Interlaken is known as the Mecca for over-the-top sports adventure. Interlaken caters to thrill seekers with whitewater rafting, bungee jumping, zip-lining, paragliding and roping…just a few of the many challenges if you like your exhilaration of the heart-pumping variety. Take a look in the sky and see the paragliders stacked up like airplanes, all gently coming down for a landing in the city’s open field. For the less adventurous, Interlaken offers a delightful blend of urban sophistication with small town enchantment. Walk through the city’s main street, the Hoheweg, and enjoy delightful cafes and shops.


Jungfrau – the ultimate adventure If you like heights, Jungfrau is your ticket to non-stop excitement. The area’s most popular excursion goes some 11,000 feet in elevation, where snow-capped mountains open to reveal images of a white winter wonderland. The journey starts at the Interlaken Ost train station where passengers board the first of three modern cogwheel rails that take approximately 2.5 hours to reach the top. (The trains run every day of the year.) The cars slowly ascend up the mountain for 20 minutes until the train arrives in Lauterbrunnen where passengers switch trains. Some 40 minutes later, the train stops at Kleine Schneidegg, approximately 6762 feet up. The lookout towers at Kleine Schneidegg provide a glimpse of ice, snow and jagged mountains and set the stage for what’s to come. The last part of the journey takes almost an hour through a tunnel carved out in the rock of Eiger Mountain and then at last, you’ve arrived at the Jungfraujoch, called the Top of Europe, the highest railway station on the continent.


But first a little history of this UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site. The Jungfrau region includes the imposing Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau mountains in the Swiss Alps. Construction began on the Jungfrau Cog Railway in 1896 and rail stations were opened by section, the first in 1898. It took another 14 years of construction to complete the railway, which opened in 1912, an amazing wonder and engineering feat. Last year, the railway carried more than 800,000 passengers from across the globe to explore these spectacular mountains. Up in the clouds The air is a little thinner up here, but the temperatures are cool and inviting. Where to go first amid the world of eternal rock, snow and ice? How about snow tubing, skiing, zip-lining, dogsledding or snowboarding? It’s a good idea to watch all of the activities first and then decide what you want to do. Take a deep breath and slowly take a walk around and see the top of the mountain from all angles. Stand in awe of the clouds below. (Remember, you’re higher than

the altitude when you can turn on your computer in flight!) Or, take the elevator up to the top of the Sphinx Observation Terrace in just 27 seconds flat for panoramic views over the Aletsch Glacier. Yes, those vistas are the borders of France, Italy and the Black Forest of Germany. There are also easier trails for hiking and chairs for relaxing. But hold your breath as zip liners fly overhead. So cool… Head inside and explore the Ice Palace, which lies 30 meters under the surface of the glacier and was created in the 1930s. It beckons with an impressive world of beautiful ice sculptures featuring eagles, penguins and other shimmering works of art. Stop and see the Jungfrau Panorama, a four-minute, 360 degree cinematic experience exploring the majesty of the mountains. Through colorful lights and music, the Alpine Sensation showcases tourism in the Swiss Alps and a tribute to the tunnel workers who built the Jungfrau Railway. Another exhibition, “Little Dreams of Switzerland” is like a magical snow globe come to life.

Feeling hungry? There are six different restaurants up at the top offering authentic Swiss cuisine. The restaurant Crystal presents the best of Swiss and international culinary temptations, all with amazing views just outside the windows. Savor a glass of Swiss wine and rich, creamy cheese fondue. For a quick warm-up, the coffee bar will fit the bill. Shop on Top, Too Shop for a Tissot luxury design watch and check out their exclusive Jungfrau design. Learn more about the passionate art of making chocolate at the Lindt Top of Europe Chocolate World. It’s a chocolate lover’s delight, but the hard part will be deciding what sweet delicacies to bring home. Still undecided on what to bring back? Top of the World Cap or mega-varieties of Swiss Army Knives are yours for the choosing. When it’s time to go home, you’ll take the same journey back. But you’ll be different. You’ve been to the top of the world. For tickets, ski rentals, and more information, visit www. jungfrau.ch or www.MySwitzerand.com t


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3091 Nathanielâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Green

Golf front Georgian is defined by an exemplary 3 floor interior w/ spacious rooms, intimate living spaces, & exceptional 2nd floor Media Room. First floor Master Suite, Sun Room, 2 Offices, 2 Laundry Rooms, and 3rd floor Recreational area. Offered At $1,000,000

1613 Founders Hill North

Warm ambiance and impeccable it is truly a turnkey home! Golf front. Stunning interior with open flow. Kitchen w/eating area surrounded by windows, Sun Room, 3 first floor Bedrms, plus 2nd floor Bonus, En-suite 4th Bedrm and new Exercise Rm with Sauna. Offered At $789,000


3013 Margaret Jones Lane

Waterfront French country home offers all the amenities one would expect in an elegant 5,177sf home! Outstanding Master Suite w/two luxurious Master Baths & Pool Room with swim gym & spa; Au pair/in-law suite with kitchenette; geothermal heating/cooling system. Offered At $1,199,000

3 Bayberry Lane

The perfect residence within walking distance of Colonial Williamsburg, built in 1937 by Rockefeller Craftsman, and fabulously updated & expanded. Outstanding grounds; 1st and 2nd floor Masters; detached 2 car garage. Offered At $900,000

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This lakefront home is in an Ideal location near shopping, Christopher Newport University, Riverside Medical Center & Ferguson Center of the Arts. The home offers open flow interior & a beckoning exterior with expansive deck, hot tub, gazebo, & dock. 5 BDRM & 3 Fireplaces. Offered at $550,000

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Lake Como, Far More Than George Clooney By Jon Haggins | Photos David Fasano

ake Como is everyone’s dream destination. Whenever I think of Lake Como, I think of George Clooney, however, it’s more than that. Lake Como is blessed with the Grand Villa Serbelloni Hotel in Bellagio and the hotel sits majestically at the edge of the lake with its beautiful landscaped gardens and an outdoor pool with the best view of the Alps. Bellagio is where the air is as fresh as old lace curtain, blowing in the wind. Some of its guests have included George Lucas, and President of Italy. It’s also where the Royals have stayed and you can too. The Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni was built as a private home in 1853 and turned into a luxury hotel in 1873. It is located in a privileged position in Bellagio, a small medieval town known as the “pearl of the lake” for its beauty and its position at the tip of the promontory in the center of Lake Como. The Bucher family, have owned the hotel for generations, enables its guests to live the evocative atmosphere of the past, while responding to their needs and desires of current times as well. There are 95 rooms and a residence with 13 self contained apartments. The hotel also offers a many modern conveniences such as Internet, a fitness

room a spa that offers a variety of treatments, a hot tub, steam room, sauna and an indoor pool. The Royal Hall is lined with crystal chandeliers. The ceiling is accented with gold leaf. It can be leased for special events. It’s also used as a breakfast room with a large variety of breakfast treats. Local Spumoni is served with appetizing hors d’oeuvres during the cocktail hour in the Sala Breva and the specialty of the house is a musical trio. Now what could be more relaxing than that? Villa Serbelloni offers two fine restaurants, La Goleta, informal dining and Le Mistral offers a fine dining experience. Molecular cuisine is today the most advanced frontier of culinary research. It is a new way of cooking based on the scientific observation of what happens to the ingredients in the process of cooking, cooling and matching during food preparation. This new awareness leads to improve traditional dishes as well as discovering new cooking methods, new taste experiences and new opportunities for dietary cooking. Chef Ettore Bocchia was the first in Italy to approach this type of research, since 2002.


In his two-fold role as rigorous researcher and creative chef, he has paved the way to Italian molecular cuisine in Italy and today he is considered to be its initiator and major authority. Two of the fine dishes served are prawns with guacamole ice cream cooled by liquid nitrogen and crispy cuttlefish ink water or pumpkin dumplings starches with truffle and Parmesan cream. It’s where molecular preparation of ice cream is presented to guest using liquid nitrogen and cream. The waiter gently and magically stirs the cream and gas to form the ever so creamy ice cream. Dinner is accompanied by live music. I spoke with the chef Ettore Bocchia and he told me that he has a special relationship with all of his suppliers, because it’s important for him to know where his products are coming from. He also added that he gets his tomatoes from Sicily and Olive oil from Rome and etc. Otherwise he cannot offer the product to the guests. I commented, “How fortunate we are to have a passion for what we do.” I dined on a lake trout with a pink interior, it reminded me of salmon. Chef Ettore Bocchia received a Michelin One Star for his cuisine. Villa Serbelloni Hotel is a stone throw from the center of the village of Bellagio and Villa Melzi. The entrance to Villa Melzi has a garden of canopies and colorful flowers. The Rockefeller Foundation has a villa on top of the hill and 68 | NEW YORK LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE | JUNE 2015

overlooks the village. The village is very active with locals and tourists who enjoy the small cafes and walks through town. There are many small shops with Italian made items such as jewelry, crafts, foulards, bags and accessories made of silk, thanks to the province of Como. There are a number of ferries that shuttle locals across the lake. We boarded a lacquered wooden motorboat for a scenic cruise passing George Clooney and Richard Branson’s villa. This is what everyone comes to Lake Como to view. The only way to get to Villa Balbianello is by boat. The villa is perched along the side of the hill and incorporates six floors. It has its own clock tower and chapel. It’s the only villa with double exposure on the upper level. The villa is surrounded by lush gardens and creeping fig that drape around the columns that stand in the open court between the library and the music room. We boarded our boat and departed Villa Balbianello to cruised pass a number of quaint villages resting along the shore and climbing up the mountainside. Locanda dell’Isola Comacina is located on a small island along the lake. It’s the only restaurant on the Island. The island has a sorted history. The island once had seven churches, pre –Roman times

there were Temples on it. It was always considered a sacred place. When Christians came to the area the temples were converted to Romanesque churches. The island was burned to the ground in 1169 by the Como army. German Emperor Frederick the Red Beard rebuilt Como in the second half of the 13th century. The island is known as haunted, but here are no signs of it today. The restaurant has never altered its menu. A waiter arrives with a large Parmesan cheese slab on his shoulder. You have to be superman in order to carry that. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s my favorite cheese. Lunch consists of fresh fish, vegetables and potatoes. Dessert is very simple a peeled orange with a scoop of ice cream. After the owner speech, we posed for a photo op. Varenna was the next stop along the Lake. Varenna is a small quaint village with lots of history. A large statue of The Visconti Family greeted us as we disembarked from our boat.

The town square is typical of the region. A large church with a bell tower and many historic buildings surround the square. Antique cars paraded the narrow streets as we arrived. The lake surrounds the island and itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s where youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll find families casually dining in cafes along narrow cobblestone streets or in cafes next to the sea while children parade along the seashore. This is a perfect destination to hang out in the squares. The lake view is spectacular and peaceful. We made our way to another dining experience at Varenna Mona Restaurant where everything was freshly prepared. Varennaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s southern end lays a narrow colorful garden overlooking the lake in front of the Villa Monastery. The villa is a museum that offers tours from March until October. The interior is filled with treasures of furniture, painting and murals from the past. If you had to remember two things, remember the Lake Como and Hotel 7JMMB4FSCFMMPOJt JUNE 2015 | NEW YORK LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE | 69

A Gem in Prague By Dorothy Jordon & David Ferber

Four Seasons but on the other side, seemed to fit the bill.

t was our first time visiting Prague and we were very excited. Everyone said that Prague was simply the most beautiful city. So, having figured out all of our flights (Prague was our 2nd stop of 3), it was time to book a hotel. After talking with friends and family, the unanimous opinion was that The Four Seasons Hotel was the perfect choice. Well, we love The Four Seasons so it seemed like this would be easy. But when we started to look at hotels we realized that, since we were off-season (March), prices at most of the luxury properties were substantially cheaper than the $325/ night price at The Four Seasons.

No one we knew had ever heard of the place. Having spent the better part of my life as a travel writer, this was a bit surprising. Even friends who wrote exclusively about hotels couldn’t help. Part of a group that has properties in several Eastern European capitals: Moscow, Warsaw, Bratislava and Budapest, it was the reviews on Trip Advisor that swayed us (and the price, less than half the price of The Four Seasons).

Following a bit of research, we knew we wanted to be located near or in Old Town, not too far from the Charles Bridge and within easy walking distance of the Jewish Quarter. We only had four days, and although Prague is a relatively small city, the old criteria – location, location, location — still resonated. The Mamaison Pachtuv Palace, situated about the same distance from the Charles Bridge as The 70 | NEW YORK LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE | JUNE 2015

Arriving in Prague at 9:30 at night, we decided not to deal with taxis at the airport, having read that there are lots of scams. Instead, we noticed on the hotel website that it offered an airport transfer for about $35 and booked that through the guest relations department. Leaving the plane we didn’t know whose name the booking was in, as David made the room reservation but I made the transfer reservation. Needless to say, it was already a good sign that the driver, Stanislav, had both our names on his placard. 20 minutes or so later, we arrived at the Pachtuv Palace Hotel.

The unpretentious entrance didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t tell us what a gem we had come upon. But, once we were at reception, we started to get the feeling that we had made a good choice. To begin, from the entrance to the hotel, we could see the Charles Bridge and the Castle all lit up. This must be the number one photo that folks take in Prague and here it was, right at our doorstep. We had booked a superior room. They took us to a very large room, with king-sized bed, large bathroom and a small kitchen. The room faced one of the inner courtyards and had a small table and chairs on the balcony for what I knew would be my morning coffee. It looked great. But, then again, it meant going outside before getting coffee in the morning and that didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t sound so great. David asked if there was another option (there are a total of 50 rooms), whereupon we were taken to a somewhat smaller room but with the most amazing view! Trust me, it wasnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t hard to wake up to this vision every morning. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s no wonder that Mozart chose to stay here when he visited Prague! Blessed with incredibly beautiful weather for mid-march we spent four fabulous days wandering around this amazing city. Because it was spared the bombings of WWII, the city consistently inspired us with its remarkable architecture. We walked and walked for hours, day after day. We had planned to take the train from Prague to Berlin. Alas, it was too late to book on line (where substantial savings can be had) so

we went to talk to Tomas, the concierge who always seemed to be going out of his way for somebody. He said, not to worry, someone from the hotel would go and collect the tickets for us. And, when we learned that Czech Transport offered a private car to Berlin for almost the same price, Tomas said he would prefer that we had a known person driving us and arranged for one of the hotel drivers to take us at the same price. Talk about good service! The hotel, parts of which date back to the 17th Century, was actually built as a castle for the noble Pachta family, and is part of a group of cultural and architectural monuments in Prague. There are two inner courtyards, adorned by the whimsical sculptures of Lea Vivot, several of which are also in the hotel lobby (where youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll also find a filled umbrella stand for guests in need). It was not quite warm enough to sit in the garden, which promised to be just spectacular come summer. While we donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t have immediate plans to return, return we will. Four days was enough to whet our appetites for more time in this spectacular city. And this time we wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t have any doubts about where to stay, it will be at the Pachtuv Palace. Its understated elegance, accompanied by a truly helpful and caring TUBÄ&#x152; DPVMEFBTJMZCFDPNFPVSIPNFBXBZGSPNIPNFt The Mamaison Pachtuv Palace 011-420 234 705 111 reservation@pachtuvpalace.com www.pachtuvpalace.com


Montreal Jazz Fest By Jodie Jacobs Photo provided by Festival International de Jazz de Montreal and Frédérique Ménard-Aubin ou feel the electricity as you walk up Rue Sainte-Catherine. Crowds are coming from all directions. They are heading towards the main outdoor stage on the blocked off Place Des Festivals along Rue Jeanne-Mance. Diana Krall, reknown jazz vocalist and B.C. native who normally commands from $80 to $100 a ticket is performing outdoors. Outdoors here, the Festival International de Jazz de Montréal, means free. Headliners typically perform on one of the Jazz Festival’s 15 indoor stages but Krall did her still-talked-about concert June 29, 2014 as a thank you to fans on the 20th anniversary of her appearances at the Montreal International Jazz Festival. Montreal’s famed Jazz Festival has been bringing such luminaries as B.B. King, Ray Charles, Tony Bennet, Al Jarreau, Pat Metheny and Charlie Haden to this cosmopolitan town for more than 30 years. Well, town hardly describes Montreal, a city of nearly two million (metropolitan area is about four million) people who love food, festivals and fashion. Add French to the list which is the native language. However, English is understood and spoken. Walking through the Jazz Festival at night it may seem as if all of Montreal has turned out but listening to the babble you realize jazz fans have descended on the city from all over the world. By the numbers Now entering its 36th season, the festival draws more than two million music lovers to hundreds of concerts on 10 outdoor stages and 15 indoor venues from noon to midnight during 10 days, according to the Montreal Jazz Festival statistics. The 2015 dates are June 26 through July 5. Laurent Saulnier, Festival International de Jazz de Montréal programming vice-president points out that the event has grown and evolved over the years “The first one was quite small if you compare it to what it has become. At the first festival, there was something like 12 concerts. Now there is almost 300!” Saulnier said. And those concerts have expanded from pure jazz to a range that covers blues, hip-hop, soul and other forms. “Now it is, according to the Guinness Book of world records, the largest jazz festival in the world, he said. So how would a visitor manage? Start by checking the full list of entertainers and snag tickets to your most wanted shows. 72 | NEW YORK LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE | JUNE 2015

Some of the headliners appearing in 2015 are blues legends Taj Mahal, John Mayall, James Cotton appearing together June 27, old and new timers Huey Lewis and the News, July 1, and vocalist Bobby Bazini and guest keyboardist Booker T. Jones, July 2, all at the Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier in the “Place des Arts,” the festival’s main, multi-stage venue. Also look for Dee Dee Bridgewater with Irvin Mayfield and the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra at the Théâtre Maisonneuve, July 3, and the “Battle of the Bands” with the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra against the Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra at Maison Symphonique de Montréal, July 4. Where to stay, eat and what to see Best plan is to stay within festival walking distance because you will want to go during the day for some music and return at night for more sights and sounds. The St. Martin is a new boutique hotel a few blocks from the festival on the Maisonneuve Boulevard West. Yes, the St. Martin name is a deliberate reference to the Caribbean’s vacation island. www.lestmartinmontreal.com/default-en.html As to restaurants, you can hardly go wrong in this town of delightful cafés. They dot the streets leading down from the Place Des Festivals to the Montreal Fine Art Museum on Sherbrooke Street. But here are some suggestions. At the festival go to Brasserie T on Rue Jeanne-Mance for gourmet casual fare and outdoor seating along the Place Des Festivals. It is operated by Toque, its famed upscale sister restaurant. www.brasserie-t.com On Ste-Catherine Street are Bistro Accords and Café du Nouveau Monde, two casual, fun places. www.tourisme-montreal.org/Cuisine/Restaurants/cafe-dunouveau-monde www.tourisme-montreal.org/Cuisine/Restaurants/accordsbistro-montreal Also near the festival is the upscale Bouillon Bilk a pricy, newly redone, “in” place. www.bouillonbilk.com The Jazz Festival lies in the heart of downtown Montreal but if you have a free day, definitely take a taxi down to Old Montreal and the St. Lawrence River waterfront. www.vieux.montreal.qc.ca/mus_attr/pdf/attr_09a.pdf www.vieux.montreal.qc.ca/eng/accueila.htm For half a free day walk Montreal’s boulevards and charming side streets to the very doable Montreal Museum of Fine Art. www.mbam.qc.ca/en “You have to stay in Montreal for a couple of days,” said Saulnier. “You have to go to see some very comfortable indoor concert. And there is a lot: from Wayne Shorter to Snarky Puppy, badbadnotgood with Ghostface Killah, Dee Dee Bridgewater and Erykah Badu name a few,” he said. And he added, “But you also have to feel the outdoor site, completely free, where you can smell the music of the city. There is a lot to see, a lot to hear, a lot of peaceful people enjoying summer in downtown Montreal. To be honest: it’s one of the best feelings in the world.” For program tickets and more information visit Montreal Jazz Festival www.montrealjazzfest.com/default-en.aspx t JUNE 2015 | NEW YORK LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE | 73

42% 6 famous attractions

速 EMPIRE STATE BUILDING name and images

Empire State Building Experience

American Museum of Natural History

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Your choice of Top of the Rock速 OR Guggenheim Museum

Your choice of Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island OR Circle Line Sightseeing Cruise

Your choice of 9/11 Memorial & Museum OR Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum

Buy at these attractions - Good for 9 days - Skip most ticket lines


Ages 6-17

114 $89


Connect with CityPASS

(888) 330-5008 or citypass.com


City Pass:

the Affordable Way to Travel By Sandy Nesoff

hether you are visiting from out of town or live in New York City or vicinity, there are many “must see” places to help you enjoy the history and overall environment of this greatest city in the world. We would venture to guess that most of those who reside in or near the city have never visited the Intrepid Museum, the Top of the Rock, the Empire State Building, the 9/11 Memorial Museum or the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Most think, “Why rush? It will be there”. Some relatives visiting from Texas shamed us into visiting the Statue

of Liberty with them. We always wanted to go there, but never made the time. Unfortunately, we had missed a lot. The history, the views of the city from the Hudson River and the opportunity to take a boat ride right in New York City was definitely memorable for everyone. It made us reevaluate our perspectives of New York. There isn’t a day that goes by when there isn’t something exciting, if not eventful to do in New York. Many experiences are either no-cost or low-cost, too. In addition, there are various discount opportunities to take advantage of, if you know where to look. Newspapers, theaters, and coupon booklets offer residents and tourists an affordable way to take the family to many top notch venues.


One company, City Pass is available, with numerous discount coupons for all to enjoy. Whether you are single, a couple or a family, affordability is a necessary consideration. Each booklet saves the buyer $82 from the usual admission fees and the buyer has a choice of 6 attractions to visit.. New York City Pass costs $114 per adult and $89 per youth, age 6-17. Most attractions permit the visitor to skip ticket lines and can be used for nine consecutive days from first use. Among the City Pass options are: tÄ&#x2021;F*OUSFQJE4FB "JSBOE4QBDF.VTFVNPOUIF*OUSFQJEBJSDSBÄ&#x2122; DBSSJFS JO /FX :PSL )BSCPS Ä&#x2021;JT  GPPU MPOH DBSSJFS IPVTFT numerous planes as well as the Space Shuttle, a movie theater, a model of the Hubble telescope, a Russian space capsule and many artifacts that help tell the story of flight. t Ä&#x2021;F 5PQ PG UIF 3PDL JT UIF PCTFSWBUJPO EFDL BU UIF UPQ PG Rockefeller Center on the 70th floor of this historic building, part of a 14 building complex, which includes world famous Radio City Music Hall, the skating rink and in season the worldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s tallest $ISJTUNBTUSFF MJUXJUI MJHIUTJOFBSMZ%FDFNCFSFWFSZZFBS Ä&#x2021;FPCTFSWBUJPOEFDLHJWFTUIFWJFXFSBEFHSFF CSFBUIJOHHMBODF of New York City for as far as the eye can see. And, donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t forget to explore the exhibits on the floors leading to the observation deck as well as the very beautiful Swarovski crystal chandelier above and below the main lobby. t/PUUPPUJSFEZFU .BLFZPVSMBTUTUPQPGUIFEBZUIF&NQJSF4UBUF Building. Perhaps, dinner and a drink or a coffee will invigorate 76 | NEW YORK LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE | JUNE 2015

ZPVGPSBSJEFUPUIFUIÄ&#x2DC;PPSGPSBOPUIFSEFHSFFWJFXPG/FX York. You can visit earlier in the day and return later at night for a city view with everything down below lit up. Remember, there is no additional charge for your same-day return visit. And, be sure to take a good look at a very outstanding lobby. New York is fairly easy to get around. Public transportation (trains and buses) as well as taxis and private vehicles, will help you reach your destinations unless you are trapped in the world-class rush hour traffic or construction... New York City is one of those outstanding places that has something for everyone. Whether you go to a street fair in the warm weather, the theater to see a play, a farmers market right in the downtown area or a specific museum, thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s always something to do. New Yorkers just need to pick up a local newspaper or magazine to view listings of current events and voila, an outing can be planned. If you have out-of-town guests, or if you havenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t been there yet, two excellent places to visit are the 9/11 Museum at ground zero and UIF.VTFVNPG.PEFSO"SUPOUI"WFOVF NVTFVNNJMF "OE  JGZPVIBWFUIFN VTFZPVS$JUZ1BTTDPVQPOTGPSBENJTTJPOÄ&#x2021;FZ will save you money. Ä&#x2021;F  .VTFVN MPDBUFE JO MPXFS .BOIBUUBO  PQFOFE UP UIF public in the Fall of 2014. It stands as a lasting memorial to all of the people who needlessly lost their lives when the twin Towers fell at the hands of terrorists in 2001. First responders were invited to FYQFSJFODFUIFNVTFVNKVTUQSJPSUPJUTQVCMJDPQFOJOHÄ&#x2021;FÄ&#x2022;STU responders and their families included many firefighters, police,

and other essential personnel from New York City, New York State, many of the other states , as well as international workers who came to the city to help out. Many civilian New Yorkers lent hands removing rubble, giving out supplies and feeding volunteers. The museum has a theater showing the fall and subsequent rise of the towers. It is incredible to see some of the inner workings of the new tower as it stands today. This museum is very tastefully done. There are rooms showing photos, with the names listed of every person who lost his or her life when the tragedy occurred. There is a blue wall that covers the area where some remains of individuals are buried. You can also see many videos throughout the museum that help to retell the story of what happened that day. The human components make even the most detached people feel touched by the horrors that occurred. There are exhibits displaying artifacts that survived the tragedyeverything from fire engines to building beams, to eye glasses, shoes, melted firefighters gear, badges, etc. Each artifact brings you closer to an understanding of what the people who lost their lives must have gone through. In midtown stands the Metropolitan Museum of Art. This museum is not to be missed. If you live in the city, turn on your computer and check the museum events board to see what peaks your interest. The curators of this museum cater to every aspect of the arts. Thousands of art majors from universities, as well as high schools and elementary schools visit the museum in order to study the great artists of the world. This museum is designed for young and old alike. So, although there are students there, you will also

find mature folks who have a wonderful appreciation of the arts. There are paintings, water colors, jewelry, armor, furniture, all from various periods in history. If time is on your side, try to hook up with a tour led by a museum docent. A docent can make a guided tour very informative and well worth the charge. If you get hungry or tired, you can rest your bones at the Petrie Cafe in the museum or you can pick up a quick snack from one of the many food trucks in front of the museum. The trucks each seem to specialize in different ethnic foods. You will never go hungry in New York. If you are visiting from out of town, or you are arranging for a place that friends or relatives will enjoy, remember that you do not have to stay in the priciest hotel in the city. Many of the smaller hotels on the side streets are more than adequate to meet your guests’ needs. Lots of them have been refurbished; many have restaurants in the hotel or nearby. Every one of the hotels can be checked out on line and booked prior to the visit. We recently stayed at the Marriott Residence Inn off Broadway in lower Manhattan and found it quite contemporary and charming. Daily breakfast is included in the cost of your room. Before heading out, why not give your own city a “look-see” and discover the wonders of New York. For questions and further information visit: www.citypass.com/ny t JUNE 2015 | NEW YORK LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE | 77


Galveston Island:

High End Vacation Homes By Dale Reynolds ften when you find a vacation or recreation spot that is little known to the outside world, locals will ask that you please don’t tell anyone else. They simply want it to themselves and don’t want it overrun by newbies. Texas’ Galveston Island south of Houston could easily be one of

those places. Its miles of pure white sand beaches offer relaxation while tempting the sun gods. The water gently rolls sin from the Gulf of Mexico…gently most of the time. There are times when the weather becomes very challenging and aims its fury at the island. In 2008 Hurricane Ike took aim at the island and when it was over the damage tally came to a whopping $12 billion. JUNE 2015 | NEW YORK LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE | 79

But Galveston and its residents weren’t about to say “Uncle” to a freak of nature. No sooner had the wind and rain stopped than Galvestonians set to work rebuilding their little bit of paradise. One of the first things put in place was an ordinance requiring that new building had to be above flood level. Anything on ground level had to be breakaway leaving the main structure undamaged. As a result all new buildings on the island stand on stilts, above ground and any water that might come visiting. Many of them have placed light walls or lattice work fencing around the base of the buildings to provide extra room and yet offer a degree of privacy. Residents have often resorted to creative designs to brighten the lower sections of their homes. Along the beachfront are many new homes, a good deal of them fairly high-end vacation rentals or private ownership, have a 80 | NEW YORK LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE | JUNE 2015

commanding view of the water. If there is a downside to any of this, it is the necessity of climbing a flight of steps to get into your home. The upside, aside from the fact that it is protected from storm surge, is a higher view of the surrounding area. The interior of the waterfront homes, many evoking the class and comfort of an earlier time when a leisure class knew how to live well and comfortable, are open and airy with a sparkle. Check out www.sandnsea.com for more information on rental properties or purchasing a vacation home. There is a lot more to Galveston. There is a protected marshland where visitors can climb a low tower to observe birds and other wildlife in their natural habitat. The island’s railroad museum also harkens back to a time in history when life was a lot slower and more easygoing.

One of the main must-see stops on the island is the Moody Garden Pyramid complex. There is a fully-contained rain forest populated by virtually every flora and fauna you would expect to see while trekking through a South American rain forest. Moody Gardens also offers a 3-D theater, a rope climbing challenge and zip line and a ride on the Col. PaddleWheel river boat.

In cooler weather Moody Gardens imports expert ice carvers from a small town in China and they create an amazing ice city in a temperature controlled environment. Galveston Island is conveniently near the mainland and less than an IPVSGSPN)PVTUPOTUISFFBJSQPSUTPOBTUSBJHIUSVOt www.moodygardens.com


Wantage, NJ $7,995,000 VALHALLA ESTATE Situated on 240+ acres, located approximately 52 miles from Manhattan. This 8 bedroom retreat has a 3 acre pond, lighted Har-Tru tennis court, huge event barn, stables, 2 guesthouses and more! Close to 5 reknowned golf clubs, shopping and dining.

Oakland, NJ $2,190,000 SECLUDED PARADISE Approx. 17 acres of natural beauty and total privacy within 30 minutes of NYC. A sleek and stunning meticulously maintained classic contemporary main residence and 3 BR, 2 1/2 bath guesthouse offer panoramic views.

Saddle River, NJ $2,995,000 RED ROCK ESTATE 4.3 acres at the end of a triple cul de sac. Architecture inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright with converging streams, footbridges, nature paths. Indoor atrium and outdoor courtyard off the indoor pool and first floor master bedroom suite.

Saddle River, NJ $3,695,000 SIMPLY ELEGANT Incredible brick manor on 2 prime acres. 6 bedrooms, 7.2 baths, 5 fireplaces, fabulous woodworking and 5-car garage. Stone veranda, heated pool and spa, and lushly landscaped setting. Truly spectacular residence!

Saddle River, NJ $2,199,000 STATELY CUSTOM MANOR All Brick, 5 BRs, 5 1/2 baths, soaring great rm with fireplace, huge master bedroom with fireplace, sitting room & 2 baths. Outdoor amenities offer heated pool & pavilion, bar area, fpl & BBQ area. Finished lower level.

Every Home is Special to Us. R VICKI GAILY, REALTOR-ASSOCIATE速 R MARKETING DIRECTOR OFFICE 201 934-7111 R CELL 201 390-5880 R VGAILY@SPECIALPROPERTIES.COM R SPECIALPROPERTIES.COM Information deemed reliable but subject to errors and omissions.

White Collar Addiction on the Rise

in Current Economic Climate By A.P. Hill or many people the most difficult option is seeking help for an addiction, be it alcohol, illicit drugs or any addictive substance. This is especially true for those who are the face of a company, a community or government. The options are few in allowing them to seek help while maintaining a sense of dignity and anonymity. For the CEO of a corporation the consequences are far greater than personal embarrassment. Word of a top executive with a problem entering a rehabilitation facility could, and generally will, have extremely dire consequences for the corporation. Who wants to work for, deal with or invest in a major corporation whose top executive is an addict? Whether the U.S. is truly out of the recession that hit in 2008 is a subject of much debate. What is certain is that the economic climate is uncertain and American businesses are still in survival mode. The pressure faced by company leadership to keep their businesses alive and thriving is tangible. It is therefore of little surprise that among the generation of current company leadership it is the baby boomer generation where substance abuse issues are on the rise at an alarming rate. And because corporate leadership 84 | NEW YORK LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE | JUNE 2015

positions require executives to be “plugged in” 24/7, these issues are going untreated. According to data gathered in the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), between 2006 and 2008, an estimated 4.3 million American Adults ages 50 and older had abused an illicit substance in the past year. Of those using drugs, more than a third were abusing prescription drugs. Similarly, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) found that the proportion of older people treated for a combination of cocaine and alcohol abuse tripled between 1992 and 2008. Further, SAMHSA predicts the issue of substance abuse among this generation will require doubling of treatment programs for this population by the year 2020. According to Joe McKinsey, Founder and CEO of the Dunes East Hampton Treatment Residence, “What’s worse about the issue of substance abuse among corporate leadership of the baby boomer generation, is that because of the need for executives to be plugged in 24/7, countless thousands of those suffering from addiction don’t feel that treatment is an option given their career obligations. They remain addicted and feel helpless to get the treatment they need. They simply can’t walk away from the pressures of a high paying position for 90 days or longer,” says McKinsey.

Executive Treatment Program In response to the growing problem of substance abuse among a generation of leaders who simply canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t unplug, The Dunes East Hampton has developed an â&#x20AC;&#x153;Executive Treatment Program.â&#x20AC;? This unique and effective program will allow an executive to maintain contact with his or her office associates and clients while receiving individualized treatment for substance abuse and any co-existing disorder that may need clinical attention. â&#x20AC;&#x153;CEOs and high level executives have empires to run and most likely will not leave their business duties to check into rehab due to the catastrophic damages that could be done in the company due to their absence,â&#x20AC;? Joe McKinsey, Founder of The Dunes East Hampton said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;So much is riding on the ongoing functionality and success of a company that we understand the need for an executive to be constantly plugged into work matters.â&#x20AC;? The Dunes Executive Treatment Program is available to clients that cannot detach from their work. The Dunes provides sufficient time, workplace, and administration support so that the client may maintain contact with their associates while they receive the benefit of a safe and nurturing environment. The program also allows a client to attend offsite business appointments, accompanied by a

Dunes staff member, to keep face for their company. As the first and only luxury rehabilitation center in the Northeast, The Dunes is especially seeing the New York business clientele take advantage of their Executive Treatment Program. About the Dunes East Hampton Recovery planning and education at The Dunes is collaborative and comprehensive. Collaborative, because at The Dunes, clients are involved every step of the way, in designing their own individualized recovery plans and structured post-Dunes continuing recovery plans. Their approach gets clients committed to saving their own lives, from their very first steps in treatment, helping to ensure they are completely engaged in their recovery plan. Comprehensive, because members of The Dunes management and the clinical team recognize there are many facets to each clientâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s cycle of addiction in order to give clients the best opportunity for long term recovery. At The Dunes every clientâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s recovery plan recognizes the benefits that accrue to them when they actively participate in their recovery. Then, when clients leave The Dunes, the program ensures each client gets the support that can only come from a continuing care program that emphasizes structure and BDDPVOUBCJMJUZt JUNE 2015 | NEW YORK LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE | 85





Join us at Midtown Manhattan’s most invigorating twist on a traditional steakhouse. And revel in Yankees legends, past and present.

Always in season.

@NYYSteak Facebook.com/NYYSteak @NYYSteak

7 WEST 51ST STREET, NEW YORK, NY 646.307.7910 nyysteak.com

All New York Yankees trademarks and copyrights are owned by the New York Yankees and used with the permission of the New York Yankees.

Favorite Eatery for the Famous

By Jon Haggins | Photos WebMadPhotograpy.com

hen I think of elegance and fine dining, I think of Le Perigord. George Briguet and his son Christopher are the proprietors of this well-established restaurant. Le Perigord Restaurant has been in business since 1964 and that says something for the restaurant. I first visited Le Perigord more than twelve years ago and was very impressed with their cuisine and wrote about it for my then restaurant column. As a result Sidney Poitier and James Earl Jones dined there. Other notables that have dined there are Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, Ex-Mayor Bloomberg, Donald Trump, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Joe DiMaggio, Ronald Reagan, Henry Kissinger and Alan Greenspan. Le Périgord features classic French cuisine in an elegant setting on the eastside in Manhattan. Le Périgord is the premier destination for French cuisine in New York. Monsieur Briguet greeted us and made us feel as if we were guests in his home. The restaurant presents service the way French restaurants used to be, complete with starched white linen tablecloths and exemplary service from wait staff in tuxedos. This well appointed establishment is adorned with a bouquet of fresh roses on each table and large floral arrangements throughout the restaurant. The main room is an open space with lots of banquets and table seating. The restaurant also offers a private dining room lined with murals and banquets and well as free-standing tables and bar for special events.

We chose one of the cozy banquets in a strategic location so that I could celebrity spot the other guests. Le Perigord offers a variety of typical French dishes such as, warm foie gras with seasonal fruits and cold house foie gras with Sauternes aspic as appetizers. The menu also offers a variety of entrees to chose from such as, filet of bass with creamy country mustard sauce, lobster with coriander broth, loin filet of lamb with baby artichokes and carrots, grilled filet mignon with black truffle sauce and beef bourguignon. To start the evening off we were presented with an amuse-bouche, which had a combination of shrimp, smoked salmon and several other fish. For an appetizer, we ordered frog legs and escargot; it’s so typically French. The escargot was prepared in hazelnut butter accompanied with wild mushrooms. For the entrée we ordered medallions of veal draped in morrel sauce and a dish of roasted salmon with lemon saffron sauce with Provenćal style vegetables and fresh herbs. We complimented our dinner with a full body French Bordeaux. A large dessert carriage offers some of the best delightful French treats. One thing one must consider is a soufflé from heaven. In addition to the soufflé, I ordered a dish of fresh strawberries. And to top off our divine evening, we ordered an herbal tea. If you’re looking for a traditional and elegant French dining experience, then Le Perigord should be on your desired list. Le Perigord Restaurant 405 East 52nd Street, New York, NY 10022 (212) 755-6244 www.leperigord.com


Whipping Up a Culinary Adventure in New Orleans By Mona L. Hayden

ooking with professional chefs in New Orleans has to be one of life’s most engaging experiences. Best of all, it’s available and affordable to wannabe chefs of any skill level. Let me share a recent experience in an apron in the Crescent City. Meeting friends for a late lunch at Chef John Besh’s Domenica in the historic Roosevelt Hotel, I make a quick stop in the hotel gift shop. It was there I met Sally, a lovely lady who obviously shared my passion for great food and books. After mentioning my plans to attend three cooking schools and visit with several chefs, she graciously gifted me an autographed copy of Second Helpings, by Southern Living’s Morgan Murphy, which now sits on my shelf of treasured cookbooks. Gosh, I love New Orleans! Sally suggested I try the roasted cauliflower with sea salt and whipped goat feta at Domenica’s and, of course, their renowned pizza. We opted for the wild mushroom with tomato, fontina, sweet onions, bacon and yard egg (not a typo), and both were insanely satisfying. The meal was closed with Affogato, a decadent dessert of vanilla gelato and a butter pecan biscotti, flooded with espresso. Our first culinary adventure led us to The New Orleans Cooking Experience (thenoce.com) where Chef Frank Brigtsen was the instructor for the evening. A fifth generation New Orleanian, Chef Brigtsen’s fervor for the region is evident as he proudly tells us, “The backyard crawfish boil is the greatest cultural culinary experience you can have.” After spending seven years working with internationally acclaimed chef Paul Prudhomme, he and his wife established Brigtsen’s Restaurant in 1986. Tucked inside a beautifully restored 19th century Victorian mansion, the NOCE offers authentic Creole and Cajun culinary classes for up to 12 guests. As you sip wine across the counter overlooking the cooktop in this sleek residential kitchen, you feel as if you’ve arrived early to a good friend’s dinner party. Each class includes recipes and instructions from a series of well-known chefs, unlimited wine service, and a multi-course dinner party to celebrate your newly honed skills. During the course you’ll learn about the multicultured history of New Orleans as well as pick up some great tips from professional chefs. Half-day sessions are available along with three and four day cooking vacations and private and special events. 88 | NEW YORK LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE | JUNE 2015

Our menu consisted of crabmeat ravigote, crawfish shortcakes, corn macque choux (Indian smothered corn), and decadent pecan pie. These traditional recipes were intricately prepared and beautifully served among antique furnishing and art, to be shared with like-minded foodies who relished the opportunity to attend culinary classes here. What I learned… How to make a 5-minute roux; that a box grater is ideal for shredding frozen butter into a pastry recipe (best tip ever!); that every bite should have a progression of flavors; and to quote Chef Frank, “Air is important to cooking but is never listed as an ingredient.” The New Orleans Cooking Experience (504)430-5274 Somewhat new to the scene (est. Nov, 2012) is Langlois Culinary Crossroads. Located in an 1850’s Sicilian market in New Orleans historic Marigny neighborhood, Lanlois, pronounced lang wah’, was named for the French housekeeper to Governor Bienville who taught French women how to cook with local produce, game, and seafood. This tradition continues seamlessly with Chef Amy Cyrex Sims featuring seasonal local ingredients in her recipes as well as fresh herbs harvested from pots just outside the front door. “Food has always been my passion,” she says. “I wanted to share our food and culture and educate people to share with others, so I created Langlois.” Recently recognized by Travel & Leisure Magazines [April 2014] as “one of the best cooking schools around the world”, Langlois can accommodate up to 30 guests onsite and 100 guests offsite with offerings of authentic Cajun/Creole cooking classes, culinary tours, private dining, cooking competitions, and team-building events. Amy is also a reality cooking competition winner and author of the internationally acclaimed Ruby Slippers Cookbook: Life, Culture, Family and Food, that she penned after losing family recipes during Hurricane Katrina. Our afternoon cocktail and appetizer class with Amy and Chef Tess Connors was both informative and entertaining. It featured a menu of crusty bread, southern style biscuits with ham and white gravy, pecan praline bites, and their interpretation of New Orleans cocktails such as Langlois French 75,

Sazerac, and Hoodoo spiced coffee with chantilly cream. During class, Amy enthusiastically shared techniques and professional shortcuts, culinary history, and interesting tidbits of information. For instance, while making a Sazarac, New Orleans signature cocktail, she casually mentioned that adding basil flowers to vodka and freezing for three days to infuse, then mixing with lemonade, makes a refreshing summer drink. Who knew? With local food products, some wine and spirits, and cookware available in the retail area, it was convenient to shop after class. Chef Amy also owns New Orleans Jazz Quarters (www.jazzquarters. com), a B&B in the French Quarter, making for the complete New Orleans experience. What I learned… That bitters make a drink a true cocktail; otherwise it’s a toddy. I also learned how to make parsley oil; to freeze coconut water for ice cubes in rum drinks; that eggs crack better on a flat surface; to place a pastry (or ziplock) bag in a bowl and fold the edges over to fill for piping; and that adding powdered sugar to leftover whipped cream will keep it fresh longer. Langlois Culinary Crossroads www.langloisnola.com (504) 934-1010 For more casual cooking demonstrations sprinkled with trivial conversation, check the schedule at The New Orleans School of Cooking where guests learn how to make New Orleans classics like jambalaya and gumbo. They offer several daily demonstrations including four hands-on classes each week. With a medley of wellknown local chefs, each class is interactive and engaging, making it a great event for groups, events, and celebrations. Private classes are also welcome. Inside the Louisiana General Store that sells Cajun and Creole products, cookbooks, spices, and cookware, the classroom is situated in the French Quarter in a renovated molasses

warehouse, circa 1830. During a Friday evening hands-on class, Chef Michael W. DeVidts led us through a menu of gumbo, fish/chicken with sauce meuniere, maque choux, and pralines, which we learned were originally an aperitif, a palate cleanser and not a dessert. Chef Michael actually worked with Julia Child in his career and is also a licensed tour guide. He kept our group busy at five individual workstations while he shared a plethora of useful culinary tales and tips. “If onions, celery, and bell pepper are the holy trinity,” he quipped, “then garlic is the Pope!” What I learned… How to properly hold a chef ’s knife to use for every application; that pecan oil makes the best roux ever; that you should season both the fish/chicken and the flour before frying; and that eating too many pralines can give you a serious sugar high! The New Orleans School of Cooking (504) 525-2665 www.neworleansschoolofcooking.com It’s impossible to be in New Orleans, even on a cooking school tour, without visiting several restaurants. Driving down St. Charles, we dropped in at the lively Irish House Restaurant to say hello to Chef Matt Murphy. With plenty of patio seating, the front door propped open and music beckoning in the hungry and thirsty, this Irish Pub serves lunch, dinner, brunch on weekends, a bar menu, and undoubtedly, happy hour during the week. A continuous lineup of live entertainment keeps the guests entertained as they dine on Irish favorites like shepherd’s pie, shaved corn beef, and bangers & mash. Plan to drop in for their Monday night Traditional Irish Session… Irish House Restaurant (504) 595-6755 www.theirishhouseneworleans.com So take a road trip down and experience New Orleans like a local, where the only requirement is a robust appetite!t JUNE 2015 | NEW YORK LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE | 89

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A Giant Day for Loyal Fans By Bob Nesoff | Photos by Bob Nesoff t may be baseball season, but Giants fans were making the best of an opportunity when season ticket holders were invited to a â&#x20AC;&#x153;Draft Dayâ&#x20AC;? celebration at Met Life Stadium. They had an opportunity to tour the teamâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s locker room, see interviews with active players and, if they didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t mind waiting on a line that reached to Gillette Stadium, they could get free autographs from their heroes. Most JNQPSUBOUPGBMM UIFZTUBLFEFBSMZDMBJNTUPUBJMHBUFMPDBUJPOTt 92 | NEW YORK LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE | JUNE 2015


YOU’RE OUTTA HERE: Former umpire Al Clark shows how he would eject Ron Blomberg when the two baseball legends met aboard the American Queen paddlewheeler. [Photo by Bill Menzel]

NEW LAW FIRM? Blomberg and Schlosberg? Former Yankee slugger Ron Blomberg visits with writer Dan Schlossberg during a baseball theme cruise. [Photo by Bill Menzel]

Take a Baseball Cruise By Dan Schlossberg

or baseball fans, there’s no greater thrill than meeting a star player face-to-face, shaking hands, securing an autograph, and maybe even posing for a picture. Such an encounter creates memories that last a lifetime and mean more than watching a favorite team win a game. That’s why spending real time with a baseball celebrity – during a week-long baseball cruise, for example – is even more significant. Typical fans, without access to their heroes outside of ballparks and card shows, can actually rub elbows with their idols, engaging in poolside chatter, enjoying afternoon cocktails, or even sharing a meal or two. As the founder of the baseball theme cruise concept in 1981, I’ve been lucky enough to do all of that. Among the celebrities who’ve sailed with me (in alphabetical order) are Ron Blomberg, Ralph Branca, Lew Burdette, Al Clark, Roger Craig, Darrell Evans, Bob Feller, Ernie Harwell, Tom Henke, Monte Irvin, Larry Jansen, Ferguson Jenkins, Jay Johnstone, Jim Kaat, Clyde King, Clem 94 | NEW YORK LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE | JUNE 2015

Labine, Eddie Mathews, Gary Matthews, Bill Mazeroski, Lindy McDaniel, Gene Oliver, Brooks Robinson, Art Shamsky, Enos Slaughter, Jeff Torborg, Johnny VanderMeer, Bill White, and Billy Williams. This November, my “Sluggers at Sea” cruise features Hall of Fame manager Bobby Cox, who was inducted last summer; Darrell Evans, whom Bill James called “the most underrated player in baseball history”; and Jay Johnstone, whose 21-year career included stops in different cities. Cox, Evans, and Johnstone won four World Series rings amongst them.

The famous trio will be aboard the luxurious Norwegian Dawn as it sails from New Orleans to Belize, Honduras, and Cozumel and Costa Maya, both in Mexico, from Nov. 14-22. The itinerary includes panel discussions, trivia contests, cocktail receptions, limited-edition poster signings, baseball movies, special receptions, and even such baseball cruise “firsts” as Johnstone’s 69th birthday party and a pre-cruise softball game with the legends. The opportunity for mingling with the stars is unprecedented, especially since the ship has 17 restaurants and a myriad of bars, lounges, and pools.

PIECE OF CAKE: Celebrating their 2013 Baseball Legends cruise aboard the American Queen are, left to right, Ron Blomberg, Art Shamsky, Dan Schlossberg, and Al Clark. [Photo by Bill Menzel]

TAKING THE PLUNGE: Baseball Legends (from left) Tom Henke, Al Clark, Art Shamsky, Fritz Peterson, and Ron Blomberg get set to douse Louisville Slugger press rep PJ Shelley aboard the American Queen paddlewheeel steamboat last summer. Baseball cruise memories never fade. Consider these highlights from personal experience: t Playing ping-pong with Brooks Robinson in a gale as the QE2 passed Cape Hatteras t Helping Stan Musial fly a kite on the Mississippi Queen paddlewheeler t Hearing Carl Erskine play classical harmonica with the ship’s band – unrehearsed t Swimming in the American Queen pool with Art Shamsky t Going to the ‘Field of Dreams’ film site in Dubuque, Iowa with Tom Henke t Listening to Johnny VanderMeer recount his back-to-back nohitters t Playing SCRABBLE with Jeff Torborg’s wife Suzie t Listening to the mellow tones of baritone supreme Ralph Branca t Laughing with Ron Blomberg, the real-life version of Little Abner t Calming Pepper Paire-Davis, real-life inspiration for the Geena Davis in ‘A League of Their Own,’ when she cried during the credits because all her friends were gone t Hearing Musial play ‘The Wabash Cannonball’ on his harmonica and follow napkin tricks at the dinner table t Listening to the World Series with Bob Feller in the aft section of the QE2

As the creator, coordinator, and host of more than two-dozen baseball cruises, including three in the past two years, the concept is not just getting older but getting better. The imitation is never as good as the original is still out there, changing slightly to meet the times. Baseball is still America’s national pastime, as popular as it ever was. Participants in this year’s “Sluggers at Sea” package, as provided by US Tours, will receive a seven-night cruise on the Norwegian Dawn; all meals, entertainment, taxes, fees, and gratuities aboard ship; airport transportation and one night’s lodging at Crowne Plaza New Orleans Airport; welcome and get-acquainted reception; pre-cruise breakfast at hotel; private group cocktail party aboard ship; baseball souvenirs; hotel-to-ship transfers; a special group photo; and more. Evans, who hit 414 home runs, and Johnstone, who wrote three books about his clubhouse pranks, are extremely generous with their time and signatures. So is Cox, whose Atlanta Braves teams won a record 14 consecutive divisional titles. They also won five pennants, more than any other team, during the ‘90s. Cox ranks fourth on the list of career wins by a manager. To learn more about the cruise, contact www.USTours.biz or call toll-free 888-393-8687 t JUNE 2015 | NEW YORK LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE | 95

8501 Atlantic Ave (by Diamond Beach) Wildwood Crest, NJ 08260 l Coronado Resort is a beachfront full-ser vice condominium hotel located in the heart of Wildwood Crest just minutes from fine restaurants, nightlife, the world famous Wildwood Boardwalk and just a short drive to Cape May and Atlantic City. With a variety of accommodations, from single guest rooms to spacious 1, 2, 3 bedroom suites, El Coronado can meet even the most discerning traveler’s vacation needs! Enjoy breathtaking ocean views from your balcony or relax on our beachfront sundeck. El Coronado offers free poolside barbeques and live entertainment*

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