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My children have been back at school for a few weeks now; the pace at my job is accelerating madly after my summer vacation (and my wife’s even more so); my 13-year-old daughter, along with a few friends, was recently on the receiving end of some anonymous online bullying but is otherwise enjoying her return to school; and my 9-year-old son, much more so than last year, is trying to do all his homework before turning to my wife and me for counsel. In other words, fall is here, and as I consider the state of my family, I’m reminded of how pleased I am to be able to share our cover interview with Sean MacPherson and Rachelle Hruska-MacPherson (page 47). As you’ll see, there’s an admirable sense of openness, curiosity, and joy that informs their union and their parenting, and perhaps even their professional lives as well. When they agreed to come along on this adventure, we knew we were getting a couple with tastemaking chops—if you haven’t been to one of Sean’s hotels or restaurants, go; likewise, check out Rachelle’s website—but we had no idea that we’d be getting two of the most laidback successful folk in town. I want what they’re having—and I think their

Karen Haberberg

I’ll Have What They’re Having Our editorial team checks in at The Marlton Hotel alongside our dynamic cover family.

secret recipe may be hiding somewhere between the lines of our cover story. Enjoy! I also want to recommend a few more essential pit stops in this issue: Our Last Word this month (page 80) may be the most deceptively profound personal essay we’ve ever run about being a parent. Thank you, Heather Chaet, for going there. Our photo essay of great NYC dance programs (page 32) is a delight. The list of the city’s best pediatricians and pediatric specialists (page 52) is a keeper. And, finally, what would a family magazine be without all sorts of spooky ideas for a happy Halloween (pages 18 and 76)? Have A Good October, Eric Messinger Editor,



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New York Family October 2013  

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