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If I Were Mayor… The Top Mayoral Candidates Discuss Their Plans For Improving Family Life In The City By Heather Chaet Think about it: Parents are basically mayors of their families. Among the countless other tasks moms and dads juggle on a daily basis, they also implement policies on everything from education to healthcare, deal with transportation issues, and invest in infrastructure—all while fielding opinions and complaints from their local kid-constituents. It’s not an easy job. Now imagine being the mayor of New York City and governing millions of people (whose bedtimes you don’t enforce). Daunting, right? Yet there are some who not only imagine doing it but also actually yearn to. As Mayor Bloomberg’s era comes to an end, ten men and one woman have offered their vision for steering NYC into the future. Whoever takes the helm of our metropolis will face a growing pile of knotty issues on his or her desk in City Hall. Among them: a barrage of safety concerns from Stop and Frisk to hurricane readiness; a vast public education system

with far too many failing kids; an affordable housing crisis; and an economic recovery that still needs lots of priming. Next month, New Yorkers from all five boroughs will head to the voting booths for the primary election on September 10, then return for the general election on November 5. So how do the candidates weigh in on the concerns regarding your family’s quality of life? That’s what New York Family set out to discover. We spoke with every major candidate except for independent Adolfo Carrion, Jr., whose office didn’t reply to requests for interview, and Jack Hidary, who announced his candidacy as we were going to press. We found they all have one thing in common aside from wanting the keys to Gracie Mansion: an unwavering belief in our city’s bright future. continued on page 46 August 2013 | New York Family 45

New York Family, August 2013  

New York Family is a monthly family lifestyle magazine focused on the interests, needs, and concerns of New York City parents. The print pub...

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