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Is Your Child Ready?

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Camp De-Bunked: A Director, A Counselor, And

An 11-Year-Old Camper

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Camp’s big dividend:


the 2012 ultimate guide to


Drake Bennett inside Summer Schools features  6-7

Special Choices

There’s a bloom in camps—general and specialized—that welcome children with special needs.

Is Your Child Ready For Camp?

Keeping In Touch


Do you have concerns about your child’s schoolwork? » Has your school voiced concern about your child’s academic progress? » Does your child avoid reading? Drake Bennett Summer Schools are focused on offering the best educational intervention program possible.


Most kids have some trepidation the first time. Here’s how you can bolster their overall readiness (and yours). To help parents and children feel connected, many camps now allow one-way emails and occasional phone calls in addition to handwritten letters.

18-19 The Enduring Bonds Between Campers As social communities with lots of shared values and fun, summer camps often produce friendships that last a lifetime.

22-23 The Big Question Choosing the right type of camp for your child—single sex or coed? Traditional or specialist?—can make all the difference.

 A Camp For Every Budget

This 1st-6th grade summer school provides intensive reading, writing and math intervention for students with significant academic needs, intermixed with delightful hands-on classes in science, drama, art and sports.


All classes are taught by professional educators, all of whom are single-subject specialists who know how to get kids totally involved. The students rotate among six teachers daily, refreshed as they switch focus throughout the summer school day. We’ve been running this summer program for six years in San Francisco, where we operate Northern California’s largest private remedial summer school. We are bringing to New York this unique instructional model that we’ve been fine-tuning since 2006.


If you’re worried about how to afford summer camp, here are some cost-saving steps.

Researching A Summer Camp 10 questions to ask the camp director.

64-66 Life Lessons

30-62 SUmmer camp directory A director, a counselor and an 11-year-old camper share their perspectives on the camp experience.

» Daily multisensory literacy and math intervention » Speech and language pathologist available for daily therapy » Patient intervention for students with catching-up to do » On-site gym for daily sports program and recesses » Ages: Kids rising to 1st-6th grades in 2012-13 » Dates: July 30-August 24, Monday-Friday » Hours: 8:00-6:00 (early dismissal optional) » Class size: Maximum 12 students/teacher » Why August in the city? So they’ll be more confident and prepared in September Our summer host is The Epiphany School, 141 East 28th at Lex. We do not occupy The Epiphany School campus until July 28, so please contact us directly at 646-707-3443


New York Family 2012 Ultimate Guide To Summer Camp

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New York Family 2012 Ultimate Guide To Summer Camp


editor’s note

Camp: A Lifelong Legacy For years I knew that my wife retained wonderful memories of summer camp, but hadn’t maintained any of those friendships. Then about seven years ago, she got the call. A representative from her college alumni office emailed to tell her that someone named Ellen from Camp Kear-Sarge was trying to contact her. Ellen, in fact, was her counselor for four years—she all but helped raise her. They reconnected and just like that, Rebecca was looped into a world of 30 or so women who shared some of the best days of their childhood together and were making their way back into each others lives. There’s since been mini-reunions and big reunions, including one in the New Hampshire town where Camp Kear-Sarge was but is no more. You should have been there! There were 27 women who couldn’t stop laughing and crying and hugging and drinking all weekend and then there was another NYC husband and me minding our business. Since my own summer camp chops are relatively meager, I evoke the experience of my wife to assure you that I know from where I edit, and have tried to fill our annual Ultimate Guide To Summer Camp with a mix of helpful and inspiring stories. For parents with children at the beginning of their camp journey, there’s much to think about

and hopefully we will help to clarify some of your most important questions while also suggesting some good ideas and leads. We also tried to give you a taste of why people like my wife feel like summer camp is one of the greatest gifts you can give a child. As it happens, my 11-year-old daughter feels the same way. You can read her assessment of camp life on page 64. Elena’s story may be the most helpful of all. Before signing off, I’d like to offer a special thanks to The American Camp Association, New York & New Jersey for their partnership in putting together The 2012 Ultimate Guide To Summer Camp. We also work with the ACA, NY & NJ on the New York Metropolitan area’s biggest Camp Fair series (see below)—and I’m continually impressed with how dedicated they are to helping families navigate the summer camp maze. Their awesome Director of Communications Jess Michaels researched and wrote almost all of the stories in this guide. Thanks, Jess! Now take a break. May your child experience summers to remember—at camp and every where else. Eric Messinger Editor, New York Family

Three Great Summer Camp Research Essentials The American Camp Association, New York & New Jersey: Don’t let their name fool you. While they’re here for local parents, they help parents discover the best camp for their children anywhere they want to go, whether it’s to a nearby day camp or a summer camp in Maine. A good starting point is to visit their website (aca-nynj. org) and use ACA’S camp search directory known as The Camp Wizard. Likewise, they have a camp placement specialist, Renee Flax, who is available for free one-onone consultations to start or better define your search. Contact her at 212.391.5208, or 800.777.CAMP, or at Camp Fairs: Though some people have time, wherewithal and sheer will to visit a few camps before deciding on one for their child, there are many good options out there. What’s wonderful about the joint Camp Fair series between New York Family and the American Camp Association, New York & New Jersey is that it gives parents (and children) a free and convenient way to meet the representatives (and often the camp directors themselves) of 40-50 day and sleepaway camps. At the very least, a Camp Fair will broaden your sense of the possibilities out there. Better yet, you may discover the camp of your child’s dreams. For more info about the Camp Fairs, with dates and locations, visit The Right Camp: Perhaps this goes without saying, but making a good match between your child and camp goes a long way to insuring a memorable summer experience and hopefully a happy and lasting relationship between camper and camp. To help families and camps connect, this winter New York Family launched, a one-stop resource for families seeking the ideal summer camp for their children. Based on the success of our popular Camp Fairs, we have created an online resource where families can now attend a year-round “virtual” camp fair. At, families simply check off their preferences (from sleepaway to day camps, from location to special activities, from facilities to food) and generate a list of camps that meet their criteria. Then they are able to see a full page of detailed info about their selected camps—including photos, videos, activities, amenities, testimonials, Facebook page links and contact information. Visit for more.


New York Family 2012 Ultimate Guide To Summer Camp

Non-competitive Nature-oriented

Now in our 27th summer !

The Nature Place

Day Camp

2 85 HUNGRY HOLLOW ROAD, CHESTNUT RIDGE, NEW YORK 10 977 | e-mail: TELEPHONE: 845.356.6 477

New York Family 2012 Ultimate Guide To Summer Camp


Special Choices

For Children With Special Needs, There’s Been A Wonderful Bloom Of Camps—General And Specialized—That Can Help Them With Their Challenges While Enjoying The Full Camp Experience


ummer camp provides children with the opportunity to develop new skills, build self confidence and learn to work with others as a team. There are many factors you need to consider when looking for a camp for your child including a camp’s philosophy, program emphasis, and what type of child is successful at the camp they are looking into. And a parent of a child with special needs is going to have even more considerations that go beyond the usual camp search. Not every summer camp is equipped to address the specific needs of every child with special needs. However, if parents do their research, they are certain to find a summer camp that will provide their child with a successful summer camp experience.

First, it is important for you to consider what you want your child to take away from the camp experience and what your child wants out of his or her camp experience. Do you want your child to gain independence and learn daily living skills without your assis-

tance? Improve social interactions? Make new friends? Decide what your must haves are and what is on your wish list. When speaking to the camp director, make sure the camp has the must haves and this will help you narrow down your summer camp choices when

speaking with camp directors. Next, you want to talk to the camp director at the camp you are interested in sending your child to and ask questions about their program and also tell the director about your child. “Parents really want to dig down and understand what population the camp services and who the camp is really trained to work with,” says Eric Sasson, Camp Director at Camp Akeela, a resident camp for children with Asperger’s Syndrome and Non-Verbal Learning Disabilities in Thetford Center, VT. “When speaking to a camp director, parents want to describe their child and the challenges he or she has and you want to ask if the camp has had kids like this in the past. If so, ask the director to tell you about those kids. If they had melt downs at camp because they don’t do well with transitions, how does the staff handle it? Parents want to know that a camp director and staff are going to be able to handle these challenges and behaviors when they aren’t there.” It is important for parents to

have honest conversations with the camp director about their child and share specifics, whether you are looking into a mainstream camp or a special needs camp. Tell the camp director about your child’s most challenging days. You want to be assured that the camp you are choosing can handle the issues that may come up during the summer. Families are also encouraged to choose a summer camp where the director is interested in meeting your child and family. Families want to know that the camp isn’t just taking your child but that the camp has determined that it is the right fit for your child. “After speaking with a family, we meet with the parents and the child to make another level of determination if this will be a good fit. It gives us insight into the child’s family life and child and to see if we have the services that can provide the right camp experience for this child,” says Lisa Tobin, Director of Round Lake, a resident camp for children with learning differences and social Continued on page 8

Find the perfect camp for your child at 6

New York Family 2012 Ultimate Guide To Summer Camp

New York Family 2012 Ultimate Guide To Summer Camp


communication disorders in Lakewood, PA. Families should feel that the camp director is doing as much questioning about your child as you are questioning the camp director. When deciding between a mainstream camp and a special needs camp, you also have to consider what will work best for your child. Many mainstream camps can often accommodate children with special needs but it’s important to have honest conversations with the camp director about your child and find out whether the camp is equipped to handle the challenges that your child may have. They may or may not have the extra supervision your child may need or the experience in dealing with your child’s needs. Special Needs camps focus on specific challenges your child may have and structure their program around those needs with extra staffing, shorter and more structured activity periods, and can be better prepared to handle issues that may arise. “Parents need to consider if their child can travel with a group. Do they tend to wander off? Do they get distracted? Do they need extra attention? If so, a mainstream camp may not be able to give your child the attention he or she needs,” says Lisa Tobin. “Also, at a typical camp, children are in sports and challenging activities that may be difficult for your child to keep up with. It may be better to be with kids at the same level with the same challenges.” Parents should also consider, what is going to be the best experience for him or her and where they are going to fit in? “For children who have mainstreaming in the rest of their life, a special needs camp community can understand and specialize in their needs,” explains Eric Sasson. “Often times, children with special needs have to work so hard to fit in at public school. But for our kids, camp is an amazing sense of relief that they are around children just like them. They make friends and go back to school feeling good about themselves. It’s nice for them to be the best athlete at camp.”

when choosing a camp can be to tour the camp the summer before. See the camp in action so you can get a good feel for the camp program. » Talk to other parents of children with special needs. Ask the camp director if there is a family you can talk to with a child similar to your child. Ask the parent how their child did at camp and how the camp handles issues. » For overnight camp, parents shouldn’t let their own anxieties get in the way of sending their child to camp. Independence from you can be good for your child’s development. However, parents should consider how their child does at the end of a day when they get home from school. Do they need time to veg out? How does your child sleep? Do they need a quiet place or can they share a room at home? Are they more intolerable at night? Some kids have difficulty with this so when they are in camp environment, these things can manifest themselves. Talk to the director about these habits to see if your child is the right fit for their program. » Ask about the staff-to-camper ratio. What does that ratio mean? How much staff is walking around with your child activity to activity? What does it look like in the bunk at night? Ratios can mean something different at each camp so you want the director to spell it out for you. » What activities will your child be participating in and how will your child be encouraged to try new things if he or she is showing resistance? » How will the camp communicate with you about your child during the camp session? Remember, no matter what your child’s special needs are, there is a day or resident camp program that will provide your child with a memorable summer. For assistance in finding a summer camp for your child, you may contact the American Camp Association, NY and NJ’s Camper Placement Specialist Renee Flax at 212.391.5208 or register for a free, personalized list of camps that meet your child’s needs at Another good resource in finding a camp for your child with special needs is calling Resources for Children with Special Needs at 212.677.4650 ext. 20 or 34.

Tell the camp director about your child’s most challenging days. You want to be assured that the camp you are choosing can handle the issues that may come up during the summer.

Other important questions and considerations: » Look beyond the website and don’t wait until the last minute to choose a summer camp. One of the best determinations


New York Family 2012 Ultimate Guide To Summer Camp

Here is a selection of day and resident camps for children with a variety of special needs Camp Akeela Thetford Center, VT 866-680-4744 Resident camp for children with Asperger’s Syndrome and Non-Verbal Learning Differences, coed, ages 9-17 Camp Nejeda Stillwater, NJ 973-383-2611 Resident Camp for children with diabetes, coed, ages 7-15 Camp Northwood Remsen, NY 315-831-3621 Focuses on a providing a great camp experience to a coed population of immature, learning challenged children in need of structure and individualized attention. Camp Oakhurst Oakhurst, NJ 732-531-0215 Resident Camp for children with physical disabilities, coed, ages 8 to adult. Clearpool (a Program of Green Chimneys) Carmel, NY 845-225-8226 With a focus on both academic and social support, this coed residential camp welcomes children with special needs, ages 10 -18, experiencing, emotional, behavioral, social, and/or learning challenges. Easter Seals Camp Merry Heart Hackettstown, NJ 908-852-3898 Resident camp for children with Attention Deficit Disorder, Cerebral Palsy, Diabetes, Mental Retardation, Multiple Sclerosis, Muscular Dystrophy, Spina Bifida, coed, ages mixed

Happiness is Camping Hardwich, NJ 718-295-3100 Resident camp for children with cancer, coed, ages 6-15 Frost Valley YMCA Camps and YAI Claryville, NY 212-273-6298 Resident camp through Frost Valley YMCA and YAI, the National Institute for People with Disabilities. Mainstreaming at Camp (MAC) is designed to serve children with developmental disabilities and to promote inclusion into the broader camp community. Ramapo for Children Rhinebeck, NY 845-876-8403 Resident camp for children with special needs with a wide range of emotional, social and developmental challenges, coed, ages 6-16 Round Lake Camp Lakewood, PA 973-575-3333 Resident camp for children with Aspergers, PDD/NOS, High Functioning Autism, ADD/ADHD, coed, ages 7-19 Southhampton Fesh Air Home Southampton, NY 631-283-1594 Resident camp for physically challenged campers with Cerebral Palsy, Spina Bifida, Muscular Dystrophy, and other physical disabilities, coed, ages 8-18. Summit Camp & Travel Honesdale, PA 800-323-9908 Resident camp for children with attention issue including ADD/ADHD, Aspergers Syndrome, awkward social skills, verbal or non-verbal learning disabilities, and/or mild social or emotional concerns. Some campers also have Tourette’s syndrome, O.C.D and/or mild mood issues, Ages 7-17. Summit Travel works with older children, coed, ages 15-19 with similar issues.



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A fun-filled summer of enriching experiences and friendships can make a world of difference in your child’s life!

CAMP NORTHWOOD A nationally renowned co-ed summer sleep away camp for socially immature, learning challenged children. Founded in 1976.

 Over 30 non-competitive activities promoting independence and self-esteem

(Traditional camping, academic support and social skills training)  Scenic Adirondack location on a 9-mile lake  2 to 1 camper to counselor ratio (ages 8-18)  Qualified, experienced, compassionate staff Ask about The Northwood Center. This unique program provides young adults (ages 16-21) with opportunities to master independent living skills in a simulated apartment setting.

Gordon & Donna Felt, Directors 132 State Route 365 Remsen, NY 13438-5700

(315) 831-3621


Or contact Ruth Lee at: 322

New York Family 2012 Ultimate Guide To Summer Camp




Multi-Sport Classes for kids 12 months - 12 years Mondays - Saturdays Camps + Birthday Parties

The Upper East Side The Upper West Side

CAMPS 2.5 - 4 years old 4 - 6 years old DATES June 4th - Aug 24th Join us for the whole summer [or] sign up by the week.

Call Today 212-744-4900 |

dAy CAmp foR Boys ANd GiRls, AGes 3-15 loCAted iN NeARBy RoCKlANd CouNty

Jr. Champs - Ages 3-6

Boy’s Side Pride - Ages 7-15

Girls’ Side Spirit - Ages 7-15

Optional Adventure Trip Program for Ages 8-15

Arthur & Natalie Kessler, Owners/Directors

a Day camp as complete as sleep-away

CAmp RAmAquois 30 mouNtAiN RoAd pomoNA, New yoRK 10970

Seeing is Believing!

Call to set up an appointment for a personal tour or enroll online.

(845) 354-1600 • 10

New York Family 2012 Ultimate Guide To Summer Camp

p . . . m s a C i Life

! y a l p s let’

YC! om N r f s e mil Only 19

y e l k c u B Camp y a D y r t Coun

Contact us for personal tour or Open House Dates 2 I.U. Willets Road North Hills, Roslyn

Free concert with Brett Band for Kids February 11 at 10:30am

One-half mile south of the Long Island Expressway (exit 35)

(516) 365-7760

New York Family 2012 Ultimate Guide To Summer Camp


Children’s Academy at LIU Brooklyn Saturday Sessions: February 4 – May 5, 2012 Summer Camp: July 9 – August 17, 2012

Creativity, Academics and Athletics for children ages 3-12 •Register by March 31st and receive $100 off Summer Camp

OPEN HOUSE SATURDAYS: Jan. 21, Feb. 11, Mar. 24, Apr. 21 11 a.m.-1 p.m. at Pratt 120 & 121 LIU Brooklyn School of Continuing Studies 1 University Plaza • Brooklyn, NY 11201 • Corner of Flatbush & Dekalb Avenues For more information: 718-488-1364 • 718-488-1366 or • Visit


New York Family 2012 Ultimate Guide To Summer Camp





Get up to $100 off when you attend an info session!

Summers, Lifelong Friends g n i z a Am

Why leave the city this summer? Give your child an exceptional day camp experience close to home! Check out Oasis Day Camps in New York City!

central park & downtown ✔

Locations in Central Park on the Upper West Side and Downtown Manhattan on the Lower East Side

Traditional 9am-5pm Day Camp for children ages 4-11!

Teen Travel program for young adults ages 12-15!

Early-Start Jr. Camper Program specially designed for 4 year olds!

All locations feature beautiful athletic facilities and fields, ample indoor space, spacious pools, nature trails, ponds, streams and more!

Camp activities include athletics, fine & performing arts, nature exploration, Red Cross swim instruction, field trips, special events and much more!

Hot lunch, transportation, early drop-off & late pick-up services available!

Low camper to adult ratios with college-age staff or older!

Flexible enrollment for 2-8 weeks!

Sibling discounts!

Visit our website:

simple & fast online registration, upcoming info sessions,special discounts, camp photos & more!

or call us at 1.800.317.1392

These camps are licensed by the New York Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. The inspection reports are filed at the Bureau of Food Safety and Community Sanitation. If you have questions, please contact Oasis at (718)596-4900.

New York Family 2012 Ultimate Guide To Summer Camp


Is Your Child Ready For Camp? Most Kids Have Some Trepidation The First Time. Here’s How You Can Bolster Their Overall Readiness (And Yours) B y J ess M i chaels


our child going to summer camp for the first time is a big step in his or her life. While it is an exciting time, your child going to camp may cause some nervousness for both you and your child. So how do you know when the right time is to send your child to camp? “When considering camp, you want to make sure you look at your child with an objective eye,” says Adam Weinstein, Executive Director of the American Camp Association, New York and New Jersey. “How do other people describe your child to you? How well does your child interact with friends and adults? What activities does your child enjoy? Does your child need a great deal of nurturing or do they tend to be independent? Answering these questions will help you figure out if your child is ready for camp and which camp environment is right for him or her.” Interest & Readiness - How did your child become interested in going to camp? “Talk to your child in order to assess his or her readiness,” says Ross Coleman, Camp Director of Coleman Country Day Camp. “Does your child sound excited about the adventure? Is he or she comfortable separating from you for segments of time? Does your child enjoy playing with other children? Does he or she thrive on achieving milestones of independence?” Answering these questions will help you determine if your child is both interested and ready for camp. Remember, the decision to go to camp should be made together. Keep in mind that the more involved children are in the process, the more ownership they feel. This helps ease concerns about camp, and can help make a child’s camp experience more successful. Age - You want to consider your child’s age when considering camp. Day camps are designed for children three years and up. Children can go to sleepaway camp at the age of seven. But families should keep in mind that just because a child is seven-years-old, doesn’t mean he or she is


emotionally ready for sleepaway camp. Day or Sleepaway - If you are considering sleepaway camp, make sure your child has had successful overnights away from home with friends and relatives. Were these overnights positive experiences? You want to make sure your child is mature enough to go away for an extended period of time and that that he or she can do certain things independently like showering, getting dressed and brushing their teeth. Expectations – You should learn about the camp program ahead of time and create positive expectations for your child. Talk about camp throughout the year. “The known is comforting to a child so take a tour of the camp the summer before,” says Ann Young, Director of Camp Hilltop in Hancock, NY. “Go into a cabin and meet

New York Family 2012 Ultimate Guide To Summer Camp

and talk to the directors. Touring will build your child’s excitement about camp while familiarizing them with the camp program, activities, camp layout, the cabins, and the staff.” Many overnight camps also offer Rookie Days which give future campers a chance to experience camp in session by joining in on camp activities for the day or for a weekend. The more a child feels involved in the process of choosing a camp, the more successful their camp experience is likely to be. Positive Messages - It is important for parents to share positive messages about summer camp. It is common for a child to have some apprehension as the first day of camp approaches—encourage your child to talk about these feelings. Let your child know you are confident in your child’s ability to have a wonderful summer camp experience

Tips For Getting Yourself Ready » Make sure you talk to the camp director. When you are choosing a camp, ask the camp director questions and get to know him or her. Ask the director to describe the camp’s philosophy and how the staff implements it. Make sure the philosophy reflects your own family’s value system. Find out about the camp director’s background and the staff training. Ask about the age of the counselors and what is the counselor-to-camper ratio? Talking to the camp director and learning about the camp program will help you feel more comfortable and will ease any nervousness you may have. » Keep in mind that camp directors have your child’s best interests in mind and the skill to guide your child towards an appropriate level of independence, self-confidence and success. » Remember that kids often get over the adjustment to a new experiences and a new environment before parents get used to the next stage of development. While your child is adjusting to camp, don’t make pick up deals and offer to rescue your child from camp. Instead, offer positive encouragement that you know he or she will have a successful summer. » If your child is at sleepaway camp, don’t focus too much on correspondence from camp in the first few days of camp. If you receive a discouraging phone call or a letter from your child, remember that like any new experience, adjusting to camp may take a few days and that severe homesickness is rare. Encourage your camper to enjoy all the exciting camp activities that camp has to offer and remind him or her of all the wonderful aspects of camp. » When your child is at camp, allow him or her to solve their own problems or ask a counselor for help. Camp is a setting that allows your child to experience the real world in a safe environment. Kids learn quickly to rely upon themselves and the camp staff they trust at camp instead of their parents.

gear up for

cam p!

Great Camp Values...

• $25 Gift Card For every Camp purchase over $500 *Cloz Uniforms & Products and other exclusions apply. $500 must be spent in one day. Gift card valid after April 7, 2012.

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Call for an appointment 7 Days a Week manhattan 212.734.9292 1534 2nd avenue @ 80th Street

shop online New York Family 2012 Ultimate Guide To Summer Camp


“How Are Things At Camp?” Most Camps Try To Be Low-Tech Havens While Offering A Number Of Ways—From One-Way Emails To The Occasional Phone Call—For Parents and Children To Stay In Touch


or generations, summer camp has been a respite from technology, a chance for children to unplug and connect with nature and each other. But camp directors and owners also know that in today’s connected world, it can be difficult for parents to completely disconnect from their children and to not receive immediate feedback about them. “In fact, camps are making it easier for parents to keep in touch with their child and to have a window into their child’s camp experience,” says Renee Flax, Director of Camper Placement for the American Camp Association, New York and New Jersey. “But it is important for parents to know their child’s camp communication policy before the summer begins and for them to honor it, whatever that policy is. Remember that summer camp is a chance for your child to gain independence and to be able to make decisions and solve problems on their own.” Besides traditional letter writing, many camps offer families different forms of communication to stay connected to their children. ONE-WAY EMAILS Today’s parents are busy and camps know that email is an easy and convenient way for them to keep in touch with their children while they are at camp. Many summer camps subscribe to services that allows parents to send one-way emails to their campers and the emails are printed out and given to campers with the mail. Most camps don’t allow email correspondence back but campers can write their parents letters in response. One-way email is a quick and efficient way for parents to correspond with their children. CELL PHONES The majority of summer camps have a no cell phone policy. Parents and children are asked to honor this policy and leave cell phones at home. Some parents try and hide a cell phone with their children’s clothes but by doing this, parents are going against the camp’s policy and they are teaching their children that it is okay to break rules.

Camp is a chance for children to gain independence from their parents and learn to solve problems on their own or with the assistance of camp staff. Even if parents find this policy difficult because they are accustomed to contacting their child whenever they would like, they should remember that camp is a place for campers to unplug from technology, build independence and

be a positive, cooperative and rules-respecting member of a community while being apart from their family. ONLINE PHOTOS/VIDEOS Many camps post daily or weekly pictures of campers enjoying activities on a password-controlled website. Through these services, parents are able to email their favorite pictures to friends and family, download pictures and purchase the photos. Camps also post pictures and video on their camp’s Facebook page. The advantage to these pictures and videos being posted is that parents are able to get a glimpse of their child at summer camp doing various activities. The disadvantage is parents can read into an emotion they see on their child’s face. For instance, a look of concentration on a child’s face when focusing on playing a sport

can be misconstrued as being unhappy. Or if a photographer doesn’t capture a photo of a child for a few days, parents can think something is wrong and they may wonder where their child is. (Insider Tip: If you feel you’re not seeing enough of your child in the photos, tell them in your next letter to pay more attention when the photographer comes around.)

PHONE CALLS Each camp has its own phone policy when it comes to camper and parent phone calls. Some camps allow scheduled phone calls once a week, some a few times a session, others once a session and others not at all. If your child has a birthday during the camp session, a phone call is almost always allowed for that special day. Make sure you check with your camp before camp begins to understand their phone call policy. Families should keep in mind that while they may be excited to hear their child’s voice, sometimes hearing a parent’s voice can be difficult even for a well-adjusted camper having a wonderful summer. Frost Valley YMCA, a resident camp in Claryville, NY has a no phone call policy between camper and parents. “Our campers are here for two-week sessions. A child that is here can often take 3 or 4 days

to get adjusted to camp. If a child hears their parents’ voice, even if the child is well adjusted at camp, he or she could get upset,” says Dan Weir, Director of Frost Valley YMCA. “Parents are welcome to call us for updates on their child. We also post 80 pictures online every other day of each age group, post on our blog throughout the summer, and allow for one-way emails from parents to camper. Parents want information about their child and we do our best to provide it while maintaining our camp philosophy.” Campus Kids-Minisink in Port Jervis, NY, a weekday resident camp where children go home on the weekends, allows campers to call home up to two times a week. “We draw many new families that aren’t considering traditional sleepaway camp. These children want to try sleepaway camp but they aren’t interested in long sessions,” says Jani Brokaw, Director of Campus Kids-Minisink. “Just knowing that phone calls are an option eases any concerns our parents and campers have. We have many kids that don’t take advantage of the phone calls but knowing that calling home is an option is comforting to them.” WRITING LETTERS Letter writing between campers and parents has always been the traditional way to communicate while a child is at resident camp of course. In an age where most children don’t often write letters, camp gives children the chance to maintain the almost lost art of letter correspondence. Many camps have a scheduled number of letters that campers must write their parents during the summer and camps encourage parents to write letters to their campers. “The hand-written letter is important both as a real, personal account of events, thoughts and feelings between parents and children, but also as an important step in the child’s in-camp development of life skills including self expression and communication,” says Andrew Keener, Director of Camp Sloane YMCA, a resident camp in Lakeville, CT. Camp Sloane has a no phone call policy but posts pictures online and allows parents to send one-way emails.

Find the perfect camp for your child at 16

New York Family 2012 Ultimate Guide To Summer Camp

FRost Valley ymCa RegisteR

sleepaway Camp, Farm Camp, Horse Camp, & adventure trips

online today!


summeR Camps

1&2 week sessions in July & august FoR ages 7-16 open Houses:

Feb 26, Mar 25 & Apr 22 email: Call us:


only 2½ HRs FRom metRo ny/nJ! Contact us to find out more: Phone: 201.612.5125 Email:

New York Family 2012 Ultimate Guide To Summer Camp


The Special Bonds Between Campers As Social Communities With Shared Values And Lots Of Group Fun, Camps Often Produce Friendships That Last A Lifetime B y J ess M i chaels


s there any friend like a camp friend? Of course there is, though summer camp is such a unique and social experience, one of the best things about it is often the close friendships you make. There’s even some research: In a poll of campers, the American Camp Association (ACA) found that 96% say camp helped them make new friends and 92% say that people at camp helped them feel good about themselves. The research also showed that 69% of parents feel like their child remains in contact with friends made at camp.

There are many reasons summer camp has traditionally been a place that helps foster friendships that can last years to a lifetime. Summer camp is a community. Campers and counselors eat meals together,

share in camp traditions and rituals, take part in activities together and at resident camp, live in bunks together for weeks at a time. Campers and staff become like family. For the majority of campers, being at summer camp is the first time they

have lived with or eaten every meal with a group of people other than their family. As a community that lives, eats and participates in activities together, campers must learn to adapt, make decisions as a group and respect other people’s needs. For many children, a reason camp friendships are so strong is because camp can be a respite from constraints at home and a place to gain confidence in social skills, which ultimately affect friendships. At home, children have gone to school with the same children for years and children may be labeled as the shy or the athletic child. At camp, you can reinvent yourself in an accepting community. Camp professionals are also trained in the management of group dynamics. Counselors are trained to empower

children in their group to feel comfortable and encourage each child to contribute to the group. This shows each child that he or she is valued and gives children social confidence within the group. This helps children feel more comfortable with the people in their group, therefore making it easier for friendships to be formed. Camps commit themselves to teaching campers to respect each other. If disrespectful or hurtful behaviors occur between campers, counselors are there to talk to the campers and make this a teachable moment, unlike in a classroom when sometimes these behaviors can go unnoticed and unresolved. “Camp is a place where children participate in a wide variety of activities affording them the opportunity to succeed

Find the perfect camp for your child at 18

New York Family 2012 Ultimate Guide To Summer Camp

Should Your Child Go To Camp With A Friend? A question that parents often ask Renee Flax, the Director of Camper Placement at the American Camp Association, NY and NJ. Her thoughts: Camp is a place where children can reinvent themselves. Your child has gone to school with the same children for years and may be thought of at home as the athletic child or the shy child. At camp, your child can be whoever they would like to be. It’s harder to do that when your child is at camp with a friend from home. Your child can have their camp life and home life. When you send your child to camp with a friend, your child will feel they have that friend to count on and might not be as outgoing in making new friends. One of the friends may also get closer to another camper and the child he or she came with could feel left out. You might run the risk of the children not being as close when they return home after the summer. If your child won’t go to summer camp without a friend, have a conversation with the camp director and let him or her know that these children are friends from home. Consider putting the friends in separate bunks. The friends will still see each other every day, but they will have the opportunity to be with new campers and push their comfort zone a little bit. Going to camp is a growth experience for children. For children who go without a friend, it lets them know that they can meet new friends and be independent and in the end, gain self reliance. Often parents will make a decision about camp based on the camp that their friends’ children attend. Unless your child is similar to theirs with comparable needs and interests and you both have the same values, you may find that the camp they find ideal for their child, might not be the right fit for yours. Do your own research and make sure you know and agree with the philosophy of the camp you are considering.

and fail amid a positive and supportive environment,” says Andy Lilienthal, Owner and Director of Camp Winnebago, a resident camp for boys in Fayette, Maine. “Because the worth of a child is not measured by the quality and level of their accomplishments but rather by the effort and attitude displayed, children have the unique opportunity to support and interact with each other through a range of emotions that helps fosters understanding, mutual admiration and tolerance—all integral ingredients to creating strong and lasting friendships that we see flourish all the time at camp.” Ask many adult summer camp alumni today about their summer camp memories and they will recall the strong camp friendships and the bonds they still have with these friends today. Summer camps know camp alumni enjoy seeing each other every year to reminisce about summer camp traditions and to rekindle the magic of summer camp so they organize camp reunions for former campers and staff. At reunions, camp friends share stories, sing camp songs and take part in favorite camp activities. Each summer, Matt Baumoel, who attended a resident camp in New Hampshire for 13 years as

both a camper and staff member, goes to his camp reunion. “Over the last 25 years, since leaving my summer camp, the bond among all of my camp friends has strengthened to family. When we return to camp for our annual in-camp reunion, it’s as if we never left. Now, nearly three decades later, I find it inspiring to see campers forming the same amazing bonds with each other that I did so many years ago.” Sending your child to summer camp is a wonderful way for him or her to form new, long lasting friendships and to become part of a caring community. “As technology becomes a growing part of children’s lives, camp has become an even more valuable place for children to unplug and relate to each other in the ‘real world,’” says Rebecca Rhodes Rothman, Director of Deerkill Day Camp in Suffern, NY. “Whether it’s negotiating on the playground such as who is going to push the merry-go-round and who is going to ride on it, working together to create a group skit for the camp show, or deciding who is going to play what position in a soccer game, opportunities at camp abound for children to navigate new social situations and develop all-important life skills.”

We’re SeriouS About Summer Fun! • Instructional and recreational swimming

in our three-pool complex, featuring a three-tier water slide

• Sports

coached by program partners including Super Soccer Stars and the baseball Center

• Art

activities in professional studios: ceramics, jewelry, digital photography and filmmaking

• Challenge course

with 40-foot climbing tower

and zip lines • Activities and special events

ranging from music and nature adventures to cooking, gymnastics and much more!

Convenient bus pick-up and drop-off available throughout Manhattan

Sign up noW for Summer 2012! Visit or call 212.415.5573 AN OPEN DOOR TO EXTRAORDINARY WORLDS™ An agency of UJA-Federation

New York Family 2012 Ultimate Guide To Summer Camp


June 24th – August 11th

• Traditional Program, an Active, Outdoorsy Camp! • Good, Safe, Fun In-Camp Activities, Sports & Trips • Child-Centered, Low-stress, Non-denominational • All-Inclusive, Mid-Range Tuition, Budgetable • All Staff are Background Checked Yearly Check us out! Lots to see at Hikes! Mtn.Bikes!


New York Family 2012 Ultimate Guide To Summer Camp



R.C. Swim Classes!


Summer camps The Chess Camp offers a perfect environment for kids that want to learn and improve in chess. We offer chess instruction to the newest, youngest beginners (some as young as 3 1/2 to 4 years old), to slightly older beginners and intermediate players, to advanced players.

Early Bird pricing is available! For More Information visit Contact Us: (315) 849-3332 / (646) 807-9236 Email:

locations PS 116 - The Mary Lindley Murray School 210 East 33rd Street July 2 - August 31st (9 weeks) PS 163 - Alfred E. Smith School 163 West 97th Street August 6 - 24th (3 weeks) Visit website for other camp locations

New York Family 2012 Ultimate Guide To Summer Camp


The Big Question Choosing The Right Type Of Camp For Your Child—Single Sex Or Coed? Traditional Or Specialist?—Can Make All The Difference.

B y J ess M i chaels


hen searching for a sleepaway camp—or resident camp, as some call them—there are many factors families need to consider. The most basic decision involves the type of camp, but even that has its subtleties. One must consider the pros and cons of a general camp versus a specialty camp. Likewise, do you want your child in a coed or single sex setting—or a kind of hybrid known as brother-sister camps? Here are the key differences between camp types. It is not that one type is better than the other, of course. It is simply a matter of where your child will be more successful and happy. Single Sex Camps – Single sex camps don’t have campers of the other sex at camp. At single sex camps, female campers may be more willing to try new things and feel less self-conscious since boys are not around. The way they look, how their hair is, or the type of clothes they wear

all become less relevant. (Note: There are single sex, coed and brother-sister camps that have uniforms for this reason as well). For some boys, a single sex environment will allow them to be more sensitive and not feel like they are going to be judged. Finding it easier to center their program on the interests of just one sex, many single sex camps go for more of a specialty mix than a general mix, with a focus on certain activities or themes, like sports or arts. “After we explored several options, we chose an

all-girls camp for our daughter,” said parent Barbara Leshinsky. “I wanted to counter the social pressure most kids face in school. I also felt convinced that the all-girls camp would prove to be valuable to help build her self esteem during her adolescent years. My daughter is also extremely athletic and I knew she would be challenged athletically and not afraid to express her competitiveness or ability.” Although campers spend their daily activities, evening activities and special events with children of the same sex, single sex camps often have regular socials with nearby camps of the opposite sex. The number of socials with another camp usually increases with the age of the campers. Coed Camps – At coed resident camps, the girls and boys have many shared facilities, including the waterfront, dining hall, and sports fields. Coed camps have a clear separation of boys’ bunks and girls’ bunks. Gail Gold chose a coed camp for her three girls. “Camp is like a mini version of the real world. A coed camp has given my girls a chance to experience friendships

with boys and build strong social skills in a safe, nurturing environment,” she says. “The girls have a distinct living area away from the boys which allows them to have bonding with other girls but they get to experience other camp activities with the boys at camp—they get the best of both worlds.” Even though coed camps have shared facilities, it doesn’t necessarily mean that all daily activities are coed. Each coed camp is different: some camps have some coed daily activities, other coed camps keep daily activities separate, but the boys and girls come together for meals, some evening activities, canteen, and special events like carnival, color war and off-camp trips. Brother-Sister Camps – BrotherSister camps are two camps on the same property or close by to each other. They usually have the same owners but each camp has its own traditions while also sharing traditions between the two camps. Each camp has their own facilities including different waterfronts and dining halls. Brother-Sister camps allow girls and boys

Find the perfect camp for your child at 22

New York Family 2012 Ultimate Guide To Summer Camp

to participate in separate activities during the day just like a single sex camp or some coed camps, but for many Brother-Sister camps, girls and boys come together for meals, special events and some evening activities. Many Brother-Sister camps also schedule special sibling activities so brothers and sisters have a chance to see each other and spend time together on a regular basis during the summer. “When we were looking for a summer camp four years ago, I had never heard of BrotherSister camps,” said Amanda Greenblatt, the mother of twins, one boy and one girl. “My daughter said she wanted an all-girls camp and my son was interested in a coed camp. I was trying to figure out how I was going to manage two different camps and two different visiting days until I came across a Brother-Sister camp that felt right for both of my children. Each camp has their own colors, traditions and songs and my children get to do separate activities during the day but are brought together on weekends to do activities together. My kids often bicker at home but when they talk about camp, they recall the fond memories of times they spent together.” Traditional Camps - Traditional summer camps offers children a varied camp experience with many different camp activities such as swimming, archery, ropes course, arts and crafts, soccer, basketball, boating and drama, among many others. For parents looking to provide their children with a social and developmental experience, such as learning life skills, developing independence, learning responsibility and connecting with people, the traditional camp will provide these experiences. Campers at traditional camps also become part of a community and will enjoy traditional summer camp activities such as Olympics, Color War, Bunk Activity Days, Community Service Projects, Carnival and trips-off-camp. Specialty camps - Specialty camps focus on a specific camp activity or related camp activities for a given period of time. There are many different types of specialty camps available for children for just about every interest such as horseback riding, tennis, drama, gymnastics or soccer. Some kids who have a dedicated passion during the school year look to a specialty camp to help them take it to the next level. Other kids with a long-term specialty want just the opposite: to use summer camp as a chance to try new things, and a big variety of things. In addition to interests and activities other specialty camps are distinguished by their focus on children with certain kinds of special needs like autism or diabetes. Religious orientation can be a unifying theme of certain camps too, thought they still will be segmented by sex and by the general or specific focus on the day-to-day activities.

What Type Of Camp Best Suits Your Child? Answering the following questions can help families decide what type of camp will work for their child. Does your child have a lot of friends of the opposite sex during the school year or have a sibling of the opposite sex that he or she likes spending time with? If yes, a coed camp or brother-sister camp would most likely be the best fit for your child. Is your child athletic and likes to spend his or her day playing sports? If yes, many single sex camps focus on sports, whether it’s a boys’ camp or a girls’ camp. Do you feel that your child spends too much time focusing on the opposite sex? If you answered yes, maybe a single sex or brother-sister camp would be a good choice and allow your child to focus on friendships and the activities that he or she enjoys. During the school year, does your child like participating in soccer, school plays and tennis? If yes, he or she may like a more varied day and may prefer a traditional camp where the camper can participate in many different activities each day. Traditional camp gives them exposure to a whole range of activities and allows children to develop many different skills and talents. Does your child attend an all girls’ or all boys’ school? If your child does, maybe sending him or her to a coed or brother-sister camp during the summer would be a good change and allow your child to socialize with children of the opposite sex in the safe environment of camp. Does your child focus on only in one activity most of the time and shows little interest in anything else? If yes, a specialty camp focused on that activity might be the right fit for your child. But clearly that’s a discussion worth having with your child, in case he or she might prefer a break from it. “The important issue in finding a camp is to understand the philosophy of the camp and the camp director,” says Renee Flax, Director of Camper Placement for the American Camp Association, New York and New Jersey. “Ask them about these issues and get their viewpoint. Once you feel that you are on the same page philosophically with a specific camp, you have probably found the right camp for your child.”

New York Family 2012 Ultimate Guide To Summer Camp


   

  


 

New York Family 2012 Ultimate Guide To Summer Camp

New York Family 2012 Ultimate Guide To Summer Camp


A Camp For

Every Budget If You’re Worried About How To Afford Summer Camp, Here Are Some Cost-Saving Steps To Consider

B y J ess M i chaels


ummer camp is a wonderful opportunity for children to learn life lessons like leadership, independence and self confidence as well as trying new activities like sailing, ropes course and waterskiing. It’s hard to put a price tag on your child’s learning and growth experiences, but parents should know that with a little planning and research there are a number of ways—some perhaps obvious, some less so—to help make summer camp more affordable. Adam Weinstein, Executive Director of the American Camp Association, New York and New Jersey says, “With careful planning, parents can find a camp that works within their families means. When you think about how much it costs to have a child home all summer, with child care and activities, you realize you can be paying a very small premium for a very rich experience.” Look for camp early – It isn’t too early to look for a summer camp for the summer of 2012, or even 2013. Tour camps this summer while the camp is in action. Some camps offer early bird specials for registering now so you can register soon after the camp tour for savings. Searching for camp early also gives families a longer time to plan financially for camp. Gifts - Camp can be given to children as part of birthday gifts and holiday gifts and parents can budget for these gifts throughout the year. Likewise,

members of the extended family like grandparents may also contribute to a gift like camp. Search camps by cost – There is a camp for every budget. Families can search the American Camp Association, New York and New Jersey’s camp website and search by cost as well as day/sleepaway, location, activities or single sex/coed/brother-sister camps. ( also has a good camp search engine.) Likewise, families can also call the American Camp Association, NY and NJ Camper Placement Specialist at 212.391.5208 for free, one-on-one advice on finding the right camp at the right price for your family. Keep in mind that some Y camps, in particular, view it as part of their mission to accept a certain percentage of kids from families with modest means. Assistance offered from the U.S government – The government offers programs that may help families save money on summer camp. • A Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account – A Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account allows parents to be reimbursed on a pre-tax basis for child care or adult dependent care expenses that are necessary to allow parents to work, look for work, or attend school fulltime while they are caring for qualified dependents. Visit the FSA Feds Website at for more information. In certain circumstances, day camp expenses, including transportation by

a care provider, may be considered dependent care services. See the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) website for more information. • Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit The IRS allows an income tax credit of up to $6,000 of dependent care expenses if you have two or more dependents (up `to $3,000 for one dependent). The amount of the credit is based on your adjusted gross income and applies only to your federal taxes. This applies to qualifying day camp expenses as well. Visit the FSA Feds Website for more information. Talk to the camp director- Parents should talk to the camp director at the camp they are interested in sending their child to. Some camps offer sibling discounts, early bird specials for registering early and payment plans—and that’s just the official policy. If you have your heart set on a camp but can’t afford it, you can talk to the director to see if he or she would consider a sliding scale rate in your case. Your never know. Hold a fundraiser - I know this might seem like an overly self-serving solicitation, but if you do it in a way that shows spunk and creativity— and your child helps take the lead on it—you’d be surprised how friends and neighbors might be charmed by the idea of an effort to raise money for camp. Even something as old-fashioned as a lemonade stand with good signage about where the money is going might be an attentiongetter and profit-maker. But use real lemons. People appreciate authenticity.

Find the perfect camp for your child at 26

New York Family 2012 Ultimate Guide To Summer Camp

New York City Ages 3 - 8 Our eco-friendly facility offers a full and half day camp experience for children that includes these exciting activities: Animal Care, Cooking, Crazy Science, Art Projects, Music, Outdoor play, Soccer and Swimming. Weekly Themes like Farm Animals, GreenWeek, Tropical Excursion, Circus, Exotic Animal, Wild Wild West and Mini Olympics Week to keep young imaginations working. Children get hands on experience learning about and caring for live animals in our award winning petting zoo. It’s time for them to coo with the birds and hop with the bunnies. Register by week or for the whole summer! 2, 3 & 5 days per week.

The Art Farm In the City 419 East 91st Street 212.410.3117


Summer Camp !

Bridgehampton Ages 6mo - 15yrs Join the Art Farm family in the Hamptons this summer for a truly unique, eco-friendly adventure on the farm. We offer endless Electives including Swimming, Animal Care, Baking, Pony Camp, Sports, Art, Karate, Zumba, Photography, Computers, Woodshop, Ceramics, Tennis, Skateboarding, X-Games, Drama and the list goes on and on! New options for our 6-7 year olds include Paddleboards, Golf, Fishing, Kayaking & Nature Walks! Special Programs include Pony Combo, Tennis Combo, Half-Day Water Sports & The Sports Camp. Ages 8+ can join Workshops, Mini Workshops and Workshops-On-Wheels... so many options, so little time!

The Art Farm Bridgehampton 631.537.1634

New York Family 2012 Ultimate Guide To Summer Camp


Researching a Summer Camp 10 Key Questions To Ask The Camp Director B y J ess M i chaels


earching for a summer camp for your child is a matching game, You know your child and now you have to get to know the essence of a camp to decide whether it would be well suited for your child’s personality and interests. Whether you speak to the camp director in person or by phone, to make an informed decision the American Camp Association, New York and New Jersey (ACA, NY and NJ) recommends asking at least these ten essential questions to help you better understand what a particular summer camp is all about. No doubt you’ll have other questions as well. Ask them too.

1. What is your camp’s mission and philosophy? A camp director should be able to easily explain the camp’s mission statement. If he or she can’t, that’s not a good sign. Many camps may seem similar, but they all have their unique elements in programming and approach. Ask the director about the type of child that is a successful participant in their program. Renee Flax, Director of Camper Placement for the ACA, NY and NJ, says, “Knowing your child’s personality and learning style, along with considering carefully whether or not the camp’s philosophy matches your own thoughts on childhood and summer time, are invaluable in selecting the right camp.” 2. What is your camp’s program? Are you looking for a traditional experience or a specialty program? Think about what

activities are must-haves for your child. How many electives do the children get and what kind of help do they receive in choosing them? Inquire about how long each activity is, and whether campers typically travel as a bunk or group, or on their own. Does all that add up to the kind of daily regimen you’re hoping for? 3. What type of training and education does the camp director have? The American Camp Association recommends that directors have a bachelors degree, attend professional development workshops and training courses within the past three years in camp management practices, and at least sixteen weeks of camp administrative experience before assuming the responsibilities of a director. 4. What are the enrollment options? What is the length of the program offered? Is there flexibility? What is the

length of the day? Is transportation available? 5. What is the staff composition? Ask about the age of the staff, their experience, pre-season and on-going staff trainings, background checks, the interview process, camper-to-staff ratios and supervision in cabins and for activities. At a minimum, camp staff should be trained in safety regulations, emergency procedures and communication, behavior management techniques, child abuse prevention, appropriate staff and camper behavior, and specific procedures for supervision. “Parents should not only ask the camp about how many hours or types of training the staff has, but more importantly, the overarching philosophy and message being delivered to the staff,” says Paul Isserles, Director of Buckley Day Camp in Roslyn, NY. 6. What percentage of the campers return each year? While every camp is clearly not right for every child, a large number of returning campers usually indicates a high level of satisfaction. 7. What are the safety procedures? Ask about the safety measures. These can include inquiring about medical personnel, emergency plans, staff screening procedures and instructor qualifications. 8. Is the camp accredited? Find out if the program follows a nationally known accreditation process and if the camp is inspected each summer by the Department of Health. The American Camp Association is the only national organization which establishes uni-

form standards for reviewing camps. Not all camps choose to participate, but many do. 9. Can the camp handle children with special needs? If your child has special challenges, such as food allergies, religious obligations, or behavioral conditions, of course you need to ask about the camp’s experience with working with other campers with those issues. You’ll want to get their vibe, whether they seem really knowledgeable about kids who have your child’s special needs. “Be honest and upfront about a child’s special needs. That’s the best way to get a full answer about the camp’s capabilities says Renee Flax of the ACA, NY and NJ. 10. Can I have some references to other families? Parents shouldn’t be afraid to ask for references. This is generally one of the best ways to check if the reality of being at a camp matches the camp’s reputation. Ask other parents about the experiences of their children at the camp and whether their child is returning to camp. Bonus Tip: “Besides asking questions when looking for a camp, it is very important to feel a connection with the camp director since this is the person you are entrusting your child to for the summer,” says Irene Drantch, Executive Director of Camp Kinder Ring, a resident camp in the Hudson Valley. “You are forming a partnership with the camp director and you want to make sure that the camp is the right fit for both you and your child.”

Find the perfect camp for your child at 28

New York Family 2012 Ultimate Guide To Summer Camp

New York Family 2012 Ultimate Guide To Summer Camp



92nd Street Y Camps

Everything they want…everything you need. Day camp for ages 5-14 in a beautiful country setting just 20 minutes from the GW Bridge. Outdoor adventures, environmental explorations, challenge course, zip-line, arts, film, cooking, martial arts, swimming and so much more, all taught by seasoned professionals, artists, musicians and entertainers! Check out specialized camps in arts, science, filmmaking, fashion, and sports. Camps for special needs are also available. Young campers (3-5 years old) attend in Manhattan at 92Y. Sleep away camp and more are also offered. Convenient pick-ups from a variety of Manhattan locations.

Camp Altitude

All-City Junior Tennis Camp, located at the Roosevelt Island Racquet Club and the New York Tennis Club, is one of the city’s oldest and most established junior tennis programs. Staffed with tennis professionals, the camp serves juniors of all ages and skill levels, from QuickStart 10 & under children to tournament players. The Sea and Sports Camp is located at the Maritime College on a beautiful 55-acre campus. At the Maritime waterfront, campers can sail, kayak and motor boat their way to fun. An aquatic center and extensive recreational facilities encourage swimming, soccer, basketball, tennis and more!

1395 Lexington Ave (212) 415-5573

Camp Altitude creates opportunities for campers to increase self confidence and boost self esteem through support, encouragement, and positive experiences. We provide our campers with a structured environment so that they can feel comfortable enough to be themselves—and at the same time secure enough to take risks that propel them towards achieving their potential at camp, home, and in their communities. Our campers are children who experience social challenges but who are excited about participating in summer camp. They have some insight into their strengths and challenges, willingness to grow, and they display social intent toward peers.

Is your life a 914-907-1674

th ree ring c ircus?

Is all the world your stag e?


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Kids Weeks give kids the chance to discover new skills, hidden talents and the thrill of performance—all taught by NEW VICTORY ® Teaching Artists at the NEW 42ND STREET ® Studios (where Broadway shows rehearse)! With a choice of three different themes, there’s a Kids Week that’s just right for your kid.

Programs run Monday-Friday, 9am-4pm daily.


New York Family 2012 Ultimate Guide To Summer Camp

Applause New York City presents Camp Applause—week-long theatre camps for your children this summer! Each week your child will cycle through workshops including acting, singing, costume/set design, audition technique, Broadway dance, hip-hop, acting for TV, and so much more. Different weekly themes and curriculum, plus a visit from a Broadway star are highlights of each session. Each week concludes with a performance for parents, family, and friends. June 4July 27. K-9th grade, Monday-Friday, 9:30am-3pm. Don’t forget to ask about our multi-week discount. Home of Rock-n-Roll Babies, Broadway Babies, and Superstars St. Jean’s Community Center 184 E. 76th St. (212) 717-0703

“A week of theatrical skills and thrills!” – Eral, parent of an 8 year old

March 26 – 30 / April 9 – 13 / June 18 – 22 For ages 7-11

July 9 – 20 (2–week program) For ages 7-11

July 9 – 20 (2–week program) For ages 11-14

CIRCUS WEEKS: $500 ($450/New Vic Members) 1-week programs THEATER and PLAYWRITING WEEKS: $1000 ($900/New Vic Members) 2-week programs

Applause New York City

Kids of all skill and experience levels welcome! 646.223.3010

The N EW VICTORY ® Theater is a project of

Preschool du Monde Summer Program

Based on its year-long, inquiry-based preschool program, Preschool du Monde will inject a hefty dose of summertime fun into its three summer sessions. Children ages 2 to 6 will be active participants in a play-based program where children will enjoy frequent field trips to parks and museums as well as engaging neighborhood explorations and community walks. In between their real-world adventures outside, children will dive into indoor activities, organized by theme that will include a fusion of music and movement, theater arts, storytelling, and arts and crafts.

Crèche du Monde Summer Program = “Pre Camp Experience!”

Pre Camp is what we like to call the “perfect first camp experience” - created just for 18 month to 2.5 year olds! Carefully designed by our directors to be a nurturing introductory camp experience for younger children, Pre Camp is full of traditional summer camp fun and adventure! CDM’s Pre Camp program is designed to prepare your child for preschool while they enjoy spending summer-time fun outside in the local parks and playgrounds or CDM’s very own back yard! The activities planned, the playfulness of our environment, and the selection of teaching materials are specifically chosen to encourage the love for learning. New York, NY 10024 • Tel: 646-592-5527 • New York Family 2012 Ultimate Guide To Summer Camp


Art Farm

The Art Farm offers programs for children to interact with live animals and connect with them through hands on experience. The original Art Farm camp located in Bridgehampton was founded in 1995. The Art Farm in the City was added on New York’s Upper East Side in 2001. The space is eco friendly and children are taught how to care for the planet, animals, create art, cook and have swimming and soccer as part of the Summer Camp in the City. The Bridgehampton location has endless opportunities for 6mos through age 13 years. Children participate in outdoor country experiences like horseback riding, water sports, swiming, caring for a variety of animals, skateboarding as well as cooking, art, and sports camp. Both city and country programs revolve around monthly themes and flexible by week registration Bridgehampton 631.537.1634 NYC 212.410.3117


For over two decades, Asphalt Green Summer Day Camp has been synonymous with camp excellence, fostering a love of sports and fitness that last a lifetime. We offer a summer of fun, fitness and friendship uptown at our Upper East Side campus and now downtown, at our new Battery Park City campus. Asphalt Green’s Summer Day Camp offers kids ages 4-13 a fantastic summer of sports, swimming, arts, field trips and more! Our camp activities are specially designed to meet the unique age-appropriate physical, mental, behavioral and social milestones of every camper. Bus service and pre-/after-camp are available.

Aviator Summer Camp

Aviator Sports Summer Day Camp includes activities that will help campers develop leadership qualities, self-confidence, moral character, vital social skills, healthy living habits as well as knowledge of their environment, culture, the arts, & many sports. Our dedicated and trained staff will ensure each camper a safe and fulfilling summer experience through small group ratios and individual attention. At no extra cost campers will enjoy activities with our specialty staff who have special training in gymnastics, sports, art, dance, environmental studies, swimming, theater, & team building. 1-9 week bundles are available. 3159 Flatbush Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11234 718.758.7510

Bank Street Summer Camp

Located on 112th Street, Bank Street Summer Camp is for co-ed campers between the ages of 4 and 16. Our philosophy reflects that of the Bank Street School as a childcentered, nurturing community that emphasizes process over product. The Lower Camp consists of 11 groups for children 4-8 years old. Within our air-conditioned classrooms, each group is equipped with both challenging and enriching materials for developing minds. Once a week each group takes a trip and beyond swimming three times a week, twice in the Barnard College pool and once at Lake Welch. Lower Camp programs are General Camp, Science and Spanish Immersion. The Upper Camp is uniquely designed to meet the needs of middle school children, ages 8 to 16. The Upper Camp groups are Art, Science, Sports, Spanish, Musical Theater, Shakespeare, Foodies, Film and Travel. Each group swims twice a week. June 18thth-29th July 2nd-August 3rd August 6th-10th Monday to Friday 8:30am-3:00pm Enrichment Classes: 3:00pm-4:30 After Care: 4:30pm-6:00pm 212.875.4705

Tabor Academy Summer Program

Enjoy a summer by the sea full of friends, activities,and learning! Residential, Day, and CIT Programs Coed, ages 6-15 Sailing, Marine Science, Sports, Activities & much more June 24 – August 4, 2012 1, 3, & 6 Weeks Residential | 2 - 6 Weeks Day Tel: 508•291•8342 | Marion, MA | E: Visit us at www. 32

New York Family 2012 Ultimate Guide To Summer Camp

Calling All Chefs! Summer Cooking Camps Weekly Culinary Adventures June 11 to Sept 7 Register for the whole summer or just a week.

Camps for ages 4-8, 9-13 & 13-17

Kids MaKe friends

for life! We have a wonderful camp community and friendly atmosphere, which kids love. 90% of our children come back every year and that’s why we’re expanding.



CALL (718)833-9039

REGISTER NOW FOR COOKING CAMP! 109 W 27th Street / 212-242-2248 /

“Best Kids Cooking Class” by New York Magazine




CAMP BIRCH HILL. YOUR HOME AWAY FROM HOME! Camp Birch Hill is a traditional summer camp for boys and girls ages 6 to 16. Our elective program lets campers choose from over 40 activities throughout their 2, 4, or 6 week stay. FRIENDSHIPS AND MEMORIES OF A LIFE TIME. Birch Hill is located in the beautiful “Lakes Region” of NH. To hear about our fun evening programs, healthy food options, and friendly staff- or to schedule a tour please visit

Brant Lake Sports Academy

Located in the Adirondack Mountains of New York from July 27 - August 10, BLSA is a professionally run 2-week resident summer program for motivated, sports-loving girls, 11 to 16 years old. BLSA is owned and operated by Brant Lake Camp - one of the finest boys camps in the USA, with over 95 years of one family. With this same experienced leadership, our program addresses the strong growth of athletics and competitive sports among girls. On it’s own girls campus. For more information about the experience and dedicated leadership at BLSA contact us.

Contact our office at (603) 859 - 4525! YAHOO! Celebrating 20 years of Friendships and Memories of a Lifetime!

Buckley Day Camp

Life is Camp...Let’s Play. Come down, meet our staff and find out what makes Buckley the premier camp option for families living in Long Island, Queens and Manhattan. Buckley Day Camp offers a unique camp experience for tots through teens. An amazing combination of beautiful facility, caring staff and professionally-led activity areas equals a summer camp like no other. We invite the whole family to come down, tour our facility and hear why Buckley Day Camp is the right camp for your family. To use the words of one of our enthusiastic parents, “Nobody cares more about my child than the staff at Buckley. What more could a mom want”. 2 I.U. Willets Road, Roslyn, NY 11576, 516-365-7760,


THE CAMP CONNECTION: YOUR SUMMER CAMP MATCHMAKERS WE SPECIALIZE IN THE FIRST TIME CAMPER and TEENS! FREE ADVISORY SERVICE for summer programs for children, with over 20 years of experience, representing over 500 summer programs. Guidance, brochures, and DVDs are available on the finest Sleepaway Camps, Teen tours, Pre-college and Community service programs, specialty camps and more. Each camp has been personally visited and assessed for facility, staff, program, safety, supervision and cleanliness. There is never any cost to our clients for our service. Your child is our focus! The programs we represent are the finest in the industry. “WE ARE A RELIABLE RESOURCE FOR ACCURATE INFORMATION”. NO FEE/NO OBLIGATION. Call 1-800834-CAMP(2267) and speak to one of our consultants. We can also be reached from our website at or by email at

Lose yourself for a summer...Find yourself for a lifetime. Choose from 40 classes including: Orchestra, Band, Musical Theater, Video Arts, Chess, Organic Gardening, Painting, and Sculpture.

Artistic exploration, collaboration, and fun for young people, ages 6-­18. Usdan has a professional faculty of artist-­teachers, and is situated on a 100-­acre woodland campus in Long Island. Weekdays: 4 weeks or 7 weeks. Air-­Conditioned buses from all New York area neighborhoods. Tuition: $2,925 -­ $3,825 plus transportation and fees.


New York Family 2012 Ultimate Guide To Summer Camp


Usdan Center for the Creative and Performing Arts

212-­772-­6060 | 631-­643-­7900

r fo d e n g S S Desi E C C U S r fo f d e r e e n i g En ! N U


A Summer is a Terrible Thing to


The years between 3 and 12 are among a child’s most formative.

What your child does during the two months of summer can make a tremendous difference.

Developing strong social skills, enhanced self confidence and self esteem along with an appreciation for positive character traits and values are the building blocks for success later in life.

Not every day camp is designed the same — not every day camp runs the same.


Apr il 22

Ca Cam ll abo p F ut ou air Dat r es!

Transportation included from Park Slope, Brooklyn Heights & Manhattan

516.676.0904 • 85 Crescent Beach Road • Glen Cove, NY 11542

New York Family 2012 Ultimate Guide To Summer Camp


Camp F.L.E.I.G.

Camp F.L.E.I.G, which stands for Fitness, Leadership, Eating Well, Integrity & Good times is a 6 week long (3, 2 week sessions) summer resident camp for children ages 9-15. Our Camp focuses on several core values to help children develop the skills to be strong, fit, sel confident leaders. Camp F.L.E.I.G. is Located in the middle of scenic Lancaster County Pennsylvania in close proximity to Millersville University, Camp F.L.E.I.G utilizes many campus features such as the Fitness Center, Ropes Course, Track and Field, etc.

Camp Gorham

Camp Gorham provides every camper from with a life changing experience. Set on 1,500 picturesque acres, including a spectacular 400 acre lake, there is no better place to spend a summer! The experience is based around 5 key elements ensuring your camper is part of a safe environment, makes new friends, experiences the Adirondacks, develops character and has fun. With activities including horseback riding, waterskiing, sailing, canoeing, high ropes, archery, arts and crafts, dance and mountain biking, your camper is sure to create memories that last a lifetime. Camp Gorham Summer Camp it’s like regular life, except way better!

21 S. George Street, Millersville, PA 17551 Josh Scholtes, Camp Director, 717-871-5831;

Jackie Rudolph Director of Administration YMCA Camp Gorham (315) 357-6401 Phone (315) 357-3103 Fax

Camp Kingsmont

Camp Kingsmont is a residential weight loss and fitness camp for children 8-18 years of age. We focus on building self-esteem, sports skills, nutrition, fitness, and self-confidence through a fun and active program. Our goal is to provide the tools to kids and teens to make fundamental changes in the way they live. Camp Kingsmont works with your child from the inside out -- preparing them to return home with a new attitude, new confidence, new knowledge and a new and improved body. Please visit us today!! We Look forward to seeing you this summer!!

YMCA Camp Letts

YMCA Camp Letts, Washington DC’s premiere resident camp, has been offering sailing, horseback riding, water skiing, fine arts programs, and wilderness adventures to our campers for over 100 summers. Located on a one mile peninsula just off the Chesapeake Bay, youngsters from across the county and around the world flock to this secure and exciting environment to have fun, kindle friendships, and master new skills. Every summer, campers spend one and two-week sessions with our highly trained staff building skills that will last a lifetime. Come join the adventure and you’ll see why we say, “Welcome to the fun. Welcome to the family. Welcome to camp!” 410-919-1410 ● PO Box 208, 4003 Camp Letts Road, Edgewater MD 21037


TAKE YOUR GAME TO THE NEXT LEVEL! • A Fun, Quality, Affordable Baseball Program • Players learn in small groups with energetic and experienced coaches. • Beautiful fields in Riverside Park • Round-trip transportation is available • For Ages 6-13 • One Week Sessions Available • Offering year-round programs including After School, Weekend Clinics and School Vacation Camps! Space very limited Check out for more info or contact Camp Director Mike Handell 917-572-2423


New York Family 2012 Ultimate Guide To Summer Camp

Neil Klatskin Day Camp Only a dozen miles for so many smiles! FROM CENTRAL PARK TO TENAFLY, NEW JERSEY

week-long musical theater

summer camps for kids age 4 to 14

Kosher Lunch

& Snacks!

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Enrolling your child is as easy as 1, 2, 3...


Create and perform a brand new mini musical just 5 days! for ages 6-8 and 9-14

1. Join the JCC now 2. Pay ONLY $250* 3. Pay 2010 camp rates for summer 2012! 201.567.8963

Each camp features new Teaching Artists and a different theme from which the group writes and performs a brand new show. So book one or book ‘em all! every week - june 11-august 31

2-week mini camps!n for Ages 4-5


A new half-day Musical Theater Mini Camp for kids entering Pre-K and K that runs for two weeks, Monday to Friday from 9:30AM-12PM and culminates in a final sharing on the last day.

July 9 - 20 & August 6 - 17

* All children participating must be potty-trained.

PLUS take advantage of sibling discounts • $350 off 2nd child • $500 off 3rd & 4th child • 5th child FREE

* Open to all families who have never been a member of the Kaplen JCC on the Palisades Membership good for June, July & August 2012 only. Restrictions apply.

Text NKDC to 57394 link to our camp video

Kaplen JCC on the Palisades

find out more about camp

free open house saturday may 5!

be in a brand new show

every week...all summer long. book multiple camps and save! 212-252-1619 x4

411 East Clinton Ave. I Tenafly, NJ 07670 I New York Family 2012 Ultimate Guide To Summer Camp


Camp Riverdale

Camp Move IT ROCKS! You got it! We are a totally awesome experience for girls ages 7-16 that’s innovative, ridiculously creative, filled with heart and life lessons to grow your daughter into her most fabulous and authentic self! We have merged cutting edge arts programming with a stunning Catskill landscape to create an awesome summer home for your daughter. We have 2 ponds, a brand new pool, 2 streams, a tennis court, open air painting studio, outdoor dance studio, recording studio, and endless acreage for exploration. Camp Move IT™ campers are an eclectic group of girls, ready for an amazing summer adventure that will be remembered for a lifetime! Register your daughter today to be a Camp Move IT™ Girl and empower her to change the world! Girls age 7-16 NY Catskill Mountains 877 262 6512

Since 1976, Camp Northwood has been providing a fun-filled, instructional co-ed summer sleep away camp experience to socially immature, learning challenged and high functioning autistic spectrum campers in need of greater supervision and social support than is available in a more traditional camp setting. Located in the Adirondacks of New York State, our 40-acre campus is situated on the edge of a beautiful 9-mile lake. Co-ed campers (ages 8-18) enjoy over 30 structured, non-competitive activities promoting independence, selfesteem and mastery. Our 2:1 camper to counselor ratio ensures individualized instruction and reinforcement of age-appropriate social skills. Campers have a wealth of opportunities to succeed and shine while having the time of their lives! Accredited by The American Camp Association. The Northwood Center, a division of Camp Northwood, Inc. established in 2001, offers summer programming for young adults, (ages 16-21) as they learn and practice independent living, practical and social skills in our simulated apartment setting.

Camp Ramaquois, “A day camp as complete as sleep-away camp”, situated on 44 acres in nearby Rockland County. Only 30 minutes from the George Washington Bridge, via the Palisades Parkway. From adventurous activities to creative arts to athletic activities, boys & girls, ages 4-15 experience a traditional day camp program filled with a variety of stimulating activities. Facilities include group bunks, a 5-acre crystalline lake, 8 heated swimming pools, a splash park, tennis, basketball & volleyball courts, hockey rinks, ball fields, soccer fields, a petting zoo, special events & much more. Optional Adventure Trip Program for grades 4-10. 10th Grade Leadership Program. Many air-conditioned buildings.

Special Needs Camp

Visit us at or call 845-354-1600 for a personal tour.

Contact: Gordon & Donna Felt, Directors 315-831-3621 •








Camp Ramaquois




Camp Move IT™


Camp Riverdale is designed to increase the existing skills of boys and girls, to develop an interest in new fields, to expand campers’ interpersonal relations, and to provide healthy recreation. Swimming is the heart of our program with time each day for instructional and free swim, arts & crafts, science, music, dance, dramatics, rocketry, computer. Sports, including baseball, volleyball, softball, soccer, basketball, floor hockey, tennis, fencing, gymnastics. Hot meal. Transportation. Special activity days: Lego Engineering, Talent Show, Olympics, Aquatic Day, Carnival, Birthday Party. Former camper and counselor, Camp Director John Mueser nurtures this fifty-two year legacy with respect and care. (718) 432-4807

This is the best camp I’ve ever been too! I can’t wait to go back!

I LOVE FALCON! SUMMER Excellent effo rt

SEE ALL MY FRIENDS. caring staff.

Great Food and good healthy selections. Willrecipes for back home! Horses




 T




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At nigh campfires. PLACE IN THE WORLD. W

800 - 837 - CAMP

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New York Family 2012 Ultimate Guide To Summer Camp

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The staff really

is my second home!

800/837 CAMP 800/837-CAMP


We Believe that Girls Rock. We Believe they’re POWERFUL. We Believe that Every Single Girl is Smart, Creative, Athletic & Beautiful. We believe girls can make a difference in each other’s lives. We believe they can do anything they put their minds to. We believe that GIRLS can change the World. All they have to do is Move IT!


“Camp Move IT changed me, it changes everyone! I can’t wait to go back because I know I’m going to learn so much more about myself AND I can’t wait to see all my new friends!” Alanie age 11 “At camp you don’t hang out with the same group of girls everyday and that’s done on purpose because at Camp Move IT there are no cliques!!! “ DebbieAnn age 13 SESSION I (2 weeks) June 30 - July 14

“At camp we don’t just have counselors, we have INSPIRERS and that’s what they do, inspire us to be ourselves in creative ways like dance, art, music, photography and acting!.....” Jackie age 9

“I NEVER felt left out or friendless. I was free to be creative and happy 24/7! Everyone feels comfortable sharing their personal story with everyone at the camp, no one judges or critiques anyone.” Leah age 12 SESSION II (3 weeks) July 15 - August 4

SESSION III (2 weeks) August 5 - August 18

WWW.CAMPMOVEIT.COM Phone: 877-262-6512

2121 PINK STREET BOVINA CENTER NY 13740 New York Family 2012 Ultimate Guide To Summer Camp


Camp Wekeela

Camp Wekeela a coed residential camp, offers a safe, fun, nurturing environment in a bucolic mountain lake setting on Little Bear Pond in the beautiful state of Maine. Water Skiing, Tennis, Outdoor Adventure, Land Sports, Water Sports, Creative, Performing and Culinary Arts are core components of our program. Wekeela also offers an Outdoor Adventure tripping program. Our campers may cycle in Acadia National Park, explore Bar Harbor, climb the summits of Mt. Khatadin, navigate the rapids of the Kennebec River or camp out under the infinite Maine starlit sky. To discover what makes our Maine summer camp so special and for more information contact us.

Camp Yomawha

Chelsea Piers

City kids can make their athletic dreams come true this summer at Chelsea Piers Summer Sports Camps, Manhattan’s most comprehensive camp program for children 3-17 years old. Campers choose from 14 different sports camps this year, including Sports Academy (soccer, basketball, volleyball, batting and more), Gymnastics, Junior Gymnastics, Figure Skating, Ice Hockey, Golf, Elite Soccer, Performance Golf, Acceleration Hockey, Elite Basketball, Bowling, Preschool Gymnastics, Preschool Ice Skating, and Urban Adventure for Teens (kayaking, rock climbing and sailing). Camp runs June 18 - August 31, 2012, and campers may sign up for one week up to 11 weeks, for maximum schedule flexibility. Transportation and After Care are available for an additional fee.

Get out of the city and into nature! Camp for school aged children with swimming twice daily, an adventure course, sports, nature, art, boating, drama, trips, overnights and late nights. Round trip transportation from West 97th Street in Manhattan through 230th Street near Riverdale to our Pearl River campgrounds included. Camp dates are June 28August 17. Fees start as low as $700 for two week sessions and $3200 for the full summer. Visit our website for a full list of prices, discounts, open houses and registration. 201.612.5125

54 Nagle Ave. New York, NY 10040 For more information contact: 212-569-6200 ext. 248


Children’s Academy at LIU Brooklyn

Children’s Academy at LIU Brooklyn is designed to create both educational and fun experiences for children ages 3-12. Youngsters from across Brooklyn learn robotics, movie making, music, puppetry, foreign language, ballet and swimming. Summer Camp for 3- 6 year olds is a half-day, language immersion program in Spanish, Mandarin Chinese or American Sign Language. Camp for 7-12 year olds is a full-day program of academic, creative and physical activities. LIU Brooklyn faculty teach classes while current students are employed as camp counselors. The Children’s Academy is fully licensed by the New York City Department of Health.

For more information



Summer Camp 2011 Activities include: NEW this year... one week camps all summer and more free add-on programs! ● Horseback Riding & Trail Rides

● Jewelry & Fashion Design

● Waterski and Wakeboarding


● High Ropes Adventure Course

● Paintball

● Appalachian Adventure Trip

● Archery

● Volleyball, Soccer, Basketball

● Ceramics

● SwImming Safety Program

● Kayaking & Canoeing

YMCA CAMP LETTS is located on a 219 acre peninsula just outside of Annapolis Maryland, a short 30 minute drive to Baltimore and Washington DC!

● Making New Friends and Memories

... and so much more! ● 410-919-1410 ● PO Box 208, 4003 Camp Letts Road, Edgewater MD 21037


New York Family 2012 Ultimate Guide To Summer Camp

Curriculum ic m a n y D ction • ert Instru p x E • s ie ss Facilit World-Cla Curriculum ic m a n y D ction • ert Instru p x E • s ie ss Facilit World-Cla

The City’s Best Summer Day Camps for Tots to Teens. Camps run June 18 – August 31 • Ages 3 to 17 Years

Summer Sports Camps at

Since 1996, campers have enjoyed world-class athletic facilities, expert and caring instructors, and the most exciting sports curriculum, without ever leaving the city!

14 Camps to Choose from: Golf • Performance Golf • Ice Hockey • Ice Skating • Bowling Preschool Gymnastics • Preschool Ice Skating • Gymnastics Junior Gymnastics • Elite Soccer • Urban Adventure for Teens Sports Academy • Elite Basketball • Acceleration Hockey

23rd Street & Hudson River Park 212.336.6846

Enroll for 1, 2 or more weeks. Instant Online Enrollment • Lunch Provided Transportation & After Care Available

NYF Full Camp 1-12 NEW.indd 1


1/20/12Camp 5:14 PM New York Family 2012 Ultimate Guide To Summer


Feed monkeys, pet kangaroo, take classes in Veterinary Medicine, Animal Care, Survival Skills, Crime Science, Zipline, Pottery, Archery, Culinary Science, Swimming, Crafts. - 240 beautifully forested acres are home to one of the most unique summer camps in the country. Cub Creek Science Camp is the only camp with its own zoo, and offers a 4:1 student / teacher ratio to ensure that campers not only have the time of their life, but are always well supervised and safe. In addition to so many fun activities, our spacious, air-conditioned cabins and delicious meals are also favorites of our campers.

Deer Mountain Day Camp

Deer Mountain Day Camp is one of the first established and most respected day camps in the Tri-State area. Located just minutes from the G.W. and Tappan Zee bridges, Deer Mountain was founded in 1956 and sits on 25 beautiful mountainside acres surrounding our spring fed lake. At Deer Mountain, age-appropriate programs for children 3-15 years old have been crafted by certified teachers and educational professionals to give your child the most enriching summer experience possible. With swimming, sports, arts, outdoor adventure, lake and special event activities, campers rave that they have “the best summer ever.” Transportation, hot lunch, and towel service are included.

Free Brochure:


New York Family 2012 Ultimate Guide To Summer Camp

63 Call Hollow Road Pomona, NY 10970-2702 P: 845-354-2727 F: 845-354-5248

Drake Bennett Summer School

We offer a unique full-day summer school for elementary grade students whose parents value fundamental skills instruction, and for whom optimal preparation for September is the highest priority of the summer. Students have six classes daily - multisensory literacy, multisensory math, science, art, drama, and sports - taught by single-subject specialists. By working efficiently, we still manage to schedule five fun recesses every day. A speech pathologist is on duty every afternoon. Our four-week summer school meets from 8:00 till 6:00 at The Epiphany School, at 141 East 28th Street (near Lex), from July 30 through August 24.

141 East 28th Street

Falcon Camp

Widely recognized throughout the midwest as Ohio’s premier summer camp, Falcon Camp offers a beautiful lakefront setting, experienced staff and wide range of activities. “Fun for Now, Skills forLife” is not just a catchy phrase but truly defines what happens at Falcon. Campers choose their own schedule within a general framework in 2,4,6 or 8 week sessions. Boys and girls, ages 6 – 16, are separate with planned coed events. Most of all it’s a great time! ACA accredited since 1959. Easy transportation arrangements from Pittsburgh, Cleveland or Akron/Canton airports. Special Horse Lover Camps and first timer programs also available. Carrollton, OH 44615 (800)837-CAMP


The at


Fundy Marine Science Institute Face-to-face with whales, porpoises, puffins and lots of marine life


Free Brochure & Info: Ask About: STEM Projects • College Accredited Courses Family Programs Mention Keycode WC★NYF for $50/week Discount

New York Family 2012 Ultimate Guide To Summer Camp


FashionCamp NYC

Frost Valley

FashionCampNYC is an intensive fiveday hands-on camp experience, taught by the experts, designers and retailers you read about in your favorite glossy, and aspire to work with one day. FashionCampNYC explores the “business” of fashion, teaching teens — ages 12 to 18 — how to turn their passion into a lucrative profession. Our educators include fashion executives, designers, product developers, stylists, bloggers, and editors, touching on every aspect of this creative and colorful industry. All that’s missing is you!

Our two-week resident camps are designed to provide exciting days that ensure fun for every camper and provide activities that foster healthy, outdoor fun. From swimming to tenting in the woods and stories by the campfire, children enjoy discovering new friends, new challenges and new skills. New Horse camps for girls in 2012! Camps offered: Sleepaway, Horse, Farm, Adventure, and more!

LIM College, 12 E. 53rd Street NY, NY 866-909-6911

Visit our website for more information: or call (845) 985-2291.

Gate Hill

Future Stars

In the summer of 2012 at Purchase College, we will once again be operating 17 Weekly day camp programs starting June 11 in Tennis, Soccer, Basketball, Baseball, Lacrosse, Football, Running, MultiSports, Field Hockey, Cheerleading, Volleyball, Circus Arts, Magic, Softball, Diving, Academic and Little Stars (ages 3½–5). Supervised swim; Instructional swim for Little Stars. Lunch option, local central point transportation available, with door-to-door transportation from Riverdale and Manhattan.

Having recently celebrated over 60 years in camping, we are proud to serve NYC families. With a magnificent, mountainside facility and a talented, nurturing staff, Gate Hill provides a complete day camp experience for camper’s age 3 to entering 10th grade, plus outstanding special programs in Early Childhood, Teen Travel, & Explorer’s: Arts & Sciences. Enrollment includes hot lunch, air conditioned door to door transportation, towel service, regular parent communication, weekly photos online, and an amazing summer experience for every child. Private tours with a Camp Director are scheduled 7 days per week, plus fun family events throughout the year!

735 Anderson Hill Road Purchase, NY 914-273-8500

If you’re lookIng for the ultimate camping experience, then look no further than America’s oldest co-ed camp. We’ve been creating outdoor camping memories for kids of all ages for over 120 years. engaging • 700-Acre Campground “tech-free” activities build character and friendship — campers choose from • Mile-Long Private Lake • Close to New York water and field sports, hiking, arts, canoe trips and more — for less than • Reasonable Rates you might imagine.

Visit our website to learn more

860.767.0848 Ivoryton, CT


New York Family 2012 Ultimate Guide To Summer Camp

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1/9/12 3:03 PM


New York Family 2012 Ultimate Guide To Summer Camp


YMCA Summer Camp

YMCA SUMMER CAMP Have you made plans for your child’s summer yet? The YMCA has Day AND Sleepaway Camps just 87 miles northwest of New York City. Either way, YMCA Summer Camp is the perfect place to meet new friends, explore science and technology, swim, build core values, appreciate culture and diversity, and—of course—have fun. All YMCA Summer Camps are and accredited by the American Camp 10 % Early Bird and Sibling Discounts


(212) 630-YMCA

Hewitt Summer Program


Summer Clubhouse offers two camp programs. The Coed K-4 Camp runs in June and August, offering outdoor play, yoga, creative arts, chess, sports, swim instruction and exciting field trips to special exhibits and classic New York locales. The Girl Power! Camp is a program fostering confidence, collaboration and community and is open to all girls entering grades 5 through 7. This immersive oneweek program, June 11-15, focuses on leadership and empowerment skills while encouraging ways for the girls to be their best selves. Both camps are staffed with professional instructors and experienced camp counselors. Visit our website to register.

Ages 7-17 Immerse in hands-on learning to create iPhone apps, programs, video games, websites, movies, 3D models, robots, and more. Beginner to advanced students ages 7-17 enroll in these weeklong, day and overnight camps held at 60+ prestigious universities in 27 states including Columbia, NYU, NYIT, Adelphi, Princeton, Stanford, and others. Students engage in personalized curriculum with a small group of peers (guaranteed 8:1 ratio) to optimize learning and social experiences. Teens, Ages 13-18 Also for 2-weeks, pre-college immersion programs for Teens held at NYU, Vassar, Princeton, Yale, and other universities: iD Gaming Academy, iD Programming Academy, and iD Visual Arts Academy (filmmaking and photography). Contact our Program Advisors for help developing a plan to nurture your student’s existing interests.

Girl Power! Camp: 45 E. 75th St., NYC 10021 Summer Clubhouse: 3 E. 76th St., NYC 10021 (212)288-1919

JCC Pearl River


The JCC Day Camp @ Pearl River offers campers 5-12 years an exceptional summer experience on our beautiful, lush campground just 35 minutes from the upper west side. It’s everything you’d expect from the JCC – great programming, dedicated staff, and serious fun – in a beautiful outdoor environment. Camp highlights include Swimming 2 times a day, Low and High Ropes Courses and Rockwall, Beautiful fields; basketball, tennis and gaga courts; dedicated, Yoga Zone, Cooking, Nature, Music and Arts, with experts Planting Garden, and Petting Zoo. Bussing available from the Upper West and East Sides. Visit us online at or call 646.505.4430 to learn more



Offered Weekly: June 11th - August 31st With transportation available in Manhattan, SPORTIME Randall’s Island Summer Camps feature tennis pros from the John McEnroe Tennis Academy and caring counselors who deliver an unforgettable experience to every camper!

The 2012 EXCEL Summer Camp, for tennis players ages 7-16, features four hours of intensive coaching from McEnroe Academy professionals and two hours of fitness and cross-training. The SPORTIME 2012 Tennis & Sports Camp, for kids 5-15, provides two hours of tennis and four hours of other sports, including basketball, softball, and soccer; plus an activity tent, slip ‘n slide and more!

For more information email Camp Director and Master Tennis Professional Greg Evans at, call 212-427-6150, or log onto

212/427-6150 If you’re traveling east, check out the summer camp offerings at SPORTIME clubs in the Hamptons: SPORTIME Amagansett, 320 Abrahams Path, 631.267.3460, SPORTIME Quogue, Route 104, 631.653.6767,


New York Family 2012 Ultimate Guide To Summer Camp


Week-Long Musical Theater Intensives this Summer! 184 East 76th St. New York, NY 10021

(212) 717-0703

Call Us Today!

New York Family 2012 Ultimate Guide To Summer Camp


Launch Math Achievement Center

Kids of Summer

Kids of Summer is a fun, quality and affordable NYC sports program based in Riverside Park. Now in its eleventh year, Kids of Summer offers baseball and basketball instruction to hundreds of NYC children each year in a fun, supportive, safe and energetic atmosphere. Through targeted drills and exciting games, Kids of Summer’s experienced and responsible coaches work with campers of all ability levels in small groups to ensure personalized attention, improvement, wonderful memories and fun! We offer year-round programs including after school, winter classes, school vacation camps, birthday parties, private lessons and our travel baseball organization the NY Dodgers. Transportation and one-week sessions available for summer camp.


Real-life rocket scientist, Scott Heifetz, founded Launch with one mission in mind: Inspire children to love and learn math! Launch provides Pre-K through 8th grade kids with inspiring math instruction throughout the year and exciting indoor/outdoor day camps during the summer. Launch camps are week-long sessions packed with creative hands-on projects related to math and science. Two camps are offered every week with a maximum of four campers per counselor. Whether building advanced robots, launching high-flying rockets, designing video games, tinkering with electronics or playing in Central Park, kids will be having too much fun to notice that they are learning! 173 W. 81st St. (81st and Amsterdam) (949) 528-6240 OR (949) LAUNCH-0

New York Family 2012 Ultimate Guide To Summer Camp

Léman Manhattan

Have a FUNderful summer at Léman Manhattan. Camp Léman – Children (3s – 3rd grade) enjoy daily swim lessons by Red Crosscertified lifeguards, outdoor play, arts and crafts, woodworking, sports, cooking, special events, and much more. June 18th – July 27th Léman Summer Workshops – Children (4th-8th grade) hone their special interests in week-long Fine Arts, Music, Culinary Arts, and Film workshops that are overseen by our outstanding faculty and experienced professionals. Each week includes unique excursions and concludes with an event for family and friends. June 18th – July 20th Enroll now 212.232.0266 ext 254 Léman Manhattan is located in the heart of the Financial District • 41 Broad St. • 1 Morris St.


Lester’s is ready up for camp with the largest selection of fun camp clothing, footwear and essentials from all your favorite brands including CLOZ camp uniforms. You’ll find everything your kids want and need for sleep-away or day camp including Lester’s exclusive LOVE CAMP airbrushed designs on duffel bags, tank tops, sweatshirts, bedding, pillows, towels, make-up cases and more. Boys will find their favorite sports team logos, Flow Society Lacrosse Shorts and Volcom sweat shirts. Through April 10th, all campers receive free name taping on your camp purchase over $200, a $25 Gift Card with a camp purchase over $500 (valid after April 7,some exclusions may apply). Their camp counselors will guide you every step of the way. Come in, or call to make your camp appointment (Manhattan store 212 734 9292) or shop online at LESTERS.COM for the same great personalized service. Lester’s is also located in Brooklyn, Rye, Greenvale and Huntington LI.

& Teen Acade







MAKE MOVIES ! 60+ UNIVERS ITIES. AGES 718. Columbia NYU NYIT Adelphi Princeton

w w w.intern 1-888-709-TE C H (8324)

New York Family 2012 Ultimate Guide To Summer Camp


LuHi Summer Programs

Mandell Explorer Camp

Entering our 51st year, LuHi Summer Programs has a great summer experience waiting for your child! Located on 33 beautiful acres on Long Island’s North Shore in Nassau County, LuHi, is the place to be for arts, sports and recreation. Offering 40 exciting programs in four 2-week sessions, LuHi has proudly served three generations of Long Island families. All programs include free transportation from Manhattan. Join us at one of our Open Houses on Sunday, February 12th, Sunday, March 25th or Sunday, April 29th from 12pm to 3 pm. Enter to win a free 2 week session of LuHi, meet the directors, visit the magician and take a turn in the bounce! Register for programs that day and your child gets a free gift!

The Mandell Explorer Camp is an opportunity for children ages 3-12 to experience and explore the wonders of summer camp. Our children will be exposed to a balanced schedule that will allow them to grow physically, mentally and creatively while having a ton of fun. Campers will enjoy action packed days consisting of music, visual arts, athletics, swimming, cooking, technology, drama and chess in a nurturing and relaxed environment. There will be fantastic field trips throughout the summer to destinations such as the Botanical Gardens, the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum. The children will also enjoy all of our special days such as dress up day, pajama day and our bar-b-cue day.

For more information, check out or call our professional staff at 516 626-1100 to receive a free brochure. Come and see how much fun LuHi can be!

Marymount Summer Camp

Marymount’s summer camp offers a variety of programs for children in the heart of New York City. All camps include outdoor sports, weekly swim instruction and field trips. The World Cultures Day Camp (ages 3.5-5) is designed to inspire creative play and discovery through age-appropriate indoor and outdoor activities including music, dance, sports, water play, and nature study. The Drama Camp (ages 5-13) is a creative acting, singing and dance program run by professional teaching artists culminating in the performance of a full musical production. In Science and Technology Camp, (ages 5-14) campers discover the world of natural science and technology through laboratory experiments, state-of the art equipment, multimedia activies and field study. Hours are 8:30am-2:30pm (ages 3.5-6) and 8:30am - 3:00pm (ages 7-14). After Camp Program available (ages 7-14) until 5:00pm. Rita Pietropinto Kitt Chair, Drama Summer Camp Director

Give your child the world. Give a summer to remember at Morningside Montessori School’s Summer Program. Imagine it: frolicking in sprinklers, learning to swim, creating in the air-conditioned bliss of sun- and fun-filled classrooms. Have a climber? Adventurers are on top of the world with rooftop equipment enough to spark imaginations. Seeking inner-peace? Our yoga teacher has kids reaching for the stars. Music With Tim brings new worlds of song, and our teachers have enough experience up their sleeves to keep every day magical. This is the place you wish your parents had known about when you were a kid.

1026 5th Ave. NYC 10028 (212)744-4486, ext.8355 June 25-July 27 2012 Ages 3.5-13

251 West 100th Street, 6th Floor New York, NY 10025 (212) 316 1555



Morningside Montessori



The Mandell Explorer Camp is an opportunity for children ages 3-12 to experience and explore the wonders of summer camp.

Our children will be exposed to a balanced schedule that will allow them to grow physically, mentally and creatively while having a ton of fun. Campers will enjoy action packed days consisting of music, visual arts, athletics, swimming, cooking, technology, drama and chess in a nurturing and relaxed environment. There will be fantastic field trips throughout the summer to destinations such as the Botanical Gardens, the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum. The children will also enjoy all of our special days such as dress up day, pajama day and our bar-b-cue day.

For more information contact or call 212-222-2925


New York Family 2012 Ultimate Guide To Summer Camp

Inspiring Math Instruction

Specialty Summer Camps: Robots, Rockets, Video Game Design & Electronics

Offering information and advice on: Teen Travel Enrichment/College Programs Study Abroad Community Service, Language Immersion and more!!!

Applied Math Clubs & Workshops

Your Sleepaway Finding Sleepa

Camp Matchma

way Camps for

Teen Connectio n

Children and Te


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(a Division of the Cam

p Connection)

FREE Personalized Service • No Fee • No Obligation Over 20 years experience! Representing over 500 programs! 800-834-2267 New York Family 2012 Ultimate Guide To Summer Camp


Mount Tom


The Nature Place

Serving Westchester and NYC families since 1955, Mount Tom provides a safe and supportive environment for children ages 3-14 to learn, grow and have fun. We believe a positive camp experience enhances a child’s physical, intellectual, social and emotional development. “The Mount Tom Difference” is its proven staff model featuring EXPERIENCED EDUCATORS SPENDING THE ENTIRE CAMP DAY WORKING DIRECTLY WITH CAMPERS. As a result, campers are better able to learn life skills such as building and maintaining friendships, taking healthy risks, overcoming fears, teamwork, self-confidence and determination. Children participate in a well-rounded schedule of activities including daily Red Cross swim instruction, team and individual sports, cultural and performing arts, nature, outdoor adventure (rock climbing, ropes course, zip line), electives and wonderful special events. Short, safe commute on supervised, air-conditioned vehicles. Healthy and delicious hot lunch and snacks.

The Nature Place is an ACA accredited, non-competitive and nature-oriented day camp for children ages 4-16, located on 200 acres in Rockland County, NY. At The Nature Place, campers discover hands-on, pressurefree programming and an exceptionally well-trained staff. They do not find competitive sports, awards, color wars, TV or video games. Instead, campers get outside and swim, garden, cook, sing, hike, farm, act, and much more, playing and learning in the natural world. We provide busing from throughout Manhattan.

Kids Weeks give kids the chance to discover new skills, hidden talents and the thrill of performance – all taught by New Victory Teaching Artists at the New 42nd Street Studios (where Broadway shows rehearse)! For kids ages 7-11, choose a Circus Week (March 26-30, April 9-13, or June 18-22) or Theater Week (July 9-20). For ages 11-14, try Playwriting (July 9-20). Kids of all skill levels are welcome and each experience culminates in a showcase for friends and family! Programs run Monday-Friday, 9am-4pm daily.

Telephone: 845-356-6477 Email: Website:

For more information or to schedule a tour, please call (914) 636-8130.


SAVE DATE Open House Feb 11 & Mar 24, 10-2pm

Summer 2012! SUMMER CAMPS at Purchase College • 16 Specialty Programs & Weekly Sessions • ENROLL BY FEBRUARY 15 & SAVE! • Door - Door Transportation for Manhattan Residents 914.236.0977 52

New York Family 2012 Ultimate Guide To Summer Camp

For more information, visit the Workshops section of or call 646.223.3010

Neil Klatskin Day Camp

Kaplen JCC on the Palisades, Tenafly, New Jersey For Children Ages 3 - 11 June 25 - August 17, 9 am - 4 pm (extended care & shorter day options available) Children enjoy eight weeks of fun in a nurturing Jewish environment just a few miles from Central Park. Transportation available from NYC. Exciting activities include arts & crafts, athletics, daily Red Cross instructional and recreational swim, Israeli culture, Judaic programming, drama, music, martial arts, yoga, sports, entertainers, carnivals, theme days, Oneg Shabbat celebrations, kosher lunches, snacks, and more! Four, six, seven and eight-week options. Call 201.567.8963.


SUMMER PROGRAMS A Summer Tradition for 51 years. Free Transportation From Manhattan!

Join us at an Open House Sunday February 12th Sunday March 25th Sunday April 29th 12:00pm to 3:00pm Visit us on the web at Or call for a Free Brochure 516-626-1100 New York Family 2012 Ultimate Guide To Summer Camp


NY Chess Kids

NYChessKids has been in existence for more than 15 years during which we have taught more than thousands of students to play chess. We offer a wide range of scholastic chess activities, such as chess camps, scholastic tournaments, after school programs, private lessons, and online lectures. We developed a comprehensive and concise chess program that is fundamental in educating and teaching our chess students. The most important goal to us is for the children to have a great future and attend the best schools in the country. We are dedicated to improving academic excellence by encouraging and training our students to become problem solvers, critical thinkers, and admirable leaders.

North Shore Day Camp

North Shore Day Camp’s full-day, flexible week sessions, for children ages 3 to 15 offer outstanding athletics, electives, golf academy, adventure program of high ropes, zip-line, rock climbing walls, go-carts and mountain biking, tennis, baseball, basketball, hockey, soccer, fine arts, performing arts, computers, cooking, woodworking, ceramics, Red Cross swim instruction in four heated pools and teen travel programs. North Shore is committed to small groups having exceptional supervision. Pre-schoolers are nestled in our stateof-the-art village on their own part of our campus. Air-conditioned buses bring campers to our 14-acre Gold Coast estate overlooking Long Island Sound. Nutritional lunches and snacks are included. North Shore Day Camp – Designed for success – Engineered for Fun! We are a member of the Timber Lake family of camps.

122 W 27th Street FL 10 & 12 New York, NY 10001 8.00AM - 04.00PM 347-523-5412


New York Family 2012 Ultimate Guide To Summer Camp

85 Cesrcent Beach Road Glen Cove, NY 11542 516.676.0904


Amazing Summers, Lifelong Friends Give your child a summer full of fun with Oasis Summer Camps! With seven locations in the NYC metro area and on Long Island your child can have an exceptional camp experience close to home. At Oasis, we give campers the opportunity to be active, think creatively and discover new friendships that will last a lifetime. Here at Oasis we offer two different types of summer camps, a traditional summer day camp program for children between the ages of four and eleven and a program called Teen Travel, which is designed for young adults between the ages of twelve and fourteen. Daily activities are centered on The Arts, Outdoor Education, Swimming, Sports and Team-building. With our exciting and varied programming, your child will never be bored. NYC LOCATIONS Central Park on the Upper West Side • Downtown on the Lower East Side Bayside Queens • Brooklyn NASSAU COUNTY LONG ISLAND LOCATIONS Michael J. Tully Park in New Hyde Park • Point Lookout• On The Sound at Manorhaven Beach Park

For more information visit us City & Long Island (800)317-1392

Pequot & Sherwood

Camps Pequot (for boys) and Sherwood (for girls) comprise Incarnation, America’s oldest co-ed camp. The essence of a traditional summer camp remains the same over the years: a nurturing environment, outdoor excitement, and discovery. The chief nurturing for campers is through the friendships formed at camp. Themed days, swims classes, tennis, sailing, campfires and more provide a setting which nurtures the camper-to-camper bond. Along with the growth of friendships is the nurturing of values. At Incarnation, our emphasis on community, respect, and friendship, brings together campers from diverse faiths, cultures, and ethnic backgrounds. We hope to see you this summer!

Camp Yomawha

Get out of the city and into nature! Traditional day camp for school aged children with swimming, sports, trips, overnights, challenge courses, arts and more! Daily round trip transportation from W 97th Street in Manhattan through 230th Street near Riverdale to our Pearl River campgrounds included.

Camp Dates are June 28- August 17

Fees start as low as $700 for two week sessions and $3200 for the full summer. Visit our website for our prices, open houses and registration.

54 Nagle Avenue • New York, NY 10040 • 212-569-6200 ext. 248

New York Family 2012 Ultimate Guide To Summer Camp



Preschool du Monde


Phillips Exeter Academy Summer School welcomes to campus some 750 bright, highly motivated students for five weeks of academic study, athletics, and exploration that carry them far beyond the classrooms and the playing fields. The UPPER SCHOOL offers more than 100 courses of study for high school students who have completed grades 9, 10, 11, or 12. ACCESS EXETER, our program for students who have completed grades 7 or 8, offers accelerated study in the arts and sciences. Students come to Exeter with intellectual curiosity and an adventurous spirit which leads them to make new discoveries.

Crèche du Monde Crèche du Monde offers a quality child care program for infants and toddlers that nurtures the individual needs and abilities of each and every child. Each child participates daily in periods of group activity (exposing them to art, music and science), individual play, outdoor play, and quiet times. A variety of small motor toys are offered and changed weekly to coordinate with the weekly theme and gross motor development. Children received large muscle coordination through outside play, going for walks, or indoor play in the classroom. Preschool du Monde Preschool du Monde’s program nurtures and prepares young children to become “lifelong learners” as well as dedicated and compassionate participants in the world around them while actively contributing to their cognitive, emotional, physical, and language development. Children ages 2 to 5 will be active participants in a hands-on inquiry program with studies organized weekly by theme, accompanied by educational learning centers, small group instruction, classroom “museum walks,” and community walks (weather permitting) that bring together literacy, art, music, drama, science, math, and social studies topics. Outdoor playtime will be incorporated into the program on a daily basis (weather permitting

20 Main StreetExeter, NH 03833 603-777-3488

New York, NY 10024 646-592-5527


Quinebarge - a small camp that soon feels like a big family to both campers and staff. Living, playing and learning together builds friendships fast- friendships that often last a lifetime. Our 70 acres of woods and fields and 1500 feet of waterfront offer everything a traditional camp should as electives the camper chooses: Archery, Field Sports, Tennis, Volleyball and Mountain Bikes let us work up a sweat, High and Low Ropes Challenge Course, the Zip Line; our Climbing Tower; Gymnastics and Aerobics all tune our balance and spatial skills and build strength, teamwork, and confidence almost un-noticed, while teaching safety and caution as we work up a sweat! Swimming Instruction, Free Swims, Canoeing and Kayaking, Paddleboats and Water Bikes let us cool off. Woodshop, Arts & Crafts and Ceramics let us create, and our Nature Program and Horseback Riding help us learn respect for our fellow creatures and the life around us. Our trip program has people out on hikes or overnights or river trips almost daily, and each week the whole camp takes a special trip together. Quinebarge - a camp where kids have fun! 603-253-6029 800-869-8497

Camp Schodack

Owned and operated by the Krouner family for the past 55 years, Schodack has been a home-away-from-home for boys and girls, ages 7-14. Families rave about the friendliness of our campers, the supportive atmosphere in the bunks and activity areas, and the good sportsmanship and emphasis on fun displayed on the playing fields! Conveniently located 2.5 hours from NYC, Schodack campers enjoy a mix of scheduled activities with their bunkmates and Camper Choice periods daily. We also offer cultural trips, adventure trips, hikes and horseback rides, inter-camp games and overnight camping (all included)! 917-297-2947 Warmth * Tradition * Spirit

Summer Program at Morningside Montessori School Ages 2½-5 years old 6 - week program from mid-June to July Pee wee program is available 3 days per week Yoga, Music, Swim (for 3-5’s) and Soccer! Come and play with us! 251 West 100th Street 56

New York Family 2012 Ultimate Guide To Summer Camp

(212) 316-1555

CAMP RIVERDALE June  27,  2012  -­‐-­‐  August  7,  2012

Boys and Girls Kindergarten through Fifth Grade Camp Riverdale's mature staff engages campers in all sports, including swimming. Activities also include drama, nature & science, computer, and much more. Hot lunch and morning snack included. Transportation is also available.

5250 Fieldston Road Bronx, New York 10471 718-432-4807

John Mueser, Director

New York Family 2012 Ultimate Guide To Summer Camp


Sport Time

Super Soccer Stars

Tabor Academy


Have a super soccer summer with Super Soccer Stars! With camps and classes offered 7 days per week throughout the region, you are sure to find the perfect camp for your child. Outdoor Flexible Drop-In Classes (go to class whenever you feel like it!), Indoor Mini Camps, Fun in the Sun Camp and Kick It Camp are perfect for soccer stars of all ages and levels! Advanced Premier Camp offered for Premier players, Mon-Fri. Let the summer soccer fun begin at numerous locations throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, Hoboken, Queens, Westchester and The Hamptons. See ad for Early Bird Discount!

Established in 1917, the Tabor Summer Program allows young people, 6-17, the opportunity to develop their full potential as individuals. Under the guidance of highly qualified and energetic counselors, coaches, and teachers, the program encourages young people to have fun and take pride in their personal achievement in our enrichment courses, on the playing fields, and on the waterfront. Tabor provides a variety of engaging and enjoyable activities in a beautiful waterfront setting.

Summer is coming and TADA! has the musical theater camp for you! Choose from themes like Glee Club, Broadway Bieber!, Pirate Tales & Treasures, and more! Week-long summer camps are offered for kids ages 6 to 14 and run from June through August. Learn to sing, dance, and act this summer and perform your masterpiece in front of family and friends at the end of the week! New for summer 2012: your tiny thespians can enjoy a 2-week mini-camp for 4 and 5 year olds. For more information and to register, please visit www. or call us at 212-252-1619 x4.

SPORTIME Randall’s Island offers unique Summer camp experiences in Manhattan. The 2012 EXCEL Summer Camp, for tennis players ages 7-16, features 4 hours of intensive coaching from John McEnroe Tennis Academy professionals and 2 hours of fitness and cross-training. For those looking for a more diverse camp experience, the 2012 Tennis & Sports Camp, for kids 5-15, provides 2 hours of tennis and 4 hours of other sports, including basketball, softball, soccer, plus an activity tent, slip ‘n slide and more! SPORTIME’s Summer Camp staff includes tennis pros from the McEnroe Academy and caring counselors who deliver an unforgettable experience to every SPORTIME camper.

One Randall’s Island New York, NY 10035 Office: (212) 427-6150 ext. 1850


New York Family 2012 Ultimate Guide To Summer Camp 212.877.7171

66 Spring St.| Marion, MA 02738 W: 508.291.8315 | F: 508.291.8392

Camp Birch Hill your home away from home

Traditional - Overnight - Summer Camp Located In The Lakes Region Of New Hampshire Boys And Girls Ages 6-16 TWO, FOUR and SIX WEEK SESSIONS AVAILABLE TWO WEEK SESSIONS FOR SUMMER 2012 Session I : - June 24th - July 7th, 2012 Session 2 : - July 8th - July 21st, 2012 Sesssion 3 : July 22th - August 4th, 2012

ELECTIVE ACTIVITY CHOICES: Campers at birch hill choose from over 50 activities to build their own personalized schedule! Land sports • Water sports • Adventure Horseback riding • Fine arts • Tennis Canoeing • Climbing • Paintball • Go karts Golf • Waterski • Dance • Zip line and more! Full list of activities & photos on our website:


To hear more about our evening programs, healthy food options and friendly staff or to schedule a camp tour or slide show contact us: E-mail birch hill : summer@campbirchhill.Com Call our office : (603) 859-4525

New York Family 2012 Ultimate Guide To Summer Camp


Taste Buds

The Food Network and Tyler Florence have nothing on Taste Buds, voted “Best Kids Cooking Class” by New York Magazine. Cook up new and tasty culinary adventures each week as you develop the skills to chop, mix and swirl your way to a food masterpiece. From decadent desserts to nutritious meals, our camps will set you up to be a future Top Chef while making friends and rewarding your Taste Buds with new ingredients. Weekly themes include Around the World, Chocolate Lovers, Iron Chef & more. Join us in the city’s only Kids Kitchen for half-day cooking camps for ages 4-8y, 9-13y and 13-17y. Children ages 10+ can join as Counselors-in-training for a full day. Register for the whole summer or just a week!

109 West 27th Street, 10FL 212-242-2248

The United Nations International School Summer Camp was created to provide recreational and enrichment activities for children between the ages of 4 and 14, in a friendly and supportive environment that fosters friendship, develops sportsmanship and nurtures the spirit. The composition of both our student body and our professional and experienced faculty makes UNIS summer program unique. We welcome students from UNIS and from other schools, both in the USA and abroad.

For more information

212 - 584-3084 or 3083 Dr. Lidana Jalilvand Director of Special Programs

Email: 60

New York Family 2012 Ultimate Guide To Summer Camp

Universal Camps

Healthy, happy, invigorating, cooperative, challenging, “green” camping experience in the Catskill Mountains of upstate New York with concentrations in Sports, Art, Tae Kwon Do, Music, Drama, Archery, Kayaking, Canoeing, Fishing, Crafts, Pottery, Swimming, private Tennis Complex, Newspaper, Cooking, Campfires, Journal Writing, Fun with Astronomy, Hiking, Climbing Boulder, Gymnasium activities, Educational Trips, Academics, Gardening, Model Railroading, Board Games, Landscaping, Nature Studies, Recreational Games: ping pong, pool, fooz ball, Marshmallow Contest, Talent Shows, Ultimat Frisbee, Horse Shoes, Bocce, Ladder Ball, Croquet, Kickball, Goodnight Songs, Emotional Literacy, Berry Picking, Farm Visits, Caverning, White Water Rafting, Picnicking, Miniature Golf, Bowling, Movies, Pizza Night, Granny’s Ice Cream in the Adirondacks, Sleucing for diamonds, Maple Syrup Farm Trip and more… 210 Twin Pines Dr. Gilboa, NY 12076 Call (718) 833-9039

UNIS Summer Camp

UNIS Summer Camp provides an array of recreational and enrichment activities in a friendly and supportive environment that fosters friendship, develops sportsmanship and nurtures the spirit. The camp is designed for students between 4 and 14 years old. We welcome students from other schools, both in the US and abroad. The composition of both our student body and the professional and experienced faculty makes UNIS Summer Camp unique. The Students in Division 1 (4 to 7 years old) enjoy a structured program with homeroom teachers. The program includes instructional swimming classes. In addition to homeroom activities, the students participate in special activities such as Chess, Tennis, Swimming, Theatre Games, World of Music & Songs, Arts & Crafts and a variety of Sports activities. The Students in Division 2 (8 to 14 years old) select their classes from an array of activities such as Mini-Musical, Digital Photography, Film Making, Multicultural Dance, Drumming Lessons, Guitar Lessons, World of Music & Songs, Robotics, Animation & Video Game Design, Chess, Arts & Crafts, Drawing & Painting, Origami, Swimming, Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, Softball, Yoga, Cooking classes, ESL classes, English Enrichment, Math Enrichment, Educational Computer Activities, the Science of Training Dolphins & Whales . 212.584.3084 or 584.3083 or Email:

Usdan Center

Usdan Center is the nation’s preeminent not-for-profit summer day school of the arts. Usdan has been declared a “Best Of” camp by TimeOutNY/Kids, and has been profiled in The New York Times and Time Magazine. Each day, 1,600 students, ages 6 -18, travel to Usdan’s 200-acre Long Island campus. Buses depart from neighborhoods throughout the New York area. Usdan offers 40 programs in seven departments: Music, Art, Theater, Dance, Writing, Chess, and Nature. Usdan Center is an agency of UJA-Federation of New York.

Contact USDAN at 212-772-6060 or

WHAT ARE YOUR KIDS DOING THIS SUMMER? Renee Flax, director of camper placement of the ACA NY & NJ, will be on hand to answer parents’ questions and help guide them in their search for the right camp!

SATURDAY, MAR 10, 2012

SUNDAY, MAR 11, 2012

SATURDAY, MAR 31, 2012

SUNDAY, APR 1, 2012

Downtown Grace Church School 86 4th Ave. 12PM - 3PM

Upper East Side St. Jean Baptiste School 173 E. 75th St. 12PM - 3PM

Park Slope Union Temple 17 Eastern Pkwy 12PM - 3PM

Upper West Side Congregation Rodeph Sholom 7 W. 83rd St. 12PM - 3PM

New York Family magazine and the American Camp Association, NY & NJ are teaming up for their winter fairs! Meet dozens of different camp directors from local DAY CAMPS and SLEEPAWAY CAMPS from across the region. Great for children ages 3 to 17! pre-register at: For more info on summer camps:

New York Family 2012 Ultimate Guide To Summer Camp


West End Day School Summer Learning Program

This six-week program, geared toward children 4.5-9, provides a structured environment for children who need to maintain learning throughout the summer. The curriculum has a combination of enriched academic programming while maintaining a ?camp-like? experience full of social and outdoor activities. Reading , writing and math are taught four times a week and science and social studies are immersed into programming. Weather permitting children are outside every day, swimming lessons takes place twice a week and dynamic field trips happen weekly. For more information, visit: or contact Katy Meyer at 212-873-5708 ext 318, e-mail .

The Whale Camp of The Fundy Marine Science Institute

$40,000 college scholarships available; STEM Projects; College Credit available. The ultimate in Marine Science programs. Whale Campers have far more face-toface encounters to closely observe and study whales, dolphins, porpoises, seals and puffins in their own natural habitat. Board our 65-foot sailboat for unmatched examinations of marine life. Help collect data to document whale distribution, feeding and behavioral patterns. Gain hands-on experience using onboard marine biology equipment. Unveil the powerful and endangered processes of life in the sea. Explore beaches, coastal trails and fishing villages. Investigate tidal pools and bogs. Whale Camp is where inspiration, exploration and discovery abound. Grand Manan Island between Maine & Nova Scotia WWW.WHALECAMP.COM for free brochure & info Toll-free 1-888-54WHALE (94253)

Wild Life

Woodmont Day Camp

This summer, the wildest summer adventure is in the heart of bustling New York City! Central Park Zoo campers will connect with nature as they learn about wildlife and the ins-and-outs of zoo life. In the Junior Keepers camp, 10-12 year olds work with keepers making treats for animals and touring behind-the-scenes areas. Teen Interns (ages 13-17) spend 3 memorable weeks designing and building an exhibit, building a green roof, working with keepers and much more. Don’t miss your chance to register for this thrilling summer adventure!

Woodmont Day Camp is a camp where each child will feel the warmth and comfort of home. Your child will experience a dynamic program in an environment fostering growth and independence. Our breath-taking waterfall welcomes you to our 50 acres of beautiful woodlands, streams, trails and open space. Woodmont offers campers, ages 3 – 15, an unforgettable camp experience in a country setting unrivaled in its natural surroundings. Woodmont is a place where everyone feels welcome and as a part of our extended family. We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you into the Woodmont family. Please call us to schedule your private tour.

333 West 39th Street, Suite 805 New York, NY 10018 212 505 3533

420 Phillips Hill Road New City, NY 10956 t: 845.638.0700 f: 845.634-7198

Camp Kingsmont 62

New York Family 2012 Ultimate Guide To Summer Camp

New York Family 2012 Ultimate Guide To Summer Camp


Camp Lessons A Director, A Counselor, And An 11-Year-Old Camper Offer Their Distinct Views Of The Camp Experience

Jem Sollinger with counselors and campers.

Being A Parent Can Make You A Better Camp Director, Being A Camp Director Can Make You A Better Parent B y J em S oll i nger

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my 17 years as a camp director – and 10 years as a parent – it’s that no man is a prophet in his own home. I’ve had plenty of experience helping campers work through challenges, from minor issues like home missing and confronting their fear of getting up on water skis — to major ones like overcoming chronic enuresis or communicating the loss of a family member. With my own three children, life is not as seamless when working through issues. Welcome to parenthood. Yet my campers have taught me many important lessons, most of which (when

I remember to apply them) make me a better parent. When left to their own resources – when parents are not around – children invariably rise to the occasion! For seven weeks every summer, I am privileged to spend time with boys and girls in an environment their parents never see: a mom- and dad-less world. There, youngsters are more open to taking safe risks. They push themselves – and each other – through situations they might shy away from if their parents were around. But that does not make parenting my own kids any easier. Take skiing, for instance. I grew up as a skier. I raced in college. I’ve even coached skiing. But my oldest daughter is far less receptive to me than to someone else – even if his skills are comparable to mine. Part of my job involves being a surrogate parent to 500 children. At the same time, I interpret those children – their activities, accomplishments, strengths, challenges – back to their parents. I am, in a sense, an intermediary. And isn’t that what most parents spend much of their time doing – acting as a go-between with their children, children’s friends, teachers

and other family members? But while I am a surrogate parent, I am not my campers’ father. There are boundaries I must maintain. Although I sometimes (against my better impulses) raise my voice with my own daughters, I try never do that at camp. There are certain things a parent does that another adult simply should not. At the same time, it is sometimes easier as a camp director to act in an influential role that a real parent simply cannot. I can be an uncle, a cheerleader, a coach, all because I am not my campers’ father. All parents love to hear great things about their children. The most casual positive comment makes a mother or father glow. Parents don’t see their children every day during the summer. But it is a lesson that – as a parent – I now take to heart. I try to tell parents as many good things about their kids as I can. And I hope that the important adults in my daughters’ lives do the same with me. But what about the “bad” kids? Perhaps the greatest thing I have learned over the years as a camp professional is that there are no “bad” kids. There are certainly children who make bad choices – but finding

the positive in every child is a lesson that every person in an educational setting and every parent should always remember. In addition to sometimes thinking I will never be a prophet in my own home, I can also feel like a “cobbler whose children have no shoes.” I very consciously make sure that my own kids have plenty of space at camp to explore, be independent and try new things, without worrying that dad watches every move. At times I think my two oldest daughters get less attention from the camp director (that being me) than any one camper. That’s probably the way it should be. Shouldn’t they have the same experience as all of the other campers – one that provides emotional distance from mom and dad? As a camp director, I’m supposed to have all the answers about other parents’ kids. As a parent, I’m supposed to know everything about my own. Thanks to both of these roles, I learn more every day about both. Jem Sollinger and his wife Debbie are the Directors of Camp Laurel in Readfield, Maine. For more info about the camp, visit

Find the perfect camp for your child at 64

New York Family 2012 Ultimate Guide To Summer Camp

New York Family 2012 Ultimate Guide To Summer Camp


Ariel Milan-Polisar (third from left) with campers and a fellow counselor.

She Became A Counselor To Give Back To Her Beloved Camp Community. But The Real Surprise Has Been How Much She Has Gained In The Process. B y A r i el M i lan - P ol i sar

In my experience, eleven-year-old girls are mainly into belting Taylor Swift songs and painting nails, and older girls who’ll do all that with them. Eight years ago I was one of those eleven-year-old girls and now,

Camp Rocks!! B y E lena M ess i nger

Since the first day I started camp at URJ Crane Lake in the Berkshires in the summer of 2009, it has become my home away from home. Here are just five of the ways camp has had a positive effect on my life. The People. From the very start of camp until the last day when everyone is saying their goodbyes, the counselors, campers, senior staff, and specialists are like one, big, three hundred person family. At camp no one cares if you are a jock, a nerd, a hippie, or a tomboy. They accept you for you and by the end of the summer I know I will have made at least one new friend, and usually more. 2. The Peace And Quiet. On my very first night of camp three summer ago, I could not fall asleep. Finally, after half an hour, I realized what was keeping me up, the quiet. Growing up in New York City, I am use to noise. So after nine years of falling asleep to noise, when I actually had


as a counselor, I get to be the older girl. I’ve grown up spending summers at URJ Eisner Camp in Great Barrington, MA, since I was 10-years-old, looking up to my incredible counselors. There was nobody cooler than the counselors who towered over me and knew what to do in just about any situation. As I grew older, my viewpoint changed but the infinite amount of respect I feel toward all of the counselors in my years at camp has never changed. And now here I am, a third year counselor at the same camp that helped to instill in me a strong Jewish identity, sense of values, and love for singing my heart out. I decided to become a counselor at Eisner because I felt and I still feel that it is my responsibility and my great desire to give back to the community that has helped to

shape so much of who I am as a person, friend, leader and Jew. When I started my summer as a CIT, I was so excited to hang out with my campers, give them advice and learn from my fellow staff members. Being a counselor turned out to be exactly that but so much more. I didn’t anticipate the life skills that I would acquire: the tough conflicts I would mediate, negotiating collaboration between co-counselors, learning to think on the spot and striking a balance between being an authority figure and friend. All these experiences inform my decision to come back summer after summer. Each night at camp when it’s my turn to be with the girls and put them to bed, I do a bedtime ritual with them. This is one of my favorite parts of the day, both as a camper and a counselor. My first year as a counselor I sang them the same song every night, “Your Song”, by Elton John and read them a short story from one of the Chicken Soup books. A few months after the summer had ended, I got an email from one of my campers, telling me that “Your Song” had come up on her iTunes and she had started crying because she missed me. Knowing that at least one camper was impacted by this small bedtime ritual is one of those experiences that makes being a counselor worthwhile. It’s not always easy. My second summer as a counselor I had a first year camper who was homesick (or as we call it at Eisner,

was having frequent moments of sadness). She would have fun during the day but would cry every night and declare that she needed to go home and see her family. My co-counselor and I would take turns every night talking to her about her day, about all the fun she’d had and about the friends she made, trying to show her that it was worthwhile for her to stay. Eventually, she started to get better, but by the end of the summer she was crying again. This time it was not because she wanted to see her family, but because she wanted to stay. This camper has continued to come back to camp and truly values her camp experience, the friendships she’s made and the Jewish identity that she’s cultivated. Just knowing that I played even a small part in helping her to continue coming back to camp makes me feel proud. Interacting with, taking care of, advising and playing with the campers who have been both in my bunk and out of my bunk has helped me to develop a better sense of how I want to be an adult and has given me important life skills. For me, there is no better or more rewarding way to spend my summer. For all its challenges, it’s more than worth it to be able to get to know the many unique kids who come to camp. I can only hope that the impact I have on them is half as great as the impact they have had on me. For more on the camp, visit eisner.

some peace and quiet, I could not do it. I tiptoed down the ladder of the bunk bed, asked my friend (who was up reading) if I could borrow her iPod and climbed back up. After five minutes of listening to Lady Gaga, I was able to shut my eyes and drift off to dream land. Ever since that night, however, when I’m at camp I sleep like a dog, and peace and quiet are my music. 3. The Traditions. At camp, every day is full of silly and wacky traditions that are unique to camp and would not happen during an average day at home. Imagine 350 kids singing a five-minute long birthday song, or a bunk where every kid is dressed up in the wackiest clothes they own for a day! And then of course there’s color war. At my camp, the entire Crane Lake family is split into two teams (blue and white) for several days of competition. When its over, the camp is re-united and kids start counting down the days until they get to do it again next summer. 4. Being Away From Home. Often when I am asked about camp, the first question is, “What was it like being away from your

New York Family 2012 Ultimate Guide To Summer Camp

Elena Messinger (right) with one of her camp buddies.   family for so long?” I admit, the idea of being away from your parents, siblings, and friends can be a scary concept. However, once you get settled into your bunk and start to become close with your fellow bunk mates, all the worries about being homesick usually go away. Also, the experience of being away from my family for a long time helps me to appreciate them more. 5. Everything. I know it may

sound corny but, everything at camp has changed my life. From the people to the traditions, from the quiet to just being away. At camp, I have become more mature, made new friends, and had the experience of a lifetime. That’s why I’m as excited as I am about summer ahead. For more on the camp, visit cranelake.

ASPHALT GREEN SUMMER DAY CAMP June 28 – August 17, 2012

FUN FITNESS AND FRIENDSHIP! Pee Wee Camp | Ages 4-6 Junior Camp | Ages 6-8 Senior Camp | Ages 8-13

Sports • Swimming • Arts & Crafts • Music • Day Trips • Senior Camp Overnight Trips • Bus Service Available

REGISTRATION OPENS JANUARY 2. Visit ASPHALTGREEN.ORG/CAMP for more information or to register online. 555 East 90th Street • 212.369.8890 ext. 2084 New York Family 2012 Ultimate Guide To Summer Camp



New York Family 2012 Ultimate Guide To Summer Camp

New York Family's Ultimate Guide to Summer Camps 2012  
New York Family's Ultimate Guide to Summer Camps 2012  

New York Family's Ultimate Guide to Summer Camps 2012