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GreTCHeN Don’t Confuse Gretchen Mol With The Saucy Showgirl And

Mediocre Mom She Plays On Boardwalk Empire—She’s Hilarious, Doting And Highly Relatable In Real Life By Heather Chaet | Photography By Adam Fedderly Picture this. You’re at the playground on a random afternoon. Your son eyes an abandoned toy shovel that another child isn’t really using. The kid’s mom (also nursing a Venti) looks on. She makes sure her little guy plays nicely in the sandbox. And so, you two start talking—about everything. From how to MacGyver a tail for a Cat in The Hat Halloween costume to mommy guilt to parenting trends over the ages. You two just click. Picture now, that mom is Gretchen Mol. It isn’t hard because it very well could be her near the tire swing and toy trucks. When you talk with Gretchen, you forget the fact that she’s one of the best (and most beautiful) actresses working today—on the big screen, on TV and on the stage. She is the cool, down-to-earth, sometimes a-little-tired-on-the-playground mom of two, who opens up with an easy laugh, ready to share a mommy confession (or ten)—like her love-hate relationship with that behemoth double-wide stroller. From the “It” girl of Hollywood to the “It” mama of New York City, Gretchen’s current gig is on HBO’s critically-acclaimed series Boardwalk Empire, where she plays Gillian, a sexy showgirl gone pre-mature grandma. Read on for her thoughts on the role, her favorite piece of mommy gear and cooking the dreaded Thanksgiving turkey.


New York Family | November 2011

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I have to start with it—the parenting juggle. Your husband [Director Tod Williams] works here and in Los Angeles; you’re a working mom filming Boardwalk Empire; you have two kids [Ptolemy, 4, and Winter, 9 months]. How do you handle it? There’s this woman called Grandma, and she’s very helpful. [laughing] It is a juggle. I think the hardest thing is that every day is different, and every week is different. Especially with my job, some weeks I have one day when I work, which is great and the kids get used to me being around. Then I have two 18-hour days in a row. I’m not there for the bath, just kind of gone, and it is hard for everyone. I try to give my children consistency, and the hardest thing about my job is inconsistency. But, at the same time, it is a great job because every day is a little different, so we don’t get stuck in a rut. The family dynamic changed when your daughter Winter was born and you went from one child to two. How was it for Ptolemy when his baby sister came along? It was an adjustment in the beginning. I could tell he was more emotional about random things. He would say, “Can’t you put her down?” But now, she’s more of a little being, and his biggest fan. She just stares at him, worships him and thinks everything he does is hysterical. I just love hearing the sounds of them together. Whatever the adjustment is, I think it is a great thing.

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New York Family November 1, 2011  

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