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here are some things in life you never expect to happen—the chance to walk on the moon, winning the lottery. Also on the list? Having two really tall former fashion models come into your home and transform your old clothes into fabulous new outfits. I admit, I was nervous at the beginning. It went like this:

Tuesday 4:19: My editor emails me with an assignment. Former models Beckie Klein and Martina Gordon, known together as beckiemartina, are coming to my apartment to re-style me. Tuesday 4:26: I open my closet door. A small shudder inches down my back. I shut the closet door. Tuesday 4:28: I glance at my dresser and cringe at the thought of what’s inside. Tuesday 4:31: I head to the kitchen, shove my ratty underwear in the trash and pour myself a large glass of wine.

In the past decade, I’ve had four different bodies (pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, post-pregnancy, postpost-pregnancy) and now have three different jobs (writer, mother, wife). Between preschool drop-off, work, housework and play dates, I don’t have


New York Family | October 2010

Af ter the time or energy to spend shopping. The clothes I have don’t really fit and are blah with th a capital B. How are these fashion prorelatives l i in i Florida l id and d Martina’s i ’ in i fessionals going to re-style non-fitting, Europe, the duo have become family. Blah clothes? Little did I know, this They’ve shared weddings, the births of common state-of-closet is exactly what their children, and now, a business. inspired Beckie and Martina to start “When we had children we left the their business. fashion world, Beckie says. “Now, a lot Beckie and Martina’s friendship of our clients are new moms who maybegan 20 years ago on a modeling job be know how to put clothes together on a remote island. Now, with Beckie’s but don’t have the time.” Beckie and Martina created their re-styling business with the mission to save women time and money. “For a half-day session in your closet, for basically the price of one high-end top, we create 12-20 new outfits out of clothes you already own,” Beckie says. “You’re actually saving money and you don’t have to go out and shop.” The minute Beckie and Martina entered my apartment, they were enthusiastic, warm and refreshingly honest. Before answering any of my interview questions, they kicked off their shoes and asked to see my clothes. Could it have been nerve-wracking, Re-Stylists Martina Gordon (left) and having these basic strangers rummagBeckie Klein ing through my drawers? Sure, but it

Photos by Daniel S. Burnstein

An Over-Scheduled Mom With No Time To Shop Finds Her Inner Fashionista With The Help Of Two “Fairygodmodels”

New York Family October 1, 2010  

New York Family is a monthly family lifestyle magazine focused on the interests, needs, and concerns of New York City parents. The print pub...

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