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Many have seen it done before in 30 days, 7 days and some even 2 hours! But the real secret which I feel how they did it is because they understood numbers! In my niche of selling digital or physical products, selling online is all about numbers. The more people who see your product the higher the chance you can sell your products more. So my own goal at first was to make a Million Dollar in 2010. After sitting down and looking at what others were doing I am very sure I can reach there too by 2008. I have just reached the 55,000 mark in months and I know it is truly possible and here is how I am going to do it. Action Plan - Create a digital product (done) - Position Yourself as an expert in a niche (done) - Build a list of 100,000 (in progress) Many people say that the money is in the list, it is really TRUTH and here are some examples how people can make a Million dollars really FAST! Example of a Ebook selling at US$47.00 Sold to a list of 100,000 with only 1% conversion that's 1,000 customers 1,000 x $47 = $47,000 Example of a Home Study Course at US$497.00 Sold to a list of 100,000 with only 1% conversion that's 1,000 customers 1,000 x $497 = $497,000 (That's Half A Million) Do you get the picture? Building a list is important but numbers do not really count unless they are your responsive customers in your list. I saw many people who are online are NOT building a list! They are just showing stuff and not doing anything about it. And what is scarier because it's online and normally online e-books and programs have affiliate

programs, you can even earn more from building an army of people promoting your product for you. Example of a list of 1,000 customers which only about 100 people sign up as an affiliate. One Affiliate has maybe about 100 emails 100 Affiliates = 100 x 100 = 10,000 More Customers! So what you seen here is what I call the Internet Marketing Trade Secret which I think there isn't any blogger or Internet Marketer crazy enough to show you this but that's how Internet Business makes money. It's the list! The best way I found building a list is by using blogs! Why Blogs? It's simple and it has a personal touch behind the website and you can build list by giving free gifts on your blog easily! A highly recommended resource which I have created called Atomic Blogging was created and designs solely to help other build a list using blogs by teaching you how to drive massive traffic to your blogs. Plan and take action today and make your first million soon!

Alvin Phang is the Author of Atomic Blogging rated as the top 5 best seller online! Currently ranked as the world's no.1 blogger, who made over $4,687.50 in 7 days. All through blogs, would you like to learn how Alvin did it? Claim Your FREE Report Today Worth US$47! ==> Click Here To Download Your FREE Report Today. Click Here to continue...

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how to make money using the best affiliate marketing products ==== ====

how to make money online using the best affiliate marketing products  

how to makemoney online using the best affiliate marketing products:

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